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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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12/12/2012 at 20:39
Oh dear, hope all the poorlies are better soon. For the first time in ages we all seem relatively well!

CC - glad it was helpful. I have always had great service from them and some of their bargains are amazing. I got some merrell boots last year for half price - should get them out actually as they've been in my wardrobe since I got them just after winter ended. Had forgotten all about them!
12/12/2012 at 21:36
Has anyone got last Sat Times magazine? If you do I'd love to know the beef in red wine casserole recipe (or if anyone has an online subscription) i recycled ours by mistake.
13/12/2012 at 08:52

No sorry Caro. We don't really buy papers here. Cute pic of M on FB...butter wouldn't melt!

CC, how are you getting on with the treadmill? Would you recommend it, and does it fold up quite, would it go into a cupboard, we have a fairly big empty cupboard that i am hoping to move it into when not in use as we are quite short on space.

V chilly here again today, everywhere is white which is really pretty. My house however is freezing and struggling to get over 15 degrees despite the heating being on full!

Just wondering if anyone had a 3d scan with their 2nd babies and took the first child to see it? I am wondering if it would be something suitable for Leila to see or not. I would only really do it if it were as I think she would be quite excited to see the baby.

Lotte - hope all is ok with your family and they have found him safe and sound.

EF, only one more sleep!!

13/12/2012 at 09:16
Also thinking of you Lotte.
Sorry cant help with times pull out either, bit too intellectual for me unless I am studying of course when I used to sit in the uni bar reading it!
I had 3d scans but didn't take Tom to Archie's as he was in hosp vomiting at the same time..... It is a bit alien like so perhaps take a book to distract her if necessary.
Fab bargains found ladies - I am off to boots later to get nail varnish for nieces and eldest girlfriend which has a magnet thing to bring stripes or shapes up. Looked cool and 3 for ??10 I think. Still not got boys Pressies though!
Have had late nights working so am totally shattered and been up with Archie sorting bags and pipes at 3am....yawn. Xmas dinner later with colleagues so that will be nice!
13/12/2012 at 10:29
Caro we had it so I'll see if it's still kicking about.

Yep one sleep. I appear to have serious preg brain already. Thought scan was 8am like all others but turns out it's 10am. Ok I thought that still works cos hair appt is at half 2. Cue reminder text advising me that hair appt is 10.30. Aaaaaaaargh.

By some total miracle the hairdresser has just had a 9am cancellation for sat so I've re booked. What a bloody idiot I am.

Lotte I hope your cousin is ok. Thinking of your family.
13/12/2012 at 10:44

sorry, no - i don't buy papers

oh dear re preg brain, EF! mind you, i have managed to book our lapland uk trip for 21 dec thinking it was INSET and then notice it isn't. argh. so that means taking kids off school for last day of term, which is hardly a deal really, except that i did it and not T, so i have had to 'fess to him. he doesn't seem bothered but d'oh. and of course, J and E are going to tell everyone exactly why they aren't in school on the last day of term which is a bit embarrassing. wouldn't be so bad if it was just going on holiday but taking them to lapland uk on last day of term seems a bit like showing off. maybe i am overthinking it!

and then i got the afternoons for the school plays mixed up and thought J's was weds and E's tues and it turns out that J's is tues and E's weds, so now J thinks he is going home with dad early on weds and he isn't - it's me (they let you take them home straight after the play). he will be quite pleased about that, i think anyway, as he originally asked if he could come home with me. but it is embarrassing that i got it wrong in front of T again (altho he didn't know either to be fair!)

i am not even sure why i am in such a mess this year with dates. except that my brain is full of snot!

13/12/2012 at 13:58

glad i am not the only one dropping all the balls at the moment!!

Anj - treadmill is great, not bad to move around but I wouldn't say it really folds up - the running board comes up off the ground but still sticks out a fair bit so depends on cupboards dimensions - if you give me your cupboard dimensions I'll happily measure it for you later!!!

I took J to my final sizing scan as I had no choice but tbh it meant nothing to him (he was younger though, like 2.5 and not remotely interested in having a sibling ... ignored her after arrival for about six weeks!!).

Lotte - likewise the others and thinking of you.

EF - LOL at the pregnancy brain, I think it's the time of year too - way too many things going on.

J seems heaps better today but not 100% although am sure he will be by tomorrow!  I'd say I'm not 100% either but realised how rough I HAD been feeling when I got up this morning without the brain fog. Still a gurgling stomach but will be doing some form of treadmill workout tonight whatever!!! Have binned girls night out (round a friends house) as don't think it fair to spread our germs to our aging neighbours who were going to babysit!!

Anyway, productive day - have deep-cleaned all bathrooms (they were not great), hoovered, done a decent food shop and made headways with the washing mountain. Just really struggle to keep on top of everything here!

Now off to see if I can wrestle tree into stand before getting S from school.


13/12/2012 at 14:57

quick post just to say they have found him an he is ok v(relatively speakingb). no internet connection at home just now so in phone at pool while twins swimmung. canc't bear trying to post on this so will go before i throw it in the pool.

13/12/2012 at 15:36

phew lotte! that's a relief

glad you are feeling a bit better, CC. i haven't coughed solidly today so i am hoping that's an improvement. i really want to be able to go for a run again!!!

13/12/2012 at 15:49

oh and my poor wee tabby kitten has a nasty lump where his stitches are from his hernia op. am guessing infection? it's a huge hard lump. poor wee man. so i have him down to the vets in an hour. i'll tell you what - these kittens are more trouble than kids!

13/12/2012 at 16:54

Lotte - what a relief, fantastic (relatively speaking of course)

CM - that is why we only have a hamster, I can barely cope with the kids, let alone pets

13/12/2012 at 17:14

Great news Lotte, hope he's now in a safe place and they can look after him.

Saw JG's post on FB.  Hope all OK now JG and you can get some sleep today.

EF, lol to your preg brain already.  Just the kind of thing I do, I completely convince myself of something then get the biggest shock when I turn out to be wrong.  I am usually pretty good (to the point that Mr TT usually warns people not to question me as I'm usually right!) but am definitely nowhere near as good now.

Am shivering just reading about how cold it is back there at the moment.  It has been very wet here this week but still couldn't describe it as cold.  Not very Christmassy but I'm not complaining.

CM, hope kitten is OK, stressful and expensive little beaasties aren't they?

13/12/2012 at 17:26

yes, JG - hope Nicky is ok. horrible. do they know what it was? virus or vomiting bug or chest infection?

well, the kitten may be having a reaction to the sutures from the operation. have some anti-inflamms and if it doesn't improve then he will have to go under GA again and have the sutures removed and something else put in instead!

meawhile the kitten that went missing up a tree has managed to climb inside my down jacket (head first), turn around at the  bottom and is now sitting with his head poking out above the zip. i guess he is trying to tell me he is cold and i should put the heating on. hahaha. it is quite funny actually and he is nice and warm!

13/12/2012 at 17:32

Nice, a furry hot water bottle!

13/12/2012 at 19:28

CM most likely having a vicryl reaction (vicryl is the name of the suture material) normally in the first intsance we would give anti inflams AND antibiotics, plus also stick a needle in to drain off fluid, before resorting to another GA.

EF that would be fab, I dont need the ingredients as I found it on the Times website, but you have to subscribe before they let you see the rest!  Good luck tomorrow.

What a relief Lotte.

I have a squeaky half lost voice and sore throat - boo.


13/12/2012 at 19:36

EF, one more sleep!!  Excited and nervous for you. 

Vixo, I think we need you to at least say 'hello' every day now otherwise we shall be speculating that you have gone off to have the baby!

13/12/2012 at 19:42

My voice is still pretty much missing, a friend recommended fresh pineapple and it does seem to have improved, might not be a result of the pineapple at this point though!

So glad he has been found Lotte.

EF - everything crossed here for tomorrow!

CM - a cat that sits in your jacket in this weather sounds ideal!

13/12/2012 at 19:47

Boo to lost voice Caro.

Love these kitten stories, what little monkeys they are!

Lotte - such a relief for you (and hope your phone didn't go for a swim )

EF - lol to pregnant brain too, made me chuckle .  Feeling the countdown with you!

Yes so after I posted on here Nicky had some water and threw it up a few mins later, then wanted more so we let him and he threw that up after about 20 mins.  Rang doc again in between and he said if he keeps the water down, wait an hour then give him the ABs (he wasn't sure if it was a virus or not but I think just thought he'd throw everything he could at him!) and if he didn't keep the water down to take him along to the Childrens Hospital - it's only a 10 min drive away for us so no big deal really.

So got seen quite quickly by A&E doctor after N was put on a fluid trial thing where I had to only let him have 7mls of water every 5mins, which he kept down for about an hour then suddenly threw it all up on the floor (not my carpet or clothes this time at least ).  He went on to throw up a couple more times (pure blackcurrant! ).  They gave him a big dose of inhaler but after the second one the doc said she didn't think it had helped much so decided to keep him in to see another doc as he was at risk of dehydration and his oxygen levels were a little bit low (88% - should be 94% or higher I think).

Anyway that was as far as we got diagnosis-wise as we then got transferred to a bay with a bed and told to wait for the doctor.  This was at about 9.30pm.  3am the doctor turned up.  3am!!!! By that point he was sitting playing happily on the bed, singing songs,wearing the (unused!) sick bowl as a hat or hiding his trains in it etc, but had JUST fallen asleep (finally) when the doc came.  She apologised and said we had been missed out for some reason - great .  He was last sick at 10.30pm and had been sipping water since and it stayed down thankfully.  

Basically I just wanted to go home at that point - I could see his oxygen levels were up, he was clearly feeling better, hadn't been sick and we had already got an inhaler from the GP earlier in the day, so I wasn't really bothered about what she said and also shattered so could barely think straight to tell her what had happened!

Bit annoyed with hubby for putting on FB that N was in hospital - giving no explanation so all my friends started texting me all worried !  He is soooo easily worried when Nicky's ill, I know it's understandable but really sometimes it's just not helpful!

Sorry that was quite a waffle!  Had to miss work today obviously so don't get paid, but hubby took S to school, Grandma picked her up and me and N got up around 11.30-12pm.  I've barely eaten in the last 24 hours as no chance between cleaning up puke and sitting around in hospitals, though I haven't felt that hungry really (who would really in that situation!). 

So I still feel that it's a virus (and the doc thinks so too) but I don't think the stomach thing is a bug - it just seems different from normal tummy bugs.  He didn't have a temperature or get hot and sweaty, go pale etc then throw up, it was just really sudden every time.  Don't know really, unless that's just the way he deals with it - he's never had a tummy bug before.  Right I'll shut up now.

13/12/2012 at 20:33
Hello!! No baby yet!

JG - sounds like an exhausting night, but good that he's seeming a bit better. When E was poorly she was just off colour with a cough, not much in the way of a temp, and was being sick, but it didn't seem like a tummy bug. Sounds like quite similar to what you've got there? She actually improved very quickly after starting antibiotics and my husband was convinced she had something like a sinusitis which was causing gunge to go down the back of her throat and make her sick - nice!

CM - cat down the jacket sounds like the ideal solution to a cold house - unless they do that 'happy claw' thing where they knead at you with claws out!
13/12/2012 at 20:48
Oh goodness JG that sounds like a very stressful night for you. Hope he continues to improve and that you get some decent sleep tonight. Hmmmmm yes men don't think and are defiantly on different planets to us!
CM - you still have no heating on? Mad woman. It was -9 here last night and hasn't got above -1 today, sooooooooo cold it's unreal, brrrrrrrrr. We have heating on and a log burner and I'm now warm! And it's blooming we'll snowed again a couple of inches, grrrrrrrrrrrr. Have a minor head injury - big egg on ma head, sore head and muscles on the side of my neck tender, oh and hit my bum again. Slipped on the ice/ snow on my bike, ouch. Think I was knocked out for a few secs and when I realised what had happened the girls were about 100 metres in front of me- they didn't realise I had gone up behind them and thought I had gone down the hill home!!!!! Silly me, did give me a real fright. Anyway we have to leave at half six in the morning, drop M of at my mums, drive to Inverness, park the car and get the 7.55 am train to Edinburgh. Think we get in about half eleven then. Fingers crossed it doesn't snow anymore.
Oh Vixo exciting times, not long to go now, what's your due date again???
EF - best of luck for tomorrow, bet u will be tossing n turning the night.........
Great news that is is found Lotte and safe, whew
Boo to the lack of voice Kinsey.
Canna remember anything else sorry x
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