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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/12/2012 at 08:38
TT I would also consider an official complaint to ensure the care is investigated as this is the only way to prevent it happening again to her or others? So sorry to hear about shoddy treatment, makes me so sad and must have been awful for you all.
03/12/2012 at 08:41
Forth Valley were lovely, they unfortunately carry out the scan she needed as the couple who work their scanner were abroad on holiday, although they did phone them + beg them to come back. So sadly she had to b transferred to Glasgow, the nurses at Forth Valley were crying when she left because she was So distressed at going back to Glasgow. Anyway turned out she had several bowel related infections in the wound, not surprising after being left to struggle on a communal toilet for 2hrs by people who don't deserve the title of human. They then had to operate again to clean out the infection as there were large pools of dead blood in her thigh muscle + if infection gets into replacement joint antibiotics can not clear it as has no blood supply. She was put into a different ward from previously but was only marginally better. Then moved again to another ward which was marginally better again. Once they had managed to get bleeding under control + swelling in leg had come dwn she was allowed to b transferred to Forth Valley. She was so much happier the minute she moved, all the staff who met her on her previous visit came up to see her after their shifts to see how she was, everyone is just kinder + lovelier + has respect for other human beings. She has still struggled as antibiotics have bn hard going, lots of days being/feeling sick + she is utterly exhausted + just fed up + wants home. Her knee is still numb + she can't have her arthritis treatment until she has bn infection free for 3 months. Her consultant is hoping her immune system will b so knackered from all she has bn throo that it won't have the energy to go into flare up, so fingers crossed he is right.
03/12/2012 at 08:50
Unfortunately several meetings were arranged with staff nurse Camlo, by us + by her consultant himself, however after each 1 her treatment got worse, by the end the nurses weren't even responding to The buzzer in her room which meant the other women in her ward were being ignored too + were left lying in their own faeces + vomit on several occasions. It got to the point where my Mum begged us not to complain as she was so scared. She is scared to make an official complaint as she knows she will have to go back there again.
03/12/2012 at 08:57
Makes me so angry, my Mum is a very strong person, her consultant tried to explain this to the staff, she has very severe arthritis way beyond all of his other patients + she pushes herself to keep on moving + doing for herself, she does not like being helped + done for. She knows her disease + limitations better than anyone else. Yet those disgusting people made her so low she wanted to die. Horrible nasty bullies who seemed to get off on watching her struggle + putting her down.
03/12/2012 at 09:30

that is just so shocking TT, stuff out of your worst nightmares

Camlo - ha ha ha to fast ultras and less pain - I would love that to be the case, but I suspect it will not. I am fully expecting to be injured, ill or just getting slower with age!!! I do occasionally have moments of dreaming i might be faster again but just doesn't seem to happen for one reason or another. Hey ho. I know I have good endurance, whatever the speed so perhaps I just need to find longer and longer races to do instead

Sadly LDWA events don't seem to exist in Scotland as they have a fab reputation for cameradie and tea and cake!

Lap ultras are not for me I think, but I know many who enjoy them. It's a beautiful area to run anyway - think they are 6 mile laps but Lotte will know!

JT - glad you are on the up, hope it stays that way

A light dusting of snow but now it's just a bit 'dreich' - is that the right word?

Had to come back as left mobile phone here but then discovered it didn't charge up overnight anyway so still dead - doh!!

LOTTE - I hope you are resting!!!

Edited: 03/12/2012 at 09:32
03/12/2012 at 10:35

I'm working! Well I'm supposed to be Set my alarm for 5.30 as usual but slept through it! A well another rest day will do no harm.

Its 4 mile laps but does look really nice. I like the idea. I seem to spend most of my life running around in circles so it seems kinda fitting!

Shocking about your mum TT, just shocking. (())


03/12/2012 at 10:37

6 mile laps sounds hugely better than the 1.5 mile ones Scott Jurek talks about in his book.  My sister has even talked about 24 hr races on a track!!  (dont think it's her cup of tea!)

Fortunately for us it's mummy, daddy, grandparents etc who bring most of the pressies, and santa just does the stocking with the small things in, so no need to explain why santa pressies cost money.  Fortunately as well she hasnt really understood you can ask for things yet either, and we still only let her watch Cbeebies, so no ads, and she never really gets taken shopping apart from to the supermarket!  Sheltered child

TT it's absolutely shocking, your poor mum.  A friend M's at school has a severe milk allergy, and was blue lighted to our local big london hosp as a tiny baby.  Yet even though she was in there because she had a milk allergy, a nurse still gave her a bottle of formula!!  Beggars belief, as does removing your mums epidural when it was the best pain relief for her due to her morphine reaction, not to mention all the rest of the shocking treatment.  

Right, should be writing xmas cards!


03/12/2012 at 11:13
As a nurse working in the NhS I think that's shocking treatment & cannot believe nurses would treat patients in that way? The first thing that springs to mind is to defend the nurses and make excuses for them i.e lack of staff causing poor care/ stressed nurses etc BUT of course behaviour like that CANNOT ever be excused. It's disgusting and gives nurse a bad name . You must complain to the hospital manager and demand a meeting and ensure your mum gets treated well when next admitted. What an awful time for her and hope she's on the mend very soon ((((()))))). Glad to here the wee lad u childmind is doing ok
Sitting on my bum with good morning tv on. Have made soup and done washing and also eaten toast, porridge, cappichino and a few Pringles - PIG!! Feel really hungry today, ahhhhhh. Must stop eating. Will have a massive bowl of soup at lunchtime.
Hoped to have a run with the trailer this morning but have a fair amout of blooming snow, kids totally excited, wanted to go out a t half 7 am!!!! Pitch black!! Stopped at the mo and is 1 degree but a very snowy sky.
Gosh Caro u are good not letting adverts on and only doing wee things. Keep it like that as it doesn't last when they get bigger!!!
Another rest day Lotte, I think you should at least be having a week of surely. Your poor body let it rest woman!!!
03/12/2012 at 13:02
I agree with RF. it's easy to try and defend shoddy treatment, but it sounds like what your mum went through was awful. You need to put in a formal complaint via PALS listing all of the actual events and the issues that arise. They will then have to be dealt with officially, and there is a timeframe within which it has to happen. Joe she's feeling better soon TT.

Caro - we're exactly the same here. Isabelle watches very little television (she's just not very interested in it) so has few 'themed' toys and just doesn't ask for them. Father Christmas brings the stockings only, and any other presents are labelled from whoever bought them - so that appropriate 'thank yous' can be given! That's how it always was in our family, and though I think at my husband's they had more of their presents from Santa I just don't feel it's right for them to not understand that presents cost money, and people buy them for them - so they will be stuck writing thank you letters like I always was!

We put our decorations up yesterday so it feels quite festive here. We probably would have done it next weekend but my husband will be at work, and the weekend after seems a bit late. Plus, I wanted Isabelle to have a bit of Christmas excitement before the baby (hopefully!) arrives so that it doesn't seem as though the baby is getting too much attention and energy.
03/12/2012 at 13:31

Sounds fair enough to me Vixo .

TT - echo what others have said, your poor mum.  That is just shocking.

Caro - Sophie hasn't understood the concept of asking for things yet either!  She only watches CBeebies and Milkshake, so does see some adverts but I think she doesn't connect the advert with being able to buy one...!  I've bought her a Mike the Knight castle and 2 dragons for Christmas which I think she'll like though isn't an avid fan or anything.

Well I seem to have persuaded him to have a nap!   He's been virtually lying on me all morning so clearly tired, and hasn't had a nap for about a week but is always shattered.  Still can't get him to sleep in his big boy bed though - Sophie was the same, just preferred the security of her cot I think.  No urgency this time though as no 3rd baby but I think we need to do some stronger persuading soon.  He pretty much fills his cot now!

Glad you've had a rest day Lotte .

Hubby home unexpectedly for lunch so better look like I do something   I liked your comment about posting on here not constituting having a life Caro !

03/12/2012 at 13:36

oh mine have to do the thankyou letter writing for sure. They write their lists to Father Christmas and then get a stocking and one item from Father Christmas and the rest come from the appropriate relatives. Hubbys dad and some of the other aunts and great aunt/uncles tend to send cheques so that satisfies some of the other stuff on the lists. Equally, although mine see TV adverts etc they are not 'want want want' kids and still seem happy with simple things. Plus J certainly understands the concept of not spending money you don't have and the value of things, S is getting there. She has been obsessed about a DS, only cos J has one so that will be a BIG present for her. 

Lotte - why oh why oh why did you want to set alarm for 5.30 ... glad your body had other ideas!!! Can you not at least for this week contain yourself to the mountain bike or something!

Right, am meant to be rectifying the advent calender situation so best get off here as have just over an hour until pick-up.

Absolutely disgusting outside - was sleet but now just rain and a lovely 2 degrees. Still 10 miles done in forest at avg 9.3mm and legs felt OK, just a couple of niggles in calves. Happy with that after yesterdays 15

03/12/2012 at 14:14

Definite yes to thank you letters!  

Tree and decorations will go up next Sunday.  It was hubby's b day yesterday, so like to be able to separate that from xmas a bit, but now it's over let the festivities begin

Back to the damn cards........

03/12/2012 at 14:18
I am going to see my Mum tonight, so will raise the formal complaint thing with her, think she will still b against it for now as she is just so exhausted by the whole thing. If she does go ahead with it, I imagine it won't b until she is out of hospital + sure she is staying out. Part of what makes me so angry is like u have all said there is no excuse, I am sure the staff at Forth Valley have same workload but they still manage to b kind. Common decency costs nothing not even their time. We have met some wonderful nurses + there were even some at Glasgow Royal, the whole ward atmosphere changed when the nice shift was on.

It's nice to have the opinion of some people who work in medical profession Thank You. Need to look into who make complaint too etc + do most of legwork so all my Mum has to do is put her name to it.
03/12/2012 at 15:52
TT - I don't know if Scotland is different, but all the hospitals down here have a PALS (patient advice and liaison service) who will handle complaints, and there should be clear details on the hospital website on how to contact them. Alternatively find out who the chief exec is and address the letter to them and it will be funnelled in the right direction. I think a 'good' complaint has to stick to facts and avoid being too emotional (even though that's how you feel about it), and clearly document events that were not handled how you feel they should have been. The complaint will go to the department/team involved and you are much more likely to get a measured and reasonable response (and hopefully some change) if your letter reads sensibly, calmly and to the point.

My husband handles the medical complaints for his department and some of them are just bizarre, but actually, complaints are useful in finding out where you're going wrong as a department, and also where patient/relative perspective differs from that of the people who work in the hospital. Clearly in your case basic care is not, and should not, be negotiable, but some of the stuff people complain about really is laughable in the face of the current crises facing the nhs - "i came into the hospital with chest pain and feeling short of breath and I had to wait 6 hours for my investigations and results" - conveniently missing the rreality which was an assessment by nurse and doctor, an ECG, blood tests, a CT scan and being on started on potentially life-saving treatment! All within 6 hours!

CC - good running!

Caro - not sure what we'll do about this babies birthday - if it's born very close to Christmas will it hate us when it's bigger if we already have decorations up?! I suppose it might not be born until after Christmas, so saving the whole worry - but I bl***y hope not!!
03/12/2012 at 17:46

My sister has her birthday on 16th December, tree always used to wait until just after her birthday but decs were already up. The only thing that was of importance to her was that she got BIRTHDAY presents and BIRTHDAY cake and that nothing was combined with Christmas.  She's got her tree and decorations at home up already and beaten me to it hands down!!

03/12/2012 at 18:17
TT - I used to defend the NHS too but having seen standards slip I think we need to challenge poor care so it can be addressed. If some teams are better than others then this would suggest a personality thing rather than cost/ busy thing and to leave buzzers unanswered is deplorable. I used to get fed up of answering the same patient time after time for trivial things if they were confused etc but you never know if the issue is trivial or serious until you get there so it should be a no brainer and as a nurse you should be able to plaster a smile on for all your patients!
Boo to greedy, spoilt kids and horrah that ours aren't!!!
Yippee to another fab run cc but another rap on the wrist Lotte for trying to do too much!
Busy day, squeezed a 5 miler in but legs were still trashed from Sat so I walked a bit. went to work then dashed around aldi and got snow boots (from size 7 up I think) for 8:99, ski gloves 2:99, kids buff 2:99 and a complete ski suit (jacket and trousers from 5-6 up I think) for about 15 squids! Fab !
03/12/2012 at 18:33
I'm just using the daddy's b day thing as an excuse for M as to why our tree is not up yet! But it does seem nice to separate the two. I was worried E's b day would be too close to x mas, but by the time he finally came along on Feb 19th Christmas seemed long gone!
03/12/2012 at 20:30

TT - that does sound terrible, hope your mum is on the mend now.  I was pretty impressed with the nurses and doctors when Benedict and Aidan were in hospital but did find the maternity care a bit patchy although better than 2 years ago.  Sometimes I think people with actual cause to complain don't have enough time or energy to go through the process, difficult to decide when you should take up an issue but what's happened to your mum sounds terrible.

Lotte - well done!  Fabulous running, hope you recover okay!

Should really try and get some sleep, have a persistent green catarrh and lack of voice going on!

03/12/2012 at 20:33
Hope TT is watching BBC 1 now about scandles in the NHS, how safe is your hospital?
03/12/2012 at 21:11

It's probably featuring the Royal Gwent!!! 

TT - absolutely horrific care.  There's also the thought that you don't want someone else to go through that...  I was encouraged to complain about my care after having had Ted, ended up with a formal meeting, which was really hard.  If the nurses have so many other health professionals telling them that their care is substandard, surely someone, somewhere has to start doing something!  Really hope she's on the mend soon, sounds like a horrific time for you all.

Yes, Father Christmas has limited cash here too!  Ted was told that if he asked for too many things then FC would start crossing things off so he needed to decide what he really wanted!  It's always been the thing here that the presents get sent to the North Pole for him to deliver so we can say thank-you afterwards.

Lotte - you are allowed to rest after an 8o miler

CC - yay to running again!  How's the treadmill?

Vixo - my neighbour has is the Clinical Governance bod for UHW so I think the person that people like your husband have to explain to?  When her daughter was in the Royal Gwent, she found umpteen areas of concern that were promptly written down.  I knew the ward wasn't great (things like a door labelled 'Sterile Medical Room, Keep Door Closed, Staff Only' that I was encouraged to enter and was permanently propped open kind of gave the game away!), and I don't do that job.  Her letter was 3.5 pages long

EF - hope all is well!

TT - glad to hear D is doing so well.

Well I survived!  Generally everyone was great.  HT admitted that after seeing my last week she really hadn't expected to see me today so my worries about her thinking I was a hypochondriac were allayed!  Most people showed genuine concern apart from my playground duty share, her turn today on the rota.  Spun me a load bull about swaps (she gave me timings that meant I knew she was lying!) so I had to do it.  Apparently she's passed the buck every single week and hasn't done a single duty while I was off.  Furious with her lazy moo.  Anyway, trying to get the PE sorted for next term before it sends me insane!!!

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