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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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14/05/2013 at 22:13

Have to say, that is a fantastic rant - but totally called for ((())). Is amazing how totally selfish people can be, as you say, even within own families. One of my very oldest friends has a family exactly like that and i frequently wonder how she is related to the other members of the family!!!  i-tunes - HATE it, currently won't download to my i-pod for some unbeknown reason.  Boo to the sore throat you poor love too. Hope baby goes to sleep and gives you some rest.

TTid - that sounds very stressful for you at the moment but fingers crossed it will all fall into place.

Hoggle - good news re hubby and the retraining etc. I think considering the big move you are all doing fantastically, no small undertaking all of that really.

Minks - agree with your comments entirely re Masterchef and being a chef!! I love experimenting in the kitchen when I have the time etc but no way as a job.

Funny old weather here, really windy all day with sunshine and heavy showers, now wind has dropped but it's cold and rainy

10 miles in forest done, quads a bit mashed from yesterday so nice easy pace. Have been absolutely starving for the last two days though, running out of menu options!!

Registered with dentist today after not being for way too long, can only get private appt for next week... sigh ... but cannot wait until July for an NHS appt ... I have a tooth that's developed a jaggedy edge under a filling and is turning grey, so that does not bode well. And I am petrified of dentists.

Long run tomorrow - kids have INSET days Thur and Fri so need to get it out the way, slow pace it will be as I feel pretty shattered at the mo.

14/05/2013 at 22:14

Juvira? Just a ..... Stupid blimmin I phones. 

14/05/2013 at 22:16

Oh cc good luck with dentist! 

14/05/2013 at 22:17

did wonder about Juvira!!!

TT - that's outrageous, shocking, I'd be seriously

14/05/2013 at 22:18

I think P1 girls can be the worst EF for heartbreaking dramatics!!

14/05/2013 at 22:27

Don't have the emotional energy left to be as angry as I would normally be.  Also just spent the afternoon writing emails to all of the missed enquiries, basically 'I'm sorry we are such spastics that we have not responded to your web site enquiry for anything up to 18 months, but we are not a bunch of morons really'.  Now have to add at the bottom 'oh yes our web page is f$%^ed again, oops!'

14/05/2013 at 22:28

August EF, will be here before you know it!  Did you ever blab about what make and model you are having or is it still secret squirrel?  Although we all know it's another girl

14/05/2013 at 22:29

EF you blo*dy well tell your sister and mother that your niece should not go there!   An elderly semi retguard life guard at our pool caught it from his grandson who used to swim with M and he was really ill!!  There is obviously a chance that your dad has had it without knowing it (like me) but still it's not worth the risk!  

Good luck with the exam.  I am very glad that little one is kicking the hell out of you

TT hope it all slots into place re the house move, land purchase etc.

yes odd not wanting your own brother's family to come and meet your new baby.  Just a few months time you can do the same thing-or at least invite Andy's brother over for a sneak preview but not the wife.

work tomorrow and I'm I'll. caught the cough that the two darlings have had for he past week.  Oh joy





14/05/2013 at 22:29

I also have a mum


14/05/2013 at 22:30

I thought EF said he a while back?

14/05/2013 at 22:37

Hearing you all talk about marathon training does absolutely nothing for making me want to run one. I have enjoyed the half maras I have done but think that is my limit. I managed to get really fit for my last few but that was before children. You ladies who still run well/competitively now with kids are amazing. 

Minks we live in an area full of vacation rental homes which are freeing up a bit now as the snow birds head back north so (I hope!) there should be a few to choose from. According to the web pages I have been on there are a few. As it's short term (I hope again!) we won't be too fussy. 

Typically the guy who works for us who is also a good friend and very practical, is away on holiday next week. Talk about rubbish timing.

Better sort out my boys. Max is watching 'Peter Pan Rabbit' and Oscar still asleep.

14/05/2013 at 22:44

Ah but we all know my typing is not to be relied upon 

I've made the point to mum and Nik but they take the view that he wld have caught it from us 30yrs ago. I give up. When folk are that selfish what can you do? I reminded mum how ill Andy was when he got it at 27 and then his brother got it at 40odd and was very ill but all to no avail. 

14/05/2013 at 22:44

Oh grr, sorry

14/05/2013 at 23:08

haha Tom, glad you have a mum. Does she run???? 

yippee to ranting, tangle free hair and smugness (EF)

Boo to selfish siblings, weird not wanting visitor siblings, iTunes, crashed websites and all those wasted enquiries, feeling fat, feeling down and lowered GFA times!!! 

Off to birm tomorrow with Archie - bloods, scan, 2 consultants, research nurse, handing donations over and hopefully a quick scoot into running shop and maccy d's. phew. Glad I exploded with work, boss has offered some career development which has been sadly lacking for a while. Will need to knuckle down and obviously accept it also brings more responsibility and work but am glad.  

15/05/2013 at 01:56

Great to hear explosion has hepled Camlo!! Shame some people need a rocket to do something but hopefully it has cleared the air and the black clouds are receeding!!

Grrrr Ttid that is so annoying/incompetent of them and worse that externally it looks like you guys! I would be steaming!!

New slow cooker recipe booked arrived in the post today - some really yum loking recipes in their (rather than the horrible ones in my current book!). Also discovered via FB today that its my friends birthday today (only kown her a year). Saw her at daycare this morning and all afternoon yesterday and she kept it quiet so we have planned to go to the zoo this afternoon with another friend and are bringing a few birthday treats to eat as a surprise!! Her son is just a bit younger than M and they adore each other. They walked ahead of us along a path yesterday holding hands (22 months first boyfriend!) and it was so sweet - not least because they couldn't work out how to hold hands to start with!

Right best get washing out, scones made and oh yeah a bit of work done before pickup time!


15/05/2013 at 02:53

Hoggle, was that the pic you posted on FB?  Thought that was adorable. Have fun at the zoo. Max asked this morning to go to the zoo so will have to plan a trip when all our chaos dies down a little. 

15/05/2013 at 09:03

How's the cough caro?

15/05/2013 at 09:12

Yep thats the one TTid - they are so sweet together! Our 'zoo' is a small place that has some farm animals, monkeys, parrots, otters and meercats. Its completely enclosed with a playground in the middle so kids can run wild but not escape - best part - completely free!!! We go there weekly!


15/05/2013 at 14:20

Love your rant EF, I think we should declare this week National Rant Week. Come on ladies, get it off your chests   Seriously though, big  to the general pox ignorance and not wanting visitors and then to discriminate against which visitors you will allow!!  They don't deserve any presents!

Just endured nearly haf an hour of Nicky shrieking (probably more but I switched the monitor off ) - thought he was tired but clearly not.  Anyway, in an attempt to get him to sleep in his bed (age nearly 2yrs 10mths!) I've pushed his cot up against his bed and lowered it on the bed side so he can climb in and out, but obviously he'd forgotten about that during his shrieking session .

I feel carppy at the moment too - had a big ulcer last week for about a week, then that went and now I have a couple more and headache, aching eyes and bit of a sore throat.  Really need an early night but I'm so bad at pottering around at 11pm doing all the things I should have done at 8pm .

And brrr!  It's May! Why am I still wearing jumpers and jeans and having to put the heating on out of desperation?!

Got annoyed about a friend's son this morning.  He's soooo rude to her and she lets him get away with murder (think I've mentioned him before?).  Anyway this morning he and Sophie both set off running to school and his little sister (age about 2.5yrs) tried to join in but got knocked by him on the way past.  A complete accident but she went face first onto the path, very nearly bashing her head and obviously yelled.  I shouted to Sophie and told her to go and say sorry to her and check she was ok, which she did, but the friend's boy Charlie just carried on. I got him to stop by waving my arms (as if stopping a loose horse!) and said it was an accident but go and say sorry to your sister, she's hurt herself.  He started running back towards them but ran straight past, and when my friend said come and apologise he stomped off and turned round and said to her "You hurry up!".  Then all she does is tell him off for not saying sorry to his sister !  I would have got that boy (as I have wanted to on many occasions) told him not to dare to be so rude to his mum and speak to her in that way and go and apologise now.  He makes my blood boil sometimes!

Right that's my rant for the week   Better go and do some therapeutic washing hanging up now...

15/05/2013 at 15:22

I'd like to rant at iphones/ipads for not allowing me to post on here! Keep starting a reply and getting halfway before it cuts me off or I lose the post! Anyway, am at work on my good old pc which seems to be doing fine

JG- hate kids who are rude to their mothers and not told off! Maybe I shout too much or have low tolerance but I have similar with a friend whose daughter (3yrs - same as Mags) screams at her and refuses to do as told. Then my friend just says ok and lets her do what she wants!! I also have no shame and don't get embarrassed by outbursts which helps - did entire Sainsburys shop last week with Maggie hanging off my leg screaming because I wouldn't buy her a lollipop

Far too much to catch up on so will stick to last page!

EF- that is v selfish! Hate it when people take advantage of someones good nature, and very weird to lack of visitors. I did try and keep my MIL at bay for first week or so after M was born, but that was only because they live other end of country so obvously would've been staying for a few days. Loved having drop by visits though.

Hope all goes well with Archie Camlo. And good to get things off your chest with boss, work should be a place of stimulation away from the kids not added stress. (Or a place where you have time to post on RW...)

Hoggle - yum to new cookbook. We are still obsessed with Jamies 15min meal book. And cute pic of M with her boyfriend

Ttid- sounds like stressful times for you. Hope you get to relax someday! Did you say Oscar was sleeping ok? You at least need to be getting some sleep.

Caro- feeling better today?! I started a post (one of many lost!) saying woohoo to new trainers and attempted runs. You have been sooo patient.

I am still completely on the bench. Physio has banned any attempts at running . Only allowed to use elliptical and cycle (or swim of course). She doesn't know why my knee is so bad and has sent letter to GP for MRI referral. She still thinks a lot of it is ITB, core etc as my right ITB is ridiculously tight. also my TFL(?) was like a guitar string apparently. Also have awful pelvic floor which I have been told to improve . Seems like it was peroneal tendonitis that has become something worse. So, she is still working on my posture when running, or at least when standing on one leg pretending to run! I have to do lots of glute work but I always engage my itb so we are taking it slowly! I do like this new physio better than the last one! I'm also do the clam, a pilates thing CC? I am thinking I could do with starting pilates, do you thing it would help? Just got to find somewhere cheap enough, I live in an area full of rich mummies who go while the little ones are with the nanny

Will stop moaning, it really shouldn't be the end of the world! Just finding it really hard to go from some of my fastest running ever to nothing. I am extra grumpy due to pmt though, been feeling sick all week, just want it to show up now! 

Oh and we enjoyed our little break in Stratford (despite me getting bit teary watching the marathon start!) Girls loved the butterfly farm and the disney land which is Warwick castle! Also dropped by Adams farm in cotwolds on way back, didn't realise it was actually a place to visit, they always make out on countryfile like its a proper working farm, not full of kids on play tractors etc. Recommend it though, was really good.

Loads more to say and comment on but I have waffled on too long and not doing what I'm paid to do

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