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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/02/2014 at 23:20
Mr Tangy works for ACCA on permanent nightshift, he started end of last yr. is enjoying it very much. He always had erratic sleep patterns anyway so nightshift works well for him. He sleeps from about 9:30ish til about 5 and he usually falls asleep with telly blaring in the bedroom so can't hear what's going on in rest of house. He's a bit deaf after working in mines as a driller for many yrs so that helps. Although I am the opposite with very acute hearing and can't bare loud tv etc so is a source of annoyance on both sides lol. He can never hear telly at my volume level and the noise of his volume level makes my skin crawl.
17/02/2014 at 00:31

Lol at Camlo throwing Mi'iami Buttplug back out there for anyone else who wants it. 

So sorry to hear about your mum TT, she's had a horrible time of it recently hasn't she. Hope it was an isolated one off. 

Sorry to hear so many of you feeling rough at the moment. Yay to half term though, whether it is this week or next. 

Had a challenging weekend with Max. He was full of sugary crap after their valentine's party at school on Friday so we had a battle with him over dinner and ended up with crying at bedtime. Yesterday was our fault as we took the boys out in the car and Max wouldn't sleep in the car over his nap time so was super tired by bed time and tears again. Today has been good though. Weather was lovely so we got outside and did some stuff and now watching a bit of tv before bed so hopefully no tears tonight. It's such a simple formula with Max; as long as he has enough food and sleep he's great. 

Schools and nursery closed tomorrow for training so need to entertain the boys. No plans yet but hopefully do something nice. Have a good week all. 

17/02/2014 at 10:00

no exercise here. jaw still agony - off to see maxfacs this morning. high on tramadol and naproxen but still in pain.

had great weekend with kids - J is much happier again now. which is such a relief.

17/02/2014 at 10:58
Hope maxfac can help CM, my mum has had similar jaw problems with her arthritis and her jaw really hurting after the seizure. Don't know if steroid injection a likely treatment for u but hope they can do something to minimise the pain.
17/02/2014 at 11:05
My stepbrother has epilepsy too Camlo, I have never witnessed a seizure though. He got it after a sinusitis infection spread into his brain and they had to operate to remove the infection and damaged brain tissue. He was very lucky tho the epilepsy is only long term effect he has bn left with. Same op as D had after his accident and he still has short term memory problems, has to keep a detailed list of everything on his phone to keep him right. My stepbrothers is well controlled now but he chooses not to drive as he doesn't think it's worth the risk, which must b hard but commendable. I think I would feel the same. Driving is dangerous enough.
17/02/2014 at 11:25

Your poor mum Tt, hope she recovers. Sometimes I forget how important health is! My parents are in their mid-60s and still ridiculously healthy, mum does several exercise classes a week and my dad does long distance walking (his wife smokes over 20 b&h a day which my dad seems to put up with!). Hubby's mum on the other hand is only just 60, has severe back problems, constant respiratory infections, depression and is a massive hypochondriac!

CM - hope you get some relief from the pain. Glad J is a happy boy again.

Get well soon Brookie, JG and JT too! Loved the cute photo of George on fb JT

And Caro- hubby loves the name Eric and wants it on our boy list. Don't know if he's seen the news about the cowell baby yet!

TurboT - pleased to hear scans gone well too! Think Max and Maggie aren't far apart in age, Max is late Feb? Maggie is March 20. I will have a larger age gap this time (by 9 months anyway!) and you will have a smaller one! And you will definitely beat me as assume you're having a section? Hope Max is a happier boy today. Does he still nap?! Mags gave that up last summer, she is always exhausted by 6.30pm and sleeps soundly through her sister yelling in her cot until 8.30-9 sometimes. Glad I got them in the same room early on!

I had a question about cars?! We need to upsize of course. Bit of a rush as we need to sell the estate back to Mercedes before it depreciates so already test drove an s-max yesterday and planning to look at Peugeot 5008 and Seat Alhambra. I know Vixo has the Seat, but maybe put off now after recent events! I will have 3 kids in proper car seats (only just put bought M the older age group high back booster seat) and want to be able to put them all on the second row. Don't care if the third row seats are tiny as they'll only be used for v short journeys when granny is staying or giving someone a lift. I know a lot of you girls have a mum bus(!) so any recommendations?! Hubby is distraught at having to get a mum bus but I'm putting my foot down on this one as I need practicality and really don't care what it looks like!

Gosh, already 11.30! Going to sneak out for a run in a mo so must finish some work off!

17/02/2014 at 12:26

i'm back from maxfac. as i feared, guy pulled out a sheet from his folder and told me there wasn't anything he could do to help so i just had to make sure i don't yawn or open mouth too widely, chew unevenly or bite into things.

also painkillers i'm on won't help (he's right there) and will just give me stomach ulcers. so stop taking them. use hot water bottle. and do some jaw exercises - open and close mouth and keep jaw straight.

that's it. i nearly burst into tears. told him i couldn't sleep or cope any longer. he said 'come back in 2 weeks and if you are still the same, i'll prescribe you something to help you sleep'. i then said 'i can't cope like this. weds i need to be in hemel; thurs i need to be in london' etc. getting up early; getting back late. lots of driving. can't work if i can't sleep. so he wrote a letter to my GP asking them to give me a muscle relaxant to take at night. dropped that into GP's and won't be able to pick it up until weds after 4pm. except i'm in hemel on weds and holborn on thursday. which means i can't get there to pick it up until friday,

sorry - woe is me

17/02/2014 at 14:02

2 whole days to write a prescription!  GPs don't seem to think they are any kind of emergency service do they?  Will this just go away on its own in time then?  

Max is 8 March Sonya. We are having the same discussions as you are, unsurprisingly!  We have a range rover which Mr TT absolutely loves but there is no way we could squeeze in 3 car seats. We are looking at a car I've not seen in UK an Infiniti, I think it's the high end Nissan like Toyota/Lexus. Might be wrong, it's nice though and I don't think Mr TT could handle a mum bus though he does keep commenting on the ones with slidey doors.  Os getting super excited by a ball at the moment do better pay him some attention...

17/02/2014 at 14:13
I love my vauxhall zafira, it is nearly 12 yrs old now and I reckon we have spent less than ??1.5-2k on tyres, brakes, MoT etc etc in the 9 yrs we have had it. It fits 3 seats across 2nd row, the back seats r big enough for an adult, the boot is huge when the 3 rd row is folded away ( which is a dawdle to do) and it is not a huge big bus. I am currently saving up to buy another one when this one dies.
17/02/2014 at 14:13

no advice about cars, i'm afraid

yes, Ttid. 2 days for a prescription. also if you want a repeat prescription, you have to go down in person and request it. it takes 2 days for them to process. you can't ring up, and no web-based solution either.

and yes, it should go by itself. but no idea when. i have googled (yes, i know) and some people say they've been suffering for 14 years. sob... my jaw doesn't even move out of line very much. it does clunk a bit (on the other side from the pain) but it isn't a massive amount of movement. i think the consultant thinks i'm being a big woose. some people's jaws literally swing when they clunk. but i have never had pain like this - it is debilitating. the leaflet he gave me describes the pain and says it won't respond to painkillers. it's basically a form of cramp - which doesn't respond to painkillers. but also cramp doesn't tend to last long, does it? whereas this goes on, and on, and on and on...

17/02/2014 at 15:46

Hello!  Can i join?  I've been lurking for a bit as I have been on maternity leave for a week now.  I am expecting no 2 (due 27 Feb) and have a 3 year old daughter.  I've entered 2 half marathons later in the year - Maidenhead and Bournemouth and also Abingdon marathon.  Not sure I'll make Abingdon but I wanted to have the option.  I'll have a lot of pregnancy weight to lose but i can't wait to get started.  I am so sick of being pregnant.

There was a lady who I think was talking about doing a race for Scotland at the cyclopark in Kent??  I did the marathon there a few years ago so happy to share some course info.

17/02/2014 at 18:44

Hi Pip, welcome and good luck with no 2.

Off out for Chinese with old work crew.  No doubt it it will be a general moan/gossip/bi*ch about the place, but at least none of us work there anymore!

Edited: 17/02/2014 at 18:46
17/02/2014 at 20:02

Welcome Pip. Hope you've everything ready, my number 2 was 3 weeks early

You sound like a pretty committed runner, sure you'll be back at it in no time. Don't rush it though, there's plenty on here who learned that from experience. 

I'm expecting number 3 in August. Number 2 only just turned 1, what were we thinking?  More to the point, were we thinking?  Nope!

Caro, M looks lovely in her ballet outfit, what a sweetie. 

17/02/2014 at 20:04

Hey Pip! It's me from the Abingdon thread. You are v welcome here. Bet you are glad to be on mat leave now. do you know if you are having a boy or girl? When are the halves? I have reading half in less than 2 weeks so 19 wks after baby 2. I've just come down with a stinking cold just as I was upping my mileage. Anyway, I'm gonna give it a go even if the last 4-5 miles end up being a bit of a run/walk affair. The naysayers would say I'm ill cos of doing too much too soon after baby but TBH I think it's just any old cold not cos of running. 

CM - total nightmare re max fax guy and prescriptions. I had a friend at work who had some kind of long standing problem with her jaw. Not sure of it was the same thing but she eventually was given a mouth shield of some sort to help and also she said acupuncture and massage helped with the symptoms. 

Caro - loved pics of M As ballerina. Too cute. um - can't remember much else. House bombsite so should probably go and tidy now kids are asleep. But suspect I will end up internet shopping instead. I'm going througj that whole "I have nothing to wear" phase post pregnancy. Back in my old clothes but a year later they don't seem the same! argh. 

Went to a farm today and fed baby lambs and goats and piglets. Much fun! 

Camlo    pirate
17/02/2014 at 22:07

hi Pip, good to see you dont have long to go, hope everything is going well for you. do you normally run much when not preg? 

Cm - apart from the fact that doing a mould would be painful, i like the idea of a mouth shield, even if it just stabilises it when sleeping. 

love the cute pics - only pics we seem to have are either showing too much flesh or have tongues poking out. 

Mega long day - started emails at 7am, kids got themselves ready for school while i was working and i dropped them off and was straight on for a full day. got home at 5 and hubby put tea in front of me while i wrote a report which i have just finished. 15 hours brain drain...... 

18/02/2014 at 09:03

Hi everyone.  Thanks for the welcome 

TT - 3 weeks early sounds great from where I am sitting!  I am almost 39 and just preying that I don't have to ride this out until 42.  I just want to get the baby out and start to get on with life!

Brookie - hello!! my first half is Maidenhead which is Sept 7 so hopefully about 6 months after I've had the baby.  I have kept quite fit whilst pregnant.  I haven't run but I've done loads of swimming (I am in a swim club), body pump and spin classes.  My problem is that i put on so much weight so that is going to take time to get off again.  I hope Reading goes well for you.  Whatever happens, it's good to get a race under your belt and then you have something to work/improve on for the Abingdon build up. You'll probably do better than you expected.  I hope the cold clears up.  Everyone seems to be ill at the moment so I wouldn't look for reasons.  It's just a case of too many germs!

Camlo - I try and do a decent amount of running when not pregnant.  I was supposed to do London last year but a dog knocked me off my bike and injured my knee in Feb so i haven't run since then. I was utterly gutted as I was in the running shape of my life.  Before having kids, I did more stuff, did a few iron mans etc but I find that running is the easiest thing to manage with less time.  I am hoping to do Comrades in 2 years time as my treat to myself for my 40th bday but I don't know if I will be fast enough or how i will be able to train with 2.  I am determined though as I have wanted to do this race for so many years.

In the meantime, a half mile walk now feels like a marathon!

18/02/2014 at 11:12

welcome Pip. lots of folks on here have managed fab come-backs after babies. mine are now 7 and 5 (next week), so no longer babies! i am sure you will fit right in with your ambitions! some of the girls on here are very driven. i'm not. i'm a lazy fat lump, who tries to run and then breaks herself.

so... i've cut right back on the painkillers. i had to take some last night as i was nearly crying with pain by 8pm. but overnight i slept with my face on the hot water bottle and it was ok until about 2am when the hotwater bottle went cold. i couldn't be bothered to get up and fill it up again. i need to take a flask upstairs tonight so i can empty it in the bathroom and fill it up again!

i'm not supposed to yawn but when i'm this knackered, it's hard not to! most of the time i manage to stop myself but occasionally i forget. and then it's agony and it feels like i've undone all the conservative management during the day.

consultant suggested that night splint wouldn't work as mine isn't due to teeth grinding. god knows. i just want it all over. it's quite ruining my life at the moment. and i can't run as i'm in so much pain! and i'm getting so little sleep that i am seriously lacking the energy to do just the basics every day.

18/02/2014 at 14:45

I love the way pip casually drops into the conversation that she's done a few iron mans etc, like that's a normal thing   Well if you want to do comrades there are a few nice but nutty people on here who think ultra distances are fun (as you may have gathered I am not one of them but I enjoy living vicariously through them) 

So I think I am not going to do my half in 2.5 wks.  Foot feels better but I ran 10.5 on Sun and after 7 I started with shin splints.  I have iced, stretched etc over the past few days and it feels better but I just don't feel I've done enough miles to do it justice.  I was supposed to do 30 miles this wk and obviously that's not going to happen.  Its annoying as I am nice and fit at the moment but as usual its an injury that's putting paid to my ambitions.  I have found another local half in June - the inaugural Hackney Half (where do you live by the way Pip?) that looks quite fun.  I imagine its fairly flat, and they will close the roads.  They are advertising it for 10,000 runners, but its hard to know if it will be that big as its the first one, but it goes through the Olympic park so the minute that happens you tend to get every tom, dick and harry thinking they can be the next Mo Farah......So the size puts me off a bit, as the one I was going to do is 1000 runners, and starts a mile from my house, and really low key. 

I have bought myself some ankle weights from argos.  I am not really sure what you are meant to do with them, but I have bought them to help strengthen my calves - so loop it over my foot and then flex and extend my ankle.  I think that's where I'm coming unstuck - weak and inflexible calves.  I also started the 30 day plank challenge 10 days ago and am up to 30 secs.

CM an ongoing nightmare for you...........and one I have no experience of so cannt advise at all.

My baby is 2 tomorrow........can't believe it.

18/02/2014 at 18:12
Noooooo 2? Seriously? OMG where does the time go?
18/02/2014 at 18:24

That should say 90 secs for the plank, not 30!  I like to think my core is a little stronger than that......

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