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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/03/2013 at 22:45
CC - I was going to suggest the same as JT - dome shaped cake with a doll shoved in it and the cake decorated like a big skirt. I've seen pics of some and they work well, with the advantage that the icing can be nice and garish!

The nursery ours go to is council run, but they have forest school sessions which are great. I went along to Isabelle's final session which was a combination of everything they'd done through the years - we built a fire, made drinks using the Kelly kettles, baked potatoes in the fire, the children used saws to cut twigs etc. The nursery is on the site of an old school and they have a small piece of forest behind it, they keep chickens, and have just created a big space to grow veg, with a big poly tunnel.

TT - has she done any work experience with psychiatrists? There is a huge amount of discontent amongst them at the moment with the volume of work and the changes being forced through, and I suspect it might take a few more years than that too, depending on job availabity. It was 16 years from starting uni to when I got my consultant job, although they have shortened the training now, but some specialties are much longer than that. If she's serious about it you should definitely try and get her some time with some psychiatrists to see what the job entails and what they think of what's likely to happen to the service in the coming years. I'm sure it would be a fascinating and challenging career though.

I'm supposed to be doing a 10k race next weekend, but having only been out running a couple of times in the last 2 weeks due to childcare issues. Oh well, I should at least be able to run the distance, it it certainly isn't going to be fast!

Anj - have you been out for a run? I think it was at about 2-3 weeks I first went out, and it's all seemed to go ok. I took it nice and slowly at first and left a couple of days between runs to check that nothing went wrong, but other than scheduling issues it's all been fine. My husband worked all last weekend so we both started this week slightly frazzled and vying for the competitive tiredness prize, which is never particularly good for our relationship, so I've been treading rather gently around the issue of going out for a run. I reckon on Sunday I should have a good shot though since it is mothers day!

Right, must go to bed, not sure where the evenings go!
07/03/2013 at 23:03
Wish someone would convince my mother than Skype is a good thing, and actually computers aren't the devils toys and she's not too old! Stuck in her ways and too lazy if you ask me...she claims she has no time!!!

Rf well done on the job front. A new job is a fresh start.

TT I know weather is no consolation for family (well most families anyway!) but at least you have sun well more than us anyway! But having my mum and sister in America I can relate, I envy people who have really close families, both geographically and in terms of their relationships.

Went to a course on dentistry at a local hotel this evening and met the vet who may want to have me work Fridays for her. She seems nice, so hopefully we'll arrange a meeting next wk.
08/03/2013 at 08:12
Good news on job front then Caro and RF? Congrats RF - well done you! Hi minks and Karen. Party at cinema sounded good - I am storing up all these ideas! Wow - 10 years old Lily!
Good luck for 10k Vixo. Boo to home sickness. Must be really hard sometimes. I know I'd miss my folks more now if we or they moved abroad, now that we have E.

Right best go get breakfast before sickness kicks in. Day off today thank goodness. Did my two consecutive days this wk and threw up for England when I got home at 6. On the plus side I did feel a bit better during the days.
Sorry not to name check everyone but waves!
08/03/2013 at 08:59
Aargh, I managed to express 180ml (6oz) of milk this morning, and while I was doing Isabelle's hair Eliza took the pump and milk off the table and poured half of it all over the leather chair in our kitchen! My husband was concerned about the armchair, and I was desperate about the loss of the milk - although the chair does look a little damp, and somehow it's gone down the corner of the seat at the back, soaked through, and made a puddle on the floor round one of the back legs!! Yu wouldn't have thought 100 ml of fluid could make so much mess!

Yes, congrats on the new jobs, and hope the sickness is starting to ease Brookie. The only set of nights I've ever missed in my career was at about 8 weeks pregnant with E, when I just couldn't cope - ugh, early pregnancy is tough.
08/03/2013 at 09:21

Oh no Vixo. How annoying is that .

Good news on the jobs for Caro and RF. I have an interview for an editorial job in a science publishing company near Bath (otherside to us sadly) on Monday. Just a telephone interview for now.

Bit snotty today but got up and did an hour on the x-trainer. Must be about equivalent to an hour outside, so call it 7.5 miles. No pain anywhere so onwards and upwards. Will try a wee trot tonight so I know I'm OK to race tomorrow. It's live on Sky Sports if anyone has that, Wiltshire vests are green with a diagonal white go faster stripe!! Not many peeps have sky sports these days with everyone broke! I know we don't have it. Anyway my race is at 11.51!!!! 8k this time so a wee bit further and suit me slightly better. Blow away some cobwebs anyway. Best get my elbows sharpened tonight ready for the start !

Dance for Sophie and then her friends and mum's for lunch. Then have to go to the library as books due back and already owe money and can't renew them again online. Need to get kids feet measured too and buys some black footie shorts for Harry as he now has his Yeovil Town FC top ready for footie tomorrow!

Best wing the hoover round quick and clean the loo!

08/03/2013 at 10:18

argh to the loss of the milk, vixo!

good luck for the telephone interview, MM and yay to the new job RF. also caro too.

race sounds exciting MM - good luck for that

camlo - well done on the 17miler. sounds hellish!

i walked 5 miles yesterday - around London but nonetheless.  Walked from Euston to St Paul's for the concert and back again. Was an amazing concert. The Allegri Miserere was stunning - some of the choir were up in the gods somewhere, so the very high treble floated out from the roof. was incredible. they also performed 2 world premieres and one london premiere of commissioned stuff.  some of it was more challenging, but i did love one of the pieces. a phenomenal choir - totally awe-inspiring!

hemel all day today with meetings and boring admin. won't be home till late so feeling glum about that. but at least i will get out and do some walking this weekend. the pain is still there but it's no worse and i'm just walking through it like the physio told me to do. and stretching frantically too!

08/03/2013 at 10:23

oh and Tt - that sounds like a phenomenal amount of training... and won't be cheap either i guess. but what a determined one you have if she has decided on that.  E is going to be a fairy astronaut now. that's a step up from the tooth fairy but a step back from being a doctor, which is what she wanted to be last month.  J is going to be an explorer. this is the boy who whinges for Wales when i tell him we are going out for the afternoon. he is such a home bird; loves his Lego and his wii... i think he'll be an engineer actually. just like his dad. hmmm... he loves sketching things, building Lego and maths. he also likes constructing things / junk modelling. maybe an architect?!

08/03/2013 at 10:45
Yes I have a feeling I could end up with one doctor + one 'artistic' singer (think pheobe from friends).
08/03/2013 at 10:46
Good luck with the race tomorrow mm. I have my Uni interview so won't be able to watch it but how pro is that being on the tv!?

That's good going being ready for a 10k race vixo. I ran for the 1st time yesterday on our new treadmill. Was pretty slow and felt so hard but did 5k including walk breaks after every km, so ran 3.5 of it which I am happy about 2.5 weeks after having e. I think I need to remember that I haven't ran for 10 weeks so won't get my speed back right away. Aching today though so will prob try the gym Tom eve or Sunday morning and then run again Monday.

Boo to the lost milk. How annoying. When do you express? I never know when to as although e feeds around 3 hourly, you can guarantee shell want feeding straight after I express. Maybe when her feeding is more predictable?

Concert in London sounds lovely cm. hope the calf is feeling better.

Happy 10th bday lily!!

Good work on the 17 miler camlo. Rubbish to no hot water though. I hate that when you are desperate for a shower!!

Great news on the job rf!!

Off to google forest school...
08/03/2013 at 10:48
Hope the homesickness has subsided tt. If its Amy consolation it has been drizzly and grey for the last few days after 1 day of sunshine. I reckon the hormones aren't helping either.
08/03/2013 at 10:59

lol @ phoebe from friends. i pretty much think my E could turn her hand to most things. she is incredibly capable. she is co-ordinated, musical, is starting to form letters (correctly - unlike her 6 yr old brother!!), loves dancing, is interested in trying to learn to read, picks stuff up quickly, and is very obstinate and determined. she is chock full of self confidence, loves performing and is always right - even in the face of insurmountable evidence that she is wrong. with that degree of capability and confidence, really the world is her oyster... as long as she doesn't p1ss too many people off along the way with her attitude!

her brother, on the other hand, is much less confident and won't try at the things he knows he can't do. so i can see him identifying his career path at an earlier stage, or at least focussing more on the things he knows he is good at! that is pretty much what i did - i just stuck to the things i was good at (languages) and eventually ended up with a career, which had nothing to do with my degree or talents, but seems to pay well enough!

08/03/2013 at 11:01
As long as they're happy. My stepkids r polar opposites too, stepson always knew from a young age he wanted to b a game programmer + that's what he is. Stepdaughter wanted to do drama but her Mum wouldn't let her, put her off the idea as it wasn't a 'proper' job, unfortunately she then lost interest in school as had no focus + didn't know what she wanted to do + ended up doing nothing. She now works doing jobs she hates like chambermaid + shop work + has no idea what she wants to do in her future. She is such a hard worker too, thinks nothing of working 2 jobs. Think if she had bn encouraged to follow her dreams as a young teenager things might have bn different, drama isn't just about acting, there r hundreds of jobs behind the scenes that she may have loved.

Never can tell tho, I was a J as a child, trained as an engineer + ended up hating my job, leaving, having babies + becoming a childminder. My Mum still can't quite believe it.
08/03/2013 at 11:05

no - you never can tell, Tt. as long as they are happy that's the main thing. and that is why i would rather my kids followed their hearts and what  makes them happy at school, rather than worrying about a career choice at an early stage. i had a huge dilemma at GCSE choice time because i really wanted to be a doctor but i wasn't that good at maths. but on the other hand, i loved and was really good at languages but knew my career choice would be limited with them. in the end, i did what i loved and have no regrets about studying languages. i wish i didn't work in the job i do, but then most of us probably think that too!! and i am stuck now because of my situation and location constraints. but it could be worse... i have a job.

08/03/2013 at 11:10

Well done on that heroic effort Camlo!  16 miles for me on Sunday, might even try to get it done tomorrow so that I can properly enjoy being pampered on Mother's Day (yeah, right ...)  Cannot believe snow is forecast again for next week.  I am sick of it now, but at least I do have the option of the pay-as-you-go gym if running outside becomes untenable.  Hopefully it'll be snow showers rather than a dumping but can't believe it's going to be so cold yet again.  Keep hoping it doesn't mean we'll have a heatwave in April just in time for VLM!

We don't have Sky Sports MM (or Sky anything for that matter!) but hope you have a good race tomorrow - quite cool being on TV!

Well done Anj and Vixo with the post-baby running - you'll do fine at your 10K Vixo, probably better than you expect.

Tangy, very decisive career choice from Nat there!  Sounds like a lot of hard work and as though she may be living at home for quite some time to come!

CM, J sounds a lot like Kit - he is a real home bird as well, loves being with me and hubby and playing with his Lego, Power Rangers and Skylanders.  Very good with construction toys, so possibly another engineer/architect in the making?  I think (like me and hubby) he is probably going to be stronger on the English/reading/languages side of things, although difficult to tell how good he is mathematically as no real way of gauging it - with reading they get reading books sent home so you know where they're at.  Very proud as he has just been moved up another reading level - he and one of the girls are now two levels above everyone else, which is lovely especially as he's a boy and boys are often not interested in books/reading.

TTid, hope your homesickness has subsided now.  I would definitely have lots of wobbles if I had to live too far away from my family.

Great news on the job, RF - congratulations!  And sounds promising for you too, Caro.

CC, good luck with the ballerina cake!  I am very bad and Kit had a M&S Colin the Caterpillar cake for his party - mainly because it was light, transportable and able to be divided up in McDonalds with none left over!

08/03/2013 at 11:10
Camryn + E should work together CM, they sound very alike. Camryn isn't so much of a tantrum monster, that was her sister's forte. But she is just as determined + independent nonetheless.
08/03/2013 at 11:16

yup - i think there are a lot of little girls who are like my E. it is a revelation after her (now) very sweet and malleable brother. E lies through her  back teeth - blames others for her misdemeanours and swears blind she is right even when she is wrong. she ended up on the naughty spot on Monday for blaming her brother for tearing the door off his own rocket (it's one of the big ones you build, decorate and then can play inside). he discovered the door hanging off, she was in the playroom inside the rocket at the time, and yet she blamed him for it. he was so upset it clearly wasn't him, and it hadn't been hanging off when she went in the room... i didn't put her on the naughty spot because she had ripped the door off.  it may well have been an accident. i put her on there because she looked me in the eyes and told me that J had done it, when i knew full well he hadn't. i asked her to tell me the truth and she blatantly and shamelessly lied!! repeatedly. then she denied it was even hanging off! he would NEVER dare to lie to me like that. the little minx!

08/03/2013 at 11:17
Wet, miserable + freezing cold wind here, not looking forward to today's 4.5miles, tomorrow's 3 miles or Sunday's 13miles.

Think I am going to opt for the leggings with track pants over the top combo with long sleeved top, thick fleece jacket, gloves + buff earwarmer. Got to walk to nursery b4 run + it is freezing.
08/03/2013 at 11:18

Agree absolutely that children should be encouraged to follow their hearts and their dreams as much as possible.  I had a similar dilemma to you, CM - would have loved to pursue a career in forensics but just not good enough at maths or physics (although I was good at both biology and chemistry).  English was my real strength and what I was encouraged by my school to study at university.  I loved my degree and don't regret doing something I enjoyed but I knew it was unlikely to create great employment opportunities.  I would not have necessarily chosen university administration as my future career path, but that said I don't hate it and I'm lucky enough to work somewhere willing to accommodate my childcare constraints and allow me to work flexibly and with a fair degree of autonomy.

Kit sounds very similar to J - often unwilling to try something he doesn't think he'll be able to do/good at, but brimming over with confidence in other areas.  I'm pleased - given his only child status - that he is a very friendly, sociable child who seems to be well-liked at school and has made lots of friends.  I was never popular (too studious I suspect) so my wish for him is that he is always happy at school regardless of his academic prowess.

08/03/2013 at 11:20
lol CM, yes Cam is a draw on the walls, bedcovers, cut hair, do anything she has bn told not to kind of person + tells people often it was her big sister (who is almost 17).
08/03/2013 at 11:42
Funny u should say that Minks, I was always an outsider at school, went to 6 different primary schools so was always the new girl. But I never wanted my child to b part of the popular kids group, they always seemed to have boyfriends younger + end up young single mums + have no true friends. Fortunately Nat has a good group of friends but they r all studious, sensible girls with high aspirations + no boyfriends + not the 'in' crowd but not the outsiders either. Being an outsider wasn't so bad either, I have 2 very close friends who r still my best friends 30yrs later.
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