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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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28/02/2014 at 13:40
CC I was thinking of you while out running the other day. It seems unlikely to me too that your gait/ trainers are causing the problem, given the miles you have run in training and on ultras injury free. I would think ur injury far more likely to b caused by ur habit of missing training runs due to childcare issues during school hols etc and then knocking out long runs without the gradual build up you should have had. I think a lot of us who have been running for years and have run marathons or ultras are guilty of getting it in our heads we can knock out 10 miles+ without any bother cos it's nothing really. It is when you are running 20+ miles while training for a marathon/ ultra but when training is broken up + sporadic 10 miles is a long way and hard on ur body.
28/02/2014 at 14:13

Wise words Tt!

apparently could see aurora all way down here. Well Essex anyway.

ttid- hope you feel better today, how horrendous to be so sick when pregnant. I have only just started to get over my morning (all day) sickness so would hate to be ill now! Maggie is being so cute about the baby, she tells complete strangers there's a baby in my tummy and has to kiss my tummy every day. Plenty of discussions about how big it is etc, today's was "will it just pop out?" To which I replied "probably! But not too fast I hope!" then she said "it would break your tummy if it came out too fast", she's kinda got the right idea, smart 3yr old  

forgot to ask Ttid, have you had diabetes test? Or just following diet anyway? I have now got to be tested as my dad (and uncle, grandad) now has type II. midwife didn't say at what stage it would happen though. (And my dad is fit, stick thin and doesn't like sweet things, in the genes unfortunately)

Pip- I have just added Georgia to my baby names list! No boys names on it... I have met plenty of Margaret's (some known as Maggie) but none of them under the age of 50! Rosie obviously more popular although don't know if many are Rosemary. As others have said I wouldn't worry at all who else has used the name (even simon cowell!) if you like it it'll work. 

Funnily Caro, around here I've met Matilda's and Eric's. Really hope your quad sorts itself. Dilemma of whether to run always hard. I am still plodding but being very careful so as to not get problems like last time. Pilates still going to, but think lady will want me to move to a pregnancy one at end of this term (which is on at the stupid time of 11am on Sat, not designed for 2nd/3rd time mums!). Also will stop the running when get bigger to protect my pelvic floor, realised how fragile it is getting again after a coughing fit today 

CM, well done on the birthday prep! And gorgeous delivery man so pleased your resignation had the desired response. In general universities are definitely good places to work (my problems are due to being in a male dominated research science division not the uni per se), good for flexible working, holidays etc, pensions are great too!

gosh must stop dossing. Got a birthday party to get the girls to (hard life- eating cake all afternoon while kids play ). 


28/02/2014 at 15:43

CC, am so envious you saw the lights, great pictures too. 

Sonya, the docs want me to do the glucose test now, as I had GD with both boys it's almost nailed on that I'll get it this time too. I'm already testing 4 times a day and following a low carb diet. I don't want to do the glucose test as it just seems a waste of time and money at this stage. I think normally you don't do until about 24 weeks. 

Still not 100% but have come to work. Mr TT drove though as I'm getting dizzy spells. I think I'm just dehydrated so have low blood pressure. Will only stay a few hours. We'll probably go and look at people carriers later, never thought I'd see the day but they are so practical. 

28/02/2014 at 16:27
Gutted I never even looked out window at sky last night, never thought for a minute we would see them this far dwn, but have seen pics of them over Grangemouth which isn't far from here.
28/02/2014 at 20:32
Hope Martha had a lovely day Kinsey

E had a fab time. She woke me at 6am asking if she could have her midnight feast now. I said she was welcome to it but that it was basically morning. We went swimming with friends and T (bikini line etc seen to in advance lol). Then out to an all you can eat buffet. And then back to play with friend's kids. E made me up with Disney makeup so I looked like aunt Sally. Then we came home and off to bed for them

Bought e a furby and she bloody loves it. Sodding thing doesn't shut up tho lol

St David's day tomorrow so we are off into Cardiff to see the parade and then back here for a pizza party tea for some friends.

Hope the injuries all improve. Wise words indeed from TT

I am still dreaming of my asda man. Do you reckon I would get him again next week
28/02/2014 at 21:46
Lol what are we like?

Went to premiere of midsummer night dream tonight, Camryn goes to a club afterschool called Little shakespeares. They have spent last 6 months rehearsing and filming and big premiere was at local high school theatre. After the performance the teacher gets up on stage and says she has bn asked to make a special announcement by Camryn to tell Ben that she loves him. Dear Lord just about ended me, Natalya is utterly mortified that her 5 yr old sister has a boyfriend. While she has no interest in getting a boyfriend at almost 18 lol. Ben is in Camryn's class and they are the big class romance, he 'loves' her too and talks about her non stop according to his family lol. He made her a valentines card too, so sweet but also slightly worrying :-S
28/02/2014 at 23:05

E's day sounds lovely CM. No pics of u as aunt Sally??!! 

Lol to Ben and camryn! Cute/slightly worrying at same time! grinning at the dreamy delivery drivers and fit mountain men.... sadly bereft of eye candy in my village at the mo..... ! Glad to hear sickness has passed Sonya. And hope u continue to get well soon TtId. Bummer to miggles Caro and CC. Hope u can get them sorted. When u say go back to basics CC what do u mean? I'd have thought your body was strong and fit enough with your orienteering climbing and Pilates to cope with long runs without much inbetwern? But I'm no expert - I hope it sorts itself out. 

28/02/2014 at 23:05

CC - I can't believe you saw the lights.  It's a lifetime ambition of mine to see them. We went to Iceland for a long weekend a few years ago and just missed them.  I will see them one day, I am determined! Hope the injury worries clear up.

Sonya - Great about adding Georgia to your list.  I've heard of a few other little girls called G but not many.  I think it was quite popular about 12/14 years ago and George is obviously quite popular now, not just with royals  Do you know if you are having a girl for sure?  I was so shocked when I found out i was having a boy.  I was so sure I would only have girls.  Also I had to do a pregnancy diabetes test as they apparently do it for everyone over 35 now.  Not sure if thats in my area or a national thing.  Drinking old school, room temperature lucozade on an empty stomach wasn't the nicest start to the day, but it's a nice chance to sit still for a while and read a magazine.

There is no point in me trying to view the Northern Lights in blummin SW London.  Far too much light pollution.

I know I sound horrible, but I am getting sick of constant calls from family asking 'any news' or 'just to see how I am'.  I have very little to say as I am doing so little with my life and when there is news, they will be told.  Arghh.  I could have almost 2 more weeks of these phonecalls!

28/02/2014 at 23:12

Ha ha pip. Can well imagine! Screen your calls??! Or record a voicemail message "I'm sorry I  am unable to take your call right now. I have still not had the baby. I am fine. I will update you in due course. Leave a message. Thanks !" 

Camlo    pirate
01/03/2014 at 00:21

Yippee had an annual leave day so worked from 8 until 1 then skipped boys to cinema for a film and then had to babysit for my sis so took my paperwork and did another 4 hours tonight..... am i the only muppet doing 9 hours work on a day off????? 

Yipppeee to seeing the lights - are they random events or do you kind of know when they are likely?, happy birthdays E and M and to eye candy. 

Boo to niggles, GD, preg puke and going overdue. 

01/03/2014 at 12:42

Totally feel your frustration Pip - I was 10 days overdue with Sophie and it got to the point where my MIL was emailing me DAILY !  Makes you not want to say anything when something does happen 

01/03/2014 at 13:16
Happy St David's day from the parade in Cardiff. Is sunny and warm and atmosphere is great. Almost makes me wish I was welsh lol!
01/03/2014 at 20:01

Oh how frustrating Pip. I would do the answer phone message!!!! 

Hope you had a good St David's Day 

camlo- 9 hrs work on a day off, no way. Luckily with my job at least you don't take your work home!!

01/03/2014 at 20:04

Lol to the tasty Asda delivery man & mountain man!!!! Nothing wrong with looking at something nice eh!!!!

ah no to injuries CC and Caro. What a big pain for ya.

lovely spring day today, sun was out for a while. Had to take our hats n jackets of when we went up the hill!

01/03/2014 at 22:56

Hope everyone enjoyed sunshine today. I'm getting my stuff ready for tomorrow's half. Ridiculously excited even though I'll be soooo slow. Just pleased to be partaking really. And feeling so lucky with my family right now - hubby came home one night this week with a "present" for me - a pair of Skins 3/4 length running shorts! Never tried compression leggings before but wore at parkrun today and felt v comfortable! So touched as no reason for a present - not birthday or anything. 

Then my dad said he'd come to reading with me tomorrow and look after Isaac! Makes life so much easier as no need to express and leave bottles at home etc. and means i will have one supporter! Bless him. 

Had friends over today so just in bed after a nice dinner with them. Made them all eat pasta so I could have it night before my run! They all washed it down with champagne while i drank orange squash and looked on enviously. Anyway must go to sleep or tomorrow will hurt even more than it's going to anyway! 

02/03/2014 at 09:13

Good luck Brookie.  Looks like the perfect day for it and even better that you have a supporter.  Dont worry about the time, just getting out there and doing it is great.

Camlo    pirate
02/03/2014 at 09:39

Good Luck brookie!!! Love it ehen hubby (or anyone really) does something nice for no reason.... It is getting less frequent. I had lots of stuff given to me when i had the boys and in return i passed them all on but now I see people selling every last item down to secong hand bottles or stained tops for 10p, 20p and the like. I couldnt be harrised! 

Tip of the day - Check your tesco vouchers!! I found an envelope in my work bag yesteday (yep wirking on a saturday too) which  had shoved in there ages ago and there were £23.50 of vouchers which expired on FRIDAY!!!!!! Literally a day out and says they cannot be extended. Thankfully I called tesco and they were sympathetic and will renew but i would have cried if i had lost that much just because of my stupidity.

Pip - i love isaac but am fond of other biblical names too like Caleb and Noah. Hope baby Pip makes an appearance soon as you must be so uncomfortable. 

Rf glad you enjoyed the sunshine, it is better than any medicine! 

CC boo to rubbish mood in your home, hope it improves before he goes back tonight x

Sat in bed watching Judge Judy - I love it!! Have a few relatives coming over later for a wee party for Tom's birthday (7 tomorrow) but he is going to be gutted when he sees a few sausages and the like and no actual plan for games or anything. I am crap!

02/03/2014 at 14:30

Camlo, really??  I don't think anyone could say you've really had time to plan any more. Hope work settles down for you soon. 

Brookie, hope race went well today. 

Pip, hope all ok with you. It's funny but until you know someone who has been through it you can't imagine how annoying it is. Thinking of you and look forward to hearing from you whether there is any news or not. 

Well we did it!  Mr TT in mourning as we traded in my convertible Volvo for a Honda people carrier (Odyssey but don't know if they call it the same in UK). 8 seater and very comfortable and roomy. We are actually very happy with the decision but not so happy with the Honda dealer trying to screw us!  Was a 2 year old and they tried to fob us off with one key and one valet key rather than 2 proper keys. Also had no headsets for the dvd player.  Mr TT called sales manager who reluctantly agreed to give us headsets and only agreed an extra key if we paid $50 towards it. We went back up there yesterday and the service manager confirmed we should have got an extra key anyway. Grr. Max loves it anyway. 

Any suggestions for games for 4 year old party?  We have a beanbag toss game and I'm going to print some ninja turtle coloring pages and have crayons. We are going to be at pool if weather is nice or indoors if not so need some back up ideas. 

02/03/2014 at 14:32

CC, hope Mr CC happier today. What you guys do is so tough, I hope you can find a better work/life solution soon. 

02/03/2014 at 15:10

Thanks for all the good wishes guys! I finished!! I didn't walk at all! I did a negative split! I didn't wee myself!!! I am so happy!! And I forgot my garmin so ran "free" & managed 2.03.54!!! Well chuffed with that! proper race report to follow but had a lovely time! Thx for thinking of me! 

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