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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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12/03/2013 at 08:27
Oh RF totally understand why that would b upsetting. My running buddy + best friend of 30yrs talks about her + hubby retiring to the sun in their 50's all the time + I feel sick everytime she mentions it. Will b a total mess when it actually happens.
12/03/2013 at 09:40

Arrrhhh! Tried to spend my tesco clubcard vouchers last niht to take FIL out to pizza express on Friday for his birthday. Someone has hacked into my account and printed off my vouchers and used them in a store in Glasgow!!!! I had 100s of £ worth as we use them for days out in the summer. Tesco appear to be sorting it, but just done a search and I dont seem to be the only one. So if you have vouchers check your online balance as they might be gone!!!!

Hoping they will sort by friday so we still take FIL out.

Right off to music then friend coming for lunch with her wee boy so best get on...

12/03/2013 at 11:19

the B***ards MM!  Off to check my account now ... we use them a lot too for birthday presents and acommodation etc. Saw your post on FB.

12/03/2013 at 13:36

Ah no MM, hope it gets sorted in time.

woo hoo on the 14 CC. Lol to the bribery!

Chin up RF. Where is your friend going (sorry you have probably already said). My best friend moved to Canada about 12 years ago. I was gutted. Of course we still keep in touch and we see each other about once a year as her parents are still here (she is my hubbys cousin which was how we got together!), we went over when I was preg with the twins but not since as too expensive. When we get together it is like she has never been away and we pick up where we left off but I miss not having her in my daily life. (())

Enjoyed the second part of the programme more last night. Enjoyed spotting people we know in the crowd scenes. The filiming was all done in July but the prog was set in Jan, shows what our summer weather is like

Double done today, 10 and 7 but have a niggly ankle /achilles so sitting with ice on. Heading up to a friends for a cuppa in a bit before kids come home. Pilates later.

2 sleeps til the twins birthday. Can't believe they will be 5! New bikes ordered unfortunately no Islabikes too bloomin expensive for 2. But lightweight raleighs so hoping they will be ok. Why do they make kids bikes so damn heavy, I know cost but still you would think there wouuld be more lightweight options. Wanted to take them to the cinema for the first time on their b'day but no kids films on that day grr. Monsters is on tomorrow night but I will have to forfeit my track session...

12/03/2013 at 14:25
Hugs to RF, I think her friend is off to New Zealand. I wonder if she is going to be anywhere near Hoggle?

MM, that's a nightmare about the Tesco rewards. Hope they sort it in time.

Lotte, I can understand why travelling to Canada with 8 of you might be a bit expensive!! Especially when it costs so much to just get off the island to start with.

Os still has a bit of a cough and is spewing (lots) after some of his meals. Had a wakeful night with him last night so tired today. I think his tum is hurting him as he is arching his back a bit and is quite windy. He has had gummy eyes pretty much since we came out of the hospital, first the left and now the right. I didn't want to give antibiotics but tried the old breastmilk in the eye yesterday and it does seem to have worked!

Back later.
12/03/2013 at 14:43
Are the twins your babies Lotte?
12/03/2013 at 15:28
Yeah it's NZ Turbo. To Picton, north of the South Island.
Oh no MM, what horrible people there are about. I checked mine.
Oh poor Os Turbo. Yeah the breast milk is quite effective in the eyes!
Hope the twins have lovely birthdays Lotte, yay to new bikes. Our girls have ridgeback s from the local bike shop, good wee bikes but not very light.
Just shoved loads of biscuits into my gob with my coffee, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Why do I do that?????
Did 3 mile run with trailer this morning, M fell asleep so left her by the door and did a quick 3 miles on treadmill. Then had to wake her up, put her on couch, turned round to sort lunch and she was asleep on the sitting room rug! Had my soup in peace and then woke her up!
Betta go and get them to do their homework.
12/03/2013 at 15:36

checked mine, they are fine too!

Hope the ice etc does the trick for the ankle Lotte - I guess your body is saying that it really IS taper time

That is what also really annoys me about kiddy bikes, I can't believe it is so expensive to make them light ... I think they just don't both to try tbh.  Can't believe the twins will be five though - amazing.

Good going there then RF and yay to the soup in peace as well.

Taught pilates first  thing, then done the whole hoovering, bathroom cleaning and floor mopping - wasted half an hour extracting and nasty plastic necklace of S's out of the hoover tube - bah!!! But at least I can hoover up spiders webs etc now without actually having to look at them

Five miles on the dreadmill at easy pace, feel healthier than yesterday too so fingers crossed.

Swimming lessons now then back and get kids all sorted and into bed before round 2 of Pilates class teaching

12/03/2013 at 19:03
Woah. It's gonna be 2000 pages soon! Fab running and biking going on. And well done in your race MM - you're still a speed icon in my book! Glad Os seems a little better turboT. I hadn't heard of th breast milk in the eye thing. Clever.

Anyone know how JohBo is getting on? Not heard from her in awhile. Hoggle - hope your friends wee boy is doing ok too.

CM - pleased that you've got your kids back with you and loved J's card!
I've had a busy couple of days workwise. Training clients all day y'day in Haywards Heath. Total blizzard conditions but managed to get there and back. Threw up as soon as E was in bed. Funny how you hang in there until kids are safe/happy/asleep and then collapse!

Gonna watch Shetland tonight. Read one hilarious review of it which said the detectives main problem seemed to be the lack of mobile phone reception on the island!

Anyone else watch Spiral? BBC4 French crime thing. I am OBSESSED.
12/03/2013 at 20:00

I'd heard of the breastmilk in the eyes thing but thought it was a bit of an old wives' tale - didn't think it actually worked!

No snow here thankfully - Surrey, Kent and Sussex have had it quite badly, heard lots on the news this morning about road closures, abandoned vehicles and nightmare journeys to Gatwick Airport.  My brother and SIL live down that way but apparently they'd only had a small amount.  SIL's sister though has had loads - it took her hubby 3 hours to do a 20-minute car journey and he had to abandon the car.

10 bitterly cold and very gusty miles done this morning, although I think it was ever so slightly warmer than yesterday (sunshine helped).  The wind was just as strong though.  Had to do a tour first thing and retrieve the recycling boxes which had blown halfway up the garden, and pick up the brooms which usually lean against the side of the house but were also halfway across the patio.  Later I went out to recycle a chopping board of peelings and they all blew away before I could reach the bin - had to sweep them up and start again!

Run was actually better than I expected - was dreading going out there but it wasn't quite as cold as I'd feared.  Saying that, I was wearing fleece hat and gloves instead of the light ones I usually wear for running, and a fleece under my running jacket (only a thin one but the extra layer made a big difference).  The last two and a half miles are uphill and are ALWAYS into the wind - why is that??

MM, that is awful about the Tesco vouchers, hope they can do something about it for you.

Haven't watched any of the Shetland programmes; didn't actually know it was on.  CSI tonight, really glad to have a decent US drama series back on I can get stuck into.  There's been nothing since Homeland finished before Christmas.

Lotte, can't believe either your twins are 5.  That is scary.  What is also scary is how incredibly far you've come as a runner in such a short space of time - you must have a lot of natural talent.

MM, don't beat yourself up about the race - you still did brilliantly.  If you came 198th I probably would have been last - and definitely the oldest in the race!  It must be hard though when you started so young as a runner to have to accept the fact that sooner or later you will not be able to run the times that you used to.  I still think you have a good marathon in you and I think you'll run well next month.  I'm actually getting a bit scared now - it's only 5 weeks on Sunday until the race and that will fly by with Easter in the middle.  It's at this point that I always start questioning whether I've done enough, whether I stand an outside chance of getting anywhere near the time I'd like to do and whether or not the conditions on the day will be favourable.  None of which I can do anything about now!

I was wondering about JohBo too - hope she's OK ...

12/03/2013 at 20:53
I am hooked on The Following, watching Broadchurch + Lightfields too, haven't even had time to start watching the new serious of Dexter, thank goodness for sky plus.
12/03/2013 at 22:32

Boo to gummy eyes, hacked points accounts, niggles, crappy film opportunities, heavy kids bikes and more spewing Brookie

Yippee to long naps, eating in peace, tapering and natural talent!

5 miles of reps and speedwork tonight but then had to come home and start hours of paperwork, lost the will to live so going to bed now and will finish work on my day off instead.... Sprinkie of snow here but nowt to worry about.

13/03/2013 at 07:06

Sorry haven't read back! 

What takes your friend to Picton RF? very small place!!! neautiful area though!

I've been home to the farm for 2 nights and had MRI - massive disc rupture so will wait to see what specialist says on Friday. Am woefully behind with work and am feeling completely out of control at the moment - everything I do is rushed and I am constantly aware that other things are not being done in all areas of life - feels like a friggin hamster wheel and I want to get off!!! 

Fletcher is doing ok at the moment - managed to fix the vein so keeping fingers firmly crossed. Also the IRD (Inland Revenue (Tax Dept) has wiped their debt because of their situation - incredible!!

13/03/2013 at 07:40
oh Hoggle, your back prob sounds awful, and defo not a quick fix then. Glad Fletcher is doing better xxxxxx
13/03/2013 at 08:01

So now we have some bullying going on. Poor wee H is being tormented by a so called friend, who is calling him lots of names, 'Loser' being the main one. Finally got it out of him yesterday as he has been in floods of tears nearly every day about other silly things and every day for the last month or so keeps saying he doesn't want to go to school, why do we have to go to school. Bless him . Anyway, was parents evening yesterday so we brought it up then and hopefully will be sorted today using a softly softly approach to start with as I know said child's Mum well and we get on well. I am sure actually that he doesn't know what he's saying and that it's upsetting Harry tbh. Harry seems happier already anyway. Scuppered my training a bit last night had to run on treadmill instead of coaching at club as needed to spend some time with my wee man having hugs and chatting. Bless him

No bad thing anyway being on the dreadmill, had a good session of 8x800. Started at 6 mm and finished on 5.50mm so pleased with that. Although did miss running with the lads. Back to it next week hopefully.

Oh Hoggle your back sounds awful. Hope you can off the hamster wheel soon. Life can be brutal sometimes...

Also hooked on Broadchurch although it's been making me cry every episode so far . I just can't imagine losing a child that way...

Right best get those lunches made. Sophie at pre-school today so a 10 mile run in the sunshine and cold for me. Wind has dropped. Hurray!

13/03/2013 at 08:28

Oh Hoggle - that's a bu**er re the discs ... and hope the hamster wheel slows down for you soon. Is horrible feeling when everything is spiraling out of control .

Oh MM, it's horrible when they are unhappy isn't it? Children can be sooooo cruel, sometimes unknowingly, sometimes less so. As I've documented on here a few times, my J gets bullied - currently seems to be quiet - make sure the school keep on top of it. Definitely helps if you have a relationship with the other parent though. Js bully has a very scary dad ... possibly the problem, and knows EXACTLY what he's doing!  Fantastic session though from you

I had good pilates teaching session last night - only two ladies but they were really enjoying it so good for me.

I don't watch much TV tbh in the week, mainly at the weekend when hubby is home ... but then you probably know that as I'm posting on here!!!  Just haven't found anything to really get into and stuff that makes me cry - no thank you!

Minks - good training from you too, esp with the cold.  We have another dusting here today but nothing like Mondays dump, I expect is fallen further inland though - we usually escape most snow just here.

So I have badminton first thing! - haven't played since I was about 19 so that will be hysterical I think, one of the ladies I teach pilates to invited me to join her and two others.  Then I have a run and hill reps to do - sounds a bit decadent all this running around this morning, but must grab opportunities while I can!!  Seeing as I have no library work this week.

13/03/2013 at 11:49

Quiet on here today?

10 miles at 8mm for me. Quite enjoyed it!!

Bit of lunch and need to get rid of blood stain from J's massive nose bleed last night! Then sports massage.

Got two of the boys' friends for tea tonight. Carnage !!!!

13/03/2013 at 12:39

Hoggle (())

Hope the school sorts it now MM, poor wee H.

Yes CC you enjoy the decadence, by 'eck you deserve it!

Minks, thank you for kind words. You need to keep the faith, sure you will have a good run a vlm. I am questioning my training now that I'm in my taper time. Nothing much I can do about it now, only undo by doing it wrong. Just time to work on the mind and I think you need to do the same!

Feeling a bit out of sorts this week. Not helped by my babies turning 5 tomorrow. I just want to hit the pause button and keep life like this, they grow up too quickly. Sophie will be 13 this summer, how the hell did that happen! Lovely day here tough so did 6 this morning and then 9 while twins were at nursery on my good for the soul route, felt much brighter after that! Put some piccies I took while I was out on FB if you are interested, lucky to live in sucha beautiful place.

Right better get showered then cakes to bake.

13/03/2013 at 13:06

oh hoggle - so sorry to hear about your back

MM - hope H gets the support he needs at school. i saw J's teacher yday for his consultation and she mentioned that one of the boys was giving him a hard time. J had mentioned it at home, and i'd told him to ignore the boy. also one of the other mums told me this boy was saying the same things to her son ('i hope you die. i hope your mum and sister die. you are adopted anyway. everyone hates you' sort of things). i didn't bother speaking to the teacher about it, but i think the other mums have been complaining so she raised it with me. i have told J to ignore the boy, which he seems to be doing. although he does say this boy keeps following round and taunting him. i just don't really understand that sort of behaviour. not in a 6 / 7 year old...

anyway, consultations were both good. they are not bothered about J's handwriting as he is prolific at school with his stories and it's legible (apparently - it isn't to me, but they can read it!). anyway, he has started doing joined up writing now at home and that is massively better than his non-joined up stuff. so fingers crossed he is getting the hang of it!

been to see physio today and it was a bit depressing. now that calf has loosened up a bit thru stretching she can feel the huge tear in the muscle. i can't even do toe raises yet on the bad leg, so i know i'm a long way off being able to do any real exercise. it was hurting like hell this morning before the physio and is worse now after ultrasound and massage. boohoo.

MM - are we still ok for saturday by the way? should be with you just after 2ish i think x

13/03/2013 at 13:21

Oh CM - that's a horror re the calf , but I guess at least you and the physio know the scenario so the only way is UP ...

I wish my Js joined-up-writing was better than his non-joined-up , it's getting there but I have to really sit with him when he's doing homework and work on him getting it properly legible!  J has always been singled out for some kind of 'needling' and 'picking on', ever since he started school tbh - down South aged 4 and up here too.  He's bright, has an opinion on everything has hasn't quite learnt yet when to keep his mouth closed about things!!!!  Hopefully for your J, cos others are being singled out too, it won't get brushed under carpet.

Lotte - know what you mean about time passing, I'd love to keep mine just how they are now. If you have the weather we have then definitely good for soul running . Like you, I often can't believe the beauty of the place I live.  I am chuckling at your running for the day, I did 6 this morning and if I was following your schedule I'd be off out for 9 or 10 later ... erm perhaps not! Although could probs manage another 5 ...  Anyway, hope you can keep hold of the happy running vibes.  Obviously you've got taper madness too - so pleasssssse try and be sensible!  You have had a fabulous run of training, so just hang in there and give those little niggles a chance to heal up ready to go.

Badminton was great fun, and the cobwebs started to fall away a bit. Pretty good workout too.  Then one of the others who is a runner liking the same kind of stuff as me - remote, muddy, trail suggested we headed out together. So 6 very hilly muddy miles above the River Findhorn - is a massive gorge which we were running along the top of. Fantastic and definitely good for the soul.

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