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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/12/2012 at 21:16

Oh god Lotte, that's just awful, no real way to describe, let alone how the hell a 14-year-old managed to get out of a unit. Can totally imagine why you would feel sick, makes me feel ill too and I am not even related or anything!  Thinking of you and hope some good news is heard.

Saw your post re the otters (and the towing of the twins etc), sounded a lovely day. We have had similar weather without the wind too, still feels biting cold. Was a stunning sunrise as I drove up to school this morning and a stunning sunset as I drove back up later for the school collection, days do feel VERY short at the moment though. Got S in by 7.15 and J was in by 8 and I haven't heard a peep from him.

So, JT, teacher advice here please!!! My lovely lovely son is driving his teachers nuts ... again ... he just cannot, absolutely cannot sit still!  Mainly when they are grouped on the floor listening to stuff, although according to him thats for about 1/3 of the day which still seems a long time. Is it reasonable for me to send him in with something to 'fiddle' with while sitting - he does sit still then!! A piece of string (something with no noise and not able to bounce!), should this concern me?  I think he's bored too tbh. Sigh ... and they are continually on at him to improve his story-writing (but no advice as to what) and his handwriting. No one has asked to speak to me though.   Sorry, me me me post there but I do feel a bit lost about this and hubby is not a lot of use!

Off to bed with my book as I am trashed. Enjoyed watching Masterchef though.

11/12/2012 at 21:24
Oh Lotte that's terrible. Huge.hugs and prayers. Xxx

Cc that sounds a great run! How fab to find a good running partner.

Ef - hope you're managing to stay sane!

Brookie now you've got me intrigued!

Rf - road bike sounds good. Not been out on mine for tooo long.

Just been to the scariest Pilates class ever! I thought I'd be asked to leave! And the whole group knows just how bad my upper back is now too . An exclamation, in full teaching class voice mode of 'good grief your upper back movement is truly shocking isn't it?!' wasn't the,best amongst a number of cringeworthy comments (Caro I wonder if it's your osteopath's sister?!) but strangely, it would seem she knows her stuff so I could be tempted to go back...
11/12/2012 at 21:30

Ah no Lotte, I hope they find him okay, the last thing his poor mum needs too.

Aidan has hit the terrible three's, everything has to be done on his terms and unfortunately mummy doesn't agree so we are having some epic tantrums.  Wonder how long it will last for, its tiring!  Potty training going well though!

Right, bed!

11/12/2012 at 21:55

Oh no, Lotte, that's terrible.  Hope they find him very quickly and he is safe.

Brookie, that's just cruel, dangling something in front of us but then not telling... hope it's something really exciting!

Kinsey, you are scaring me with talk of terrible 3s setting in.  So far so good with Max, that's not to say he doesn't have his moments but I think we are winning overall.  Scared it's just waiting around the corner, will probably rear its head just as number 2 appears too.

We had huge thunder storm yesterday afternoon and evening.  Had stopped by the time Max went to bed but he got back up at about 10.00 and didn't want to go back into his own bed but into spare bed so I snuggled in with him.  No real hardship but couldn't get any reason out of him as to why he wouldn't go in his own bed.  Hope he doesn't do the same tonight. 

Hoping it stays dry so I can make it out for walk with running group later, Anj you are awesome still running.  Wondering whether to wear belly belt.  My main problem is desperation for a wee!

Lotte,otters sound great.  Our road is 'Otter Creek Lane' and I have actually seen otters in the lakes too, love them.

11/12/2012 at 22:01
Kinsey we are in the terrible fives. I swear we were only up 45 mins before leaving for work today and I shouted for about 35 of them. Likewise tonight. Screaming match. It's the attitude I can't stand. And the smirk she can't keep off her face when I'm yelling.

JT I'm demented. Can't focus, feel lousy, terrified nothing will be there, terrified two will be there. Going to take a half day tomorrow I think esp with feeling so sick. Not been sick yet which I think is down to my total avoidance of the fridge. It gives me the dry boak just thinking about it so I ain't risking it!

Only 3 sleeps!!

Brookie I'm utterly intrigued. New job? Re locating?

Cc wish I cld get 1:1 as well. So long since I did any Pilates and I used to love it.
11/12/2012 at 22:08

Oh no Lotte, that is awful. I really hope they find him quickly and that they can help him.

Otters sound lovely, sounds like you had a lovely clear, cold day like us down south! Fog now and tomorrow though I think.

Maybe Max thought the noise was coming from under his bed TT? Not sure I can call it "running" tbh, averaging over 10 min miles now but still managing to plod.Not sure a belly band will help with the wee!!  I just make sure I do a wee straight before and about a mile or so in and I'm usually fine. I have the osteo tomorrow though as have had a couple of back and pubic bone twinges....(sorry tmi!)  and would like to make sure all is in place etc...

CM - lapland sounds great! And glad the kitten is home safe and sound.

CC - your run around the forest sounds great. I MUST MUST MUST go and get myself some running buddies in the new year after baby is born. I think I will def join a running club.

Oh come on Brookie...tell!


11/12/2012 at 22:34

Oh EF, I remember that so well. ((())) My blood pressure was horrific when I went for my first scan with Archie.  So bad that the midwife refused to record it, sensibly waited until after my scan and hearing my story, and thankfully it had moved into acceptable levels, just!  Just try and keep occupied.  Was the worst weeks of worry of my life I think.

TT - hope Max goes/went off ok, not sure of the time difference at the moment!

Ok CC, very common problem.  And yes, giving him something to fiddle with can be really helpful, something I used to recommend a lot when with Behaviour Support.  Stress balls (but not in ball shape so they can't roll around if that makes sense!) can be really helpful, just something unobtrusive that can't distract the others too much really.  Another thing that can be really helpful are seating wedges or wobble cushions (sorry can't post proper links at mo!) as they focus the child on where to sit, and make them concentrate on remaining stable rather than fiddling if that makes sense!  Ted has the seat wedge to help him in school, it can be used easily on a chair too as well as the carpet.  Have to say, it does sound like the carpet could be overused!

As for writing, it's difficult as it's basically practise..., and boys are notorious for having bad handwriting.  Is it worth checking out some pencil grips to make it more comfortable to write?  That can be a problem at times.  The silicone ones can be good, Ted uses a Cross Guard Ultra which makes it more comfortable for him to write.

As for story writing, it's quite possibly because his interests aren't being tapped.  I'd get him to do some endings for stories that have being started to get him thinking about the structure, looking at bits of dialogue that need padding out to enhance vocabulary, checklists for use of power verbs, adjectives, use of punctuation etc. has some great stuff in KS2 Literacy, I'll see if I can save and mail the stuff I've being doing with the lad I tutor (similar issues!) and has been working.  Sorry getting waffly!!!!

11/12/2012 at 22:38

Oh, and please don't think I'm suggesting that J has ADHD CC!  Wobble cushions and seating wedges are used to cover a far greater range of issues than that!!!

11/12/2012 at 22:41

ha, not in bed yet am I!!! thankyou so much JT, that is REALLY helpful and all makes a lot of sense. Was trying to think of something unobtrusive that couldn't roll for starters.  I guess some of this is kind of dyspraxia stuff, I know lad in Js old school had the seat wedge and it definitely helped him (he was diagnosed as dyspraxic whereas I think J has strong tendencies to some stuff but other not at all).  Anyway, am going to copy and past this stuff and read up tomorrow when I am a bit more with it but I am very grateful.

Cracking personal skills that instructor then!! But if she knows her stuff then probably worth persuing

I quite enjoy 1:1 even though my skills are still quite limited, you can do much more with one person cos you can correct everything immediately. Is why I am not bothered about small class sizes. In theory I should be charging much more as it's almost personal training but I am not experienced enough for that yet and think I would be taking the p*ss.

Anjelicats - I do virtually all my running on my own as I just can't make running club sessions so even though I don't know this lady too well I am going to try and fix some more runs with her as it will be of great benefit on many levels.

11/12/2012 at 22:43

just realised I've got one of those wobble cushions in the lounge - got it from TKMaxx for ankle strengthening and don't use it ... perfect

11/12/2012 at 22:45

and don't worry JT, I know you are not suggesting J is as such

11/12/2012 at 22:59
Yay! Excellent! Well worth a try as it provides a defined area for them too if that makes sense. just out of interest, does J get really giddy when he's tired? Could be some hypermobility going on, with all the exercise you do it would probably self correct, but may explain the handwriting too. Scary instructor did suggest some 1:1 but not sure my confidence can take the whole hit of her on my own! But I know it would be focused so probably should consider it...
11/12/2012 at 23:05
Fingers in ears Kinsey, boys are sweet and lovely and don't have tantrums, la la la.

Mine is poorly tonight, been coughing for a wk now and today had a temp and just looked very miserable. Calpol and sleep prescribed by mummy, wish I could avoid taking him to school tomorrow, out in the freezing cold, but can't avoid it. Madams 'celebration' concert tomorrow, at least one Hanukkah and one divali song, several on space men and aliens, and maybe one on Xmas if we're lucky.

Lotte I really hopenhe is ok...

EF does that mean 3 sleeps to the scan?

Went to carol concert with school friends tonight, madam apparently had a major melt down and we'd onnthe living room floor. Nice!

Vixo are you ok? Having a baby?
12/12/2012 at 07:33
Ooh yes vixo where are you?!

Was 3 sleeps to scan but now 2 hurrah.

Or as a friend posted - hey fellow insomniacs, only 4 sleeps til christmas! (pls don't anyone be offended!)
12/12/2012 at 07:41
EF - think we are all counting down with you, the waiting is the worst!

TT - Martha never really did tantrums although am getting the attitude from her now a bit. The thing is I don't have the luxury of time to defuse tantrums, if its the school run and he wants to do control freakery over shoes and coats then its his tough luck and I will put him in the pram without either!! Not good when its this cold though! It's a growth and development spurt as he wants to dress himself and is shooting up height wise too.
12/12/2012 at 07:49
We're getting what I guess are tantrums. When M doesn't get what she wants she lies down and sobs like her heart is broken. Tried ignoring it but goes on forever so have decided that distraction is more effective. Not too often luckily but not great that she's only 17 months!
It's so light at night now that she's really struggling to get to sleep - she tries bless her but eventually winds up chatting to her toys.
Going for a run 2nd day in a row tomorrow! Ok this is big for me! Dropping car of at garage then running across town to collect other car from where hubby has parked it. Hope it's as nice as today - gorgeous along the coastal path!
12/12/2012 at 08:06
Forgot to say - thinking of your family Lotte. I hope he is safe and sound and all is ok ((()))
12/12/2012 at 08:10
No baby! I'm 38+5 today, due date next Friday and I think it will be round about then - both others born within 3 days of due date. Will write more later as doing breakfast!

EF - all thoughts with you, and yes, I feel nervous for you too - all fingers crossed!
12/12/2012 at 09:11
Truly amazing isn't it? On the mornings I take the children to school and nursery I get up early, have a shower, get them dressed, sort breakfast, pack bags, do hair, find coats, hats, gloves, shoes and get out of the door on time. On the one day my husband takes them in, I get a nice long lie in with a cup of tea brought to me in bed.....oops no, it seems I've retreated into my fantasy world again - he lies in bed and I still get up early, get them dressed, breakfast, bags etc, and he gets up at the last minute and walks out the door with them!!!!!

Can totally sympathise with the craftting and paper everywhere. Isabelle loves 'cutting up' and we also had a craft explosion over the weekend as we went to a 'messy church' event at the church connected to school, which was fab, but resulted in lots of lovely projects which we had to bring home! I have managed to find some pictures she can colour and cut out to be present tags so at least at the moment I've got her working on something useful which will save me sorting out any other tags. I did have to suggest she choose some brighter colours though as the first few were all black and brown - she pointed out that teddy bears usually are, which I suppose is technically true, but not very Christmassy!

Hoggle - E tantrums too. She's desperate to be able to communicate which results in lots of pointing and wailing, and she stands on the spot and stamps her feet when she's cross. Compared to Isabelle's tantrums they're quite sweet and funny, so she doesn't get much reaction - poor child!

EF - Isabelle is doing a lot of smirking and a bit of back chat. It infuriates me like nothing else and I'm having to work hard to come up with a constructive way of dealing with it - let me know if anything works for you! At the moment I'm trying to focus on lots of praise on good days and ignoring the bad (although my patience isn't up to too much ignoring!). Oh, and I read a good book this week - a crime thriller type thing which was very cheap on the kindle - called Safe House, by someone Evans. Can't remember if you've got a kindle but it was either 20p or 99p!

Going to finish my wrapping this morning, then I think most of my 'must do' jobs are done. I had a really lazy day on Monday - my parents had E and Isabelle was at school and I lay on the sofa with the radio on and read a whole book. It was bliss, but I did feel a bit guilty! Husband worked all weekend and was knackered, but I figured I should rest while I had the chance!!
12/12/2012 at 09:22
Oh, and if anyone needs any outdoorsy stuff for presents, has some great offers on. I've got some sheepskin slippers for the children for 70% off! It's one of my favourite websites for drooling over expensive stuff, but when they have offers they're really good.
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