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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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18/05/2013 at 08:25

just go slow if you use any stimulant laxative (like senna), can cause awful cramp and pain. 

Saw the Dr last night as feet and hands are internittently numb too- thinks muscular so carry on rest andpainkillers. hardly slept and this morning hubby has helpfully observed that I have put weight on. Thanks. 

18/05/2013 at 08:39

Cheers hubby, Camlo  - top ten things never to say to a woman, lesson 1, page 1!

TT - yes it was the World Student Games, in 1991 I think.  It will be so sad to see it knocked down but the council just haven't got the money for the renovations it needs. Given the whole "Olympic legacy" carp though, you'd think someone could come up with around £700,000 which I think is what it needs.

JT - yeay to feeling better , scary to know how bad you were now though.

I'm just charging my Garmin (forgot last night!) before heading off to Clumber Park for this Trailblazer 10k.  My wave doesn't start till 11.45am so I've just had a big bowl of porridge and will stop and buy a banana on the way to have before and a sandwich for after.  Such an awkward time to race - waves are 15 mins apart!!  I've also put myself in the sub-55min one so we'll see how that goes, given my best is 57:07!  Forecast was rain but it's looking drier this morning so should be good running conditions.

Better go and get sorted really... Nicky woken up full of snot too and hubby and I have had headaches and sore throats and ulcers (me) over this past week.  Half-term next week - yippee.

Caro - hmm I've got a few to get through yet then .  I thought the osteopath would say he couldn't do anymore for me, but he keeps making another appointment...I'll have to ask him what he thinks.  I know he's still trying to loosen off my lower back so maybe that's why.

18/05/2013 at 09:07

Wow JG now I feel ancient!  I was there before the trams too. 

I call a draw between Max and Oscar. I don't think M has even been asleep but he was at least quiet in his room until O started fussing. O still has nasty cough and this is bugging him too. Now 4:00am. Fed O, put Max back in his room but he is still chatting away. O coughing horribly, my throat awful too  grrrr, just want some sleep. 

18/05/2013 at 09:09

Sorry, meant to say JG, good luck in your 10k today. 

Mr TT still snoring but will swear blind to me in the morning that he got no sleep

18/05/2013 at 09:37

Go for it, JG!  If the last month has taught me anything it's not to care so much about the outcome of races.  Enjoyment is going to be my main motivator from now on!

Thanks for all the advice re. softening poo!

I saw that film a while ago, CC - thought it was absolutely brilliant.  Even though there's pretty much only one person in the whole film it was utterly gripping.

TTid, hope your day improves but you're going to be tired, that's for sure!

It's only just gone 9:30 and I've already done a taxi service drive to the rowing club, come back and had a shower, and off to swimming in about 20 minutes.  Just getting some toast down Kit because breakfast was at 7am and he'll be a total grump after swimming if he doesn't have something to eat before we go (and after, don't know where he puts it all!)  Then straight from swimming to pick hubby up, followed by the delights of selling jumble all afternoon (Scout jumble sale - now Kit's a Beaver we have to help out with these things ...)  Then straight from there to Wickes to see kitchen designer again, to see what she's come up with after home visit last week.  Busy day!

18/05/2013 at 11:09

Minks- just did my recovery run + had ur 'how do you run that slow' question playing over in my head 

I am guilty of running recovery runs at a pace that feels comfortable, rather than the 

sloooow pace it tells u too.  So I was determined to do it slow this morn. 

Little steps was the answer, ran as if I was running with a 

toddler at my side

18/05/2013 at 11:19

JG- hope race going well + ur feeling good 

my 10k pb is 56:18 (altho I am sure that was an error, still can't quite believe that time for me) 

Think I am capable of that time now, but not in 2011 when I got it 

My plan for after marathon is a sub 55 10k in my local race in Sept + to do the local trail half marathon in Oct 


18/05/2013 at 14:14

Oh well, waaaaay over in 1.03.36!  But I beat a few others in my wave who were supposedly sub-55 so maybe they lied too .  Actually feel a bit gutted but I ran as hard as I could and it was a trail race, so very muddy and twisty, changing terrain etc, so definitely a slower race than say a road race.  Think my glute seized up after about 6k, suddenly couldn't make my legs go any faster.  Managed to speed up for the last km but again very twisty, through low-hanging trees etc so was the best I could have done I think.  Also a bit lonely as I left the family behind because of the forecast, then it didn't rain at all !

Oh and I also stopped to check a guy was ok who said he was feeling dizzy, and told the next marshall I came to - got to be worth a minute off my time I reckon .  Good to race again though, might just enter another...

I'll have to wait and see how my hamstring/glute is - hamstring was v sore when I stretched after the race, just the wait to see how much it stiffens up.

I loved 127 Hours too by the way - looked away at the bit where he chopped off his arm but otherwise a really interesting film.

18/05/2013 at 17:47

in my book a trail route adds a Good 10mins JG 

so that qualifies as sub 55 in my eyes

18/05/2013 at 19:04

18/05/2013 at 19:24

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18/05/2013 at 21:01

Erm, thanks for popping in "international movers" - on your way now ...

So looks like I've missed quite a lot; Minks doing a marathon (fab going even if you didn't get the time you wanted),  TT moving, and nasty black clouds (hope they clear for everyone soon), and talk of soft poo!

JG - well done on your race, definitely sounds like you should knock a few minutes off for the terrain. I'm doing my first off road race next month and was wondering how far off my road race time I'm going to be - after your report I'm definitely not holding out any hope of a PB over the distance. Hope you're rewarding your efforts tonight with some well deserved vino.

TT - boo to the poorlies in your house, hope you all feel better soon.

Caro - saw your message about the Gunpowder Mills, we went last year on fireworks night (they do a bit display in the evening), kids loved it but I would like to go back when it's not so bloomin' freezing outside.

So I did my long run this morning as not sure if I'm going to get a run in at all tomorrow as I'm out with the girls at my godson's first holy communion which is on the other side of London. As it's close to my mum's I'll have to pop in to her too so probably won't be back til pretty late. So 10 miles done today averaging 8.38mm which is pretty much identical to the speed I did last week but boy do my legs ache today. Probably wasn't helped by the fact that I then didn't sit down all day until Doctor Who at 7pm. Hubby held his first kids-fit trial session today which I had to video for his assesment as the final part of his YMCA course to allow him to teach fitness stuff to kids. So we had nine 5 and 6 year olds in the park taking part in the session. Rather him than me though, most of the kids behaved really well and were totally up for the games but some of the girls just couldn't be bothered. On the whole I think he handled it really well though so fingers crossed it's good enough for a pass.

On a sadder note though, my cat is dying . This last year she's been losing weight continuously and has gone blind and in the last couple of days she's now stopped eating and is struggling to walk. My dad thinks I should get her put down but even thinking about it makes me cry . I know she's only a cat but I've had her for longer than I've had any of my children and longer than I've known hubby so very sad to think of her not being here . Off to give her some strokes now ...


18/05/2013 at 21:43

Poor you Karen, sounds like your cat has had a long life but its so sad when they go.

Have had some good news here, my SIL had a baby boy today, they have called him Reuben.  V good timing as we will get to see him at half term and hopefully they will be a bit settled by then!


18/05/2013 at 21:44

so sorry Karen, hope she doesn't suffer for long and you are ok. 

Well done JG - i think times only matter when you are on a flat road, anything else (hills, mud, etc) and you shouldn't judge yourself. 

TT - glad you managed to slow it down! 

off to find that film now.... DVD? 

18/05/2013 at 23:10

congratulations Auntie Kinsey

19/05/2013 at 19:27

Poor moggy Karen, sounds as though she's had a lovely life though ((()))

Congrats Kinsey!  My friend's sister had a baby in the early hours and they have called him...Percy Lancelot!!  The poor boy !

Had a bit of a rubbish evening last night (me me me alert) while watching Eurovision (that was entertaining enough!).  I basically found out that 3 people that I met at playgroup and have been to parties with and the odd night out had all unfriended me on FB.  It all sounds really petty but it's the underlying reasons that have really annoyed/upset me.  One said "oops I deleted the wrong person, sorry", another came clean and admitted how awkward it was to explain, then eventually the third did too.  They both basically said they didn't see me anymore as I'd "fizzled out" coming to playgroup (this one helps run it!) and they'd had a cull and just got rid of me.  It's very long and complicated to explain but they cut off another member of their clique last year after a row with one of the members, but I am still friends with her.  So I think that's the reason they've disowned me like this.  I tried not to let it bother me but it does and it makes me cross .  So I've got rid of them all on FB, deleted all but one's numbers (who I doubt I'll hear from anyway) and am just left wondering whether they ever really wanted me there when I saw myself as a friend of theirs.  Makes you very paranoid, that's for sure .  The only good thing is that I never really liked them that much (bit chavvy!) so at least it's given me an excuse to have nothing more to do with them.

19/05/2013 at 21:33

That, JG, is one of the reasons why I only ever do1:1 friendships with women!

19/05/2013 at 21:36

Oh JG, sounds like u are well shot of them but I know what you mean about getting deleted, horrible feeling. You sound lovely so don't worry, it's there loss

ah Karen, so sad when it comes to the end of your pets life, they are a big part of your life so it's ok to feel very sad..........big hugs (((()))).

Kinsey- good news at becoming an Aunty. My sisters SIL had a baby yesterday also -Archie.

well done to Minks on her marathon & JG on her hard 10k. Have I missed any other races????? Hmmmmmmmmm......

Knackered after 3 Nights

19/05/2013 at 21:39

Hmmmmm stupid iPad froze then so couldn't finish what I was writing.

did a 26 mike road cycle this morning then the sun came out and it was very warm, lovely so went on a wee family cycle. Living here is amazing when it is sunny although we walked thro a field down to the river and hubby's legs were covered in ticks, gross.

on a weeks hols now, yay.

its my sportive on Sat. - yikes.

19/05/2013 at 21:48

Lovely weekend down at the farm although a bit manic at times with all of us and now 2 walking children!! God knows what it will be like when my sisters baby arrives!! Drives my Dad a bit mad I think! He prefers them one on one so took Matilda out everyday to shift sheep etc. He also took her on a big walk up to the top of the hills at the back of the farm where my brothers ahses are scattered to introduce her. I had a horribly sinus-y thing which made me feel a bit crap and wanted to hide away!! My brother brought round his new girl friend who is lovely - she's a keeper!! I always worry a bit as he is unable to have children and I hope it never becomes a deciding factor for relationships. Very tough as when do you bring that up?!

Anyway back to work today and an overnight trip this Wed. Feels like endless trips recently but should calm down after this week. Definitely feeling cold here now though so winter is on its way. Boo! Guess it had to happen sometime though! Need t get some warmer clothes to wear in my 'office' as there's no heater!!


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