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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/05/2013 at 22:46

Just to clarify - my friend's sister has had Percy Lancelot, not my sister 

19/05/2013 at 23:25

Karen, sorry to hear about your cat. Pets give us so much that it is always heartbreaking when we lose them

JG - that is pants and such childish behaviour. You seem well shot of them. We still love you xxx

I enjoyed reading people's posts about Eurovision last night. Bonnie Tyler?  Really?rehear what way does she represent British music of today?  Total Eclipse was legendary but that must have been 25 years ago!

Have had hard 4 days moving out of our house. Not sure when I last posted here but looks as though sale going through tomorrow so found a rental to tide us over. 

19/05/2013 at 23:28

We moved to US 3.5 years ago with 3 suitcases. We now have a total house full!  Urgh!  Luckily managed to get sitters for the boys yesterday and today otherwise we stood no chance. Shattered now. Yawn. 

20/05/2013 at 00:28

Poor old moggy passed away this afternoon. Girls and I were out all day at my godson's first holy communion and when we got back hubby was on the doorstep so I knew what had happened. In a way I'm glad it happened today as had already decided that we'd take her to the vet tomorrow otherwise and really don't know how I would have dealt with having to watch her go. Lily was in bits, really upset, Issie pretended to cry because we were crying (but she was actually intrigued by seeing a dead cat), and when I told Anna we were going to bury Mash she asked if we were "doing gardening" with her which made us laugh. House won't be the same without our old cat (reckon she was about 18 yrs) but glad she wasn't suffering for long - really she was fine up until about Friday then suddenly went massively downhill. We've buried her in the garden and the girls all picked flowers to put on the stone we laid on top. Sad day .

20/05/2013 at 09:59

Oh, Karen - how sad for you.  Like losing a lifelong friend.  Just think what I good innings she's had though and what a great life.  I know she will be sadly missed though but it was her time.  Hugs.

JG, well done on your 10K, agree that times don't really count on offroad courses   And boo to the whole being unfriended on FB thing.  Sometimes women can be so nasty (and I do think it's women rather than men generally).  I think I've been unfriended by two of the women I met through antenatal classes - to be honest I never see them and didn't like either of them much anyway so I'm not bothered at all.  I tend to be a bit like CM and only see women friends on a 1:1 basis (although I do go out in a group sometimes with some of my mum friends from school and that seems to be fine).

Did a lovely 10 mile run yesterday morning - glorious sunny morning and quite warm for once, a really nice route (undulating, part road and part offroad) - at 8:33 average pace   Quite pleased with myself for managing to keep to pace and not speed up (it took some focus though!) and it meant I actually made it all the way up the final two miles without stopping (steep uphill back to home) and I can't remember the last time I managed that!

Hubby's birthday today so need to think of something nice to have for dinner tonight


20/05/2013 at 11:37

oh dear to Percy Lancelot, poor soul

20/05/2013 at 11:53

Karen, so sorry about your puss. 

As for Percy - I hear Percy and see Blue Peter gardener Percy thrower!! Or Percy pigs. Yum. 

20/05/2013 at 12:12

Yes, meant to say OMG to Percy Lancelot!  Seriously??

20/05/2013 at 14:37

Haha. Quite often I start reading a post and forget who wrote it and have to go back to check. At the mention of Percy Pigs I immediately thought EF!!  ;-)

Sad news Karen but all for the best. At least she went peacefully and you didn't have to take her to the vet (()). 

OMG is there anything worse than moving house?  Oh yes, moving house with 2 small children, a few days notice, into a teeny tiny house, lots of sleepless nights, a bad cough (all of us) and a company to run (for which by the way our remaining employee is on holiday this week....).....with the knowledge that we will be doing it all again within a few months (maybe twice). Shoot me now!

20/05/2013 at 14:39

Yep - my friend can't believe it either!!

 to losing your cat Karen, but it is good that it happened so quickly.  Our old moggy, Ted, died about 2 years ago very suddenly on the sofa - literally one minute snoozing, the next gone, which was the nicest possible way he could have gone.  He was about 20.

Yes I've always preferred male company to female. I think I feel really insecure and jealous/competitive in female groups and have to tell myself not to be silly when it's a group I know really well!  Thanks TT   I'm thinking of writing a thesis on the psychological impact of Facebook on friendships .  It is funny though now you can go through and "rank" your friends in terms of how close you are, sort of forces  you to make decisions you wouldn't normally consciously do.  Or when someone says (as they did today) "you haven't hidden me I hope!" it makes you think "Ooh heck I hope I haven't, otherwise what am I going to say?"! 

Well done on the run too Minks 

The nurse is coming this evening as a follow-up to this health survey I'm taking part in (the one where I had to confess how much I'd drunk the previous week and was told I weighed way more than I thought!) to do things like take my blood pressure, measure my hips and waist (should be fun ) and take a saliva sample.

Hubby was up in the night worried because his chest and his right arm hurt - his dad had a heart attack in his forties (hubby's nearly 36) but we decided it's your left arm that hurts if you're having a heart attack.  It must really bother him to wake me up in the night in case it was something serious .

20/05/2013 at 20:07

Hey ladies. Been a while since i posted. Busy time work wise and the anniversary of my mother in laws death. anyway, I'll read back a bit and catch up. Karen - sorry to hear about your cat. Hugs. Sounds like your kids were very brave. And JG - FB is getting like a teenage school play ground by the sounds of it! 

pleased to hear about the good runs. And well done on your 10k JG. hope house move goes ok TTid. We're about to put our house in the market. Could be A crazy ill timed move given pregnancy but we are just so short on space now. 

Had a sneaky scan the other week. All looked ok and I found out the sex - another little boy!!!! I am over the moon as that was my v v slight preference. Tad disappointed it wasn't a girl even with that preference but I think that it probably a good reaction. Anyway, off to read back now. 

20/05/2013 at 20:26

hi Brookie was thinking you hadn't been on but then I see you pop up on fb so I know you're ok. Whoop to another boy . fab news. are you all finished up at work then? In so jealous!! 

20/05/2013 at 20:27

t tid hope moving out was not too stressful and JG been meaning to say well done on your 10k. 

20/05/2013 at 20:37

Sad about puss cat Karen, but sounds like the time had come.......I wish my Wilbur could just stay how he is now forever, as I don't want to think about him not being around anymore.

Great news Brookie!  

Just saw Tatty's scan pic on FB so looking good for her too.

EF I have so lost track, when are you due?  When do you find out about the exam?

Matilda proceeded to make her parent's heart beat a little faster yesterday by giving herself a hole in the head with concussion.  We were in Battersea Park where we'd never been before, and there was this rope swing that you swing on and land on a cargo net.  She had one go and was going to join the queue to have another and without thinking she walked right into the path of a boy on the swing and his foot caught her on the head.  She wailed and screamed for well over half an hr, then did lots of wimpering,  and was very subdued.  She had a pea sized hole in her head that I can only assume came from a studded boot, not sure if her head hit the ground as well but she hit the deck pretty hard.  Of course we were miles from home, and not even v nr a tube station, so we slowly walked to a bus stop, and once on the bus she sat on my lap and kept falling asleep, so I kept waking her up and asking if she was ok.  She then said she felt sick, so out came the nappy bags, but of course the sick went anywhere but!  We were both pretty covered,  Managed to get her on the tube, and were planning a trip to A and E once home, but she slowly started perking up and then asked what was for supper, so I knew she was ok.  Today at school she skipped PE and stayed in at lunch and seems fine, and the hole seems to be healing and even if it does leave a mark it's right nr her hairline.

Right, should be doing something useful I'm sure!


20/05/2013 at 20:40

tried to post yesterday but it lost it. meant to be doing some Pilates lesson plans having done Cub pick-up so for once in my life will try and be brief!!

(((()))) to Karen re the cat though

YAY to succesful scans - brookie and TattyB

Facebook - agreed totally playground-tastic I think now, and JG - friends like that are not really worth the energy of worrying about. Well done on the 10km race though.

Orienteering yesterday - a light green course and I did OK actually, not fast but only one major f*ck up!! so I think I'm improving.

Long run done today, about 21 miles I think, poss a bit more. Was really boring in the main has was in my regular forest but had to do big loop of the perimeter which is just fairly flat tracks, never thought I'd say I find hills way more fun!!  So did some hill loops in the last couple of miles - the last 4 miles of my race are a descent all the way to Aviemore so quads will get a right trashing. Avg 9.4mm throughout but clocked two 7min miles right at the end

right, need to chase son into bed and get this pilates stuff sorted ... working on a website too - eek!

20/05/2013 at 20:41

and yes TTid, I imagine moving with two wee ones is pretty stressful.

We did major house renovations when I was expecting S - nothing like having all the plaster ripped off the walls and filling the house with dust - in January

20/05/2013 at 20:46

Cc I am always so impressed at the number of what I would term really long runs you seem to bash out! 

Caro poor M.  The swing lesson is a hard one and I guess she won't do that again but a sore one just the same. Relieved she seems ok. Nightmare re the sick tho! 

I'm due 2/8. Will be 30 weeks on Friday! Find out about exams this week probably. Gulp. I am never sitting another one. I can't stand it. Esp when I found out everyone else got at least 3 days of study leave and I squished in a few hrs here and there! 

20/05/2013 at 21:22

Oh that's so annoying JT, esp when you know others would have loved the chance.

Re the orienteering - hmmmm - don't think it's quite that good yet!!  Was pleased as I beat the girl I run with sometimes - she is super-speedy but her nav is as dodgy as mine! In fact we are so well-matched we have agreed to do a mountain marathon together next - oh lord - how lost will we get!!

EF - impressive ... hmmmm, just stupid I think. 30 weeks ... wow

Caro - blimey, that sounds a cracker. So hard to know when to go to a&e and when not to.  I think we have had several times when we've decided not to and I KNOW other friends of mine would have been there like a shot. But when J fell of the chair and got the spiral fracture, one look at his face as he sat on the floor was enough to tell me we had a problem. Hope she heels up nicely though, at least in hair line.

20/05/2013 at 21:23

Just popping in to say congrats to TB!!  Hadn't realised Baby TB2 was on the way!!  Lovely scan pic!


Congrats too Brookie!


(back to lurking!! )

20/05/2013 at 21:41

Hi Chynah!

aidan fell and cut his chin over the bank hol weekend, it just looked a bit grim to be left so A&E taped it up and its healed really neatly.  I rang 111 to see where I should take him (community hosp or St. Peter's) and was asked the most insane list of questions ever which even went on after I had said, he has no other symptoms, just a cut, where do I take him.  

Caro glad she was ok, blood injuries and concussion are scary!

EF - 30 weeks, hooray!

Karen, sorry to hear about your cat, but probably nicer than having to summon the vet xx

brookie, exciting to be having another boy!  My two are already trying to wrestle like puppies, too cute!

JG - yuk to your ex friends, they sound unpleasant.  Better off without them!

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