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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/05/2013 at 22:05

you can tell the weather has been fab today can't you?!

we had all 3 meals outside. Breakfast on camp stove in woods below home; lunch outside on lawn; BBQ for tea. altho j had huge strop and took himself to bed in protest so ate no tea!

and in the midst of all that I ran 9 miles. Getting there...

07/05/2013 at 10:10

Lotte - you sound remarkably calm considering they dropped their brother out of a window! I would have been absolutely livid. I guess that explains how you can cope with 6 kids generally, you're clearly a much more laid back person than me who would probably still be shouting my head off now .

We had our own drama yesterday. Went to Broadstairs which is a lovely little seaside town on the Kent coast. Had lovely fish and chips pub lunch and then settled down on the beach for sandcastle building. Hubby and Lily were lying down relaxing, Anna and I were digging a big hole and Issie was digging a trench from the hole heading down to the sea (although she was never going to make it all the way down as the tide was out at this point). So we'd been playing for a while when she ran towards me, grabbed a bucket and said she was going to get some water and then shot off. I watched her go, looked down to dig a few more shovels full out of the hole and when I looked up she was nowhere to be seen. So I stood up and scanned across the water's edge and still couldn't see her. Then told hubby I couldn't see Issie and he immediately jumps up and heads down to the sea to see if he can find her. At this point I'm just thinking she'll turn up in a minute, she's got to be somewhere. But after 10 minutes hubby still couldn't find her. I'm then starting to panic, the beach was so busy and there were so many people and as much as I kept telling myself she'd turn up any second I couldn't help starting to think the worst (interestingly though it turns out that while I was worrying she'd gone off with a stranger hubby was worrying she'd fallen in the water). So I'm now shouting her name and looking like a crazy woman, asking everybody who walked past me coming back from the sea if they'd seen her. Another 5 or 10 minutes passes (not sure actually how long it was but it felt like forever) when some guy walks towards me and says there is an Isabelle at the beach office - we've never been to this beach before so I have no idea where this is but go tearing up the beach towards where he pointed and there she is. As soon as she saw me she started crying and I just grabbed hold of her and afterwards she told me I squeezed her so tight she thought she was going to be sick. Turns out she'd just completely lost her bearings coming back from the water and was then just wondering around when 2 ladies found her and took her to this office place. Whole thing was absolutely terrifying though and needless to say I didn't let her out of my sight for the rest of the day.

07/05/2013 at 11:26

Oh Crikey Karen - that is just terrifying. Beaches when they are busy are very confusing and disorientating places - having spent much of my youth on the beaches of Studland and West Wittering which are heaving on bank holidays, I can well imagine it, along with your complete panic. Not helped by all the horrible stuff we get in the news these days too. I guess it will take a while to get over that! (()) Thankfully up here the beaches are so quiet it's really easy to see where everyone is!

And Lotte - I did have to chuckle at the resourcefulness of your lot!  J climbs out of his window a lot but we live in a bungalow!!  S fell 8 foot off a bridge into a pile of stinging nettles and brambles a few months ago ... these kids do like to try our patience don't they!!!  Some fabulous running from you as ever, seems like the 15-miler hasn't really dampened your energy levels

Our weather wasn't quite as fabulous - Aberdeen was very warm on Sunday as I was leaving. Definitely warmer here yesterday but little sunshine, more cloudy. But didn't stop me trying out my new wetsuit in the sea anyway, hubby seemed surprised that I could propel myself through the waves with my breaststroke!!

Can't forget what else I've read I'm afraid.  Impetigo - yes, J had that a few times but thankfully once they get the antibs they are safe to return to childcare I seem to recall.

Quick 5-miler for me last night along the beach just before the tide came in. Thought there was meant to be no wind yesterday - ha ha, if only, so nice sea drizzle and gusting NE

Pilates taught, off for 12-14 in a moment.

Dilemma for weekend. Need to do a 22-miler this week, Thursday looks like the day, also have chance of a local 10km on Saturday afternoon, but wondering if I am expecting a bit much of my legs after Thurs ... hmmm, need to work out the childcare too ... I guess if I don't really care about the result and use it as a speed session then it doesn't matter if I die ...

MM - so can you tell me what the Cotswold Way is like?  Am contemplating a race on there in Sept but no NOTHING about it. Assuming you may have covered some of it on your runs or races??

07/05/2013 at 12:46

CC. Its very hilly but pretty runnable in most places. I have run leg 4 and 8 which are from near Air Balloon Hill to the A46 a pub I can't remember the name of just now. And leg 8 is from Wootton-under edge to Chipping Sodbury. Both stunning countryside but leg 4 rougher terrain. Hills worse on leg 8 though. I am doing leg 2 this year which is further up near Stow. Going to recce it at the end of the month. Think you'd love it. How much of it do you run? The whole length is 100+ miles and there is some ultra run that runs the whole length. That would be tough though. I am usually very sore for about a week after racing this, and thats at 7:30 miling max!!! I got the 7th fastest time ever last year on leg 8 in torrential rain and awful mud and ran the 12 miles in 1:33. So not fast by any means.

OMG Karen. I have had moments like that, but never for that long. OMG!!! So scarey.

And Lotte too, what a nightmare!

Fabulous weekend here. Footie yesterday was brilliant. Its been years since I've been to watch a match and not a Yeovil fan at all really, but Harry and FIL are. Hubbie grew up there so has a soft spot for them but is an avid Ipswich fan. It was great though and I really got into it. Helped that they won I guess! So off to Wembley we all go in two weeks time!!

New job starts tom, so going to chill in the sun today with Soph. Just picked first asparagus from the veg allotment today. Whoop Whoop! All 4 shoots mind!

6.5 miles for me this morning at 7:50s. Felt great. Blister still disgusting but def much better

07/05/2013 at 14:08

You can look up the stages on the Cotswold relay website CC. They have maps of the legs showing the elevation and garmin downloads too!

07/05/2013 at 14:10

Oh and keep meaning to sya to Lotte, if you find an off road pair of trainers you can fit your orthotics into do let me know. Can't fit mine into any I've tried so tend to run off road generally in normal trainers as I do 50% or less off road in training runs, but race in off roaders if muddy etc without my orthotics in.

07/05/2013 at 15:20

MM the Salomon Crossmax2 that I tried on could fit orthotics. So the salesman told me anyway. But I think they are a bit too bulky for me. I think I'm going to try the Salomon Sense Mantra but no idea if they will work with the orthotics. Just now I am enjoying the trails far more that the road. Just wish I wasn't so limited here for routes. It would  be lovely to be able to head for the WHW or similar for a days training.

Shattered now, did 10 road miles at 6am and then 9 trail, hill, beach miles at 10am while twins at nursery. Then we have walked the couple of miles to the shop. Pace was very slow but not so easy today. But then 111 miles in 8 days straight will probably do that to you! Not sure what my legs are going to think of a track sesh tomorrow night!

I did note your comments about the carbs/eating MM, wasn't ignoring you. I do think I am struggling with this a bit at the moment and I am trying to get on top of it. Sophie has started questioning why I don't eat certain things and the last thing I want to do is give her issues. Its hard.

Anyhoo, Karen what a shocker that was. I hate that awful fear when you are in that situation. I've had it on a couple of ocassions and it is the worst feeling.

Glad you have all had lovely sunny bank holidays. We haven't until today and it was 13C, the warmest yet this year! It has clouded over now but lovely to see the sun, so I am not complaining, and the first training run of the year in a vest and sunnies!

When I was down on the beach this morning the sea looked glorious, big waves rolling in and I was thinking of you and your dip yesterday CC, but was not tempted, even if I had a wetsuit!

Mist rolling in now, better go and rescue the sheets off the line.


07/05/2013 at 18:57

"The whole length is 100+ miles and there is some ultra run that runs the whole length. That would be tough though"

That would be the race then MM - Cotswold Way Centuries, 21 Sept. Not sure I can cope with the logistics tbh but is a 12 o clock start on the Saturday from Chipping Campden and finishing in Bath. I am thinking I could fly into Bristol and train it across to Bath etc (they will bus people to the start).  Also depends what kind of training I can keep going through holidays - certainly not the amount I can do at the moment but could get long runs done in evenings at weekends etc.  Food for thought, just looks like it could be terrain I'd enjoy, as you say MM. Will check out the websites etc., thank you for that, info very useful.

Had a blinding run (for me anyway) today - legs just felt so good which was funny as to start with I felt like my legs didn't belong to me, but they got faster and faster.  12 miles in 1.36, mile eleven was 6.55  and the others were 7s and 8s so well pleased.  Good training too as although only undulating, lots of chunky rocky stuff underfoot on the forest trails at the mo.

Those shoes look good Lotte if they'll take the orthotics. A good move across to the lesser cushioning etc.

Meant to say a big WELL DONE to CM for her 9-miler yesterday, and all the run-walk combos too. LOVED the pictures of breakfast in the woods too. Mine would really enjoy that for sure.

GOOD LUCK tomorrow MM with the job too.

Right kids to be got to bed and Pilates class (2) to be taught.

Edited: 07/05/2013 at 18:58
07/05/2013 at 20:20

Good Luck MM - look forward to hearing how it goes!  

07/05/2013 at 20:38

Goodness CC. It will be a toughie. Welcome to stay here love if that helps. I can take you to the train station and you can train it to Bath, only 10 mins on the train from Chippenham. fab run love, especially if off road. Not sure I'd run my 12 milers any quicker than that on road!!

Thanks Lotte will look at those shoes. Hope you can sort your diet. I think the low carb training is good to practise for fat burning but we all do that when we do our early doors runs anyway. Just be careful love with your background. Yes I would be terrified about Sophie having any disordered eating after my problems in my teens.

Beautiful evening. Just been down to the grass track to watch a guy in the club doing the coaching course, coaching. I'm his mentor coach. I really enjoyed watching the guys running. Great to just observe occasionally.

Right tea ready, salmon in black bean sauce with tonnes of veg (plus our asparagus) and of course lots of noodles!

Thanks for good luck. Logistical nightmare for a first day as boys off on a school trip too!!

07/05/2013 at 21:32

Missed your post Lotte!  Eek, hope C is ok scary what they get up to.

Karen, hope you have recovered too, scary when you lose sight of them, Martha is my worst for disappearing into the distance without a thought to the rest of us!

07/05/2013 at 22:32

OMG Karen how scary, I really felt your panic reading that .  I've been talking to Sophie about not talking to strangers recently, as she always bounds up to anyone and everyone in the playground and starts telling them her life story, but on this occasion it was a good job Issy did talk to strangers!  Such a tricky one to explain - not all strangers are bad.

Good luck tomorrow MM!

Had a bit of a cack day today one way and another.  Long story but my colleague/manager (not my line manager but got me the job there, been there 12 years or so and is generally in charge day-to-day) basically allowed 4 of my students to bunk off the second half of my lesson when they didn't bother to come back after the break, letting them help her but not bothering to tell me they were with her.  Meant I gave them a b*llocking then she turned up and said "oh it's ok they were with me, they were great." I was like, but they were meant to be in my lesson??!!  Meant I only had 2 students by the end, we haven't finished what I wanted to get done and has generally mucked up my lesson plans this week, as well as totally undermining me as a teacher.   There are so many positives to my job but this woman is very hard to work with, often not telling me things she thinks she's told me and I find out at the last minute and have to quickly change my lesson plan.  Ho hum.

Then picked up the kids from grandparents', came home and Nicky yelled Mummy in the garden for about 15 mins because he wanted to be carried in... ready to burst by the time poor hubby walked in the door!

Had a lovely day at the local fair yesterday.  Sophie insisted on queuing for about 45 minutes to have her face painted but was delighted with the result at least!  Donkey rides, train ride, go-karts, rollercoaster, real tractors to sit in, animals...both were very happy bunnies, and the sun was shining  .  My purse wasn't so happy but it was worth it!

Better get to bed anyway. Snowed under with housework at the moment, am hoping to get on top of things one day soon...

Love the image of the mist rolling in so it being time to get the washing in Lotte 

07/05/2013 at 23:24

Good luck MM!

08/05/2013 at 00:27

Good luck MM!! Looking forward to hearing how you get on!!

Wow Karen my heart was racing reading your story!! You must have been terrified!!

Sounds like lots of lovely Bank Holiday weekends were had!!!

Well M has HFMD as well as impetigo - so a thoroughly contagious child!! Actually doesn't look bad! Back to daycare tomorrow!! She is missing it too! Asking for her friends!

Down to the farm on Friday - I am up in Auckland again this weekend (AGM sigh!!) so Matilda is staying with Mum and Dad - they will all love it. I am sad as am not going to be with my baby for mothers day but she will be with her Gran so next best thing I guess.


08/05/2013 at 09:20

Good luck to MM for today - hope it all goes well.

Hoggle - poor M, very unlucky to have both impetigo and HFM at the same time. Good to catch the impetigo early though, my nieces both had it quite badly when they were little and it was really nasty to look at.

JG - you're right the stranger danger thing is really tricky. She keeps talking about getting lost and how she thought we'd never find her so it must still be playing on her mind too. So last night we talked about what she would have done if somebody offered to take her to a policeman, would she have left the beach with them? She said no but she's actually quite trusting so I think she would have gone with anybody who promised to find her mummy and daddy for her. Statistically speaking I know it was highly unlikely anybody would have taken her but as CC says there is so much reporting on all these horrible cases of kids being being abducted that it has us all worried that there's a wierdo around every corner just waiting for the chance to snatch one of your kids when that's clearly not the case.

Boo to annoying work colleagues, so frustrating. My work colleagues are mainly okay but I'm going through a lack of motivation stage again, not really helped by the fact that the promotion my boss and I were pushing for last year still hasn't happened (and I'm not sure if it ever will). Back to feeling a bit undervalued but shouldn't complain really, at least I have a job and it pays reasonably well. And on that note, I should probably get back to work ...

08/05/2013 at 10:10

OMG Karen, that must be every parent's worst nightmare.  I momentarily lost sight of Kit in M&S once - stopped briefly on our way to the toys to look at the cards and when I looked back up he'd disappeared.  It was probably two minutes max but I was absolutely terrified, then he appeared with one of the assistants.  Eaxctly the same scenario as the one you described happened to me as a child apparently - I wandered off on a busy beach and my parents couldn't find me.  Interestingly Dad was worried I'd wandered into the sea and drowned; Mum was convinced I'd been taken by a stranger (I was a very chatty child and would probably have talked to anyone back then).  I was found some considerable time later with another family, playing happily with their children.  It was hard for anyone to find me because I wasn't wandering around lost and wasn't on my own.  My poor parents!  It's only now I understand how utterly terrifying that must have been for them.  But it's quite difficult sometimes to keep your eye on a child 100% of the time, and it's in those split seconds when you lost concentration that they wander off.  Glad all is OK and I hope your blood pressure has returned to normal by now!!

Good luck today, MM - let us know how you get on.  You'll be fine love

CC, sounds like a logistical nightmare re. Cotswold Way but where there's a will, there's a way and you always seem to manage to work around these things somehow.  Great running from you and from Lotte as always.

And woohoo to 9 miles, CM!  Loving your FB pics of the kids having breakfast in the woods, Kit would love that.

We went to Knebworth House for bank holiday Monday - lovely day out, did the maze, dinosaur trail, picnic and adventure playground.  I used to go there all the time as a child but it has changed massively (OK, so it was 30 years ago - what do I expect??) and seemed so much busier.  There's a wavy slide which you go down on mats but this seems to have reduced from at least 10 lanes (from memory) to 4, consequently the queue was ridiculous and Kit only got to go down once.

08/05/2013 at 12:34

I was a pro at wandering off, left shopping centre on few occasions,

would decide I was bored + go home, 1 mile away, would find me playing

happily at swing Park outside my house.

08/05/2013 at 12:41

would get up in middle of night + take my dolly to get ice cream, 

a 2mile walk through the woods. I do have a brief memory of being brought

home by the police + all the neighbours being outside in the street

in their dressing gowns. My poor Mother, I was just really independent

and had no fear.


Was a good job we moved to Skye when I was 4, could safely wander to my hearts content.

08/05/2013 at 12:52

Nat was always wandering off in shops, she thought it was fun to hide in clothes rails 

etc, but she was never in my league thankfully. But had a few tearful reunions in 

supermarkets + when she was supposed to b out playing in our st but had gone 

into a friends house or garden without telling me. 


Lost her in Asda a few days after Sara Payne disappeared, I was a mess. U hold it 

together while they r missing, altho ur mind going like the clappers 

in a panic, then u find them + fall apart with the relief

08/05/2013 at 12:58

LOL TT - I seem to remember you mentioning that before!  I never wandered off as such but we used to play in the woods down the road from our house all the time, not come back for hours - as many of us probably did back in the day.  Mine have started going out into the heath a bit behind the house which I don't mind as they are still close by, that said, J is not to keen on going very far afield really anyway.  So hard to find the balance these days I think.

That sounds like a nice day at Knebworth Minks, despite the queues. Funny how different things seem as a grown-up though isn't it?

Finally warm here today although sun has gone away again (was really really misty all day yesterday).  17 degrees so ran in shorts, t-shirt and sunnys - woo hoo. 6.5 very easy but up mahooosive hill behind Forres that I did last week - awesome view from the top across all of Findhorn Bay and could see for miles.

Have failed on housework so best get ar*e in gear, but have done supermarket shop.

Race in Cotswolds - Bristol airport is about 40 mins from start (Chipping Sodbury) and finish (Bath) and bus/trains go from airport to both. So need to chat to hubby as flights only arrive in Bristol pretty late in the evening. Quite liking the idea of a day out in Bath beforehand though, but don't want to imagine what state I'd be trying to travel home on the Monday - LOL!!!

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