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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/03/2013 at 10:02

Hoggle ((( ))))  How heartbreaking it must be for your friends, and for you too. Thoughts are with you all.  Good news on the surgery - seems like waiting lists in NZ bit shorter than back here thnakfully!

EF )

Supposed to be working from home this morning but too distracted by cups of tea, showbiz gossip and now I hear the biccie tin calling me.  Best go answer that biccie call then think about some real work, sigh...

Have a good weekend all!

15/03/2013 at 11:54

good this working from home lark. biscuit abuse been going on here too but not by me. while i was on my conf call, E ate 4 custard creams and half a punnet or strawberries, raspberries and grapes! i survived it - just about. went on mute while i opened the biscuits for her, then forgot i was on mute and carried on talking. that was the only point at which i thought i would blow my cover!!

15/03/2013 at 12:24
Glad it worked out CM! I've done Conf calls from home with E before - not out of choice but cos boss didn't give me a choice! Working on days off etc. but in those circumstances I didn't care if E yelled in the background cos that's what u r gonna get if u make me do stuff on a day off!!

Hoggle - read news about fletcher last night. There just aren't any words are there. E was asleep in my bed at the time and I just cuddled up to him. Do they have any other children? I cannot even begin to imagine. Thoughts and prayers with his family an with you too.

My mind has gone a bit blank with other stuff. I'll have to read back. Just sitting in canary wharf waiting for my friend whilst trying to drink a huge carrot, orange, apple and ginger juice. Slightly panicking about lack of fruit and veg in my diet right now so attempting juiced varieties.
15/03/2013 at 14:17
Oh Hoggle that's just so utterly devastating for your friends, cannot imagine the heartbreak they will be feeling. Huge hugs to you all ((((((()))))) shame u need surgery but if that's what has to be done well I guess you have to do it x
Brookie- hope the healthy juice stays where it's supposed to be!!! Wouldn't worry about the lack of healthy food, won't do u any harm for a wee while.
Glad call was ok CM, sounds a bit stressful to me!
Biscuit tin.........hmmmmmm my hand can't stay out of it! Oh dear.
Went to gym after work yesterday.did 6 miles on bike and then a kettle ball class, ouch sore gluteus today!
3 mike run with trailer this morning, M whined whole way. Will try n do 3 on treadmill in while.
Few tears this morning thinking bout my friend leaving.
Good weekends all x
15/03/2013 at 14:41

Terrible news Hoggle (()) life can be so cruel.

Hope your friend does well TurboT and beats the awful C.

Happy birthday Isabelle.

Busy old day yesterday, thursday always is but add cake decorating and lots of visitors and it was all a bit mad really. Did a cat in the hat cake which turned out ok, and a wee thing 1 and thing 2 cupcake with candles each. We didn't do a proper party as we had all the usual swimming lessons etc but my parents, sis and a couple of friends plus kids turned up at about the same time after tea so we did have a gathering and did the cake thing. Thought we got away with it until Camerron broke down in tears at bedtime because he hadn't had a bouncy castle! Felt bad but just no spare money for a big party this year

Managed to fit in a couple of runs yesterday but wish I hadn't. My second run I decided to do 6m with a hard 5k in the middle. Went fine and clocked 19.38 for 5k on a fairly hilly route but just as I slowed down I realised my quad was sore. I stopped and stretched it and then it was really painful. Hobbled home and have been icing it since. Did try to go o ut this morning even though I knew I shouldn't. Ended up walking home after a mile. Bollocks. Its a sore point about midway down slightly to the inside, a small tear I suppose. Argh. Race is 2 weeks on Sunday. Ice ice baby and fingers crossed.

15/03/2013 at 19:21
so sorry to hear about Fletcher, utterly devastating to lose a child in any circumstance. Hope you are all Ok. I guess it's good that waiting list is short but would have been better not to have needed it at all. Thinking of you Hoggle xx
boo to busy schedules again and injury Lotte, hungry kids in the night and poorly friends (((TTid)))
yippee to blagging the conf call CM, pizza and acceptable veg food!
Hubby just called from Manch arena to say he is the ONLY man in the 1D concert! Tom is already hopping and jumping to the adverts.....
Carb loading for a 20 mile race tomorrow, am going to take it easy as there is a 4 mile hill at the start then see if I can pick up to mara pace.
15/03/2013 at 21:06

So sad to hear about Fletcher, Hoggle. Makes you think about how truly fragile life is.

TTid, that is too spooky! Maybe one of these days we will meet when we come to Florida again

Brain not functioning well enough to name check everyone but a big HELLO to you all. Life has been a bit complicated in the Bogle household over the last few months but things are OK now. And I really shouldn't curse it, but my running is going really well! Mojo has well and truly returned after a four year absence
15/03/2013 at 21:11
Oh no Lotte. Ibuprofen too.....fingers crossed!

Busy busy day. Good news I don't have arthritis. So must be something else? Pop back to physio soon I reckon to find out what it really is. It's manageable anyway.

Well done on the Call with madam there. Good juggling! see you tom.

Lovely dinner/tea out. Stuffed. But now full of cold. Not good

Off to bed soon after my chamomile tea!
15/03/2013 at 21:57
MM - can you text me your address and postcode. I could have sworn I had it in my contacts but it isn't there!

Hope cold shifts by the morning...

TattyB - good to see you again. Glad running going well!

TTid - sorry about your friend x
15/03/2013 at 21:59
It's ok - MM. I found it! Doh!
15/03/2013 at 22:03
oh blow, crying buckets watching comic relief. My Mum has just phoned to say we took ??1025 in the charity shop this week and I thought we were splitting it so after rent was hoping for ??500 but she has just said she will give me ??1000 of it which doesn't even leave her enough to pay the shop rent! Can't wait to tell Archie's Dr that we have raised so much.
Lovely to 'see you' Tatty, glad the running is going well.
MM -fab that it isn't arthritis.
15/03/2013 at 22:04
haha cross posts with CM and practically the same message to Tatty!!
16/03/2013 at 04:21
Hi TattyB! So pleased to hear the mojo is back.

Insomnia. Reading the 1st pages of this thread (waaaay before E was even a twinkle in my eye!). Minks - your first post on your plans for getting back to running was great. I think I will try that schedule. (Hal Higdon) I'm hoping my "come back" marathon will be Edinburgh 2014 so the timing would be about right.
16/03/2013 at 07:26
Oh and Camlo, that's so lovely of your mum. Almost made me cry. Comic relief (or any charity thing) is sooooo much harder to watch now I have a child. I cry at EVERYTHING. Except the funny bits obviously.
16/03/2013 at 07:37
Well I understand that obem features a death of a baby at 3 days on wed 27 march Whilst I admire the couple's courage in allowing the programme to go ahead, I don't think I can watch it. I cry at everything now too and in current condition there's no way I can handle that.
Edited: 16/03/2013 at 07:38
16/03/2013 at 07:55
Wow EF I definitely couldn't watch that! We have had a much needed lovely day today at M's first music festival. Womad is a really family oriented festival and she loved it - lots of dancing etc and some very much needed family time. Leg even coped pretty well with all the walking.
Funeral on Tue - the father and grandfather have been making a new coffin which is unbearably sad and lovely at the same time.
16/03/2013 at 08:13
Morning Hoggle! Just a quickie re your back, coz you and hubby seem similar, although yours sounds worse. Do you know what sort of surgery they are proposing? And have they offered any more conservative treatment like injections or do they feel that it is so bad they need to go straight in and operate?

Friend from uni here this wk end, not sure what we're going to do as the forecast is awful!
16/03/2013 at 08:13
No, I couldn't watch that either EF.

You'll need many nights of insomnia to read through the whole thread Brookie hope you got some sleep eventually and have less sickness today.

Hoggle - that is just so terribly sad, I can't begin to imagine the heartache. Hope you are doing ok too and that is good news about the op.
I was also watching comic relief last night and crying more than laughing. Have they made the videos worse or is it because I'm a mother now? Anyway, it worked because I sat there texting them money on my phone.
Ttid- awful for your friend too, hope the treatment works.

Lotte- fingers crossed the icing works! At least you are forced to taper properly now (my idea of tapering is not two runs a day!) and I'm sure two weeks will heal it.
Rf- sad about your friend. Did you say why they're emigrating? Better quality of life, job?

Camlo- good luck and enjoy the 20miler, I do love some good carb loading (even when not racing). You're training is going well and I also can't wait to track you all at the VLM.
MM- good luck at reading if I don't come back on and have fun with CM. oh yes and well done to the work call CM! Hubby had one conference call with mags at home once, she needed a poo halfway through...

CC- so how did you heal your peroneal tendonitis? The physio watched me run and reckons it all stems from my itb on the right side as I turn my knees in and roll my feet or something like that! She said just stretching my itb won't work, I need to change my running style and do stretches to correct my lazy runners glutes! Anyway, she did say it would take months and I'm not sure my bank balance can do it (no insurance). I can run if it isn't sore but no speed work so I have been doing some plods including 18miles last weekend so I reckon I can do the marathon but it'll be very slow! I went out on thurs and attempted a quick 5miles, didn't even reach my intended marathon pace before my tendon got so painful I had to limp home. Iced it and rolled it (extremely painful!) yesterday but no way I can run again yet. So I reckon if I intend to do this marathon in 5 weeks I have to just accept I can only do it slower than I've ever done or the training will just keep breaking me
I would have pulled out but we've paid for a holiday home for a few days, my mum is coming, my sis is doing the half, my dad and his wife are also comin up (weird I know). Hubby can obviously see I'm depressed about it as the training was going well so he said why not aim for an autumn marathon after I've been fixed hopefully. That cheered me up a bit

Also got a stinking cold turning chesty so probably wouldn't have run today anyway. Girls are both ill obviously, just fed up of continuous illness and poor Rosie has gummy eyes too. Her baptism on Sunday so mil is here and my mum is at sisters. Really hope we all feel a little better by tomorrow (and don't all have conjunctivitis). Not great weather for it either! Lots of food prep to do later on and a house to try and keep clean for post baptism lunch, am loaded up on decongestant and about to head downstairs and get on with it.
16/03/2013 at 08:16
X posts hoggle, glad you had a nice family day.
And I shouldn't moan about us all having colds and a silly sore leg, just pales into insignificance versus making a coffin for your little one. (())
16/03/2013 at 08:59
Sonya - I fixed a terrible orb problem (lazy flute and knee that dropped inwards by taking up weightlifting (joined in with the basketball players at the Uni I worked at. Anyway it was the repositions of squats that strengthened my flute and retrained my knee to track correctly - many repititions of correct technique squats making sure the knees go down over the foot and doesn't drop in - gradually deepening the squat as the tracking improves - worked like a charm after I had tried many many other expensive options! I hope the colds clear - you have had a bad run! Ironically my phone auto corrects your name to sinus!

Caro - the MRI shows a massive bulge sitting on the nerve. I have got a lot of muscle weakness in my lower leg and foot which is what he is worried about and why he is wanting surgery. Concern is the risk of permenant nerve damage. Normally I would try anything to avoid but am finding it so restrictive and painful and would hate to be like this long term. The surgery is fairly straight forward to remove the bulge. 1 night in hospital, 2 weeks off work, 4 weeks full recovery (I hope!!).
Camelo - well done on the fundraising and MM what a relief it's not arthritis but a puzzle as to what it is I guess!
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