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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/01/2014 at 12:05

CC - just caught up with your post - having my hubby here full time for 2 weeks was 'interesting'

He has also mentioned jobs in US and Texas as he is currently doing oil industry stuff - that would be truly bizarre if we both ended up there although like you I am not at all keen on the idea!

08/01/2014 at 12:10

how rude of the midwife JT! was she saying that you should be trying for a natural labour then? don't understand why she would have a problem with it, nothing wrong with having a C-section at 38weeks surely! not like you asked for the baby to be whipped out at 36 because you didn't want to get stretch marks or something Boo to hubby, I would be mightily unimpressed by that.

good luck tomorrow if I don't get on here again before and hope you got lots of sleep last night.

CC- you need to eat more! how can you go through Christmas and still be underweight?! perfect time to put on at least half a stone (or was that just me ). I constantly worry about osteoporosis especially when my periods keep stopping, which is why I ran less and ate too many biscuits pre-xmas then ended up in the predicament I now find myself in Glad you had a nice Christmas though and funeral wasn't too tough ()

Actually CC, I have a pilates question! I signed up for the whole spring term of pilates before finding out I was pregnant. It starts on Thursday. Assume I have to tell the teacher and is there things I shouldn't do? We are an intermediate class now so it has been getting tougher, unless I feel sick (which is likely!) the rest of me feels fine though.

RF- sounds like you're going great guns on the cycling. yes you are certifiable doing the puffer again!

EF- so sorry about your mil. Hows she doing now?

My Mil has been banned from driving for 15months. Not as bad as could've been apparently...

forgotten last page. off for lunch in a mo. nice to be back at work!

08/01/2014 at 12:11

Congrats to new nephew Kinsey! Ouch to labour!

08/01/2014 at 15:11

Too sad CC. How old was he?  You have been a great friend. Do they have any other children?  

08/01/2014 at 15:14

RF, really??  Again?!?  You're amazing lady!

08/01/2014 at 16:54

In some ways it must be a relief CC for your friend, but unbearably sad like you say.  Also for the siblings, but thank god there are more. 

I'm amazed my mother hasn't been done for drink driving......

Sonya I had been doing pilates for several yrs when Eric was conceived and I told my teacher via e mail as soon as I knew as didn't want the whole class to know.  I kept going till 7 months when I felt like a beached whale.  It became obvious when I should no longer be doing things.  One of the teachers who was substituting one wk got all huffy and said you shouldn't do it till 12 wks, but she couldn't give me a good reason why, and my teacher who I like and trust said it was fine.

Good Luck JT - make sure you tell us first

08/01/2014 at 16:56

And if anyone ends up in Texas the only half way decent. liberal, forward thinking place where they don't shoot abortion doctors or shun you if you don't spend all day Sunday in church is Austin!

08/01/2014 at 17:24

Haha Caro, Texas is certainly not top of my wish list to live in!

08/01/2014 at 19:21
I was going to say the same thing. There are lots of great things about the US, but the deep south really isn't one of them. You'd have to pay me an awful lot of money to get me to live in Texas!

JT - best of luck for tomorrow, am looking forward to hearing the news!

CC - how dreadfully sad for your friend. I cannot imagine living through that with on of the children - its the sort of thing that gives me chills and stops me sleeping at night.

The only reason you're advised not to do all these things until 12 weeks is because of the risk of miscarriage. Not because any of them cause a miscarriage, but because the rate is high in the first 12 weeks there's always a risk that people would blame a miscarriage on whatever it was they were doing. There's absolutely no evidence that sitting in a sauna, having a massage, going on a roller coaster etc etc causes early miscarriages!
08/01/2014 at 20:39

Oh CC that is so incredibly sad. Hugs to you ((()))

Just popping on to say GOOD LUCK JT!!!

08/01/2014 at 20:47
I have done two stints in Texas (when I worked for schlumberger) and it was awful. No pavements to run on (although that may be US cities in general!). Also I couldn't stand the working conditions. But again that is US in general. No holidays. No mat leave. Awful atmosphere. And god the coffee is shocking

Struggling badly with anxiety at the moment but am booked in to an assessment and some counselling starting next week. I have managed to drag myself onto a customer site and then up to Hemel Hempstead to do bid work today. Staying over so have done a 6mile run. Slowly.

Good luck JT. Keep us posted! And remember I'm not on FB
08/01/2014 at 20:58
And yes cc - awfully sad news for your friend. (())
08/01/2014 at 21:30

Well done on getting out for work CM and for doing a run as well!

Pretty sure I wouldn't be keen to move to Texas either.


08/01/2014 at 23:55

Good luck JT!

Camlo    pirate
09/01/2014 at 00:06

Good luck JT

So sorry to hear about your friends son CC, and boo to poorly rels, drinkers, anxiety, changing jobs (no, no, no texas), tired grumpy kids and long working days

No running here at all, mojo has mojo'ed off. 

09/01/2014 at 03:12

Will be thinking of you JT, looking forward to the news tomorrow. Pink or blue???

09/01/2014 at 06:40

Sorry to hear about your friends son CC, so sad.  

JT - good luck, hope it all goes well!

Camlo - hope you can get out for a bit of a run, my mojo has briefly returned.  Very difficult to motivate myself though!

09/01/2014 at 08:20

Good luck jt!

09/01/2014 at 10:00

Sending you mojo vibes Camlo - I found my little 2 mile job on Monday was a good way to get myself out the door without committing myself to too much.

That is so sad about your friend's son CC, how old was he?  Hope the snot clears soon !

09/01/2014 at 10:32

Good luck JT!  I'm going with pink (am pretty much always wrong tho!)

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