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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/01/2014 at 22:18

Congratulations EF, what an amazing achievement esp 

given the last few yrs u have had, just amazing 


CC- I did try to find out about orienteering clubs last 

yr but didn't have much luck tbh, info on the web was 

all gobbledegook to me and wasn't sure what was competitions 

and what was something anyone could go along to and join. 

Plus nearest seemed to b a good 30miles away, so it was a long way to go just to b told it was 

some official competition and we weren't welcome. 

Will have to look again and see if I can find out more, probably 

gave up to easy last yr as Cam was only 4 at the time

23/01/2014 at 22:21

I think more rural communities can often b much better 

for clubs and family friendly things, seem to make more effort 

to provide these kind of things

23/01/2014 at 22:36

Thanks tangy

CM he is pooing for Britain - more than you would expect from a baby - and varying consistency culminating in one with blood streaked mucous. no more blood and they've been slightly less runny but still pretty frequent. Lovely! Two complete changes needed yesterday! He woke screaming at 9pm tonight and I think it was sore tum. He had butternut squash and a frontage frais for tea. I keep wondering if it's the dairy but I've had dairy all through and there have been no problems. 

23/01/2014 at 22:37

Fromage not frontage!

23/01/2014 at 22:42
Oh bless him. Poor lad. Hope tests reveal something. Or it resolves itself.
24/01/2014 at 10:38

I got it from the library EF - not sure it's worth spending money on.  I just got an e mail telling me it's due back in 3 days so I either need to read fast or hopefully renew it!

24/01/2014 at 10:40

I got Mo Farah's autobiography for Christmas, Caro, but haven't started it yet - currently reading Seven Deadly Sins is by a journalist called David Walsh and is subtitled 'My Pursuit of Lance Armstrong' - and basically details the story of Lance's downfall helped in no small part by the fact David Walsh decided on meeting Lance that he didn't like him and was convincd he was doping and set out to ruin him.  I don't condone what Lance did but the point is he was certainly not the first, nor necessarily the most prolific, and he won't be the last - but the whole doping thing turned into a witchhunt against him.  Interesting reading but the book is quite narrow in its focus (as I suppose is to be expected from the title) and does little to explore other dopers or the climate of the sport - it's made clear that Lance is a nasty piece of work, but in the EPO era (which arrived long before he did) it does seem to me that Lance was essentially doing what he had to do to win (and he is a man quite obsessively driven to win).

EF - how old is Fraser now?  He couldn't be teething could he?  Just remember K doing dreadful and frequent poos when he was teething.  Many congrats on your "calling" too - how grown-up!

Caro, the race I did was the Fred Hughes 10 in St Albans.  Unfortunately I can't do the Roding Valley half - knew there was a reason why I hadn't put it on my race calendar!  It clashes with the Hammersmith Head race hubby is doing.  Most rowing events are Saturday fortunately but that particular one is a Sunday.

Funny how mums of girls know nothing about Skylanders (or Minecraft).  I can't imagine a world without Skylanders but know absolutely nothing about what girls of K's age are interested in.

CC, yes, was determined to sign up for swimming classes.  No real need as I'm not planning on any triathlons any time soon, but I've always felt I could be a much better swimmer and suspected that much of my uselessness in water was down to poor technique.  I never learned formally as a child (my dad taught me) and so have never been taught properly. I've never been able to do front crawl - I'm at the point now where I get times where it suddenly clicks for half a length or so and all feels in harmony, then I mis-time my breathing and end up with a lungful of water! But slowly improving.  Turns out that I've been doing breaststroke (which I thought I was quite good at) completely wrong all these years - much harder to unlearn familiar bad technique than to learn good technique from scratch actually!

24/01/2014 at 12:20

Went out to do 6 mile run and ended up doing 10 miles, was just such lovely running weather and felt like a cheek calling 6 miles my LSR of the week. Longest run I have done since 20th October last year, my lumbar region/top of glutes is feeling it already, wasn't the flattest of runs either .


Keep meaning to say to folks having problems with glutes not firing properly, I have found (and CC can maybe correct me/back me up) that if I work really hard on keeping good posture while running, especially running up hill, it makes a huge difference. I have habit of hunching shoulders and dropping head when get tired or go up long hill, have been working really hard to keep head up, shoulders back and relaxed, chest up and out (just as you have to do when doing a squat correctly) and you can instantly feel the difference, upper back relaxes, you can get more oxygen in as chest is opened up more and you can feel the big muscles down the centre of back and glutes engage.


Minks- that is brilliant on the swimming lessons, i did same about 10 years ago and best thing I ever did, love being able to swim properly. Most people do the breast stroke wrong, you will notice that when you go to public pool now, I am usually only person out of a dozen who is swimming with proper technique when I go to my local pool. Camryn has just started lessons with TotalSwimming which is same kind of private lesson provider, they have about 4 in a class and instructor is in pool with them, she is loving it, and she got moved up a class in her 2nd week so she is feeling super confident .

CC- I live in Cumbernauld, which is half way between Glasgow and Stirling. Think there might have been a club in Stirling area if remember correctly. They have the Ochil hills to play on there, The Campsie Hills are not  far from me so don't know if there is a club closer to me that might be based somewhere around them?!?!

24/01/2014 at 13:36

Had a quick look on the orienteering site CC, it's either had an upgrade or it's different site from what I was on last year, bit easier to navigate round. The forth valley club looks a better option as far as where they run their events but unfortunately all their upcoming events seem to be on Sunday mornings which is when Camryn has her swimming lessons. The first one is next weekend in Callander Park and we are actually going to Callander Park tomorrow. Will have to look into whether can change her swimming lessons to a Sat or an evening during week on her next block.

24/01/2014 at 15:28

i have one swimming lesson but should have some more. like Minks, i thought i could swim breaststroke well but it's all wrong. tbh i'm not that bothered about breaststroke since i'm fast using the stroke i do and nothing gets hurt as a result of it.

but my front crawl isn't good. technically it looks ok i think but it's such bl00dy hard work that i can't keep it up.

was watching E at the weekend in her lessons. there are 2 of them in her lane and 2 in J's lane so their class sizes are small. they have a teacher each (in fact there are 4 lanes with 4 teachers plus the head of the school there). she is incredible. SOOOO speedy. she's like a rocket in the water. and her little arm shoots out, elbow up, arches and straightens, dips into the water. it's incredible to watch her. J swims faster still but only because he's bigger. he's not as graceful a swimmer, but he can plod on forever. i don't suppose it'll be long before she's in his class. bless her. she's a  mean swimmer!

25/01/2014 at 08:15

Argh. Like Caro wante a quick read but there's masses here and all interesting! About to try and go for my first ever park run. So excited! Is that really sad?! 

25/01/2014 at 10:15
Brookie - nope not sad. I did one this morning too. Lovely and muddy. Shoelace came undone tho so that is my excuse for rubbish time. I run without watch these days so don't know what I ran but imagine it won't be good! Still better than if I had stayed in bed tho lol
25/01/2014 at 10:19

So how was it Brookie??

After a disastrous last 2 parkruns (for me anyway!) I got a PB today and 1st lady, so phew, I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me!  Now only 20 seconds to knock off for the elusive sub 20......if only it was that easy.  Chest felt awful after, so tight, lots of coughing, pounding headache for a couple of mins.  Wonderful Drs called me on Thurs to say the spirometry machine was bust so I needed to reschedule, so now instead of being able to go in peace with no kids, I will have to bring both of them with me!  I can see that working.........i pad, peppa pig and threats of violence if they don't behave!  My blue inhaler has run out but I dont want to get another incase Dr changes it, so I have been using Erics.......I guess I should get him another one really.  Well at least his prescriptions are free!

25/01/2014 at 10:48

Loved it loved it! Just bf-ing so will post properly in a bit. Not fast bit great fun! 

25/01/2014 at 12:20

Also did 4 miles this morning.  Day 25 of no booze.  Why am I not feeling slightly fitter!!

JT - oh no, what are you going to do about breast pads?  Hope you can find something that doesn't irritate or that it calms down.

Just been for a haircut as well so have had a decent amount of child free time so far today.  Also just got some fabric samples in post from John Lewis as I am going to need curtains for new house if it all goes through ok!

25/01/2014 at 13:25

haven't read back yet but will do now whilst kids are asleep.  I loved my park run this morning.  Everyone seemed very friendly and it was fun to run with so many other people.  No idea what time I did as I saw Mr B and kids at the end as they had arrived as I finished so I forgot to stop my garmin.  Think it was about 27-28 mins tho so pretty slow really.  I know I was 8.30 m/m at one point but was probably slower at the start whilst I settled into it.  A long way to go to reach your heady heights Caro!  Fastest girl on this park run apparently ran 17 something.  Not today though.  I am sure you will go sub-20 Carol.

Sounds like you both enjoyed yours CM and Caro.  LOL to day 25 of no booze Kinsey.  I must be on that too - not by design, just cos I haven't been out and haven't really felt like drinking on my own in the evening and hubby has been working v late recently.

Hurray to child free haircuts and new curtains (and hopefully new house too!) Off to read back now.  

CC - really interested in the FIRSt schedule thing - and especially that you got a PB after following it.  Realistically, 3 runs a week is all I'm gonna get before Berlin so I need to use them wisely.  I admit to being a lazy runner though and do far too many "junk miles" in training rather than intervals or speed work.  So I might find it a bit of a kick up the ar*e!  Is there a book about it or did you get all the info online?  I vaguely remember RW doing a feature on it - in fact there might even be a downloadable training programme on the site......

Off to read back properly now  - can you tell I'm on computer and not phone? Talking too much.....!

25/01/2014 at 13:34

Brookie- I bought the book, run less run faster about the first schedule. Good read.

well done on all the park running! I did 7 miles before my bladder forced me home!


25/01/2014 at 13:41

Yeay well done Brookie !  And Caro and CM!  Does your chest feel tight while you're running Caro, or just afterwards?  Doesn't sound nice.

Yep clamming here for me too!  I saw the physio again yesterday and she's given me lunges to do as well, and says I can still do Sheffield half but just not to do more than about 5 miles at a time at the moment.  I'm not sure if I can fit in more than one 5 mile run in a week though...might have to be a Friday morning.  My hip really aches today, not sure if it's the pounding she gave my ITB (ouch) or possibly walking up to the restaurant and back last night in heels??!

Feeling a bit rough this morning, had a fun meal out with the PTA and was persuaded by Sophie's teacher (the Chair) to have another ("how often do you get to go out?") so I am fully blaming her for my comatose state today!  Couldn't even get myself out of bed to take Sophie swimming, even though it was my turn.  Bad Mummy...!  I definitely needed a good night out with some girls though - one of the first topics of conversation was used teabag post-baby boobs .

Long time ago now, but bedtime here is relatively short although when I put Sophie to bed it always seems to take ages, mostly because I start tidying her room or putting clothes away while I'm in there!  She reads to us (sometimes reluctantly with me!) then we read a library book to her.  I used to read her 2 stories if the first one was short, but now she reads to us there's no time for that!  We're usually done by 7.30pm, then she plays in her room for a bit, depending on how tired she is, or I think she is!  Nicky is very quick, just a story, say night night to Sophie and he goes to bed.

Hate being hungover though, it's such a waste of a weekend!  If only I'd stopped a pint earlier...

25/01/2014 at 13:45

LOL to bladder issues.  The run today (especially sprinting to the finish) reminded me to work on my pelvic floor.  I don't know if any of you remember the grievous injury I received to my derriere, caused by a pantyliner in the Edinburgh marathon a couple years ago.......not to be repeated.......

Bedtimes - (I know I know, it's pages back!) interesting reading.  Like you CM, I could never say no to bedtime stories.  We always read several but I try to keep bedtime routine to no more than 45 mins.  I'd cut down on bath time rather than miss stories though.  I'm the same in that I love reading to E and I and they won't want it forever.....all that said though, if lights aren't out by 7.30 isn I get a bit angsty.  I need my evenings too!

No idea about Skylander etc - i'm sure it will come.

Went to RAF Museum in Hendon yday.  I'm not big into that kind of thing but as a place to take a toddler, it was AMAZING!  Big hangers, no means of escape, nothing he could break.....huge cafe with decent food and all inside.  and biggest bonus? It's free entry! Parking was only £3.50 for the day which for London is a total bargain.

Off to look up the book now Sonya.  Did it improve your times? 7 miles sounds like a Sunday run to me, not an easy Saturday one!

Great to hear from you Minks - another super speedy one obviously! Well done on 10 miler.  Lotte - sounds like you have lots of cool races planned but I have NO idea how you do it all when you sometimes have to battle crazy weather as well.  Respect.

Ditto to CC and TT on that note.  Jealous of the Dirty 30 - looked it up and looks fun but probably a bit too far away for me to reasonably contemplate.

Right, kids still sleeping so best go do some jobs.

25/01/2014 at 13:49

LOL to hangover JG but great that you had a good night. 

Meant to say earlier JT - bummer about allergy to breast pads.  Have you tried the reusable ones? Have to say, they were/are useless for me as I just leaked through (TMI - sorry).  Could you kind of fashion some out of cotton wool and er.....some cotton or something?!  That sounds pretty painful though. Hope you get it sorted.

And hope Dr helps Fraser with his tummy too EF and congrats on solicitor-advocate! Very very impressed.   

Good luck with tests Caro - hope they help your chest - your times are even more impressive considering!

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