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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/03/2014 at 23:06

CC it's a 10 min glutes workout but by God my butt has bn killing me since. Actually think it my hamstrings that grumbling as hurt on my run today but uphills felt fine. Beginning to ease off now.
11/03/2014 at 00:40

Hmm those pancakes sound interesting, should be relatively low carb too so good for me right now. Have just eaten huuuge piece of Max's birthday cake, oops. Feeling sick already, bleurgh!  Shall not be measuring my blood sugar level in 2 hours as I'm sure it'll be off the charts!

Sorry to hear about your cat MM, bet he had a happy time with you. 

11/03/2014 at 01:15

What are pintail exercise CC?


11/03/2014 at 01:54

The mind boggles hoggle!  Judging by the rest of CC's post and the autocorrect errors it could be anything

11/03/2014 at 07:32

pintail. = pilates?  ! 

11/03/2014 at 07:33

No pip y'day? Not stalking obvs......

Camlo    pirate
11/03/2014 at 07:46

Was in bed by 8:30, slept like a log from! Needed that!

Boo to loosing Cats, scrabbling with childcare, scamming birthday party mum, injuries, not liking eggs or bananas, sore butts (thats actually good?), too much cake eating and poo issues!

Yippee to sunshine, sunshine and sunshine...... 

Am defo getting out on my bike this year to get some xtraining and protect myself from injuries, going to try those banana pancakes (didnt jake johnson sing about banana pancakes). 

CM - scammer heard the breakdown so all you need to do is list it down and hand it to her in front of some of the others, tell her the end of the week is fine, you dont need it today but need it to pay some rugby/ ballet/ work fees on Saturday. Dont forget to 'thank' her for her help on the day making the JOINT party a Success. 

CC makes a run so much better with dry feet! Boo to hubby being away, you sure need some quality time together. 

TT i dont think your habits are unusual at all and sound perfectly healthy to me, just inconvenient! i cant remember the last time i had a soft poo, more like rabbit droppings for me! Need to take control of the veg intake again as been eating far too much rice, pasta and bread. 

Day off today so may Watch that glute workout..... Watch not necessarily do...... 

Camlo    pirate
11/03/2014 at 07:47

Brookie, you are a fab sleuth! Hope she is ok! 

11/03/2014 at 08:40
By soft I mean verging in diarrhoea just without pain/ stomach cramps. Although last night I spent several hrs on the loo with all of the above and feel like crap.

Although my butt has bn sore I don't think it my glutes, think it my hamstrings. Running hurt yesterday but uphill felt fine, was actually a relief to get to a hill. Feeling much better today so hopefully manage another workout today or tomorrow.
11/03/2014 at 09:33

TT I'm the same, always complete cow pat first thing in the morning.  Is definitely related to running I think as it firms up when I haven't run for a bit.  Also I know I eat a very hi fibre diet.  I absolutely have to go at least once, or usually twice before a morning run or I know I will need a bush at some point, often with very little warning!  I've also been drinking those pro biotic yog things for a few wks as RW suggested running caused leaky guts and they might help.  No idea if they are or not, but haven't needed a n bush for a while!

11/03/2014 at 09:39

Oh MM (()) don't give up on it. I guess your body has just had many more years of wear and tear since you have run from a young age. Do you think the knee is proper bad? Really hope London is still on the cards.  And so sad about your cat. Big hugs.

CC - I was thinking about your Yorkshire nightmare journey on Saturday! And I gave you a wee wave from the train as we passed through Forres on way back to Abz. Those pancakes sound good, going to have to try them. And yes, was also wondering what pintail exercises were!

Breakfast for me is banana, blueberries and rasperries/strawberries with lashings of thick greek yog (full fat) with cinnamon, a sprinking of sunflower seeds and a couple of teaspoons of chia seeds. I have been trying to do better with my eating but I do find it a constant struggle. Getting very paranoid that now Sophie is 13 I don't want her to pick up any of my food weirdness.

Fantastic sleep Camlo, well jealous. I never feel I can go to bed until all the kids are in bed and Sophie was out playing the fiddle at the club until 10.30 last night! That girl is such a sociable thing, I think that fiddle is going to lead her astray in years to come!

I had a good sleep, just wasn't long enough. Got 10 miles in first thing, a wee bit of soreness in the quads but otherwise felt good. Don't jinx me though, I do get injuries, and usually battling to keep niggles under control. I swear by rolling every day and pilates as often as possible.


11/03/2014 at 09:45
Vegan diet causes interesting poos. I would say TT that if it isn't usual for you you probably do need to go speak to someone about it. If nothing else they can check nothing weird is going on physically. You want to rule that out obviously.

I would hate those pancakes. I have made up my own gluten free muesli which I put stacks of nuts, seeds and dried fruit into. I then soak it overnight in soya milk with a handful of frozen berries. By the morning it is pink and yummy!

Enjoy the day off camlo. No working mrs!

I am going to ask the mum again on Wednesday. She told me on Saturday the reason she couldn't give me the full amount on Sunday was that she had had a huge phone bill to pay. (In fact she gave me nothing on Sunday). However she had also told me her phone wasn't working. I texted her at half term to ask her how many people she had invited and if they were coming and if they were boys or girls so I could buy party bag stuff. She didn't respond. When I eventually caught up with her she said her phone hadn't been working. Then two weeks later she says she can't pay me the full amount because of her phone bill. How do you get a high phone bill if you can't use it because it is broken?! Anyway is irrelevant because she gave me no money in the end!
11/03/2014 at 11:00

Def chase that mum CM - sure its tough if she has bills that need paying but so do you!

Another late night working! M booked in for normal 8-2pm hours next week so should be able to get on top of things more. Sods law says hubby then won't get any extra work!



11/03/2014 at 11:00
Running definitely trained my bowel to empty 1st thing as it was an issue when 1st started running early mornings. But the cow pat element and nippy bot after is 'new', by new I am meaning has gradually happened over the last yr I think. I have discovered recently that egg yolks give reaction I had last night but not just with one egg, only if I eat them regularly so I tend to have just egg whites. But not strict about checking labels for egg in things and I have bn eating a fair amount of rice cakes with sandwich fillers that have mayonnaise in them. Problem is everything has bloody egg in it. In fact typing this reminded me I did an exclusion diet a long time ago when runners trots was an issue and egg gave me a major reaction, but over the yrs have not bothered about it as can eat an egg occasionally without problems. But maybe need to get strict on egg ingredients and cut out completely. Instead of looking for other culprits in wheat and dairy. I love eggs too, could eat them at every meal. Even as a kid my favourite lunch was either poached eggs or boiled egg mashed up in a cup with a knob of butter. Boohoohoo!

Maybe her bill was high cos she had to get new phone CM, but that not ur problem, she should have still paid u.

Like the sound of those pancakes, will have to give them a try with egg white. Meant to buy frozen blueberries at shop this morning and forgot though.
11/03/2014 at 11:09

Does it really make that much difference to your ultra running Lotte, how do you know you wouldn't perform better if you ate 'some' carbs? I can't imagine you are getting enough calories in with that. I eat that plus museli for breakfast and pile of nuts and seeds too and I am not doing anything at the mo. I have read so many conflicting things about the low carb diet and high level ultra running. I can see to a degree but the scientist in me begs to differ. I don't have a nutrition qualification but I do know about energy systems and food groups and how the body digests food etc. I def eat more protein and fat and less refined carbs than I used to in my 20s and 30s but I am just hungry if I don't eat any and would be struggling like you to get the calories in. You must be in deficit every day?

Yes do be careful as she will pick it up. My SIL has eating issues that she blames on a gluten problem but she is not coeliac. She eats so badly and looks so thin its alarming. Her daughter watches her picking at her food and it worries me.

My knee is the same issue I always have and will take weeks to settle. I definitely need to cut down my training level, and mix it up more, but also I can't do the heavy long runs with pace and the speed work/hills anymore. I do stacks of core and pilates, gluts, squats, jumping, plank all that jazz and it does help but its a non ending battle and as soon as you let it slip as life gets in the way, stop stretching but keep running it falls away. Need to reverse that and keep the strengthening and drop the running if life gets in the way.

Work is good but is taking up too much of my life. Need to reel it in, my boss just expects more and more and I need to say I can't do it. I need to work my 21 hours and not too much more as it affects other parts of my life too much.

11/03/2014 at 11:34

yes - need to be careful with eating in front of kids. I have switched to being vegan so am actually eating now in front of kids, which I didn't do before when I was trying not to eat anything and then just eating stupidly when they were in bed. J is REALLY interested in what I'm eating and is starting to question food choices and why I don't eat what they do. and he's a boy! E recently said she wasn't going to have pudding because she wants to stay a 'skinny minny'. it's worrying. (but then she goes and scoffs chocolate in her room, so she obviously hasn't thought that through. but the thought process in in the head somehow).

hear you on the work thing, MM. I know my new job is going to make me feel like that especially to start off with. I will be out of the house by 7.30 and probably not getting home until 5.30 on the days I have the kids. then ... I have the kids so will have no chance to get out and do anything. and when I don't have the kids I imagine I will be working longer hours again. but it will probably calm down eventually. I think we do just have to learn to say 'no'. it's hard though! it's hard when you are part time because you feel like you are only doing half a job anyway. and it's hard when you are full time because you feel like everyone else can do it, so why should you be any different?

Tt - sounds like it would be worth cutting down on eggs then. Shame if you like them. I wouldn't mess around too much excluding things though - not without getting advice. It can be really difficult to pinpoint what is going on and if you cut stuff out it can be even harder.

I'm just ordering my asda delivery again. unfortunately I can't get it on thurs night as i'll be coming back from warrington . so wondering whether I will still get my lovely delivery man lol

finally had confirmation from work that my last working day is 26 may. so I've phoned the uni to ask if I can start on 29th as it is half term that week and T has the kids the thurs and fri. at least I assume he has - he won't respond to me on that though . they are going to look into it for me and see if that's possible

have more counselling tomorrow. have realised this week that I AM sometimes the controlling parent with N; and he is the rebellious child! I hate it for some reason when he stays in bed in the mornings when I have the kids. he does it at the weekend and during the week if he's here. I know they aren't his kids, and I don't expect him or want him to help me get them ready or anything. but I find it really rude that he never gets up. he just stays in bed, then at some point saunters down and gets his breakfast after we've all had breakfast and got ready etc. I told him this - so yesterday he got up. he then went and sat in the lounge and put the TV on and drank tea. what was the point of that??!?!? so I asked him why he bothered to get up if he was just going to sit in a different room, so this morning he got up and stood in the way of everything I was trying to do.

so: I am being a bossy parent; and he is being a rebellious child. not working for either of us!! what needs to change? don't know! I need to stop finding it disrespectful that he just stays in bed, does his own thing, doesn't engage with us in the mornings. or he needs to get up and just interact with us like he does the rest of the time - which is quite normal!

11/03/2014 at 12:06
Some people are just not morning people so the accepting he has a lie in sounds the better option to me. When I was younger and still living at home my Mum used to drop me at train station on her way to work and we never spoke a word to each other the whole morning or the journey, but it suited us fine. When my stepdad took me to station he used to get really upset that I didn't speak and he would take it personally. But if ur not a morning person ur not a morning person, it's very difficult to change that.
11/03/2014 at 12:09
Ah but he gets up fine when the kids aren't here. And for work. So it isn't that he is not a morning person. It is only when the kids are here. Which is what annoys me.
11/03/2014 at 12:17
Don't want to gang up on you lotte but your diet does concern me too. A lot of what you eat sounds like what someone on a calorie controlled diet would eat to lose weight, not someone who is already very slim and runs 100miles a wk on top of running round after 6 kids.

MM I agree that carbs are not the devil but I think we would all benefit from eating a much more varied range of unrefined carbs. I think the western diet relies way too much on wheat based carbs. I am trying to eat more of a range of grains and of course there are lots of healthy vegetables that are a good source of carbs too.
11/03/2014 at 12:23
Have u told him that's what annoys u and asked him why he only does it when kids are there? Kids in the morning are just that little bit more work from a social point of view than getting up when it's just the two of u. Maybe he feels in the way or there are things that annoy him during morning with the kids there so thinks it's better to just stay out the way.
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