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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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20/03/2013 at 07:05
JT - your friend was right. Most of my good friends were amazing when James died but a couple really showed their colours!! I don't think I can get BBC iplayer in NZ sadly
20/03/2013 at 08:21

lots of tough sad times then - big hugs to Hoggle and JT.

No idea on the age of my spine, but I imagine I have the right ankle of a 70 year-old!!!  Think I was 15 when I first really bu**ered it up.

Snow receding and sunshine today but more weather warnings of snow etc for end of week - met office said to prepare for more wild and challenging conditions!! Difficult to believe that for Scarlett's birthday last year we had a heatwave and were all in the garden in our shorts!

20/03/2013 at 09:47

Oh Camlo. Nightmare times. We had more incidents on Monday and more tears and upset. I am going to talk to the Mum of the boy on friday as she takes her daughter to the same dance class. I am sure she would want to know what has been going on and and said.

Sounds like you are being an amazing friend Hoggle. Such a hard time. I can't imagine losing any of my babies, but it does happen to folk and I would hope I'd have some friends around me if it did.

I certainly have parts of me that are like a 70 yr old. Especially the last couple of days. Still so sore after running so slowly. Madness. Anyway hoping I'll make it round 15 today. Can cut short if it ain't happening. Still very snotty too. Just hope with 4 weeks to go I can get over it, recover and get the pace back.


20/03/2013 at 12:31

lots of grotty stuff going on on here. sorry to hear about your uncle JT

i think you are right to approach the mum, MM, especially if you know her. i hope school are being supportive tho

i have had a frustrating morning. work is shite and i have been trying to find out for the last 2 weeks if E has been allocated a morning placement at nursery in addition to the afternoon. school told me that, if i worked 30hrs a week, she could do both morning and afternoon sessions as i am a single parent. so i have upped my hours to 30 from 1 april and supplied the paperwork (had to do it in that order as they needed it in writing) and now they say they don't have a space for her. i am gutted. i know it's nothing in comparison to what some of you are dealing with. but i have been in tears. she absolutely loves school and the reason i thought it was okay to up my hours before september (when she goes fulltime anyway) was that she would love to be in school fulltime. as a result of not getting a place, she will have to go to the local day nursery for an extra day (they will take her to school in the afternoon) and she is really not keen on going there. she is fine once she's there i think, but doesn't really like it anywhere near as much as school. i know it's a non-problem essentially, but i feel so guilty because i should just have waited until septembe, but when school mentioned about the full-time place, i thought it was a way of earning more money sooner than waiting for september. she will be so sad when i tell her she has to do an extra day at the nursery each week.  fortunately i have loads of childcare vouchers, otherwise i would be shelling out for nursery fees, which i would be really cross about.

20/03/2013 at 13:20

Oh CM - what a complete headache. Naughty of the nursery to suggest to you that she can do the sessions if they don't really have space.  Is that likely to change any time soon - waiting list or something? With regard to E, I guess a lot depends on how you tell it to her ... if she detects that you are upset about it then I'd imagine it would be asking for her to play up and make scenes - certainly that's what I find with S. Whereas if I present things calmly, as a fait acomplice (sp??) she is much more reasonable.  Hope it sorts itself out for you though, the sort of things that create lots of stress and hassle.

MM - boo to continuing bullying, but good if you can talk to the actual mum, she will probably be mortified and hopefully that will sort it. Please stop beating yourself up about Sunday - you had stinking cold!! realise you obviously didn't hit your target pace (don't know what you were hoping for? ... 1.2?), but am guessing you were not running at long slow run pace either??  The snot sounds horrible, nasty nasty bugs around still.  Make sure you get over it proper. You've got loads of endurance so hopefully just a case of getting back on the pace.  Horrible when you've had a disappointing race though - took me a fair while to stop beating myself up about my last London Mara (2010) even though I'd still done it in a time plenty of people would have been more than happy with!! (())

Ran just over 4 miles with a friend this morning - she hasn't run since Christmas so nice easy pace, then I did another 6.5 on my own so 10.7 miles in 1.35.  Ankle/foot complaining but not interfering with running - yet ... but feeling quite sprightly anyway

Planning for S's party on Sat afternoon ... although will be interesting mad day as we have orienteering in the morning and severe weather warnings for Fri & Sat for more snow ... will hubby get home or not???

Edited: 20/03/2013 at 13:22
20/03/2013 at 13:46

Think I am over it CC. So hard though as really wanted to use it as a guide of where I'm at. I thought I was in 85 shape as was only 10 secs behind my friend at the intercounties XC and she ran 85 at Bath. Still I did run 1:30:10/ I know I know what you all think. Well apart from Lotte who is super quick now, but it just felt awful from the gun too and it's never nice to race feeling like that.

I managed 15 at just over 8mm, legs still sore but good to see the 7.xx miles.

Will plan to get my speedwork in tom night on the treadmill, then have 22-ish on sunday with some pacey miles chucked in to get through. 10k in 10 days time which should give me some idea too.

Shocking weather you are getting. It's OK here, bit of sunshine on my run and I did wear shorts, with my calf guards!

Talking of Lotte, been thinking of her with her injury. How are you love?

Right peanut butter on toast scoffed off for more food and house sorting ...

20/03/2013 at 15:48

I can relate to E CM as when M was doing pre school and nursery she much preferred the pre school by  the end and really didnt want to go to the nursery - but obviously had to so I could work.  I think once I went on mat leave with Eric and she no longer had to go to the nursery she was happier.  Although we drive past the nursery all the time and she talks happily about it, and we were always pleased with the place.  Annoying of them as you wouldn't have otherwise upped your hours.

At work today, finished consulting this morning to missed calls from child minder and e mails from hubby as she had got homd of him.  Eric had a temp of 38.5 and wasn't himself.  We hd to wake him up this morning which is unusual and hubby thought he felt warm, but he had milk, ate 1/2 banana and seemed fine so we didn't drug him. (more fool us!)  Anyway he's had some calpol, lots of sleeps and cuddles and is ok, and hubby is hopefully going to leave work early to get him -she said he didn't have to go unless his temp went above 39.

I have my orthotics, am still breaking them in slowly.  The left one is v raised up into my arch and not v comfy, and they are v hard, non flexible things.  What are other people's like?  My next ch up is June.  I plan on starting running again in April, but I need some new shoes first.  I know nothing about shoes and orthotics - do I now need totally different shoes?  I'll obviously take the orthotics into the shop and try them on with shoes.

JT I hope your uncle's suffering is over soon.  I think when I hear about aunts and uncles dying it hits home just how old my parents are........


20/03/2013 at 15:52

Was thinking about Lotte too ... probably mad mad busy as ever, and hopefully healing??

I did a marathon a few years back now MM when I felt just like that.  In all my training I had done so well and reckon I was on for a definite sub 4 hour, probs 3.45 but from the off felt leaden and HR was all over place, nearly bailed at half way but soldiered on, was awful and I ultimately did 4.01 (was trying to break 4 hours). Was gutted but then came down with stinking cold so that told the tale really!  Anyway, good pace for you today.

Out of wind and in sun it is actually lovely, but really biting Easterly so today despite wearing my gloves my fingers were all white and wouldn't work for about an hour afterwards, so was wearing gloves and a shetland wool headband/earwarmer that Lotte gave me when she stayed last year.  Is fab as lets the heat out top of head at same time!!

20/03/2013 at 16:21

You need neutral shoes Caro. Other than that its whatever suits you and what your othortics fit into.

Mine are also hard things but guess I'm used to wearing them, they do give after a while and they do bed into your shoes. Worth persevering with I'm sure as I def get less injuries than I used to.

Nightmare about the school CM. I guess there is no solution unless you keep pestering and saying that they promised a space?

20/03/2013 at 18:00
Yes neutral shoes, I got asics when I got my orthotics. Mine are three quarter length with a bit of a step & are rigid so took a while to get used to them, your feet get a bit sore to begin with. I've had mine two years now so should really try and get another appoint. although it was an NHS pod so not sure how it works for new ones??? Anyone know?
Strapped my left foot to day and making sure I use insoles in all my shoes & not walking around without shoes on in the house. Did 10 k on treadmill without too much discomfort. Then did a 10 min HIT workout.
How blooming annoying CM, that's not very fair of the school. Poor E but am sure shell cope.
Similar weather here CC, snow flurries all day. Still got a fair bit here as we had a lot yesterday and the school shut, grrrrrrrrrr. Flipping cold too
Hope E ok Caro.
Good luck for a busy Sat.CC & hope Scarlett's party goes well.
Oh Hoggle, that sounds so difficult and sad but very personal having it n their lounge. You sound like you are being very supportive of your friend which I imagine she will need more than ever in the coming weeks and months ((((())))).
Back later, kids to sort oot x
20/03/2013 at 19:52
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear all the sadness. Hoggle, can only echo what others have said, you're being just the friend they need right now. And JT - so sorry to hear about your uncle, but yes, it's lovely that you have the beach day memory. Awful too for your friends boy CC. Some people just hav such a hard time of it.

CM - gutted about the school/nursery debacle. You must be upset and hopping mad especially after having been so organised about it all. Fingers crossed a school place appears or at least that E doesn't mind too much.

My heart was just a aching at all the bullying stories. Why are kids so cruel? I really hope you can sort it out but sounds like you're taking the necessary steps. But hugs in the meantime.

Rf - watched your programme. It was EPIC!!! massive well done you and you came across so well. And what a great programme too generally! Wish it was on English bbc2!! But seriously, what an event. I'd no idea it was so hardcore!

Hope you're healing and resting Lotte. Sorry cant remember everything else. Getting seriously itchy feet about running/exercise generally, but I still feel too lousy to risk over tiring myself further. Roll on second trimester. Scan 2 wks today. It can't come soon enough.

Brrrrrr to all the cold weather too. Like CM Id normally have my heating off by now, or at least just an hour or two a day, but right now?? No way!!
20/03/2013 at 19:55
Oh and hope E is ok Caro. Lots of D & V around in London at the mo, or so my nursery tell me!
20/03/2013 at 20:02
Tubes stuffed so taking me ages to get home. RF and MM do you wear your orthotics all the time or only in running shoes? Yes they hurt my foot but am glad that it started like that for you too. Didn't wear them today as on feet all day at work so thought it a bit soon.
E ok according to hgubby, hope he sleeps ok.....
Was supposed to be going out tonight but no one can be bothered, so we're not!
20/03/2013 at 20:28
boo to bugs, slow trains, backtracking school and being cold
yippee to er, um not much again.... errrm nope nothing.
RF could GP re- refer to orthos to get a review?
CM- I have a stack of childcare vouchers too (about ??1000) but hardly use them now! Am going to cancel getting them from next month.
Went to give blood today but failed the drop test so they've taken a sample to test. Knew it was risky trying when I'm training so much!!
Spoke to teachers this morning who were keen to address bullying but of course Archie couldn't help but go looking for them again today for a 2nd bashing.
20/03/2013 at 20:30

I think D&V is still rife everywhere Brookie, was chatting to another mum waiting at guitar lesson tonight (she's a teacher) and in her school there were nine teachers off vomiting ... one called her for help as she was going to be sick in the class!!! eek!  Hang in there with feeling yeuch, it may lift. I found with both of mine I felt absolutely dire and shattered from weeks 6-14 and did not a lot apart from power walking, then at 14 weeks I started running again as felt so much better!  Continued running until 20 weeks and after that spinning for a while, x-trainer, swimming, light weights, power walking right until the end.  I did still feel pretty yeuch throughout with S but working out kept some of the nausea at bay.

bugger to stuffed tubes. Will be interesting to see how you are with the orthotics Caro. Hope E picks up.

Am off the hook on the fairy/ballet dancer cake - a surprise one will do - phew ...

20/03/2013 at 20:32
Wear them in my trainers all the time but not normally in my everyday trainers or boots but because my feet are getting sore again I have put my orthoheel insoles ( from boots) in my shoes. Build up wearing them over a couple of weeks as your feet will ache. Yuk to the tubes, I don't fancy being squished onto them. Hope u get home ok.
Not long till scan now then Brookie. Yeah the adventure show is a good programme, all outdoorsy type stuff.
Just been trying on dresses for our ceilidh on Sat. night. Think I'm actually going to go for the peach floaty dress I wore to a couple of things last year that u might have seen pics of me on FB. It's comfortable but I feel dressed up in it.
Think I will decide Friday whether to do the tri or not...........
20/03/2013 at 20:36
Oh no poor Archie Camlo, cruel cruel kiddies about. Hope the school help sort it out. Oh dear to failing the test to give blood, a bit anaemic then??
Yay to making an easier surprise cake CC, whew!
20/03/2013 at 21:11

My non-doom-and-gloom to look forward to is a very old friend of mine (who is a year cancer free ) and moved to Stavanger with her family late last year , is over with work, and we are off to see Eddie Izzard in Aberdeen in May, so I get a fun night out, with a very good friend, a child-free night in a hotel, access to some proper shops

F**k it moments are allowed and you are very deserving JT!  Have no idea how we've got to six-year-olds at all ...

Is that what a drop test is then? For anemeia? Camlo - best get some iron level boosters then?  J reguarly then goes and attempts to 'play' with his taunters - when do they learn??

Right, off to bed shortly I think, slept really badly last night and shattered today, plus grumpy PMTish too - bah!!

20/03/2013 at 21:11

And yes RF, you will look fabulous of course.

20/03/2013 at 21:31
JT that made me laugh, hubby asked Aidan a while ago 'what did you do at playschool?' The answer was 'I didn't say poo...' Good to know they can behave once in a while!
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