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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/01/2014 at 23:29

Hello from me too. Really love reading all the daily chat and stories but too tired to post properly Like JG. Echo all Camlo's yays and boos. Top

summaries as ever. 

23/01/2014 at 12:34

Quick post to say hello here too. Never enough hours in the day. At work just now!

Huge well done to RF, you rock!

Sonya, if you are used to that mileage and definitely do not race or push yourself I can't see what the problem would be with jolly jogging the half! I smashed myself during a 10k in a hot Canada a week before finding out I was preg with the twins. Not to be advised but...

Sorry CC I think you asked ages ago but you know the answer anyway Run the dirty thirty only if you are sure you can run it slowly, no faster than normal LSR pace I would say, prob slower. GGW is great and you definitely don't want to trash your legs before!

Having race dilemmas of my own. Thinking to pull out of the Dee 33. Its a rubbish weekend for me to be away. Our local fire festival and hubby out all weekend meaning I would have to rely on grandparents etc for babysitting. Plus I feel I really need to get a decent block of training in before my 'A' race on 4th May (100k), If I race the Dee33 I am worried I will need a decent recovery time and with that, tapering and a weeks skiing all before the 100k I just think my training will be too compromised. Thinking about the inverness half the weekend before instead as I also need to get the qualifying standard before Sept for the island games in Jersey and that should hopefully get it out of the way with. Then the rest of the year will be WHW at end of June and Glenmore 24 in Sept.

We have had the most awful almost 2 weeks of gale force winds making training a challenge. Cheated last week and did my 20 miler with the wind behind me and will probs have to do the same again this weekend. Track was cancelled last night but we have a brief lull today so I did my speed session at 6am this morning. Evil. Wind should be back to severe storm force 10 tonight. Boats have been cancelled a lot meaning fresh food has been a bit hit or miss. Gah, island life eh!

Knee holding up ok but hip playing up. Went to the chiro yesterday and she has worked a bit of magic, some manipulation, massage and acupuncture. Back again next week. Think most of it stems from a very stiff ankle.

Right better get on with work.


23/01/2014 at 12:35

Haha spooky x-post CC! Keep it slow then


23/01/2014 at 13:28

quick dive on before my 1.30 call which i haven't prepared for as i have been flat out on a bid all week ignoring all the things i was supposed to be doing for IPCC

anyway - hi Lotte! race conundrums indeed. glad i don't have them

vixo - you were right. TMJ dysfunction. treatment = anti-inflamms which i can't take. ah well

and .... drumroll.... i have been shortlisted for an interview for Service Desk Manager at Cardiff Uni. i applied for it before xmas and hadn't heard anything so assumed (again) that i had been unsuccessful in my application. but no! interview on 7 feb. i don't think i'll get it and even if i do, the pay is crap but it makes me feel good at least that i got through shortlisting!

right - 2 mins until my call which i am hosting which i haven't prepared for. do you think they will notice?

23/01/2014 at 13:47

No, they won't CM!

Thought I would try and get back on here, I do often read back but am completely rubbish at posting, as by the time I've read back I'm usually out of time.

But wanted to say that K is totally addicted to Skylanders too, CM.  We bought him Giants a year ago (Christmas 2013) and deliberated long and hard before doing so.  But he was really into it and nearly all his friends had it and we felt it was a social thing as well because they could take their figures to each other's houses to play.  A year later, the obsession hasn't died and he got the new Swap Force for Christmas this year.  We do restrict Skylanders time quite strictly to 30 minutes a day, before tea.  After tea it goes off as he just gets too stimulated by it otherwise.  He has all the Skylanders books too, which I don't mind as they are actually well-written and good stories.  He's happy to read those to himself or we read them at bedtime.

Bedtime: the aim is lights out by 7:30, so in bed around 7pm then read (we only read to him at bedtime, he doesn't read to us) and depending on time we have one or two chapters of whatever we're reading at the time (currently Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator).  I sing him a couple of songs (he's had the same ones for the past couple of years but it's become part of the bedtime routine) then lights out. I have to go back and check on him and give him a kiss but that's only about 2 minutes later.  Bedtime can be a real rush as often I'm collecting hubby from the station at 6:30 which doesn't leave much time to get bedtime sorted.  It's more challenging at the moment too as he's gone up a grade in karate which meajns they now have to train twice per week and the class times are an hour later so don't finish until 6pm.  Try to do a quick tea on those nights.  On Wednesday he has Beavers which doesn't finish until 7:30pm (late!) so no story.  I do bath/shower only Sunday, Tuesday and Friday now, the other days he just has a wash.

Congratulations to Sonya and TT, there are a lot of 3-child families on here!  JT you seem to be doing fantastically!  And RF you're a nutter but what a fab result!  Lotte have you gone more over to ultras now?  No more marathon goals for the moment?  CC crazy life as always!

Decided not to run a marathon this year.  It just means I never do any other races because I focus fully on marathon training, and after training through all the snow last year then not achieving my goals I just didn't fancy another winter of slogging out 20-milers every other weekend.  So aiming to try and do a race a month (as far as possible, some months there is nothing suitable) - race for January done last weekend, 10M in a new PB of 1:12 which I was very happy with as not done any specific training.  Doing Watford Half next weekend although not expecting a great time as apparently it's a tough course with some nasty hills so we'll see.

I shall try to post more regularly going forward ...


23/01/2014 at 13:55

Woohoo! CC, yes I am camping, Shielbridge campsite is the plan, at moment whole family is planning on coming, Mr Tangy supposed to be putting in for holiday on the Friday. Plan to leave here either Fri morning or at 3pm when Camryn gets out of school (going to speak to teacher closer to time and will depend what they have on that day, whether keep her off and head up early, Nat will be finished school (OMG my baby, she will be a uni student in waiting, altho she has a school trip to France a week later). We will camp over Friday and Saturday night and go over to Skye on Sunday morning for the Day, driving home in the evening. Camryn is desperate to see where I grew up and we will go do some beach combing hopefully in sunshine.


Haven't booked campsite yet but will do soon. I did like the idea of doing it all myself, driving up, sleeping in my car etc, but the thought that if I end up really sore or injured and I am then stranded way up North and can't get home did worry me a bit. Think once I have done this race and survived intact I will be happier about doing others myself. Will see how the legs feel, have always been ok after marathons though.

If you want to run it real slow you can always 'run' with me, I will be 3 weeks post marathon and i am already slow. You would have plenty opportunity for site seeing, picture taking, sit dwn for a rest (maybe a snooze) LOL

I don't know if i am more excited at the prospect of doing it and looking forward to it, or just pooping my pants at the thought. I have absolutely no experience of running up in the hills (not Highland hills anyway), never been hill walking except when I worked for the railway and had to hike miles to some railway bridge in middle of nowhere, but i was always accompanied by at least one burly man sometimes half a dozen and I never had to navigate (my hill walker colleague did that). Have a compass and a map but don't actually know how to use it, from what I have read I won't need to but think I should get myself on a one day navigation course if I can just so I know how to. Have a book about navigation but these things are always more complicated to explain in writing than they are to actually show in person.


23/01/2014 at 14:04

Minks - lovely to hear from you. I have no idea how you manage to get away with a bedtime without a story even if it's a late night. There would be UTTER meltdown in this house if there wasn't a(t least 20 minutes worth of) story at bedtime. in fact, i use 'no story at bedtime' as a threat if there is misbehaviour. i only once put J to bed without a story - he was about 3 and had been vile, so he had his warning and then went to bed with no story. blimey he did NOT like that.

i must be a soft touch - i have been known to drive the kids back from a wedding late at night, they fall asleep in the car (already in pjs ready for journey etc). then when we get home, they stir as i lift them from the car to bed and then wake enough to ask for a story. so at 12 midnight i'm reading them each a bedtime story!!

cc / tt - am envious of your dirty 30 plans. notice i say PLANS. i have no desire to run anything like that, but the planning for it always sounds fab!


23/01/2014 at 14:06

oh and Minks - no they didn't. you were right. mainly because they hadn't opened the action spreadsheet i sent after the last meeting, so the fact that i hadn't done any of my actions (my excuse was that i don't have my clearance thru yet) was overshadowed by the fact that they haven't done any of theirs either lol

23/01/2014 at 14:51

cc - it's probably the guilt thing for me. i do say 'no' to lots of things - but not to reading a story at bedtime. it's something i can do; it's good for them (apparently), and even though it eats into my evening, well - they are only little for so long. presumably (at some point) they won't want me reading to them any longer and then i'll miss it.

J's two rugby friends are into Pokemon. it's all they discuss in the car when i give them a lift to training. poor J sits there and says nothing. it's funny really - he has talked about Pokemon and wanting a game (he really does want to be able to join in the conversations) but when he writes lists for christmas / birthday - it doesn't appear. he's obviously NOT that bothered

minecraft - i don't get it at all. have no idea what to do with it or how it works. i don't understand it one bit!!

23/01/2014 at 16:11

K's friend has Minecraft; I think K played it a couple of times when he went to the friend's house and went on about it a bit, but I took no notice and he didn't mention it again.  Skylanders, though, is a whole different matter!  What amazes me is that he knows everything about it (and I mean everything!)  If I ask about a character's latest upgrade, he'll tell me the precise keys and movements for it and even how much the upgrade costs!  LOL!

Bedtime in our house occasionally takes longer than I'd like - I am also possessive of my 'me' time, CC, especially as that's often my running time! - but generally light is out by 7:30.  K is a lark and is usually awake/up at 6:30, even at weekends because we have to get up early then as well, although he did manage to sleep in until 7-7:30 over Christmas when I reset his sun clock (think he must have the same clock as J, CM).  K loves his bed and rarely messes about at bedtime; sometimes he's so tired he asks not to have a story (although that is rare).  He's a fantastic sleeper too, although there were a couple of occasions last summer when I came home from a run around 8:30pm to find him running around in the garden in his PJs with hubby.  He finds it harder to settle in the summer when the evenings are light, even with blackout curtains.

TT, I'd be pooping my pants too LOL!  I really admire all you ladies doing these crazy offroad events.  I have to say they are not my bag - I like firm tarmac under my feet, or at least a surface I'm not going to break my ankles running on! - but I have the utmost respect and admiration for anyone doing them.  The ankle-deep mud of Epping Forest is about my limit, and even then I didn't much enjoy my last run there, sliding around all over the place unable to get any sort of pace going.


23/01/2014 at 16:26

i'm looking at an offroad event in the dark in a month's time. but it's only a 10k. it will be pitch black though. and very muddy as it's all trail. they recommend fell shoes. i am useless offroad and i'm useless in the dark so god alone knows why i'm considering it!!

J is the same with skylanders. he is always saying 'mummy, can i tell you something?' and i jokingly say 'as long as it's not about skylanders' to which he always tuts and pulls a face - as it always is. he LOVES it. i must admit i don't understand much of it at all - particularly not all the various elements and who can do what and which character works on which game. but fortunately J knows. although he gets cross with me when i can't tell him which of the air character is my favourite one - i don't know what any of them are called or what any of them do!!

23/01/2014 at 16:43

Mud, rocky gravelly trail etc I don't mind, not keen on 

bogs and water crossings tho, I am not a water person. 

But I regularly run next to water and through canal tunnels 

which freak me out, so I know I can do it. I even went duckying and 

white water rafting about 10yrs ago, so I don't freeze or freak out, just worry about it b4hand and 

enjoy myself more once the water bits are done. I also used to wade out in 

rivers in a dry suit attached to a rope with a measuring stick to take 

levels around bridge pillars, what the Hell was I doing, where the Hell 

was health &safety


I spent my childhood climbing hills, my house in Sconser was right at the foot 

of the Cuillins, so blame that for my desire to b out in the countryside, unfortunately I 

lived in suburbia from the age of 9, so I don't have the experience or training to 

confidently do these things. Really want to do hill walking but don't feel

 confident enough to start, you see all these warnings about not climbing 

if ur not experienced but how the Hell do u get experienced. Going to find 

some easy kid friendly walks to do with Camryn once weather improves.


23/01/2014 at 16:55

yes, i did the thunderrun back in the summer and it was hideous but fun! hopefully it will be fine. i have trail shoes - not shelling out on fell shoes just for 1 event. however, i shall no doubt regret that

hill walking should be fine to do really. i wouldn't climb without someone experienced but walking in the hills should be okay. pick a good day; take a map and maybe get a route description from somewhere (book / internet). don't get too ambitious to start off with - there are some around here where the carpark is literally at the bottom of the hill (or even half way up) so you can pretty much see the car park all the way up and back down again (if you do an up and down route). there are others which are circular but well described and follow a path which you can pretty much see from the car park before you set out. you could always contact a local walking group for advice. or even maybe try to join up with one one day (although they may all be about 80 and walk verrrrrry slowly).

23/01/2014 at 19:10

Thanks CM, have bn reading bits online and had 

few suggestions from people on some easy walks. Going to try and get 

myself on a navigation course then I can teach Camryn how to do it too.

23/01/2014 at 20:15

I have to smile at the ramblers I sometimes see on the canal towpath - all in their 'proper' hiking boots complete with maps, whistles, rucksacks and walking poles.  The canal towpath is pretty much all good surface which certainly doesn't warrant walking poles (or even hiking boots) but fair play to them for getting out there and getting some exercise.  They do annoy me when they walk en masse and don't move over to let me through though - do they want me to end up in the canal??

Went for a swim after work - we have a two-lane, 25m pool in the basement of our student centre so decided to try it for the first time.  Great facilities but the water was SO cold!  They had just drained and refilled the pool and one of the staff did say that it's usually 3-4 degrees warmer.  Once I got swimming I warmed up fairly quickly.  Only had time for 30 minutes but that was enough.  I've been having lessons since September (can swim, but rubbish and want to improve) so it was good to be able to practise outside of my weekly class.  I go to the same place as K, which is a private school, and there are only 3 of us in the class so it's great; lots of 1:1 tuition.  I definitely feel I've improved heaps just in a term - I had never swum front crawl before and although I have a long way to go to be proficient I can manage a few lengths without drowning now.

23/01/2014 at 20:31

oh god was hoping for a quick read and you guys have written masses!  Am shattered, 6 hrs travelling to get to and from little village in W Sussex for funeral.  Glad I made the effort.  Pretty village church, lots of her grand children and great grandchildren were there (she was married to my grandpa, so was technically my dad's step mother) plus my aunts and uncles.  Anyway, it felt right to go, but now am going to get an early early night!!  Am reading Mo Farah's autobiography and I am up to about 2005 where he just started living with the Kenyan runners and learning that you can't do anything without enough rest!!  I will be especially interested to see how he does at VLM in April after reading this as he had a connection with the race from way back - they gave him a load of sponsorship money and he used to train with Dave Bedford's son - so the fact that he will be running it means he has kind of come full circle.  He just better bloody win!

23/01/2014 at 20:32

Oh and Minks what 10 miler was it?  and I still think you should aim for roding valley 1/2 on march 9th - if watford is next wk end you have loads of recovery time.

23/01/2014 at 21:29

I'm reading and not posting too. Hello minks!

I know nothing of skylanders or minecraft. Was that even the right word?  

had my formal ceremony for becoming a solicitor advocate yesterday. Swore my allegiance to queen Elizabeth etc in open court

i took Fraser to the dr on tues following the FB post. Gp was pretty decent. We've done a poo sample and we will go from there. 


Need to tidy for cleaner but well done to you lot for all the races you are entering! 

23/01/2014 at 21:41

Ps thank you Caro. I've been meaning to get mo farah's book in kindle and every time I remember I am sans kindle then I forget again and for days I've been saying there was sth I was going to buy but I can't remember what it was! And you have enlightened me 

will post a pic of ceremony on FB. It's all very much pomp and circumstance! 

23/01/2014 at 22:15
Oh no EF. What is up with Fraser?
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