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09/12/2012 at 20:04
Boo to double booked photographer, more germs, big feet (or should that be a yippee?), poorly cousin, hung over hubbies and mistaking icing for marzipan.
Yippee to MICE pies, getting the place in WHW CC, decorating trees, 4th place in county champs MM (that is amazing!!), seeing pulp (jealous), new oven and plenty of goodies CM, winning tickets to windsor castle and skiing!
My eldest is only about 5ft 4 and hates being short so I hope the younger ones are taller, hubby is 6ft3 so they have a better chance.
Gifts for teachers - errr NO, and neither will I be sending cards to every child in the class...... However I do give ??10 to the dustmen.
Had the last of our come dine with me dinners last night...mexican theme, too much tequila, fab, fab food and talked into a desert trek next year??,
got up at 9 and did 8 very wet miles with club, bleugh!
09/12/2012 at 20:11

Caro - I always buy a box of Celebrations or something.  As a teacher I was always delighted to receive anything - even a Christmas card .

Lotte - really sad and shocking news for you.  My friend is in a secure hospital with anorexia/self harming issues and she is having a tough time.  They wouldn't let me visit recently either, not sure why.  Just be there for him is my advice.

Also Lotte I had you down as around 5' - 5' 2" ish, no idea why !

09/12/2012 at 20:43
Phew, I am glad you all seem to be on the same wave length re Xmas things for teachers. So green tomato chutney it is then.....I have about 5 jars and have yet to try it. Hope it's not toxic..........actually our postman is lovely, so he may get a jar too!

The miNce pies are rather good, but not sure they're any nicer than the shop ones I've had this yr.......maybe next yr I will actually make mince meat.......hmmmmm. Feel I should make an effort with an Xmas cake next yr at any rate.

Last night at about 9 o clock I heard Matilda on the landing and the next thing I heard was the tell tale sound of someone being sick on the landing......all over the stupid carpet. Well we are to blame really as we didn't keep check n her at the party yesterday and she ate way too much party food. Had to change all her sheets, bath her, wash her hair etc, then deal with the damn carpet. So now I know to be stricter at parties! We always used to, but I guess for some reason we didn't bother yesterday!

Tree up today, then a walk in the woods this afternoon. She was beginning to get bored then I found an old dog lead hanging from a tree so clipped it to her coat and she pretended to be a dog for the rest of the walk. Hours of amusement!
09/12/2012 at 20:53

oh gosh, lotte - so sorry to hear about your cousin. that sounds really awful. let's hope he now gets the help he needs and recovers well

do teachers really want boxes of chocolates. there are 28 kids in J's class - so i do just wonder whether they really do want 28 boxes of chocs / smellies / wine etc. i might try and get the kids to make some biscuits or something the day before the end of term and take them in for all the teachers. we made biscuits and mince pies today and it was fab to have an oven which didn't burn the ones at the back and leave the ones at the front raw!

have had a great day again today. took the kids to the local national trust place and J had a good cycle. fab to see him riding on his own without stabilisers. i know it's high time but it was such a block for him. and more than anything it was great to see him enjoying it so much!

wasn't too impressed with T though. i'd asked him if he wanted to come along and arranged it so that it was convenient for him time / location-wise as he is working all weekend on a bid. so we get there and J hands him the biscuits etc that we had made for him and he pulled a face and said 'last thing i want. i have been vomiting non-stop for the last 12 hours'. oh great - thanks for that!!!! how had he failed to mention it and why then meet up with us?!?! i know the kids can catch it from anywhere but if it was me that had been vomiting non-stop for 12 hours, i wouldn't have voluntarily met up with the kids at the weekend if they weren't with me! not only that - he'd been into work all morning so had been 'sharing the love' as CC put it

he then informed me that his heating is still not working and he hasn't had heating or hot water for 2 weeks - haha, says he.  what?!?! so no way of heating the house (no fire or anything) and no hot water or electric shower. WTAF?! so when the kids have been there (weds - sun), they haven't had a bath or anything. and he hadn't told me. errrr? and he then says he has no idea how he is going to get it fixed because the guy has been out 3 times and can't work out what's wrong.

for the last 2 winters the pipes have frozen / burst over winter because he hasn't heated properly. and now we are supposed to be having a colder snap again in the next few days, so now i'm thinking that might happen again. last time it ended up with no running water in the kitchen for about 3 weeks... J doesn't feel the cold so it won't bother him, but poor E

09/12/2012 at 20:58
I think I'd prefer 30 boxes of chocs/bottles of wine/jars of jam etc to 30 perishible items that need to be eaten NOW, the wk before Christmas ........

Charming as usual CM.......
09/12/2012 at 21:04

CM - as usual I'm lost for words.  He's something else!

Lotte - so sad for your cousin.  Time of year doesn't help, felt pretty blue myself yesterday but got some extra sleep in which helped.

Off to bed now!

JT - where did you get the pastry recipe with ground almonds and orange zest. would like to try it!

09/12/2012 at 21:20
It's in a,BBC good food Christmas book Kinsey, will dig it out.

Presents for teachers, always gratefully received as jg says, but not expected if you get my drift! I once got 17 boxes of chocolate and there really is only so much you can eat! tomato chutney etc always lovely as something different, biscuits fab, much needed at this time of year. Have a few Christmas decs that I always wonder what the children are doing when I put them up. We always buy lottery tickets. Socks are good too!

Cm - words fail me...

There's some big feet around! Ted at 5 is size 9!

Lotte I think I've heard that too. Hope your cousin is ok, so tough.

We've recovered from the voms round 1, sat with baited breath! Cc those stats are vile! No hope with bleaching carpet! For those on facebook we got the tree in was very amusing. Thankfully was thin so doesn't take over the whole room.
09/12/2012 at 21:45

oo - xmas decs is a nice idea. i was thinking more of just sending in a whole box of home made biscuits for the teachers to eat between them in the last few days. the teaching assistants in particular seem to spend time in different classrooms on different days. J's main TA is in nursery with E on a friday afternoon, for instance. and she has different TA's throughout the week, so knows (and loves) all the staff. it would be nice to send in something for all of them really.

i suppose we could actually decorate some baubles for them all. they would LOVE that! will get a list of all the staff and get them to do that, actually. good idea!

09/12/2012 at 21:53
Last year M's preschool sent a note out saying if people were inclined to give presents they wanted a team spa day so if people wanted to, they could contribute. V easy!
09/12/2012 at 21:59

oh my god - a team spa day. why on earth would anybody want one of those?! it sounds like my idea of hell!!!

09/12/2012 at 22:00

We have no tree and no christmas decorations up yet!!!! I did put a Christmas CD on this afternoon and the kids do have an advent calendar on the go (even if it is still a work in progress of sorts as I made it!!). Am aiming to try and buy a tree this week inbetween working at library, teaching pilates and all the other stuff that goes on! TBH, if we'd not gone skiing yesterday it would have been the perfect time to buy it.  Planned to make mince pies this afternoon but didn't have right ingredients and I wasn't going to do one of my strange concoctions ... so banana loaf it is!

MM - is this the race that bu**ered your knee last year, or is that next weeks race?  45 miles is still good going, even by your high standards.

Kinsey - hope you continue to get more sleep, it DOES make a huge difference I find - must be off that way myself in a minute.

Camlo - your evening sounds fab, and so would a desert trek too! Which/where?  Once went camel riding in the desert with hubby when we went to Morocco for a couple of weeks BC, spent a night in a berber tent -was awesome actually even though we were on the tourist trail so to speak.

CM - I bet every time you meet your oh-so-unpleasant ex - aside from being alarmed re the childcare - you must also heave a sigh of relief that none of you have to endure his company 24/7 ... Fab re J and the cycling. Who cares when they get there, just great when they do. My J was very hesitant for quite a while and now there is no stopping him.

J was training with the P6/7s today at Rugby (he is P4 in the P4/5 section), he LOVED it - proper tackles and scrums ... OMG, he's going to end up broken!! Have pointed out the scrumming stays on the rugby pitch and not appropriate for school playground - even when dealing with nastier members of the class!

I'm afraid I'm sticking with Christmas cards, am only just making inroads on any kinds of christmas shopping for anyone! ... hmmm, need to check bank balance actually

09/12/2012 at 22:01

our p1 parent council reps are collecting cash - give what you like or don't, no pressure and they buy vouchers for the teachers . I used to get the preschool staff make up or nail polish in a boots 3for 2 gift set deal and they lucky dipped for colours.  


!!! to T cm.  I could not live like that.

your poor cousin lotte.  glad he US getting help now.

sorry for short posts and waves to all not mentioned . frankly my legs are about to walk me to my bed unbidden.  sooo tired. long day at east links farm and only just defrosted.  

09/12/2012 at 22:04
CM I would hand kids over as usual then make a call to children's services saying there are kids in a home which is not appropriate for them.....
Boo to party voms - we went to a 5 yr olds party yesterday, lollies in between each layer of pass the parcel and 2 kids were just about to get on bouncy castle with them in their mouths when I offered / demanded to hold them (my kids had already handed theirs back as they know they can't have them. Then they had party bags with more crap which my sis in law bought off them for a pound!
Love the idea of decorated baubles but of course that would require glitter in the house..... Hmmm. I send a card to the teacher and all the kids in the hope others will follow suit and I don't have approx 30 cards off the kids friends. Seems such a waste when everyone spends money on things with such a short shelf life. Still struggling to think of a main present for them too....
09/12/2012 at 22:10

that's "is".

09/12/2012 at 22:16

sadly childrens services won't be interested, camlo. there are plenty of people who don't have / can't afford heating and those kids aren't taken away from their parents... i know i (and many of us probably) grew up in a house with no central heating and i remember having a strip wash in a bucket in front of an open fire, and my back was frozen if i was facing the fire. didn't do us any harm, i guess. the thing is, though, that T won't be doing a strip wash in front of an open fire as he doesn't have one. 4 nights without a bath isn't the end of the world, i guess. but there won't be any washing going on either, unless he boils a kettle and makes them strip off and wash, which i can't imagine him doing.

my kids ate loads of lollies today out of a charity stall thing, spinning the wheel. i am a bad mother when it comes to things like that. i know i should say 'no' but ... it was in a good cause. does that make it ok?

09/12/2012 at 22:19

oh and my house always has a slight coating of glue and glitter. i bought a pack of make-your-own christmas cards in poundland. 4 for £1 including glitter, glue, pompoms, stickers etc. kids loved them. only thing is, i was helping J with something in the playroom and left E with the cards and the glue. within about 90 seconds, E shouted 'mum, can i have more glue? mine's all gone.' the whole tube had been squeezed onto the back of two bits of card and had gone EVERYWHERE. ho hum! it was then all over her, her clothes, the chair, the table, the floor, the cat - you get the drift!

09/12/2012 at 22:31

glue and glitter regularly found around our house too, always bits of cut up paper all over the place - S loves snipping things! One thing I do have to be in a very calm mood for though is paint.

09/12/2012 at 22:32

 to kids on bouncy castle with lollies though

10/12/2012 at 06:52
We had the glitter fest last weekend, there are still tiny bits on Benedict's head, impossible to get rid of!
JT I will check the bbc website for the recipe....
10/12/2012 at 08:13
Might try that one!
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