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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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27/01/2014 at 21:55

Blimey Camlo, very well done, sounds horrible. I couldn't do the crawling through tunnels bitget claustaphobic!!!!!  

Yay to new handbags EF, speedy PR Caro (wow), great running (TT)

27/01/2014 at 22:02

Stupid iPad not letting me write............

yay to holiday planning also, lucky you Kinsey. Greece sounds lovely.

enjoy Lotte but rubbish about nae dosh ????

glad your sleep is sslightly improved Vixo.

just been to yoga which was good to get a stretch.

Yesterday had my first shot at map & compass reading up the hill, still a bit confused!!!!!! Can't wait to try my new fell shoes now though. Might have a wee run up to the snow line when M at nursery in the morning. Maybe I"ll run for an hour up the hill or should I say walk!!!

Must go and get something to eat before I go to bed, hungry as usual! Try not to eat before bed but my belly feels hungry tonight and I haven't even done any proper exercise today.

27/01/2014 at 22:42

I would need someone to show me map and compass reading  RF. I'm hungry tonight too. My eating has been crap today. Had yoghurt (addicted to rachels greek yog with ginger) for breakfast with some blueberries and then an apple and a nakd bar for lunch, another nakd bar for a snack and then a wee bag of trail mix, 2 liquorice catherine wheel things and half a big bar of green and black chocolate for tea and just had a handful of apricots.  Useless effort that but hubby did pizza and pasta (Monday nights we never have time for a good tea) while I ran and I don't eat that and then couldn't find anything else to have and then a friend popped over and now I can't be arsed. Eating low carbs is all good and fine but I do find it hard to think of things to replace them with sometimes!

I have a friend who always pops around on a Monday night for a cuppa. Usually her daughter is at the fiddle and accordion club with our three and that doesn't finish until 9pm. It wasn't on tonight though but they still came over which is lovely but it was way after 9 when they  left and all the kids were still up. Not a great way to start the week but at least we are all on hols on Weds.

Yay to holiday plans. If the folk who rent the stables from us would cough up the 3 months overdue rent we might be able to relax and have some spending money to set aside for our skiing hols at Easter. My parents paid for the flights and accommodation but still plenty of other things to spend money on! They squandered some money they had inherited on that CC so I don't think a cyclocross bike is bad! Cars on the other hand are a total waste of money, a necessary evil though!

JT is the wee guy three weeks old already. Hope he isn't too unsettled tonight if he is having a growth spurt. Gosh baby days seem so long ago. My oldest baby boy is 12 this week. eek. We have the hall booked and he and a girl who is a friend (rather than a girlfriend!!) whose birthday is the day before his are having a joint party. She and all the others in his class are 13 this year though, bet they all forget he is a year younger! Not that it matters I just wonder if he will get 13 year old cards! 


28/01/2014 at 09:37

lotte - that is what i do most days with eating. except i then pig a load of cereal at about 10pm because i'm starving.

very very tired and fed up today. counselling appt is tomorrow so hopefully that will give me a kick up the arse! i'm still struggling with jaw / ear pain and no idea whether it is ear infection still (the antibiotic spray doesn't really seem to have done much) or whether it is just TMJ dysfunction. ah the joys of getting old!

28/01/2014 at 11:48

Lotte that weather sounds absolutely brutal!  It's been very windy round here but nowhere near as bad as you describe.  At Christmas during strong winds a tile blew off the roof but luckily it was next door's roof not ours although it crashed down right between our houses.  Kit's climbing frame still intact for now!  I have no idea how you cope with the mileage you do on low carbs - or on bugger all food!  I had usual breakfast yesterday of two Weetabix and a cuppa, then had two buttered crumpets mid-morning.  Then a toasted ham and cheese sandwich for lunch and an apple, then another crumpet and a couple of digestive biscuits late afternoon, then a killer swimming session and then a mahoosive portion of shepherd's pie (which I made  in the morning) with broccoli and runner beans, followed by apple crumble and cream   I am a piglet!

CM hope your counsellor can help you sort out your eating and other issues, you so deserve to feel happier and more positive about yourself.

Bags - I have a few, but most of them I've had for years and they've been presents.  I don't think I've ever bought myself one apart from a nice Radley one for work a few years ago.  I don't really do shoes.  I have boots for winter and sandals for summer - not keen on shoes apart from running ones! 

Know what you mean about January - why is there so much month left at the end of the money?  I am literally hanging on until payday on Friday - £18 left in my purse and that's it!  Has to cover extension train ticket tomorrow and lunches for the rest of the week so should be doable.  Can't even pay for race entries I want to do so hope they don't sell out this week!  We worked out that the reason we never have any money these days is all Kit's activities - swimming is £100 a term, Beavers is a snip at £35 a term, piano £60 per half term, karate now £44 a month as since his recent grading he has to go twice a week, and this term he's doing an after-school club called Mad Science which is £58 for the course.  So that's about £300 we shelled out at the beginning of January and that's without food, bills, mortgage and fuel!

I used to be good at assault courses - was in the OTC at university so got a lot of practice in!  Would be happy to tackle any obstacle except freezing cold water and have to say the idea of electric shocks in a race is just barbaric!  Not for me I'm afraid!

Right, loads of leaflets to deliver about the Scout jumble sale which I am massively procrastinating over (unsurprisingly - dull job!) but should get on and do while it's dry I suppose ...

28/01/2014 at 12:53

i have had 14p in my purse for the last 10 days!

this month has seen drama fees x2 for the half term (150 quid), 60 quid for drums, 48 quid for 2 lots of swimming for half a term; 60 quid for ballet (plus 30 quid for new leotard and 11 quid for new shoes, plus ballet exam fee which T copped last week); 10 quid a week for piano; 14 quid a week for art class; 14 quid for rugby (just subs - i paid annual membership of 70 quid in september). AND j now wants to do cubs when he's 8. sob!!

oh and this month 400 quid for a new fence; 100 quid for hedge plants; 60 quid to book the hall for E's party next month. sob...

28/01/2014 at 12:55

i don't do shoes or bags. or clothes. or anything really. my idea of treating myself to something nice is a £5 top from tesco! my handbag is falling to pieces, literally. think i'll just do without rather than buy a new one as they are so expensive. i bought myself a £20 pair of boots from tesco in the sales. they will last me a couple of years. i am so scabby!!

28/01/2014 at 13:20

I suppose I shouldn't complain really - I only have the one child to fork out for.  Just don't know where the money goes though.  Our mortgage is pretty hefty but we only use the car for school run, trips to/from rowing club and other activities yet a tank only lasts two weeks if we're lucky.  Not extravagant on the food front - our weekly shopping bill is under £80 including everything except maybe a treat takeaway/M&S Dine In meal once a week.  I make everything from scratch pretty much - shepherd's pie yesterday had loads of carrot, swede, leek and celery in to make the lamb mince go further - but I have been cheating sometimes and buying ready-made fresh mash because I absolutely loathe making it, especially if I've been slaving away chopping gazillions of other veg and cooking all morning.  Potatoes seem to either disintegrate or stay rock-hard when I boil them for mash, no idea if I'm doing something wrong.  And always end up with lumps in  I figure if the rest of it is home-made then a bit of ready-prepared mash on top won't harm.  Just eaten some leftovers for lunch; the rest Kit can have for his tea.

5 miles done this morning, steady pace. I always find my Tuesday morning run quite hard after swimming the night before.  She does work us pretty hard at swimming though!  There are only three of us in the class and therefore nowhere to hide!  Last night was a front crawl session but there are lots of exercises - swimming with a float so using legs only, then one-armed front crawl keeping other arm straight out in front (totally messed up breathing on that one!) then front crawl without legs - VERY hard on the arms and legs tend to sink!  Then several lengths of actual crawl counting strokes and trying to reduce each length.  I have just about cracked the breathing now but still lots of room for technique improvement.  Love it though - and never thought I would ever say that about swimming!

Hubby is taking Kit to dentist tomorrow.  One of his lower precisors has been wobbly since before we went on holiday in August.  But it just won't come out.  He's been wiggling it and wobbling it and it's loose but just doesn't seem to want to come out.  The new tooth has grown in behind and is so far back it's now completely out of line with the other teeth.  Took him to dentist a few weeks ago and he said to leave it but if not out in 2-3 weeks to come back.  Bit upset about Kit's teeth actually.  One of the front top incisors is slightly brownish-yellow on the surface and the surface looks uneven.  At last visit dentist said it's white spot lesion (which of course I then Googled) and the cause is unknown but can just be a genetic blip.  I thought it might be enamel hypoplasia which can be caused by strong antibiotics at the time the tooth is forming - Kit had two head injuries at around the time his teeth would have been forming so am concerned that the amoxycillin he was given is the cause.  Apparently it's one of the worst offenders.  Had I known that it could do that I wouldn't have let him have it.  Nothing can be done about the tooth - which is healthy - although when he's older there may be some treatments available.  I just hope that no other teeth are affected.  It's not THAT bad and some days it seems to be more noticeable than others but such a shame it had to be on the front tooth

Edited: 28/01/2014 at 13:30
28/01/2014 at 13:48

i have no idea how lotte affords it! mind you our swimming and rugby is relatively inexpensive. it's the drama and ballet which whacks it all up. J also does 2 lots of music (drums at school and piano at home), so that isn't cheap either!

E has pretty much no enamel on her molars so has to have lots of stuff applied every time she goes. poor lassy. she has avoided fillings so far but i fear it is only a matter of time. hers is almost certainly genetic. at least it's not a front tooth and it's not causing her any problems yet - as in no pain. but unless the dentist puts the stuff on, i cannot get her teeth clean. there is always stuff stuck in them. i must admit that because of this i always clean her teeth for her. i know i probably should let her do it but it's so hard to get in there and get the stuff out that i just do it for her!

28/01/2014 at 14:43

it's all the kit though as well.  J needs new rugby boots and astroturf trainers at least once a term and sometimes twice. he also had to have a full set of kit, which has lasted him since he started but he will need a new set again before the end of the year.  E's ballet stuff is hideously expensive.  plus she will start tap once she has done her first exam, so that's a different set of kit. and then there are the shows - you have to buy their outfits for those as well. they are handmade. sob!!! but it is worth it, i guess. it IS worth it, isn't it girls??

J did some great piano practice this morning - thorough and unprompted. i praised him for it and said how grown up he was to do the practice by himself without me needing to ask him. he then said 'do I get £1 for that, then?'. i said 'er no! i pay £10 each week for you to have lessons. i'm not paying you £1 every time you practise'. he kind of understood that. i did say i would give him a bonus when he passes his first exam though. i guess that's probably fair enough (although i don't remember any such incentives when i was a kid. none were necessary to be fair - i was a huge swot!!)

did a really tedious run earlier. my legs are feeling like lead. need to stretch more. but at least i got out and did it. about 5.4 miles. of course round here that's 1 mile down, 3.4 miles on the flat, 1 mile back up again. that last mile is hideous and i hate slogging back up as it is unrelenting. there isn't a pause anywhere or a flat section anywhere on the way back up!

28/01/2014 at 15:08

I had egg white omelette with mushrooms and spinach 

for breakfast, just had peanut butter and banana sandwich

after my run and having hundreds of veg with chicken and 

rice noodles and sweet chilli sauce for dinner.


Always have salmon or mackerel once a wk, either with 

veg and baby tatties or veg and flavoured rice (uncle Ben's or whatever one is on offer that wk) 

Also have white fish once a wk, either smoked river Cobbler 

(Camryn's favourite) or Asda frozen fish portions that come

in either chilli sauce or garlic &herb again with veg and tatties. 

Spag bol (obviously a favourite with every1) half of which I make into 

chilli so I don't have to cook on Saturday. Then it's a mixture of 

curry, wraps, pork loin, the occasional sausage, chicken, veg &gravy. etc etc 


4 mile run done today, intervals again tomorrow. 

Read that relentless forward something or other book CC, 

Have tweaked my training plan a bit to match one in 

the book, altho not doing back to back runs for a 30miler, I do my long run on a Friday and don't run Thurs, 

Sat or Sun so back to backs don't really fit in with my days.

28/01/2014 at 15:45

 Blimey your kids do lotsa activities. My 2 oldest only do swimming lessons on a Friday & that's it.

yikes Lotte, I could never survive on so little food. I eat quite a lot really compared to some of you. Would never miss my 3 meals certainly & often have a snack in the evening it try not too if I can. I had porridge with raspberries for breakfast, unhealthy lunch of a cup of soup & noodles and just ate 2 plain cupcakes that M and I baked earlier. Have drank lots of water, some decaf coffee & green tea also. We are having venison for tea that I am slowly cooking over about 3 hours, got it free from the estate which is rather nice!!! Will have tattles & veg n gravy with it.

I cycled altogether 11 miles today & ran aprox 1.5 miles up & down a big hill to 1435 feet to try out my new fell shoes, salomen. Feet were wringing wet but felt comfortable enough and the grip seems pretty good as it was wet, boggy, heather & snowing!! Fair enjoyed it although I turned round as it was snowing & visibility was reduced so don't want to get lost up a hill alone even though I could still see our wee place in the distance. It freaks me out the thought of getting lost in the mountains in the mist or snow. Yikes!!! My quads were like jelly when I reached the bottom of the hill. Need to get lots of hill running in now to get my legs 

28/01/2014 at 15:50

used to hill running.

CC how exciting u are doing it too, will be great to finally meet you. I am slightly concerned about being freezing, sore, feeling sick at the overnight camp and the thought of getting little or no sleep in a tiny cramped tent, Gawwhat's did a agree to this??????

CM - well done on the run. I need to stretch more also!!

i have had a headache for a week now and have stopped taking painkillers as nothing seems to work.i think it's due to the pain in my cervical/thoracic spine which I have had since the strathpuufer. It really is a pain in the neck! A heat pad is the only thing that helps a bit.

better go snacks to sort out & whining children pestering me!!!

28/01/2014 at 17:47

Think I will do neck exercise twice a day and see how it is at the start of the week. May look into acupuncture or something if no better as it really is a pain.

i am always looking forward to bed by this time, ridiculous really!!!!

night shift tomorrow night, what a thought as haven't been at work since two wks as was on annual leave last week.

have a good Pilates class CC k hope Lotte is enjoying the helly a celebrations.

Camlo    pirate
28/01/2014 at 19:44

Wow - lots of expensive kids hobbies. CM I am not sure I would be forking out for all those things when you are struggling financially. No way would i live for a week with 14p but be paying for drums, drama, swimming, rugby, piano, ballet, big parties..... esp when the money you get for them is put into savings. i would be telling T to have a rethink, either he stumps up more for clubs or you use THEIR money to pay for them, no wonder you are so pressured! Mine do swimming and football - thats it!

Good luck tomorrow CM, really hope she/ he can help you see the lovely qualities you have and banishes the blues for you xxx

RF - not envying the night shifts but i did feel a twang of nostalgia waiting in the hosp today and remembering how I used to have to check it all at night to lock up! Hope neck improves, still not long since the puffer so could just be recovery? 

CC you are right about needing to practice the descents as much as the inclines, huge stress on your legs even if your lungs get a wee rest. 

Hope Lotte is getting a break in the weather for the helly thing! 

Feel like i have been hit by a bus today, arms and shoulders are almost useless! Off to Cardiff tomorrow for a meeting and not looking forward to the drive! 


28/01/2014 at 20:06

Both do swimming, M does ballet and gymnastics.  I am just starting to realise how expensive ballet is.......all the extra stuff they need!  I totally wasn't going to be a ballet mum, I hated it as a child, hence the 2 yrs of street dancing.  But she never really got into that, and was asking for ballet, and she is really enjoying it so we shall see.  

Just checked my 1/2 schedule and realised I was supposed to run 3 miles today, so legged it into the rain as soon as hubby got home.  Pilates later.  M didn't help by having  massive meltdown at bedtime.  Partly our fault (our being parents I guess) as I was reading with M and hubby was going to put Eric to bed, but he started crying and came into M's room and only wanted we mistakingly thought the 5 1/2 yr old would be a bit grown up and understand but no........Massive tantrum, decided she only wanted to to Mummy, whilst Eric was clinging onto me saying Mummy, and hubby was standing feeling unloved!  At that point we jokingly said "lets have a 3rd!' 

28/01/2014 at 21:10

yes, ballet is very expensive. i never did any shows when i did ballet (which i also hated. i loved tap though - still didn't do any shows). but E's school does a massive show every 3 years and that will be next year. she will totally love it though. absolutely her kind of thing

my turn to do the rugby run tonight. take it in turns with 2 other families to take their boys to rugby. involves 25 min drive to 3g pitch then standing on side of pitch (you have to stand as you are responsible for them while they are playing - if they get disciplined they are pulled off the pitch to stand with you). in freezing cold. dark. no shelter... you can imagine how much i love it when it's my turn. fortunately it didn't rain tonight (unlike last 2 weeks!).

i drop E off at the house of one of the boys i pick up as he has a little sister the same age. when i went back there tonight to drop the son off and to pick her up tonight she was dressed up as cinderella with ballet shoes on prancing around their living room... she didn't want to come home. 7.30pm and i drag her kicking and screaming out of their house and back into my car.

thanks for the good wishes camlo. i think the therapist i am seeing will be good. she certainly got loads of information out of me in a very short space of time when i saw her a few weeks ago.

as for the cost of stuff - T has started contributing to things, but i need to ask him, which i have a real problem with. i asked him to contribute equally to the kids' trust funds this week. currently i pay £150 a month and he pays £50. he hasn't responded. yet... the child allowance going into a bank account which i'm not allowed to touch (and is also savings for the kids). the CTF contributions come straight out of my bank account and he pays me £50 a month towards it. however the amount we agreed on was £100 per child. so the balance is a bit skewed in his favour! i have prevaricated for 2+ years about asking him to pay the same as me. i'm a bloody muppet, aren't i? he still probably won't do it, and i don't feel like i can just scale my contribution back because then it's the kids that miss out (and particularly E as J has had 7.5+years of contributions at £100 a month and E has only had 5).

Edited: 28/01/2014 at 21:12
28/01/2014 at 22:06

Nat never did any clubs after she 7, she tried gymnastics but 

didn't like it, clubs weren't her thing. 

Camryn did ballet/tap for 2 yrs then decided she didn't like it (Thank God, they did a concert every yr and cost an arm and a leg). She goes to swimming lessons at £6 a lesson and a drama club called Shakespeare's kids at £4 a wk (they r having a red carpet premiere of midsummer's night dream in a few wks, the wedding was filmed at the wkend) and she has a sports/games club after school once a wk til Easter which is £1 a wk, so not too bad financially.

28/01/2014 at 22:16

I'm too scared to tot it up. Ballet, tap/modern comes in at over £100 a term. Swimming and tennis are edinburgh leisure so cheap really at about £4 a lesson I think. Rainbows is a bargain and gymnastics is about £2.50 a class. I'm going to refuse rugby for Fraser though. It terrifies me! Not the cost, it's the mauling the older ones seem to get! 

28/01/2014 at 22:17

Savings r a bit hit & miss here, if I can afford to I put £50 a month into the kids savings account but it gets used 

to pay for school trips abroad and stuff like that too, it isn't locked 

away for them to squander on God knows what when they're 18. 

I also reward exam results, Nat gets £30 for every A/1, £20 for every B/2 and £10 for every C/3, unfortunately for me she gets a lot 

of A's and 1's, has cost me a pretty penny



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