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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/01/2014 at 13:59

Jt I also get irritation from breast pads. Lansinoh ones cause me the least bother. 

Well done park runners and indeed all runners. A wee 5 miler today thankfully before the heavens opened! 

Cheers for the congrats.  It's good to know that I can do no more and there are definitely no more exams ever!

25/01/2014 at 14:04

run less run faster book is fab. Get the second edition.  I did FIRST schedules too and liked them.  Must put in a bit of effort for my half in March or I can see me canning it. 

Lou off to her cousin's house now. Bliss. 


Fraser seems a bit better. Poos more solid. Tho I did not appreciate three gurns overnight. It seems to be a Friday night habit! 

25/01/2014 at 15:15
Cc - not sure FIRST would work for me as I get stressed by trying to follow particular schedules and also find running "quality" sessions breaks me. I think precisely because my core is crap!
25/01/2014 at 18:27

Which one did you do Brookie?

We have been to the RAF museum, it is definitely worth a visit.  Planning to go to the Horniman museum tomorrow.  Bit of a trek south of the river, 2 tubes and a train, plus it's going to be pouring, but we have been meaning to go for ages so tomorrow is as good a day as any.  Need to run 5 miles first though.......

I can't really work out what's going on with my asthma JG to be honest.  I mean it's obviously exercise induced (so you could say self inflicted!) but I never used to really tell the difference when I took my inhaler or forgot before a run.  But now I really can and 2 wks ago I forgot and ran almost a whole minute slower than today. (slowest PR time for me in a couple of yrs!)  Last week I brought it with me and took it before running, but I'd already cycled 3 miles there so presumably my airways were already feeling the effects of that before I started running, and I only just scraped in under 21 mins.  Today I stole Eric's and took it before I left home.  The other thing I did was make a conscious effort to really drink lots of water at work yesterday, because when I am running my saliva is really thick (sorry TMI I know!) and so I was wondering if that was due to dehydration.  Plus I got up earlier today, ate toast rather than cereal and ran a mile as a warm up before PR as my schedule said to run 4 miles today.  I also credit todays PB to Mo Farah's autobiography that I was avidly reading on the way home yesterday - he was talking about his coaching by Alberto Salazaar and how he told Mo to run like a sprinter in the last couple of hundred metres, not like a distance runner - ie short quick steps not long strides, so as I came round the last bend today I really sprinted and took little steps as I knew I was close to my PB.  

I'm amazed I got one actually and ran so fast as there really wasn't any other competition this morning.  I'd sussed out at the start that I didn't recognise any of the faster women there, so thought I was in with a chance of 1st lady, but normally when the competition isnt there I coast a bit as I know I can get 1st lady without really trying.  But I guess my heart and brain were in the right place this morning and it all clicked.  Who knows

My dad is here so hubby and I are out for a thai meal later

Well done for getting out there too CM.  I think I am going to treat myself to one of those plastic, laminated barcodes, to replace my crumpled paper one.  I feel it's about time!  

I used washable or disposable breast pads no problem.....didn't know you could be allergic to them!

Edited: 25/01/2014 at 18:29
25/01/2014 at 22:33

Horniman museum ( if you can get past the hilarious name!) is good too. Our friends live next door to it so we have been a few times. It's nice in the summer too as the gardens are lovely and big. 

I did the Abingdon park run - my new local one post movIng house. Which one do u do? And yours CM? the start is just over 3 miles away so when weather better and i am fitter I hope to cycle to the start and run . 

25/01/2014 at 22:47

Valentines in ilford.  It's 3 miles too, so perfect cycling distance. I have run there a few times but then bus back as there's no way I'd enjoy running home after!  Cycling is far preferable.

25/01/2014 at 23:04
I did newport this week. Have to drive as it's about 6 miles and my bike is dead. I also did Pontypool a couple of weeks ago. Ponty is faster as it is proper paths all the way not muddy bogs. But I prefer the one in newport. It is at the national trust house and I'm fond of it as I take the kids there to feed the ducks. Autocorrect wanted dicks. Tsk tsk
26/01/2014 at 11:55

I'd love to do an ultra. I'm just put off by thinking I'd be too slow. I love marathons and TBH I've never been that tired at the ens cos I just poottle along. I'm happy running slow for miles. But 10 m/m would be too slow wouldn't it Lotte an CC? Assume there are cut offs for safety etx and for ease of marshalling? 

Anyway, running aims for this year (have to be realistic given bf and baby) - sub 4 marathon or at least sub 4.10 In Berlin. Then next year maybe an ultra if I get a bit faster and one off road race. 

26/01/2014 at 13:30

My nearest parkrun is nearly 10 miles away too. I've never done it.  it's super fast as well so there's no incentive. The women do it in 17mins. I wouldn't be last but I wouldn't be top half either even at sub25 - and I'm not sure I'd get under 25 at the mo! Pb is 21.27 - a v v long way off that.  a decade and 2 children In fact. 

26/01/2014 at 13:36

I am much slower than u Brookie, sub 4:45-4:30 marathon is a dream for me. So if I can do it ...

Lochalsh is a Good 1 to start on tho, only 30miles and there are a lot of walkers do it, so however 

slow I am there should still b walkers behind me. Going 

by the times of other people who have done Lochalsh I am estimating 

7-7.5hrs for me. Of course if I can lose 40lbs over next 4 months that should theoretically cut half an hr 

off my marathon time.


26/01/2014 at 13:39

My nearest Parkrun about 10miles away too 

and has a bit called heartbreak hill in it, so not 

really pb potential for anyone. Altho my 5k pb was set on 

a 5k race for life in same Park over said hill about 10yrs ago.

26/01/2014 at 16:53

Hi all!

I'm 16 and a half weeks pregnant and still running as long as I'm able too! Did hilly parkrun yesterday and flat 4 mile race today. Doing Brighton half in 3 weeks time- shocked as to how many of my friends don't like that I'm running, like sitting on a sofa scoffing your face is a healthier alternative?!

26/01/2014 at 17:14

My nearest parkrun is 200 miles away. Well that's Aberdeen which is easier and cheaper to get to from here but Inverness would be closer at only 150 miles. So a 300 mile round trip plus over £300 in flights! However I have done 3 parkruns while on hols- a very flooded Edinburgh 19:28 (2012), Crystal Palace 19:48(2012)  and Strathclyde 19:50 (2011). Did come first woman at all three mind you. Edinburgh one is usually very speedy but think the weather the day I did it put the fast folks off (soft southerners ) Would love to have one closer and try to get a sub 19.

Brookie 10mm would be perfect for an ultra! No fear of you being too slow. Haha CC I am far from a racing snake and I always start off too fast! Once you have done a few ultras I think it is hard to go back to marathons. The trails, the people and the atmosphere are just awesome. On which note, I have no marathon plans this year Minks. I will try the sub 3 some day but it just doesn't fit with other plans this year. Maybe next spring. 

Really wild here today. We have had constant gales for a coupe of weeks but just now it is a steady 50mph wind gusting much higher with sleet. Ferries and all flights are cancelled. I got my 20 miler done yesterday with the wind behind me (only 20mph) and this morning squeezed in a 5 mile off roader before hubby had coastguards. 75 miles for this week plus a couple of bike/turbo sessions.

Wonder how Camlo got on today?

26/01/2014 at 20:29

My one has such a huge range of people.  It is in a park in quite an Asian area, and there are Sikhs running in turbans, muslim women in headscarves, a guy in a wheelchair often, several runny buggies, lots of kids (some of whom wear 50 t shirts much to my envy)  It's 2 laps, and I've noticed recently that I am lapping more and more people - I used to only lap a few.  I think it's because nos are getting higher, and quite a few people do walk it.  There were 172 yesterday and the slowest was 52 mins or something.  There's a local running club called Sikhs in the City.

Interesting about the singulair JT.  I've never heard of it.  I googled it and it sounds like it might be good.  I've had blood tests done as well to check for allergies (specifically to furry creatures!) but I'm hoping they don't come back positive and I can focus on the asthma side of things rather than allergies to animals.  What kind of inhalers do you have CC?  I did get a bit of a lecture last time I went to the GP because I haven't really been using the brown preventer one often enough, so she drew me a little diagram explaining how it all worked which made sense.  It also makes sense that I need to take the blue one more than 5 mins before I run as well.  Interestingly CC 2 wks ago when I ran badly it was TOTM, so may that was having an affect too.

I hope its good for the 1/2.  Still not sure what time I would like but at the end of the day as long as it's faster than the last time I ran it then that's ok, but I would like to knock a good few mins off.  

Horniman museum was good.  Busy as wet Sunday so lots of parents had the same idea.  Would be nice to go back in the summer so we can do the garden as well.

Monday again........

26/01/2014 at 20:31

Hello papanatsy! Ok I'm going to say right now that i will offend you with my autocorrect which is turning you nasty! 

Wondering how camlo coped too. It sounds like it's been grim all over today. I woosed and did 20km on spin bike! 

26/01/2014 at 21:00

I saw on Fb that she's alive!  I got my run in before the rain today for a change.  So nice to stay dry!

Hi Papanatsy!  Welcome to the madhouse.

Camlo    pirate
26/01/2014 at 21:08

Thanks ladies, I am home, warm and fed but sore as heck! The course was quite different to last year, in many places the water was much deeper so involved a fair bit of swimming, but it wasnt icy, so once you emerged you could at least feel your extremeties! I was determined to do EVERY obstacle this time and the submersion section was quite scary but no more than the torture chamber which gave me several shocks again, and i chose a very small tunnel to exit from which i literally had to shimmy up. Anyhoo I finished in better shape and knocked stacks off my time so I am chuffed- interesting to be called a tough guy with boobs when i finished half carrying a lad who had completely lost the plot! 

papanatsy - hmmm i guess you are a high mileage runner normally but even so do take care with races. You have lots of things to consider with extra blood volume, relaxin etc so are more at risk even if you feel well. Good to see someone keeping active though! Is this your 1st? 

Yippee to PB Caro, nights out, new trainers, museums and less poo.

Ouch to absent hubby CC, gales and powercuts, allergy to breast pads and continued asthma probs and tests.

I have a use for your breast pads JT, pinch the sides slightly and stick to a headband to make great easter bunny ears!! Mine gained lots of compliments at our easter fayre!

No local parkrun here either but i have smashed 8th place at a race for life, mainly because most of the faster ladies are stuck behind the walkers at the beginning! 

Brookie - ultras are quite unlike any other race and endurance cannot be measured in minute miles. I aim for 12 min miles and then slow down...... 

26/01/2014 at 21:25

camlo, you are completely nuts but I am well impressed! Well done! Lol to breast pad bunny ears I always used lansinoh ones as they were the thinnest so showed the least.

lotte, hope you haven't been blown away! weather has even been crazy down in surrey, mini tornado in nearby village yesterday! Amazed as always by your mileage especially in this weather.

hi papanatsy (yes autocorrect does bad things to your name!). I'm also pregnant, about 8 weeks with my third, and meant to be running the brighton half too! I'm thinking of not running though, not because I'm against running in pregnancy (was intending to jolly jog it not race obviously) but because I've been so horrendously sick and knackered my training has consisted of one medium length plod at the weekend and maybe a 3-4 miler in the week - if I'm not asleep on the sofa by the time the kids are in bed! I may feel better in 3 weeks but suspect I won't be trained enough.. Do be careful with your joints/ligaments, I got a bit screwed up in my 2nd pregnancy by running too far into it. Obviously many girls have run all the way through on here so just depends on individual!

enough waffle, off to bed for me, it's past 9pm!




26/01/2014 at 22:26
Ok, so going way back...I have done controlled crying with O, and she's way better than she was,but she still isn't really a sleeper in the way the others were and are! I'd got her to the point where she'd been going through until at least 5.30 (which was a massive improvement from the 2-3 wake-ups we'd been having), but then she had a real blip and was waking at 4ish and not really going back to sleep - the controlled crying efforts ended by necessity when I had to get up to get ready for work at 6.15! Anyway, the last few nights have been better again and she's been waking around 5.30, I feed her, and then she goes back to sleep, which is about where we were before. At some point I'll have to stop feeding her I guess, but I'm not prepared to get up at 5.30 every day do at the moment it's working for us!

I'm feeling very lazy with all this talk of racing and ultras. I have to say TT, that I find your running inspiring. Whilst you're obviously not as speedy as some on here I love that you keep going and enter all sorts of different races - and finish them too! Strangely, I find the idea of an ultra much more appealing than a marathon, and I think that's because I don't feel like it would have to be as fast. I know in my mind what I 'should' be able to do a marathon in, but I think something longer is much more of an unknown, and therefore somehow seems more attainable - and I do realise how daft that sounds! Don't worry, I have no plans to enter either at the moment given that I haven't run further than 6 miles for some time!

I've got to work 3 days this week, which means leaving home at 7 three days in a row - think I've lost the ability as it seems a bit daunting! Speaking of which, I should probably get off to bed soon.

Camlo - you're absolutely bonkers, That race sounds horrible!

EF - congrats on your 'calling'! And fab pics - was going to try and find a grown up picture of myself to post, but couldn't find any. Only ones of me looking tired and slightly harassed, with lots of children!

Caro - taking the brown one regularly will do much more good than using the blue one - but im sure you know that now after talking to your gp! Great running too!

My local park run is just across the road, but is at the same time as Isabelle's swimming lesson, so at the moment isn't a viable option (taking all 3 to a packed pool is only just the right side of torture, and not something I would ask my husband to do on a regular basis!). At some point I'm sure her lesson will change and then I'll look forward to doing it again.
27/01/2014 at 01:25

Thanks for mentioning that book CC, I already had it 

on my kindle, bought it with Xmas voucher, but had forgotten 

about it. Had bn reading James Cracknell autobiography and now 

I am multitasking and Reading both, that's why I am wide 

awake at 1am  oops! 

Hill repeats in the morning whoop whoop 

Camlo u r a brave woman, well done. 


Vixo thank u for the lovely compliment, I will say I cannot ever 

see me going all CC and running 100milers or running in the dark up hills. But I'll keep 

an open mind, who knows what the future might bring

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