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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/05/2013 at 23:11

Ooh forgotten most of what I read...

One thing though, Caro (and others!) - would I be totally paranoid to take Sophie off to A&E instantly if she was sick after banging her head?  I always thought this was a pretty serious sign (of concussion I think)?  I am by no means a medical expert but I was really surprised to read that you said she was ok after she threw up (can't remember the exact details now!) and others have agreed...just made me wonder...I am certainly the biggest panicker in these situations too!

Erm...oh yes hi Chynah and ditto come and rant anytime!

Feeling nice and hormonal myself at the moment, though it is "fun week" so fortunately no peri- or real menopause fears here yet!  My mum went through the menopause in her early to mid forties though so I think that means I may be on for an early one too...

Sorry to others I've missed, mind gone blank!  Awful seeing the pictures of Oklahoma...does beg the question, would you want to live somewhere called Tornado Alley...

Sweden sounds exciting Caro.  We have yet to brave a plane with kids - hubby's bad enough!

Sooo can't wait for half-term, I'm shattered!  We've got our first PTA event on Friday - a coffee morning.  Here's hoping some parents turn up...

22/05/2013 at 09:46

I guess I'm not a panicker JG, although I was a bit surprised to see blood, I thought she'd just had a knock.  Immediately the nice boy that had bumped into her came over and apologised (you can tell I was in a nice part of town!) and I was concerned with reassuring him that it wasn't his fault in the slightest, meanwhile cuddling M but also chastising her a bit for walking in front of it in the first place.  I think had we been at home and nr our local hospital we prob would have gone, but at the point she was sick we were on a bus, on the wrong side of town, no idea where a hosp was, and just concerned with getting home.  If she had still been out of it by the time we got home (2 hrs after the event) I would have gone, but although she was still subdued she was on the mend, so we decided not to. 

One of my early childhood memories is falling off my grandparents climbing frame onto my head then being sick in the flower beds, and I survived!  I did google it as soon as I got home and it said V+ was a sign of mild concussion and to only seek help if signs persist several hrs later.  I was more worried about the sleepiness on the bus and trying to keep her awake.

I am not really one to suffer from hormones, never have been.  I kind of think no periods would be nice........

22/05/2013 at 10:13

gosh yes, i think sleepiness plus vom would have had me at A+E... i'd have called a taxi. i don't usually panic about kids' injuries, but i think those two things would have done it for me!

absolutely full of vile lurgy here. now 2 weeks in. think it was flu as i have been utterly incapacitated, and yesterday i developed a mouthful of ulcers and now seem to have a stinking cold. argh

as for hormones - how is 3 periods in 4 weeks? seem to be on a fortnightly cycle now!! have had sweating in the night 2 days before my period for a couple of years, and usually have sore boobs for the second half of my cycle and cramps during period. however, now i have none of these symptoms. just painless light periods every 2 weeks. wondering if i should go to the doctors... i did POAS just in case as they really aren't like periods (more like heavy spotting) but it was neg. so i guess it's menopause. i am 40. but seriously - am i a wizened old crone already?!

22/05/2013 at 12:42

Caro - like you, it would have been the sleepiness that would have had me worried and down to A&E. I remember when J broke his leg, first thing he said was 'I think I'd like to lie down and have a sleep now' - I know that was shock rather than concussion but even so.  S is regularly coming home from school with letters about banging her head and for me to keep a watch on her etc etc. As a child I had numerous incidents involving bangs on head - perhaps that explains much!!!

Oh no CM to being ill  I always think ulcers are a sure sign of being run down. Boo to the screwed up cycles too. Ironically my cycles are more regular than they've ever been in my life I think, even with higher running miles, just the rest is shot!!! Have suffered with those sweats ever since I had J I think.

But no, you are not a wizened old crone!!

22/05/2013 at 12:43

turned up at dentist this morning - on time - but a week too early ... doh!!!

22/05/2013 at 13:21

Ha ha CC - hope you don't forget to go next week!

We are only going Heathrow to Dublin and I think taxi to airport, bung everything on trolley, check it in, hope it comes out the other side then reverse procedure to hire car!  

The blow up boosters look good EF, don't think ours weigh much either but they are a bit of a chore to lug around.

22/05/2013 at 15:42

Hellooo, sorry not posted for a couple of weeks I think. Life has been mental lately, usually I can manage to read even if I haven't been posting but to be honest I haven't even managed to read until yesterday. Dropping balls all over the place. Things not good at work so having to do more lately. Got lumbered with the job of home events organiser at the athletics club this year and we have our first home comp next weekend so that is taking up a lot of time with entries, getting volunteers etc. The person I am taking over from h as very little paper documentation so trying to pull everything out of her head is a nightmare! Kids have so much extra stuff on at the moment, sports and school. Plus I've driven the 40 mile round trip to the dentist three days in a row as they will only see 2 kids at a time and all mine needed a checkup.

My oldest friend had a really messy blow up with her hubby and mum on Sat night. and she in a bit of a state so trying to be supportive to her. She just lives along the road. I hope they can sort it out. My other closest friend who also lives nearby just split from her hubby recently too so  I hope there is nothing in the air

I am actually glad I have been tapering. 50 miles last week and 3 x 6 miles this week with just 4 planned for tomorrow then nothing until Sunday. I am feeling very CBA about this marathon which is a bit strange for me. Piriformis has flared up and lower back tight but no spare pennies for the chiro this month

More excited about my new trail shoes which arrived this morning (which is why I have no spare pennies!). My orthotics fit in them just fine MM. Shame its going to be a wee while before I can try them out.

Ach out of time now. I can see the school bus on its way and then swimming and gymnastics. Will try to come back later... need to read again I think!


22/05/2013 at 16:32

bloody hell lotte. only 2 kids at a time?? what is that about??

22/05/2013 at 16:57

I agree CM - and 40 mile round trip - can't they make an exception for you Lotte?!

Hopefully your CBA feeling is just from the taper and you will be full of beans on the start line 

Speaking of hormones, I am terrible today, just shouted at Nicky for refusing to hang his coat up, left him in his room screaming for a couple of minutes, then wailing in the hallway for about 10 mins  He still hasn't hung it up but I am hoping he will come round...!

CM - I've just got rid of a load of ulcers, horrible ones too!  I felt really tired too but not so bad now so I'm thinking it was a bit of a lurgy.

Oh I'm just too grumpy to be around anyone today, roll on TOTM...!

22/05/2013 at 16:58

Oh and lol CC to turning up a week early!

22/05/2013 at 19:30

Nice infected blister on my instep, just what I need, itching is driving me bonkers 

Have sprayed it with savlon spray, which has iodine in it, nippy! + got blister plaster on. 

Tried to get Friars balsam at boots today but don't stock it, 

have to try a bigger branch

22/05/2013 at 19:34

That is ridiculous about dentist lotte 

Praying for a nice cool, dry day for u on Sunday, u will b fantastic!

22/05/2013 at 20:06

Hi Lotte!  You would have thought (all things considered) the dentist would just book you all in on the same day.  Ah well.

Hmm, blow ups, my brother had one with his girlfriend too - probably just pregnancy hormones.  We are back to Hereford on Friday (inset day) for the weekend.  Really looking forward to it but need to juggle laundry and clothing as then we are straight off to Ireland.

TT - ouch to blister.

JG - Aidan is being a pain, I'm having to ask him to do things so many times that I end up blowing up, then he cries.  He's very emotional right now but getting dressed and undressed are massive flare up points in our house with him.

22/05/2013 at 20:24

La la la, it's not true, boys are all sweetness and light

22/05/2013 at 21:14

Nicky has been far less stroppy than Sophie so far, Caro  she probably got this treatment from me about once a month!

22/05/2013 at 21:15

Oh and he did hang his coat up on his way to bed and told me "I stopped wailing" 

22/05/2013 at 21:24

boys are a lot sweeter than girls, in my experience. i do think i have a strop-tastic madam, but J is a sweetie. he has his moments, and he is showing some resentment towards E at the moment, which i think is a) well overdue as she monopolises everyone's attention and has done for a long time, and b) the product of the fact that she is also growing up therefore encroaching in the activities that only he has previously been able to do. so i've negotiated a couple of 1:1 weekends so that T and I can take one child each and do something with them. it will do him good to have some 1:1 time. he's so lovely when she's not interfering!!

she is fantastic, obviously. i moan about her and she is very demanding, but she is also a star. and i never thought i'd say it - but she is actually enjoying walking!! not the school run, clearly. she still whinges like hell about that, but doesn't scream all the way home like she used to. but we have done quite a few walks in the woods recently and she has absolutely loved it. J wants to come home to go on the ipad and she is still desperate to go further.

J did his SATs last week. had no idea he was actually doing them. he knew though but was unbothered. not sure if we find out how he did. spoke to the headteacher yesterday and she said how fabulous he is. which is great to hear. like CC's J, he has his nose in a book constantly. well, that is when he's not playing on my iPad. he has come on so far in the last year or so, which is brilliant. can't fault the school - they have been excellent with him. for all my worrying about his handwriting... 

22/05/2013 at 21:39

oh my god i've just seen the footage of the woolwich killing. the guy with the meat cleaver and blood on his hands. walking up to someone with a camera and ranting. i would have run a mile. it is sickening. i used to live close to woolwich so it's all very familiar and so distressing. everyone has phones and cameras these days so it's not surprising that things like this get captured i guess.  am really surprised it was released though. it is so graphic.

22/05/2013 at 21:59

Yes, not sure i needed to see that.  Vile.

22/05/2013 at 22:00

Amazing how much they change and mature isn't it? We have almost the same CM with the boy/girl; eldest/youngest but then that's all part of growing up with siblings etc. The youngest will always want what the eldest has, the eldest will be looking for peace and quiet!!

S has really grown up these last couple of months, and J is just getting taller and broader ... my babies ... Always great when teachers say how fab they are too .  SATs don't exist up here.

Ouch to the blister TT. I managed to source some Friars Balsam - from small Boots, was under the counter in a random box with other stuff rarely asked for. Was pure luck someone knew it existed. So I stuck it in my drop bag on the SDW race in case I needed it by half-way, instead it leaked out all over my road shoes and stunk everything out turning it bright yellow!!  Thankfully have never had infected blisters.

Sweden sounds great fun Caro - would love to go.

We are off camping on Skye this weekend. Friends up from the South who always take a cottage there - same place, same week for the last 20 years!! So will be great to catch up and think it might be dry, if windy and cool!!

Just about to book a Yurt hopefully for a long weekend in the summer for our 'family' time. Was looking at prices of a self-catering chalet/caravan thing and a yurt was same price and should be a bit of a laugh I reckon. In the Lakes.

Well all my ladies are coming back for their next six week block of Pilates - .

No time for much running today but did 4 miles on dreadmill with 4 bursts of 500m at 15kph so that was better than nothing i reckon!

Lotte - sounds like it is all happening on Shetland at the moment!! Obviously the full-moon is having it's effect. Good to hear tapering is happening though ... am sure you'll find your ooomph when you are more 'in the zone' - at least it will stop you getting nervous I guess. Always so sad when friends lives are in turmoil though.

Right, need to sort my washing out and think about bed - although it's still flipping broad daylight out there at the moment!

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