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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/05/2013 at 21:57

Thats a wonderful link JT, I'm not sure which I loved most though - that one, or the one his wife posted about her body post-children - now that was really quite moving. But the sentiments in the guys one - oh YES!!! On of my pilates ladies has a 14-week-old with reflux and an almost three-year-old, she's been at her wits end and this just reminds us all why doesn't it?

And yes, I would absolutey love to meet up if we get a chance, giving it serious consideration now, just need to chat through logistics with hubby ...

08/05/2013 at 21:58

CC we are pretty close to chip Sodbury love. Let me know if you need a bed. Airport is an hour away but happy to come get you or pick you up from station. 

Good first day. Obviously bewildering but got through it. Kids were horrific when collected them at 4pm, but tough day for boys with school trip, Sophie is always shattered after a day at per-school so the extra hour was to much. But then that's why I'm gonna work at home on weds normally. Get this week done and then it will all settle down. 

Plus got my run done, 7.5 miles before I left at 8.15 so good news there! And hubbie got his 10 mle bike time trial in and his 30 min run, so all good. 

08/05/2013 at 23:15

yippee to fab days out, sunshine at last, race planning and new trainers

Boo to dropping boys from windows, loosing children on beaches, HFMD on top of impetigo, interfering disruptive colleagues and toddler tantrums.

I lost Tom in M&S too when he took himself off to the changing rooms to try a shirt at the age of 5.....  

Meant to offer before if anyone wants to try a race in mid-Wales,  (like man v horse in June) they can always kip with us! 

Anyway - need to get my big news out..... (no not preg)...... I have just got 3rd lady in our local 5k in 22:16 which given I clocked it as 3.2miles is an average of 6:58 minute miles. Didn't think I could run even a single sub 7 mile!!!! WHOOP!! 


08/05/2013 at 23:40

WOOHOOO Camlo thats awesome well done!!!


09/05/2013 at 00:06

Fanbloodytastic Camlo! 

09/05/2013 at 08:23

fantaabulous Camlo - you are a star

MM - well done for surviving, can quite imagine the bewilderment, and the knackered children.

Blue blue skies and sunshine here so think it's a coastal run for todays long one - out-and-back route but at least I won't get lost!! Had originally planned one in the hillier area I like to explore but think I need to recce it in shorter sections a bit more rather than go and try and do 22 miles out in that lot, get lost and it all go pear-shaped. Will be a proper map and compass job ... next week perhaps ...

09/05/2013 at 08:26

Well done Camio - fab time there!

Minks - I googled Knebworth House, looks really nice and not too difficult for us to get to so might take my girls there over the summer.

Talking of summer, I'm having a wobble over our Summer holiday. Bear in mind that we've not had a proper holiday in years so I've no idea how much these things should cost so I'm now worrying about spending the money. We've already scrapped the Euro Disney day as that was going to cost as much as a weeks accomodation at the place we've booked in France, but still the holiday plus travel is going to cost about £1000. So I'm going to be nosy and ask how much do you ladies normally spend on a family holiday. Is this about normal? I guess I'm really just looking for someone to tell me it's okay to spend that amount of money so I can then ignore the little voice in my head that keeps reminding me of all the things we could use that money on for the house.

09/05/2013 at 08:48

Seems reasonable considering you have 3 small and not quite so small ones. Are you away for a week or longer?


09/05/2013 at 08:50

karen - sounds about right to me, in fact probably quite good value if you are going abroad. and there are 5 of you too...

i booked a week in spain in a villa for 4 of us for £350 and it was another £400 or so for flights. but i haven't booked a transfer at the other end, or parking this end yet.

wow - camlo, that is AMAZING. and so soon after london, too!

09/05/2013 at 08:54

Can't even remember what we used to spend on a holiday pre-M. Since M other than our big trip when we got home we have only really holidayed with family or friends.

Really want to book a trip to Melbourne for next year to see my best friend but finances are going to be very tight if hubby changes career.


09/05/2013 at 09:10

at work - feeling like i could nod off. did 7.5 round the parks in london last night (pelicans roosting); got up at 6 and did another 7.5 round the parks in opposite direction (pelicans still bloody sleeping - FGS birds!). rushed into the office for 8.30 and ate some breakfast I picked up in Sainsb on the way, and now I feel like nodding off... hot stuffy room with lots of kit in it.

Edited: 09/05/2013 at 09:10
09/05/2013 at 11:31

Loved that link, JT, especially the one his wife wrote which gave me a big lump in my throat.  Been feeling a bit nostalgic these past few days, no idea why.  Was thinking it's going to be hubby's 40th next year and Kit will be 7.  I distinctly remember thinking on my own 40th when Kit was just over 2 how much easier it would be when hubby turned 40, and how many years away it was ... now it's almost here and my little boy is growing up too fast.  Sometimes I wish I could just re-live a few of those precious moments we've had along the way.

Karen, 1000 quid for 5 people for both accommodation and travel sounds a bargain to me!  Admittedly we left booking our holiday rather late, but our flights alone have cost £900 for the three of us, just to get to Alicante which is hardly far.  We stay in a house belonging to my SIL's parents so that's reasonable in terms of cost, but because it was only free late August the flight prices were astronomical.  We'll have car hire on top of that, taxis to and from the airport this end and of course food while we're there.  So all in all it will probably be closer to £2K.  For just over a week in Spain, terrible!

Camlo, awesome running from you - fantastic!

MM, glad you survived the first day.  Impressed that you managed to fit in a run before going to work - I'd have to be up at Lotte o'clock to do that and frankly it ain't gonna happen!

5 miles done this morning - SO windy out there it felt like I was running on the spot a few times!  Last night did another 5 through the woods, a deceptively tough run as it goes steeply downhill for the first half then steeply uphill on the return, and all on rough trails with lots of ankle-turning potential!  At least it was sheltered from the wind though!

09/05/2013 at 13:04

Well done Camlo!

Karen this yr our 11 days in France is costing us €1100 so €100 per night for four of us in a ready made tent in a nice, smallish 'eco' campsite (not eurocamp - that would be twice as much!) and I think the ferry was about £350 rtn - overnight one way incl a cabin.  That doesn't incl food or spending money, but I think thats pretty reasonable considering its peak holiday season.  We're going to Sweden to see friends for 4 days in 1/2 term using hubby's air miles so that's only £100 for flights for all 4, and I have booked my week in America in Sept again using hubby's airmiles, to go and see my sister - on my own!  I'm quite excited about that!!  Fabuolous that as a family we can us hubby's air miles that he gets from his work trips.

Hubby had his steroid injections into his back yesterday.  We thought it was going to be under sedation but they knocked him out totally, so he was very groggy and sore last night.  Hopefully it will do some good.

Been signed off by osteo and given the all clear to try a run, so am going to go to sweatshop first thing Sat morning whilst M is at gymnastics and buy some new shoes.  No idea what, will seek lots of advice!  Am totally willing to try something completely new.  Now need to go and stretch and do exercises, and really must be good about doing them every day!!

M disappeared in a park in Palmers Green a couple of wks ago - she had never been there before, and scooted off at high speed down a hill, and when E and I finally caught up with her she was nowhere to be seen.  It was prob

09/05/2013 at 14:39

Sorry, not been on for a while as flipping iphone stopped letting me on again.

Karen scary stuff (the lost child bit)  - the holiday sounds a veritable bargain to me!  We did 3 of us to Majorca in early June in 2011, flew ryanair and booked apartment through owners direct and even that came to £800!

Camlo - awesome!

Caro yay to being signed off by osteo!

I had 28 week appointment with consultant yesterday plus scan.  All fine.  Baby growing very well and very lively.  Placenta decidedly not moving.  In fact it looks even worse than it did at 20 week scan and is blocking exit!  So back at 34 weeks for another check but as things stand I would have a section.  I told the consultant I didn't give a monkeys if it was natural or section as natural was hardly fun 6 years ago and frankly a section suited me fine well as I am NOT going overdue with this baby.  He looked a bit scared and said well we'll see you at 34 weeks   He was really nice though!

Gulp Andy and I are trying to sort out finances.  Just applied for mahoosive personal loan to consolidate all our debts (IVF credit card debt being part of it).  Still, loan has been approved in principle and if it comes off then we save ourselves £300 per month as I have been frantically overpaying the various minimum payments on 2 cards trying to bring the debt down before 0% rate ends next month and with a loan rate of just 5.1% over 4 1/2 years it's not bad at all.  It'll be a relief to feel like we have an end in sight even if it is 4.5 years away!  Next stop reduce overdraft (and then go onto half pay with mat leave and rack it back up, sigh)

Oops 2.40pm - better go and get presentable and pick up Lou and pal for ballet!

09/05/2013 at 15:39

I get up at Lotte o'clock too Minks Anyway most mornings to run. In fact should be MM and Lotte o'clock really! So yes 5.45 out the door. All worked quite well. got in later today as had to nursery and school drop off, but still at my desk by 9.20. Boys bemused as usually we walk to school after dropping s off but today I dropped them off at the door in the car. 

Need to get tea down them all then off for swim lessons. so grim out there today ...

09/05/2013 at 16:29

Sorry MM, didn't realise you routinely ran that early (i.e. when not marathon training).  I'm not sure I would ever get up at that time to run but who knows what lengths I'd go to if that was the only option!  I could maybe manage it for a short run and at this time of year but would struggle for sure in the winter!

Caro, poor hubby, that sounds painful.  Hope it works.  And great news on being given the all-clear to try a run!  I could really do with going to Sweatshop to try on lots of different shoes.  I always buy mine online as zero time to shop, so just get the same shoes every time as I know they work for me, but would really love to try on some other makes/models just to see what I might be missing out on.

09/05/2013 at 17:15

I am so not a morning person, but when S was very young and hubby always away or back late I used to regularly go out at 6am, could never quite bring myself to do something with a 5 in front though!!! Nowadays I occasionally do that at the weekend but can't in the week anyway ... hence the treadmill purchase which suits fantastically.

Good juggling there MM, well done.

EF - that sounds really sensible, so much easier not to be juggling and forgetting payments as well. Good news about a firm idea for C-section too. At least you know where you stand.

Holiday pricing - that sounds a bargain to me Karen. Even in this country, if you were to hire a cottage at peak holiday time for a family of five you wouldn't see much change out of £600 at least I reckon, and then food and petrol etc.

Long run day for me today. Bit of a nightmare as picked up wrong bag on way out of house so arrived at start point without Garmin, little run pack with bladder and any kind of gels etc. Luckily had a small handheld bottle in car though so set off with that and hoped for the best!!! 

Of course, a sunny day for us and very warm ... so an out and back route along coast, stunning views and lovely in the sunshine except I drank all my water by half-way.  Got almost as far as Lossiemouth but had to bail a mile short of turnaround as tide was coming in and didn't fancy two miles of sand dune running. Couldn't find any water anywhere so got a refill of a cup of tea with one sugar at little cafe on way back - interesting rehydration, never drunk it out of a plastic bottle!

Not the speediest effort as some of it is very narrow in places and uneven and didn't want to end up off the cliff, and two miles short of distance  but another long one in the bag anyway. And finished off with a jump in the sea at the end - well it's my equivalent of an ice bath I reckon.

Right, best be off to get madam to ballet class!

09/05/2013 at 17:16

agree fab news on the go ahead to running Caro and good luck with the shoe-buying but quite nice to start over.  Injections sound nasty

as does a standing still in the wind run Minks, we get a lot of those up here ...

09/05/2013 at 19:18

£1000 is good Karen. We spent that in France last year for ferry and two weeks camping. Will be about the same this year but more fuel costs as going to Bordeaux this year . Well maybe  after 6 hours in the car driving with the kids!!

Kids so tired this week. Not sure if its me starting work although the routine hasn't changed that much, or just mid term blues, or their best friend moving away. A lot of stropping going on though.

Was going to club tonight but am pretty shattered after new job, not used to sitting down for a start!! Also knee is a bit niggley so will rest till Sat. The weather is soooo grim I'm not fussed about running that much at the mo .

Right time to cook some dinner and try to avoid drinking wine!!!

Good running CC. Sounds hard though with no fuel or water.

Fab running Camlo. I am looking forward to some speedy 5ks, but keeping my come back very steady for now as don't want to lose my mojo again!

09/05/2013 at 19:51

With you on the 'try to avoid drinking wine' comment, MM - have noticed the number of evenings I end up with a glass in my hand has really crept up of late!  I think I have had a drink every evening this week apart from last night - definitely had wine Friday and Saturday, and then again on Sunday as no work on Monday, then lager on Tuesday as it was so hot, and another lager last night just because we felt like it. Oops.  Not running much distance at the moment so I can't even justify the extra calories!  Is your job full-time?

Also trying to persuade myself I don't need to eat a load of crisps to stave off the hunger pangs while I wait for hubby to come back from Wickes.  Bolognese sauce is all ready in the pan (made earlier this morning) so all I have to do is cook some spaghetti which will be quick, but I'm starving and starting to feel wobbly with low blood sugar so may just have to raid the cupboard ...

I'm glad I ran this morning and not tonight  as although it was incredibly windy, it was at least dry.  Wet and cool now - typical after we made the decision last night to turn the heating off; might have to put it back on again!

That sounds a tough run CC, LOL at the tea in a water bottle! 

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