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14/03/2014 at 20:17

Happy birthday to the twins and Isabelle for tomorrow.  Love the picture of all the kids on FB Lotte, you really need to do the same pose every year until they are 18!

Hope the feeding settles soon Pip.  Aww tiny babies, can't believe we'll have another one here soon enough, the last year has absolutely flown by so Os is so far from being a tiny baby now.  He's finally taking steps on his own, a little earlier than Max did but not much, he's 13 1/2 months now and Max was nearly 14 but I think I remember Max taking to it really quickly after his first independent steps whereas Os seems to still think he can't do it.  He most often walks when he thinks no one is watching him!

Caro, have fun shopping tomorrow.  I find now that I'm so out of practice shopping that I'm not very good at it.  Hope you find all you are looking for.  Good result from ebay Camlo, I should try more of that.

TB - 16 weeks already!  Wow that's gone quick, she really is cute.

14/03/2014 at 20:56

How's the weather Hoggle??

14/03/2014 at 22:03

they grow up so fast TTid. watched my baby doing her dress rehearsal for her ballet exam today. she's just 5 and she knew EXACTLY what she was doing. so graceful - moving from one exercise to the next. amazing to watch! i was cr4pping myself as the hair has to be in a bun with no stray hair around. bun net must be same colour as hair etc. i have never done that before but managed it today thankfully - quick purchase of bun hair net this afternoon!

enjoy shopping caro. personally i HATE shopping and buy all of my clothes in tescos / asda!

i'm in the kitchen now waiting for my moroccan chickpea soup to cook. kids asked for a themed evening, so i chose moroccan (they always want indian but only like fairly mild curry and i get bored of that!). so i have made a couscous, a chickpea soup, will do a hummous thing (not really moroccan probably but hey) and also will cook them a tagine in the slow cooker tomorrow (chicken so i won't eat that). anyway, not authentic but who cares. i have made some moroccan flags and we will do a bit of research on the ipad at teatime. they enjoy that sort of thing

time to wash up... booo!

oh and my asda delivery came. different bloke. young, welsh and called Dean. NOT what i was after

14/03/2014 at 22:17

ah and i also promised the kids breakfast in the woods again. E hasn't stopped talking about it since we did it last may day bank holiday!! so as it's going to be dry tomorrow, i said we could go down with our camping stove after ballet (we're back at 10.30am) and cook bacon, eggs and sausages (obvs not vegan, so i shan't be partaking). but this does mean i'm going to have a very food-prep heavy day tomorrow. i need to cook the stuff before i take it down into the woods and just reheat it down there really as i think it will still be too cold and muddy / wet down there really to hang around long. ah well!

15/03/2014 at 08:01

Happy Birthday Isabelle

We had a busy day yesterday with it being the twins birthday and the local fire festival. There was lots on at the school with the junior jarl and squads. Hubby was in a squad and was out all night and Sophie went to a hall with her friends so I haven't seen her yet. Hubby crawled into bed a couple of hours ago and I hope Sophie is safely tucked up at her friends. Me and a friend took our remaining 5 kids out for a Chinese and then she came back here for cake (and wine) while the kids watched a DVD. Now I have a major cake baking session this morning for the party tomorrow.

I was hoping to go down to the boating club with friends this afternoon for a couple of drinks and more Up-Helly-A shenanigans but that will depend how party prep is going and if hubby is fit for looking after the kids!

Enjoy the brekkie in the woods CM!

15/03/2014 at 08:47
I thought up helly was around Dylan's birthday Lotte? Does it vary year to year?
15/03/2014 at 09:09

No the main town one is on Dylans birthday. Then all the rural areas around the isles have their own smaller events too. So Up-Helly-A season lasts from January to March, we like to string out a party!

15/03/2014 at 12:48

sounds fab!

what a morning. up to make the tagine, then off to ballet with E, then back and into the woods. all went well to start with. the cat came with us (as usual), we went to the iron age fort in the woods which has some great banks that the kids can run up and down and the cat explored too. kids ate their cooked breakfast. all great fun. then J went on the rope swing on the tree and as he swung back towards me I managed to scram his eye right on the pupil. he screamed for a good 10 mins. I thought we were off to the eye hospital! but it seems ok now. we decided to come home and at that point E told me she'd had an accident in her pants (seems to happen quite a bit at the moment - no idea why). anyway we walked back the quick way and she face planted outside the house. tore her trousers. blood EVERYWHERE. it transpired she'd knocked a molluscum spot off her knee in the process. but obviously I strip her off in the bathroom - poo and blood EVERYWHERE.

so - remind me why I bothered this morning. J isn't talking to me because I scratched his eye and 'could have blinded him', and E is a wounded soldier. the molluscum site is bleeding loads! hopefully that one will go at least now though.

15/03/2014 at 13:22
Lol CM cheered me up no end, happens to us all
15/03/2014 at 13:37

OMG CM. I thought i had had a bad morning but pales into insignificance besides yours! Hope all calmer now. Happy birthday to Isabelle and the twins again for y'day! Hope you all have great days today celebrating. And the sun is out!! 

What is Up Helly-A?! Forgive the ignorant southerner here! 

15/03/2014 at 19:18
If it makes you feel better CM - I got a child free pass to go out to do some shopping and I'm sitting at petrol station waiting for a now v grumpy hubby to rescue me as I did petrol but forgot wallet - bugger!!!
15/03/2014 at 19:27
Oh and Caro - weather was quite nice yesterday. Pretty windy today but bit of an anti-climax really! Famous last word I suspect!
15/03/2014 at 20:57

Oops Hoggle!  Well I enjoyed my shopping day today,mostly.  I achieved some of what I set out to achieve, which was an outfit for the 2 weddings we have this yr  - so I got a dress and a jacket from Zara

those if anyone is interested.  and given that they tell you the height of the Zara models and I am nowhere nr that height they do look a bit different on me!  However I am pleased - all I need now is shoes, and to figure out what I am going to do about covering my head in the synagogue - buying a hat is not going to happen!  So I am thinking Jackie O glamour puss with scarf and dark glasses or something.

Plus I got a summer dress and a tunic thing from fat face, one of which was on sale so I felt a bit better, and a pair of PJ bottoms from M and S.  Oh yes and a new phone.  My old one was really on its last legs.  It was an ancient blackberry that I had on contract for £13 a month as it was so old.  So I 'upgraded' to a newer model but now only pay £12 a month!  Bargain.  However I have no idea how to work it, and it keeps making annoying noises so need to figure it out!

There is no Debenhams in Westfield I discovered so trundled to M and S to look at bras and get measured, just for the hell of it.  Well the lady who measured me was having a really bad day or hated her job.  She was an oriental lady and she did not crack a smile once!  I mean yes its clearly obvious that I have no boobs and clearly dont really need a bra but there is no need to stare at my non existent chest with a face like a wet weekend.  Needless to say I didnt buy anything, but now I have had it confirmed that I am a 32 AA supposedly I shall go online and get something pretty.

Hubby took the kids to his parents house and got an absolute rocket from his mum because he and I had dared to insinuate that F in L might be dying last time we went over there.  We were both concerned that they aren't necessarily aware how serious his cancer is, as they dont have internet, and we dont know how forthcoming the Drs are being.  All we did was suggest to F in L that he needs to make sure M in L is aware that the prognosis is not good - but apparently they know exactly whats going to happen and they DONT want to talk about it.  Ok then....message received loud and clear!

Ran 4.5 miles today, first run since last Sun, and it felt great

15/03/2014 at 23:00
Thanks for the birthday wishes, she had a great day, but it's been busy...up for presents and birthday breakfast, then a play with some new things. We had an early lunch and birthday cake so I could leave at 1 for a choir rehearsal. My parents picked Isabelle up and brought her to the end of the rehearsal so she could see a bit of the singing (and the whole choir sang happy birthday to her which was quite fun!), then we went into Winchester and met hubby and the other 2 for birthday dinner out. He then took all the children home and I went back to my concert for several hours of pretty exhausting performing. I could do with a rest tomorrow but instead have to sort out the birthday party!!

It was really very sweet this morning. I'd put out balloons and cards that she'd been sent, along with 3 presents from other people and one from us on the kitchen table this morning, and she opened everything and we had breakfast, then all got dressed and pottered around etc. Then about 2 hours after we all got up I asked if she wanted to open her other presents and she looked all surprised and said "are there *more* presents?". She seemed genuinely to think we'd only got her a pack of pens for her birthday, and more importantly, seemed very pleased with them!

CM - hope your children have enjoyed their Moroccan evening and have forgiven you!

Caro - good shopping, and nice outfit!

Hoggle - oops!!

Lotte - glad the twins had a good birthday, and hope the party goes ok!
16/03/2014 at 00:29
That's v sweet that Isabelle is so appreciative of gifts. A friend of mine posed a pic of the pile of present for her 6 year old son on FB. It was a ridiculous pile and that was just the ones from them. Their house is like a toy shop.
16/03/2014 at 07:46

I bought Matilda's present from us last wk.  3 tickets to go and see Matilda the musical. At that price she isn't getting anything else from us unless there is something she really needs.... Her b day isn't till July but wanted to make sure we got the tickets. She does need a new bike but I'm hoping the grandparents can sort that out between themselves......

i have man flu.  Thank goodness this wasnt last wk end, as I feel very sorry for myself.

16/03/2014 at 14:16

Sun sun sun!!!!  Fab bike ride today. Not far as not much time between parents being here, kids nap and heading out to some friends now. But lovely nonetheless. May try sneak an evening run in too round th village. Shall see. Happy weekends all! 

16/03/2014 at 17:58
Gorgeous day here too. Out to rugby this morning then in the garden this afternoon - mowing sadly! Kids had swimming this afternoon. J did his 800m badge. Poor lad is knackered. I asked him in the car on the way home what he fancied for tea (they had a roast at lunchtime). He said "have you got any crab claws?" Wtf! Crab claws??? Funnily enough I am fresh out of crab claws lol
16/03/2014 at 20:54
Argh. Why is Jacob awake and crying???? The child has played 3 games of rugby, run around outside all day. And swum 800m. Why can't he sodding well sleep???!???!?!??
16/03/2014 at 21:09

Oh dear, poor J - and poor you! JP does that trIck sometimes too - he is like a Duracell bunny. Always seems to be on a Sunday night. sending sleep dust your way! Hope E is OK now after her trauma!

another lovely day here too. No run for me as I am full of the snots and Ben was working. Did get out for a nice walk though. Little miss went to sleep and JP had a good run around. 

Caro, outfit looks fab, sure it will look great on you

vixo, that's really sweet of Isabelle, so lovely when they are appreciative



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