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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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15/05/2013 at 16:23

Sonya - our last pre-baby holiday was in Stratford and Warwick .

Boo to being on the bench still .  The osteopath has said I can keep running but I can't help thinking it's not getting any better and if I go to another physio they might tell me I can't run - it's what's putting me off really!  I know what you mean when you've gone from zero to speedy after pregnancy, only to be heading back to zero (hopefully not ) through injury.  I'm so hoping I get round this 10k on Sat without too much discomfort, as that would be a sign of improvement.

15/05/2013 at 16:33

Well I just did 'run' no 2 in my lunchbreak - it is so nice working nr a nice park!  I was out for 40 mins, walked 5 mins there and back to the park, and the rest was 60 secs jog, 90 secs walk for about 25 mins.  Will see how I feel later/tomorrow......

Took ibuprofen this morning for cough/cold/sore throat, feeling pretty blurgh.  Keep being really tired during the day then taking ages to get to sleep at night.

Pilates is fab Sonya.  Mine is £12 an hr which I consider quite pricey, but it is my one luxury, I don't belong to a gym, so I think I can justify it!  Clam/Oyster is indeed a good glute thing.  I have found so many good stretches and things online.  Do you have a foam roller for your TFL? 

Rude children.........well I certainly always try and get mine to be polite.  Doesn't always work  but I think she is pretty good.  They went on a class trip to 'Tropical Wings' today.  120 reception kids.........yikes!  Hope she had fun, she was very excited!

15/05/2013 at 18:49

Tensor Fascia Latae is the TFL Sonya , is not especially big but works REALLY hard. If you google it you'll see where it is. Definitely recommend Pilates as you'll get to work your core and this will help engage the pelvic floor too (although if pelvic floor is REALLY bad and nothing seems to help it improve you probs need some more referral?). Physio sounds like they are on the right track. I was initially banned from runnign when my back packed up but was allowed to cycle and discovered the joys of spinning.  Glute exercises are key for sure.

Back later to read properly - just done school pick ups 1 & 2 followed by Junior Jog Scotland, tea in the car and across to Nairn for 1 hour guitar lesson. Now trying to get kids in shower and towards bed ready for my 8pm pilates class ... and I haven't had a shower yet from this mornings run!

15/05/2013 at 20:24

Hope you get a shower CC!  

Wish I had Camlo's memory for what everyone posts - how was Birm Camlo?

JG - bloody freezing here but really don't want to put the heating on.

Sonya - saw your Hatchlands photo's.  Is it good?  We went to Clandon a few weeks ago when National Trust were doing a free weekend and it was good but I'm not convinced I'd get much out of NT membership...

Hope you feel better soon Caro.

I fell out with Aidan a while ago when he refused to say 'thank you' - he is bloody stubborn and so am I, he still occasionally mentions it and has actually changed a bit again recently and is being a bit more outgoing having had a shy phase.  Bless him, think we are all guilty of forgetting he is only 3!

15/05/2013 at 22:22

I knew I meant to mention CAmlo earlier - lots and lots of hugs needed I think, but good for letting rip and getting results, although the thought of you working more hours etc, lots of calm vibes etc needed!!

We used to go to Adams Farm as kids (was Cotswold Farm Park then), Adam would have been a kids as well!!! WAs great then too.

Sounds good on the run front Caro - am sure you'll be showing your form at a Park Run all too soon ... 120 year Rs - OMG.

JG - I'd have been annoyed about that too - so hard when it's not your kids.  Like CAro I try with mine, not always successful but we try anyway.

Off for long-awaited bath now ... tomorrow I MUST do some pilates for myself ...

14.5 miles along the river today - according to Garmin I did about 1000m of accumulated climbing ... seems a lot but then my quads (not really recovered from Mondays mountain adventure) would agree with that wholeheartedly.

INSET days ahead. J off with Cubs for daytrip to RAF Lossiemouth and S seems very excited about prospect of a day with me - bring on a girlie day out then!!

16/05/2013 at 16:41

Letter from hosp to say I'm anaemic and got to get iron. Not surprising really after 4 bath towels worth of blood loss but man the joy never ends! Especially when you consider that I'm on 6 spoonfuls of lactulose a day at the moment and it's doing nothing for me!!! 

16/05/2013 at 16:53

Blimey are you ok EF?


16/05/2013 at 17:21

I'm ok just tired and constipated. The blood loss was a few weeks ago now and so far nothing further, touch wood, but I've been feeling totally wiped and I guess that could be why! 

16/05/2013 at 19:33

Phew thought that was another one!  Constipated is no fun  I used to take Movicol, only needed a low dose to keep things moving .  Iron tablets won't help either will they? Take it easy ((()))

Just watching the Dambusters celebration on tv - can't believe that happened today right over the reservoir I run around, and I didn't even know about it!  I was at work anyway .

By the way, I'm not doubting anyone's parenting with their own potentially stroppy and rude children, nor do I doubt that they get a good telling off/talking to if they are rude !

16/05/2013 at 21:00

Well, looks as though the move is going ahead, eek. Have spent last 1.5 days packing. Putting furniture and most other stuff in storage at our warehouse unit and have lucked into a rental owned by a friend which is really close to golf range at club we are members at so Max will be happy. Just as well really as the renting agents have still not returned my call from yesterday morning. 

All looks good to go too on the land we want to buy. Will be fuming if something falls over now with respect to the closing on the sale on Monday. Still got loads to do, haven't even thought about packing up anything in the kitchen. Will probably sleep in new place from tomorrow night as the guy helping us move goes on holiday on Saturday and it'll be easier this way. 

Sorry, me me me. 

EF, hope the iron tablets help you feel better soon xx

16/05/2013 at 21:28

EF, I tend to try and up my iron intake with my diet rather than supplements as there's nothing worse than constipation in my opinion, think some of the supplements are better than others but I can't remember the names.  Hubby always gets me steak and spinach, and tries to get me to drink Guiness (ewk).

16/05/2013 at 23:08

MM has some tabs she uses but no idea if they are contraindicated by pregnancy - but she will know. Agree diet is best but sometimes the body just won't be persuaded!! Hope you feel better soon though

TT - eek indeed, but fingers, toes and everything else that it all goes to plan for you, sooooo stressful

17/05/2013 at 08:32

Hi all. Sorry have been reading on phone etc but just no time at the mo. Job going well. Felt this week that I might actually have caught on with what I'm supposed to be doing!!!!

The driving is a bit of a headache. Takes me pretty much 45 mins to get through the North west of Bath and then down to the South West. No decent roads so its a bit of a pain. Take less on the way home about 35 mins except on Mondays when I have to leave at 5pm!

Sick boy at home today which is a shame as can't take S swimming. Friend is going to take her to dance this morning which is good as otherwise she would drive me mad today! Another friend is having her at 2-4.30 for me so I can dial in for a meeting. Josh can stay with me as he'll just read or play with lego. He just has a high temp and keeps complaining of a headache bless him . Its only his 2nd sick day in two years so not bad going. Harry has never had a sick day bless him!!

Well done on the marathon Minks. Basically it was far too soon love! I see you have been posting on the 3:15 thread. Hope they can help, I often read that thread. Just be careful there are some died in the wood folk on there with some set views. Keep your views very open, just read and absorb. I think really you know what the problems are as we have banged on about them for years. Long runs too fast, or rather not structured enough, need marathon specific miles not just the whole run fast. Not enough recovery. But then the flip side not enough speedwork faster than MP. No build up races either. Hills are essential regardless of the marathon profile. Loads of them in the early part of training. Good long hill sessions at the beginning with 2-3 minute reps up a hill 6-8 reps etc. Shorter sharper reps later on so 15 sec hills x 10-12. Personally I think your mileage was spot it was the lack of recovery that wasn't. Anyway just my views. But fab job on going out there and doing it. Halstead is not an easy course.

Iron tablets, I use fersaday. Its ferrous fumurate which is far more digestable than the suplphate versions the doc will give you, which are the cheapest they can prescribe. Ask for fumurate instead. I have no tummy problems with these, and used throughout my pregnancies.

Lost train of thought and have to read back again now!! Back later hopefully...

Edited: 17/05/2013 at 09:51
17/05/2013 at 10:33

Having problems posting from my phone too so just bn reading or short posts


17/05/2013 at 10:35

MM, thank you so much for your input - been checking back to see whether you'd posted as I do greatly value your experience and advice.  Just went on the sub-3:15 thread out of curiosity really; there are some decent folk on there but many of them are, as you say, very set in their ways.  I've done a comparison exercise basically putting my two training spreadsheets from 2010 and 2013 side by side and entering in the runs done and the average pace per run - which has confirmed what you have said and what I already suspected/knew - recovery runs too fast (but how on earth do you run that slowly??) long runs too fast overall rather than just some of the run at MP, lack of proper recovery leaving me too tired to manage any speedwork or tempo runs much faster than MP.  Agree with you on the hills too - in 2010 I did all my long runs over undulating routes and performed much better.  Another problem is that I have to run on certain days because of other work/family constraints - but if I could sort out doing each run at the correct pace for the type of session then maybe that wouldn't be an issue.  We live at the top of a hideous hill which would probably be great for hill reps (joy!)

And yes, I do think Halstead was too soon after London but I didn't finish London so thought I could get away with it - really didn't expect to find it so tough.  It's a nice course but deceptively tough - no really big hills, but lots of small ones that over time sap your strength.

Glad the job is going well.  Poor Josh being poorly, but impressed with so few sick days for your two!  Kit's had a few this year as he had a couple of pretty virulent throat infections (one tonsillitis, the other just a really bad sore throat but enough to make him feel really unwell).  He's rarely ill, we just got unlucky.

On a possibly TMI note, having a few problems with Kit's no. 2s.  He eats HUGE amounts of food, but I don't think drinks enough during the course of the day at school and consequently his poos are probably a bit hard and are also massive (I struggle to understand how they can fit inside his bowel to be honest) and they are tearing his bottom slightly each time he goes, which is painful for him and he's frightened when he sees blood on the toilet paper.  I've tried putting various creams in there (Sudacrem and Savlon) but not sure what else to try.  His bottom looks fine - it's not piles or anything - but probably a small anal fissure that isn't healing because the poos are always too big.  I'm encouraging him to drink more and giving fruit juice more often to try to make the poos softer - any other suggestions?

Edited: 17/05/2013 at 10:38
17/05/2013 at 10:36

TT - best of luck for the move(s), hope it all works out in the end


EF- movicol worked a treat for Camryn when she had tummy issues, so can thoroughly recommend it


17/05/2013 at 10:38

Had lots of stuff I have attempted to post the last couple of wks but lost halfway throo then just want to greet

17/05/2013 at 10:41

So expect some novel length posts when I can get on a computer


But for now, it's sunny outside woohoo , freezing but sunny, til tomorrow anyway

17/05/2013 at 12:35

Minks- that is exactly what happened with Camryn, she got some awful tears in her bottom from huge poos, would be screaming in agony trying to push poo out for well over 30 minutes sometimes, was literally like giving birth the poor wee soul. The movicol was fantastic, GP said what happens is their insides get stretched after 1st bout of constipation and then their body doesn't get the signal to evacuate bowels until the stretched bowel is full by which time it has hardened up and huge and it's a vicous circle. The movicol keeps the poo soft and makes them go regularly which allows the bowel to shrink back dwn (or their body to grow into it). So they need to be on the movicol for quite a long time, think Cam was on it for nearly a year.

17/05/2013 at 12:48

On computer for 5mins so quick summary:

My Mum still not back on her proper treatment as they can't guarantee she is infection free and she keeps getting awful 24-48hr flare ups which leave her in so much agony she literally can't even get out of bed. She was hospitalised a few days ago as also getting breathlessness and gurgling in her lungs again, like she had before heart surgery. But thankfully they have done a whole battery of tests and her heart is fine, they are putting it dwn to the arthritis so she should be home today. Don't know of they will get her on the treatment soon or up the steroids to help with the flare ups and the breathlessness and her iritis (inflammation in eye also caused by the arthritis, flares up when she gets bad), just have to wait and see.


I had crap week last week, totm was 8days late, but had 7 days of back pain and feeling like crap before it finally came. Not helped by hubby being out of work and stressing about money/mortgage etc etc. There was never any chance i was pregnant by the way, hubby had snip and we have barely spoken to each other the last month let alone anything else.

Didn't run for 5 days straight and although have done all my scheduled runs this wk they have been really hard and i feel achey instead of rested like i should have done after 5days of no running. Think it may be viral, hard to tell as i am hayfevery anyway. But got a 20miler to do on Sunday and then it's taper time.

Right need to go, nursery starts in 13 mins and haven't even brushed her hair, it's onsie day tho so she's dressed.

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