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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/04/2013 at 08:04

JT - think we are going to have to watch The Croods when we get home. JP is currently obsessed with the game but doesn't really get the idea that you have to be patient and build up your resources so he ends up using everything and then getting cross when he can't buy anything! And it is definitely Dolly Bogle

Surfing comp sounds good, Hoggle.

Weather may not be quite as good today. It currently looks lovely but we might get some rain later. Oh well. Starting to develop some food aversions that are the opposite of what I had with JP. Eggs and cheese! Had to look away while Ben was eating a fried egg just now
02/04/2013 at 08:27
Lol TAtty. I'm currently in an eggs phase! I'd eat scrambled eggs every day if I could! Won't last though. Every craving I get lasts a few days then its something else.
02/04/2013 at 18:47
Argh I TOTALLY killed the thread. Hopefully everyone is out enjoying the sunshine today.
02/04/2013 at 20:16
lovely to hear about big boobs, cravings, fab days out in beautiful conditions, holidays, fish and chips and happy kids
not so nice to hear about the awfulness facing some parents, being cold and other crapness.
Lotte - unbelievable, I told all my running club about you tonight and they were in awe...... then I said "oh and she has 6 kids"........
feeling very tired but did 7.5 hilly offroad tonight and going to stick to my diet this week so I can carb load when I need to without getting too much fatter! kids at grandmas for another night so making the most of peace and quiet.
02/04/2013 at 22:26

great running Camlo

cravings - funny old things, but I usually found they served purpose ... for me, lots of potatoes to start with (carbs and weight gain), prawns (zinc I guess) and yogurt (calcium) for big ones in both my pregnancies ...

Like Sonya, I think it was, I didn't really avoid anything in pregnancy - ate prawn sandwiches, peanut butter and brie and camembert!

RF - can well believe sea temperature ... my feet HURT just trying to paddle yesterday. Hope you had a nice day anyway, think the West coast is still getting glorious weather, bit cloudier here today but almost felt vaguely warm - ALMOST I add!

Lotte - hope you can vaguely walk today

Another crazy day - I thought we were meant to be on holiday!!!! More orienteering - over in teh dunes at Lossiemouth. I took S round with a little friend and she did a great job with the map (CPs are all at path junctions so fairly obvious stuff but even so), J took the twin brother with him of Ss friend and they got completely confused on one checkpoint for 25 mins but sorted themselves out thankfully. Plenty of people said they'd spotted them in various places so we were not too worried about them!! Then I had a go at a slightly harder course.  All great fun while hubby stayed at home and finished his work!!  Got to club session tonight - first proper speed session in MONTHS, legs and ankle felt good although will know about it tomorrow, and I felt pretty speedy although no idea of paces. Were doing 2 x 1 min on with 1 min recoveries, then 1 x 2 min on, 4 x in total.

Friends coming up tomorrow so more trekking around


03/04/2013 at 09:27

well, i think after all that horrid weather, most of us seem to have some nice sunshine, which is lovely. the NW highlands are aooo beautiful. have had 2 holidays up there - the first time, we had absolutely incredible weather. it was june and the sun just shone and shone. absolutely love stac pollaid. also suilven. so beautiful and almost 'exotic' around there with odd shaped mountains and just soooo much water

have had a fab time over easter with the kids. picked them up on friday and have just handed them back this morning.  They are off to newcastle to see their grandparents today, which will be lovely for them. i'm going up to north yorks on saturday to see N's parents and meet some of his friends. that means i will be within about 30 miles of them. but i won't see them, which will be hard

we went down to see my cousins at the weekend and met my cousin's 6wk old daughter. she is gorgeous. proper snuggly baby cuddles!

i have managed a couple of runs over easter - they are definitely more runs than walks now. just the odd sneaky walk across a road. am going to try another one today at lunchtime. am also going to go to pilates tonight and for a swim after that. still hankering after the idea of a triathlon. it's the biking that bothers me as the last time i got on a bike it hurt my arse soooo much that i ended up walking more than cycling. it was desperately unpleasant.

rest of this week is a lot of travelling - london for the day tomorrow and then nottingham on friday. yuck! oh and then n yorks at the weekend. when am i going to do my housework?!

03/04/2013 at 11:00

Just popping in very briefly to say a massive well done to Lotte. Totally awe-inspiring. I have no idea how you do it. I am wrecked on 80 + mile weeks and am worried I have done too much as had another shocker race on Sunday in very windy conditions . 40:50 at the Yeovilton 10k. Legs just so tired and heavy... Was on for just under 40 but the wind in the last 1.5 miles was soooo strong I just couldn't run properly. I think a few runners were down on times cos of it, but yet another excuse ...

So hoping the taper sorts me out .

Totally manic week. Job interview yesterday after an amazing weekend in Wales with fab weather. Didn't get on terribly well with my Mum who was having a a go at me about everything again .

Interview went well. They liked me but they aren't sure if the job is quite right. So they are inventing another one. Is that a good sign? I can do 2-2.5 days on this one which is perfect for now. Means another interview on friday though at 5pm!!!! Also means I am having to delay the other job offer. Supposed to tell them today or tom. I guess friday night isn't so bad? Or do I take the BBSRC one and get offered this one but delay the start for a month as the BBSRC one is only one month? Oh decisions!

Anyway. I have to go the interview really. mad not too!

So much to catch up on at home though, boys are sorting their lego in their bedroom. Its sunny but freezing here so happy to be inside for now. Haircust all round this afternoon, suit to the dry cleaners as I can't wear my fail safe dress on friday as wore that yesterday!! Then clean the house, pot on some veg and treddie session tonight. Hoping my legs can kill some pace!!

03/04/2013 at 13:25

MM - i would defer your decision on the BBSRC one, if it's only for one month...

sorry to hear about your mum tho...

03/04/2013 at 14:47

oo oo i just 'ran' 5.6 miles. my back is killing me but i don't care.  woohoo!

03/04/2013 at 17:02

Well done CM! A run is a run! Sounds like a lovely Easter weekend too.

Lotte- what can I say except bl**dy amazing! I would most certainly lose the will to live on that many laps, let alone cover such a distance.

MM- congrats on job offer! (BBSRC funds one of the grants in our lab) and to more interviews. You are being too hard on yourself re racing. I'm sure a good bit of tapering and you'll be on top form.

Good speed session from you CC and Camlo going great guns too!

Tatty- what fantastic news!!! So happy for you. and sounds like you're turning a corner with everything else going on too.

Mmmm to cravings! I just craved more food, nothing in particular

EF (()) your poor poor friends, can't bear thinking about such a sad thing happening.

No running here due to ongoing leg/foot injury (physio aint got a clue!). Kept my tape on all last week til it finally peeled off (yucky), haven't even attempted a run and my tendon is very sore right now after 5hours on/off the accelerator on drive back down motorway from Burnley. Still depressed and grumpy - unfortunately for poor hubby! Have done some spinning and joined the gym to use the cross trainer etc (its one of these pure gyms, only £25 with no notification period to cancel - plus open 24/7 so I can go at 5am/10pm...). But weekend of overindulgence at inlaws plus no exercise is really not helping. I have this weird thing that I just lose the plot when I can't run and eat everything in sight but if I run I eat less and more healthily.

Anyway, no more moaning! pretty nice weekend up north visiting hubbys various bits of family. Cheered his mum up with some company (although she spent too much time in bed which annoyed hubby). I do find his family all complete stereotypes of the royal family, we basically drove around all their houses and then sat around - where the blokes all sat in front of the telly and the girls (his step mum especially) cooked constant fry ups/cups of tea etc as commanded. Cannot believe my hubby is related to them. (His dad doesn't even know how to turn the dishwasher on). Luckily the girls weren't too bothered by the unmoving grandpa/uncle in front of the telly and just clamboured all over them anyway.

right, best go, physio at 6.30 so need to leave work soon if I'm going to make it. See if she has any more ideas... She still reckons I could do the marathon on complete rest (from running only) for next 3 weeks (and my longest run being 18 hurting miles weeks ago). I can't get my money back but can drop down to the half, sounds like the way to go really? Could walk most of it!

03/04/2013 at 19:09
Sonya I did my marathon last yr off longest run of 16miles + only 10wks training. Just ran it as LSR + walked when felt like it, didn't aim for any time.
03/04/2013 at 20:33
Ah CM glad u have had a great Easter with the kiddies. Fab your managing a wee bit running again but boo to all the travelling for work.
MM- great news on the interview, good luck for the next one & hope taper goes well.
CC- good going on the speed sesh.
Sonya- hope the physio can sort u out, very frustrating for you........I am a nightmare if I can't run or cycle, feel your pain.
M not been well last few days again, high temps, not eating n a cling on. Maximum calpol n brufen. In between doses she's not too bad.
1.2 mile swim today & did 12 miles on road bike tonight.
03/04/2013 at 20:45

Can't remember if I said CONGRATULATIONS to TAtty!!!! Awesome news! Sounds like you have had a VERY tough few months but nothing like a bum to refocus everything. Take care and look after yourself though!

Well done MM!! They must love you to want to create a job around you!! I hate that juggling of job offers though! Agonised over it last year and didn't get offered either so felt foolish - glad I didn't in the end though!

Nice few days but very busy! Had a lovely afternoon at the beach on Tue - lots of great surfing, sunny and warm but not blazing (black sand beach so sand gets very hot!) and M had a ball. Yesterday swimming lessons then ended up making stewed apple and banana choc chip muffins while cooking M's dinner before going to book group (fruit was going off and hubby complaining about fruit flies!) then working til late as I wasn't tired! Am tired now though!!! So much still to do before next Monday when M and I head away for best friends wedding! Hubby joining us on Friday but I wanted to go early as haven't seen best friend since we both left UK and I MISS HER!! SOOOOO excited!!

03/04/2013 at 22:10

MM - we've had some shockingly strong winds recently, enough to take your breathe away, let alone a few minutes in a race!! Taper WILL sort you out. Boo to bad times with your mum though.  Difficult re the job but I agree with CM.

Sonya - I am the same if I can do nothing ... REALLY unpleasant to be around!! Agree with Tangy though about doing a race off the back of lesser training provided you amend your goal.  I am not running niggle free, and I do know I did two quite hard sessions yesterday - the orienteering was through deep soft sand, gorse, and general undergrowth and then the speed session was in our local park - not a track or anything so really uneven and bumpy - so all of it chewed my ankles up. 

Hoggle - yummy to choc chip muffins!  Heat at the beach sound unimaginable to us at the moment   Whoop whoop to best friend meet-up though . sooooooo exciting

Yay to CM running

Busy again. Old friend up from South (Portsmouth) staying with another friend of hers in Scotland. So they headed up here for afternoon. Forest walk and den building for the kids and then all back to me for tea - six kids and 4 adults, amazing what you can dig out of the freezer

Am working tomorrrow morning and parents arrive later in afternoon. No rest in sight yet!! Hubby taking kids orienteering in mornign and I'm hoping to squeeze a go at a course in on way home from work ...

04/04/2013 at 08:06

MM - great news about the jobs. You must have made some impression that they want to invent a job for you! What have you decided to do? Sorry to hear about the race. I am sure you do just need the taper now so don't dwell on it. A bad race doesn't undo all the great training so keep the faith and taper well. One thing that can influence your race at this stage is your mind so banish the negative thoughts girl

CM - woohoo to the run. Hope you have a good weekend visiting Ts folks. Re the biking your bum will toughen up if you stick at it! Do you have padded cycle shorts and a gel pad cover for your seat? What kind of bike do you have. If you have a road bike, then the lower the handlebars you should take more of your bodyweight on your arms and less on your bum. (

RF- Hope M better today.

Sonya - really feel for you re the injury and the race. Is it time to try another physio? Keep going with the cross training cos it will make a difference mentally and physically! Did have a wee chuckle at you Royal family inlaws!

CC - sounds like you will need a holiday to recover from the holidays! We are much the same.

Hubby has the hols off so we have done lots already. Been a really sociable few days with friends and their families. We have done beaches, walking, parks, wine drinking and lots of trampolining in the sun. Yesterday we had our first geocaching experience. Kids really enjoyed it. BIL and famiy arrive today. Then we are all along with my sister and two other friends and their families heading of for a weekend in the caravans.

I did run 3 miles yesterday and 4 this morning. Still pretty stiff but nothing major, Didn't feel like I wanted to run any further than that though! Will prob run again tomorrow morning before we head off then I will have the weekend off as I'm not going to take my running kit with me!


Edited: 04/04/2013 at 08:07
04/04/2013 at 09:34

I hope so Lotte, but am sat here starring at Powerpoint trying to write a presentation. I know what I want to say but can I get onto the slides??!!!  Err No!! Brain block. It is an exciting job. Drug Discovery editor for an online science publishing company. But they are so much more than that and it sounds very exciting. Did take me 50-60 mins to drive home the other day though, so working from home will be a good option.

Off for 10 miles in a bit so hopefully that will blow the webs away literally. Going to head off road into Castle Combe, hilly etc, but need a change to the road. Really windy again here today and the sun is lacking today unlike the last few days . Will post up some pics of us in Wales the weather and sunshine were stunning, but yes cold!

Mum is fine really, its just little things like I asked if I could use some handcream and she tutted saying it was new and just as well they were 2 for 1. Of course when my brother asks, yes of course darling!!!  Sun shines out of his arse of course. But he is never there for her, but she worships him. I so hope I have a better relationship with my daughter. We used to get on so well, but since this divorce and her stress about money she is a nightmare. Of course she can't afford to pay for lunch at the pub so we pay for it, she doesn't say thanks, but she can afford to buy a huge lakeland cake tin shaped like bee honeycomb . I couldn't resist it she says!!

Oh Lotte, can't believe you are running. Rest woman. I can't wait to have a rest tbh. Can't wait to ring my friends and be sociable. I know its a lot in my head and TOTM is looming too which seems to knock me for 6 at the mo, menopause or something. I am trying to re-focus and have had the odd really good run, mostly yhe long ones so need to focus on those. I did 6x800 in treadie at 6mm last night but it felt incredibly hard. Then 1.5 miles at MP which was OK. Legs tired and job stress not helping. Hopefully I'll know which job I'm going for this weekend.

Edited: 04/04/2013 at 09:59
04/04/2013 at 10:43

TOTM started, so maybe thats it. Amazing how the positivity returns once it actually starts!! Maybe I'll try the park run on Sat!!

04/04/2013 at 18:44
Glad to hear you are feeling more positive MM. Did the presentation work itself out in the end? Job sounds fascinating!
04/04/2013 at 21:24

Wow job sounds great MM - really interesting! I think you can cope with hassles like a longer commute if you are enjoying the work you are doing!!

Lotte - sounds like a lovely holiday time!

Why does going away mean sooo much work beforehand?! I have a ton of work work to do then a million jobs ranging from taking M's dress hem down to drycleaners for hubby's suit, wedding present and card, mission packing - you get the picture!! Gah!

04/04/2013 at 21:37
So sorry JT, very sad. Think when someone dies from an illness like that u do start grieving before they're gone + there is also an element of relief that they r no longer suffering.
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