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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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08/02/2013 at 14:26

Struggling to keep up too!  Welcome LankyLiz and By'eck.  I've got Sophie who's 4.5 and Nicky who's 2.5yrs.  I got a free DVD (recommended by Caro I think??) called Pelvicore technique I think though admittedly only bothered to do it once - I can post it to you if you want it?  Otherwise just religiously do your pelvic floor exercises and over time I found the strength did come back, though I still can't do exercise if I even slightly need a wee!  Not sure anything would leak but I don't dare risk it 

Managed to avoid a big row with my sister over the gay marriage thing (luckily not TOTM for me ) but now she thinks her boyfriend isn't a real Christian.  I do worry about her - she's so fanatically religious I just don't think any man is going to live up to her standards, but then she's also very needy and vulnerable underneath so needs a man to lean on.  She's 35 now and is still adamant she's going to marry and have kids one day but I do worry it might never happen for her.

Did Cardio Blast (aka Body Attack) followed by pilates last night and I ache today!

CC - pilates advice please!  It's obvious when I do pilates, and I've suspected it for a while, that my right hip is not nearly as strong as my left, and I get mild pains down that leg into my knee when I drive or after I've been running (more stiffness than pain after running).  Are single leg squats the best exercise to do?  We were doing kneeling on all fours putting one arm and one leg out then bending the arm and the leg last night (if that makes sense) and I was so wobbly on that side!

08/02/2013 at 16:49
RF- think ur a little bit faster than me, fastest run I have managed recently is 3miles at 9:47mM, most of my runs r between 10 + 11ish mM. Training plan I am about to start is for sub 4:30 +has me doing 8 wks with an interval run then changes to tempo run. At moment I am running my recovery runs + LSR just that little bit too fast, so trying to slow them dwn. 1st interval run is next Wed (wibble) 6x 400m. However Strathearn is a very hilly marathon I believe so not sure if capable of under 4:30 on that route. Generally I run hilly runs better than flatish runs, in training. But not sure if that would b the case over marathon distance. Where I live is incredibly hilly mind so all my runs are hilly, I live at the top of a big hill so no choice, every run over 3miles involves a lot of dwnhill at the start and a lot of uphill on tired legs at the end. Plus I am a stubborn git, cannot stop until I get to the top, even if I want to, my legs just keep going. So fingers crossed I am pleasantly surprised + reach my target, they have cakes at the end so that should spur me on and won't have to endure being squashed onto a train like sardines with lots of sweaty spewing runners til I faint like last yr at EMF. Altho I plan to get my entry in early for EMF 2014 + this time I will b lingering around at the finish line area until the trains are a bit quieter.
08/02/2013 at 17:02

TT I used to always try to find flat races as I thought that would give me a better chance of PB but given that all my training routes (apart from the track!) are hilly I have come to the conclusion that that isn't the case as I have run equally good times on hillier courses. Flat marathons seem to trash my legs more than undulating ones so I guess there is a big aspect of what you are used to.

JG - glad you avoided a fall out with sister. I think most folk have strong/weak side but yes it would be good to find out from our pilates expert how to strengthen and lessen the difference.

So first sitting of tea done for the twins, Reece, Emily, Dylan and nephew Jay and they (minus the twins) have been collected by a friend as it is her turn to do the athletics then on to youth club run. Now to make for the second tea for Sophie and the three friends she has over for tea before I take them to youth club. Then I give up! and hubby, my sister and I are cheating with chinese takeaway before the youth club collection begins. Its really annoying because the younger ones finish at 8.30 but the older ones stay on until 9.30. Bloody inconvenient not just having to do two runs but worse means no wine with tea!

Edited: 08/02/2013 at 17:08
08/02/2013 at 17:15
True lotte, also think if doing hilly runs u use muscles slightly differently throughout the run + it kind of gives them a rest but if on the flat the whole time it fatigues the muscles very quickly.

That is a b*gg*r about all the running about + no wine, altho I am sure I would manage to open a bottle at 10pm.

Need to start doing my single leg squats again too.
08/02/2013 at 20:14

I have a similar run Tangy. yesterdays run was 3.5 miles, with a total climb on 900ft.  Ouch! I'm having a rest day today, despite it being my one day free of moo.  I needed to cook for him in preparation for the kitchen being out of action, and catch up on sleep. I didn't intend to sleep.  I sat on the sofa with my book and kinda realised I hadn't read much 4 hours later

Lotte, how do you manage to juggle so many drop off and collections, and be in the right place?  I find it hard enough trying to do after school club and nursery within 15 minutes.



09/02/2013 at 07:51

Do you know by 'eck sometimes I wonder myself how I manage it! Today is a bit nuts, I've done a 6 mile run first thing (sitting here with brekkie!) then the older three have an inter club swimming comp this morning so I have to be there (20 miles away) for 9.30. I will take all the kids because hubby coaches athletics this morning. The comp should finish about 12 noon then I have to zoom the 6 miles into town to put Sophie to her street dance group (which starts at 12), then quick lunch with friends, then have Emily and Reece back to where the swimming was for 2.30 for their gymnastics, then take Dylan back into town for his football development training at 3pm. At whcih point I am hoping hubby will meet me to take the twins home so that I can do a track session before heading back out to pick up Emily and Reece at 4.45pm and then back into town again for Dylan at 5pm. At some point Sophie will also phone needing picked up or she can walk over and meet me at the track. Then 20 miles drive home. Phew .I will SO be needing that bottle of red tonight!

Anyway better get on, bags to pack and all that. Hope everyone has good weekends.

09/02/2013 at 09:06
We have to go shopping for tiles and flooring for the new kitchen. I've narrowed it down so it's not too traumatic. Kids and shopping don't go very well together
09/02/2013 at 14:23
Kids and shopping? Don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to take all 3 of mine to the shops on my own after Lily's guitar lesson today. Had to get Anna's feet measured and of course neither of the little ones listened to me and spent the whole time running around and grabbing stuff off shelves. Somehow got cajoled into buying them all nail narnish too only for Anna to open hers in the shop when I was buying them a sandwich and spill it on the floor. Then on the way home Issie jumped into the front seat of the car and started pressing buttons and I had to drive half the way home with the hazards on as couldn't find the button to turn them off! Don't know what I was thinking, you're absolutely right by 'eck, kids and shopping just don't mix!
09/02/2013 at 17:38
OMG Lotte- that sounds soooooo complicated, how do you remember it all??!!!! It's so amazing that you also fit in an early morning run & an afternoon track sesh, you are a supermum most defiantly that really is pure hard dedication!
Enjoy tonight's wine, well deserved eh
By'eck- hope the shopping wasn't too traumatic & hmmmmmmm Karen, sounds like fun.............not! Sounds like a day out with my girls! They are a nightmare to go alone shopping with. Best avoided at all costs!
Actually they are driving me nuts at the moment and it is now school hols for a week! Arghhhhhhhhhhhh help me.....
Swimming today, first time since about 3 months. Did just over a mile so chuffed with that. Mostly front crawl with the odd breast stroke length thrown in to recover. People kept on getting in my way, grrrrrrrrrr. Arms were getting tired by the end though.
Shoul have also gone for a run but couldn't be bothered, tut tut.
09/02/2013 at 17:45

First parkrun done .  Pretty slow - had hoped for 30 mins but only managed 33mins but room for improvement at least!  Didn't enjoy forfeiting my only lie-in of the weekend, but it's looking as though I'll get one tomorrow as won't be able to go out if it's snowed again .   Then spent afternoon at friend's who I haven't seen for ages since they moved house, so that was nice (plus she made yummy salads, soup and bread for lunch!).

Lotte - blimey, definitely a bottle of wine needed after your day!  Who said weekends were relaxing?!

Yes I suppose you're bound to have one weaker side and one stronger side - I guess I just worry as what seems to be my weaker side is the side I use for carrying and lifing etc. and the side I'm having problems on.

Eek to kids and shopping Karen - bottle of wine for you too .

Sophie wanted Daddy to take her swimming tonight, yeay.  She wants to show him how she can put her face in the water with goggles on.  Nice to have a night off .

09/02/2013 at 18:47
Goodness So much chatting. Welcome to newbies. I have twin boys 6 and a wee girl who is 3 in may.

Usual Saturday madness for us. Helped at beginners last night so didnt have my usual rest day bu was only 4 miles at 10 mm, which is pretty slow for me. Halo intact though!

Football training for boys at 9am. Hubbie got up and ran first then off I went so small lie in today.

Today was 22 miles. Started off slow and finished strongly. Foot ok, lots of wiggling seemed to help. So 7:55 mm for that in the end. So tired now though. Finished off moving Sophie into her new room then took kids swimming. Again good halo stuff and freezing pool so good for the legs. Harry was amazing and showed his dad 50m of each back, front and breast. He doesnt get to see them swim that often? Such a fish, maybe triathlon is what he will be good at. Mind you was a fish myself at that age.

Just about to sit and watch the muppet film with the kids. Hubbie racing in morning so me and kids till lunchtime and means my 8 miles needs to be done early. Will be 88 mile week and again I know about it.
09/02/2013 at 19:28
How on earth do you do that mileage? I'm still lucky to get a 20 mile week in
09/02/2013 at 20:14
No phone or Internet for 3 days because some moron from the national grid severed a cable many miles away from here, leaving about 6000 houses with no phone or broadband! Grrrr. Anyway, it's back now, and I have so much trashy telly to catch up on

Have read back and remember nought. Hi to newbies, I have a 4.5 yr old madam called Matilda and a sweety called Eric who will be 1 in 10 days.

Job going well, I am really enjoying it. It is so much more laid back than my old place, my confidence is back, the people are nice. I have done 2 Wednesdays in my regular place and worked yesterday in a branch
09/02/2013 at 20:16
Less than 1 mile from home so could walk to work which was nice. Hopefully a regular second day during the wk will come up, as I really need to work more than one day a wk, but it's a start and it's money!

Eric has been really sad for quite a while now, crying non stop, doesn't ant to be cuddled, doesn't want to be put down. I am putting it down to teething as his 2 top molars are coming through but we have been alternating drugs non stop and they don't seem to be making a difference. He 's sleeping ok thank god, but if it continues then I may go to the quacks on Mon just to get them to look in his ears, throat etc.

Right, time for catch up Internet telly
09/02/2013 at 21:50
Officially on holiday now ... Got kids from school at 2.30 yesterday, drove to inverness airport, flight to Gatwick 5pm, hubby meet us there, across to hotel, managed some sleep all in same room but S had us up at midnight and 5.30am! Drove to car parking, bus to airport, plane to Grenoble, coach to La Plagne. Finally at chalet by 8pm French time ... Yawn ... Shed loads of snow but Baltic temperatures. Officially no running this week, can't wait took get us on our skis tomorrow though
09/02/2013 at 22:01

Tangy, what's EMF?

Even though VLM is flat most of my training is done on undulating/hilly routes, a) because that's the terrain around here and b) because it makes flat routes feel easier!  That said, so far I've done all my long runs around the Lee Valley Country Park/canal which is pancake-flat apart from one big hill in the middle.  Terrain is mixed though - grass, towpaths, gravel track and mud!  16 for me tomorrow, so not as daunting as last week's 20 although weather is supposed to be grim: cold and wet/sleet/snow.

Poor Eric, Caro - he's usually so happy and smiley.  Glad the new job is going well, good to get your confidence back.

Lotte, that sounds like a crazy day!  Mine was pretty mad but tame compared with yours - up at 6:30 to get hubby to rowing club, back again for a shower and to get Kit's swimming stuff ready, then off to swimming.  Straight from swimming back to rowing club, had to hang around for a while as hubby was still out on the water but some of the guys kept Kit entertained which was nice.  Then home for a quick lunch, then all out again to return some curtains to John Lewis and to check out a nearby cinema to see whether they do any kids' birthday packages as we want to do a cinema/McDonalds trip for K and some of his friends for his birthday at the end of the month.  Then home and hubby and I nearly came to blows putting up our new blinds in the lounge (hurrah!  The curtains that have been up at the windows since we moved in 2.5 years ago have finally gone!!  We are SO crap at getting things done!)  Just don't know how you do it with your lot, Lotte, and still find the energy to put in nearly 100 miles a week.  I am just about managing 50 at the moment but that is my limit.  I don't think I have the inclination to do more than that - if I did I'd probably find the energy from somewhere!

Agree that kids and shopping - serious shopping, anyway - don't mix.  K was OK as long as he was allowed to look at the toys in John Lewis; as soon as we wanted to look at anything else he complained of being tired/bored!

JG, you and your sister sound very different!

TTid, glad all is going well with O.  Wondering if M is  getting into bed with you because O is there and he wants the same attention and treatment, and feels left out?  As long as it doesn't become too much of a habit you're probably best to roll with it for a while - it's a big change for him and he's used to being No. 1!

CC, bit belated but hope you got away OK and have a fab trip!

09/02/2013 at 22:14
CC - yay to the holiday, hope you have a fab time skiing!

Caro - ah, poor Eric, def sounds like a trip to docs is good idea.

JG - great going on the park run, am sure you'll start to see your times tumbling if you're going to make it a regular thing.

Lotte - mind boggling organisation from you as usual, am sure if it was me I'd end up forgetting to pick up at least one if them

So I knew it was all going too well on the running front - already in bed as my throat hurts every time I swallow and I just can't get warm (although nobody else thinks the house us cold), I also feel exhausted which I thought was just down to late night last night but now I'm not so sure Have 8 planned for the morning which I really don't want to miss though ... Ah well, fingers crossed a good night's sleep will sort me out! Night night.
09/02/2013 at 22:16

Well done on the park run JG. Yay to the night off, enjoy!

Good work as usual MM. But running on your rest day, tut tut well done Harry, careful though or you might end up spending hours sweating by the pool like me watching kids compete, believe me I would rather be freezing by the track or football pitch!!

Eek KAren, shopping trip from hell!

Caro, glad you are enjoying work. Can't believe how grown up Eric looks with his big boy haircut!

RF, great swimming. We don't have holidays here until 30th March, makes it seem like a long term.

Well I got everyone to the right place on time which is always a bonus and I didn't leave anyone anywhere which is always a worry. Even more of a worry that I leave someone elses child somewhere as half the time I can never remember who else I am taking home until they pile in the car! Our club won the swimming comp and Sophie, Dylan and Em had good swims with a few pbs.

Pleased with track session but jeez it was tough, legs are so tired. Just did 6x800 (2.51/2.55/2.52/2.54/2.55/2.54) then did 2m at HMP (which was a bit slow at 6.50 average but thats ok I guess).

Failed on the bottle of wine though. I only had a glass and then fell fast asleep on the settee at 7.30 while the kids watched ice age 4. Long run tomorrow and then a cutback week which i am actually really looking forward to after 3 100 mile weeks!

09/02/2013 at 22:22

xposts, glad you made it CC, enjoy!

Oh no Karen, hope you feel better tomorrow and can manage your run.

Minks, EMF = Edinburgh Marathon Festival at end of may.Busy day for you too. Enjoy the long run tomorrow. Can't believe its 2.5 years since you moved house! How time flies.

10/02/2013 at 06:34

So I'm sitting here at 6:30am eating toast and drinking a cup of tea, and listening to the rain hammering down outside, wondering WTF am I doing about to head out for a 16M run??  Madness, utter madness!

Lotte, your cutback week is probably still more miles than a peak week for me!

Hop your throat feels better today, Karen - sounds a lot like the virus I had a few weeks back (not the sore throat, but feeling freezing cold when the house was boiling).  I did run with it but it didn't properly come out until the Thursday (my rest day) and I did feel dreadful by then and had to take Friday off work.  So if you don't have to run - especially in this weather - then I'd probably stay in bed if you can.

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