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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/12/2012 at 16:38

JG - I'd definitely second CMs idea about a caravan (we do tents instead but if you don't 'do' camping definitely a caravan). Can get to some fabulous locations too.

Woohoo to potty training Sonya - must say potty fairy wouldn't have worked with J but he was a bit lazy so bribery it had to be!!  And well done Kinsey with the weaning - hope you are feeling better too?  Camlo - glad Archie was just overfed

MM - glad you are getting some progress re the bedtime wetting - I think once they start to get worried then it's good to get some other feedback ... am forgetting how old the twins are now - 6 back in Oct?  Look after the niggles though ... I know I do nothing like your miles but I find if I've had a lower mileage few weeks and then just ramp it straight back up againmy body complains a bit!!!

CM - I can definitely see your point re the competitiveness/self-confidence thing - mainly cos I am a bit like that too!  My J is very advanced with his reading, spelling etc so that counterbalances his carp handwriting, and he has been quite slow to develop things like the catching and coordination etc but it is all really starting to come together now ... he's a pretty chilled out happy soul but I feel he needs a good confidence boost too - especially all the issues we've had with him and friends at school.   I can see your E on the stage definitely

Hope antibs kick in and do something soon CM, I can remember when I ripped all my intercostal muscles earlier in the year with my asthma, they never healed properly until end of the Summer!!!

Vixo ((())), you sound very run down and in need of lots of TLC. Just before I had S I went down with a corker of a cold which turned into sinusitus BUT on the day I gave birth all the sympoms miraculously disappeared ... for that one day ... like my body knew it needed a break!!! Came back full throttle next day and I was desperately trying to work out what drugs I could do while bfeeding!!!

ummm - I think I needed to take notes ... Lotte - 5.30 IS anti-social, but then it's no lighter at 8am than it is a 5am so what's the difference ... shortest day tomorrow.  to suspected appendicitis though, hope they come to a resolution soon ... and yay to the snip ... wish I could convince my husband ... I know at this stage (and age) I couldn't cope with another one!!  Was reading Schools League Tables for Scotland in that quality read The Mail today and it looked like Shetland had the highest performing Academy/Secondary schools

Well I did five miles this morning along the coast, in what felt like twilight at 9.30am - it feels like something has sucked all get up and go from my legs, so wierd when they were fine last week!  But job done and most of Christmas stuff done.

Have minor heart palpitations though after paying for next terms swimming yesterday and school dinners today too.

19/12/2012 at 17:22

CC - am trying not to think of the start of term costs yet as at the beginning of September spent probably close to £500 on school lunches, guitar lessons, cello lessons, ballet lessons and a couple of after school clubs for the term. God help us once Anna and Issie start music lessons too - these musical kids are gonna bankrupt us!

I don't think I'm competitive at all, certainly not when it comes to sports as I was always rubbish at all sports at school and my running is more about challenging myself than trying to beat anybody else. Think it is important for kids to understand competition though and more importantly to know that you can't always be good at everything or a winner all the time. There's a girl in Issie's class who without fail will cry at every party we go to because her parents will always let her win at home at everything and she hasn't learned that life lesson yet. Doesn't matter if it's pass the parcel, music statues whatever, she'll always burst into tears. Mean mummy that I am I never let her win when she's been invited to Issie's party ...  well, she's got to learn! Lily has started at running club this term, we've encouraged it but not pushed her into it and she's really enjoying it. She's not the fastest in the club but she's really keen to try and improve and I think that's great that she's working towards a goal without just desperately wanting to be the fastest at all costs.

Vixo - at 39 wks pregnant with the lurgy you're entitled to feel sorry for yourself. Hope little one stays put until you're feeling a bit brighter.

Sonya - well done on the potty training, although doesn't really sound like much training was needed in the end. Nappy fairy sounds like a great idea.

MM - the bed wetting thing is so difficult isn't it. As I mentioned before, I've had similar issues with Issie but she's doing pretty well at the moment and on the times when she hasn't quite made it through the night (which is only once or twice a month at the moment) she hasn't actually flooded the bed, just let a little squirt go in her pj's so the bed is still dry. Seems to me that the change is that her body is now just more aware of when she needs a wee and is finally waking her up. Wish I had an explanation to share as to how it happened but really we didn't do anything. Talking about it with somebody who knows about these things bound to help though.

Lotte - 5.00am start? Mad, mad woman! Hope your sis is okay and home and well for Christmas.

JT - a trip to the theatre with a class full of kids doesn't sound like it's ever going to be a breeze, sounds like a nightmare to me. Well done on surviving it.

I so need to go for a run tomorrow, department lunch yesterday and loads of choc, cake and biscuits in the office means I'm feeling totally blobby. Right, signing off with some santa smilies as they're really cute  ..

19/12/2012 at 19:54

Phew - mega sweaty after a HOT run this morning!! Furthest (furtherest?!) I've done so far (in a long while) but man I felt slow and heavy!! Need to shift a couple of kilos - oh good CHristmas should help with that - not! ITB twinging at my knee so must stretch stretch stretch! Confirmed yesterday that my old running buddy (we started running together and did the Berlin marathon together) is coming out with her hubby for their honeymoon in late Feb. She wants us to go for a run togetehr so that's the motivation I need to push myself a bit harder (she's doing Portsmouth marathon this weekend so WAY fitter than me!!). Lots of work to do before then! I found a summer series of 5k races to do but hubbys days changed and now he works Sundays so that rules them out!

Hope all the poorlies are getting better - esp you Vixo!!! Drag in everyone you can to do the childcare and rest rest rest!

M's last day at daycare today. Managed to get fudge made yesterday for teachers and her babysitter. Had a few moments of why the hell am I not just buying a box of chocolates like everyone else!! Tonight we are going to the Festival of the Lights in Pukekura Park (Anjelicals you might have heard of it!). I'm so excited, its meant to be amazing!! Doesn't start til 8.30pm so will put M to bed and then wake her up - she will love it and doesn't matter if shes a bit tired tomorrow.

Right, suppose I should do some work - last day (excluding a skype team meeting tomorrow morning). YAY!!!

19/12/2012 at 20:28

Hey, hugs to all who need them, I'm coughing too and bought myself some 'adult medised' today - some night chesty cough stuff - after staying awake coughing a lot of last night.  I hope it works!  Vixo I esp feel for you being unable to take anything.

I saw the consultant podiatrst today and he was very nice.  He reckons I have a physical leg length discrepancy, and that my right leg is longer than my left.  He certainly didn't think my feet were terrible in the same was that the evil osteopath did - honestly the way she went on you'd be surprised I can actually walk!  So he has referred me to the orthotics dept, for which another wait of 5-6 wks, but that's ok, given that I'm not actually running at the moment anyway.  He's given me some calf stretching exercises to do, that involve a bread board and a telephone directory, rather than the usual hang your leg off the back of a step.  So we shall see, and in the meantime it does feel a bit better, and I'd say at the moment I'm having more good days than bad days.

Still waiting to have job details confirmed, annoying having to wait so long as even thoight the childminder is my friend and has said she will have eric no matter what, she still needs to know the details and I feel bad being unable to tell her.  Also I want to know!  It still doesn't really feel real that I'll be going to work again i  under 4 wks.



19/12/2012 at 20:38
Enjoy Hoggle! Sounds fun!

Karen - hubby is speedy! Theatre is great as kids usually are completely in awe and need little supervision

Cm - at one stage I had worse doms than after completing vlm! Hope abx kick in was the Sherman we went to to see the Snow Tiger, just a bit lack lustre. Job share went to New Theatre and said it was amazing.

Vixo - hope you're feeling better soon. So many horrible bugs around.

Mm - school nurses tend to be brilliant. Ours is great, wish I could see,her more often!

Sorry forgotten what else,was said. Feeling rather whoozy, now have labrynthitis! Inner ear condition. Had a nice trip to theatre with older kids today's, a nice production of Peter Pan. dossy week for me and now holidays!
19/12/2012 at 20:41
Caro - I had those too at one point, but the Newport directory wasn't thick enough so ended up with a,random collection and then nicking a,Cardiff directory!
19/12/2012 at 21:44
Oh JT you poor thing - 2013 will be a year of health for you! My friend had labyrinthitus and it seemed horrible!
Just back from toy library - collected an awesome slide for the summer. M will be thrilled!
Sitting on deck dodging work trying to even up strap marks as an in a strapless dress for sis wedding in early feb. have u mentioned I love working from home?! Don't feel too bad though meant to rain for a week over Xmas!
19/12/2012 at 21:59
C was 7 and a few months before out of night pull ups & R was 6. Didn't really do anything, it just gradually happened. There is still the odd accident, maybe once or twice a month. Hubby still lifts C for a pee about 10 pm. Think it's classed as bed wetting from age 7??
M is 26 months and asks to use the potty sometimes, just going with it and hopefully she'll be properly ready in the summer.
I agree 5 am is middle of the night!!! C is often up at 5.30, it's ridiculous.
Hope your sis is ok Lotte.
Poor u Vixo, not what you need, rest as much as you can.
Hope you start to feel better CM.
I feel crap. Sore bones, head etc. codeine and paracetamol helping a bit but its hard when you just have to carry on with three kids eh??!!
Have wrapped up half the Christmas pressies.........
Oh dear to the ear thing JT, that's really grim, hugs.
Caro- hope the medicine helps and glad u got on ok at the pod. Orthotics I got from the NHS have been ok so far even though she didn't have a clue about sports!!!
Hope the light show was good Hoggle & well done on the run, yay.
cC- it's still dark here at 8 am and by 3 pm it was getting dull, yuk.
Hubby has his work lunch/ night tomorrow so goodness knows what time he'll drag his pissed body back!
No exercise last few days, feeling really unfit. Worried about doing my 24 hr MTB now, especially after falling of bike last week, have scared myself.
19/12/2012 at 22:30

am off to visit my friend tomorrow who decided to bike work in the ice and fell off and broke her arm ... am sure you will be fine RF.  I had the bone/head/muscle ache thing going on Sunday afternoon into evening (along with the extreme nausea) really not nice.

It is 7 that they decree bed-wetting is a problem. I agree with Karen that generally they do seem to 'grow into' it, I also think it's something to do with specific hormones having to kick in too, hence I guess it's considered a problem come 7. I know with J that he definitely just grew into his bladder capacity ... was nearly six by then, and then it was fine.

Goodness JT, definitely 2013 is to be your year of health (())

Hoggle, I can clearly see that working from home is definitely not being enjoyed!!! So weird hearing about your summer weather.

19/12/2012 at 23:34
Hmm sounds awful working from home Hoggle!!
Bed wetting is really common and you are correct about needing the hormone control to reduce urine production to achieve consistent results. Over 7 you can ask the dr for tabs or spray to do this or use an alarm. It does become harder to get pull ups which are good enough too which adds to the stress of it all.
Boo to breaks and bugs, but another yippee to Xmas parties and over indulging!
Stupid cough has taken hold so no running today and worked until 11pm so proper pooped!
Hope you feel better soon Vixo and can build up a little strength before baby decides to come!
19/12/2012 at 23:49
My poor Mum managed 3 days home from hospital, got home Fri night, was blue lighted back to hospital at 2am yesterday morn. They think she has an infection in her replacement heart valve now :'(. She is very depressed now too, not surprisingly. Over 2.5 months in hospital so far + maybe looking at another 6wks in hospital on antibiotics. Plus can't resume her arthritis treatment til she has bn infection free for at least 2 months, so she is in a lot of pain + on really strong opiate painkillers which mess up ur head + r addictive, so not good. Just feel for her so much, it's not bloody fair, she is a good person, she doesn't deserve such a shitty live with so much pain + suffering.
20/12/2012 at 07:08
Ah Tangy, your poor mum, that's so awful, hardly home and back in hospital. No wonder she's depressed. No it's really not fair but stay strong my love and keep her smiling through this. Hoping 2013 will be a healthier year for her x
20/12/2012 at 08:10
RF, I agree, no time to stop when you have 3 kids, am down to 9st10lb though and was about 10st5lb pre kids so that is the only bonus to being perpetually poorly!

JT, poor you, labyrinthitis is horrid. Hope you have a healthy 2013!

Interesting about the bed wetting, wondering if I should take the pull up away as we look like we are good to go but I don't need any extra night waking at the mo that's for sure!
B sleeping better, wondering if it is the solids, who knows!

All coughing here, JG am also sending M in for her last day, they will call if she isn't on top form. She got a certificate for 100% attendance so I will feel bad if i keep her home!

TT, hugs for you and your mum, miserable to be poorly continually. Hope you manage to have some cheery times at Christmas though xx
20/12/2012 at 08:30

Oh TT, that's horrible for you and your mum. Hoping the antibs kick in for her quickly so things can settle back down. Is she at the 'happy' hospital or the other one?

Definitely needing some healthy vibes for all for 2013 I think!!


20/12/2012 at 08:38

oh TT how awful. . hope she feels better soon x

20/12/2012 at 08:40
Yuk to all the horrible viruses around, know loads of people who r struggling with stubborn ones that just don't want to budge. Camryn + F who I watch both have stubborn coughs. Not good, especially as F is off to lapland tomorrow + it's -15 there. And of course it's not helping with my Mum when there's so much about, we have had to ban physical contact + blow kisses to limit chances of her getting anything else. When she needs a cuddle more than ever.

Got a list of things to keep me busy up to Christmas, baking to do, toilets to clean, beds to change etc etc, plus my stepkids r coming for the wkend + we r going to pantomime + going out for dinner. Although that will b tinged with sadness as my Mum was meant to b coming to both.
20/12/2012 at 08:42

Oh dear, so many poorlies...I can't help but feel like a ticking time bomb waiting to come down with something. L's best friends brother has chicken pox so we are waiting to see if anything comes of that as she spends a lot of time with the family.

TT - I hope your Mum has a speedy recovery and gets decent treatment this time round. No it isn't fair, but stay happy for her, hoping everything gets better for her.

JT - next year MUST be your year health wise. My mum gets labyrithitis and is very poorly with it.

Caro, glad the back seems to be improving. My osteopath winces everytime I walk into his clinic as if to say "oh god what a mess" Hope the orthotics help.

Hoggle - we went to the festival of lights last year!! It was brilliant and well worth keeping L up for. I remember the swan boats all lit up on the lake. V envious of your warm run and sitting in the sun, but it is so nice to feel cold and christmassey this year.

RF - you'll be fine with your 24 MB thing... when is it?!

Jealous of all the partying going drinking and partying going on here, although we are going to tea with Santa at the local garden centre this evening...rock and roll!

I've decided to call it a day on running this pregnancy, or at least cut it back a lot to maybe 1 run a week. My back has started tweaking and I just feel a lot heavier. So cross training at the gym it is. I'm already missing my daily dose of fresh air. Only 8 weeks to go!!

Hope all the poorlies start feeling better.

20/12/2012 at 08:43
She is at the nice hospital, although in new ward + they don't have a riser recliner seat for her or a raised toilet seat and r having trouble getting any, which makes life incredibly difficult for her especially when she is feeling so dwn, poorly + sore.
20/12/2012 at 09:09
My Nat is not good with competition either. She left both dancing + gymnastics when she was 7 as she stopped enjoying them. She is generally quite brilliant at a lot of things she does and very hard on herself, very much a perfectionist. When she tries something + is not brilliant at it right away she tends to give up very easily, so needs loads of encouragement to keep going + just enjoy rather than judging herself all the time + comparing how she is doing to others. She is such a perfectionist that if she is not in the top 2 of a class she thinks she is not doing well because generally she is in the top of class for most things. She is very studious and works very hard at school, but she can see the results from that as she is loved by all her teachers + gets excellent grades. But I was not at all sporty until I took up running when I was about 30, so hoping she will come to it later in life, hopefully not as late as 30 tho.
20/12/2012 at 10:27

Oh TT. Massive hugs for you (())

The main issue here is that Josh is worried by it and its upsetting him not his age per se. I wouldn't worry but he is getting very upset by it. His brother takes the mickey out of him and so does his sister when she has a dry nappy and he doesn't. We stay with friends and their kids quite often and they all have to share rooms so this is when it's becoming an issue as Josh is constantly trying to hide his pull-up and feels so upset if he has wee'd in it. Hence the call to the HV and the school nurses. For now they will monitor his urine production and bladder capacity. Take it from there really. If he suddenly stops during this time then fab but I feel we need to start helping the poor wee man a bit now...

Sophie's 2nd nativity at nursery today. A few tears this morning but all very cute and lovely. Off for a 15 mile swim now. Wish me luck!!

I often run at 5.30-5.45 but mostly wait until 6am. 5am is way too early, thats back to BF baby days!! My lot all generally sleep to 7am and beyond especially at the mo. Although S up at 6.30 today needing a wee. Dry pull-up for her this morning .

Right must go and get on with this...

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