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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/02/2014 at 10:12
Camlo - do hope you are dry! And stay dry. Wild here too

You are right about friend's sister taking friend's son when she was drunk to look after him. What worried me was the aggression, swearing, spitting at my friend etc that went on by her sister and brother in law and the fact that friend's sister was shouting about getting custody of child and how disgusting friend is and what useless mother etc in front of the child. Friend's brother in law picked up her son to carry him out of the house because he didn't want to go with them and was screaming and spitting and friend with her son in his arms. I really just wanted advice from police about what to do but they wanted to check it all out.

Anyway thank god she didn't get in her car

I have found a place I can sleep pain-free enough to manage several hours on the trot. It is the sofa. Propped up with my cheek on a hot water bottle. Not sure it is ideal but I slept from 5.30ish till 9.20 which is the longest chunk I have slept in weeks!!
09/02/2014 at 20:21

That  awful CM - safety of the child is definitely most important but how awful that the alternative is so horrible too. I hope your friend is able to get some help re. alcohol if she isn't already.

Well we had a fun weekend camping with friends. Weather was pretty rubbish - misty drizzle most of the time but at least not proper rain. Kids had a blast (although as my friends husband says they'd enjoy the dentist as long as they went together!). We were planning on 2 nights but was too damp to be able to enjoy sitting outside etc so came home yesterday. Lots going on over the next month but hopefully will get away again before the weather cools down too much. It has been a decidedly average summer here - after last summer it is a bit of a let down but I know I shouldn't complain as I saw on the news that its Britains wettest January in 300 years or something!

We have decided not to take the other house. Talked it through lots and realised that we were trying to make it work in our heads because it was cheap and a cool place but realistically it is too small and has hardly any storage (eg one TINY cupboard in the bathroom). Shame as it would have worked so well but we are just going to stick it out here, hope like crazy that this investor buys it and keeps us on and if not we will have 6 weeks notice from the day it gets sold to find somewhere more suitable. So it means more uncertainty but I feel relieved to have made that decision. Really really really hope this investors offer is accepted but who knows what will happen!

09/02/2014 at 21:28

Had a super night with friends over last night but man I have felt rough all day. What a waste of a day. Couldn't even do my easy run today as seem to aggravated an old ankle injury during last nights shananigans, why do I never learn. Overdue a rest day anyway, hope it is ok tomorrow.

Sorry to hear CC still struggling with your injury but yay to the bike! And Caro too, how the foot feeling now?

Never a dull moment CM. The devil drink. Good news on the job offer, well done! Any closer to a decision?

Great to hear from MM. Glad hormones sorted out and that life is good. Was pleased to hear you are doing London and the ultra sounds great. I struggled for a while with the whole trail shoe thing. I sort of thought proper trail shoes had to be salomon or inov8. I bought a pair of salomon sense mantras and they were initially good but blistered my feet on runs of 16 miles and over, and although I wore my orthotics in them  I don't think they really fitted as the shoes are quite narrow. I then had some hokas which I also liked for a while but on the 100miler I went over my ankle a few times on more rutted twisty bits so haven't worn them since. Then I thought I would try to find a shoe which was most like the road shoes I love - my asics gel lytes. So I decided not to be a trail shoe snob and look at the asics range and plumped for the Asics gel Fuji trainer 3 - and I LOVE them. Plenty of room for orthotics, lowish profile like my road shoes, seem really good on the very soft off road but don't kill my legs on the road sections either. Happy with them. First day I wore them I ran for two hours and never looked back. So I guess it just shows that the only right shoe is the one that is right for you! I nearly went for the Brooks Cascadia as it sounds good but heel toe was 10mm which was a bit higher than I was looking for. 

My car saga continues. After my ditch episode we got it checked by the garage and apart from the scrapes (which we will ignore) the front tyre and wheel were damaged so we need to replace that and the water bottle under the bonnet was smashed so that needs replaced. Then we noticed our tax disc ran out at the end of Dec and we never realised. I don't know why we didn't get a reminder? Or if we did what have we done with it. Anyway went online to renew only to find out that we have no MOT. Thought it must be a mistake until hubby checked up and we have infact had no MOT since August. Can't believe it, so stupid. I just sort of leave car things to hubby and hubby just leaves everything to me so we are as bad as each other. Feel so bad now but boy am I glad I didn't hit that other car or we'd be in all sorts of trouble. So I am car-less waiting on bits to come before we can put it though the MOT and tax it.


Edited: 09/02/2014 at 21:29
09/02/2014 at 21:39

So now I have to find £150 for tyres, £80 for wheels, £160 for 6 months tax and whatever else the garage bills come to. Also swimming subs of £120 to pay this month and my flights to inverness for the half. So I haven't been able to enter either ultra CM, that will have to wait until next month... hopefully one will still have spaces.

Oh jeez nearly forgot to tell you my good news with all that doom and gloom. I had a phonecall today confirming my selection for the Scottish team in the 100k champs in Kent in May. Pretty chuffed about that. Didn't think this old mamma of 6 would ever be selected to run for her country now I just have to get to the start line fit - I can just see me doing myself a damage on the ski slopes in April or something!

09/02/2014 at 21:55

Oh cool Lotte!  Where in Kent?  And when?  Might be temped to come and watch or something.

your money mare sounds like us before Xmas with the washing machine, microwave, toaster and car, followed by boiler shortly after Xmas........nothing else needs to break anytime soon!

MM doing London?  I only saw some mad Cornish ultra.  We'll be on hols in a Norfolk cottage for London this yr so no watching for me.  Quite glad actually as I'll enjoy the excitement with Mo more watching it on telly-and hubby knows he and the kids need to leave me in peace for the duration!

foot.....hmmm.  Really don't know.  It's not right, and if I press firmly on the sore bit it hurts.  The melodramatic part of me is thinking the worst and thinking navicular stress fracture but the realist is thinking that can't be right, I haven't done enough miles and its not as if I did many miles running through pain, it literally only started several hrs after my run last who knows.  It's not as if a GP will have a clue so no real point Going there.  I shall just wait and hope.  Have been icing and stretching like mad.

had a nice day with kids at museum of childhood in the morning, then trip to costco this afternoon.  both have mostly behaved today so can't complain.

09/02/2014 at 22:01

Oh my god Lotte, I just looked it up.  I was imagining some picturesque trail race.......but no, if I found the right one, it's 48 laps of a 2.1km tarmac cycle track, 6miles from the M25........ Well if you need a place to stay not too far from there, you only have to ask (nutter!)

09/02/2014 at 22:11

I have had stress fracture in just about every part of my lower anatomy (in my mind of course as you always jump to worst case scenario).Hope good old RICE and it will sort itself out. A bit of self massage on the area too? IF it still hangs about then maybe see a podiatrist? So annoying though.

The 100k is loops of the cyclopark in Gravesend! I feel the same about London, going to be really exciting to watch this year, what a line up of top marathoners and the mighty Mo!

I had a really good run yesterday. Did 10 miles with 6 at HMP. They came out as 6:31/6:06/6:20/6:32/6:29/6:12. The two fast miles had good downhill sections and the whole run was slightly wind assisted but 38:10 for the 6 miles, wish I had carried on for another 0.2 just to clock my 10k time. Think it would have been an unofficial pb! So 75 miles for the week instead of 85 because I missed todays run. But speedwork twice a week is new territory for me so probs slightly lower mileage and a rest day is a good thing.

09/02/2014 at 22:13

haha x-post that's the one Caro, sounds fun doesn't it. ! Thanks for the offer. We get put up in a hotel night before and night after I think.

09/02/2014 at 22:51

Congratulations Lotte ! 

10/02/2014 at 00:06

COngrats on being selected to represent Scotland Lotte - that is VERY exciting!!! Huge boo to all the bills though! January is a killer for us - we have car insurance, AA cover, car licence, Car WOF and service all in the same month straight after Christmas!! We didn't think that through well!! Coupled with hubby only working 1 day a week for Dec and Jan and it has killed us this year - can you see why I am not keen on moving if we don't have to (you get charged $500 agent fees just for renting a property here let alone other associated moving costs!).

Thankfully hubby is getting 3 days a week at his old work at the moment - not exactly what he needs to move himself forwards career-wise but very much needed to keep the finances afloat!!

10/02/2014 at 01:17

Spoken with house owner and it sounds like the investors offer is going to be accepted! But is subject to building report etc so fingers TIGHTLY crossed that all goes ok. The owner is so lovely she is so pleased that we might be able to stay!


10/02/2014 at 07:38
Wow Lotte. You star. Not really surprised. You are phenomenal!!

Hoggle - all sounding positive. Keeping fingers crossed.

On train to London. N flying solo with my 2 (he is in Gloucester with work today but not till 1pm so can leave later). Friend is coming to pick kids up to take them to school. N would have been happy to walk them down but I knew he would have an easier morning if friend was coming as E loves getting picked up by someone else to go to school. When I said last night that I wouldn't be there in the morning E clung to me and started to wobble. Then I said friend was coming so she could have a lift in her car with friend's 2 daughters and she started bouncing. Good job I know how my daughter works!! J doesn't care. N has just texted me to say he walked in this morning and said "where is mum?" Doh.

Talked to kids last night about new job and how I would never be able to take them to or pick them up from school (except odd occasions). This is bothering me. J asked if he could have a childminder which is one of the options I am thinking of. I will have to see how expensive they are but I will need an earlier start than breakfast club at school allows. So childminder is best option.

I told j I would also earn less. He said "then why are you changing?" And he has a point. Can't take them to school. Need more childcare (don't use any at the mo); they might not be able to carry on with their activities. And I will get paid much less. Sounds mad really doesn't it??
10/02/2014 at 11:40
What a waste of time. 6am start. N stayed over to get kids ready. Friend came out of her way to pick kids up. ??146 train fare. ??7.60 to park. (Which I can claim back). And ... The meeting could have been held in Cardiff (no one told me. I was told it was mandatory to attend in London and was only ever held on a Monday). And best of all, security training didn't apply to me as I won't have access to their network or their offices. FFS.

To cap it all - trains are screwed due to flooding so I am expecting major delays on way back. I shall be hugely annoyed if I don't get back in time for end of school.

Maybe I do need a new job after all!!!
10/02/2014 at 12:58

Doesn't sound so mad at all to me CM!

10/02/2014 at 12:59

Oh and Lotte, wow!  That's an amazing achievement for anyone especially for a working mum of 6 kids!

10/02/2014 at 13:14

I would struggle with never being able to go to school CM so I can relate, but also your morning sounds mad and I would be seriously peed off if that was me!  At the moment I do 2 drop off and 3 pick ups a week which is fine, I enjoy it, get to see my friends, but don't feel like I waste half my life walking to and from school everyday!

10/02/2014 at 13:45

I'm thinking exactly the same thing at the moment while applying for this job.  I don't want to give up my current job but the reality is I am not permanent there so they can drop me whenever they want, technically.  But I am thinking I could do this new job 2.5 days a week and 1.5 days in my current job, but that's at best 4 days a week, possibly even spread over 5 days. And that means potentially only picking Nicky up from nursery one day a week, relying on a friend for childcare one day a week, and never picking Sophie up .  Also no gymnastics if I had to work Wed afternoons, although I suppose there are probably alternatives at the weekend or something.

This is all entirely hypothetical as a) I might not get the job and b) I might not get any hours in my current job next September!  At least from September the nursery pick-up won't exist as Nicky will be at school (!).  I think though really, we just have to go for these things if they sound like something enjoyable and things will fall into place.

CM - do you think this new job might potentially be more flexible when it comes to childcare?  It sounds as though you're not given any options in your current job.  I do think your current job sounds as though it makes you miserable - money isn't everything as long as you have enough?  Nightmare meeting trip by the way .

Agh to jobs!

Caro - hope flying solo is going well/surviving!

Lotte - fantastic stuff, well done!  Not surprised in the least though  Your kids look so active I bet they're going to follow in their mum's footsteps .  Ouch to the bills, if only we could all trade in potatoes instead of money .

Glad you're finding solutions you're happy with Hoggle, hopefully it'll all work out in the end.

Right time for the Library under 5s story time - something else that I'd have to make Nicky miss although if they get their way this library won't be open much longer anyway .

10/02/2014 at 15:07

yes there may be some more flexibility, i guess. but as service desk manager, i would need to be there to manage the service desk. so sneeking off to do school run and getting in late, leaving early may be tricky. still i won't know until i either try or ... ask! i will ask when it gets to that point anyway. i at least need to know i won't be competing with people for school holidays and won't be last in line for things like time off at half term etc.

rushing back to school to do the pickup now. got back from london at 2.30...

10/02/2014 at 20:01

Definitely nothing to be lost by asking some very frank questions CM - that way you can make a fully informed decision.

Arrrggghhh fed up with hubby today!! He REALLY needs to get a full time job for my sanity more than anything. At the moment he is doing roughly 3 days a week. We have reduced Matildas hours at daycare on the 3 days he is not working because we can't justify it. But he has got in that head space where he thinks he is really busy with so many jobs but if you look at them closely each job only takes a few minutes and he has plenty of time. I am getting seriously peed off at him claiming he's exhausted or so busy!! He is trying hard to find work, I can't fault him on that and he is getting down about not working so am trying not to give him a hard time but when he implied that I was expecting too much to look after Matilda this afternoon, mow the lawn (sometime in the day when Matilda is at daycare) and get dinner as if I am making him get dinner - he cooks dinner 6 out of 7 nights, that's how its always been, its not an extra job Im asking him to do - ARRRRGGGGGHHH meanwhile I try and work from home!

Sorry just needed a rant there!!

10/02/2014 at 20:50

Arghh indeed Hoggle, I've decided the "who's pulling their weight in this household" discussion just never ends well!  

Sophie's not been well this evening and Nicky is yawning his head off, think we've got a bit of a virus going round.  She didn't eat any tea and kept saying she felt sick but wasn't.  It's my one full day of work tomorrow and if I don't work I don't get paid so I really need her to be well in the morning!  I missed Bodypump partly because of that and partly because I've still got a banging headache - I seem to have missed loads of classes in the past week for one reason or another.

And my hip flexor/glute still hurts - I only ran 5 miles on Friday and it just feels worn out by the end, not sure if I can manage 13 miles in 8 weeks' time...I still haven't entered but the physio seemed to think I'd be fine for it.  Am I wishing for too much to be able to run a half-marathon pain-free?!

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