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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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04/04/2013 at 21:46
Oh JT I'm so sorry although I think that it is now probably just a relief that he is spared any more pain and your family can move on. That doesn't make it any easier to bear though.

Well I've heard a wee bit more from my friends. It seems alanna's waters broke as she was in the bath followed immediately by a massive amount of blood. Rushed to hosp but by the time she got there the wee one's heart rate had dropped dramatically so she was pretty much knocked out on arrival and baby delivered by section. At delivery baby Aubyn had no heartbeat. However they did revive her for a while but they knew she had been oxygen deprived for a long period and she really wasn't going to live long at all and with no quality of life. They made the heartbreaking decision not to insist on resuscitation once she came off a ventilator. They have asked not to be sent flowers but for people to donate to a hospital based charity who helped them at the time and provided a memory box and made suggestions for things to keep. I weep every time I think of it. Anyway they are bearing up and I've had texts now so they are being so strong. Incredibly other friends of theirs had a stillbirth last year and by a miracle were in the hosp at the weekend having another child. I think it helped provide hope for the future.

So that's all the sad stuff, well done mm on the jobs and good luck! Hope presentation coming together.

I'm getting the crap kicked out of me by baby at the mo. both Andy and Lou have now felt it which is cool. 23 weeks tomorrow
04/04/2013 at 22:11
I wonder if the charity was SANDS? Still birth and neonatal death? My cousin volunteers for them having had a still birth, and she was telling me about the memory boxes and things like that. How terribly sad. Friends of ours had placental abruption a few yrs ago and she was blue lighted to the hosp and knocked out on arrival but fortunately the outcome was good.

Glad you are getting beaten black and blue EF!

MM it's all sounding positive on the job front, just hope the marathon front comes together too!
04/04/2013 at 22:21

Oh so heartbreaking EF, but incredible re. her friend. I can really see how it would help give hope though. Also amazing for her to have someone close who will understand exactly how she feels. Exciting that everyone is getting to feel baby kicks now!

Big hugs to you too JT - a relief but very sad at the same time.

04/04/2013 at 22:51
Yes Caro I am thinking sands too as friend who lost baby at 32 wks to downs also received lots of support from them. Paul has put a message and a photo on fb tonight for all those they hadn't been able to contact. Oh she really was so beautiful. Have tears streaming.
04/04/2013 at 23:25

Oh JT, lots of hugs needed. I agree re the grieving starting beforehand, certainly it was like that with hubbys mum, once they were just giving her pain relief that was the beginning of the end, and really a relief at the end ...  none-the-less though

And for you too EF, so so sad, just impossible to imagine really and definitely makes you hug your own wee ones that much more. LOL at the kicking, mine always used to go for it at nightime, not restful but always reassuring!!

MM - hope the run cleared the cobwebs, I always plan my pilates classes when out for a run, and generally reorganise life's chaos!!!  As for PMT, yes, it definitely gets me and I try not to have any major serious conversations about life with hubby when I am in that state as I know I can't be rational, but once it arrives - phew. Google peri-menopause ... often quoted as being worse than the actual menopause!  I have all sorts of wierd symptoms from month-to-month, nausea being a particularly fantastic one during PMT week.  Agree with Lotte though - it's state-of-mind - keep the faith!

Hoggle packing to go away??? Yes, the packing sometimes makes you wonder if it's worth the effort!

Lotte - glad you are kind of listening to your legs, and leaving the run kit behind for the weekend! Hope you have fab weekend with family.

Geocaching - had forgotten about that for the mo - what with all our other orienteering stuff but would be good to do now parents are up, think they would enjoy.  Lovely to see them, mum pretty low at the moment - is Menieres Disease she's been diagnosed with, she's gutted she's not allowed to drive and will therefore have to rely on buses and dad taxi to get places. I can totally appreciate that, and combined with pretty nasty symptoms it's not funny.  So just hoping they can have a nice few days with us anyway.

Work this morning, and hubby took kids to forest for orienteering. Finished at 1pm and dashed down to do the orange course (4 km) did well to start and then some stupid errors (really do need to print off sheet with key to symbols as half the time I have no idea what feature I am looking for! Would help me enormously I think ...).  Finished just as hubby and kids got back from bike ride. Then J wanted to do his course again as he walked round his first time cos he needed a poo!!! Anyway, he took 10 mins off earlier time so he was happy!  Back home, parents arrive and cooked tea.  So he'd done a 3 km course 2x (1 walk, 1 run) and then a 3 mile bike ride so am not expecting a peep out of him!! S took hubby round her 2km white course and did the bike ride.

Really need to go to bed and need a quiet day for all tomorrow I think!!

05/04/2013 at 09:07

Wow sounds good CC. I have never done orienteering. Maybe will do some with the boys and some geo-caching. Once the weather improves, if it does.

So sorry here about your Uncle JT, but as others have said and we have experienced the reality of them going is a relief compared to the preceding agony. I am sure you will be brilliant at the propping up, but hope you make time for yourself too.

Oh EF, such sad news to hear. My heart breaks to hear of couples suffering like that. I hope you can be of help, but good they have some friends with a similar experience. Miscarrying is awful, but that is a whole new level.

Yep presentation done. Hubbie helped me supe it up last night. Just revising some 'Why do I want to work here' type questions while kids playing nicely.

10 miler was nice but such a cold wind. I am definintely suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms then. My mum had a hysterectomy after the twins so never went through the menopause so I have no comparison. I also have awful nausea and feel like early pregnancy for up to a week before it starts. Is there any way I can adjust my diet to help do you know CC? I really need to avoid racing ever again during this week as its just depressing.

Yes getting head in the right place. Get today out the way, and get cracking on the head!! No park run for me tomorrow as I have a bit of a sore throat. Knew it would arrive as everyone else has had it, just need it over with quickly. Feel like I've been ill or out of sorts for weeks now.

Just need to ensure hubbie home by 4pm so I can get there on time! He said, 'I will try to leave by 3.30pm' Errrrr, try ain't good enough today matey!!! That time of day it could be a long drive to get there!

Off to park this morning with some friends of the boys, then home for lunch and some more interview prep.



05/04/2013 at 09:57

Good luck MM - hope hubby makes it!  Have some stuff somewhere on some research I did a while back about the nausea, will look it out.  Mine was dreadful for a while and then it tailed off for a good few months, had it back the last couple of months though so I totally know what you are going through. ANyways will look out my stuff for you later on.

05/04/2013 at 14:26

Ooo killed the thread with our menopause talk CC!!  Looks like all the food I already eat is good for you. Oh well! Was looking for a quick fix to help that awful lead up week. Might have to cut out caffeine that or something. Not that I drink an awful lot anyway??

Back from park. Was freezing and Harry had an embarrassing melt down. Oh when will the sun actually feel warm! Kids were fine its the Mummy's that suffer!!

Feeling nervous now, must iron my trousers actually!!

05/04/2013 at 19:06
Good luck MM. thinking of you.
And you too JT. agree with everything the others have said. When my MIL passed away almost this time last year, I think we'd all done a lot of our grieving in part in the final weeks of her life and in some ways, her death released us from the awful limbo we had all been living in for the final weeks. But the limbo is then replaced by a different kind of grief of course.

I'd love to try orienteering. How on earth does one get into it? Do you have to know how to do it?!

Also CC - did you say you used to live in the farnham area, bucks? If so, can I message you about it (rather than bore everyone else!) as we are thinking of relocating there or beaconsfield/fulmer/stoke poges area.

Sickness is finally easing. Scan on weds was fine thank goodness (mental block as to whether I said before - apologies if I'm repeating myself!) got a wee bump already. But my energy levels are slowly picking up and I might even try a wee run/walk at the weekend.

I should be running the Paris marathon this weekend. Trying not to think about it. I know I have a wonderful reason NOT to be there - but I just LOVE the whole atmosphere and excitement of big city marathons and I can't help but kinda wish I was doing it, even though I know it's daft!

Hoggle - have fun with your friend!
05/04/2013 at 19:21

Hey Brookie - we have the excitement of our own big city marathon to look forward to in a couple of wks - from the sidelines of course!  EF are you still coming down?  Who else will be around?

05/04/2013 at 19:46

Me!!!!!! Number 310 ....

Am totally wasted after 1, driving to an interview the other side of Bath for 5pm but 2, also being interviewed at that time of day on a friday. Positives are I got there and back in 35 mins so drive not so daunting. I did my best and they seemed quite impressed but no idea if it was enough and whether they are put off by my suggested hours of one full day and two school days.

Anyway they are letting me know over the weekend. Hubbie put bubbles in the fridge bless him, but having to hold fire on that one!! Not doing park run tomorrow as need wine!!!  Plus have tickley throat and can't bare the thought of another rubbish race just now. Maybe next Sat will be the day!!

Brookie I found out I was pregnant 3.5-4 weeks before Cardiff marathon in 2005. I was a bit gutted as was on for 2:50-54, but I ran a half 4 weeks out and felt awful (similar feeling to the pre-period I'm getting now). Then did a test that week. Very sadly I lost that one at 12 weeks, the dreaded misssed miscarriage. It was not a good time and it was after that I reduced my work hours, stopped drinking, stopped drinking caffeine and cut my running back. I was running 90 mile weeks.

Look forwards to the precious times ahead. And I got a massive buzz from watching London when I was heavily pregnant with S. I was 35 weeks but so wanted to go and watch as I'd coached 5 runners for the day. It was fabulous watching them achieve their goals!

Must admit this week I have been thinking sod it I'll shove Sophie in nursery 5 days a week as she has driven me insane, but I know that wouldn't work for us and I would miss her so much.

Right time for food and time with the boys...


05/04/2013 at 20:01
big hugs all around - life is so fragile and makes me want to take every opportunity i have and be thankful for everyone & everything i have. SANDS are brilliant, I went to their Christmas carol service not long after my misc and sobbed through it all.
menopause - yuck, I was going through it with knobs on before I met hubby and somehow kick started hormones.
VLM - I will be there 6135, starting from the blue start. Hope to sneak in under 4 hrs but it will be close!
MM hope they tell you soon, surely they will have made their decision after you left so shouldn't keep you waiting?
Have not run for 2 days and legs already feeling better for the tapering!!
05/04/2013 at 20:01
You're right MM - and hearing you say all that puts it all in perspective. I'm so sorry about the miscarriage. I didn't know. That must have been tough.

And yes Caro, we do indeed have VLM! My house is virtually on the course - in limehouse about 20m from the route. Think it's about 20 miles but also near 14-15 miles. If we can track folk again I'll have to try spot everyone twice!! And if anyone needs somewhere to stay/dump belongings you're more than welcome.

So MM - 310, Camlo is doing it too right? EF are you coming down?! Would be fab to see you again! Ah that's cheered me right up.

Hope you are enjoying your wine MM! And bless your hubby, he has perfect faith in you!
05/04/2013 at 20:06
Cross posts Camlo! I'll be noting all these numbers! Getting excited already.

You are so right about life being fragile. There but for the grace of God and all that..... SANDS sound like a great organisation. It's great they exist for times like that.
05/04/2013 at 20:32

I'll def be watching with my school running buddy.  Just need to decide whether we watch at our usual spot, Mudchute mile 18, or whether we find a spot in the first 1/2 so we can see Mo, although why he is running half VLM I do not get at all!  Also want to go to the expo, does anyone know whether shoes and things are discounted there?  

Am touching so much wood but do feel like my back is getting there.  have pretty much stopped the Bf - one quick slurp at bedtime is all it is these days - I have these orthotcis which I'll take in when I but new shoes but really cant see myself wearing them in all my shoes for the rest of my life!  They fit in my winter boots, but do not fit in my merrill trainers and I am not wearing clumpy ugly shoes forever thank you!  Not that I ever wear pretty shoes but my merril trainers are fairly clumpy and if they dont fit in those then it doesnt give me much hope!

Working tomorrow, but by choice, so I get paid a full days wages and obviously no childcare costs as its Sat so makes it worthwhile.  I am doing the morning in West Ham and the afternoon in Barking with a 2 hr gap so I hope to have enough time to walk between the two - it's 3.5 miles.

05/04/2013 at 21:14

sorry folks not coming down.  when we excitedly made plans to visit we forgot that wee issue of school! bloody school taking random 15/4 hol  why not a wk later? however is now outside chance i will be in london fri 24 may if anyone about.  

05/04/2013 at 21:39

sorry that was on the kindle hence short.

That's good news about the back feeling better Caro.  Here's hoping.

I'm feeling mahoosive just now.  I'm just feeling really awkward and already like I am struggling to get about properly and I've got 17 weeks to go!  Hells bells!  My bump is quite high up but baby tends to stay quite low in it - so I'm getting booted at the bottom of me and I can't move cos the lump starts just under my boobs! 

Andy is running the Dunbar 10K tomorrow so Louise and I are going to do the 3K fun run.  She was adamant she wasn't up for it til I said she could take her medal to school.  let's hope they're giving out medals n'est-ce pas?!  Otherwise Mr Newcombe will be surrendering his to her.  It's going to take us absolutely yonks but I'm determined we'll do it. 

Seem to remember there weren't any stunning discounts at the Expo Caro.

MM hope you get the job. 

Right off for a shower now - going to have to leave sharp as the fun run starts at 10am and it's quite far to Dunbar.  Always forget how far away it is until I see it on a map! 


06/04/2013 at 07:04

Sorry to hear your news JT, hope everyone is ok.

And you CC - sounds like difficult times for your mum too, not being able to drive and losing that independence must be very irritating.

Benedict slept spectacularly badly while we were at my dads so had to restart sleep training when we got home yesterday, I'm hoping to go to a friends birthday tonight but I'm so knackered I will probably lose the will to live come this evening!

Good luck with the 3k EF!

06/04/2013 at 09:12
good luck EF with the run and good luck Kinsey getting through a bleary day!
Happy running in the sunshine everyone.
Hope we are all lucky on the gee gee's this afternoon. Tradition in our house to all pick a horse and then crowd around the tv screaming and yelling as they fall one by one.......
06/04/2013 at 12:06

Last long run done . 17 miles, average was 7:45s, but last 6 miles were, 7:11, 7:07 (very hilly!), 6:48, 6:56, 6:53, 6:45. Didn't feel easy but still rather windy out there. But whoop whoop for the sun and I even wore shorts!!! All be it with my calf guards!!

No news here yet, but the head editor was flying to the US this morning. Hoping I find out before Monday. Barely slept a wink last night, brain was buzzing too much even though was shattered !!

Off for more food. Bacon butties. Yum!

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