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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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17/12/2012 at 08:52
Exactly TT!!! Would be a far lower drop-out rate!
17/12/2012 at 12:21

Ooo EF. Fab news. When will you know about the other sac? So good to know one is in there though ...

My boys do recreational gymnastics and they love it. Its all just fun and their strength, balance etc has vastly improved. We both decided it was a good idea as they are undoubtedly going to be good at sport in some form and this was missing from both mine and hubbie's pre-athletics days. Hoping it will help them as they progress in the sport they choose. Sophie is keen to start too, but might need to drop something else first.

Just back from her first ever nativity. She did so well, no tears, so many kids in floods. She didn't sing but did do some actions bless her. She looked so small compared to the rest of them too ...She has her nursery one on Thursday and then thats it. The boys had theirs last week.

Still recovering here from a mammoth night on friday at the club xmas and awards night. Was mental. I drank far far too much red wine and my feet are still sore from dancing in silly heels. Nevermind was a great night. It's not helped my hacking cough at all though , too much red medicine is not a good thing!!!

Anyway I am free now until 5pm so best get on with some jobs. Massage at 1pm here then off to do some food shopping and last wee bits for stockings. The  pick up S from nursery, she is in from now until 5pm, then the boys at friends for tea. Much cleaning and sorting to do after having Grandad here all weekend so best get going...

17/12/2012 at 14:26

EF - yay to your good news, that's fabulous. Will make sure I pop back on Friday to find out if you're going to be making the jump from one to 3 kids next year. How exciting!

Caro - more whoops for you. New job sounds great and Finsbury Park not too far to travel to. Brilliant!

CC - I can't believe S's teacher actually said that to you, she might as well have just shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't have a bloody clue what she's doing. I suspect that Issie's reception teacher was of a similar standard of teaching and knowing what she was doing as I asked her at every parent's evening last year if Issie was where she should be with her reading as I had some concerns but each time she told me that there was no problem. Funny then that since the start of this school year she's been put in a special reading group with a bunch of other kids that were struggling. Have much more faith in her Yr 1 teacher and actually since Issie's been working with the other teacher in a smaller group her reading has really improved, I'm just annoyed they didn't give her more attention last year to help her catch up then .

TB - sounds like you're been through a tough time lately, glad to hear your hubby home safely though.

Weeks are just flying by at the moment, it's mad that Christmas is just a week away now, I just don't know where this year has gone. As some of you might have seen from FB I had my work Xmas do on Friday night. Took me 45 minutes to write that 2 sentence FB post in the back of the cab on the way home as my fingers kept hitting the wrong letters on the iphone (I blame the taxi driver, certainly wasn't down to me being tipsy ... much). No chance of a lie in on Saturday for me to recover though as hubby went to do a local parkrun with some of the ladies from his latest running course. He came back chuffed to bits having won it in 19:52 with fuel still in the tank! Meanwhile I tried to doze in the bed to clear my headache while girls watched TV in our bedroom and having discovered a box of plasters in our bedroom proceeded to cover themselves in them ... didn't have the energy to try and stop them and Anna has refused to take them off since!

Right, best get back to work, loads to do before we break for Xmas and a team boozy lunch to squeeze in tomorrow. Hope you're all enjoying the festive season so far .

17/12/2012 at 17:08

Lots of crazy partying at the moment ... I am very envious as that is definitely not happening here!! Hey ho.

Well I think I finally ended up with my version of whatever the kids had - crawled into bed in the end with two fleeces on, aching in every bone and muscle and feeling so very very sick!! Hubby grumpily took kids to the party for an hour, dropped them back and then departed with a 'you're all right aren't you?) ... obviously!!! Anyway, managed to drag myself out of bed to sort kids tea and bedtime before dying in bed again!!! Thankfully all broke about 10pm and started to feel a bit better but not really eaten since Sat eve.  Oh well, at least we've all had it now and if hubby is going to succumb will be in next day or so and not here!

Karen - that is my fear with S, that they will do nothing about it.  Am going to go in after Christmas and have a chat again but in the meantime have some fabulous advice from JT (for both my kids)

Nativities also sounding lovely - enjoying the various pictures on FB. Sadly my two haven't done nativities but Ss year were singing in church on Fri morning but I didn't make it as I had J off.

Gymnastics - hmmm, the local club here is pretty competitive and doesn't hold back on telling parents if they think their child is not up to the grade, not in diplomatic ways though!!! The ballet school here is much more chilled - S is doing an exam in the summer, but only cos she wants to. The other school on the other hand is pretty OTT.

There needs to be a balance between competitiveness and fun/enjoyment. I DO think there is room for competitiveness and wanting to improve BUT ... orienteering is pretty chilled actually. Kids get badges for completing various number of events, no matter how fast or slow they are which has definitely motivated my J.

Was going to say more but feeling rough still and a bit brain dead!  Roll on Friday.

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18/12/2012 at 07:49
Yes it's amazing that as a woman you just have to get on with looking after the children, cooking etc but the man can take a day of work and go to bed!!! Poor you CC, hope your feeling much better today.
Saying that my hubby has got to be really unwell to not go to work, he's hardly ever been of in the 10 years I've known him.
I wouldn't like a really competitive club for the girls, much prefer them do something they enjoy. All they do actually is stagecoach and swimming so it's not too much. Finished for the holidays so its good to get a rest from it. Every Sat. is a bit of a pain.
Sore throat this morning. C is full of the cold and R is grumpy, joy!!!! They only just got up which is very unusual for this house!! School concert last night so they weren't sleeping till 9pm. Was very cute, they did ' snowman at sunset' which was a fair few songs and they all did really well. Then mince pies, tea and shortbread for the adults and the kids had crisps, juice and a chocolate.
Having a wee coffee morning for the baby/ toddler group so it's all go this week. Luckily I'm on holiday this week. Back on Dec. 28th though, boo hoo. Working new year this year.
Betta go actually and get girls moving for school.
18/12/2012 at 13:17

Yup some good partying going on, well done ladies!

Great news on the job Caro.

Hope you are well on the mend CC and that the holidays give you the rest and relaxation you need and deserve. Single parenting is tough.

Funny to log on and read about competition and gymnastics. Emily and Reece had a gymnastics competition on Sunday. Our club organise one comp a year and then travel off the island to compete a couple of times a year. The club has never felt really pushy too me. Em made it into the development squad this year which means she trains three times a week with the club (1.5 hour sessions). It is a big committment but she was desperate to do it. They were both nervous about the competition but healthy nerves I think. They were judged on a vault and floor routine. Reece got gold and Em bronze which they were both over the moon about. Em especially as she hopes now that will mean a trip away off the island to compete.

I am all for competition and all of the clubs we are involved with -athletics, swimming, football, gymnastics - do promote competition but not exessively and are very open to all. It is all very well saying do it for fun/enjoyment, I agree 100% but if you don't have targets to aim for can you keep them focussed? Do they get to 12/13 and then drift off with no passion for anything. Sophie has friends that do nothing, not one hobby or interest other than boys and makeup. I think people in general are too worried about hurting their kids feelings, but I think they need to learn sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes its hard and sometimes you need to work harder and some days things go right and sometimes they don't. I think competing can develop strong inner belief, discipline and confidence. I haven't made our kids chose one sport over another as I would rather they were good at a couple of things rather than excel and perhaps burnout over one. I was trying to discourage Soph from doing anymore of the swimming competitions, she has reached an age now at 12 where only training 3 times a week is leaving her behind those who train 6/7 days a week. But she still wants to compete as it is the poolside camaraderie and being part of the team. She isn't bothered about winning but if she can keep getting PBs and enjoys it then she still wants to go.

Anyway just my thoughts of course the main thing is kids are healthy and active. I just don't think competition is a bad thing either.

Speaking of which I had a race on Sunday. Just a 4.3 mile local race. Killer hill at the start and included a mile off road. Finished 3rd overall and 1st lady in 27.41 which I think is 6.26 pace. Happy with that as is the first time I have asked my legs to go fast since the 80 miler. 71 miles last week and all seems fine. Dylan ran too and did 36 mins.

Better go, looking after my friends 2 year old and 6 month old all day 9-5. eek I am out of practice with this baby lark. Little one has woken so hasty exit. back later.

18/12/2012 at 13:46

Glad all seems well on the running front Lotte - great recovery and great racing

I love hearing about all the stuff your kids do - very talented bunch (not that i have any idea how you fit it all in without going stir-crazy!!!).

I definitely agree about a need to encourage competitiveness and a drive to improve - generally the feeling seems to have gone too far the other way now and yes, couch potatoes are aplenty.  Being quietly competitive myself I am all for it, and that is from someone who was dreadful at school sports: couldn't throw/catch, hit a ball or cheat at cross country, was never wanted on teams or encouraged at all, frequently laughed at (by pupils and teachers) and generally had a miserable time of it!! So even that must have put some determination in me if nothing else, once I DID find stuff I could do. Think ballet must have been my saving grace at the time, that and all the outdoorsy stuff I did with my family and the venture scouts.

Joshua is never going to be a runner - he's just not made that way, but he loves his orienteering and I am not going to discourage him just because he's not in the top third, and he is quietly determined to improve on the navigation even if we can't do much about the speed!!!  He is however pretty into his swimming and is interested in training with the Bluefins so need to look into that for him ... have explained he'll be training at 7.30am on a Saturday morning but he still seemed keen (this is a child you have to drag out of bed every morning!!).

Feeling heaps better thankfully so best get my ar*e out for a short run before school pick up in just under and hour - yikes!!

Good luck with that childcare Lotte ...

18/12/2012 at 15:37

It's been quiet on here for a few days.  Some first class partying  and awesome running though .  Keep it up ladies, there'll be none of either for me this year .

Caro - fantastic news about your new job, so good that you'll be starting in a more supportive and enjoyable environment, woo hoo!  Hope you manage to get all the details ironed out.

EF, still thinking of you, 2 babies or not 2 babies, that is the question!! 

Mr TT is already asking if I would like a 3rd, he's pretty keen for a little girl, he adores Max and will dote on no 2 as well but I think he'd love a daughter too.  It's funny as I know how stressful the first trimester was this time round and my age will obviously mean our risks are even higher but I have generally been so lucky with both of my pregnancies, no extreme sickness.  Shall have to wait and see how everything goes, I think we're going to find it harder work than we expect with 2 to be honest, especially with no family support system here.

We took Max to see Santa on Sunday.  A little nervous at first but he made sure he got his message across about what he wants for Christmas!  It was at a brunch at our golf club and Santa was walking around before and after the kids got to sit with him so he told him every time he saw him, mind you what Santa will make of his request I don't know! - 'a big car and a big Michelle to go under our tree'! (a Michelle is a remote control!!).  He also took a 'sleigh ride' (sleigh on wheels towed behind a horse) which he was so excited about.

We have been thinking for a while about buying our own golf cart and finally did it yesterday, Max LOVES them so we collected him from nursery in it and when we walked out the door the car park was empty except for the golf cart so we were saying 'where's Daddy's car?'.  He was really excited when he saw his rucksack in the cart. 

Although not reaching the frenzied levels of some of you on here (combined with your yucky illnesses), I am looking forward to some time off over Christmas.  We aren't even cooking Christmas Day as our lovely English friends have invited us again.  Work is still extremely stressful so will maybe take a few days away from home too as a change of scenery is good.

Better get back to work, catch up later.

18/12/2012 at 21:02
TT - the new cart sounds very swish!! Glad Max is enjoying all the Xmas festivities.
Lotte - fab result, can't do 100m at that pace....
RF boo to catching germs when you are off work.
CC not fair missing carols but great that you are feeling better.
Agree about the need to motivate and encourage rather than bully and pressure into sports but in our family we are all super competitive and the kids race each other all the time - to get dressed, to get shoes on, to get into the car first etc etc. I hope they will learn to try but accept not winning in a healthy way.
Fab 1/2 price toy sale in Argos- stopped today and picked up a chad valley castle for ??20 which looks really good. No time to look at anything else though as Archie had thrown up at school which also means no school tomorrow....
Did a speedy 6 at club tonight which leaves me around 40 to reach 1000 for the yr. Eldest also came and ran with us so at least i know he can drag his butt around the tough guy event now.
18/12/2012 at 21:26

Rah to voms Camlo, not what you need!  Good news to the sale though.

Lotte - I agree with you completely, healthy competition is important, not least because you will hit it later in life in some shape or form...  Amazing splits, if only!

TT - all sounds great fun!

Karen - try to not to fret, getting focused input in Year 1 can be really helpful.  In Cardiff we have an initiative called SAIL that targets kiddies in Year 1/2 and it is so, so helpful.  Often it is just a case of filling in the gaps that have been missed by little ones in YR, often because they just weren't ready to begin the process of reading and it helps them catch up.

CC - glad it was helpful

Nightmare day...  Theatre trip this morning, you would think that would be a breeze. Oh no!!!  Had spoken to my job share last week to see which parents she'd organised in my absence, turns out that she'd organised too many (in spite of being told by my management cover that she only needed three).  No problems she says, I'll tell them not needed... 

But that didn't happen, and it was left to me to sort yesterday (Big Bad Mrs H).  AND! She'd forgotten about another two that she'd said could come along, hadn't written their names down, so they turn up this morning ready to go on the trip.  Thankfully two children were off, but not the point!!!  Mercifully,  both involved said that Mrs P had invited them...  Don't get me wrong, but these type of things keep happening and it makes me look like a numpty!

To top it off, my rather dim 1:1 with cerebral pausy child, then starts to shout that the coach is full and we haven't got enough seats as the coach in front is pulling away.  Her version of full, was that there weren't two seats together on the coach in spite of their several single ones.  Aaaaaagggggghhhhhh!!!!! (And the theatre was naff!)

18/12/2012 at 21:46

Oh God JT, that sounds like the day from hell! Your job share sounds like a nightmare tbh!!! 

Camlo - we have to keep kids out for 48 hours after a vom rather than 24, so glad mine chose the latter stage of the week to be ill!!  Hope the rest of you don't succumb (or get it over and done with before Christmas!!)  Well done on speedy running too.

Golf cart sounds fab, can imagine what my J would be like if we turned up with something like that.

Went for a very short run earlier and was alarmed at how weak I felt until I realised I hadn't actually eaten properly since Saturday - no brainer really!

So easy 3 along coast. Was alarmed at how much of the coastal path has been swept away - like something came along and sliced big chunks off it after the 'perfect storm' on Saturday eve.  Combo of very high tides and extreme atmospheric conditions (whatever they are) made for a 'perfect storm' (without George Clooney!!) which has swept away the harbour wall in Lossiemouth and it's play area, the bridge to the beach and chunks of our path.  Oh well, will be interesting exploring how many sections have disappeared!!!

I'm off to finish Christmas tomorrow. Really ought to have sent parcels south by now so wish me luck on that one!!

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18/12/2012 at 22:16

We had the same problems with the weather CC. A couple of my running roads were completely blocked with rocks and seaweed thrown up from the sea and similar with sea walls washed away and some shore buildings badly damaged.

JT sounds like fun, not. Your job share does sound like a nightmare. You did shock me for a moment when I first read your post and thought you were referring to a dim CP child!

Family dramas continue here. Just back from visiting my sister in hospital with suspected appendicitis. Poor thing has been in terrible pain, they thought maybe kidney stones but now have ruled that out and are back on to appendicitis. Camera tomorrow to try to be sure before they operate.

After having the two littlies today I can safetly say I have no wish to go back there again. Time for hubby to get the snip for sure! And I could never be a childminder so hats off to you TangyT! Didn't help that they were dropped off this morning with no outdoor clothes or buggy, I hate being housebound! My friend (their mum) is down at Olympia horse show with their eldest daughter competing in the Shetland Pony Grandnational which is what me and my friend used to do!! Dad his home with the little kids but had to work today, hence me looking after them.

Right bed for me. Was up at 5am instead of my normal 5.30, that half an hour makes all the difference, shattered tonight.

18/12/2012 at 22:35
Hahahaha up at 5:30am being normal????? Not in my mind it isn't!!
Can't believe how the storms have eaten away your lovely coastline and paths in Scotland, not good. CC at least you had a reason for running being off.
JT your job share sounds pants but reminds me of the saying - god if you can't make me thin, please make all my friends fat..... Next to her you will appear positively fabulous!
Archie is absolutely fine, he said he was sick because he ate too much lunch so doubt it is contagious!!
19/12/2012 at 09:03

which theatre did you go to JT? hope it wasn't the New Theatre in Cardiff as that's where we are going on Christmas Eve!

oh no to sis with appendicitis. that's what my friend had and she was so poorly for so long after. even now she's not right and she had the op two months ago

ongoing poorly here - was at OOH GP at 1030 on mon night (had to get T over to sit with the kids!) and have chest infection. i also think i have ear infection but GP said not. however, ear is so painful that i can't see how it can't be! i have penicillin and have now taken 5 but feeling no better at all. she did say it would take 2 - 3 days. my temp has been really high and the pain in my ribs is excrutiating. don't know how you put up with it for so long, JT. it's awful!

as for competition - there's none in this household. it's not in my nature at all - the only person i compete against is myself. think the lack of self confidence means i can't compete against anyone else as there is no way i would win (in my mind). i hear what you say, lotte, about your kids, but J (and I) are a world away from that. there is NO point pushing him at all - he just can't cope with it. the minute he feels like the pressure is on, he gives up. so i have to be very gentle with him. i understand how he feels because i am the same. so i encourage him and am very positive but i don't want him exposed to unnecessary competition at this stage. the problem for him is that, although he has bags of enthusiasm, he's not really very good at anything. so he always always comes last even though he tries really hard. i suppose if your kids are good, like lotte's are, then the odd 'failure' is ok. but when you are last every time, no matter how hard you try, it is pants. and for that reason, i won't push him. maybe that's wrong, but i can't do it to him. it's counter productive because it makes him cry and want to give up.

he has had a bad enough time with being the slowest with writing at school. the teachers say that they hadn't noticed he was the slowest and certainly don't think it's a problem but he perceives himself to be slow - slower than his friends anyway. and as a result he gets so upset. it's not for the want of trying - we practise and i try and help as much as i can. but he just isn't a quick child, and he notices it.

19/12/2012 at 09:40
CM I have had v painful ears with tonsillitis, hope the penicillin gets rid of whatever it is anyway, it seems to take an age to work for me nowadays.

Have finally got onto 'solids' here, B is six months on Friday!!! Have ended up starting off with mush and spoon feeding as the sleep situation is dire and I want to rule out being hungry although I doubt it will make much difference!

Hmm where is Vixo?

JT I would be pretty cross about mix ups like that happening all the time! Shame the show wasn't great either.

I am not pushing mine to be competitive, Martha still only does ballet. Am hoping to introduce music lessons really, would be great if they have an aptitude for anything!

Boo to more voms as well, really hoping we have had our dose and don't get it again. My voice is nearly back thank god. Would be lovely to not spend Christmas under the weather!
19/12/2012 at 11:32

Hi all, have been reading but not posting. Feeling a little guilty about it, like there's someone in my ear saying 'you can't enjoy reading the forum unless you're prepared to contribute'

Yes, also wondering where Vixo is.....

6 months Kinsey, wow! Has it flown by? Rosie will be 1 in less than a month, can't quite believe it! Hope all is well and you are finding life with 3 manageable! Would you recommend it? Like TT said I've always wanted one of each so was considering a third to try for a boy, hubby dead set against it though and I try not to think about it as I don't want to always be thinking about the future and not enjoying my wonderful girls right now (and they are pretty fantastic if I do say so myself ).

No competition here yet but Maggie isn't even 3 yet so we'll see. I am quite competitive so if she takes after me I will push her, if not thats fine too! She only does ballet at the moment, spends most of the class ignoring teacher and running huge circles around everyone disrupting the other little ones (ignoring all threats from me to behave), definitely think athletics might be her thing but there isn't much out there for nearly 3yr olds, except swimming which she hates atm.

CM- ouch to the ear infection! Poor thing. I've never had it but hubby has, only time I've ever seen him in real pain. Hope all well before Christmas.

Lotte- poor sis. I thought they just whipped out appendix anyway if suspected, just because it ain't important! And really, you are ready for hubby to have the snip? No.7 not on the cards?

JT- what a tough day. Your job share isn't really a fair share then! Liked Camlo's quote about make my friends fat!

MM- got to overindulge in the red medicine now and then! Glad S enjoyed her nativity, too sweet. I guess M might be involved in something next year when she starts preschool. I suspect tears will flow, Father Christmas is still very scary too (well done Max though TT!) and funnily even made Rosie cry who is a very smiley friendly baby with everybody usually!

Karen- lol to being too hungover to prevent girls plastering themselves! I really struggled to get me and the girls ready yesterday after too many gluhweins with a couple of old uni mates. Got to work in time for a long meeting but did appreciate it was far easier than last weeks hangover in charge of the girls. Well done to hubby on parkrun too! Didn't know he was into his running too. I did parkrun on Sat (special permission to escape for an hr) and did 22.28, a new PB! Was still only 160th and 13th woman but Bushy parkrun has around 800 runners most weeks so feel quite pleased!

No running yet this week, usually sneak out in my lunchbreak but instead have been dashing out to do xmas shopping, southbank xmas market is proving to be very useful for last min pressies for childminders! Will attempt a few miles at lunch, as is my last day of work til the New Year.

In other news, we have finally been pottytraining! Was getting fed up with comments about it, problem is that Maggie is very eloquent for her age so people are always very surprised she is in nappies (including childminder) but she was having none of it! "mummy I'm just about to do a poo in my nappy then you can change me" grrr! Anyway, a friend recommended nappy fairy, last Saturday nappy fairy took away all nappies to give to the babies (and only left special sleepy time ones). Was genius, dry ever since, not a single accident! Can hold on for hours when we're out, as she isn't keen on the potette. Am kind of glad I waited as she is so good now. We have a cupboard full of stickers and choc buttons which aren't needed as rewards because she just does it!

19/12/2012 at 11:57
I'm still here! Like Sonya I'm afraid I've been reading but not posting. I've bad a horrible cough and cold and have been feeling really grim again so spent the last 2 days mostly lying on the sofa whilst (thankfully) my parents had E on Monday, and they were at school/nursery yesterday. I managed to drag myself out to pick them both up yesterday and just about coped with tea and bedtime, and am luckily feeling a bit brighter today. I was very pleased the baby hadn't arrived as I just don't think I would have coped at all! I think I've taken more paracetamol in the last 4 days than I have in the last two years, but I'm desperate for some anti-inflammatories and decongestants - sinuses completely blocked and chest really sore! Oh, and coughs and sneezes at 39+ weeks pregnant require some concentration to avoid embarrassing accidents!!

Will need to read back and concentrate in order to join in with everyone, so will try and come back later with a less self-absorbed post!
19/12/2012 at 13:29

My boys did a gymnastics comp last weekend they have 2 at the club each year. Its a great experience for them but they are never going to be amazing gymnasts, and took it very well that they didn't get any medals. Its just so good for building their strength and balance etc for later sports. Harry is now very good at football and has such endurance so I think we all know where his talents lie (he keeps saying he is going to win an olympic medal in cycling!!). Josh is fast but gets tired pretty quickly so explosive sport of some sort me thinks or middle distance cycling or running!!

Poor Vixo, I so feel for you. Lots of hugs your way (())

Also for CM (())

Lotte amazing running as eve, not such good news about your Sis.

Fab news about M Sonya. Sophie has finally cracked the old toilet training too, only 6 months later hey!!

Have spoken to a specialist school nurse about Josh and his bed wetting. I feel quite relieved to be speaking to someone about it and getting the ball rolling on seeing whether there is a problem or whether we still have to wait. Poor Josh is so desperate now though. He is mostly dry now I reckon 80%, but its the why the other % isn't it and he was so upset when his cousins spotted his pull-up when we were up in Newcastle ...

Shocking weather here today, so glad I got my 8 miler done at 6am, although have twisted my ankle a bit in the dark so maybe not so good . Am struggling a bit with a few niggles ever since I entered London tbh. Hoping it all passes soon. Ran 60 miles last week and this week will be 65, so slowly coming back up.

Am trying to get the stuff sorted out of the spare room and move us back into our nice new decorated bedroom so I can get the futon into the spare room for Mum this weekend. Nightmare. Last minute of course and how much rubbish in my old bedside drawers. How many safety pins, buttons and old hairbands!!??

19/12/2012 at 14:30

Should be writing Christmas cards but thought I'd just drop in!

JT - grr t job share  I feel your anger!

MM - poor J, hope they can get him sorted soon.  At what age does bedwetting become abnormal?

Sonya - yeay to potty training, she sounds just like Sophie!  Amazed the Nappy Fairy worked though, I'm impressed!  Nicky is still showing zero signs of interest at 2yrs nearly 5mths, I'm sure I should be getting further than I am (i.e. nowhere!) by now...  We're currently working on getting him to sleep in his big boy bed at the mo which he has started playing in but still wants to sleep in his cot, which is exactly what Sophie did and she eventually decided it was a good idea.

Definitely a competitive family here too!  Sophie is ridiculously competitive - sounds like your household Camlo - races up the stairs, who can get dressed first etc etc, quite handy when you're in a rush!  She is not good at losing though, but I agree that putting them in a competitive environment helps them to deal with not winning all the time, as long as it's something they can feel reasonably successful in.

Vixo - not long now, just take it easy.  Nothing worse than a cold in late pregnancy 

Lotte - hope your sis is ok.

I think Nicky has now fallen asleep, just 20 mins before we need to go and pick big sis up - typical!  He's been singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way" quite clearly in his cot - I never even realised he knew the words!  

Poor Sophie was in tears this morning not wanting to go to school which is so unlike her.  She's been up with croup for an hour or more 2 nights in a row now - hasn't had it for about 2 years, not sure why it's popped up again - so she's shattered poor thing.  It's her Christmas party today though and FC's coming so there was no way she wanted to miss that.  We made a compromise that if she still felt ill at lunchtime I'd come and get her (working this morning!) and surprise surprise no phone call .  Roll on the holidays!

MIL has just asked if we want to do a family holiday again next year, paid for by them.  I was thinking it'd be nice to all go away together (just the 4 of us) but when I looked at school holiday prices I'd rather given up on the idea.  Does anyone have any suggestions for not massively expensive holidays with kids in school holidays?  Do such things exist?!  We're not very fussy about location really.

19/12/2012 at 15:13

JG - if you can face a caravan and are happy to self cater, you can do that quite cheaply... i found our caravan for 8 on the isle of wight and i think it was about £600. it wasn't a brilliant spot but J still says it was the best holiday he had ever had. the caravan and site were fine but the location was a bit rubbish - kids didn't care about that, though. it had a heated outdoor pool and play area!

poor S. hope she is feeling better soon

i think the key with competition is that they have to stand a hope of being successful sometimes. and as J never is, he gives up.

just been to watch E's nativity and oh my - what a little performer she is. she sang full throttle throughout. she was bang slap in the middle of the stage, right in the front and she sang her little heart out, did all the actions and was perfectly on time with everything. was very impressed. no loss of focus or distraction or anything. bless her! i do think she would love some kind of drama / singing thing - she is very much into her performances and puts on 'shows' all the time for me at home.

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