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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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20/05/2013 at 22:09

Helloooooo Chynah - hope you are well? Good to see you still lurk

20/05/2013 at 22:20

I really can't be dealing with the whole 111 rubbish, it just shows that we are a nation of people with no common sense!  I can't believe some of the things people go to A and E for, now wonder it's at breaking point!  Rant over.

hi chynah, saw cute pcs of your two on FB the other day. So grown up!

20/05/2013 at 22:23

What's 111? do we have it up here? We have nhs 24 who have a crazy long phone number which I couldn't see to dial the day I had the low blood pressure flashing lights issue!  

20/05/2013 at 22:58

Aww thanks Caro - Eric is quite a mover!  Matilda looks so grown up too (love oogling piccies on FB!!)

Hi Kinsey, CC and EF (wow 10weeks to go!!)   

and Karen sorry to hear about your cat

 and everyone else - I do lurk almost every day but never seem to have much interesting to post (not having the best time here ) so tend to follow you all on FB instead!  

I am still running though and did Bognor 10K on Sunday and still planning Bournemouth Mara so will definitely be back for tips once I get my head straight! xx

20/05/2013 at 23:10

Chynah remember you can offload on here too if you need somewhere to vent. We all do it! (())

21/05/2013 at 02:38

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21/05/2013 at 11:30

Same sort of thing EF, it replaced NHS Direct which was in fact fairly useful when I used it.  It sounds like 111 have to ask this enormous list of questions regardless of why you are calling - my friend who was trying to find her local surgery had the same nonsense.

21/05/2013 at 11:52

I used NHS direct a couple of times and they were really quite good - esp the time when J was 4 months old looked like he was going down with conjunctivitus - day before we flew to US for two weeks, and it was Boxing Day!!  via them managed to get prescription to take to chemist etc.

Agree people seem to go for most crazy reasons sometimes though.

Chynah - definitely don't go hiding from us, you know we all love a good rant - especially me!

Sleeping really really badly at the moment - think it's just flipping peri-menopausal hormones messing me about but beginning to take it's toll for sure, I feel wrecked and am beginning to look it too!

Lotte - hope you are doing a good job of tapering ...

Legs a bit tired after yesterdays run, paperwork and jobs then out for some kind of easy run - about 8 I reckon.

Pilates class (1) taught anyway.

21/05/2013 at 12:53

(((Chynah))). Good to see you. Don't be afraid to come and rant here. It's the only place some of us have to safely rant.

21/05/2013 at 14:51

Easy run + 8miles don't go together in my book 

21/05/2013 at 15:46

The pace was definitely easy, the bit where I went the wrong way in the woods and had to hurdle over dead trees and stumble along overgrown tractor tracks on the way back ... not quite so easy!  Lovely on outward leg though as was along beach and not a soul to be seen.

Swimming lesson joys now - sooooo hot in the watching/waiting area ... Pilates (2) later tonight

One of my ladies brought her 15-year-old daughter along today - she wanted to help make her aware of her posture as she's tall with a decent chest and already starting to round down into herself ... was interesting and got me thinking about the whole thing of body awareness and perception in young girls etc. Esp as Pilates focusses more on how you feel before you think about how you look ... sorry, random ramble there but just thinking of ways to try and avoid some of these body issues we come across today in young girls etc

21/05/2013 at 16:35

CC- you just made me sit up at my desk and engage my lower abdominals Can you mention core every time you come on please?! Still struggling to find a pilates class suitable, physio said I must do a beginner class where they are very hands on, she said I need it to be boringly slow! She spent all our last session with the ultrasound on me trying to get me to engage just my lower abs/pelvic floor etc. I was useless at it so have lots of exercises which I'm already slacking on. Hence the need for pilates class! Apparently I clench everything too much?! Also looks like I may need to go to specialist about my PF if it doesn't improve. Rather depressingly and despite no running, I have general pains around my right knee and leg when I just walk too much or even sit crosslegged too long.

Enough moaning! Was also going to say as TangyT said that 8miles is never easy! Great running though CC. I continuously waver between being jealous or inspired to get better when I read all the great running on here.

I'm also in the raging hormones group with CC and Tt. No period for 2 months now and feels like I'm permanently pmting. Surely I have a few more years before I'm perimeonpausal. Might even want another baby sometime!

Trying to remember last page... Karen so sorry about your puss cat. Made me well up remembering when I had to take our old girl to the vets, still seems to recent but was week before Rosie was born so over a year ago. It is some comfort when they go quickly though.

TT- hope all house move stuff goes as smoothly as it can with 2 little ones. And Brookie, fingers crossed for a quick move! I hardly know anyone who hasn't moved/done major renovations when pregnant or with new baby. Is it nesting instinct or just that we all need a kick up the arse of an expanding family to get things done?!

Ef- well done on exams and cannot believe only 10weeks left!

Caro- ouch to head wound! I am also of the inclination not to go to a&e or even the drs unless absolutely necessary. when kids are sick, hubby often says 'if theyre still poorly tomorrow we should go to the dr' meaning me! So we rarely go. Did go about Rosie's nasty ezcema patches but got given the usual diprobase bollox, at least on perscription though

Chynah, keep in touch and do have a rant! I was considering the bournemouth marathon, does look flat! but as injury drags on seems unlikely. Still got the date in my diary though as thought could do the half if able.

Kinsey - think you mentioned hatchlands and NT? My nt membership is def worth it as I go to claremont a lot, only 5mins drive away, girls love it there and would otherwise be £10 a time. We go to places at the weekend too though, polesden etc.

Right, should be working.... Had a great birthday weekend! Birthday (friday) was usual pants of me shouting at the kids, my mum was down and 'helped', definitely was worse behaviour all round with her there (from me included). But had scrummy meal out in the evening at my fave local restaurant which has the best puddings (I even got to eat spotted dick as it was made with veggie suet!). Then half day off with hubby on Sat while relatives babysat. Amazing lunch at Nopi in Soho, then off to westfield to potter, then cinema for StarTrek, where I drank most of a bottle of red wine and a family sized bag of m&ms (yes, the whole bag ). Even had some more of my birthday cake in bed when we got home at midnight

sorry, waffling, must work!!

21/05/2013 at 18:16

LOL about your husbands comments about 'we' should go to the drs, it's the same here. Don't think he's ever set foot in a doctors surgery with a child in eight years!

Pilates is s-l-o-w hence why many people find it boring and a bit tedious!!  But slowing the moves right down really emphasises the work going on in the areas concerned, more resistance etc.  Definitely try and find a class that is small otherwise the instructor can't really see what's going on. The one I was going to before I started doing it myself used to have up to 15 people in there and she did a lot of lying down demonstrating but then couldn't see what people were doing! I think the best classes I've been in have a max of 10 people but 6-8 would be a luxury I reckon. 

Glad you got some kind of me/couple time over the weekend for birthday celebrations, despite 'assistance' from your mum!!

If we lived South we'd be making so much more use of our NT cards - but they are fantastic when we go down to visit family and friends and on holiday - last year in just three weeks of the summer holidays I got my money's-worth and more so that's why I hang onto it.

Have definitely started a bit more research on perimenopause as I am sleeping so badly, night sweats etc etc ... sigh ...

21/05/2013 at 18:54

No CC, NO!  You are the same age as me, we cannot be heading into menopause already!  As Sonya said, might even want another little one......

21/05/2013 at 20:28

Definitely NO!  I am older than all of you (I think) and dont fancy menopause yet!

21/05/2013 at 20:38

Hey again, thanks for all good wishes - nice to be missed. Speaking of which, nice to hear from u chynah. Posts don't have to be interesting! It's jus nice to hear from folk. EF - wow 30 wks. Tatty - how many are you now? 


Caro - you stayed so calm with M by sounds of it. I think I'd have freaked. Head wounds and head injuries generally freak me out. Probably partly my job - EF do u find the same

CC - no idea how u knock out those runs week on week. V impressed. Sonya - birthday souneed good. And yeah, u r probably right about people moving house or renovating whilst pregnant or with babies! 

is anyone else's iPhone now doing absolutely bananas auto corrects at the minute? Posting on it is getting so irritating and it used to be fine! 

21/05/2013 at 20:47

Urgh to hormones being bonkers.  My skin is in meltdown - think its hormones now I'm not bf so much, it did it after Martha but not after Aidan.  The doc then said it was atopical eczema - hopefully its calming down.

Flying to Dublin next week with hubby and 3 kids.  Think we are taking B's carseat and the boosters for M&A, any tips on anything I should be thinking about?  Feel like a novice traveller as I havn't been on a plane for ages!  We are just taking the fold up pram for B.  

Lotte - the thought of packing for 6 makes me boggle by the way, 3 is more than enough for me!

21/05/2013 at 21:30

Kinsey we have boostapack for Lou which is a car seat and rucksack combined. it holds enough for her to be entertained with. Or friends recommend bubble bum which is inflatable car seat. I'm just thinking they might be easier? Tho costly! 


Brookie I catastrophise everything in my mind these days! It affects everything.  Poor Lou gets wrapped in cotton wool a bit and it really is just a result of reading about accidents all day every day! 

21/05/2013 at 22:00

I despair of my skin too, thought as I got older I would get over all that stuff (was very oily as a teenager/early 20s), so now it still looks quite youthful but get rosacea spots instead which itch like crazy at times!!! PERImenopause kind of gets started before the real deal kicks in ... apparently that can be worse than the final event ... here is hoping!! Not everyone gets these things though but my hormones have always been rather 'sensitive' shall we say.

Has Lotte posted? I can't see anything from her ... maybe I've got her on ignore?

Dreaded dentist appt in the morning - eek.

I just have lots of snacks and a bag full of colouring, stickers, books etc. Usually by the time we've done the whole settling in, emergency spiel, each child wanting toilet at separate times etc it's time to land on these internal flights. I always think security is the most stressful what with all the shoe-taking off and bag checking etc. Where are you flying from?

21/05/2013 at 22:42

We're off to Sweden next wed evening from city which is less than 8 miles from home, so easy.  We land late and our friends car is too small for us so we shall be getting a taxi, but apparently all taxis have 1 car seat as standard and its easy to book one with a second.  WI'll only be doing public transport whilst there as we're going to their holiday home on some island in the Stockholm archipelago, which has no traffic, no running water, and a generator!  Hope it's warm.......haven't really thought much about what to bring yet, not too much as we'll only be there for 4 days/5 min ghats.  Matilda will be fine on the plane,  Eric will be a pain I imagine as he won't want to sit still!

just been to pilates, only 8 people in my class usually, and it is a Pilates studio.  There are 4 teachers and all it does is Pilates, so they are v good. Me get a Pilates newsletter once a month, encouraging us, and they always profile one client and talk about how Pilates has benefitted them.  Fortunately they haven't asked me!

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