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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/04/2013 at 15:41

I'm stalking the tracking pages too!  Well done all so far!  Looking forward to the race reports

Ooooh and I am faster than Kelly Sotherton over 26.2 miles even when I'm injured

I'm having an unspeakably boring day with an unspeakably tired and irritable daughter.  They apparently went to sleep about 11.30 and got up about 6.  Dear goodness how do you guiders do it?  MR you are a saint!


Got to go back to work tomorrow, not really looking forward to it but it's more to do with the fear of having been away for 4 days with no absence prep! 

I'm having pangs of desire to run another marathon but I think that truthfully a half is more my distance so aims will be a sub 45 10K before I'm 40 (hah, only been chasing that for the last 10 yrs!) and a 1.40 half.  It's going to be such a long haul back though as no exercise here since 26 October just before I started the IVF and funnily enough it's not about to happen. 

Debating a trip to marks and sparks just for something to do.  It's only 4 mins along bypass and I'm so bored.

As a total tangent, has anyone build an extension which involves taking out the outer wall and extending the external wall by about 1.5m.  I'm trying to guess what the cost might be of extending and re-doing the kitchen.  We have a path down the side of the house which is just dead space and I'd like to fill it and square off the kitchen and make it into something I've always wanted but I don't know if I'm looking at £20K all in or £40K all in.  Doubt the Clydesdale will lend me the cash anyway but I'm wondering just the same!

21/04/2013 at 15:42

I can't find Camlo either but that's cos right now I forget her real surname!  I know it's not actually Hulse. 

21/04/2013 at 15:43

RF I'm glad your job is going well.  It was a scary experience last week but I'm ok for now and the worst bit is just the dread of every toilet trip and every twinge down low. 

21/04/2013 at 15:46
Had a lovely day watching the race! Wished I was doing it and think I will try enter for next year. A post baby come back race? Anyway, it was a lovely lovely day. I was sooooo pleased to see you Johbo, MM and Camlo. Not sure if any of you heard me yelling at you but you all looked fab. Amazing running from what I saw at miles 15 odd and mile 21. Sorry I didn't see you Minks. I was peeling my eyes but sadly must have missed you. So sorry.

Anyway, well done all of you and thanks for giving me someone I know to cheer for! Always makes spectating that little bit more special if you are looking out for people. But I thought it was a great day!

Now go have a beer!
21/04/2013 at 15:49
Have found everyone on the tracker except minks who seems to have disappeared after 15k. Hope she is ok?

Well done all. Can't wait to hear race stories!
21/04/2013 at 15:54

Brookie - it looked a great day to spectate.  Maybe we'll join you next year if we can sneak Lou out of school!   If I run a marathon it'll have to be more local I think though I have no desire to run Edinburgh whatsoever. 

21/04/2013 at 15:55

ps phone still not loading right at all.  If I manage to see the posts and try to comment then it just ends up hanging.  Most of the time though it simply won't load.  Very annoying!

21/04/2013 at 16:34

EF - I'm having exactly the same thing on my iphone, mine just won't load the page at all.

Also hoping that Minks was okay and maybe just lost her chip timer along the route? 

Can anyone let me know what Camio's race number is - she's the only one I haven't been stalking today.

I'll definitely put in for the ballot again this year - I'm not sure I'm marathon material but I'd like to give it a try at least once in my life and the crowds at London just look amazing.

Just got back from the park with the kids and trying to work out if I can dash out for another couple of miles as overslept this morning so only had time for 6 miles before hubby went to work rather than the 8 I had planned. Still trying to keep up with the 2013 in 2013 challenge and can't afford to come in under mileage for another week or I'll never catch up ... so best get off here and get on!

21/04/2013 at 16:51

Yes hope yu are ok MInks!  Although I think finishing without a chip and getting no time would be  no better than not finishing!  You were looking good at 9 miles!

Took way too many pics, will whittle them down and stick some on fB.  I didn't know they were doing other para athletes apart from wheelchair runners this yr.  Only 1 guy with prosthetic legs but lots of blind runners being guided.


21/04/2013 at 17:04

was also rather worried about the fact minks seemed to disappear at 15km so will be good to hear that you are OK??

Other things non-marathon related I guess ...

boo to the boring day EF, esp with an over-tired child, not nice!!!  I also take my hat off to youth leaders of that age-range.  I've done Scouts, Venture Scouts and Explorer Scouts but have always sworn I'd NEVER do Beaver or Cub Scout ages - and I still hold with that!! Give me stroppy teenagers any day.

JT - great to hear about your orienteering, so glad you enjoyed. What colour course did you do in the end?  I am not the best orienteer, that is for sure. I can run, I can navigate but I am pretty cr*p at putting the two together!! Much better on mountain marathon events cos you have more distance between the checkpoints!  My course yesterday was Orange/light green and I did a couple of stupid errors, but I enjoyed. Not quite last but not far off and beaten but at least one 70-year-old!

Did a good bike ride with kids this morning, 8 miles along the front at Nairn and up the river a bit. Dead flat but strong westerly blowing and gusting! Nice and sunny but baltic.

Somehow clocked 50 running miles this week and may squeeze another run in later as feeling rather out of sorts and a run might help!!


21/04/2013 at 17:34
Just seen what happened to Minks on FB. Hope you are ok.
22/04/2013 at 08:52
hope all the marathoners r feeling good this morn + not too sore.
22/04/2013 at 09:03
Very very sore Tangy. Bit disappointed but it was a do or die run for me and I died. Am peeing blood so know I gave it everything. I was 8 min miling by the end! I set off at 6:50s and it felt good. Just couldn't maintain it after 16 and wheels fell off. My feet were killing and have some huge blisters on my feet now. it will be flip flops today. never suffered with blisters before? It was so hot! No idea how jo did that in a tiger suit!

I am pretty sunburnt and legs very sore but I can walk. Wonderful support. I heard loads of Mitch and Michelle. Didn't see you caro, was looking out for you too! Did hear loads though around there. It hurt so much, I am not sure I can do it again! Thanks so much for the shouts it's what makes this race so special.

Off to the tower today and boat trip up the river. Looking forward to it. Kids were great yesterday. Sophie walked miles bless her!
22/04/2013 at 09:17
OMG Mm - peeing blood?! I think it would be fair to say you gave it your all. What happened to Minks? Sounds like everyone else was pretty happy - didn't see any coverage but sounds like a fab day.
It is so boring in my world today so nothing to share!!
22/04/2013 at 09:41
You must have been so focused MM- I literally ran up right beside you and yelled in your ear! It certainly looked hot just because of the lack of cloud cover, and I can imagine there are a lot of burnt folk out there today. Do you think that'll be your last marathon?

Hoggle Minks came down with a fluey bug and stopped just before half way sadly.

I have a poorly baby again. Temp, crying etc. he just fell asleep on me so I put him in his cot. All 4 canines are almost through the gum at once so maybe that's it. Is there any truth to the fact that teething can cause a temp or not?
22/04/2013 at 09:42

I died too, MM - but not for the same reason.  Hubby has had a nasty fluey virus since Wednesday.  I thought I'd escaped it but it hit me just after 8 miles.  I was running very strongly until then and feeling good, but at about 8.5 miles I started shivering uncontrollably and legs went to jelly.  I managed to carry on until 12 miles, where I knew my family were going to be, and thought maybe if I could just see them and get a cheer it would boost me enough to push me through, but as soon as I saw them I just couldn't carry on and ended up sitting on the kerb in tears doing a Paula.  Felt completely dreadful - shaky, shivery and disorientated; don't think I'd have known where to go or what to do if my family hadn't been there.

I am absolutely devastated.  I put more and better training into this than any previous marathon and I felt I was in the shape of my life.  My splits until the point I stopped had my estimated finishing time as 3:14 so I was on track for a massive PB and the longed-for sub-3:15.  Plus all those miles slogged out through the bitter weather, snow and ice seem wasted now.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do next.  I had no desire to do another marathon after this - it was going to be my last one, but I really wanted to go out on a high note rather than fade away at the side of the road.  I would say I will do it again, but I honestly don't know if I can face the training again.  I'll give it a few days for the intense disappointment to subside and then reconsider.

Well done, MM - I know it wasn't the time you wanted but you gave it your all and you can be proud of that.  Enjoy your day today.  And well done to JohBo and Camlo too - don't know how Joh ran in a tiger suit; it was way warmer than forecast and runners were dropping like flies even before halfway.

22/04/2013 at 11:23

And Caro, you are spot on about the RW pacers.  They really need to sort that out.  Yes, there are three separate starts but they merge at 3 miles and so the distance is the same.  I started with the 3:15 pacer from the green start as he happened to be standing right next to me in the start pen.  I only stayed with him for the first mile and a half, and he kept increasing and decreasing pace, we came through the second mile in 7:18 by my watch so decided to do my own thing - he then disappeared way ahead of me and my pace was around 7:15 at tha point so he was WAY faster than the 7:26 he had on his flag.  Then I saw him running alongside the 3:30 pacer from one of the other starts - and both were running quicker than 7:26 pace, trust me - and then later on I saw 4:30 pacer ahead of me.  If I was running at 3:14 pace at the time I'm not sure how someone pacing for 4:30 could be in front of me.  I hope a lot of marathon dreams were not destroyed yesterday by these guys' apparent inability to organise themselves and run at the right pace.  It must be really hard, especially at the start, to get into and maintain an even pace but lots of runners rely on the pacers to help them along. 

22/04/2013 at 11:25

So glad you heard us MM - and yes, peeing blood - wow, I think it's fair to say you ran till you had nothing left.  And it's still a great time although maybe not quite what you wanted.  But you sound pretty stoical about it all.  Glad the kids supported you and enjoyed it, bless em.

Minks - you made the right call.  But if you don't want your training to go to waste, prehaps, as others have said, you could find another marathon in a month or two?  I have run marathons within 6 weeks of each other and, bizarrely, often feel stronger on the second one.  I've always done it slower, but deliberately so (the second one is purely for fun on the back of the training for the serious one), I actually think if I tried, I could run faster on the second, as long as I didn't go hell for leather on the first. (not that I ever go hell for leather....!)  But I think you are absolutely right to give it a day or two and then decide.  Even if you found a June marathon, you wouldn't need to do a whole training programme again.

Huge well dones again to all of you.  And Joh in the tiger suit - respect.  And Camlo - did the deely boppers stay put all way?!

Phone issues continue - and ipad is just so slow to load the pages, so I am being very naughty (for me) by posting from work!!  Then again, I'm on my notice period, what are they gonna do?!

Gonna try a power walk tonight (3-4 miles) then a run later in week.  Can't remember if I mentioned I ran just over 2 miles on Saturday?  Felt SOOOOOO good to be running again even if a very short distance and quite slow. My aim to get up to running 10k again and maintain that as long as I can in my pregnancy as my LSR once a week.  I hope I'm being realistic.  Anj - how much running did you do in your pregnancy?  I probably hovered around 3-4 milers for most of my last pregnancy - up until 34 weeks. Gave birth 3 weeks after that last run.

22/04/2013 at 11:51
Minks - I agree with Brookie, look for another one in a month or two? That way you wouldn't waste your training, and maybe if it was a slightly lower profile race you might take some of the pressure off yourself and actually have a better race? Such a shame it all went wrong after all your hard work - I felt for you after all your fb updates about your snowy and icy training runs. Hope you're feeling better now.

MM - sorry your race didn't go to plan either, but sounds like you totally went for it! Hope you have a good day today.

Brookie - the running sounds good. I stopped at about 11 weeks with the last pregnancy as I had a bleed and a haematoma, but I know there are people here who were still running up to their due date - I'm sure I remember Tatty running on her due date with JP!

I have been feeling a bit off colour for a few days but assumed it was a combo of a cold and just being a bit tired, but I woke up in the night with rather dodgy guts and have had a rather 'unsettled!' night and morning. I'm feeling a bit better now and seriously hoping everything has settled as I didn't go through all the hours of bottle feeding drama for nothing - I'm determined to get to London tomorrow for the concert!
22/04/2013 at 11:56

There's one in 3 weeks' time I'm considering   Just not sure what I'd need to do training-wise until then?  Maybe a medium-distance run (15-16 or so) would be enough to tick over?  Would probably only do it to get a Good for Age for London next year - at least that way I'd have the option to try again next year if I wanted to.  And having only run 12 miles yesterday I don't need much recovery time other than to get over this flu virus.

Well done on your run, I ran until 32 weeks when I was pregnant and only stopped because I needed to pee every 50 metres by that point so it was just too uncomfortable!  I think I was doing around 6 miles for a 'long' run by that point so yes, it's perfectly feasible as long as you feel OK to do it.  Your body will dictate anyway - my pace was mega-slow by that point but I didn't care as long as I could run!

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