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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/12/2012 at 11:43

Yeah I've seen that before, but then when you actually go to a shop to try and buy it they don't have it.  Not actually tried to buy any online.

06/12/2012 at 11:46

can you ask them to order it in for you? they might do...

06/12/2012 at 11:51
I must remember to look next time I'm out, I always found medised quite helpful when Isabelle had colds. Haven't heard of calcold but will look for that too. Must remember mythical child of 7 though - I'm not a good liar, they might see through me! Eliza has a cold and has a husky voice, it's quite cute although slightly odd.

JG - I agree with CM, 2.5 days at work seems like a good balance, and if you've got ready made childcare I'd say it would definitely be a good idea. He'll be at preschool soon anyway won't he? If its too much you can always cut down your hours later on, but personally I've found 3 days at work to be pretty good for me. I still feel I've got plenty of time with the children, but I also get to be 'me' as well - and earn some money!

I'm feeling much better today. Thanks for all your messages on Facebook, and my friend was right - d&v with a wriggling baby inside as well is a bizarre and unpleasant experience. Although I was pleased in a way to feel that it was doing ok despite the bug. I saw a different midwife for my appointment today as mine is away, and she was rather blas?? about everything. She absolutely stank of fags, had yellow teeth and nails, and kept repeating questions she'd asked me - I would be slightly unnerved if she ended up anywhere near me at delivery time!

Right, E is asleep so I'm trying to be good and get some things done rather than sitting down, which is all I've been doing for the last 2 days. Going to make some sausage rolls to go in the freezer which can be brought out as needed, as they are quite possibly one of my husbands favourite foods!
06/12/2012 at 11:56

hoggle - that sounds very alarming. sounds like inter-group politics getting in the way and too much back stabbing. it is not good that you were caught in the middle

er, vixo - why are you MAKING sausage rolls?? can't you just buy some frozen ones?? at your stage, i would be making my life as easy as possible for myself

i am feeling well rank today. i think it's just a cold but i am so dizzy and woozy with my ears. i also feel quite sick. i don't have pain but i keep having light-headed moments, where i almost can't see anything. it's like i blank out for a second. and there is constant hissing in my ears. it's vile. it's probably labyrinthitis again - i had it last time i had a cold and was given some drugs but told they would make me drowsy and not to take them if i was taking my antihistamines which help me sleep. so not sure what to do really.

06/12/2012 at 11:58

It has never occurred to me to make sausage rolls......

must go back and find your pastry recipe as may make mince pies at the wk end.



06/12/2012 at 12:03
When I say 'make' sausage rolls, I have some ready rolled puff pastry, to which I will add sausage meat, roll into a long sausage, and cut into pieces, then freeze. I'm hoping they'll cook nicely from frozen, and somehow they taste much better than bought ones. Minimum effort for lots of praise and adoration - what's not to like?! I will bring some out on Christmas eve so our friends can appreciate my domesticity and ask their wives why they don't make home made sausage rolls!!!

CM - sounds grim. Ear infections can make you feel all dizzy if your ears are blocked because it affects your balance mechanisms. Is there a GP you like and get on with at your practice? You may find antibiotics help if they were willing to prescribe.
06/12/2012 at 12:32

vixo - i like your style. but i still couldn't be arsed

if i wanted to see the GP, it would have to be an emergency appointment, which i don't feel i can justify really. plus i wouldn't have a choice of GP so would end up with the one that no-one likes who always has loads of appointments spare. and there is no way he would prescribe antibiotics anyway! but if it continues, i will have to go. the fact i am aching everywhere makes me think it's just viral tho.

06/12/2012 at 13:24

Lol Vixo. Glad you are feeling better.

Sounds awful Hoggle.

I tried to get medised when we were away in October and the woman in Boots told me it had been taken off the shelves and there was no equivalent. Will maybe see if I can find any online, it was good stuff!!

Poor CM. Hope you feel better soon.

We had a snow day yesterday which was great although Sophie didn't appreciate the primary school being shut but not the secondary! Back to school today though and its raining now so just that horrible slushy mess left.

I have a friend of the twins over for lunch and then taking her to the swimming lessons with mine while her mum sleeps off a night shift. She pee'd on Reece's car seat on the way home from nursery though!

06/12/2012 at 13:44

grim to the yucky snow, lotte. and lol to the peeing little one. altho annoying for poor Reece!

odd that you don't seem to be able to buy medised anymore. it looks like it should still be available. perhaps ordering it online is the only way.

have had a call from the vets to say kittens are fine after their ops. they have both been castrated and little Katsuma has also had his hernia repaired. bless. they were going frantic this morning trying to get into the food as i had to starve them from last night. Diavlo was trying to rip open the spare bag of dried food and both of them were chewing at the packaging around the tinned food. was really very funny. they were trying harder to get themselves food than my own kids do when they are hungry!

06/12/2012 at 14:23

mega skimread, life seems a bit crazy at the moment!! No more so than anyone else I am sure.

I like 'making' sausage rolls - Vixo stylee with the ready-made puff pastry, but somehow they DO taste nicer and are so darn easy to make.

Hoggle - that sounds really really awful situation, even more so when you are away from home. It sounds like you handled it with maturity though - unlike the perpetrators?

Labrynthitis has been doing the rounds up here.

JG - I would also ditto the other girls, I'd go for the extra morning seeing as childcare is good - that's usually what these things pivot on in the end isn't it?

Lotte - was envious of your snow day yesterday but then not as travel is good round here at the moment and it's dried out a bit although still plenty of black ice.

18-miler for me in the woods this morning. Plenty of icy patches to keep me on my toes but didn't feel too bad really - not especially hilly route, more mild undulations but all on good trail

Right, need to get some food down me and out for pick-up and S's ballet lesson.

Hubby home tonight this week which is great as we almost get a proper weekend. Am sure I'll be cursing his presence by tomorrow morning though!

So what running have you been doing this week Lotte? Go on, confess

06/12/2012 at 14:45
Quick reply! Cm if it's labrynthitis you can get Buccastem from the pharmacy. Over the counter it's only licensed for migraine relief, but dad has it prescribed for labrynthitis. You just need to say it's for migraine if they ask, it's the same dosage.

Shattered, mental day yesterday and Ted off constantly talking about Mario and Sonic!!!!
06/12/2012 at 15:26
JT - it is buccaatem I have but can't take with my sleeping meds. Trying to figure whether it is worth not taking the sleeping tabs and not sleeping to clear up the labyrinthitis symptoms. Argh! I now have lot more ear pain again so wondering whether to try and see gp to see if I have an actual ear infection. But then they prob won't prescribe a/bs anyway!!
06/12/2012 at 17:09

What's labrythitis?  Sounds nasty anyway 

Thanks for all your sound advice girls - got pretty much the same reaction from other people I work with, and other mums at school so decided I was just having a severe Mummy Guilt reaction. Have said I will do it and my manager said if it doesn't work out they can always find somebody else, but would rather I did it.  So I feel a bit silly for being so emotional about it but grandparents have assured me that they would happily do up to 3 days so I feel better about that .

My FIL went in for a operation to have a cancerous patch on his face removed yesterday, and was given some ABs to take first thing after being nil by mouth all night.  They arrived at 7.30am in time for his op at 8am but he suddenly started being violently sick - he said he had absolutely no control and has almost lost his voice today, as well as feeling as though he's been kicked in the stomach and ribs.  They can only think it was the ABs that caused that reaction - is this normal?

Lotte - yay to snow days but I feel for Sophie, how annoying!

Frozen sausage rolls in the oven as I speak   Sophie is getting really tired, she's just burst into tears because she couldn't do an "N" on her friend Nell's Christmas card...

06/12/2012 at 17:25

i hope they're home made, JG

hope FIL is ok - did they do the op? i have had a severe reaction to AB's including vomiting. it was clarithromycin or however you spell it

labrynthitis is inner ear infection i think. makes you go all woosy

talking of woosy - i have the kittens back. they were both castrated but the little one also had to have a hernia sorted, so he now has a collar on. bless him - he is walking into everything!

06/12/2012 at 17:46
Oh bless cm! How about out of hours? I tend to find they prescribe abx Willy nilly! And don't you dare train in this vile weather tonight!

Jg - I do 2.5 days. I'm away by 12.15 ( not like that other days!) so it feels like I've scarcely been away. And the extra money is well worth it! It's only 19 days a year I make sure I do stuff I can mark at home (or preferably don't need to!).
Cc - yay to the running. Sounds good.

Lotte - hope you had a good afternoon. You must just love having a house full of children!

Pooped. Everything has caught up with me I think. Ted on sofa. He was freezing after swimming, complained of a headache and leg aches...calpol seems to be working but would find another day of both difficult I think!
06/12/2012 at 17:55

Hello All, been reading on my phone but can never be bothered to type on that as so small.  Finally logged in on my superduper new laptop today so thought I would check in.

JT, so glad to hear you are well enough to be back at work, really hope that is all behind you now.

JG, sounds like a great decision.  I actually envy you a little the opportunity to earn a little more money in return for a little more work.  With our company and the economy screwing us so badly at the moment, that is not an option for us and it seems that however hard we work we cannot affect it for the better.  I'm sure N will love more granny time too.  How is your shoulder now?

CM, I think you need a really good holiday, your poor body has been fighting off so many nasties this year, I know it's not an option but wish I could wave my magic wand for you (()).

Hoggle, what a nightmare, glad that you have a good boss though and sounds as though you handked it well.  Not what you need, especially after feeling so poorly.

We bought a bottle of Calpol (I think) when we were back in UK as Max a bit poorly and were astounded at how good it was compared to the equivalent we can get here, given that it is only paracetamol, I couldn't work out why it seemed so much more effective?

Vixo, glad you are feeling better.  Yummy to sausage rolls, not sure if I can get sausage meat here, shall have to look for some as they are a real taste of home. 

Mr TT has been up in Connecticut this week, back tonight so Max and I will both be very happy to have him home.  He found a British shop yesterday though and has promised all sorts of yummies which he has bought, including pork and stilton pies, yum!  Also Quality Street, Celebrations, some good cheese, can't wait.  We are going to spend Christmas with our English friends so they will love all of the English touches.  We already brought back tons of cheesy footballs and Twiglets from our recent trip!

Can't believe so many of you have snow already, lovely pictures on FB from some of you.

Max is really starting to notice Christmas this year.  He LOVES all the Christmas lights up around everywhere and his face was an absolute picture when we collected him from nursery having put up a tree in the house.  We bought an artifical one with lights on already so had no decorations but looked very pretty.  I can't find a star for the top that I like (all so ugly and garish!) so he keeps going on about needing to buy one.  I thought it would be nice for him to add a new decoration to the tree every year so have bought one he can stick together for this year which we can do this weekend. 

We have a brunch at the golf club a week on Sunday where he can meet Santa, taking bets now as to whether he howls again (as last 2 years) or sees the benefit to being nice to him .

OK, rabbitted on for too long already, better do some work....

06/12/2012 at 18:15
Devastated at no more medised. Been waiting for Lou to turn 6 in July so I no longer have to lie!!
06/12/2012 at 18:30

Hi EF, how are you getting on?  Is it still another week until your scan? 

06/12/2012 at 18:49
I have always just bought the supermarket cheapest brand paracetamol etc as just assumed it didn't make any difference, however I was informed recently by my Mum that there is a difference. You apparently get different grades of drug and the better quality ones work better.
06/12/2012 at 18:56

Interesting TT, I always assumed that paracetamol was just paracetamol, the only difference being the dosage.  There was definitely a noticeable difference between Calpol and the US stuff though.

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