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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/03/2013 at 10:39

Oh Hoggle, that is just too sad ((())), don't think I can add anything to whats already been said

Good to hear there is a plan of action for the back though. WOMAD - am sure there is one of those in Reading every year over here?

Definitely won't be watching that OBEM then, ANYTHING sad/horrible relating to children makes me cry these days!

Sonia - I didn't run on ankle for about three weeks. I wouldn't say it's 100% and instead I seem to be having issues with plantar fasciata instead now but lots of stretching is working. Agree with Hoggles comments about strengthening glutes and quads though; am not sure I agree with physio about retraining how you run, unless you are doing something really strange???  So many people have weak glutes (lazy arse syndrome!) which cause all manner of probs. I am also doing lots of deep massage to whole lower leg area. Does physio do any kind of massage - probably wouldnt' do any harm to find a sports masseur who can hit that ITB band for you too?

Ummmm forgotten what else. About to head out with kids for some air, hubby out biking of course.

Back later as haven't read properly but waving hello to TBogle, good to hear the mojo is back!

16/03/2013 at 12:20
Glad that my dream brought TattyB out of hiding! . Was very strange that my subconscious mind remembered TB's son's name when I didn't think I knew it.

CM's cakes on FB she is taking over to MM's look delicious. Hope you all have a good get together today and MM, good luck for Reading tomorrow.

Going to cheat and make a packet mix carrot cake for Max's party later. I haven't baked a cake in years so decided not to risk it and we can always stop at the supermarket later on the way to the beach to buy one if that is a failure.

Oh yes, we've had an offer accepted on a house! Only went to look at it on Thursday morning. The market here seems to be on the up so we wanted to get in before it goes silly again. Will put ours in the market soon, fingers crossed that we get a mortgage as the system is different here to back in uk. It's a bit of a 'fixer-upper' but loads more space than we currently have.

Thanks for all your thoughts about my friend. Apparently in addition to her mass in the ovary she had cancerous signs in her appendix, colon, intestine, kidney and ureter. They have removed all and she is now recovering in hospital. She is the most active person. Is in late 50s but looks in her 40s. Does 150 mile bike rides, is regular runner. Really hope they have caught it early enough.

EF, I teared up just reading what you said about the obem episode so would def not watch.

And remind me EF, are you having a girl?
16/03/2013 at 20:12
Hi Tatty
Hope M has a great day Turbo & nothing wrong with packet mix oh & well jel of the beach! Fabby news on the house offer, yay.
Hope CM & MM had a nice get together. Great cakes on FB. Good luck for race.
No way will I be watching OBEM either. Couldn't bear it. Only watched wee bit of comic relief, find it all a bit too depressing.
Oh Hoggle, the coffin being made, so so sad massive hugs to you all ((((((()))))) x
Have just eaten crisps & a yorkie, oooops!
Swam a mile today & felt fairly dizzy half the day after! Don't think refuelled soon enough & blood sugar must have been low, felt very faint in the shops. Haven't stopped eating since I got back though, oh dear!
Peeved of with hubby, he never says anything nice- tried on a dress of my SIL that I borrowed to maybe wear to a Gilles ball going to next Sat. And his comments were- think you need some fake tan on your legs and your legs are too muscley these days. Charming eh. Always makes me feel crap about myself, grrrrrrrrrrr.
16/03/2013 at 20:31

Well I always think you look fantastic RF, from the pics I see of you on FB, so hubby doesn't know how lucky he is!!!

TTid - missed the news about your friend, wow she sounds a super-woman, hope they've managed to catch it all in time.

MM - hope you enjoyed your Pizza Express and good news on NOT being arthritus.

Lotte - what a total bu**er re the muscle. Rest for the moment I guess and them some cautious mobility later in week?

Just realised Js rugby tournament tomorrow clashes with Inverness Half - Inverness HIghland club is opposite the start/finish of the race - eek. Why would you plan it like that???? Roads closed most of the day and clubs coming from all over, there will be no parking, it will be CHAOS ... nightmare for us as only have one car at the mo and we have to drop hubby at airport on journey home afterwards!!!!

16/03/2013 at 20:38
Ah shame I want up in Inverenss CC, could have met up. Wish I was doing the half, not that I've trained for it mnd you! Hmmmmmmm yes bad timing for J's rugby, it will be chaos. I swam there today & they were setting up the gym hall for registration.
My left foot is niggly, on the sole, hope its not beginning of PF again.............
Thanx CC but in pics I am always dressed up with hair, make up done. Normally at home am a pure state! But hubby does not help my low self esteem. Normally slates my horrible varicose vein legs
Anyway enough moaning.
Hope everyone's having great weekends
16/03/2013 at 20:40
Sorry to hear about Fletcher Hoggle, hope they are coping ok.

Lotte hope some rest is helping.

Poorly baby here, think it might just be his teeth but they are causing a lot of pain if so!
16/03/2013 at 21:17
Rf is your telly debut tomorrow? Remind me what it's called again and when it's one. Ta.
16/03/2013 at 21:23
arrrrgh just typed a whole post then accidentally pressed the back page!!!!
CC - crap planning but perhaps they thought you could jog around while J was playing?
RF is your hubby mean, blind or just tactless. My hubby is lovely to me and if I am fat he compliments my boobs (which are non existent any other time).
Hoggle - glad risks are low and hope it brings quick relief for you.
TTid - yummy!!! Love carrot cake, hope Max enjoyed and great news about house too.
EF - Did you tell us boy or girl????
Sonia - I feel your frustrate, seems odd to get advice to change whole style though when you haven't really had major probs before. Silly Q - you haven't changed trainers have you??
Kinsey - hope teething is quick!!

Woke with a sore hip so had a 10 min massage before my race, had planned to go very easy until end of tough hill (5 mile in) and then try and pick up to mara pace. Ran through a tight calf and got to 5 in 50 mins and then we were hit with hail and snow! Road was white over and caused all sorts of issues with snow in the eyes, slush, slippy, cold etc but managed to pick pace up and picked off all but one of my club mates to finish in 3 hr 3 mins.
5 miles at 10mm, 15 miles at 8.52 to give an overall
20 miles ave 9.09mm. Chuffed with that! Hope that shows potential for a sub 4 at London??
Got some crystal for 1st local lady then came home and watched Wales stuff England in the rugby much to the boys delight (and hubby's horror).
Tom had a fab time at 1 erection and blagged a load of stuff from hubby before they left Manchester this morning!
16/03/2013 at 22:32
Woo hoo camlo!!
17/03/2013 at 07:06
Well done Camlo! You are certainly on for sub-4 pace (I would guess nearer 3.45 on the nice flat London roads!).
No new trainers Camlo, she reckoned my stability shoes were ok. Thanks for advice CC and hoggle. Physio does some massage on it (then it hurts more!) but mostly assessment so far so I don't know what they'll do to me next week.
Kinsey- poor baby. Hopefully teeth but with the amount of germs around at the mo...

My cold is worse, boo! So I wouldn't have been running anyway, horrid cough and my eyes were stuck together this morning...

Rf- that is mean of your hubby! Mine is always nice to me whatever state I look (which is often). Must remember to be less mean to him....

Quick moan again from me! Shouldn't be on here really but girls watching telly and hubby in shower.
So baptism is today, MiL came down on Friday. Yesterday morning when she got up she was drowsy, shaking incoherent. Hubby sent her back to bed as we assumed some drug interaction (she is on mountains of tablets) but no better by lunchtime. So they went to a&e. 12 hours and many tests later they admitted her. Hubby came back and she was phoning asking why she was there, all confused (she is 60 not 90 btw). They think an infection but have no idea so consultant assessing this morning. Hubby will set off back there in a bit for the consultant round. Leaving me to prepare the food and clean the house for post baptism lunch, then get us all in our dresses by 11.30 with the hope that hubby is back, with or without granny! I had better get off here I guess, just noticed one of Rosie's eyes glued shut.... slummy mummy
17/03/2013 at 07:07
Thank god I let waitrose make the christening cake
17/03/2013 at 07:22
Oh my goodness Sonya. What a nightmare. Hope MIL is ok and that u all get through today and its a good day. Thinking of you all.

Agree with others comments about diagnosis of injuries and treatment CM, Hoggle, Lotte and Sonya. Hope things get better for all of you.

TTid - love American packet mixes. Am addicted to Betty Crocker devils food cake and the carrot cake. Mum made them all the time when w e lived there and was so pleased when they started selling them in England. And now I make them too! Good news on house offer BTW.

AMAZING running Camlo. Can't wait to see u at VLM.

RIGHT small child climbing on my head. Gotta go!
17/03/2013 at 07:22
Good luck for today MM.
17/03/2013 at 07:40
Sonya, that's a drama you could do without today of all days but hope she is ok. Hope you have a good day too, bet the girls will look gorgeous all dressed up.

Camlo, that does sound like you are doing some great running at the moment, surely you will rock London!

Brookie, it was a Betty Crocker carrot cake I made. It was actually pretty yummy and soooo quick and easy. I should have taken a photo before we left the house though as it melted and subsided a bit in the warmth and looked a bit sad by the time we cut it.

We had a fabulous afternoon/evening at the beach. Max's 2 best friends came and it was lovely to see them all playing together. They are all very close in height, build and hair colour so they look so cute together. I had put together some party bags for them all with some fun toys which I gave them at the start of the party so they had something to play with. We were out from about 2:30 until 8:30 so a very long day but we had a great time. Our beach club had a bonfire on the beach and fireworks too so that rounded off the evening perfectly, even though Max decided he didn't like the fireworks as they were too noisy!

RF, your husband needs a slap, you do look fabulous in your pics on FB.
17/03/2013 at 07:49
Tt "melted and subsided a bit in the warmth" - you're trying to make us jealous aren't you. Snow on ground here!

Hope mil ok Sonya

Well done camlo!

Sorry this is a usual quickie on phone. Andy's birthday today but it's the Scottish league cup final and somehow hearts have reached it so he's off to weegieland in the snow.
17/03/2013 at 07:51
And rf you look amazing. Tell hubby to naff off.
17/03/2013 at 07:59
Sorry EF, can't believe you have snow again! Since we left UK about 3 1/2 years ago, you have had more snow I think than in the 40 previous years that I lived there.
17/03/2013 at 08:10
I know it's bloody awful tho I think that in 17 yrs of celebrating Andy's birthday it has snowed on at least 5 of them and 3 in the last 5 yrs. it def snowed on his 30th too cos we walked home from his surprise party in a blizzard.

And I haven't 'fessed up yet to sex of baby. Andy has banned me from telling anyone!
17/03/2013 at 08:16
I couldn't remember if you had already announced it EF. Are you going to keep it secret until he/she is born? I wondered if the fact you were browsing the Scottish baby girl names was a clue

I can remember having snow on Mr TT's 40th and his birthday is in April, a lot further south than the frozen north too!
17/03/2013 at 08:31
I'm supposed to keep schtum til then yes. Dunno if I'll manage. No clues in perusal of baby names list cos I read that for sheer entertainment (and horror at the stupidity of some of my fellow countrymen!)
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