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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/03/2014 at 09:15
Bun doughnuts make like much easier
Camlo    pirate
23/03/2014 at 10:09

What kind of examiner gives a hoot about the blimmin hairstyle, surely they should be more concerned with the actual ballet moves??

Lotte..... Wow, just wow, i struggled with that pace for a 5 mile race let alone a LSR of 30 miles! EEK to costs - fundraisers rather than out of your own pocket is the way to go. Get school to host a disco/ non-uniform day etc? 

Cm glad you negotiated a better insurance deal, it is shocking how they prey (and pray) on you just accepting a vast increase. 

Bootcamp yesterday - hard 10miles followed by a killer class. Am aching like mad!



23/03/2014 at 10:17
I struggle with that pace on my 400metre reps lol
23/03/2014 at 16:37

Well I couldn't manage that pace for todays run! Kept it easy for 12 miles @8.23 pace on weary but surprisingly not sore legs. Which brings me bang on 100 miles for the week. Yay, I know it is only a number but it is a rather satisfying number. I think probably keeping my weekly mileage in the 80s with two speed sessions a week will do more for my running but I do like the odd 100 mile week!

Just been sitting with Sophie going through her personalisation choices for S3. It seems no time at all since I was choosing my subjects, how can my daughter be that age already. So hard to get a grip on this new exam structure, National qualifications now instead of standard or o grades. Our secondary department is under threat of closure at the moment due to cutbacks and if it does it will mean the kids transferring to the High school in town - a 50 min bus journey each way unsettling times for the kids.

Nice to see all the sports relief pics on facebook. And a shiny PB for Minks, well done.

MM are you reading? Hows the knee?

Just thinking we haven't heard from Kinsey for ages? Hope all fine.


23/03/2014 at 21:10

Argh, just lost a post again! Stupid iPad. 

Glad you're feeling better Lotte - amazing what a good sleep can do

well done Eric on the walking And the rest of the Frith family too, of course!

CM - very jealous of your meerkats

had a lovely weekend at Mum's. Had meals cooked for me and a permanent babysitter. So nice to relax a bit for a change! Ben is home now too after a rather stressful day, including a flat tyre (had to call someone out because his wrench was broken!!), a drive to Leeds and back and a closed motorway due to someone jumping onto it What an awful way to go. Apparently they had hit several cars - can't imagine how the poor drivers must have felt. So sad.



23/03/2014 at 22:21

A quick happy birthday for maggie and Scarlett. 


And a moan about periods. First one since October 2012. Bloody things. The adjective is meant both ways!  Super plus extra ain't cutting it. actually considering mirena coil even with hormone (which I'm dead against normally) in hope I would be one of the 20% who never get periods. Save me a flipping fortune in lil lets and washing detergent and I might be nicer to be around. Sod's law though that I'd end up being the other extreme with spotting for weeks on end. 

23/03/2014 at 22:22

That's horrid TB. the poor folk involved. 

23/03/2014 at 22:41

We had a super fun day at the Olympic park.  I think it took us about 35 mins to walk a mile.....not bad with little legs!  Think Matilda was a bit disappointed we weren't running, esp when lots of kids were lapping us repeatedly.  You could do 1,3 or 6 miles and the longer versions just did several laps.  So I said next time we would run.  Went and had a look at the velo park which has just opened.  The road cycling track was doing sport relief too so loads of people there with bikes, and we went into the velodrome and got to go into the centre of the track which was cool.  Enjoyed freebies-sainsburys were giving out so much free food wit was ridiculous.  I got enough packs of dried seeds and fruits and free geobars to keep Matilda in packed lunches for a month.

eric has definitely no need for a nap anymore, I think today proved it without a doubt when despitHingis action packed day he was still singing here we go round the mulberry bush loudly at bedtime after lights out!  So tomorrow will be my first day of trying to get things done with Eric not in his bed.......hmmmmm, I can see how well that's going to go.

swimming in the morning then a gentle bug run.  My first run in over a wk since my lurgy.

enjoy skiing Lotte, and well done minks!  

23/03/2014 at 23:46

I still mourn my loss of daytime nap Caro!!


24/03/2014 at 02:29

So impressed with all of you doing Sport Relief Mile with your families - lots of lovely photos up there and awesome to think of how they will all grow up seeing sport and exercise as a normal and fun thing (hopefully!).

I'm trying to cut down sugar in my diet at the moment as have noticed that my jeans are definitely tight!! All it means is I think about sweets all blimmin day!!


24/03/2014 at 07:08

I was so sad when JP dropped his nap. He used to do three hours! Giovanna is the opposite and will only do 40 mins, three times (sometimes twice) a day. as the naps coincide with the school run, I have very little chance to get anything done! But she does sleep well at night so mustn't grumble

24/03/2014 at 07:11

Oh boo, EF (()). My periods are like that when they eventually turn up and it is misery. I used to take transexemic (sp?!) acid, which helped with pain and blood loss.

24/03/2014 at 09:01
EF - I think the first post baby period is usually hideous.
24/03/2014 at 10:52

Hello everyone


Caro glad the trip to OP was good. Lotte good running. Yuck to someone jumping on to the Motorway.  It happened to a guy from my old work, someone walked in front of his car on a motorway. Horrible thing to live with. 


Things are ok at my end. I have been really irritable all weekend though.  I think Husband is glad to go back to work! Damn hormones.

I am wondering if anyone has any post c section advice (I will also start a thread) . I am almost two weeks post op and itching to get back. I have been walking two to three miles a day and feel fine doing that. All the info says wait wait wait. I guess its right but I feel like I am healing well and was pretty active when pregnant. I don't want to overdo it though and set myself back. Hmmmm..

Re day time naps. I was sad when G dropped hers but its kind of nice if you have one as you aren't so housebound and can go out for the day. The rest is nice though.

24/03/2014 at 12:34

give it a go pip? see how it feels? i think JT knew of someone who had run 10 days after a csection. if you haven't got any pain and it doesn't hurt or feel weird when you run - then it's probably ok. but take it easy. it was still major surgery and you had a hard birth...

N was all pleased with himself. he found tahini in tesco today and it was 'really cheap' so he bought 6 boxes of it. yes, ladies. BOXES of tahini. tahini in a box didn't sound right, and i took one look at it and thought - eh?? solid??? then read the label - tahini halva. so yes, he has bought 6 boxes of tahini sweets. what an utter numpty. he was so proud with himself for the bargainacious tahini too. men, eh?

24/03/2014 at 16:01

Oh dear CM, epic fail! 

Dear god, I (or do I mean Max?) desperately need the afternoon nap!  Luckily they still have one at daycare and will for another 18 months (when he starts Kindergarten) so he is still on the routine at the weekend.  I do take on board the comment about being able to go out all day though and that can be a bit of a nuisance but until Os and number 3 are over the napping stage I'm happy for him to nap as long as possible.

Pip, I really don't recall feeling anything like ready to run after just 2 weeks, but I never ran very late into my pregnancies and am nowhere near as seasoned a runner as you are.  Don't overdo it though, you've got years to get back at it and it is major abdominal surgery, even if all looks OK on the outside, there is still a lot to heal inside.

EF, ugh to post natal periods.  My first few after Max shocked me and caught me out a few times, I always doubled up with tampon and thick pad and kept spare undies on me too (oh yes and avoid wearing white or cream for a while!!).

24/03/2014 at 16:19

That is funny CM! That's gonna take a while to eat all of them as I doubt they're particularly moreish...

Pip - I have no experience of C-sections so cant answer that. I know I definitely couldn't run after natural births by two weeks though, think I was still waddling cowboy style (lots of stitches etc). Impressed by your energy, well done!

Boo to period EF! My sis has hormonal coil and no periods, however she does still get a bit of pmt symptoms.

Haven't been on for ages so too much to catch up on! Great running/walking from all the little ones on sport relief miles! awesome mileage from lotte (loved the fb pic by the sign). Camlo- I did bootcamp without running 10miles first and that was plenty enough!

Did 10k race couple of weekends ago, it was hot(!) but dead flat and surprised myself by not stopping for a wee and doing it in just shy of 1hr! Obviously alot slower than I have done but just happy I did it at 16wks gone with very little other running going on. starting to get a twinge/sore bit right at the top of my right thigh/pelvis which maybe signalling the end is nigh for my running in this pregnancy. Might see the physio first and see what she thinks. Oh and Mags did her first little kids race too, was so cute and she loved her medal

Hmmm, day time naps. Caro - think Rosie is getting near end of hers too (Mags was far older). she can do a day without fine and is often still wake chatting in her cot (or yelling!) 2 hours after bedtime. I guess all kids are different and my littlest just does not need as much sleep as her big sister. What is amazing is Maggie fall asleep on the dot of 7pm with Rosie literally a meter away yelling in her cot at her! It annoys me from downstairs! And last night I went to bed before Rosie was even asleep

Maggie's 4th on last thurs and feel like we've been celebrating every day since! My mum came down (her bday today) so did extra stuff, pub lunches etc. Then huge Tesco shop on Sat for party tat/food, cake making sesh on Sat night (quite enjoyed making a little mermaid cake though!), party on Sunday in our small house.... Was chaos but really nice, I only invited one old friend and 1st NCT friends and they all came plus hubbies! So lots of grown up chat, beer and wine (does get more expensive when you feed and water the adults too though...) ignoring the kids mostly! Hail stayed away all afternoon so I dashed out and hid a load of little choc eggs in the garden - got them all outside for half n hour anyway! Ate cake and leftovers for dinner last night, felt sick, having a good day today (unless there is cake still left when I get home...).

Just got one small moan (sorry!). I do have an impressive bump for 17wks but getting a bit down by the constant comments, was bad yesterday as many hadn't seen me for a while and lots of 'wow, you're huge, bigger than last time' etc. plus girl at work just called me massive! It would at least be better if they said my 'bump' was huge rather than me as a whole! I know I have over 20 more wks of this but its hard to not suddenly want to exercise more/eat less, especially after a weekend of gluttony and no exercise anyway to make me feel bad already...

Ok, that's it, will stop now!

btw, loved all the toilet talk. promise I won't start it again but I used to get horrid IBS and cut down all dairy/eggs for a year or two. but restarted it all (not slowly either!) and I am generally fine now, except for the odd bout which is usually running/pregnancy related! I do worry about osteoporosis a lot and now eat a lot of dairy daily - mostly yoghurt/milk. Those who eat little dairy should think about a supplement of calcium? Or almond milk? I have read journal articles reporting increas

24/03/2014 at 16:22

It cut me off...

increased osteoporosis in vegans.

And happy birthday to Scarlett too!

24/03/2014 at 16:27
Yes happy birthday S!

Lotte - e just saw a picture of your brood on FB and said "wow. 6 kids and 2 adults. That is a bit like a play group. It must be like a school trip every time they go out". She isn't wrong is she?! Lol
24/03/2014 at 16:36

Pip, I would say if you are up to that level already I would give run/walk a try and see how it feels. Go for a walk in running kit! I ran 5 weeks post section (run/walk) and it was fine - at that stage I was about where you are now. I am not as seasoned a runner as you, I don't think (20-30mpw pre preg, sort of 9-10 mm plodder, 8 min miles when I am very fit) and I didn't do that much in preg (stopped totally at 30 weeks due to SI joint problems). You'll know if you've done too much!!

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