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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/03/2014 at 19:47

I am TIRED!  Lotte, I am so enjoying at least a wk off running I cannot believe you ran 10 miles today!!

I rarely eat shop bread and love that I make my own.  I dont always use wholewheat flour, but you can buy these wonderful mixes in Holland and Barret of things like ground up linseeds, chia seeds, cocoa, wheat germ, oats etc that I chuck a load of that in, plus lots of seeds.  My whole loaf has 1tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt in and thats all, and the kids love it.  

Coughing again!  Guess the new double strength inhaler hasn't sorted it, which is annoying as I had a follow up at the dr last wk and said it's gone!  and now its back.......  also saw the hygienist yesterday which I hare and she jabbed and scrubbed so much that I now have tooth ache and corresponding ear ache!  I never get tooth ache or ear ache.   

Need to go to bed but have pilates.......yawn.


11/03/2014 at 20:13

I knew you were off FB CM but had missed the reason why. I go through periods of posting a lot or not . I do like it for keeping my inlaws updated on kids things so that I don't actually have to phone them, haha.

My eating is such a weary subject I really cba to go into it . I have had disordered eating since I was 19. The only time I could ever enjoy food and genuinely eat normally was when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. I've done ok really since I had the kids and then found running, its always been in the background but under control.However I probably let the carbs thing go too far. I started it for genuine running reasons, and I still think there is a place for its use particularly for ultra running,  but I do seem to be on a downward spiral. I accepted that when I was so low the other week and so I am trying to get back on top of it again.

MM hope you get your work hours back a bit. I have found it hard being in the office 3 days a week (10 - 3), well its not hard being at work but being out of the house all day those days takes it toll. However I do really appreciate my tues and Fridays at home with the house to myself. Amazing how quickly the day goes. Today though I thought to hell with housework , did a quick blitz then went for a second run of 6 miles, 30 mins on the mtb, then I was doing a wee pilates  session when a friend popped in for a quick cuppa. Had a very rushed shower just in time to go and do school pick up and swimming lessons!

Anyway better go and get kids in bed. Hubby out at a meeting tonight.

11/03/2014 at 20:31

Blimey I have a crap diet compared with most of you!! I have far too many 'treats' and am well aware that I eat way too much sugar. I don't tend to gain a lot of weight so lack motivation to improve it and generally its pretty good. I did see a photo which made me think my butt could do with a bit less sugar (but am eating an easter egg as I type so am clearly taking it seriously....)

The one thing I have found with work is that the more you do, the more they expect you to do. It IS ok to say no. If you are paid as part time then you should not be doing lots of extra hours. Easier said than done I know but unless you value and protect your time, no one else is going to do it for you. I got a lot tougher when I took on this role after having Matilda and made it clear what was and wasn't ok and seemed to get some respect for that. Certainly no one challenges it, but others in my organisation who aren't as good at saying know end up doing crazy hours. I'm not rude or lazy at all and I probably work harder during my work hours as a result so its in the company's best interests in the end I think. Saying that I am knackered today as I worked very late but that was because I had Matilda all afternoon and simply cannot get my days work done in 3 hours!

CM your laptop situation is RIDICULOUS! Why can't they courier you a new one to use while it gets fixed. As they are being so awkward with you leaving I would say, sorry I'm not running all over the place getting it mended, please send one otherwise I will do what I can via phone (ie. stuff all).


11/03/2014 at 20:47

lotte - I totally understand with the food thing. I have never had it under control. not since I was about 14. I was anorexic by 17 and didn't start uni until I was 20 because I was so ill they wouldn't let me go. I had to get to 8 stone (i'm 5ft9) before they would let me. I didn't address the underlying causes of my anorexia. I focussed on wanting to get to uni and build a life there. which I did. but I've never had a normal relationship with food. I've been overweight since (up to a size 16, probably weighing over 12 stone). I have always had disordered eating, although I haven't done any vomiting or purging since the early days.

so I understand how hard it is. and your coping mechanism - running plus low carb - will help keep things in check as long as everything else is roughly ok. but when you start experiencing too much stress elsewhere, it probably isn't going to contain it. which may be is what happened recently. you need to make sure you ARE looking after yourself. you don't want to make yourself seriously ill / affect your heart. these things can and do happen. and you have 6 kids (and a hubby) who seriously need you to be well...

says she. I know...

we woman manage amazing things. trying to get a day's work done in 3 hours to manage childcare... we rock. we really do.

they won't send me another laptop. they don't keep spares... everything is recycled.

11/03/2014 at 21:15

I was an anorexic teen too. But can safely say I was cured in my teens. Running does help but I also love food now too which also helps. I am careful but do love my treats too, keeps you sane. 

I understand too as without running my life falls apart but it can also make you very ill too especially un fuelled. We are just worried Lotte. You are an amazing runner but an amazing Mum too as CM says.b

Camlo    pirate
11/03/2014 at 22:54

Oh no, I'm not friends with pip yet so cant see anything either. Glad all ok (it is ok, yes?)

Boo to eating worries and historical issues which sneak up every so often, boo to laptop (you could offer to leave sooner and save the hassle of fixing yours?? ), boo to 'lazy' partner (no advice, but may get better when stress has reduced?)

Yippee to home made bread, love the thought of throwing all sorts in although i have a stockpile of white bread mix which i got cheap to use up first! 

Did a 25 mile bike ride and then jogged (sprinted) a mile after the boys on their bikes! 


12/03/2014 at 00:38

Meant to say CM - your eating sounds drastically improved! While veganism is not something I could ever imagine, if it has you eating healthy meals at the same time as the kids then that's awesome. Your counselling seems to be having some very positive effects.

12/03/2014 at 10:27

My toaster just blew up!  Bloody thing!  Tried changing the fuse but it smells properly like something internal blew so have put it out with the bin!

12/03/2014 at 11:41

Randomly my mum has just asked for a new toaster for her birthday as hers just blew up!

Was watching an old supersize/superskinny last night which had a teenager on who barely ate and ran long distances, don't know how she survived. She managed to put on 4Ibs by the end.. Chrissie Wellington was on it too talking about eating disorders in athletes. I think many of us have disordered eating, I know I've struggled since uni days where it did manifest into a full blown disorder for a while. Only time I truly ate happily was in the first few years with hubby when I hung out mainly with him (as you do when all loved up!). Now I suffer I think due to hanging around with neurotic mums/female friends or being on my own and either over or underindulging. I worry about my girls too and always tell Maggie to eat a bit more (she is v skinny) to make her strong or to give her energy - never say to make her bigger. But I do think it is often just in our personalities, not due to how we were brought up, I'm very OCD and have issues, while my sis is more relaxed and eats normally! My mum brought us up on extremely healthy food, all homemade, organic etc (too much so sometimes - causing me to balloon two stone when I first got to uni and could shop for myself!), she did complain about being fat a lot and mentioned my belly a few times when I was porky but I can't blame her for my problems.

Sorry, going on a bit there!

Some lazy hubbies around . Mustn't complain about mine, he would never get up and take a cup of tea back to bed (or expect one brought up!). I have rarely gotten up with the kids and given him a lie in but he would sleep and not want coffee anyway! Doesn't usually happen as I want to go for a run so dump the kids on him.

Understanding the tough issues being parttime. Great points from hoggle that you have to protect your own time not expect it. I have to admit to getting less worried now I only have 5ish months left here (such as being on here during work hrs ). Think everyone at work must realise I'm pregnant, I am huge! The belly is proper hanging out and I'm only 15ish wks! Please tell me this is normal for the third and I won't keep increasing at this rate until the end! Trying very hard to eat well and keep doing moderate exercise and not worry about it.

We were in Disneyland Paris last week! Had a great, if exhausting, time. Maggie just adored all the characters and princesses and Rosie got quite into it all. Went on some lovely rides (so glad the morning sickness had gone) and was very jealous of hubby going on space mountain as I love a good fast rollercoaster. Can imagine how nuts it must be during term time though, massive queues even on a Monday in march!

Oh and amazing running Caro and Lotte! Spectacular times. You should consider a club caro, you are in such good form. Sorry to hear cough playing up.

Think I will go to Holland and barret for some flour mixes, I do love making seedy bread! And you don't need a bread machine just a kitchen aid! I hate kneading but with dough hook I just chuck it in and turn it on. leave it to proof in there then just shape it and in the oven. most expensive piece of kitchen equipment we've ever bought but me and hubby use it constantly so well worth the money.

Best go work...


12/03/2014 at 15:05

Stupidity always wins over CC. I was the same, really tempted to go home have wine with my friend and do a long run next day. Glad I didn't in the end!

Glad you had a nice time at EuroDisney Sonya. And Chrissie Wellington is amazing, have you read her book. When she describes her eating etc the word could be coming straight from my mouth (if I was that articulate!)

Stunning day here today. I was supposed to be working from home so I could go to Reeces assembly... but I was a week early  So I have run 30 miles instead. Did 6 miles first thing and then 24 a bit later. I was worried about my long run as would have no other chance of a long run this week ( busy weekend with our local fire festival and twins birthday) and the clock is ticking for the 100k. So feeling very knackered but very

12/03/2014 at 17:36

There is no way I could just run 30 miles on the spur of the moment!  It would take so much preparation, both mental and physical!

Running is the thing that keeps me eating ok.  I think I am similar to MM maybe in that respect. I love food, but I also love being skinny so unless I run the 2 don't go hand in hand!  I keep an eye on my BMI, not that that is the most accurate way or looking at things, but I try and keep it within the normal.  I think it's supposed to be 18.5 or above, and mine hovers around there.

I love supersize v super skinny!  How on earth do those people eat that much??  But then also the super skinny ones on their diets of sugar, energy drinks etc etc.  Yuck.  I think I eat well, and we eat well in front of the kids.  They see us eating exactly the same as them a lot of the time, and they know that its ok to eat cake etc in moderation.  We tell matilda its bad for you to eat too much cake etc, but not because it makes you fat.  And also we encourage exercise all the time, but not obsessively.  She seems me enjoy running and hubby enjoy cycling.

As I get older I do subscribe more and more to the theory that your lifestyle choices determine your health and lifespan.  Obviously some people do get cancer when they are very healthy and so its not always the case, but on the whole I think we can determine our destiny to some degree.  I saw a book advertised in the paper at the wk end called A short guide to a long life and thought it looked good, so I may get that.  

I think I am allowed a day shopping at the wk end!  I need an outfit for 2 weddings, but also I have pants with holes in, no bras that fit me whatsoever, new work shoes.  Question - for the winter I basically have given up on wearing a bra apart from running, as there really is no need, no bouncing there!  But now the weather is in theory warming up and I might one day wear a t shirt again, without many jumpers, I need something to prevent unsightly nipples!  In M and S I would fit a pre pubescent teenage bra, so where else is a good place to go?  I don't want a push up one or a really padded one, just something that will make me feel slightly more like a woman than a 12 yr old!

12/03/2014 at 22:26

I am nowhere near as skinny as I was when I was a 80 min half runner, but actually I ate far more carbs than I do now, I eat more protein now. I can't starve myself as it strikes me as too close to being ill again. I was a very ill hospitalised teenager, so maybe thats why I'm ok now.

I am sure I bought some M&S decent bras last time. I am 32AA, 30A is too tight on the back for me in my than my 20s larger state.

I ran for a whole 10 mins tonight. LOL!!! 


12/03/2014 at 22:55

Golly is this what bf -ing is gonna do to my boobs?! I was a 28D when I got married according to Rigby & Peller (!) but wore a 30C pre kids ( hardly anyone does 28 back sizes anyway and I hate things tight which R& P said it had to be. I'm currently wearing a 32D for bf-ing but it's already way too big. My boobs stayed a full 32D the whole time with E but with Isaac they seem loads smaller already..... Is that what happens? Milk supply seems ok though. But am I gonna be super flat afterwards ?! 

13/03/2014 at 00:01
Breast feeding had no effect on my chest, as I lose weight it gets slowly smaller but it's fine at a 36C/D, smallest I got at my lowest weight was 34C.
13/03/2014 at 06:42
My boobs have gone saggy after bf. But are about the same size as they used to be.

Interesting session again yesterday with therapist. On move (n dropping me in Warrington as he is in Manchester and bootle today) so will type more later. Tried not to be the "critical parent" last night when staying in n's room in Birmingham. This is the place work pays for (he doesn't have anywhere to live really - can't afford it. Pays his salary to his ex wife and to clear marital debt). There was no hot water or heating. Not bothered about the heating but no hot water for a shower this morning. I am having night sweats (period due). I wasn't impressed. His landlady who lives there too had passed out on the sofa when we got there at 6 and stayed there all evening. The meter had run out of money. She is responsible for feeding it. N doesn't know where the key is. FFS. I could not live like that. But I harnessed my adult voice and chanted: this is his choice not my choice. But seriously. It is like a bloody student hovel. He had washing hanging in his room to dry. Paper peeling off the walls
13/03/2014 at 06:55
Oh and the boiler thing has happened before when I stayed there. That time it was summer and I just had a cold shower! It seems to happen fairly regularly from what n says. He is going to find out where she keeps the key so he can feed the meter. But he shouldn't have to. That is her job and is why he pays her rent! If I had a lodger in my house I would make sure the meter always had money on it. But that is me as a critical parent. So time to harness my adult voice and understand that not everyone does it the way I would
13/03/2014 at 09:03

hello everyone.  Havent checked back but am assuming you know he is here as i had a few fb messages (thanks).  It wasn't the most fun day, induced labour, started really quickly but then didnt go anywhere.  14 hrs later i had an emergency c section.  9 lbs 7!!   Isaac  I feel like i have done rounds with tyson but came home last night and managed a few hrs sleep.  Nice to be home.  I had forgotten how hard this whole process is!! Will catch up later.




13/03/2014 at 11:47

Ah, sorry the labour was so lengthy Pip.  Congratulations though!  Big boy, hope you are more settled soon xx

13/03/2014 at 12:17

Congratulations Pip, he was a big boy!  Hope you have plenty of help and can enjoy these first few weeks with a gorgeous little one. Don't forget to post a picture on the FB running forum for us all to coo over!

13/03/2014 at 12:21

Congratulations Pip. Hope you are recovering from the labour and c section, sounds tiring. Welcome baby Isaac. Big boy.

Gosh CM, I would not be impressed staying somewhere like that, your right, like being a poor student again, no thanks.

Cant believe how many of you have had eating disorders, scary really. I worry having 3 daughters but I really try hard not to say "fat" and " skinny" and try to educate them on a healthy, balanced diet with exercise thrown in. They get treats occasionally . i.e sweets. Maybe twice a month. Chocolate maybe once a week, crisps couple times a week and cake/ biscuits every other day. They have lots of fruit and veg, mostly raw veg as they prefer that. So with dinner there is always a big plate of raw carrots, cucumber, peppers etc to eat. I would never totally not allow something, that in my view is just causing problems. My sister never allowed my niece sweets etc when wee and now she would gorge herself on them.

My girls see me exercising most days and just think that's a normal thing to do although my oldest (9) moans that I always have running/ cycling gear on. I try to ignore her when she goes on about it. I hope I am setting them an example to eat healthy most of the time and keep moving.

I am on a night shift tonight. Oldest C is of school as up in the night pale, sore ears, tummy, throat etc. So lazy ish day here, did some hoovering and washing etc but gonna do very little this afternoon. No exercise always feels weird. Got out on Tuesday on my road bike and did a fab 26 miles in the sunshin

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