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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/01/2014 at 19:42

Don't think it matters whether eat a cooked dinner at 

night, but more important to have a varied meal with protein, 

vegetables, healthy carbs and fats. Just about getting nutrients in doesn't 

matter what form they take. 

14/01/2014 at 20:04

Well done on the weight loss EF!! CM this might be totally wrong (I'm no nutritionist) but is it possible that because you eat so sporadically, your body has learnt to hang on to all the calories it gets as it views the rest of the time as starvation so even though you are not starving yourself, your body kind of thinks you are?

Absolutely glorious day here and I am very envious of hubby out on the mountain which looks amazing! I did however walk to daycare and run back again so am not feeling lazy. Hubby and I are supposed to be on a weightloss misson at the moment. I don't really need to loose weight (maybe a couple of kilos) but hubby def does so I am trying to be supportive. What it means is I eat sweets when he's not around! Sugar addiction is way more of a problem for me than anything else and I really should do something about it!!!

Right, lots of work to do today so best get on

14/01/2014 at 20:44

i don't really like eggs and certainly wouldn't want to eat poached eggs etc for breakfast. i struggle with breakfast really as all i want is carbs like crumpets or toast. i never eat a cooked breakfast - even if i'm staying away and it's cooked for me! if i eat fruit and yoghurt i'm hungry again in an hour. i find it easier to eat nothing and find i  don't really get hungry till about 11ish. whereas if i eat something, i'm hungry again much earlier!

i did used to eat salad with my pitta but have stopped that. i don't do pitta and hummous anymore. the kids eat the pitta and hummous i buy usually! i don't really plan anything for my meals, which is really bad. at the weekend i make up a huge batch of soup that i eat at the weekend and then for the first part of the week. it's always got loads of veg in it, so that's quite good i guess. this week i also put loads of beans / pulses etc in. but when that runs out (around tues or weds), i then resort to cereal. or crisps. or sweets. i really am a toddler. my kids make better food choices than i do!

14/01/2014 at 21:00

TT - I love your statement about being a fit marathon runner inside screaming to get out, that's exactly how I feel (although maybe more like a 10k runner )!  I feel that I've reached the point that I've been heavier for so long it feels normal to me and maybe I take some comfort from it.  I'm currently hovering around 12st at 5'7" and was around 11st when I got married 10 years ago so would love to get down to that again, but it just doesn't shift!  I always think, well at least I don't gain weight, but that's why as of last week I am on a mission to eat properly, low fat, low GI wotsit but filling and healthy food.  I am sort of following Slimming World, based on the magazine, but I don't weigh anything.  Maybe portion size is my issue?  

I had to laugh when you said you'd put on 1/4lb TT, though I know it is far from funny, just because that is so like me!  Yesterday I ate healthily all day, had early tea, went to Bodypump and didn't eat anything else until this morning, weighed myself this morning and was 1/4lb heavier!  I know there are fluctuations in fluid retention etc or even whether you've had a poo (sorry TMI!), but over a week I expect to see a decrease so fingers crossed.

Maybe it's lifestyle, age, I have no idea!  I had chilli for tea with loads of kidney beans (hubby hates them so I get his too ), tuna and sweetcorn sandwich with black pepper and lemon juice instead of mayonnaise for lunch and fruit and a Muller yoghurt, and a low fat chocolate yoghurt thing and crunchy cereal with fat free natural yoghurt after I finished work and picked kids up.  I guess I could cut out the snacks but I feel I need something to get me through kids' teatime!  I really think I just don't need to eat much so I'm trying to train myself into that way of thinking.  Wedding this weekend will mean loads of delicious food and wine though...can feel my mouth watering already...!

Interesting about the cats CM, guess they're just born fatties then!

Caro - wow, I have just realised my pillow was a wedding present and this year is our 10 year anniversary...!    We have been saying for a while we should buy new ones, but somehow it's never a priority.  We never wash or change our duvet, we let the cats in the bedroom etc and hubby has asthma.  Hmm.

Having money issues at the mo too, it's just suddenly all gone .  Really miss working full time and not having these worries, but I know I was incredibly stressed teaching full time .

14/01/2014 at 21:08

 Blimey CM I know you are aware of your diet but you really do need to put better ' fuel' into your body missus!  Your not eating enough, it's sporadic and not nutritious enough. You should sit and eat with the kids, they would enjoy it. 

Food is necessary but it is difficult to eat healthy all the time. I can't and wish I ate less rubbish although it could be worse! I eat three decent sized meals a day always & like TT try to limit my white carbs although not been so good lately at that! I eat salad, fruit & veg every day and feel really unhealthy if I dont. I do have to be careful with my diet as a lot of things effect my IBS and make me bloated and feel sick. Saying that I have eaten a massive bar of dairy milk this week already, ooopppps!!!!

well done on your weight loss EF, that's great.


14/01/2014 at 21:13

really cold here this morning, -5 degrees, brrrrrrrrrrrr.

its the strathpuffer this weekend so I really hope the ice melts & it warms up a bit ????????

hope you get into your race CC and wow to your kids Lotte, they are amazing. I cannot get mine to do anything, I just get moaned at by them for having running / cycling gear on all the time, very annoying.

14/01/2014 at 21:40

I don't change pillows very often either, new pillows give me a 

sore neck. Duvet only gets washed if it gets vommed on.

14/01/2014 at 21:50

CM- u r a highly intelligent woman who I am sure knows exactly 

what u need to b eating, and u r more than capable of 

sitting and making up a meal planner for urself and sticking to it.

I also know that ur kids r ur life and u r capable of using 

them as ur motivation. U don't need me to tell u that ur food 

issues will b picked up by the kids and I know u don't want that (because it is my driving force to try and beat my weight problems 

and set a good example for my daughters, so I know how it feels).

14/01/2014 at 21:51

I saw anti allergenic pillows on JL website for £20 -they also had some pillows for £200(!) so I thought £20 sounded quite reasonable.  Plus I went to the cleaners and it will cost £16.35 to have the duvet cleaned and take 4 days.  I guess we swap between a summer and winter duvet twice a yr so it wouldn't be too hard to have them cleaned at the end of the season so to speak.

drawing the line at the cat in the bedroom-we never shut the bedroom door anyway.  Plus he's getting on, and I've just diagnosed him with hyperthyroidism so don't want to be mean to him! you can tell dr was not an animal person.  Oh won't it be ironic if my bloods come back with me being allergic to my job!

good luck rf with the strathpuffer.

cm I'm with the others on your food choices......but I guess if you've never been interested in cooking its hard to make yourself.  I love cooking, read and save and make recipes from the paper regularly and enjoy new things.  I try and make sure We don't eat meat more than 3-4 times a wk.  I think the main thing I don't do on the whole is snack.  I eat breakfast, only toast or healthy cereal, then nothing till lunch, then usually nothing till dinner, or maybe a banana.  But if I'm running I will usually eat something for fuel, but won't if not.  

Saying that, we have a whole house full of Xmas stuff still-choc, Xmas cake, stollen, mince pies, biscuits.......I reckon a load of them will get given away or chucked by the end!



Camlo    pirate
14/01/2014 at 22:25

Haha ive eaten so much chocolate and nuts in the last few days I've given myself the runs!! 

only had 4 ferrero rocher and a curly wirly since tea time though  Oh and some cashews and honey roast peanuts but they count as a 5 a day..... 

Sugar is indeed the new baddy to try and manage, even fat free good yogs are packed with it! 

Good luck RF, hope it stays above freezing for you, boo to lack of cash JG - not a great position to be in, fab racing Lotte - are you taking sponsorship deals yet??, yuck to manky pillows (mine are always the newest in the house and then get passed along to eldest or hubby) and i'm afraid its a yuck to cats on beds too- how do you know you arent touching a bit their bum has touched!! CM you should ditch those ankle skirts- you probably draw more attention wearing them than not and your legs are perfectly fine. Who cares about the size of someones calfs (unless you are a size 22 which none of us are). 

lost my rag with hubby after he started planning a paragliding trip to morocco.... Have reestablished control. 


14/01/2014 at 22:40

Cats bum is no worse than hubby or child's bum, and they've all been on the bed

but if I had a dog it would never be allowed upstairs, and is am forever amazed by the people whose cats are hooching with fleas, they are unaware (or say they are) and they have free reign of the house.  Blurgh.  I did a house visit recent.y, 6 cats, litter trays and food bowls all over the place, house stank, cats had their own bedrooms and double beds. It was gross beyond yucky.  I can assure you my house is nothing like that! 

14/01/2014 at 22:57
Why not dog upstairs caro? I would love a dog. Not necessarily upstairs. Just not fair on it tho

My kids are picking up on my body issues. J tells me I am fat. Because that is what I say about myself. Not great really
14/01/2014 at 23:02

I have seen plenty pics of you CM and I would b shocked if ur 

bmi was not well within healthy range, u r not overweight at all.



14/01/2014 at 23:06

I have bn trying to decide between a cat or a dog, 

would love a dog I could run with but don't know if want 

the extra responsibility of dog, cats r easier. 

14/01/2014 at 23:08

tbh easier without either but only fair on Camryn 

that we get a pet, she is desperate for one and Nat 

always had cats/hamsters.

14/01/2014 at 23:15
I really do seriously want a dog. I have a friend who is a dog sitter and dog walker and I could call on her to look after dog when I am away. And I work from home a lot of the time. And E now walks. Shock horror!!! My non walking child now likes walking. And all of us go for little jogs of a mile or so. So a dog could trundle along. But there is just that uncertainty about whether it would be fair. If we needed to go out and leave it. It is like having another child with totally different needs.
15/01/2014 at 00:01

Ohhh give them to me Caro!!!


15/01/2014 at 07:36

Partly as I wouldn't want dog hair everywhere, I do think dogs are less clean than cats (think muddy dog straight in from walk, upstairs on cream carpet.....) but also dog's need training and boundaries, cats don't.

Totally agree cats are easier TT.  With your lifestyle CM a dog sounds doable, but what about all your delightful trips to Hemel?  Plus I'm not sure how much the cats would welcome it..........but they might not mind.

Need to a do a 5mile run with 3 miles at half MP at lunch so hope I get time, plus going to sweatshop after work to get new shoes, or at least look at them

15/01/2014 at 08:01

The chocolates that is not the pets Caro!


15/01/2014 at 08:38
Yes it is the Hemel trips that worry me. Although the dog sitter would have the dog for the day. But I am not sure if that is fair really. That is my worry - that the dog would be too upset by being handed over to someone else on an occasional basis while I travel
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