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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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07/02/2014 at 17:45

Woo Hoo CM   You so underestimate yourself but I know you never believe us when we tell you that!!  Good luck with the decision making.  When do you have to let them know?

07/02/2014 at 17:59

Well done CM. Hopefully that will be a boost to your confidence even if ultimately you decide not to take it. 


Oh dear to sore foot Caro. I did 10 miles today and I think my hip flexors are objecting. Well I don't think actually. I know! Doesn't bode well for Alloa half on a few weeks. Might give up my place as I do not want to be back where I was post London. 

07/02/2014 at 18:00

Good luck for the scans.  I will have everything crossed. 

07/02/2014 at 18:26
32 days hols plus bank hols. Shame about the salary. They haven't made salary offer yet but I know it will be pants. Should be some flexibility over working pattern but it is full time which I knew. I will get offer thru at some point but it may take a while apparently as their HR is slow. Good thing is that this is central uni service desk. There are lots of other departmental service desks out there doing all manner of things. They want to consolidate into single service desk so that would be fab project for me. And grow my scope. And hopefully pay
07/02/2014 at 18:47

Wow that's fab amount of holiday!  I get 20 days plus bank hols.  Hubby works for a uni and he gets tonnes too. 

07/02/2014 at 18:48
Fantastic CM, funny how none of us are surprised you got it

07/02/2014 at 18:57

Well done CM!!!!! You're a star! I'm so pleased for you. As everyone says, even if you don't take it, you clearly aced it at interview! I hope you have some bubbles tonight to celebrate! 

07/02/2014 at 19:21
Well done CM!!
Definitely take into account whether you would enjoy the job! There is a lot to be said for enjoying your work and if you feel you are good at what you are doing your self esteem improves and you feel happier which will have a positive impact on the kids. Obviously this doesn't balance out with spending less time with the kids but its worth considering particularly if stress from work is a contributing factor to your frequent illnesses.
Tough decision for you but what ever way you decide you know that they wanted you!!
Camlo    pirate
07/02/2014 at 19:46

Well done CM, remember flexible working is a benefit to them too so dont think they wont go for it AND you may get mates rates for the kids to study when they are older 

Yippee to scans but boo to looking huge already! 

Did 6 miles yesterday, 8 today and hubby has just given me the all clear to run with club tomorrow so could be a 3 day streak!! 

07/02/2014 at 20:17

Congratulations CM, now for the hard part - making the decision.

Yay to the running streak (haha just visualized a streaker ).  I hear the weather is pants again, hope it's better over the weekend.

EF - 10 mile runs already?!?  How old is F now?  He doesn't seem old enough that you can be out there running so far already!

Hoping to get out for jog in morning with running group.  Must go, must go, must go....

07/02/2014 at 20:20

great to hear you upbeat camlo

thanks for all your congratulations. i knew i COULD get the job. i thought i probably wouldn't because of being over-qualified, which i am. and they know i am. i think there were only 2 candidates as well which is very surprising for a role like that. there are 6000 staff and 30,000 students. that's a lot of people to support so the Service Desk could become something pretty big. which would be cool.

don't welsh students study for free in wales anyway, camlo?

i may have to learn welsh tho - which i should do anyway really. and if i get paid for doing it...

just back from the hospital. had nose anaesthetised (which, it transpires, i don't like!) and camera shoved up it, ears poked and prodded and ... i don't have a perforated ear drum. in spite of 2 GPs diagnosing it! there may have been an infection - he can't tell - but he says my ear is fine. so his money is on it being TMJ (which is what i thought he would say). so i have a referral to a maxillo-facial consultant for a week on monday. and in the meantime, i just have to put up with it. it is soooo bad today. but then perhaps that's the stress of today?

anyway, i'm not drinking any bubbles as i'm on a health kick (vegan and no booze). but i am mainlining cocodamol!!

07/02/2014 at 23:09

Yippee CM, well done you!   Tough decision making but it sounds as though you are excited by this job.  Yeay to no perforated eardrum too - not sure what TMJ is?

I'm off to bed in a minute, sooo tired at the moment, don't know why.  Dragged myself out for 5 mile plod this morning though bum and hamstring hurt throughout ,  I did Bodypump last night which felt really hard so that probably didn't help.  Anyway no parkrun for me in the morning as hubby is playing squash, which is probably a good thing given the weather!  I'll be taking Sophie swimming instead.

Oh that reminds me, Sophie has been made a school counsellor - I feel very proud!  She gets a special sweatshirt or something apparently.

Speaking of jobs too, (I don't think I mentioned this already??) I'm applying for one which is a Tutorial Mentor for ESOL students, so working with students like I do now but not actually teaching them ESOL.  It's 18.5 hours and 40 weeks so perfect in terms of childcare etc, and I think I could do the job, it just comes down to my self-confidence (fairly low) and how well I can make the things I've done/do sound like what they're looking for.  Still, I will give the application a good go (got till Thurs) and see where it goes from there.  The main thing is it's a permanent, part-time, term-time job in an area I enjoy so I figure it's worth going for.

Good luck in flying solo Caro, I've never had to do more than about 24 hours alone so all you singletons out there have my sympathy - you do a fab job!

Had friend and her kids round for tea after school today, always exhausting no matter how good the kids are and how nicely they play together!  Treated ourselves to chips from chippy for tea to go with steak I had got out of the freezer .

Hope no-one is getting washed away in this horrible weather - for us there are advantages to living on top of a hill!  Camlo - sounds pretty close to you, hope it stays away.

Hope the scans went/go well (tomorrow?  Today??)  Sorry I'm so vague, I need sleep!

07/02/2014 at 23:14

Oh and I had a nightmare on Wednesday when I teach this French class. Plan was for hubby to leave work on time and get to leisure centre for 5.30pm in middle of Sophie's gymnastics, hubby takes over Nicky and takes them both home when Sophie's finished.  Unfortunately hubby was out at a client's in Derbyshire and left at 4.15pm but got home at...6.15pm!  He rang me at 5pm to say the M1 was shut and he wasn't moving basically.  Cue panicked phone call to MIL who rescued me and took the kids back to ours while I scuttled off.  It meant I was completely flustered for my lesson though and I don't think I did as well as I could have done.  Fingers crossed next week isn't so stressful - I'm not sure I could cope!

07/02/2014 at 23:18

Argh. Came back from London early today (was visiting my best friend there) because village is flooding. Half of it is under water. My neighbour texted me to say the council were handing out sandbags at the village hall. Thankfully we are ok so far. Fingers crossed. Feel so sorry for the people who have already flooded though. Must be awful. 

Bith my local park runs cancelled tomorrow and most roads out of village are submerged now so I guess I'll be on the bike on rollers tomorrow!

boo to all the injury niggles at the mo, flying solo, TMJ, tough work decisions and early pregnancy weight gain ( probably seems worse to you sonya - bet no one else sees it!) yay to good runs, healthy eating and job offers/ job applications etc. 

sleep well all. 


08/02/2014 at 06:07
Good luck with job app JG

Hope Brookie is dry

Omg the pain . Been awake most of the night. Tmj is jaw joint JG
08/02/2014 at 08:09
CM - sorry, I missed your question earlier this week when it would have been more relevant, but glad you've got to see ENT already. For what it's worth, I think the pain when you've got an ear infection goes away almost immediately when the eardrum perforates, or at least the really severe pressure pain goes, because the pressure is relieved. Maybe maxfacs will be able to do something like inject your tmj?! (I have no idea though really!). I can't remember what your reaction is to NSAIDs, but are there any you haven't tried, and would it be worth giving one a go? Because they are likely to give you the most relief I would have thought. Hope it's better soon, sounds awful.

In terms of the job...well done! I find the most stressful bit of my job is the changing work days and the constant feeling of having to juggle which of us is going to be where - and I have my husband and my parents to help out - so I really feel for you having to constantly juggle your work demands with what you can actually do. If this job is more fixed I would have thought it will be more settled in the long run for you and the children, even if they have to be in childcare a bit more at the moment - but it must be a very hard decision.

Brookie - hope the water stays at bay. I can't imagine how horrible it must be to see your house full of water, just so distressing.

JG - hope the application goes well!
08/02/2014 at 08:36

Well the potential 60mph gusts have put me off the cycling idea, so I am still in bed.  Taking advantage of my last morning before going solo.  Plus I guess cycling will still put pressure on my foot.

am going to dig out my walking boots to provide good support when walking round town because none of my shoes other than my running shoes are particularly supportive.  I will use the time the kids are at gymnastics to roll and stretch!

helping school disco this afternoon. 

08/02/2014 at 08:48

Hello ladies...

Sorry it's been too long. Life mad and just broke the habit I guess.

Realised have missed pregnancies, jobs and all sorts. Can you do a summary for me Someone? Miss all of you not posting on fb anymore, so thought best come and say hi and read a bit.

Also need gear advice.. Entered mD ultra called The Classic Quarter in Cornwall in June. Need jacket thingie, what do I eat, drink and and shoes? It's coast path, so rough terrain but very runnable usually. Obviously I wear orthotics which is mare with trail shoes. Salomon Im told?? Any advice from you long run ladies be fab thank you. Entered on a whim as bloke I train with is happy to drive. Lizard to Lands End!!!! 44 miles. Madness!!

Otherwise good here. Work is manic, nearly quit several times, my boss is a right cow, but otherwise it is enjoyable. Running is much better as new HRT regime is working well. Coil fitted and oestrogen only HRT, much happier person to be around, much more level!! Kids all great. Coaching great but wish I had more time for it as love it.

Will read back a few more pages...

08/02/2014 at 09:26
Hi MM! Missed you. Sorry about work. Fab about hormones.

Not sure what you have missed but rf's Fraser is 6 months (?). Brookie is Isaac who is 3??4?? Months. Jts George is 4 weeks or so? And TTid and Sonya are 11ish weeks with bonus 3rd babies. Have I missed anyone?

Are you sure there will be any cost path left after all these storms. No gear advice from me.
08/02/2014 at 09:27
Oh and I do put my orthotics in my trail shoes. Which are new balance as they are the only type to fit my hobbit feet lol
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