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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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13/03/2013 at 13:55

I am definitely jealous of these gorgeous runs you northen girls are doing, my runs around the streets of suburban Surrey pale in comparison!

Sorry to hear about all the bullying of the young boys, H, J and J. Also can't quite believe it starts so young. Do they really know what they're saying/doing? Not something I hoped to have to worry about for many years yet.

Yes to pausing time! And Maggie is not even 3! She is just at a lovely age, despite the tantrums. She told the childminder yesterday that she was off to visit the physio to have her leg mended! I've only been once and we barely mentioned it, she just absorbs everything.

CM- ouch to the torn calf, a long road to recovery but at least you are on it now. Ouch for you too Hoggle, and I think we all know what its like to be on the hamster wheel. Do try and get some time to appreciate the little things, life goes too fast. I am trying very hard at the moment to remember how fortunate I am and not to let all the stresses get to me (and not fall off the hamster wheel!).

Can't remember what else I've read. Minks, Lotte, MM, Tt - good training from you all!! And CC, you sound like you're getting back out there strong. Definitely deserve it too.

Talking of physio, I went last week and she was lovely! V understanding of my need to get to the marathon start line! She was worried I had a stress fracture but after ultrasound etc thinks it peroneal tendonitis, still not good and should really be rested. Had lots of massage etc and told not to run for several days (I was limping at this point so kinda knew she would say that!). So missed most of what was meant to be my heaviest week of training, did get out on mothers day for a v slow 18miles. Not sure it was advisable! It hurt loads on Mon then I did 7 yesterday and plan to do 9 this evening. Then have physio again tomorrow for a treadmill test where she'll probably tell me I've run too much on it! Not sure what to do but think I need to adjust my expectations and make sure I at least can do the marathon as we're all paid up for accommodation now, hubby has time off work etc.

Am definitely needing the running to clear my head. Still havent sorted childcare with 3 weeks to go now. Got a lovely nanny who can do mon/tues but not Wed, nursery won't do just Wed. Argh!

Both girls are sick again! Poor Rosie has now had chickenpox, ear infection, d&v, chesty cough and now what looks like conjunctivitis all in a row! Maggie is at the childminder but just had a text saying she's poorly and got gunky eyes. We have Rosie's baptism on Sunday which I need to prepare for then Maggie's birthday and party the week after. What really annoys me is I sent out the invites to her party weeks ago with an RSVP date and half of them haven't replied so I'm now having to chase them up! I need numbers for food/party bags etc so I don't have a last minute panic. Very frustrating as they're all mums so know what its like, grrr.

I also have caught the girls cold and am fully loaded with decongestants, if my leg holds out I am determined to run later, no pesky cold is going to stop me!

What a moan fest! So sorry, I don't post for ages then whinge for pages... I will skulk off now and count my blessings again

13/03/2013 at 17:26

They are filming in a village called Biddestone near me. I ran through the village today, but some of my fellow club runners were told they couldn't get through on Sunday. Some costume drama. I shall look it up.

My runs are very pretty, with some off road but not all off road for sure. Mostly country lanes and tracks and pretty cotswold villages. Tis nice round here but would like some more off road thats closer by and easier to run along. I usually have to run at least 3 miles to get to the good tracks, that or its loads of stile climbing and fields with huge long grass and I hate that!!

Sorry to hear about your injuries Sonya but can't be that bad if you've run 18 miles. Sounds promising at least.

Hope your tear repairs quick. At least she can get to it, but sounds like some painful physio ahead. Yes 2-ish pm is grand on Sat ...

4 boys have spent most the afternoon in the garden playing footie and jumping on the trampoline. Hurrah!! Now playing with whoppee cushions!! and the castle and knights. All been very good so far??!!

13/03/2013 at 17:26
Hoggle shocker about the back. Did you think it would be so serious?

Calf sounds nasty too cm. I hope it repairs itself quickly.

Boo to feeling like being on a hamster wheel. I have that feeling too with my course work coming up for moderation, so i have deadlines to hit, tiredness and a newborn and pre schooler to run around after. Feeling a little stifled too so can sympathise.

Good news I got out for a run outside today!! My first non treadmill run since having Evie. I did just over 3 miles and all the splits started in 8 do feeling pleased with that.

Back in a bit, hungry baby to feed!
13/03/2013 at 19:36

Goodness Anjelicals - that's good going, well done!  How is hubby now?  That sounds a lot to juggle with a newborn

Sonya - peronial tendon was part of my problem, not uncommon with a sprain.  That seems to have sorted itself now so hopefully yours will too. For me now it's just my achilles being grumpy (but that's not unusual) and the extensors too - but lots of calf stretching and deep massaging seems to keep things at bay.  Hope you get something sorted on the childcare front soon - eek. And boo to all the germs ... my friend up here's youngest has this week, all in one go, had Hand-foot-and-Mouth, Impetigo AND an ear infection!! (she's 2.5).

Used to see lots of filming in the woods when I lived in Farnham - Alice Holt Forest and the Bourne Woods used for both Gladiator and The Sherrif of Nottingham but sadly I never spotted Russell Crowe during either of the filmings!!

I am surrounded by stunning scenery so it's there regardless whether i run on road or trail. BUT if I want variety of trail then there is at least a five mile road run or a drive to get me out of the village, the forest is 8 miles away and the hills I like to explore are similar.  But I have to go up to town for school-run anyway so only an extra 10-15 mins from there.  Decent trails or bog and mud - I can take my pick. Or the coastal trail straight out the back! If I want mountains proper then that's about 50 mins down to Aviemore but I'm happy to do that once in a while to get 'proper' mountain training

13/03/2013 at 20:06
Wow. Seriously jealous of the country runs some of you ladies have. I'm lucky to have the Thames path nearby, and the regents canal, but its not exactly beauty in a natural way. I do like the Thames in the early morning tho, still as a millpond with canary wharf reflected in it on a good day, birds skimming over the water, maybe a couple of lone rowers out..... But wild beauty it ain't!

Still spewing here, 4 times today. Now in bed eating an ice lolly!

Sorry to hear about all the bugs, strains/sprains, childcare issues Sonya. Nightmare. And wow to the 8 m splits Anj! Impressed!

Big boos to the bullying. The thought of E getting bullied makes me feel ill but in a way, I'm glad to have heard you guys speaking about it as it seems common, but it also seems to be something that can be dealt with. So I hope I can handle it the way you all have if/when it happens to E.
Hoggle - glad to have the update on fletcher. And know what you mean about the hamster wheel.

Right, bed for me now. I feel like I have a sleeping sickness at the moment!
13/03/2013 at 20:08
Oh and before I forget - what date is VLM again and who here is doing it? Are you gonna try meet up?

I shall be out there supporting!! And would be great to meet anyone who's about.
13/03/2013 at 20:35
yippee to taper, fab pace post baby Anj, parents evenings and beautiful scenic runs.
boo to more bad news from the physios, bullying and spew
VLM - I'll be there!! Hope to be wearing a birm children's hosp vest.
Freezing time - no thanks, don't think I could cope with a stroppy 4 year old forever!
13/03/2013 at 20:53
Well done on all the good running but boo to the niggles, injuries, sick kids & puking Brookie grim, poor you. I remember eating lots of ice lollies for the nausea.
Bullying- gosh I hope my girls never get bullied or never bully anyone. But I guess it would be a miracle if none of them ever did
Yeah I wish time wouldn't go by so blooming quick. I don't want them to be stroppy horrible teenagers! Toddlers are very hard work but at least u get cute cuddles & silly talk still!!!
Wow Anj- that's good going but be careful now!
Yikes to the juggling and hamster wheels, horrible feeling (((((()))))).
I have lovely runs where I live, hills all around. Single track road for 12 miles so not much traffic. It is lovely.
Did 14.7 mile cycle at 6 pm when hubby got home. Working tomorrow so must go and get sorted.
13/03/2013 at 21:30
Oh no Janie, that's rubbish. Get well soon. Enjoy the lakes, it'll be just what you need.
13/03/2013 at 22:17
Happy birthday for the twins tomorrow Lotte! Isabelle is 5 on Friday - I also can't believe it. I'm sure I don't feel old enough to have 3 children!

I have a feeling EF has scan tomorrow? If so, I really hope it all goes ok for you.

Sorry, have read everything, but typing with one hand on the iPad, so will write more when both hands free!
13/03/2013 at 22:32
Happy birthday L and C!

Watched the Shetland thingy, it certainly was a good yarn. So it was meant to be January? No way did the weather look dark, cold and foul enough for that, and no one was wearing enough clothes! I don't think it rained once in the whole programme actually.

Good luck for scan EF.
13/03/2013 at 22:43

Hey hey - 2000 pages and 6 years of chat! Wow!

Congrats on new job RF - looking forward to 8pm Sunday night on BBC2

Happy birthday to the twins Lotte! And to Isabelle for Friday Vixo.

Good news on the run Anj, hope Evie settling in to swing of things and hubby's hand on mend.

Bugger on leg CM

Hope physio sorts you Sonya!

What are everyones VLM numbers - was great fun using the tracker last year, I've not got a marathon in me so enjoyed viacriously running it through you lot on here that do have marathons in you)



13/03/2013 at 23:14

hello just been lurking last few days.  yes 20 wk scan tomorrow.  pretty nervous. discovered this am that andy even worse than me so fairly tense! still if it goes ok then it is a big milestone out the way.  thanks for good wishes, will update tomorrow! esp as kindle blooming nightmare to post on.

14/03/2013 at 03:02
EF, thinking of you for tomorrow. Wow, half way already. Really hope all is good news tomorrow. Can well remember the nerves we felt so fully sympathise.

CM and Hoggle, bugger! Both sound nasty, sending healing thoughts your way.

Am gutted to be missing all the TV; MM running for Wiltshire, RF on Adventure Show and the Shetland program.

Am also living vicariously through you marathon runners, you are all awesome! Not started running again yet, no more than a 'jog' to the mailbox, so in awe of Anj running already.

Bedtime for me now, not sure how long I'll get tonight before Os awakes up so best make the most of the time I've got! Night night.
14/03/2013 at 05:38
Hope u get some sleep Turbo.
Good luck EF. Will be a big relief to get it done.
Happy birthday to to the birthday boys and to I for Friday.
I got up at 4.45 instead of 5.54, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Dunno how I managed that. I luv my sleep as well but only realised when down stairs and dressed. So having a cup of T and on the I pad . Luckily I didn't waken any one else yet!!! Will b knackered after a 12 hr shift but plan to take 2 hrs holiday that I need to take and go to the gym on my way home!
14/03/2013 at 08:38

oh blimey RF - that must have been so gutting!!

hope Os slept last night, TTid

JT - no way, not another one. waaah! hope you have great hols tho

EF - am sending positive vibes. let us know how you get on xx

happy birthday to Cameron and Lewis .

i am off to podiatrist today to see about my orthotics. not that i will be able to run any time soon. but my last runners wore right through to the hard ridged plastic on the inside of both feet very quickly so something obvs not right. best to try and get them sorted and then i can wear them when i go out walking too. that should help a bit.

14/03/2013 at 09:39
RF, doh! My friend once got up and dressed and took her dog out for a walk thinking it was 6:00am but it was actually midnight. Her husband went out after her as he was worried and told her, she still gets stuck for it! Hope the hour of peace was good though.

I think I got about 5 hours before Os woke up. Just fed him and am hoping can get another couple. Gave him a bottle rather than nursed and pumped and just got 4fl oz, woo hoo the most I've ever got!
14/03/2013 at 10:04
Night time is good time for pumping. I used to get 9oz out of each boob in the night!
14/03/2013 at 10:34

Me too. I used to get tonnes out around 10pm, or first thing in the morning feed hubbie used to do for me too. I used to express at 5.45am, leave in the fridge and go for a run!!

Right need to clean the loos then go for an wee trot in the sun, just the 8 miles easy today. Lush!! I love easy weeks.

Freezing here today -5 first thing, ridiculous weather, so waiting until it's warmer so can enjoy the sun more!!

14/03/2013 at 12:26

We have the freezing too MM, like you, am looking forward to Spring proper, although birds are singing their little hearts out and in the sunshine, away from the wind it feels grand!

EF - fingers and toes crossed for you (())

Happy Birthday to your twins Lotte - hope they have a lovely day

Wow 2000 pages, flicked back and was reading some of the opening pages of entries - so funny looking back ... I kept describing Scarlett as a delight, a happy smiley little thing ... hmmm

Wow TTid - 5 hours, that sounds good going to me!

I used to express in evening after the bedtime (7ish) feed, and usually get loads, but then milk production was never a problem for me, just consuming enough calories to cope with it, and the fact it used to just go everywhere at start of feeds!!

Whoops to the early get-up RF ...

JT - nooooooo - the wellness vibes are not getting through are they?!  Hang in until Easter, not long now, sounds like a nice break.

Absolutely full of snot today - so not much sleep last night between not being able to breathe and Scarlett wandering through at random times to (a) have her back scratched and (b) just because she was awake - aaaah! Anyhoo at least cold has broken now and hopefully it will work it's way out!!! 9.5 miles round forest and felt better than I thought I would 9mm avg.

Hope your easy 8 was nice MM, I did the loo cleaning the other day! all the lovely jobs hey!!

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