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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/01/2014 at 02:35

Camlo, well done crazy lady!  So many of you are an inspiration in so many different ways. I heard the weather was pretty awful this weekend too, ugh!

Some awesome park runs going on, well done to all of you who ran this weekend. 

Got back from Orlando today, has been an exhausting week but the show went well. Only 10 weeks today but it appears my secret is no longer as easy to keep. We met our lovely Canadian customers at the show (husband and wife) then Mr TT played golf with the husband, K yesterday. I dropped him off and when I got out of the car K said 'dear god are you pregnant again?'. His wife gave him so much grief for it later. We last saw them exactly a year ago at the show when they saw me 8 months pregnant then a couple of weeks later when Os was just a week or so old. Looks as though I need to dig out the baggy tops!

Ultras, hmmm along with marathons I can never imagine being motivated enough to train for one. I just live vicariously through you guys. Did anyone see over on FB that MM has signed up for one?

27/01/2014 at 02:36

Oh yes hello to papanatsy and congratulations. 

27/01/2014 at 06:02

Phew! So much to catch up on!!

We have had a wonderful weekend away! M was so thrilled to be left at my parents - we styed Fri night and left at crack of dawn on Saturday. Drove down to Wellington and had a wee nosy in some shops but quite quickly decided that we'd had enough of the big city (god we def are small town people these days!) then headed up to my sisters. The wedding as Sat night and finally someone was smiling down on my beautiful friends. They had the one perfect evening we've had this summer so far! SO lucky as they had 80+ guests in their garden! It was a really really lovely wedding and managed to catch up with a fab group of old friends (we're talking 20+ years for us and the bride). Then stayed at my sisters, had a lazy brunch out, hubby went out fishing with BIL and caught 3 big snapper, then home to my parents for dinner. M was not impressed that we came back! Mum and Dad had a wonderful time and looked in great spirits when we got back, my Dad especially had taken over bed time routine etc.

Now we are back home and I have a 7 hour round trip for a couple of meetings tomorrow sigh..... sometimes I wish we had a proper train network here so I could read or something!

We arrived back to see that the agents have put up a for sale sign now so imminent moving has now become very real and very scary!! Open home this weekend and likely to sell fast. There is exactly nothing available to rent at the moment. One house we liked had 44 people turn up to the viewing - so fingers tightly crossed that something comes up FAST!!!

Hmmmm heaps to comment back on but has all flown out of my brain!!


27/01/2014 at 10:59

Just back from 6 mile run with 5xhill repeats and was not 

expecting a particularly good run, legs were still a little achey 

from my impromptu 10miler on Fri and my shoulders and biceps r aching 

from a Wii sports session with Camryn on Sat (seriously not good for u). But despite that my 1st 2 hill repeats 

were 1:25 the fastest I had ever run previously on that hill , 

my 3rd was 1:24 a new pb and the 4th 1:26. The 5th one I do up a bigger steeper hill called Heart Attack hill 

and I did it 4secs faster than last wk. So chuffed! Still got another 

14 hill sessions to go b4 my races so hoping for huge improvements now 

given that was only my 2nd wk

27/01/2014 at 11:58

Good work Tt!

27/01/2014 at 12:36

Goodness, what an amazing and awe-inspiring bunch you all are - so many achievements and all so different

Camlo, that sounds like one monster race!  Total respect.  I'm sure I could do one if I wanted to, but I really, really don't!  I love road running and that's where my heart is.  I absolutely love getting off-road in the better weather when the ground is solid rather than mush but squishing round in ankle-deep mud and trying not to screw my ankles and knees just isn't really my idea of fun.  And crawling through freezing cold water?  Getting caught in torrential rain is one thing but immersing myself completely is quite another.  You are utterly mad (in a good way!)

Caro, very well done on ParkRun PB!  There are a couple of those not too far from me but at the moment it's not possible for me to do one because the timing clashes with Kit's swimming lesson.  And that's already a rush because I have to drive hubby to rowing club before swimming so I have the car to be able to get to swimming.  But at some point I'm sure something will change and I'll be able to have a go.  Would like to as a regular 5K race would help with speed, I'm sure.

Great going TT - you are one determined lady!  I totally admire your grit and drive - and at the end of the day speed isn't everything.  I must say I'm also drawn to the idea of an ultra - started looking into it but hubby basically really not keen.  He thinks it would be really bad for me physically and that I'll end up with knackered knees and hips and probably arthritis!  And I was only looking at doing 50K which isn't much further than a marathon!

I ran throughout pregnancy (up to 32 weeks if memory serves me correctly) but didn't race.  I had no problems and went for my first run five weeks post-birth (and had a C-section too so was probably a bit naughty!) I guess I've been lucky never to have had any pelvic floor issues: no leaks!

Did a hilly 3 miles on Friday evening in the pouring rain; had planned 5 but everything ended up running a bit late so shortened run in the end.  Luckily for me hubby had organised an extra rowing session this weekend for Sunday morning, when I  would normally run, and had asked if I'd mind doing my long run on Saturday after rowing - which worked out well as Saturday was mild, still and almost spring-like whereas yesterday was pants!  Ran 12.7 in very pleasant conditions   Had been toying with doing the Halstead marathon again in May but I think I've definitely decided against it for this year.  It's hubby's 40th in May and I don't want to be distracted from that by marathon preparations.  Has anyone done the Bournemouth marathon?  Think it might have only started last year but considering an autumn marathon if at all - that's if I could realistically fit the training in during school holidays, regatta season and family summer holiday.  There's also Abingdon although would need to enter as soon as entries open as it sells out fast!

27/01/2014 at 14:32

I am so tired!  Need sleep.......zzzzzzzz.

9 miles run, 8.30 pace incl mahoosive hill, with the help of a cliff bar to give me energy.  I am taking notes on the names of all these inhalers and meds so I can go armed with info at my next appt.  I guess last winter I wasn't running at all so that's perhaps why I didn't notice it, and gradually stopped taking my inhaler etc.  It would be nice not to feel like I'm going to die at the end of parkrun.  I am now taking the purple one twice daily and the blue on 20-30 mins before I run.  On a normal run I guess I wouldn't notice but in a race or tempo run I definitely do.

Names like dirty 30, hellraiser, strathpuffer......they just don't do it for me!  I'm sure I could so what Camlo did yesterday, but I think I'd rather live vicariously through you, you crazy lady!  I dread the 30 mins I spend in the pool with Eric on a Mon morning as it's so cold, so the thought of outdoor cold water with electric shocks in Jan.......Brrrrr.

Hubby takes Eric to M's gymnastics on a Sat morning so I can do PR.  I don't go every wk - can't do the next 2-3 for various reasons, but nice to be able to go when I can.  Still a long wat to go before my 50 t shirt.

Right, time to get Eric up, go to school, then ballet etc etc.  Yawn.

27/01/2014 at 15:46

Oops. Popped to t k maxx ostensibly to see if they had any baby shoes for Fraser but appear to be sitting here stroking two new Kate spade handbags. When 'fessing up to Andy I think I shall focus on the £540 that I saved on the usual price. I was only going to keep one but cannot possibly choose! 

27/01/2014 at 16:14

I don't know how anyone does these "tough" events. I won't even run in the rain never mind have electric shocks aimed at me! Well done camlo. 

27/01/2014 at 16:15

Ps love the shoes (or shows ghosted per autocorrect) pic TT. Mine are still pristine as a result of my above comment!

27/01/2014 at 17:20

Forgot to say Well done to Camlo!

Minks - I am 40 in May too - we have just booked a family holiday over my birthday so we are going to face up to school as we are taking Martha out in term time.  We have a heap of justifications but to be honest I don't feel very comfortable about it.  Anyway, 10 days in Greece to look forward to!  If house sale goes through it will be her new school too - Alan has said he will do all the talking/apologising/promising it will never happen again!

27/01/2014 at 17:30

I am trying to do some serious hip stretching as my hip 

has lost a lot of mobility since I tore quad muscle 18months 

ago. Not really sure what I should b stretching though. 

Did pose of a pigeon to try and help with stretching it out.

When sitting I can put left foot on right knee and drop left knee dwn quite far, but cannot do same with right leg, knee won't drop as far as can't rotate hip round enough. 


27/01/2014 at 18:04

That would be brown.....told you I was tired!

27/01/2014 at 18:33

Great running ladies CC, Caro, TT. The weather nearly beat me today. Got up as usual at 5.30am but it was still really wild. Too wild to go out and attempt a run as you would have been blown into the traffic and really wouldn't have managed much of a running movement anyway! So did an hour on the turbo. Sufferfest downward spiral. Did manage to fit in a quick 3 miles this afternoon after work before hubby had to go back to town with athletics/gymnastics run. Still really windy but only mid 30 mph! I am getting a bit obsessive about the wind speed I think but really this is the worst continual run of gales I can remember since the year the Braer got wrecked. It just seems relentless and is making proper training a nightmare.

Last night our power was off for a couple of hours and our big wooden climbing frame and slide got ripped apart, it has stood for years and is concreted into the ground. Grrr. Mybe we can salvage bits of it from the horses field once the wind dies down!

Respect to Camlo. I'm with CC, I  love ultras, darkness and mud but no way would I fancy tough guy! Walls and ropes I could cope with but electric shocks and like Caro, cold water - no way!

I am so not into bags. I only have 2! Just can always think of things I would rather spend my money on. If I ever have money to spend which I never do. Mostly because we spend every damn penny on diesel and food. Sigh. Its been a long bad month. I am £20.29 over my overdraft limit, no food in the house although thankfully I have an account at our local shop so the kids won't starve! and don't get paid until Friday. And its Dylan's birthday on Weds and we haven't bought him a pressie yet.

Tomorrow is our big Up-Helly-A' and despite the crap weather, or maybe because of it, there is a real buzz in the air. Something to look forward to. Not going to a hall this year (last year we were still drinking at 9 in the morning!!) because no pennies, but we will go and watch the procession. Sophie has the day off school tomorrow because she is playing her fiddle at the ex-Jarls gathering int he morning and then for two fiery sessions (concerts) during the day. Have tickets to go and see her and really looking forward to it. Seeing the bairns play their music just makes me feel so proud, anyone can be good at sport but being musical is proper talent!!


Camlo    pirate
27/01/2014 at 18:36

Haha thanks Ladies - I have to say that doing the Tough guy this year was only because I felt i had been cheated last year when they closed the submerged section and water jump (due to sheer volume of hypothermics). i have NO intention of doing it again as i literally scared myself stupid and the risk of injury is MASSIVE so not worth it for most runners! 

Yippee to handbags, hill session TT, controlled crying with some improvement, ultra planning and holiday planning (we are going in term time too!!)

Boo to expensive choices with handbags (nope you were not just getting a yippee for that!), house searching, niggles and juggling activities (we could all use a nanny!)

Feel likE I Have been hit by a bus today, legs not too bad but arms, chest, shoulders all killing. 

Camlo    pirate
27/01/2014 at 18:45

Xposts lotte, i guess living on an island is more of a drain on finances than most people realise. I am only in Mid Wales and feel isolated when I tell people the nearest marks and sparks is an hour away! When you are so active and your kids (and you) actually have talent worth nurturing it must feel like a mixed blessing at times! 

Sorry to hear your climbing frame has flown away, eek!!!! Hope the weather eases soon. 

Camlo    pirate
27/01/2014 at 19:01

OMG just checked the results and provisionally looks like I was 1st V40 out of 29 in that category, 35/237 ladies and 875/1990 total finishers!! I have some marks against my name though so not sure if I picked up penalties or what? 

27/01/2014 at 21:15

Not into shoes or handbags!  I have a nice baggelini bag that I got from my sister for my b day, but dont use much as I am still attached to the nappy rucksack.

Spirometry is next wk now, so we shall see.  Have only done it once, and that time went back after a run and did it again and it was far worse.  This time I will have 2 kids in tow, and will not be dashing out for a run around the block.

I am slightly concerned about suddenly needing all these inhalers, as £7.85 a pop for prescription charges soon adds up.  I dont begrudge paying it for the odd course of antibiotics, but if you need something ongoing for ever then it's going to start being pricey.  What do people like diabetics do?  It must cost a fortune.

Not into shoes either, but my nice Merrill winter boots that are only on their 3rd winter, so prob only 2 yrs old, have worn through.  Admittedly I did walk however many thousand miles last yr but still......and they werent cheap.  

Enjoy up helly

Well done again Camlo!


Camlo    pirate
27/01/2014 at 21:45

Diabetics are exempt from charges..... May be worth checking the pre-payment certificates if you need more than a few items a month. Not good about worn out boots! 

No handbags for me either but prob because i rarely carry one. 

CC saw heir hunters earlier about an elderly lady blowing her inheritance on a helicopter ride! Go for the bike!! 


27/01/2014 at 21:46

Well done Camlo you nutter! 

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