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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/12/2012 at 19:27
Oh and I am 5 foot 4 as well, but always assumed you were at least 5.8!
07/12/2012 at 19:34

Haha Vixo, 5'4" is tall in my book!  Hope the girls let you have a good night's sleep tonight and you feel better tomorrow.  I don't know how all you single mums/part time single mums cope as I definitely know that Max has suffered this week being with just me, he has missed out on all the fun things he does with his dad and not had anywhere near the stimulation he gets when we are both around. 

07/12/2012 at 19:35

Funny, how can someone seem tall from an internet forum?

07/12/2012 at 19:40

Chicken pox never comes at a good time. Harry had it when S was 5 weeks old. Just gone in time for catching ferry to Spain to watch the tour in the pyrennees in 2010. Josh came out in spots the day after we stepped off the ferry and S the day after that at just 6 weeks old bless her heart!! So we infected the entire ferry  and given it was a 24 hour ferry, quite bad. Mind you we were strapped into our bunks vomitting for 16 hours of the trip due to a massive storm so might not have spread as badly as you think!!

Oh Lotte when will you actually have a rest!!

I am finally better after two bouts of the norovirus. Please please I don't want a 3rd hit . Mind you not been sick once, just horrendous stomach cramps that kept me awake for two nights and lots of toilet trips. Last week was worse as actually spent a day in bed which I haven't done for years. Supposed to be doing the county xc champs on Sunday but just not sure I'm strong enough yet as felt so weak. Will decide after my easy run tom. Have not run much tbh. I set a very hard club session on tues which I did but still felt off peak and weak from the previous week's sick bug and then worked out why cos the 2nd bout hit me tues night. Ugghh! Rather now then in Feb though I guess.

So much going on at the mo. Can't keep up with online stuff, plus had no internet for two days which was a nightmare, plus had fraud on our credit card total nightmare as only just got new cards, brakes on the car went after our trip up to Northumberland to see SIL and kids and got home to a radiator leak all over the bedroom floor, carpet and into downstairs loo. Luckily the room we are decorating so not too bad but not what we needed at 11pm Sunday night!!! Most xmas shopping now done though, so just need crackers and other bits like that really.

Got all fingers and crossed for you EF.

Also for Vixo and OMG to homemade sausage rolls. Not sure we really eat them tbh other than kids parties?! I sometimes make homemade mince pies but not this year I fear. I have made the xmas puds though . Soooo much nicer homemade than shop bought.

Sophie also loves all the lights and xmas trees this year. She is going to love it. She is an angel in both nursery and pre-school natvities, made it nice and easy!! Although not an angel today. Wine much needed!!!  I am def better as house now clean, shopping done, washing done. Time to chill!

07/12/2012 at 19:41

Oh LOL to people seeming tall. Funny the images we have! I am 5 foot 3....

07/12/2012 at 19:47

Hi MM, long time no see, glad you are finally over the bugs, really hope that's it now for you.

Nightmare few things to happen back to back, grr.

Vixo, I feel like a terrible stalker now as just had a peep over on FB at some of your pics, you definitely do not look 'sturdy'!  You look like one of the youngsters on the forum too and your girls look very cute.

07/12/2012 at 20:11
Starting to think I must be one of the taller,ones on here which at 5'6" is a surprise!

Vixo - hope you survive,the weekend, darn those hormones and grimness of late pregnancy!

Tt - I think the later you potty train the more chance you have of going dry day and night. Just my observations but could complete tosh!

Mm - boo to voms, I'd rest this weekend. There's always another race and your health is more important. Hope you're feeling better soon. X

Aagghh!!! Hubby gone out for first time in yonks and Archie's chucking up...
07/12/2012 at 20:14
Sorry should have been bad tum mm! Got vom on brain!

Should have said, acupuncture has started to work already! Had several needles in myofascia points,in central, upper back and base of skull. Had more movement straight away! Even physio was pleased.
07/12/2012 at 20:55
Tee hee another 5'6" giant here

Just got a letter from nspcc addressed to Lou thanking her for her ??100 donation. Very confused. For a start the nspcc don't cover Scotland but how has she donated?! And it doesn't say it's from someone to her, it specifically includes a card for her to send to someone else to say she made a donation in their name. Now I feel bad for not really donating!!
07/12/2012 at 21:11
Hmm, maybe she's a child genius EF who's found mummy's credit card
07/12/2012 at 21:18
Ef - is there any contact number because I would be concerned about any transaction in my kids names (or my own) for the reason MM has talked about. I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks much to everyone's glee so have huge sympathy with rapidly expanding waistline - it is good though!!
MM - guess taking part in a race when you aren't 100% would be a no no? Bug sounds grim as does leaking rad and fraud on cards.... Not a good week for you!
Boo to chicken pox doing the rounds and not being able to buy wonder drugs! I also buy cheapie stuff.
Yippee to pulp tickets - I haven't been to see anyone live for ages but not sure I have the energy to push to the front anymore....
JT glad you are on the mend and hope Archie is ok
I am another 'sturdy' build, only 5 ft though so prob the shortest on here....
Did get out for a very icy 6 miles earlier but was practically running on the spot at times as couldn't get any grip. Want to do 1000 miles before the end of the year and have done about 930 so need to keep chipping away.
07/12/2012 at 21:24
Yeah I'm going to give them a call on Monday. Lou doesn't have any cards funnily enough and in fact she has no savings in her name either! We have a Louise account but it's in my name!

Bleugh just ate an entire net of Percy pig pink chocolates. Sooo sickly but couldn't stop!
07/12/2012 at 21:54
On a whim phoned mil. Glad I did - apparently she donates every month and always gives ??100 at Christmas. She had expected the bauble to go to her for her to give to Louise and explain!
07/12/2012 at 22:02
And as a totally unrelated aside may I just say that my boobs are already ginormous. I recall lying flat on my stomach and trying to weigh them on my scales when I had Loulou and I swear I might need to do that again. I'm currently rocking the 4 boob look as I refuse to get out anything maternity until next Friday so I'm still in my m and s underwired number and I'm bursting out of it in every direction! In fact aaaah that's better - clip undone. They're really sensitive too and tingly and when I run upstairs I have to clutch them to stop them boinging around and hurting!
07/12/2012 at 22:10
I remember you doing that at the time EF! Still makes me laugh now! I was exactly like you, I remember having to buy a maternity bra in Bristol on the way to the zoo and changing it in the zoo carpark! ,(vixo I meant to say have no idea how you're still wearing underwired!) think I was four weeks, but just like you, scarcely daring to get maternity clothes out!

Think Archie may have finally settled. Anyone know if red wine is effective in killing tummy bugs?! I cannot be off work again! That said, had 8 off Monday and 10 children off Tuesday...
07/12/2012 at 22:11
Ps Camlo, you can do it! Good luck!
07/12/2012 at 22:31

Yes I think it is effective JT. But you have to drink the whole bottle  Seriously, hope you don't get anything, I think you have had your fair share of feeling poorly!

Ha ha to the boobs EF. Know that - ahhhhhhh clip undone feeling well. My local M&S dont have any non wired decent bras in my size, so I am in underwired soft ones for now... always such a relief to undo it in an evening!

Lovely afternoon, had a nice chilly sunny run... I think I may be nearing the end of running for the last bit of my pregnancy. Just felt heavy and had a stitch where the baby is sitting on one side of my tummy. I'm not even sure how much benefit it is doing other than mentally as I am so slow I hardly break a sweat! I think I will try a couple more runs this weekend and see how I feel. I guess I can always start run/walking.

Then collected Leila from pre-school and took her to a Dear Santa theatre show which was lovely. She got up on stage and rang some bells with Santa and the Elf which is a giant leap as 2 years ago (when she last met Santa) she screamed the place down and refused to go anywhere near him. I even got a pic of her sitting on his lap afterwards although she didn't look very happy about it!! Then met Hubby in town for a pizza express which was great, Leila was on good form so it was nice to all be out together.

AND I have just finished up my Biological Health and Disease module and it will be ready to post on Monday, so feeling very pleased with myself!

Vixo, hope you have a good weekend and that a good sleep sorts you out.

Hope you are feeling better MM, 2 lots of the norovirus. I guess you will be in line for the vaccine next year then!?

07/12/2012 at 23:19
Aagghh!!! Ted now has a temp of 39.4 and his glands are like golf balls. How long do you give me before I'm down out of hours???
08/12/2012 at 05:43
I'm clearly the freakish giant of the forum at 5 ft 10!!!
08/12/2012 at 08:31

Oh JT, you don't get much of a break do you? Hope all is ok.

Does anyone have a leap pad for their kids? Or anyone got any thoughts on them?!

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