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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/03/2013 at 12:42
Tough love Kinsey! It works.
19/03/2013 at 13:11
E has been our most challenging sleeper so far, but having been brilliant as a toddler and a baby, Isabelle seems to be making up for lost time and usually appears at some point during the night asking to be taken to the loo, saying she heard a noise, is cold etc etc etc. I think the night that O slept through until 6.20 was the longest uninterrupted stretch we've had in ages, as the night she slept even longer I'd been up with both the other two at some point. Kids eh!!

There are some great deals on merrell shoes, boots and coats on if anyone needs some retail therapy. I've used them a lot and it's a great website, but can't justify any purchases at the moment - I got my winter boots on sale last year, and the thread merrell coat a few years before that!
19/03/2013 at 18:10
OMG, watching RF on I player at the moment, you are amazing RF. loved your piece with the camera on your bike through the night. Also the part at the beginning where they came to your home. Your girls look lovely and where you live looks absolutely stunning.
19/03/2013 at 19:37

Other issue is that he shares with Aidan so leaving him to cry means changing the logistics on that.  Gah.

Vixo, I got my snow boots on natureshop after you recommended it a while ago - very pleased with them as its been so cold!

19/03/2013 at 20:03
Oh Kinsey, I remember the 2 hrly wake ups only to well. M is still up a fair bit. Tough love is the way to go but it's difficult............all our girls have been a challenge.
Ah thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my tv debut!!! LOL!! There was a fair bit of me shown, more than I thought anyway!
Vixo- must have a look, like my merrel shoes for walking.
No running/ cycling to day, decided to have a compete rest day as have done something every day for a week, although Sat. was a mile swim but knackered me!! Did a spin class after work yesterday, that was fun but fairly hard work! My left foot feels like PF again & have a niggly right outer knee, arghhhhhhhhhhh.
Went over to my friends for couple of glasses of wine this afternoon..............they leave on Sat.. Some tears n sadness now
Supposed to be doing the wee tri in Fort William this Sat. but having second thoughts. Not sure why.............lacking enthusiasm and the thought of a two hr drive there n back also. Dunno what to do.........
Can't remember anything else now.
19/03/2013 at 20:04
Programme about kids bedtimes on channel 4 at the moment!!!!!!
19/03/2013 at 20:56
Very sad JT, but lovely that you had that extra time and good memories. If he's really poorly and not awake then I'd explain to your family that you'd rather remember him as he was, since it won't make any difference to him at that point. It's hard, but you have to try and make sure you make the right decision for you as well as for your wider family.

The teenagers in the sleep programme are nuts, I can't believe their parents let them get away with that. As my husband said, that's a parenting problem, plain and simple. We only have one television in our house, and I would really resist the children having any in their bedrooms - watch me eat my words in 5 years time!
19/03/2013 at 21:05
I know Vixo, 3 am??? WTF?!!! The kids looked knackered in school, ridiculous. I could feel the pain of the parents with the sleepless babies & toddlers though.
Programme now on about family with 16 kids!!!
Ah JT, very sad but good you remember that last time you spent with him being lovely. Big hugs to you ((((( )))))) x
19/03/2013 at 21:31
JT, that's so very sad. How lovely that you had such a nice time with him the last time you saw him.

RF, sad to be having to say goodbye to your friend. I know it's not quite the same but at least you can keep in touch on skype.

Will be glad to have Max back to nursery tomorrow. He's been ok today but is obviously under the weather as is a little grumpy!
19/03/2013 at 21:59
JT, that is sad news, glad you have some good memories though and they will last regardless of whether you get to see him how too.

Didn't know about the sleep programme, so far we are a one tv family Vixo! Will have to see if I can find it online although I think I have tried most things now bar letting him bawl himself to sleep when he wakes.
19/03/2013 at 22:09
My husband has been outside cleaning his bike so I have been watching 16 kids and counting - makes me feel our house is very calm with just the 3 of them! Did you watch it RF? The mother with 11 daughters and one son is going to be a really tough mil for that poor girlfriend, I think I'd run a mile if I was her!

Kinsey - it was on channel 4, so they might have advice/info on their website, although its probably all stuff you've thought of. Could you put Martha and Aidan in together for a few nights to try and sort the sleep out? Being tired really does make everything so much harder to deal with, and I know I'm at my worst with the children (and my husband!) when I'm exhausted - my patience hits rock bottom.
19/03/2013 at 22:20
boo to lack of sleep, friend leaving, poorly uncle and having 16 kids!!!!
Yippee to.... er.... um..... was there anything good?? Oh maybe cheap merrel stuff.

feeling really tired after a stupidly wet run this evening in heavy snow, got home and found out that Archie had been bullied in school today. Apparently his trousers were really loose so kids were pushing him to make him run away so that his trousers would fall down. Tom had to get the teacher because Archie was crying and boys were hitting him in his tummy - am furious as I have asked teachers to watch him so his kidney isn't put at risk yet this was not noticed?? gggrrrrr
19/03/2013 at 22:31
Camlo, saw your post on fb about this. That is terrible, really hope that school will it a stop to this. How old is Archie?
19/03/2013 at 22:32
*Put a stop to it*, obviously, not what I actually wrote.
19/03/2013 at 22:38

No TVs in kids bedrooms here either. Lily is 10 now and a lot of her friends have their own TVs but it's hard enough sometimes to try and get her to spend family time with the rest of us without the lure of a TV in her room. We have a TV in the front room and another in the play room though which makes life easier when they do have TV time as because of the huge 7yr age gap between Anna and Lily it's tough to find anything they all like. In fact pretty much the only things they all like are Doctor Who or You've Been Framed.

Saw that the 16 kids program was on but didn't watch any. These people are clearly crazy, don't know how anybody could cope with that many kids. I often struggle just with the 3 I've got! 

JT - sorry to hear the sad news about your Uncle.

So I've booked myself in for a sports massage on Thursday, thought it might help my old legs getting through the last couple of weeks of training before the half. I haven't had a sports massage in years though so can't remember if they usually leave you feeling worse or better immediately after. Scheduled to run 14 miles the day after but now wondering if I'll be able to or not. What do you ladies reckon?

19/03/2013 at 22:42

oh bloo*dy hell Camlo, that sucks. Poor poor Archie, just as well he had his big brother to look out for him .  Too much bullying going on a the moment me thinks.

JT - that is so very sad for you. I am very glad that when my granny died I wasn't even in the country (it was a very quick last minute thing), so my only memories of her were when she was fit and healthy (well we thought so anyway). We were very close. ((()))

RF - tbh I'd be having second thoughts with the weather we have at the moment - it's not exactly inspirational is it?  Whilst I have been loving the sunshine, the blizzards etc no. I wouldn't beat yourself up if you decide to give it a miss.  ITB probs causing the knee perhaps - get rollering ... I am having probs with my PF at the moment so am stretching it like mad.

Kinsey - I'd definitely see if you can sort something out short-term with the older two in together for the mo to sort the sleep - got to be worth it for the long haul, problem is you get so darned tired you can't see a way forward.

Have been watching Robin Hood on Film 4 and having happy memories of running with my old club mates around the Bourne Woods in Farnham as they built the set for the castle up and then burnt it down again!!! Was a fantastic summer where all the locals hung out in the woods with picnics in the evening watching the filming of the battles.  Same woods where Gladiator was filmed too. Few members of club were extras . Anyway, happy memories.

Busy old day here, pilates class no. 1 this morning, all three turned up so all good. Quick walk with friend - her eldest son has had on/off cancer since a wee lad, he had a scan in Feb and it's picked up 4 new tumours so chemo not working, he's on a different kind but it's a bit 'last chance saloon' for him (he's 15).  Two younger siblings, but like me her husband is away South during the week. She is amazingly strong and calm - on the outside anyway.  Nearly missed boiler servicing man but he was delayed. Quick 3 miles on dreadmill before school/swimming and class no. 2 - only one lady turned up so she had 1:1.

19/03/2013 at 22:44

I there is no way the kids are having TVs in their room. We do have two - one in the lounge and an old one in the computer room that gets used for Wii or kids watching a film if we have loads of friends round.  Kids will be allowed laptop in dining room or similar for any homework related stuff but nope, not buying that one! My SILs kids (4 of them) all have tvs and computers in their rooms, you don't see anyone in the evening! But then the kids all have iphones, tablets, AND laptops ... call me very old-fashioned but that seems really OTT!!

Karen - your legs might feel a bit less sprightly the following day, is often the case but should be lots better day after that. Drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins etc.

Edited: 19/03/2013 at 22:46
19/03/2013 at 22:45

X posts Camio - that's awful about the bullying. Hopefully the school will move quickly to put a stop to it. Kids can be so spiteful these days, I'm sure we weren't so mean to each other back when I was growing up. Really hoping that my girls don't suffer from it as I'd find it hard to resist getting hold of the bullying little buggers and sorting them out myself!

19/03/2013 at 22:54
Archie is 4 and is a really tough cookie so I was really surprised. Trousers have gone in the bin and I will be talking to teacher tomorrow.
TV's - hubby is a tele addict so we have a flat screen in the living room, another in the extention (dining room/ conservatory) and a little one in our bedroom. Don't think kids should have them in bedrooms but I would have loved one when I was little!
Karen - I would anticipate being fine for a run the day after a massage. I guess it depends how gentle or firm it is but I would go for it!
RF agree with CC, not sure I would want a 4 hour round trip in this weather and not much fun doing a tri in wet weather either as would be very cold?
CC so sorry to hear about your friends son, must be awful living with the threat of cancer all the time and to think treatment isn't working - eek.
20/03/2013 at 06:30

Back home after a marathon few days. The funeral was as you would expect very very sad - an old school friend of ours led the service and it was in their lounge so very personal but just devastatingly sad. I really fear that the really hard stuff has yet to come though now that the funeral is over etc. I have told her that I will phone every few days and she can answer if she wants to talk and just ignore if not. The only thing that helped when my brother died was to talk talk talk and my friend is similar so thats the best I can do. Saw some dear old school friends which was lovely and stayed with my sister so that was a treat.

Wish I could have seen yout tv programme RF

Very very sad about your friends boy CC, also sad to hear about your Uncle JT ((()))

Caro - I have one disc that looks like a 70 year olds apparently but the rest are all healthy. The prolapse is really big so injections wouldn't help especially with the muscle weakness which is the real problem. I'm really glad that because its covered by ACC (accident compensation thingee) it means I don't have to go on a waiting list.


Now I have to get stuck in with work again

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