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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/12/2012 at 22:13

Great news you are feeling well enough to go back to work JT. Take it easy though!! Glad you survived the first day.

TT- that sounds horrific for you and your family. How an one organisation be so incredible and yet perform so badly beggars belief. I hope the horrible nurses are treated like they treat their patients when they need someone to care for them.

Christmas markets were fabulous. Lovely and christmassey, we had snow and Leila iceskated (with Daddy, I sat out and drank hot chocolate!!) Just a nice few relaxed days as a family really. Back now to a freezing house. The heating has been on for hours and it is still only 14 degrees in here!! I went out for a run earlier to warm up!

Hows the treadmill CC? Would you recommend it?

Lotte - WOW!! You are amazing. My hip flexor hurt for the last 50 miles  Brilliant!

EF - was your scan today?

03/12/2012 at 22:24
Hope all ok EF. GLAD TODAY went well JT (sorry caps lock issues). TT - hope your mum continues to improve. I can't believe you got through it. The thought of my mum being treated like that makes me feel sick.

Kinsey - with you on the green gunk and no voice front. I still have a hoarse squeak instead of a voice and a hacking cough.

At nursery today they told me E had been "spiteful" for the 1st time and pushed a little girl over for no apparent reason. I was horrified. I am now terrified I will have a delinquent monster ASBO child who I will have no control over and who will end up in prison. (Over-reacting? Me? Never...!) but I was upset. Do I need to worry?!
03/12/2012 at 22:25
Oh and Anjelicals - Xmas markets sound lovely. Where were you?
03/12/2012 at 22:38
That's a horrid word to use Brookie! They all do it, some are worse than others but they grow out of it. Don't fret!

Ani markets sound lovely...
03/12/2012 at 22:39

Anjelicals - I think you have summarised the NHS brilliantly in one sentence - How an one organisation be so incredible and yet perform so badly beggars belief.

When my brother was in hospital before he died the care was incredible - staff could only do basic care for James but their care of me and my family was amazing - way above and beyond! However there are so many terrible terrible stories about poor care that it really is depressing.

Brookie I am sure you do not have an ASBO on your hands!! Not nice to hear though - when M was bitten I must admit my first reaction was to be relieved that she wasn't the biter!


03/12/2012 at 22:53

tt that is terrible.  you must put in a formal complaint.  i find it so hard to imagine anyone behaving like that and yet i saw that bbc care home investigation and realised that it can happen.  

jt that is great that you're back.  

brookie the word spiteful was unfortunate and i'd suggest inappropriately used as it implies a degree of mindfulness and control that kids that age probably don't have.  i think the key word was apparent - e may well have had a reason! not excusing him but i def don't think u need worry!

scan not til 14/12. i am demented! and poor kate being outed now. i hope to goodness all goes ok. imagine if she had same as me. the furore would be horrific.  anyway back to me - i'm struggling to decide what to do re nuchal test etc.  i want to get 7 wk scan done but i want nt test asap.  most folk book in at 5 weeks or so and so if i wait i may not get an early nt scan/test as may be fully booked but if i book that now i feel i am counting my chickens...

the nausea has started though.  just 5.5 wks.  if i get even slightly hungry i feel lousy.  had bacon roll and fanta today. then dissed my soup and got cottage pie for lunch.  fridge is causing some retching. still no actual voms though. 

oh who had voms? hope recovering! 

03/12/2012 at 22:55

anj the markets sound lovely. 

03/12/2012 at 23:00

tt it was you with voms. am losing my brain!! 

04/12/2012 at 08:48

We flew in to Frankfurt Brookie and went to a place called Bernkastel. We are making a bit of a fuss this Christmas as last year we were in NZ and I think Hoggle said, it couldn't get less Christmassey. Nice for a change though, but this year I am embracing the cold and wintery Christmas!

Did they use the word spiteful? I think all toddlers do things like that to see what the reaction will be. Pushing boundaries etc. I would be cross if L's preschool used the word spiteful though.

Sounds like how I felt EF. Heaving at the thought of some trout fillets in the fridge and needing to eat to keep nausea away!! It lasted til 16 weeks. When they select the embryos, do they not discard any that aren't Chromosomically perfect though EF? When I did my study on genetic engineering I was sure I came across a bit about embryo selection and being able to tell if they had incorrect chromosomes.

04/12/2012 at 09:20
They don't do that anj. I could have had them checked but it involved a risk to the embryos and I didn't have that many left! They discard all that are not developing normally at 3 or 5 days so they put in 2 outwardly looking excellent embryos but you still don't know about the chromosomes.
04/12/2012 at 11:10

How anyone can call a toddler 'spiteful' - that's a joke. So no, I really wouldn't worry about that. As others have said, all kids are quite horrible at times and many go through the whole biting, spitting, hair-pulling stages but doesn't mean they'll be that for life!! J bit me once but that was it. S bit me a few times and used to regularly pull mine and Js hair.

Christmas fair sounds lovely Anj.  Haven't tried treadmill yet! Only got it fully up and sorted Sunday morning and both runs have been long. So, now I've taught my pilates class and having a quick cuppa then on the treadie for 5 miles hopefully before tackling rest of housework etc. 

Seriously need more hours in the day at the moment ... have been struggling with patches of exczma on my face over last few months and now found a clump in my hairline - joy oh joy. Look forward to a stage in my life when my skin might actually look good

I had nausea with J from 6-14 weeks and was pretty hideous but never actually sick. With madam I was nauseous from week 6 to the finish, was so delighted to have my first post-birth cuppa and it actually taste as it should!

Hope the green nose and general grottiness clear off soon.

Sorry for what I've forgotton, ah yes JT - fab news but please go easy! Your colleague sounds a right charmer.

Had four in class this morning - tasters through 'til Christmas. One has done it lots before but liked my visualisations for pelvic stability etc way more so I think I have a convert, plus had a complete newbie who looks completely confused but is willing to come back for more! My favourite is a very tall friend of mine with a huge chest who has been permanently hunched and now realises that she's not like this for life and has such an improvement in her neck/shoulders in just a few weeks. Anyway, it's boosting my belief that perhaps I CAN teach this - I am a great one for talking myself out of my own capabilities!! Apparently I have a soothing voice!!!! Hilarious as I am usually the one who's voice you can hear miles away!

Edited: 04/12/2012 at 11:11
04/12/2012 at 12:38
Brilliant about the pilates classes CC. Nice to know u r making a positive difference in someone's life too.

Congratulations EF, missed the announcement, so happy for u + hope the sickness/nausea subsides a bit. I ended up with a tear in my throat from all the vomming with Cam, the wkend brought it all back to me. Went at about 16wks, then the heartburn started lol. But it's all worth it in the end.
04/12/2012 at 12:54
Well done CC, I bet you are a great teacher!

EF, feeling sick is reassuring but not much fun. My over salivation went as soon as I had Benedict, that was very weird!
04/12/2012 at 13:18

the ladies phoning in on the radio 2 show were all saying how bizarre that these hideous symptoms literally do clear up the minute baby pops out!!

Treadmill is good. Was doing an easy run so didn't ramp it up to anything too wild! Was cautious to start as worried about coming off the back but has a good sound board which feels appropriately firm underneath. Doesn't have a pause button so you have to be careful getting off and on mid-run (turning up radio!!) or stop the program all-together, but for a home treadmill I think it's pretty good. This model doesn't have rails going the full length to hold onto but that's fine with me as I find they then don't effect my running style!

So 5 miles on the treadmill - yay.

04/12/2012 at 14:07

Really CC the treadmill was good?? I don't believe it! But good on you. I have every confidence you are a great pilates instructor. Managed a wee pilates session myself this morning but I am usually lousy at motivating myself to do it.

Tried out the legs and they're not too broken

Brookie, spiteful was a terrible word for them to use. My Emily went through a horrible stage when she was 2, she would just go up to kids and bash them or push them over. I was mortified. It only lasted a few weeks but I almost gave up going to toddlers it was so horrible. I would take her out the room and make her stand in the corridor, tell her how wrong it was and make her apologise, but it was so embarrassing. I remember one day I was on duty which meant I was in the kitchen and couldn't keep my eye on her, so I asked my friend to watch her for me. Em did her whack a kid bit and my friend picked her up to take her out into the corridor and Emily slapped her across the face. She had a proper red cheek and everything, I was mortified. We were actually laughing about it the other day, she was saying you wouldn't believe the lovely little girl she is now was the same little monster who did that.

Christmas markets sound brilliant. Glad you had a nice time Anj.

Boo but yay to morning sickness EF. Nothing quite like it. I was worst with the twins and spewed every night as I tried to cook tea until I was 14 weeks.

04/12/2012 at 14:29

Lotte - treadmill was good ... all things being relative!!! And believe me, no run vs treadmill run ... hmmm.  Tmrw I am working and teaching a pilates class in the evening so it means that I can run before breakfast - now THAT is a novelty to me and worth the treadmill

04/12/2012 at 14:46

Lol! You know CC for all I know I might actually love running on the dreadmill, the only time I have ever done so was when I was getting my gait analysed at shoe shop. Agree though better than no run for sure.

Baltic here and snowing at the moment. Can't get the fire to work worth a damn as the wood is too wet, just phoned hubby and moaned! We manage to get most of our wood free and he chopped up a huge load of old pallets the other day but I told him to go buy some logs or peat!

04/12/2012 at 17:15

yes, I must order more wood as pile is low, hard to scavenge it round here without being noticed as most belongs to someone or other! Hubby used to be great a finding massive oak logs etc down South for the fire and then muggins would be drawn in to try and get all this stuff in the car and home!!

Finally stopped raining and is just plain baltic, strangely it was rain not sleet/snow but temp was not about 2 degrees all day ... so now the skies are clear we know what it will be tomorrow - skating rink!! Can see RF has had plenty of snow as the hills over the other side of the Firth are totally white.


05/12/2012 at 00:25
Thanks for all the reassurance guys. Once again you've cheered me up and alleviated my concerns! The lady who said "spiteful" is actually lovely and E adores her (as do I!). English isn't her 1st language though and in hindsight I'm not sure she really meant to use that word in this context. As EF says, I don't think a toddler this age can really behave that way. Lotte - your story about Emily was also v reassuring.

CC - yay to treadmill and Pilates. You sound like a fan teacher. I really need to give it a go.
Yay to proper snow and proper winter too. I'm jealous as London today is just damp and mild and depressing.
Anj - that's. good idea about the markets. I went to some German ones when hubby was working in dusseldorf a few years ago. Loved them. I also went to the ones in Vienna a few times. I must go again when E is a bit bigger.

Another Xmas client night out tomorrow and another one on Thursday. I'm going to be shattered and I still can't speak properly. Still, good way if avoiding phone calls in the office. Sleep well all.
05/12/2012 at 06:20
Fab teacher! Not fan!
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