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08/12/2012 at 09:45
lol Hoggle, glad u said that, thought it was going to be me at 5' 7". I feel positively tiny compared to my 16 yr old daughter + her friends who range from 5' 8" to 6' 1" and that's only the girls, she is currently 5' 9" which is an inch taller than her Dad + 8" taller than her 'BIG' sister. Don't thing Cam will b following in her footsteps height wise, Nat was the same height as Cam is now when she was 3.5, Cam is 4.5. Think Cam will b closer to her BIG big sister in height at 5' 1".
08/12/2012 at 14:29
I'm 5'7" too TT, expect all my kids to be taller than me which will be weird!

JT hope you are all ok!
08/12/2012 at 14:43

I'm sure my kids will be taller than me - at least I hope Eric is!

Made Vixo's mince pies this morning - took forever!  Hope they taste 18 out of that recipe.

School xmas fayre as well and managed to win a family ticket to Windsor castle.  It all looks very nicely presented, with a lovely colour guide thrown in, a nice letter from some secretary to the queen.  Not somewhere I would have ever thought, oh I know let's go to Windsor castle today, but will be nice to do next yr sometime.

Party this afternoon in a 2 room basement flat in Islington.  Could be mayhem.....

08/12/2012 at 17:47
Ooh Caro, I took Martha and it was lovely plus Windsor is nice too. We had a mumsnet June babies meet up and the Pizza Express were v accommodating as there were a lot of us!
We will go back at some point as you can get your ticket stamped so its valid for a year.

I made open mini mince pies yesterday, quite yummy!
08/12/2012 at 18:16
I'm still enjoying being tall and elegant - in cyberspace!

Caro - how did they take forever? You just bung it all in together and mix?! I suppose the rolling and cutting can be a bit tedious - and I'm always surprised by how much faster and easier it is when I manage to get any baking done without Isabelle's help! Anyway, I hope you enjoy them, or I shall feel really bad! I suggested this morning while E was asleep that we put the marzipan on the Christmas cake, only to realise when we'd got ready to do it that the packet was actually icing and not marzipan - oops. Ended up having to make biscuits instead to make up for it!
08/12/2012 at 18:22

5'7" here too!  I think my kids are definitely going to be taller than me - Nicky will probably be taller than his dad who is 6'0 too!

Oh no JT, I hope his temp comes down and you don't have a night-time trek on your own.  And make sure you wash your hands etc religiously and keep everything crossed!  Red wine is definitely medicinal, possibly only when accompanied by box of chocolates 

Had a really annoying morning - turned up for our photo shoot of the family which I got vouchers for for my birthday (I asked for them) only for him to say he had no record of our booking.  I'd done my make-up, ironed a top specially, put Sophie in a new party dress and tights etc etc, charged around on a Sat morning in general.  I've double-booked myself tomorrow with family & friends, so I thought it was possible I'd got the date wrong, but got home and checked email and it said Sat 8th at 9.30am .  The guy was apologetic on the email but hasn't offered us anything other than another date, which will now be 13th Jan!!  Don't want to kick up a fuss before having the photos done or I could end up looking very grumpy on them, but I think it's a bit off not to say we'll give you a discount or something.  Half-tempted to ask MIL to get a refund for the vouchers and use her money elsewhere...

Vixo - boo to hormones, I remember it so well.  Tiredness and everything else and generally feeling helpless and huge.  Not long now in the grand scheme of things.

EF - all good signs, sore boobs etc!  Lol to the 4 boob image 

Pulp in half an hour...yippee!  Been feeling a bit crappy with headache, lack of appetite, but feeling slightly better now so hope I'll be able to enjoy it!

08/12/2012 at 19:12
Must make some mince pies... I do my pastry with orange zest and ground almonds which we all love so should get cracking!

Jg - enjoy pulp! Would love to see them. Grr to photographer though. I'd be tamping!

Yes I'm guessing I'll be the short one in this house! As long as noone takes,after jon's dad who is my height!

Last night was a nightmare... My hands are red raw from constantly washing them, I did six loads of washing. We've recently put the boys in together so I put Ted to bed in our room and Archie finally settled about 2am to wake at 6.... Ted's temp.has,been up and down but have managed to avoid going to out of hours. Really thought we had tonsilitis on the way as that's the usual pattern.

Hubby, after telling me he was getting the 11pm train home finally rolled in at 3am. I was fuming! I didn't want him to cut his night short, but to extend it by three hours when he knew what was going on did not go down well! I stomped into the spare room at 9 and told him to get his backside out of bed as I needed to go Christmas shopping. Don't think he dared argue!!!
08/12/2012 at 19:31
No food processor vixo! Haven't tried them yet, just come back from party, drank some fizz, ate too many cocktail sausages and shop bought mice pies! I bet I end up thinking shop ones a nicer and I won't bother again. Right, better help put kids to bed. Hubby was back seat driving on the way home after much red wine, and really confused me at a crucial point so I swore loudly at him, think M might have been a bit shocked!
08/12/2012 at 19:53

mice pies, caro? sounds vaguely roman!

grr to photo studio, JG. i would have been fuming

glad ted not too bad, JT - altho doesn't sound like the best night!

i am taking myself off to bed with a hot chocolate and some paracetamol. full of cold and ears still killing me, but i assume it must just be viral as i have a stinking cold.

have had a lovely day - 3 hours of drawing, colouring and junk modelling this morning, followed by J at art class for 2 hours (while E and I liberated a huge shopping bag full of crap from my car and cleaned it out). we then went to the roman museum for their xmas event, which was fun. we made xmas stuff from around the world (stars from Philippines, clay models from Russia), played pinata, watched gladiator fighting (which E was really into - think she is quite blood thirsty!) and played in the fake snow. then we came home for another 2 hours of colouring, cutting and junk modelling. my house is COVERED in bits of cardboard and paper at the moment. sigh. i am not feeling up to tidying it up so it will all still be out in the morning

08/12/2012 at 19:57

oh and i'm 5ft9, so not the thread giant! T is 6ft so i'm expecting both kids to be tall. E is between 91st and 98th centile for height and J is off the scale. however, both T and I stopped growing at 14, so i'm hoping J does the same. otherwise he will be a true giant. i bought him a pair of size 3 trainers this week... and he's only 6!

08/12/2012 at 23:05

I am just shy of 5ft 3 so not especially tall but my hubby is 6ft, J is tall for age and S has ridiculously long legs so am sure all with tower over me eventually.

Oh JT - I really hope the health and wellness fairy comes to stay for a while - and you too MM.

Hubby told me these lovely facts he learned off Radio 2 the other day about the Norovirus

It lives on surfaces for 6 months, the only thing that kills it is bleach - antibac doesn't work, you can get it more than once, projectile vomiting is part of it's design to ensure it spreads the love around!! you can carry the virus but not actually sucumb to it and therefore pass it on to others ... I wish he hadn't told be tbh, ingorance is bliss etc.

We went skiing at Cairngorm this afternoon - full respect to the kids as when we got off the funicular at the top it was 50mph winds blowing straight up the run!!! I could hardly stand upright, let alone the kids ... and as the afternoon progressed the visibility became shocking. Much was closed despite their postings of what was open so we were limited and S ended up basically skiing between mine then hubbys legs but bless him, J is clearly a natural as once he got over the shock of the wind, he skimmed off down the slope with no bother at all!  Was good to get him on some decent green runs though. Both said they enjoyed ... thankfully ... as NOT a cheap session.

I apparently have a place in the West Highland Way race in June - OMG, panic panice. Guess I had better confess my entry to hubby now and sort out a support team, and more importantly try and stay in one piece.

08/12/2012 at 23:17

Congrats on WHW place CC! Will ask my cousin for any tips he has - he's done it few times now, altho a DNF twice (medical/injury related). Its clearly a race that is addicitve and has folk returning year after year.

Hope all well with all you ladies on here. Can't belive TT and Angelicals at 30 weeks already! Also keeping keen eye on here for Vixo's news of #3's arrival. Very exciting to have christmas baby!

Right, better get off here, Been to friends christmas soiree today and drunk more prosecco than is good for me. Could be a long Sunday... 


ps - am a midget too. Am 5ft, although always say i am 5ft 1 (why, why does an extra inch make a difference??)  Feel life's injustice as my brother is 6ft 5 - could there not have been a more equitable height distribution between the two of us????

08/12/2012 at 23:20

any tips gratefully received MR!!!! LOL at that height difference - that's crazy. Right, should be in bed!!

09/12/2012 at 16:48

woo hoo CC thats great. Very exciting. Have you got support crew lined up?

I'm 5ft 6. Funny how you make assumptions about people, I was surprised how tall Hoggle is, and thought MR was taller than she is! One of my friends is 5ft MR and she always says she is "five foot f@@k all!" Aye she's a bit coarse !!! My hubby is a short arse at 5ft 6 too so don't think my kids will be tall. I think I read somewhere that boys will always be taller than their mum though, but maybe I made that up!

Blimey CM J has big feet, is he a good swimmer?! Ian Thorpe #2. My 12 and nearly 11 year old are size 2. Cameron is a 9.5 and Reece is 3 years older but only half a size bigger.

Great run today, my favourite run taking in a deserted mile long beach with huge waves crashing. 9 miles total at 8.10 pace so legs getting a bit of life into them again.

Christmas decorations almost all up. Just the tree to finish. Ended up with 2 of Dylans pals here so 8 kids doing the decorating, argh!

Had some shocking news, my wee cousin has been sectioned this weekend. He is at uni in Glasgow and his mum, my aunt, has been worried about him being depressed but she was down to see him the other weekend and thought he seemed ok and it put her mind at ease a bit. Seems like he tried to take his own life on friday night in the river but not sure of all the details. We are close to them and he is a lovely guy. At least now he should get the help he obviously needs.


09/12/2012 at 17:48
that is so sad but good that he is getting help now. I have 2 cousins with schizophrenia, 1 of which ended up initially in prison + then transferred to hospital, very hard for everyone. He is doing well now thankfully, but took a long time to get his medication right. some of the meds were awful + turned him into a complete zombie. So sad to see a once full of life, caring, gorgeous boy turn into an unresponsive, drooling wreck. He's not as bad as that now but still not the boy he was before mental illness got a hold of him.
09/12/2012 at 18:00

Oh Lotte, that is tough, but as you say, at least the problem has now been identified as serious ... I have a friend down South (well she is part of a group of us who've known each other for years and we catch up when we can). She has now been sectioned 4x, she lost her mum while she was in her late teens, but her mum also had severe mental health probs. She's OK while she takes her meds, but then she starts to think she doesn't need them ... well you can imagine the circle it goes in.  BUT I have another friend who got sectioned and her life has turned around over last few years - really sorted out some family stuff and her and her hubby and daughter have a waaaay better life now.

Great running Lotte - that run sounds lovely.

Er support crew, no, not yet but I have some suspects who will probably be up for it. Finding that whole thing about having to have motorised back-up throughout and a crew member who would be capable of doing the last two sections with you if nec a bit of a strange concept - being a rather self-sufficient person.

Dropped it into conversation with hubby after consuming way too much mulled wine round at neighbours this afternoon, he seemed less than impressed although no idea why!  I think based on this I may give the French UTMB one a miss though - not sure I can get my head round both races.  Am mulling over something else to do more locally instead. Going to use next years events to raise money for CLIK sargeant as my friend with the sick son sings their praises enormously for the support they've had!

LOL at the shoe sizes - my J has size 2s aged 8 and S is an 11 aged 5, no idea how that pans out though.

Right, think my fish cakes might be getting crispy!!

8.5 miles for me on coastal path - SERIOUSLY windy though, could hardly breathe on return run, a more sedate 9mm for me

Edited: 09/12/2012 at 18:01
09/12/2012 at 18:00

Hey, just a quickie, what do people tend to get their kids teachers for a small pressie for xmas (if anything) and what do the teachers among you like to get (and what do you hate??)

Hope he's ok Lotte, esp so young. 

09/12/2012 at 18:06

I'm going for Christmas cards, sorry if that sounds feeble but that is my rule!!

09/12/2012 at 19:43

Well it was going to be a jar of green tomato chutney for each..........guess where that came from??  

09/12/2012 at 19:47

My two made mince pies for their teachers last year and wrote xmas cards. They loved them. They are going to make biscuits with icing as snow for their teacher and assistant this year apparently . Ooo best get some stuff in??

I am 5 foot 3. Hubbie is 5 foot 9. Josh is pretty tall with size 1 feet but Harry and Soph are pretty short!!

V sad news Lotte.

A very feeble 45 miles for me this week, but not bad given illness. Managed to race today just about. Was only 20 secs slower in the end than last year. Thought was loads as was 4th Wiltshire instead of 2nd like last year, but two whipper snappers beat me who weren't there last year!!  I did feel very weak on the THE hill. And boy is it a hill. The whole course of 6km is either up or down the same hill with about 100m at the top through tufty grass that is kind of flat and 20m at the bottom which is just bog!! Loved it though !!

Manic weekend as ever. Boys footie training, I had my haircut and coloured, hubbie did 60 mile bike ride, I took kids out on their bikes, boys had football xmas party. I made last night's dinner and tonights dinner and pudding with Sophie 'helping'. Today boys had their christmas gymnastics comp and then home in time for me to scoff and get to the county xc champs in Bath this afternoon. Next weekend is kind of calmer I think??

Now time to do pile of ironing, ice my rather sore achilles and drink some more red medicine!!

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