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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/03/2013 at 12:05

When is RF's appearance on tv??  Don't want to miss it!

08/03/2013 at 12:21
Haven't read back yet, just gonna have lunch, starving. Did 7 miles on treadmill with 1K, 2K,1K,2K intervals in 60 mins so just showered & M playing at the table. Big girls home from school in half an hr, then swimming lessons later in afternoon.
caro-not till 17 th March!!!!!!!
Bak lata x
08/03/2013 at 14:52

blimey RF - you are flying. 7 m in a hour. woohoo!!

08/03/2013 at 16:26
She certainly is, I did 7miles on my interval run on Wed + took me 1hr 12mins as recoveries + warm up/cool dwn were sloooow.
08/03/2013 at 16:31

So do I, TT - always been one for one or two close friends rather than a whole bunch of acquaintances.  It's taken time but I amslowly making a good group of friends with some of the other mums at Kit's school, which is nice.  Have been out for a couple of meals and done a few playdates with the kids.

Wow, great run RF!

08/03/2013 at 19:51
Boo to spilt milk Vixo. It so IS worth crying over spilt milk when it's expressed milk!! Great running RF. wish I had sky MM but at least I can tell people I know someone who runs races and is filmed by sky sports!! And I know someone else who features in documentaries about hardcore sporting events! (RF!) good luck for tmrw anyway MM and for job interview.

Love hearing about all your kids personalities. They all sound amazing. Love the fairy astronaut! Genius.

Yeah career choices. It's tough isn't it? I went to a school where we were repeatedly told we were the best and could do anything and should all be at the top of our chosen professions. A very high pressured girls school. At the age of 22 I thought I'd be a lawyer and a Partner of course. I thought I would love law and hate being a mum. It turned out to be exactly the opposite way around!
08/03/2013 at 20:14
I was going to go to Cambridge and study French and Spanish. But then you had to do the application through this one scary teacher so I changed my mind (dedication not!) and then I applied to Newcastle Manchester and Sheffield to do French and Spanish and Aberdeen to do law and French law and edinburgh to do law and French. Got an unconditional after fifth year for Aberdeen so thought what the heck and took it! Was only doing law for interest and didn't do a thing to benefit my career during uni as I wasn't going to be a lawyer. Applied for traineeship and got one really easily so figured I'd do it but no way on this planet would I do litigation as I did not want to go to court. Got sent to litigation dept under serious protest and 12 yrs on I'm a partner in a litigation firm. Good to see that I knew what I wanted n'est-ce pas?

Haven't read much but good on Nat for knowing what she wants.
08/03/2013 at 20:48
Wow you lot are all very intelligent!!! I wanted to go to dance school!!!! Ha ha ha the careers teacher laughed at me, cheek. Then applied to join the navy to become a nurse but failed the eyetest. Then fancied the police but was told that eyes weren't good enough. So decided to do a physical education and community studies course at Telford college in Edinburgh. Did 2 years, it was just scotvec modules and teaching stuff, volleyball, swimming etc. obviously then changed my mind again and applied for nursing. So here I am 20 years later!!!!
Have just written my resignation letter, yay. Working tomorrow so will take it then. Still haven't heard back from the practice nurse job! Very rude of them I think.
Girls I am so not fast though, could never do that outside, would be similar to you Tangy. Think my treadmill miles are less than an outside mile!
Gosh Brookie your puking sounds awful, poor you. Hope your getting looked after.
Good luck Vixo & MM on racing. Ahh no sky here either although working anyway.
Very annoying spilling breast milk, it's precious stuff
Can't remember much else, hmmmmmmmmmmm.
08/03/2013 at 21:20

oh no to the spilt milk Vixo - I'd have been gutted ... and then I'd have thought about the chair!!

That sounds a fantastic evening CM, and yay to all that walking too. It's the philosophy I am taking with my ankle ... fingers xed for you.

MM - dont' have Skysports but good luck, defo get those elbows sharpened, hope you have a good one. Fab news re the interview, will have everything crossed for you on Monday.

Fantastic running going on - RF etc

Well done Anj but don't go overboard!!

Hmmm - my two - J is stubborn and has an answer for absolutely everything, will try new things but knows what he likes ... he's a softie but bright and full of his fathers confidence for everything he does, but is STILL a target for bullies in the playground - probably because of all of that ... he wants to be a vet at the moment but with an electrical engineer for a dad and a chemical engineer for a grandpa (my dad) ... hmmm     S is shy but practical, yes a diva too but really switched on.  Artistic, loves maths ... who knows

I am all for encouraging them to follow their dream. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be a Countryside Warden or an OUtdoor Instructor but both were actively discouraged as career ideas at school and parents didn't believe me ... so I was short of one grade to do A levels at college, had do a year to get said grade so dropped out at 17 much to my parents horror with just my secretarial exams, a couple of o levels and a string of quite good CSEs ... so set myself on a path of secretarial/admin stuff (full-time and temporary jobs) until I was 21 when I did Op Raleigh for 3 months, 4 years as an optical sales assistant, 5 years as a Customer/Sales support for Xerox, 1 year as a sales assistant for outdoor shop, 5 years as a desk editor (at last, a 'proper' job my dad commented), 3 years as a gym instructor ... currently library assistant/pilates instructor. Oh boy do I wish I'd been encouraged to do what I wanted!!!! I did go on a do two 'a' levels as one year evening classes though - English Literature & 16th & 17th Century European History!!!

08/03/2013 at 21:22

I was bullied well and truly at secondary school - horrible horrible, for three of my four years there.

Anyways, work this morning - mad day - all the 'interesting' characters of my town queue up from 9.45 with their faces literally pressed against door window for us to open, even though they KNOW we don't open until 10!!!  Then 8.5 quite good miles before school pick-up - legs are feeling OK.

08/03/2013 at 21:25
My treadmill is opposite, much faster than outside or gym treadmill, so just have to run by feel + time on it.
08/03/2013 at 21:40
I would have loved to b a countryside ranger CC, think if we had stayed living in Skye my life would have bn very different. Think I would have ended up some kind of outdoors ranger or a farmer's wife, I wanted to b a vet when I lived in Skye and we lived next door to a farm. But we moved back to civilization when I was 8 + life wasn't as outdoorsy anymore. We still went camping + fishing with my Dad all the time but it wasn't a way of life anymore.

When I went into engineering it was mainly my love of technical drawing that pulled me into it, but computer aided drawing came in and it's just not the same.
08/03/2013 at 22:18
I wanted to be a vet, and nothing but a vet. Boring!
08/03/2013 at 23:39

Love it Caro   Very interesting reading people's aspirations.  I never had a clue what I wanted to be - my German teacher asked me when I was in 6th form if I wanted to be a teacher and I said no way!  Did French and a bit of Spanish at uni as that's what I was good at but still with no clue what to do.  Even did a year abroad as a language assistant and still didn't want to teach! Then took temp job at Dell using French through financial need when I graduated but from there veered firmly away from private sector towards education.  Decided after a year and half in uni admin that I wanted to give teaching a go, and 2 babies later and a part-time evening course I am now teaching TESOL and loving it .  If it wasn't for having Sophie I may never have taken the plunge and left secondary teaching as it did leave us with no money for some time.  And however much I hated teaching in secondary schools (I did love and hate it in equal measures!) it has got me where I am now.

Big boo to spilling EBM - gutted .

Can't remember anything else, too much rose...

Hubby in dilemma about Mother's Day as it's the first year his mum has lived nearby and his wife has been a mum too...!  I definitely do not want to spend it with MIL though so think I'll send him off and I'll attempt to enjoy being a Mummy for the morning....either that or I just go for a run as usual and he takes the kids to the grandparents'!

Anyway bedtime as I am pooped.  Good running RF by the way!  Have good weekends all, hope this snow stays away...

08/03/2013 at 23:40

And  to being bullied CC - hubby was bullied too but never really talks about it.  Just idiots who crushed his self-esteem I think, although he has come out on top.

09/03/2013 at 02:27
I didn't know what I wanted to be but did a gap year in Wales teaching PE - discovered I didn't want to be a teacher but wanted to work in sport - 13 years later I still am and do enjoy it still as well.

Specialist yesterday - immediately concerned about leg weakness, fast tracking me for an MRI on Tue, another appt on Fri and very likely surgery soon after. Relieved to be taken seriously and glad that hopefully it will mean things get fixed soon but a bit freaked out by logistics (work, child are, bridesmaid at best friends wedding) not to mention scared of surgery on back - eeeek!!

Also friends baby struggling again - a vein failed so he had 10 hours of surgery on Thur, failed again so more surgery today. It's all so hard - no idea how they are managing to cope :0(
09/03/2013 at 05:13
Hoggle, so tough for your friends, can't even start to imagine how they must be feeling.

Yay to such a serious response to your back problem but I get completely where you are coming from about being nervous for surgery. Scary.

Congratulations RF on your new job and sounds promising Caro about another day.

Os still not 100%. Not sure if I already said but not rsv but he still has cough, not quite as bad as before but still sounds awful. Will have to take him to doc again on Monday if not better over weekend. He has also started major throwing up after eating. Max had bad reflux but that was just milk. This is very cottage cheesy even straight after eating, usually when he is on my shoulder being burped. He has just done it now so I am reluctant to feed him more straight away but he is obviously hungry. Is sucking frantically on my little finger at the moment so am typing with left thumb on my phone at the moment, thank goodness for predictive text!

Not sure why he is being sick, could be the flem he has on his chest, could see it in one of his chunders. I also wonder if it is because of the water I am mixing his formula with (he gets maybe 2 full feeds a day from me then the rest formula. We have an instant boiling water tap in our kitchen so am using that rather than boiling a kettle, maybe doesn't kill all the bacteria? Thirdly I haven't been sterilising his bottles until yesterday so wonder if that has given him a tummy bug? Poor little devil, hope he's better soon.

Max's birthday yesterday, 3 already. He had a pretty rubbish day as we had a meeting in the morning so had to wake him up and rush him into nursery. He did have cupcakes at nursery and I bought him a balloon which I gave him when I collected him but we did not give any presents yet as were all so tired when we collected him at the end of the day. We will celebrate it today (Saturday) as a family and then are planning a get together at the beach next Saturday with friends to celebrate officially.

Am thinking we might take him to local alligator farm or the zoo today but he will probably just ask to play mini golf so maybe just that.

I was feeling pretty awful last night, as if flu coming on, also c section scar started hurting, just think I was overdoing what I was carrying. Went to bed at about 9:00, is midnight now as Os woke up about 11:30. Don't feel as bad so hopefully was just tired.

Do feel a little less homesick, was probably not helped by Max's birthday too. We do like living here and know the opportunities for the boys are better here than in uk but still so far from home. I think it's not helped at the moment by Mr TT being desperate to move to a bigger house. We have been house hunting and actually had an offer in on a house but that fell through. So feeling unsettled on that front too.

Anj and Vixo, can't believe your levels of running already. Vixo, 10k?? Really? Wow. Anj, can't believe you are even thinking about it already, good for you but do be careful. I am going to start walking more again now (if I can find the time!) but don't think I'll be up for running for a few weeks, feels so heavy down there.

Vixo, grr to spilled milk. The most I have pumped in one session so far is about 4oz so I feel your pain!

Going to post now before I lose all I have written.
09/03/2013 at 05:16
Os has just fed quite well from breast so am hoping he keeps that down, is as depressing as spilling expressed milk when they throw up after feeding on the breast!
09/03/2013 at 07:38
Hope Os gets better soon TTid and that the reflux problems or whatever they are improve. A friends baby had that cottage cheese gunk all the time too and doc prescribed gaviscon which really helped it.

And heart goes out to your friends Hoggle. Like others have said, can't even imagine what they are feeling. And yes, scary about surgery too. But good that you were listened to.
09/03/2013 at 08:02
Boo to spilt expressed milk and vommed breast feeds - both very frustrating!
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