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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/03/2013 at 08:13
Poor O tt. What about trying a different brand of formula? My friend's wee girl suffered terribly til they found one that just seemed to click with her.

Oh hoggle your poor friends. They have prayers being said all round the world for them.
And yes very scary re surgery but better to get in and know what issue is than leave it alone not knowing what's wrong and where it might lead.

Vixo bah to the spilled milk. Someone asked re timing for expressing (anj?) I used to do it at 1030 pm as we gave a bottle of ebm then and also got up at about 0530 to empty myself. Used to have tons of the stuff and in fact so much that I was able to feed friend's wee girl all day on my ebm (by way of explanation my friend was at her mum's funeral all day so I was helping out with Sophie)

I've just sleep through the night! This is a major achievement! Tho I did tell myself I was very itchy last night and took a Piriton all the while really knowing that I wanted it to help me sleep. Feel much better for it. There's only so long you can survive on 3 or 4 hrs a night and in 3 weeks I reckon I've had just 3 nights of 6 hrs.
09/03/2013 at 08:22
JG I'd go for run and let hubby take kids to mil. We have this issue on Mother's Day too as whole family in 3 mile radius. Worse tho hubby wants to go for long run as he's doing overtime today and can't and then for about the fourth Mother's Day in a row bloody hearts are playing hibs. I swear it's every year. I don't know how they do it.

Bullying is sth which scares me quite a lot. I wasn't bullied but didn't have lots of friends at primary as I was considered one of the posh kids as we were from an estate ie private rather than a council scheme. Also my folks were quite strict so I wasn't allowed out at night as late as they were - we had strict 730 curfew even at 8 and 9 even 10 yrs old. It might get bent at the weekend but not on schooldays so when someone "came in" for me at 725 they got short shrift. Did not help!! My best friend left at the end of P6 and I was a bit lonely in P7. Probably why I really didn't mind whether I went to local high or private secondary and was lucky enough to get financial assistance to go to private.
However I worry about Louise being bullied or worse I worry about how I'd deal with it if I thought she was bullying.
09/03/2013 at 08:25
Good luck to vixo and mm. No sky here either sadly.

It's Andy's birthday next Sunday and I'm thinking about getting him a coffee machine. Does anyone have a tassimo or such like? Any good. Friend said to go for proper machine like a gaggia but on reflection ease of use is the main criteria and we don't have time for making proper coffee daily but might just manage to bung a pod into a machine.
09/03/2013 at 08:26
Finally happy birthday max and Anna!
09/03/2013 at 08:59
EF we have a Keurig coffee maker. It does make good coffee but the pods are expensive, about 45 cents here so about 30p. A friend has a great machine that will also froth the milk for awesome milky coffees, I think it was very expensive but fab if you like those types of coffees. Can't remember the make but will find out if you are interested.
09/03/2013 at 09:00
Forgot to say had a fab time camping! M was great - made friends with a 4 year old boy (well he befriended her and kept coming to play and she kept wandering over to their tent and sitting down!).
09/03/2013 at 10:43
Wow - busy

Poor Os - do get him checked out if you think it is reflux. We had nightmare with that

I have one of those stove top Italian espresso makers which I love. Cheap and makes amazing coffee. Just buy ground coffee, bung it in with some water, whack it on hob for 5 mins and job done. Don't like frothy coffees much (in spite of my alias on here - gone off them these days!) so I make an americano with milk by diluting the espresso with hot water. If someone wants milky coffee I use the espresso and heat up some milk in mug in microwave. Everyone who comes for coffee loves it!

I bet I will have crappest Mother's Day as I don't have the kids. I am not bothered really as don't 'do' Mother's Day. But would have been nice for their father to suggest a little trip somewhere - to a castle for coffee and cake or something maybe. Of course not...
09/03/2013 at 12:59

If i was going to get one I'd like a nespresso.  I still am using the one my mum gave me for xmas 14m ago, and it isn't great (nescafe dulce gusto) it has been repaired twice (both times for free as it was within warantee) and if it dies again it will be chucked, and I will get one I really want!

09/03/2013 at 13:02
Ooh I think it is a nespresso that my friend has.
09/03/2013 at 16:20
We have a nespresso. Citiz n milk model (or something). It is amazing. Bung pod in, out comes long or short coffee and there's a milk frothier thing that does it all automatically - hot or cold. Pods are about 30p each if you buy in huge bulk. Sea easy to clean and use.

CM - we have a stove top espresso pot too. For when I'm feeling Italian!

Mother's Day will be quiet here too I think. First one since hubby lost his mum last April. I haven't even mentioned it or mentioned sending my own mum card etc (which I have obvs!) as I don't want to rub it in to Mr B that his mum isn't here. So. Doubt we'll do anything.

Bullying. Yeah freaks me out too. But then, right now, the world seems so full of dangers if I think about it too much so I try not to!

Sickness has been a lot better last 2 days other than Thursday night. Hoping the worst is over. Maybe in a couple of weeks I can try a run! Woo hoo!
09/03/2013 at 16:37
I had a delonghi Magnifica for Xmas, makes quick drinks and has a spout for frothing but that takes longer. Chuck beans in and it grinds them but despite me always selecting mild I still find it strong!
Boo to spilt milk, I would cry if I had to throw any out as it took such an effort to get and seemed too "precious" to waste!!
TTid - I think I would try and up the breast until vom settles and then give everything a thorough sterilise and use freshly boiled water from the kettle in future.
Hoggle - sending prayers for your wee friend, hope they manage to stabilise him soon. Amazing what they can do these days but even so sometimes babies are just too fragile to mend I have spent the morning setting up a charity sale for Birmingham children's hospital to repay them for saving Archie (several times!).
Eek to thought of surgery on your back too!
Lotte - fab pics on fb, I love wearing dresses but from your post it seems a rarity for you?
Bullying - I got a fair amount of teasing, mainly because I was so short so was never 'cool' but at least being good at sport meant I had some redeeming factor!
Ambitions - wanted to be a hairdresser for years then in my teens had my sights on research biology but alas met eldests dad and was persuaded to become a mum at 16 instead. Was furious with myself once I saw my friends head off to uni so went into nursing as a way of getting a degree and earning at the same time. Worked nights while I was a single mum so I could study in the days and steadily climbed the career ladder through ward work, district and school nursing, health visiting and now am a specialist nurse for vulnerable children. I don't care what my kids actually 'do' as long as they are working!
Good luck for the XC champs, 10ks and juggling mothers days!!! I have plumped for a morning stewarding a 5k for a ladies beginners group..... yipppeeee NOT.
09/03/2013 at 17:38

well I spent the morning helping at the Forres Primary school XC comp. Was absolutely baltic, 3 degrees with a brisk easterly wind!!! J took part and  plodded round at his pace (basically hubby and I told him that under no circumstances was he to try and leg it at the start - he ALWAYS gets a stitch, walks and then gets all upset cos he is way behind), anyways, he was 4th last, overtaking the other three at the last minute ... bless him, was just over a 1 km, he ran all the way which I am really proud of cos he is so NOT designed to be a speedster. His closest friend at school is a girl and she was second in her race but thankfully he seems nonplussed by this.  Hubby around for a changed (rather than biking) so handling logistics like S having a party at the same time were easy for a change!!!

Biked there and back on my mountain bike and hoping to get a 15-miler in tomorrow but not sure when, what with rugby training and airport drop-offs to be done.

Mothers day - well it kind of gets acknowledged but that's about it. I think cos hubby doesn't have his mum around it just isn't on his radar tbh. I don't care especially but sometimes it's nice to feel a bit special isn't it?

Hoggle - awful awful time for your poor friends.   So good and not-so-good re your back but being fast-tracked is good and I wouldn't worry about the logistics, they will get taken care of somehow cos they HAVE to be!  Glad the camping trip was fun though and great when the kids find their own friends & entertainment.

TTid - unsettled times for you guys then. I know where you are coming from on many angles.  Hope O begins to settle down a bit with the feeding though and just a temporary upset.

Agree with you Camlo re not caring what they do providing they work!!! 

I was pretty useless at sport at school. I was a target for bullies cos I was very little, very quiet, a bit of a 'square' and like you EF, my parents were pretty strict on curfews and the like. It's horrible when you find it's happening to your child though - makes you feel sick inside.

Edited: 09/03/2013 at 17:39
09/03/2013 at 20:06

Another useless one at sports at school. Always last to be picked for teams, hated XC.  Was goalie for the 1st XI hockey, which I find amusing as although I may have been slightly wider at 17 than I am now, not by much!  I guess no one else wanted the job.  Only started running after uni really.  Am tempted to get a bike and start doing some cycling, nothig serious, but just pottering, using it as a way to get to park run etc.  Reckon maybe I should go on a cycling road course first though, due to living in London!

Had an interesting afternoon - met a man in a tesco carpark and bought his car seat for £12.  V random.  Our friends from America are coming at the end of the month with their 2 girls aged 3 and 5 and to get car seats with the hire car for 5 days was going to add over £100 to the bill!  Daylight robbery.  So I bought one for the 3 yr old from '' and an £8 booster seat from halfords for the 5 yr old.  They will both be abandoned at Heathrow when they return the rental car.

Hubby and M are at the inlaws for the night.  They went on the train which was a big adventure, and Eric and I will pick them up tomorrow.  We have been trying to convince her that staying over there isn't scary, but she was never up for it, so Daddy is going this time, on the understanding that next time she's on her own.......the silly thing is she'd happily sleep over at a friends house without us any day of the wk, but not with the grandparents!  So I am drinking wine, and catching up on trashy telly.

Made a new batch of granola today - yum!!

10/03/2013 at 09:35

Good morning and happy mothers day. I hope you lovely ladies are getting spoit. I've had breakfast in bed with the laptop! Flowers, choccies and a lovely framed picture.

Been a busy couple of days. Friday was our local Up-Helly-A' day so more vikings, fire and partying! Went to the hall on friday night with our Sophie, and some friends. Hubby was in a squad touring the halls. It was a good night. I did have quite a few drinks but made sure I stopped drinking at midnight since I had alot of running kids about to do yesterday. Got home at 3am, was up at 6.30, got out at 10am for a 10 miler. Hubby got home at 6am and lay in bed all day until 4pm! I was very good about it but saved it for future use;) A friend had babysat and stayed over but she had to work at 6.30 ,her kids are grown up.

Yesterday was a big day for our Dylan. It was the second week of the county football trials for his age group. He has been in the development group over the winter and this was where they choose the final squad picking 18 from the 40. I was so nervous for him standing at the sidelines as they announced the decision. Proper butterflies and feeling ill! Never felt like that before when the kids have been competing i swimming or athletics. Anyhoo he was selected woohoo for him, boohoo for us as it will mean forking out more money for  a trip off the island to play! Jeez though it was hard seeing how upset the guys who didn't get picked were. Really tough for them and their parents. I felt a bit guilty as football isn't really Dylans main passion unlike some of the lads who live for their footie.

Interesting reading about careers/school etc. I wasn't in the cool gang but not in the uncool gang either. Just floated about a bit. Luckily I was always good at sports. But I spent every spare second at the stables and the girls there were, and still are, my best friends.

Caro - good idea about the bike and also the cycling course. I couldn't believe how brave or just plain mental the cyclists in London were!

RF - congrats on the new job, fab.

How did you get on yesterday MM? I had a friend running for Scotland West and she came in the top 3rd of the field she said.

Anyway better get on. Long run time.





10/03/2013 at 09:59
Well I had a long run planned but somehow I am taking the kids to rugby training again while hubby finishes work he's been doing since 6 am. Happy daze ... Will be trying toll fit in something before taking him to airport this afternoon!

Sounds great evening Lotte and an unusually leisurely morning too. Lovely long run weather countrywide today I think! We have strong winds, sleet and cold

Fantastic for Dylan with the football too.

So happy mothers day all you wonderful ladies.
10/03/2013 at 14:25

20 miles done. Another wee recovery run planned for later on because I promised Sophie I would take her out. So that will mean 100 for the week. yay. Baltic here and very windy, but clear and sunny so not too unpleasant.

I think I need to give your hubby a wee kick up the arse CC! Hope you don't mind me saying so Hope you get a run done.

Our afternoon plans have changed, meaning hubby has had to take REece to football and then wait and pick Dylan up from swimming so they won't be home until after 5.30. Which means I will have to cook the Mothers Day roast dinner, my parents and my sis and nephew are coming for. Ach well I've no had a bad day. Got home from my run and the girls had baked fairy cakes, and the kitchen was spotless, well impressed!

10/03/2013 at 14:33

Oh don't worry Lotte - I know he needs a rocket up there!!!!

sun just come out now after a manic snowstorm ... heading off for a quick something now I think!!!

Good going.  J has said he wants to do some running with me and I know S will be up for it too - so will be good to build that it, not today though

Enjoy your roast cooking etc!

10/03/2013 at 15:35
13.42miles in the snow, hail, wind + occasional sunshine. Got feet up on the sofa now to rest b4 cooking dinner also. My Mum was supposed to b coming but she's had a flare up + can't get out of bed

My little brother coming throo tho, just hoping he isn't cycling the 20miles as it's horrible out there (says me who just ran for 2.5hrs in it lol). We r having falafel burgers for T, hubby doesn't know what they r so hoping to disguise his with lots of salsa + guacamole lol.

CM- hope u + M had a nice cake + coffee + a good old chin wag.

Hope u managed a run CC.
10/03/2013 at 17:06

squeezed in five so better than nowt!!  Half my own fault really, should have factored in hubbys cr*pness and got up at sparrows fart.  Was really quite exhilerating running along the beach in a full-on snow storm, sea looked all dark and moody with white tops to waves etc.  Another cold coming too I think -darn it - so early night, and echinacea for me tonight!

Caro - I'd definitely recommend a bike, I don't use mine enough for commuting around these days, as there never seems enough time but try to when I can. Agree you need to be brave to cycle in London though!!

Well done on the run TT too, your weather sounds like ours so it wouldn't have been an easy one.

Good luck with the falafel burgers ... they sound yummy to me

Hubby has left me with a spotless kitchen and we have last nights spag bol leftovers for tea so no all bad ... deposited him at airport too.

Edited: 10/03/2013 at 18:05
10/03/2013 at 19:18

Looking forward to tonight's TV drama about the Blacks and the Wisharts! (Shetland BBC1 9pm).

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