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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/04/2013 at 14:23

EF, so sorry to hear about your friend, yours too Caro. As you say, it really shouldn't be so difficult. I conceived really quickly after my MC so can offer some hope but I was so early on in comparison that they will have a much bigger grieving period ahead of them than I had to deal with. 

EF, I bought a blood pressure monitor when I was pg with Max as kept having dizzy spells. Was only $40 or so, well worth it for peace of mind. 

29/04/2013 at 14:54

EF, so sorry to hear about your friend, yours too Caro. As you say, it really shouldn't be so difficult. I conceived really quickly after my MC so can offer some hope but I was so early on in comparison that they will have a much bigger grieving period ahead of them than I had to deal with. 

EF, I bought a blood pressure monitor when I was pg with Max as kept having dizzy spells. Was only $40 or so, well worth it for peace of mind. 

Oh yes, Oscar 3 months old today and slept through last night, woo hoo!!  On a less woo hoo note, Max woke up at 4:00, grr!

29/04/2013 at 14:55

Oops sorry. 

29/04/2013 at 19:21

Oh EF - this is just so horrible for you ((())), but like Caro, I still reckon this is going to be a strong bouncing baba after all this grief. Please try and stay positive, but totally understand why you are struggling!

TTid - well aint that just typical, get one to sleep and the other wakes up ... hope they BOTH sleep tonight!

JT - LOL at Uncle Geoff and the antlers down his tights!!!!  I just get carried away with the running, totally misjudge the distances as they are so short and miss stuff - along with bad route choice! But I enjoy so who cares hey?? Please try and look after yourself and NOT overdo stuff ...

Was chatting to one of my run club ladies just now at cub drop-off, she did the race Lotte did yesterday, said it was a toughie but really enjoyable so looking forward to Lotte's race report.

Mad day today with lots of jobs to be done plus collection of new climbing rope from Go Outdoors in Inverness. So 7 tempo run round the forest this morning - 55 mins so pleased with that, going to see if I can fit 3 easy ones in on dreadmill tonight but not sure if that will fit in as need to get head in gear for Pilates class tmrw am - hoping I have a morning class tomorrow after last weeks poor show

Sorry if I have forgotten people ... brain whizzing a bit in overdrive tonight ...

29/04/2013 at 21:02

oh bah ... so I have just one lady in the morning ... the one who doesn't like being on her own, but won't come to an evening class cos it's too late ... do I warn her in advance???

29/04/2013 at 21:21

nope!! and tell her tomorrow that 1:1 wld normally cost 3x what she is paying so she has got  a bargain! 

29/04/2013 at 21:53

thank you EF, is just what hubby has said to me too!!

29/04/2013 at 21:55

So much sad news - big hugs EF. Could stress be causing the migraines? 

Feeling v sad as am now in Auck gift 3 days and M was so sad at me leaving. She cried when the babysitter arrived ado has obviously worked out that it means I'm going away 

hate the thought that she thinks I'm not coming back (who knows how little minds work!) anyway must toughen up - isn't the end of the world!


30/04/2013 at 09:17

Hoggle just picture her wee face on your return, she'll be so excited  

30/04/2013 at 10:42

Oh EF - so sorry to hear about all the stress. Like the others, I'm sure you are brewing a good strong one, but it doesn't help when all these things go wrong around you

Hoggle - i know how you feel. Separation anxiety is normal but believe me, out of sight out of mind. E still clings and cries when we separate, but she is fine once I'm gone.

30/04/2013 at 11:22

would defiitely agree with CM and the 'out of sight out of mind' theory ... I have a daughter who has played that one to the max at times. Full-blown amateur dramatics, only to turn it off the minute I was gone!!! Doesn't make it easier for you though I know.

It's glorious outside, so quick glance on here then best get tea made so I can head out for a run before school pick-up, swim lessons, etc etc.

Thankfully I had two in the end this morning, and class went well - was a good challenge for me as one lady is strong and flexible and has come regularly, the other lady has missed a fair few sessions due to her sons illness, so had to keep them both suitably challenged!

Right, shepherds pie beckons.  Can guarantee the gusting winds will be back by the time I head out though


30/04/2013 at 12:06

glad it went well, cc.

glorious here too. i snuck out for a run after school run this morning as the team are in ipswich with BT (and obviously i couldn't get there) so had a reprieve from calls etc.

have had a work related dilemma this weekend. my boss has resigned. her boss is N. we are all the same grade and in fact i get paid less than my boss but slightly more than N (which is v odd). but basically, it's just a reporting thing - team sizes dictate that we need a manager in the team, but it isn't anything other than a coordination/ admin role on top of the day job which is the same thing i do.

anyway, she has resigned. obviously they need to replace her (just because N can't have us all reporting to him). i can't report directly to him either. i get an email from resourcing asking if i will apply for the team manager role. hmmm.. how is that going to work? anyway after deliberation, i have. it wouldnt be an increase in salary or real change in job. but it would mean they will have to sort out a different management structure so i don't report to N. anyway - don't know if i'll get it. N thinks I will (obvs he won't be involved in the decision about me getting it as that wouldn't be fair). i felt awkward about doing it because if i do get it, people will say it's because of N - even though it won't be. and if i don't get it, it may be because of N - because they will have to change the way it reports into the executive management team. argh

decided - at the end of the day, if i don't go for it, i will never know. and will probably just end up grumpy when another of my team members gets it, if i think i could have given it a go!

30/04/2013 at 14:26

Aye you have to give it a go CM. Good luck.

Well I got back this morning after a splendid weekend away. Sophie, Dylan and I bummed a lift with my Dad who was heading to Edinburgh to pick up my mums sewing machine! (He was using one of his 2 free trips on the boat that over 60s get.) We went to Balmoral and the kids did their races on Saturday, stayed overnight in Aberdeen then back to Balmoral on Sunday for my race before driving down to Edinburgh where we stayed on Sunday night. Zoo on Monday morning, picked up the sewing machine and back to Aberdeen for the boat home last night! All worked out really well and it was lovely to spend quality time with the older two, and also to spend some time with my old man.

Run Balmoral was brilliant. I cannot rate it highly enough. CC, RF, TT anyone in Scotland it is well worth doing particularly the 15m trail race. Dylan ran the primary boys 1.5k (in his sisters trainers as we managed to forget his, friday had been a mad day with a funeral and fiddle festival so my last minute packing was more miss than  hit!!!). He did it in 6:11 and was 9th boy out of 453. Sophie did the secondary school 2.5k race in 11:22 for 54th out of 96 girls but considering she is only in S1 and the race included all up to S4 I think she did brilliantly.I think she was the smallest on the start line being the midget that she is!

The trail race was amazing. The scenery was stunning. I knew it had a reputation for the hill but I didn't realised it would be quite that tough! Blimey. Angela Mudge who is just a legend in hill running was there and was first lady (8 mins ahead of me in a new course record), second lady was 1 minute ahead of me and I finished 3rd in 1:45:19. 4th lady was 8 mins after me. Really pleased with how it went as it is only 4 weeks since my 100k. It was never an A race but I wanted a good hard run at MP, I certainly got hard and just about hit marathon pace. Given the terrain I am amazed, the total ascent was 679 feet. There was a bit of tarmac for in the first mile and the last half mile but other than that it was all rough track or forest trail. I thought the uphills were never goigng to end and then the downhill was such fun. At mile 13 there was another wee uphill detour through some boggy stuff which took us by surprise, i overtook two guys here who were tiptoeing around the edge and I went totally out of control splashing through the middle of the bog! I felt like I was flying the last couple of miles, think it takes me 13 miles to warm up Running along the top of the hill, with snow capped hills either side was just stunning. It is a must do race. And so well organised. Not sure I would fancy the 10k on the saturday though, looked very crowded for the tarmac paths it was run on.

I wore my lightweight road racers though and they were not really up to it. Some of the bits were really big loose stones/gravel track and I have bruised my foot (ball of, under 2/3rd toes) Ran 8 miles on it this morning and it is ok as long as I stick to tarmac. So must invest in some trail shoes, given how much I totally enjoyed that race I would like to do more trail running (and I won £50 so that will help!). I just get so boggle eyed trying to choose shoes though, I have tried on many occasions and given up. I did try a pair on in the run4 it tent, they were salomon cross shoes which might be ok. My issue is I struggle to train on trails, it is just small sections interspaced with road so worry about wearing hardcore trail shoes for this. But don't want to run long trail races in shoes I haven't trained in.

Anyhoo better get on. Hubby managed fabulously with the little 4 while we were away and even kept on top of washing and although the house isn't quite up to my standard

30/04/2013 at 18:55

lovely to hear you've got home OK Lotte and that the house is in one piece etc!! Great racing then ... I expect the adrenalin of the scenery and atmosphere was grabbing you at the 13 mile point, although with the distances you run, 13 miles to warm up makes sense!!!  I just LOVE downhill running, is almost like dancing! and never do get why people would enter a trail race and then spend time skipping around mud!  Angela is a legend indeed, think she is the same age as me, so good to hear she is still making course records.  Fantastic prize money too ... you buying trail shoes is like me trying to buy road shoes ... rarely run on a road these days ...

My first proper foray for ultra stuff was buying a trail version of my road shoe (at the time I was wearing Mizuno Wave Inspires, so got Wave Ascends which were essentialy a cushioned road shoe with a bit more grip). Is a  minefield though I know. I am a massive fan of Inov8, with their various 'shock zone' arrow system to dictate how much cushioning/heel-toe drop there is.  Salomon Cross are quite well cushioned.  I used to wear Salomon years ago for trail running and mountain marathons and could always wear from box pretty much.  Good luck with that though!!

So is Edinburgh a goer then?  Will def have Balmoral on next years calender I think.  So, you don't fancy the Lairig Ghru then?

30/04/2013 at 19:21

Well done Lotte!  Might be worth seeing if you can find a shoe shop to sponsor you on the back of your results!!

CM - def go for it!

Urgh, subconsciously knew it was coming but first AF has arrived since Sept 2011, feels like the end of babies as Benedict is almost walking and I have no plans at all to add to our brood!

30/04/2013 at 20:54

yippee to fab races, trail running, getting head hunted, hubby's that do housework and speedy kids

Boo to not knowing which trainers to buy, end of babies, separation anxiety, juggling pilates to suit differing skill, and awful awful news about losing a baby for your friend EF. 

Lovely club run over the hills tonight,certainly loosened legs up! 

30/04/2013 at 21:39

I've got the end of baby blues a bit too as have finally got around this week to freecycling the baby clothes, baby gate and a few toys . Don't know if anybody else has freecycle in their area but I love the idea behind it that stuff you don't need can be passed on to somebody else who does need it. Having said that I know there are some people who use it as a way of making money in taking stuff off freecycle and then selling it on ebay which annoys me a bit as it's just not in the spirit of what the site is all about.

Anyway, I know I haven't posted much lately but have been trying to keep up with you all and have been doing that thing of replying to you all in my head as haven't had any time to actually sit down and type anything ... 

EF - horrible news about the girl from your work, just so sad (())

Lotte - fab running from you again, and from the littlies too

So after hardly racing at all for the last couple of years I've done a half this year and now have 2 more races planned. Doing a 5 mile run in the forest organised by a local running club next month and then the Olympic Anniversary 5 miler in July. Would really like to do another half after the summer too but preferably one without a big hill at the end this time! I also applied for the VLM but like the other thousands of people who entered the ballot I'm not that hopeful of actually getting a place this year (particularly since I didn't even get a confirmation email so I'm now not sure if the application actually got processed or not and I forgot to print out the page with the reference number at the end of the application process - doh!).

Did anybody else read this - aparently running is the new clubbing but I'm not sure about evening racing myself although a glass of wine or a beer shortly after crossing the finish line might tempt me ...

30/04/2013 at 23:07

oh yes, forgot to mention you CM and the job - definitely good to apply for it, whatever happens. You would certainly have kicked yourself!

Camlo - great to hear the legs are loosening up.

I did 9 earlier, so was pleased with that, got a bit lost in a new bit of wood I was exploring on the coastal path but was another darn good workout - wind just won't give up. 

 to those with end of baby blues ... I never thought I would say it, but I definitely did get a bit of that a couple of years back, kind of thought that perhaps if I'd have started earlier ... who knows ... most of the time I think that I can barely cope with the two I have!!

Edited: 30/04/2013 at 23:08
01/05/2013 at 10:12

I'm hopeful for Edinburgh CC. Need a hard weeks training and a 20+ miler first and if that happens then its a yes! Def fancy Lairig Ghru, will have to give it some thought. Its just the expense of another trip so will have to sneak it into the plans when hubby is in a good mood! I tried to enter the Clyde Stride 40 again in July but it is full at the moment although I think I'm first on the waiting list and I was thinking to probably do the Speyside Way but that is only 2 weeks before Glenmore24 which I will only decide whether to do that or Inverness marathon after Edinburgh. I would love a sub 3 marathon but realistically it is probably going to take a few attempts and Edinburgh will prob be too hot for me so thinking to defer Glenmore and do Loch Ness this year so  I get two shots at the sub 3 attempt. My 3.06Pb is a long way from sub 3.

Will have to look at the inov8s, I wanted ones with less of a heel toe drop but not ready for too little yet so maybe 6mm? I can't find out what my racers are (asics speedstars and skyspeeds) but I find them good and they are certainly less of a drop than the nimbus's. The salomon cross ones did fit well but I think they were too cushioned. Have you ever tried Hokas on? They look so weird, don't think I could ever run with something that looks that silly on my feet (mind you my bright orange road shoes are pretty bad!)

Kinsey, I think that is the only downside of having them close together, the baby days are over quicker. Or maybe thats a good thing

Karen - good for you entering more races.

10 miles done this morning out and back so into a gale for 5 miles.Another run planned for later. 

01/05/2013 at 10:49

Oh Lotte - decisions decisions, but know what you mean, there are so many things to be done!!! I am toying with the idea of Loch Ness too, although there is the Moray Marathon which is a beginning of Sept I think, more low key but perhaps a bit too close to school hols, plus I was thinking of perhaps Speyside Way Race too.

Shoes - interestingly apparently the heel-toe drop in Hokas is actually not as great as they look - I know Mimi Anderson wears them a lot and I think Debs Consani has a pair too. Personally I think they look ridiculous!!  Salomons, I find the newer styles seem very cushioned and it's too much for me, whereas I think older styles are less so. Some of the less funky looking ones are more like the older styles I think.  Inov8 tent to start with about a 6mm drop I think. New Balance have quite a good selection.  There is a thread over on ultra-running entitled trail shoes - is mainly guys contributing and many wear some very minimal shoes but might be some info there to help?

Looking forward to Lairig Ghru but is a bit of a pain as they run a shuttle bus at end back to start which means it will be a long day (much prefer it when they bus you from start).  No public transport from this direction to start - only a bus from Aberdeen!! So I am probs going to drive down in morning and get shuttle back at end. Another interesting way to spend my birthday!

Gale blowing here too - just for a change - and it's now pi*ssing down on my washing - bah!!

7.5 hilly miles for me, road running too - get me!!  One looooooong climb out the back of Forres to the viewpoint and then a hurtle back down again.

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