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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/03/2014 at 07:48
TMI alert: day 5 of egg free, wheat & dairy almost free ( have had small bits) and I did a toothpaste poo instead of a cow pat. Woohoo! Lol
21/03/2014 at 08:13

hahaha Tt! i am finding my poos are more like cowpats now that i'm following a nearly vegan diet. i still have a bit of milk in tea a couple of times a day, but other than that i'm egg, dairy, and pretty much wheat free too (have the odd pitta bread). and obviously meat and fish free too. lots of vegetables here - i think they are the culprits. plus nuts and dried fruit for snacks. and oh and chickpeas and lentils... hmmm, not hard to see why really is it??

21/03/2014 at 09:43

hello everyone

Ok where to start.  You miss a day or so on here and so much happens.

Hoggle - I can understand how you feel about your husband.  The out of work thing is really hard and stressful.  You can't help but take it personally, even though it isnt.  People say things like 'just enjoy the time off' but i never could until i had secured something and knew i had a job to go to.  I did some contracting for a few years and never enjoyed the lack of security.  I hope he gets something soon.  In the meantime, I guess all you can do is support him and cut him some slack when required.  

TT - I hope the mortgage gets approved and it all goes through ok.  Building work is blummin stressful.  We did a loft conversion and new kitchen/bathroom just over a year ago and it was horrible, predictably took loads longer than it should etc etc.  At the time I hated it, i argued with my husband on a daily basis BUT now its lovely and was worth it.

CC - sounds like the sports massage was good.  I've had some sessions where i have had to resort to birth type breathing as its so painful but they work.  I am often bruised after, but i bruise stupidly easily.

On my side, things are ok.  I am managing to get some sleep as i head off to bed early and leave Isaac with my husband for a few hours.  He gives him a bottle and then brings up him upstairs.  He is up a few times in the night but so far goes back to sleep.  It's early days though and we must be due a rough night soon...  I am also trying really hard to stay away from cakes and biscuits and stick to regular portions of healthy food.  When i had my daughter, i just comfort ate as i was in a blind panic and it took me ages to shed baby weight.  I am determined not to do that this time.  I have a holiday to Turkey at the end of May!! Public swimwear!!

Right crying baby needs feeding.

CM - love the cow pats

Edited: 21/03/2014 at 09:44
21/03/2014 at 09:43

LOL CM and TT! I am dodgy with dairy too - completely went off it when I was pregnant but have reintroduced since because I was worried about getting enough calcium whilst BFing. Sure enough, the cow pats have returned. Need to look at it again and get smarter on non dairy sources. What do you ladies have? I still have soya milk but use normal yogurt and small amounts of cheese. It was quite funny, I was practically an accidental vegan (!) when I was pg - I'm a veggie anyway, but then the dairy went, and I will only eat eggs from our own chickens. 

Oh Hoggle, poor you! Hope hubby finds something soon, it must be so stressful for you both x

CC - grrrr to useless hubbies! Ben is sometimes a bit like that when he has his head in his work. I might ask him to do something really small, like hold G while I go to the toilet and he wants to 'just send this email' - erm, NO!!

off out for a plod with G now in the sunshine

21/03/2014 at 11:43

5 miles done - it was windy! 

21/03/2014 at 12:04

wow well done TB! 5 miles is awesome!

i use soya milk for my muesli soaking but other than that don't use any substitutes. i have never eaten yoghurts much (they are ok but i can live without them), and i just don't bother with any cheese substitutes. i am sure there probably are some that are pallatable but they will be expensive and also i am trying to do simple eating - not eating anything processed, so i don't really want to eat artificial cheese, if you see what i mean. i justify the soya milk as it's fortified with vitamins, plus i like it (you see how inconsistent i am!)

21/03/2014 at 13:21
Soya milk and almond milk here too. Yes I suspect dairy is main culprit here, after eggs, my eldest had always had soya milk as she was a bit lactose intolerant when she was younger and just doesn't like the taste of milk now. She eats cheese now but lactose intolerance is one of those that can vary in its severity. Some people can't touch the stuff, some can have half a pint if milk and b fine but anymore and they're on the loo. Caro how much dairy do u eat? Just wondering as u said u have the cow pat problem too and also had a child with lactose intolerance. My Mum reckons I was lactose intolerant as a child but didn't really know about it then, she just knows I had a lot of bellyache as a baby, didn't really tolerate bottles very well. Was premature too so that doesn't help with tummy issues as baby.
Anyway will stay off the wheat another couple of weeks and then introduce it again and see how it goes. Will forget the eggs and dairy except for occasional treats. We do have a lot of coeliac disease in the family too which is why I included wheat.
21/03/2014 at 14:28

Funny, I am pretty sure I am OK with cheese too, but it is much lower in lactose. I think yogurts are the worst thing for me even though I love them. I do wonder about G being lactose intolerant as she has been quite colicky for the last few weeks (since I started eating yog again). She will go a day with no poo, then be in pain for a few hours the next day, then poo for Britain - (sorry TMI) really runny stuff that gives her bad nappy rash so I guess it must be acidic? It isn't every day - she goes through this cycle once every few days. I am seeing the HV for the weaning chat next week so will see what she thinks.

21/03/2014 at 14:47

I eat tonnes of dairy, butter (none of the fake olive spreads in our house!) cheese, milk, cream, ice cream.  I used to joke that mky 5 a day were 5 different dairy things a day.  I'm sure it contributes to the cow pat issue but I can live with that rather than give up dairy - no way!  I have tried soy milk just as a phase once and it's vile.  M would only drink the flavoured soy milk when we did the non dairy with her, which I'm sure is full of sugar and all sorts. 

21/03/2014 at 14:55
Caro - I like the unsweetened soya milk best. I must be weird. I buy the value stuff from aldi and asda. Don't like provamel at all. I am not keen on dairy generally. I don't like it much - guess that helps. Plus find it a bit weird that we drink the milk products of another animal. Plus I know that there are implications that countries with high dairy consumption actually have higher rates of osteoporosis than countries where less dairy is consumed. So I think it isn't necessarily the answer for calcium that we think it is. Plus if we are intolerant and doing cow pat poos or worse, I worry that other stuff is transiting our guts too quickly and not getting absorbed. So actually we could be leaving ourselves with malabsorption issues. Who knows anyway? I mainly ate shite till recently so I can't really talk can I??
21/03/2014 at 15:41
Yes I agree CM, plus I think food intolerances get worse as get older so don't really want that, would rather cut dwn and protect my guts. My brother has problems with dairy too, only has it at Xmas cos I make a damn good New York cheesecake. Will need to see if can make a dairy substitute version or at least lactose free version.
21/03/2014 at 15:58

Life's too short to give up cream

21/03/2014 at 16:01

caro - bleurgh. i don't like cream! greasy, slimy and yucky!

21/03/2014 at 16:15

I could drink it by the bucket load!

21/03/2014 at 16:27
I only have cream at Xmas, don't eat yoghurts much and although I love cheese I don't eat it much cos of the calories, although I do like cathedral city cheese spread and Philadelphia but have substituted guacamole and houmous in their place and I love them just as much. Don't mind soya or almond milk in tea and coffee and can live without the occasional cheese and pickle sandwich. Camryn hates cheese sauce so I always make pasta with pesto for her when everyone else having macaroni, so just make same for me and the wheat free pasta is fab now, used to b awful stuff.
21/03/2014 at 18:14

Ladies, your cow pat talk put me off my brekkie this morning

With you on the dairy, full fat all the way, love thick yog, eat cheese and drink choccie milk lots. Love cream but don't have it that often. I don't eat cereal so don't have milk but kids all have full fat milk. So lucky that so far none of our kids have any food intolerances apart from Dylan's allergy to kiwi. 

Hope the cake baking went well CC. Enjoy the party  . Might have to get the name of that guy and see if I can book an apt next time I'm in Abz.

Great running TattyB.

Love those new baby days Pip, enjoy them. Hard work at the time but makes me broody thinking about new baby snuggles.

TFI Friday. This was a week from hell. But we survived and I am a glass of white down  but with a 30 miler planned for tomorrow my limit will have to be 2 glasses!

21/03/2014 at 18:31

Bimey TurboT you have a lot on your plate at the moment. We would like to do a kitchen/conservatory type extension but the thought of the brain power it is going to take freaks me out, never mind the money side of it.

Camlo, glad you got out yesterday. Whats your next race?

Hoggle, sympathies with hubby situation. I am sort of still there with my hubby. He does have work but it is not very safe although funding has been extended for the short term. Rejections are never easy. He was reserve candidate for the job of his dreams which was tough.

I am not one for admitting that I am finding things tough but I don't know if I can carry on like this. Working three days on top of our busy chaotic life isn't really working for me but unless hubby can find a better paid job we have no option. I am so tired, I feel like I have lost my spark just now. and just feel like I am never on top of anything. I'm not as good a mum as I used to be because I am permanently shattered. House is a tip. I am always forgetting things.  I am not giving my best at work. I am not the best runner I could be because I have to compromise that. I never have time for anything that is not run of the mill routine. My running is my me time, so I know at least I get me time but even my running is starting to feel like a chore.  and I am too exhausted to even think half the time. Next week I have a competition to organise for the athletics club, Scottish swimming membership returns to do for our swimming club, and packing for 8 for a skiing holiday next week on top of the last week of term parents evenings and things. But at least this time next week we will be on the boat heading away. Maybe it is just that I need my holiday!

21/03/2014 at 19:30
Lotte - I don't think any of us will be the slightest bit surprised you feel like that!! Maybe it would be a good idea to look at all the activities the kids do and try and cut down on a few so you have at least one or two evenings a week when you're not out ferrying them around? I know you like them to do lots of activities, but they shouldn't be doing them all at the expense of your sanity! I hope you have a really fantastic holiday, although I can well imagine that sometimes the organising must make you wonder if it's all worth it - I feel like that and only have 5 of us to sort out! We had the chance to go to a conference in Amsterdam in may but when it came down to it I just couldn't be bothered to organise the children, flights, hotels, transport etc. We're going to go to the one in Brighton in October instead!

I'm pretty sceptical of the 'intolerance' market and my cynical head thinks a lot of it is generated by companies wanting to sell their expensive 'free from' products, but as with anything I'm sure it's a case of whatever works for you. All I'll say is that cow pat consistency is pretty good - that's exactly how a gastroenterologist once described the 'perfect poo' to me (and that's not something you type all that often!).

I popped into ikea today whilst I was in town with the little two as I wanted some fabric, and found some fab new stuff they've got - it's white fabric with a design printed all over which you can colour in. Typical ikea print with lots of different things going on - houses, castles, boats, flowers, birds etc - so lots of fun, and sets of fabric pens to go with it. ??7 a metre for the fabric, and ??1.75 for the pens so really not expensive, and you can buy as small a piece of fabric as you want. The girls thought it was great and I've said I'll make Isabelle's into something for her when she's coloured it in - cushion, pencil case etc. Definitely worth looking out for if you're near an ikea and like that sort of thing!
21/03/2014 at 19:33

I love unsweetened soya milk too! Aldi's version is fab. And cheap too Funny what you say about intolerances getting worse as you get older, TT - my Dad stopped having any dairy products when he was about my age as he just couldn't stomach them. Must be in the genes! I'm in the yuck to cream camp, always have been. I love cheese though, and yogurt - always full fat - but don't like ice cream at all. bleugh. 

Ben away tonight so going to do a starfish in the bed will get JP off to bed soon. G conked at 630 after only having two 40 min naps today (standard for her tbh). 

Lotte - you definitely sound like you need a holiday! And wine. And chocolate! Xxx

Camlo    pirate
21/03/2014 at 20:03

Lotte i was about to say exactly the same thing about cowpats being good!! Wish i could poo without half my insides popping out with it..... dairy (and everything else eg bananas) affects people differently so while they may cause the runs in one person they may bung another. As a HV i would advise mums to be careful about limiting any food group but if you do your research and are reasonably bright (ie most of us on here) you can experiment safely and find what works. Most find it isnt a particular food group but maybe 1 or 2 items/ amount of fluid drunk/ amount of activity/ age/ family history. 

Pip glad you are getting into a routine, hang in there!

Lotte - keep thinking holiday, holiday, holiday. A friend always keeps thursday evenings as sacred. No clubs, no work, no grocery shopping - just family chill. hard when you rely on your wage. 

Got my wee bike ride in yesterday, was pouring so only managed 8 miles, but with the swimming it was enough to give me sore legs today! 

Bootcamp tomorrow - usually a tempo run which i struggle with, followed by an agonising workout.... Cant wait! 

Races planned - sprint tri in april, might do man v horse mara in June but want to train properly for flanders mara in Sep. 

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