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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/04/2013 at 19:59
Gosh TT - what a dilemma about the rental vs land etc. why can't you go with the first plan and put a prefab up? Will it take too long? Could you stay with friends for a few weeks whilst it was put up on your land? House moving is just so stressful. We are thinking of moving once baby no 2 comes but whilst we need the space, I'm not looking forward to the stress!

MM - glad you are having a lovely rest. Coffee and cake is always the way to go! RF - cannot believe the amount of exercise you get done in a day. I need to be more like you! Vixo - so glad you got out and that O and others were fine.

Hope the d&v stays away from everyone.

I had a lovely day. E at nursery in morning as today is usually a working day for me but I swopped my days this week. Met some friends for coffee and cake! Then got loads of jobs done at home before jogging 2.5 miles to nursery to get E in glorious sunshine. Ran almost the whole way with just a couple of v short walking breaks so I was delighted. Then as it was so lovely I walked home too so 5 miles covered in all.

And then I just had a lovely chilled afternoon with E. I had missed him so it made it so much easier to focus on him rather than my usual trying to do 10million things at the same time as looking after him. So we just sat on the balcony, played water games with pots and Tupperware. Had some snacks, watered the plants. Sounds boring but it was so nice weirdly.

Anyway, I am just thrilled to bits with a 2.5 mile run. Who'd have thought?! Used to be I'd hardly bother to go out for such a short distance!
25/04/2013 at 20:00

TT - know what you mean about the 'sitting on a timebomb' thing with the D&V. A lad a cubs on Monday vomited everywhere and J was next to him ... his friend who's mum gives him a lift back from Cubs has been off with it most of week ... S has been complaing of a sore tummy all week but not been sick ... it's going to happen isn't it!!  That's an awful conundrum ... so good luck with working that one through (())

Vixo - I saw on Fbook, so glad it worked out well as you definitely deserved that ... and yay to leaving him to it again. Hope no-one else succumbs though - D&V seems to be really persistent through last winter, was kind of hoping it would disappear but obv not so.

I was thinking the same as Vixo re the running MM, mind be good for mind a body to take pressure off, and job would definitely help distract!!

26/04/2013 at 08:34

I was thinking the same as Vixo, MM - why the desire to do another marathon again so soon?  And why do we all persist in chasing targets all the time rather than actually enjoying our running?  You said yourself you didn't enjoy the training and with a new job to focus on now might be a good time to take a step back, take some time to just run for enjoyment and then refocus later in the year once you know how the work-life balance is going to pan out.  I struggle with the whole work-life balance thing - the trouble is I am such an all-or-nothing person.  If I'm going to go for something I have to do it 110% almost to the exclusion of all else.  It's great for training as I'm incredibly focused and self-disciplined but it does inevitably have an impact on those around me.

TTid, it sounds as though you're changing your mind about moving altogether!  Is it too late to back out if you wanted to?  I think it's sometimes easy to focus on what we haven't got and what we think we need rather than looking at what's around us and being content with that.

CC and Vixo, SO hope the D&V stays away.  Touch wood neither Kit nor I have picked up the gastric part of hubby's bug - thank goodness; it was pretty grim!  I have never seen him looking so poorly, writhing around in agony clutching his stomach!

Looks like winter is back here   Temperature has dropped by 14 degrees overnight and it's back to boots and a jumper today!

Edited: 26/04/2013 at 08:35
26/04/2013 at 09:32
Minks - completely with you on the training and work/life balance etc. I was completely focused on training and since being on the bench the last few weeks I am doing so much more work as I'm not squeezing in long lunchtime runs (and actually seeing some of my work colleagues for coffee breaks!). On the other hand, I am miserable which is affecting hubby and I go to the gym in the evenings which impacts on hubby as I would've been running at lunchtimes or home from work etc. I hope that when I'm back running I can start back running for pleasure and realise what it's all about (before launching into another training schedule!).
Looking forward to hearing the result of your secret marathon though minks

We're off to stratford for my not marathon tomorrow my sister is running the half so we'll be watching her race, weather not great unfortunately as was imagining picnics by the river etc. Going to do the butterfly farm and Warwick castle on Mon/tues, both not too weather dependent. Will try and sneak out for dinner one evening too and leave sis babysitting.
My dad isn't helping my injury depression, was telling him about my leg/knee pain completely stopping me in my tracks and he said that's exactly what he's had for last 40 years! He is a long distance walker and can do 100miles but can't run a 100meters...

Ttid - that's sounds like a hard situation you're in. What was the reason for moving in the first place? We are renting as needed more space, and renting out our London flat, it isn't ideal but we've got used to it. Also very expensive, not because of the rent we are paying but because of the giant tax bill on renting out our flat! Is ridiculous amount, I can understand I suppose as some people rent out properties for a living, but we have a huge mortgage and pay rent here so weren't making money anyway.

Vixo- yay to the concert! And fingers crossed on the d&v bug! Same for you CC and all others who've been near vomiting children/hubbies!

CM- don't what else to say that hasn't been said about the t@sser you work with. It reminds me that I'm actually lucky to have an understanding (male!) boss. Although of course this should be the norm not unusual.

CC- thanks for period diet tips! Think we had discussion before about agnus cactus. I did take it when trying to get pregnant as have short luteal phase too. Didn't actually have periods for year or so before Maggie so things have always been odd (was on pill from age 14 before that so had no idea what my cycles were meant to be like). So I might go back to it if I can figure out when to take it... My cycles have been 40, 39 and 50 days since I've started tracking them. Not to get pregnant btw, just to get rid of 2 week pmt!

And talking of diet, I bought some chia seeds and added them into my homemade muesli. Hubby asked what they were and why I'd added them. Said I had no idea but one of the running mums was eating them! So hubby now thinks I'm eating things completely off the advice of someone off the Internet
26/04/2013 at 10:07
Haha Sonya - I nearly bought some a while back based on same thing then thought I better check as was planning on feeding them to M . I think Camlo told me what they were - have forgotten and forgotten to get some too!
Hubby away this weekend, he's so busy planning his trip and looking forward to it and I'm being a snappy cow - not sure why but really need to pull my head in and not rain on his parade! M being a grump so wet weekend together will be fun - remembering to count my blessings.....
26/04/2013 at 10:34

Sonya, that's such a shame about Stratford but I hope you have a nice weekend anyway   Hubby thinks I'm too focused on my running (who, me? ) and he has got a point - even when I'm just running for the joy of it I still have a weekly schedule of sorts otherwise everything else encroaches and running doesn't get prioritised.  But I do get grouchy if for whatever reason I have to miss or shorten a planned run, even if I'm not training for anything.

I got a packet of chia seeds in my goody bag from the marathon expo.  Wasn't really sure what to do with them but I had some sprinkled onto my breakfast cereal.  Wasn't that keen to be honest - the texture wasn't all that nice and they certainly didn't add anything or make me feel any different!  What's meant to be so special about them?

26/04/2013 at 17:35

Chia seeds have lots of essential fatty acids, b vits and protein in (I only looked it up when CC talked about them!) so I now put a spoonful in all the bread I make.  Can't taste it and it can't be doing harm!  I reckon Matilda is the only kid in her class that goes to school with home made rolls containing chia seeds in her lunch box!

Got in laws coming over tomorrow, obviously F in L is still the same person but all I can think about is the cancer growing in his trachea!  I hope he doesn't have to wait too long for a CT scan so we can find out how bad it is.


26/04/2013 at 17:58

That's so sad about FiL, Caro.

Thanks for the info re. the chia seeds, can't say I'd bother buying them though although I suppose if I could disguise them in something it would be OK.  They made my Weetabix kind of grainy and not that pleasant!

Just to top off what hasn't been the best of weeks, I just got a parking ticket.  Put an hour's ticket on the car for Kit's karate class - issued 16:59.  Class always goes slightly over but got back to the car to find penalty ticket stuck to it issued at 17:03.  4 minutes.  GRRRRR!!!!    £50 - with the oh-so-generous offer of a 50% discount if paid within 14 days.  Good thing I get paid on Tuesday then!

26/04/2013 at 18:23

boo to bugs, cancer, high rents and tax bills, parking tickets, non-picnic weather, bossy colleagues, fixation with schedules and not liking chia!!

yippee to er, um, er prolific swearing? 

I bought 2 massive bags of chia at the expo and put a good dash in my porridge. I don't mind grainy texture as used to having linseeds before! Not sure they make a massive difference but heyho who knows and like Caro says it may help a bit! 

Really busy at work but thankfully no desire to run this week as toenails are so painful so have been able to veg in the evenings. 

26/04/2013 at 21:03

Oh Camlo u have my sympathies on the toenails. The toenail I lost at last yrs EMF still isn't right, it looks normal but it just sticks up marginally at an angle + it makes it get tender after every long run.  Had to cut it right back as short as could, which is about half way as doesn't attach to nailbed from halfway anymore. But it seems to have helped, will know more after  Sunday's 17miler. Big toenail on same foot is damaged too, 

26/04/2013 at 21:05

Altho that was from b4 Xmas + hasn't given me any bother since changed trainers..

27/04/2013 at 08:10
Caro - hope your fil gets some news soon, sounds horrible.

Minks - hate hate hate parking tickets, such a pain!

MM or Caro (or anyone else who knows Wiltshire!) - we have some good friends who are coming down from Yorkshire in a few weeks for a party in dauntsey, and I would like to try and meet up with them on the Sunday as it seems daft to have them so close and not see them (they have a 4 year old and a 1 month old). Can you suggest anywhere sensible to meet up with them? I think they are staying in/near Swindon, so ideally somewhere between there and here, but closer to them as they have to drive back to Yorkshire that day. It would be much easier if they could come here so the children could play and we could chat but it's a bit too far, so somewhere like a garden centre with a play area, or possibly a farm sort of place. Grateful for any thoughts!
27/04/2013 at 09:12

Vixo - what about here?  don't know if it's any good location-wise but have heard really good things about it. Bizarrely my parents used to take us here as kids a lot (my great aunt used to live in Cirencester), so would have been when Adam Henson was a kid too!

Chia seeds - yes, I mentioned them after reading about them in the follow-up to the 'born to run' craze.  Last year when doing some of my longer training runs I was soaking them in water and 'drinking' them. No idea if they did what they were supposed to do (maintain hydration, and keep you fuelled) but I did a couple of 24 mile runs with them and didn't consume a lot else, plus used it on the SDW ultra ... also meant to be packed health benefits - as per Caros post.

Horrible news Caro

Have only skimmed yesterdays stuff I'm afraid. Hope you are having a nice weekend anyway Sonya, if not quite what was planned.

I managed a 19.5 mile run yesterday morning - should have been 20, but having already had to do some extra loops to avoid forestry works in forest, I wasn't doing another to get the extra half a mile!!  Even manage to speed up at end to 8mm for last couple of miles so felt good, even if ankles were beginning to hurt a bit. Started very slowly hence I had the energy at the end I think.  Worked last night, oh god it was quiet.

Hubby out biking this morning so lazy morning for the rest of us but after busy week that is just fine!  Off to climbing wall at Lossie airbase later with some friends whos husband works there, so kids are excited about that (and me too!!).

27/04/2013 at 10:27

Enjoy the climbing CC!


I have chia seeds in my porridge too on LSR day, so far I have only ever had no cal 

flavoured water to drink on my runs + haven't used any gels or anything. I always

 carry dextrose tablets in case feel dodgy but haven't used them. Need to get

 myself some sports drink tabs with electroltyes as the warmer weather

 comes in, if it ever does. I do have some hi5 ones but they r ones with caffeine

 + they taste revolting. Have 3 nicer flavoured ones from race bags that could 

use on marathon day as plan to just wear my hydration backpack as I do on 

LSR's. They only have water at stations on Strathearn marathon + I hate

 having to time my drinking to water stations, prefer to just carry my own.


Edited: 27/04/2013 at 10:31
27/04/2013 at 11:36

I too have just been drinking plain water. I have taken a handful of Worthers originals with me as well. yesterday I had a small 'Naked' chocolate oaty bar thingy at 17 miles as was feeling a bit lightheaded.  Just checked Garmin, last three miles were at 8.1mm .  Am going to start the chia seed thing back up again - soaked them in a small glass of water overnight in fridge and then downed them before run - consistency is a little 'interesting', I won't describe it but 'interesting' does for now!!  I often just put a good dollop of orange juice in my drinks container along with the water and a bit of salt, does the job nicely but also like SIS sachets (lime or orange) or bottles of Gatorade (Asda does both of those). Both of them taste a little salty which I like.

How often are the drinks stations then? Is it just cups of water or bottles? On London you usually get little bottles so you can then carry them with you until next water stop and just sip when you need.

Kids playing beautifully with lego at the moment, so postponing walk to beach or playpark unti the screaming and crying begins ...

Edited: 27/04/2013 at 11:38
27/04/2013 at 11:46

Temperature sensor on car saying 6.5 degrees this morning, what a difference from 22 on Thursday!  I didn't think it actually felt that cold but the thermometer in the kitchen is saying the same so I guess it must be.

I've always used Lucozade Sport on long runs, but only over 16 miles - otherwise I don't bother with anything, not even water, unless it's a warm day.  I can easily run 16 or so on a cool day without hydrating/fuelling.  As long as I rehydrate fully afterwards I'm fine.  I only use LS because that's what you get at London and it's just easier to use what's provided rather than have to carry stuff with you.  I hate having to carry stuff.  Don't really like LS as it does seem to upset my tummy a bit, but I can stop on long runs if needed and always take a dose of Imodium before a race just to make sure of no urges en route!

Swimming this morning (Kit not me), the pool is always SO hot!  He's making good progress though and getting more confident, although still not keen on jumping in off the side in the deep water.

27/04/2013 at 12:03

Frog spawn CC!

27/04/2013 at 12:21

oh yuck, that's why I mix it in my porridge, don't notice it then


27/04/2013 at 12:21

that was the more respectable description that came to mind!!!!

27/04/2013 at 21:00

I don't bother with drinks/fuel on a long run unless more than 16 miles - I find I'm perfectly fine unless it's a warm day in which case I'd just take water.  On my 20-milers I took Lucozade Sport which I sipped every two miles (the same strategy for fuelling as I've used in all my marathons).  Don't really like LS and it does upset my tum unless I take Imodium first, but it's what they give out at London so I just went with it rather than having to worry about carrying my own drinks - just easier and I hate carrying something when running.  I've never really got on with gels as I find them impossible to tear open whilst on the move, and they are so gloopy and disgusting.  The SiS ones are OK but I still find them hard to open.

Frog spawn/tapioca - hmmm, that really motivates me to try chia seeds in water (not).

Orienteering sounds like great fun, JT - how do you find out about ones near where you live?  Is there a website?

Been looking at kitchens today.  Long story but we have had a leak under our kitchen for probably nearly a year - condensation levels were at an all-time high and plumber after plumber kept telling us it was 'just' the cold weather (while water streamed down the inside of the boiler cupboard, ran down the kitchen windows and even - at its worst - left a film of water all over the floor tiles).  Eventually went with our instincts and called out a leak detection company; found leak in 4 hours with thermal imaging equipment.  It was a hole in one of the hot water pipes and it was literally gushing out.  If we'd been on a water meter it probably would have been detected sooner as thousands of litres must have leaked under the kitchen floor.  So basically whole floor has to come up to dry it out (hopefully on the insurance) and as we were going to put in a new kitchen next year we thought we may as well bring it forward.  Quite exciting;had some plans drawn up and have another design appointment booked for tomorrow

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