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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/12/2012 at 09:07

LOL to chopped up bits of paper. Drives me insane.

Kids have finished their christmas cards. Hurray! Harry whizzed through his without even a worry, even did the neighbours kids and ran outside to post them straight away. Josh has required more persuasion bless him. His writing is so neat but he takes ages to write!!

Oh lordie CM. That is a worry its going to be baltic this week. I would offer to have them and he could visit? Least then they would be warm and clean?

So nice to feel better. Off for an 8-9 miler in a bit, but going to go food shopping first and post xmas cards. Hurrah we've written all ours. Might not bother next year mind. At 50p a card to post it's maybe not worth it anymore?

No CC this was the county champs, 6k of very fast, muddy and very hilly terrain. Certainly blew some cobwebs away. I was 4th wiltshire which means I can wear a wiltshire vest in the south west champs and intercounties in March if I want to do them. That doesn't say much though as not many wiltshire lasses there. Seem to be allergic to the classic xc at our club and most other wiltshire clubs. I injured myself at a 10 mile off road race called the Rough and Tumble on the Pewsey Vale downs. Tempted to have another go at it though but not sure how that would fit into hubbie's 40th birthday extravaganza!!

10/12/2012 at 16:02

Actually come to think of it I don't think I bought anything for Sophie's nursery teachers at Christmas last year, just the end of the year...  I don't think they mind if you don't get them anything, it's certainly not expected or judged.

Just seen Sophie in her nativity as a camel - soooo cute !  She sang so loudly (so we could hear her apparently) I was welling up with pride like a proper soppy mummy . Big improvement on last year when she got serious stage fright and burst into tears at the end!

CM - words fail me.  The man's an idiot.

10/12/2012 at 19:45

Arrrgggghhh feeling totally stressed out - combination of work, hubby being frustrating (not actually his fault but frustrating none the less!!) and Matilda being REALLY whingy for the last few days! Clearly need a holiday - roll on Christmas!

I am toying with doing something completely self-indulgent and going to get a massage just because I think it will make me feel better! My work laptop has died so can't really work anyway!!! 

The pic of Sophie in her camel costume was v cute JG!!

CM - grrrrrrr! I think what made me most cross was how dismissive he was of the biscuits J was giving him! Hope the kids are ok this weekend and its not too cold!

Presents for nursery - I just listened to a phone in on the radio about CHristmas bonuses and a teacher phoned in (she was pretty young) and said about how she and all her teacher mates got together and compared their 'haul' at the end of the last week. She is at a posh school and was rubbishing what teachers at less flash schools got. I have to say I was pretty appalled!! She sounded so ungrateful! I think I will write a card and maybe make some chocolates that the staff can share. At least the end of the school year and CHristmas are the same here so we don't have to do this twice a year!!

Glad you are finally feeling better MM - can't believe you still managed 45 miles!!


10/12/2012 at 19:59

go have that massage hoggle - please

10/12/2012 at 20:29

It's booked. I decided that the very fact that I feel guilty about it meant I should do it - very very rarely spend money on myself!


10/12/2012 at 20:42

i have just spent money i don't have on a daytrip to lapland uk. why oh why?! and what makes it even more insane is that T is coming with me and the kids. i must be totally barking mad. the only reason i have done it is that i think this may be the last year that J believes unconditionally as he starts in juniors next year and people are going to start saying things about santa not existing. so i just did it on a whim. friend went at the weekend and said it was magic and her son (J's age) had an amazing time. so i asked T if he would come (feel like i have to really as it would be a mean thing to do without him) and it's all booked. now need to pluck up the courage to ask him for some money towards it...

10/12/2012 at 20:53
CM you are too nice.

Aidan was Joseph in his playschool nativity today, not sure he really appreciated his role but was still cute. They had a Father Christmas, 'but mummy, he had a different voice' hmmm, obviously not too daft my son!

I have had virtually no voice for 5 days which is bloody annoying, did you have it last year JG? I know someone was similarly afflicted! I had it two years ago too so I am pretty sure it's laryngitis.

Alan did the tree on Saturday with the kids while I mithered in bed.

Hoggle, hope the massage is good!
10/12/2012 at 21:08

good luck with that one then CM! J still believes but it is only a matter of time before someone lets the cat out, hopefully he'll keep it going for Ss sake though.

Glad you are feeling so much better MM, is a lovely feeling when the germs finally lift! 

Feeling not great myself - felt very sick last night but wasn't, felt much better once I got up but stomach very very grumbly and rumbly when I eat and bloated - lovely!!! Did manage to squeeze in an 8.5 mile run but def wasn't 100% for it, then got totally chilled doing school run while still in run kit (have 30 min wait between the 2 finish times), so was naughty mummy and stuck TV on for kids when I got back so I could have a quick bath and warm up!! Only just got both kids in bed finally too - cubs finishing at 8.15pm on a Mon eve is so not good!  Ho hum, off to bed myself now I think.

10/12/2012 at 21:10

and good for you for the massage Hoggle, will feel wonderful I am sure.

I remember you having the voice thing before Kinsey - think we were all suffering from some really annoying cough that wouldn't bu**er off too. Hope you are on the mend soon.

ROll on Christmas - just need another break from the roller coaster!

10/12/2012 at 21:10
I always found gargling with soluble aspirin really good Kinsey. May help? Know what you mean about them having no idea about their role, Ted is oblivious!

Cm - definitely ask him for the money, it's the least he can do! He can't expect to live life for free.

Mm - great mileage for being poorly, and a pretty good result all considered. That race was on my to do list before things went pearshaped!

Hoggle enjoy!

Hmm, the cleaner in my class must hate me! In spite of the children having at least daily competitions to see who can pick up the most paper off the floor it's a permanent rubbish bin. Today was amazing, 23 kids using glitter, staff chopping 40 mini photos per child to collage with and then cutting them out, twas a sight to behold!

Illness rife at work. We had 67 children off in a school of 243!!! Mainly coughs and 'flu but about 30% norovirus too, school being deep cleaned tonight as a consequence!
10/12/2012 at 21:23

are they deep-cleaning with bleach!!!  Hope you can stay clear of it all though JT

I'd love my kids to be in a class that drove the cleaner mad, sounds like they've been having lots of fun

10/12/2012 at 21:51
yep it's with bleach cc! And thanks, we try to have fun!
10/12/2012 at 22:56

Kinsey - I did have pharyngitis which then became sinusitis and some other -itis I forget now!  Not pleasant, hope you feel better soon.

CC - hope you feel better soon too!  I really lost my appetite at the end of last week - didn't feel sick, just my stomach hurt if I ate much.  Unfortunately seems to be back with avengance today...!

11/12/2012 at 07:03
Did it hit your chest and ears too jg? I had pharyngitis about ten years ago and it was worse than having my tonsils out!
11/12/2012 at 07:25
My massage was awesome! Really glad I did it as stress from the fiasco last week was really bothering me and making me take it out on hubby and M which sucks!! Anyway feel much better and am ignoring the latest email from the unpleasant committee while my manager and CEO decide how to deal with them. Such unpleasant, unreasonable people!
Ewwwww to all the sickness at your school JT - I hope you stay ok!! I agree that a classroom full of paper, glitter sounds like a really fun one!!
CM you are a saint - are you driving up together? Hope he fronts up with some money!
11/12/2012 at 11:07
Agree with others CM. I think it's a lovely idea and I hope T contributes and is pleasant and makes it a wonderful day for you all. Glad bugs lifted MM. I am seriously missing my running. Lost voice as well for over a week. It's a bit better now but I'm just coughing for England.

Soooo excited about Christmas! And also for the new year. For reasons I will share in the new year - but I'm not pregnant sadly before anyone asks!!

Hoggle massage was well deserved and glad you loved it. Xmas play camel was adorable JG! E has his play tomorrow. I cannot WAIT!

Off to B'ham today on my day off to see a friend and visit the Xmas market there. E sound asleep on the seat next to me. Bliss.

Waves to all.
11/12/2012 at 12:21

Oh youve made us think..........hmmmmmmmmm!!!!!

Enjoy the christmas markets with your freind & yay to a sleeping baby next to you, bliss!!!

Hoggle- think we all deserve a massage from time to time eh but of course we feel guilty about it! Glad your feeling more chilled after it  hope your cough improves.

Yeuch to all the bugs about....................feeling pretty pukey ma self today. at work so hopeing it will just go away. Am so scared this week that one of us are going to get the spewy bug as we go the Edinburgh on friday.  fingers firmly crossed x

gosh CM, you are sooooooo nice inviting T. Dont think I could be so pleasant to him if it was me. Make sure he helps pay for some of it ok?? Do not let hime of with it.

JT - hope you avoid the school germs and the place is well bleached!!!

CC - hope your feeling better today. I am also freezing but at work so cannot wear anything over my uniform, brrrrrrrrrr. Have taken some panadol so hoping that will help me feel less cold.

MM - well done on the race placings especially after feeling carp last week and yay to the christmas card writing. I have done none yet and dont plan on sending so many due to the price of stamps now. Ridiculous.

Always bits of paper lying about in our house. The two bigger girls like cutting out and sticking things, making wee books to draw in and generally making a mess. Their favourite is to get old cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll holders and make things out of them. I always feel guilty throwing them away!!!!

4 miles on the treadmill yesterday and yoga at night. I now have a second hand 'Giant' roadbike attached to a turbo in the garage, yay. Only had a couple of minute spin yesterday so dying to get on it and have a good workout. nothing else done as working a lot the last week. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Of the Edinburgh early train friday morning, excited................

11/12/2012 at 14:31

oooh, hope you stay well for Edinburgh RF. My kids are exactly the same with all the cardboard, every few weeks I do have to go round with a dustbin bag as it gets ridiculous!

Felt way better this morning despite not having the early night planned. Kids were hideously tired though and were having a ridiculous screaming match with each other at 7.45 this morning about a piece of paper!!! Waded in with hands in the air and managed to get them to see the funny side of it ... not what you need though!!

Only one lady pitched up for pilates so she got 1:1, can't wait until Jan when they have to start paying!

Then headed over to forest for a run and bumped into another lady I don't know that well but who loves similar running to me - she was about to head out too so had a fab speedy 6-miler round the woods with her, she knows the forest way better than me so we were off on all sorts of gnarly little tracks. Must try and go again with her as we were similarly matched pace-wise and the second half of the run was all 7.3mm which I need more of. May do a few easy miles tonight on the treadmill too but we'll see. Need to do some pilates for ME.

Back up to town now to get S and then go and choose a tree before going to watch J present a story his class have written in collaboration with an author who came up from Edinburgh, who's name escapes me!!!

Kids heartily agreed with me that everyone is in bed early tonight after this mornings drama!!

11/12/2012 at 21:06

Intruiging Brookie! Glad you sound happy.

Yes hope the bugs stay away for your trip to Ed RF.

Well done on the race MM and good you are feeling better.

CC run sounds lovely and great pace.  I could do with a 1:1 pilates session! My kids are shattered at the moment, the holidays can't come soon enough. Supposed to be an early night here too but I think at least 3 of them are still reading.

Hoggle sounds like you needed that massage. I sneaked off to the chiro yesterday just for a routine treatment to sort out my dodgy left side. Haven't fessed up to hubby yet.

Had a lovely day. REally cold but flat calm. Tuesday is always my indulgent day of play! Two runs and two cycles around taking the twins to and from nursery. As you might have seen on FB we went down to the shore after nursery and were lucky enough to find two otters. Spent ages watching them playing.

Trying to distract myself, not good news tonight about my cousin. My aunty had been down beside him and they were pleased with his progress so far. Thinking he would probably be home for Christmas. My aunty was heading home tonight for a few days (she has 14 year old too and is a single mum and a teacher) but got a phone call. They have lost him. FFS has been sectioned but he has escaped an is god knows where in the middle of Glasgow with no phone no money or anything. I feel sick in the pit of my stomach.

11/12/2012 at 21:13
Oh god lotte. How terrible. Saying a prayer for him. Hope he's ok. (())
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