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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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24/03/2014 at 19:56

CC - boo to the periods   I have a Mirena coil and have had light periods with the odd "normal" (i.e. light to medium) one for about 3 years, now suddenly I don't seem to be getting anything other than a slight tinge if I peer closely when I wipe (sorry TMI)!  I do definitely still get PMT though which makes my life a misery and I hate it (sobbing last night about generally feeling pointless, useless, fat, ugly etc...) but I don't know if the coil even affects that.  Also with not really having periods, I'm not even sure if it's PMT as I don't know when period is due!  I now seem to get grumpy around the time of ovulation too, and still get spots at the age of 34   All miracle cures welcome please!

Can't advise on post-section running I'm afraid, but it does sound a bit soon at 2 weeks post op??  

Well done Caro + co on Sport Relief - saw you had £93 raised and figured I hadn't donated anything yet so thought I'd round it up to £100 for you .

Camlo    pirate
24/03/2014 at 21:52

I have a mirena - never have heavy periods and can go months and months without anything at all. Heard that they are bringing out a new version soon too. 

C-section is not to be sniffed at and can easily cause probs if not allowed to heal properly so please be patient pip. A few weeks now might be worth months later. Your hormones are also swirling and those ligaments will be very lax. IF you do go (i did at 5-6 Weeks) then wear some tight shorts to give your tummy some support. 

Boo to unsensitive comments Sonia, they wont be laughing when you shed it easily after and are smashing out fab race times again. You are allowed to bloom when you are cooking a lovely baby. 

Boo to halva - tried it once, just once.... that was enough! 

Had a gap in my day so quckly sqeezed a swim in- tried a float between my legs and swam much faster just using my arms because i didnt sink in the middle. Almost an hour but got a mahoosive 80 lengths done (1600m!). 

Watching debt programme- awful, awful situations. So glad i dont have those worries. 

24/03/2014 at 22:22

Pip - not sure if I have said congratulations, so congratulations!!  I had an emergency c-section after a loooooong labour and over 2.5 hours of pushing. I would wait the recommended 6 weeks at least. I waited nearer 10 because my scar did ache if walked too far or tried to do much in first 3 months post-section.  Take it easy, you'll be back soon enough!

All fine here … managing some running although lighter nights just round the corner so might get bit more in over the summer, yay! Just back from lovely girls weekend in London with my mum … hubby survived a weekend of solo parenting and the house wasn't a total bombsite! Amazeballs!! 

Interesting on coils - heavy periods and anaemia mean my docs are always trying to get me to try coil, but really don't fancy it. 


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24/03/2014 at 22:25
I swim faster like that too, odd given I have pretty weak upper body.
Camlo    pirate
25/03/2014 at 08:10

MR - weekend with mum sounds lovely and yippee to hubby actually keeping place tidy! The coil sounds worse than it is- not like the old fashioned copper devices anymore,mine was fitted in minutes (although that bit was a bit painful) but then periods improved so total result. Can reduce risk of certain cancers too.

Tangy, i was amazed at how much faster i went although had to be more careful with   breathing because my face was lower in the water. Not sure how to achive the position without a float though! JT where are you?? 



25/03/2014 at 08:34
My legs don't even sit low dwn in water when I swim normally, my kicking legs just seem to create more drag than forward force.
25/03/2014 at 11:26

I am reading Lotte. No time to post, struggle to keep up and have to go on FB anyway to post coaching bits and bobs as stupidly am now the Coaching Secretary for Wiltshire on top of being Head Coach at the club. Ahhh!

Anyhoo my super star 38 yr old athlete knocked 5 mins off her half PB at Bath running 1:27. She was only running once a week and ran 1:32, got her up to 3-4 times with swimming and rpm on 2-3 other days and she is flying. An amazing summer ahead for her me thinks. She is fabulous at xc, flies over the mud, phenomenal to watch. Another chap I coach also knocked off a huge chunk running 1:23, previously 1:29. Very exciting! Shame it's not me, but heyho!

My body is giving up me thinks! Ran 5 miles on Sat but it was stop start with stretching, I ran 21 mins in one go! All on the treadmill though, not braved outside yet!! Been keeping up the endurance on the x-trainer. Managed a very long 2 hours with loud music on Sunday. Knee is fine doing that, and its the closest thing to running. Cycling is not good. Also been swimming with a pull buoy. I did 2.5k in 50 mins yesterday in a pool in Bristol close to work as Monday is hubbie's drop off day. Don't enjoy it, but it does keep you fit. Also did 3k on Sat am in an hour.

Resting it today after abuse from physio yesterday, then may attempt to run again tomorrow. Yesterdays attempt to run was not great, gave up after 4 mins. Strange how it tightens up again. Am all strapped up now with bright red Rock tape in the hope it will keep it stable! If I can run 10 miles this weekend and 15 the week after I will do London as a steady training run and maybe even practise some food, but I won't if I can't do those distances. We will be going but just watching as accommodation all paid for now and a few days in London beckons

Must admit having read I am not surprised about you being tired Lotte. My life is chaotic too, but I do break down now above 60mpw (used to be able to maintain 80 mpw esaily ), so lesson learnt for me. Much more x-trainer and yucky swimming and cycling in the summer, can't face cold winter cycling!!

Plus I have a mirena coil and am taking Estrogen only HRT. I feel fab on it. Not bloated any more, unless I eat bread which I still do occasionally just cos I can't resist sometimes, night sweats and hot flushes pretty much gone and most importantly the depression. I had a couple of random heavy bleeding months but now all gone

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25/03/2014 at 15:54

Arghh - FFS - i have just typed a massive post and then somehow lost it.  I can't face retyping so i will summarise.

Thanks for all the advice.  I will wait.  I am always full of big ideas and the mind is always a few steps ahead of my body.  If 99% of people are telling me to wait, then I really should.  Walking it is...

I hope everyone is well.  I scanned the previous page but how now forgotten the replies so sorry, if i flip back, i will lose this post too and i dont think my slightly fragile hormones could deal with that.  I do recall that Sonia ran a 10k in under an hour whilst pregnant?  If so, fantastic!!

MR - thanks

CC - your massage guy sounds fab, as does your run.

Re swimming, i have done a few courses on technique and was told that you need to keep your legs within your body area.  Any kicks outside of your body area will effectively act as an anchor.  My legs used to sink a bit and i was told to press my upper body down, which lifts the legs.  The kicking should also look like boiling water on the surface to get maximum effect.  My old coach used to shout 'little whippy kicks' at me.  Not sure if that helps anyone.  It makes me want to get back in the pool though

25/03/2014 at 19:33

Pip - good to hear you've decided to wait for a bit. it will be worth it! 

Good to see you, MM! Sorry to hear about the injury Great news that your black clouds have lifted - these hormones have a lot to answer for. Your lady sounds amazing - I don't think I could get a half time like that if I ran three times a day, never mind once a week! She must be super talented.

Great running CC. 17 miles seems like a VERY long way to me at the moment! My longest run lately has been 5.5, but that was with the pram so I guess I could go further if I had chance to go on my own. Maybe on Mother's Day I can as Ben isn't working

fab result Sonya! Amazing. 


Camlo    pirate
25/03/2014 at 20:41

Thanks for the swim tips Pip, will try and lift arse next time and hope legs stay higher than body! Dont think I could pull a buoy at all, let alone 2.5k MM!! 

TB - hard to get out with a baby to cater for but mothers day is for you so think a run is perfectly justified! 

CC - glad your run was both scenic and better body wise. 

Hard tempo run with club tonight but hubby has just cooked a beef curry so able to refuel now! 


25/03/2014 at 20:50

A rare opportunity to get on here and post so I'm taking it!

Can't remember everything from pages and pages back but just wanted to say to Lotte that it's adding work into the mix that totally wears you down! Obviously I only have the one child but my days are totally exhausting sometimes, dashing from the school run to the train, an hour plus into work, back for the school run, then invariably karate or another after-school activity to drop at and pick up from.  Then trying to factor in time to sort food, clean house, run, swim etc.  Life has got easier since I finally ditched my ancient Nokia slide and got myself an iPhone.  I can keep up with work emails easily now, and it takes the stress out of going to work and wondering what I'm going to be hit with on arrival.  On the downside I am apparently permanently glued to my phone but I just like the feeling of being on top of things and knowing there are no nasty surprises.  I never quite escape the feeling that I'm a bad mother and bad employee though as I do neither to the absolute best of my ability due to lack of time and a state of permanent exhaustion!

CC, glad you've been able to get back out running again.  It would be great if you could have regular sessions with the physio guy you've seen if what he does really sorts out your issues.

MM, really feel for you re. London.  Remember having to can it 4 weeks before race day in 2012 because of a locked SI joint and how frustrated I felt. I have to be honest: since deciding in December not to enter any marathons in 2014 I've been much happier and have been running really well.  It's been great to take the pressure off myself and not have the endless long runs to dread every week!  Now my long runs max out at 15 miles and I'm really enjoying racing 10M and half marathons.  Still don't fancy the shorter distances! I hope you are sufficiently pain-free to run London even if you can't race it, and I hope you enjoy the ultra as something completely different.  Unfortunately our bodies can only take so much abuse until eventually they begin to complain

Pip, I ran 5 weeks post C-section (but hadn't gone through a long labour beforehand - was emergency but only because K was undiagnosed breach).  I was desperate to get back out there but only did short runs of a couple of miles at first.  If the scar started to ache, I stopped. Personally I think two weeks is too soon - you at least need to wait until the stomach muscles which have separated during pregnancy come back together.  I have quite a large gap between mine, maybe because I didn't wait long enough before returning to exercise.

Sonya, very well done on sub-hour 10K at 17 weeks!  Bloody annoying re. the bump comments though!

Belated happy birthday Scarlett and Maggie!

Well done Caro on recent half PB and family mile - looked really cool being at the Olympic park!

I did Hillingdon half on Sunday and ran a PB of 1:36:57 which I was chuffed with given a) it was blooming cold and windy and b) I took a tumble at 10.5 miles and never regained my pace or rhythm from that point.  All my early splits were 7:10-7:20 (started off too fast and realised at 5 miles I'd have to reign it in a bit or I'd blow up, so slowed to 7:15-7:20 which I was finding fine) then post-fall I couldn't manage anything faster than 7:40 except the final mile which was 7:33.  So could maybe have gone sub-1:35 but that's for another day now!

Apologies to everyone I've missed - too much to catch up on!

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26/03/2014 at 08:15

It's the usual CC. Back, gluts causing ItB and outer quads to work too hard. Hopeful, but just keep getting knock backs. Seeing a different sports therapist tonight for another opinion but can't really afford it if am honest

Have to admit not running makes life easier for work and other life stresses, but I'm actually not as efficient as normal as I feel very CBA. Going to try another trot on dreadmill  tonight before see the therapist. She is a member of the club and is very good at strapping, we shall see. No needles though but maybe I don't need them now as had 4 sessions of needles. 

Right must shoot, school, preschool, 45 min drive to work, review day to see if they want to renew my contract ahhhhh!!, 45 min drive back, preschool, school, drive 30 mins to gymnastics, dash round shop while in gym, drive back 30 mins, kids tea chaos, hope hubbie is home, quick trot on treadmill, therapist, hubbie out swim coaching, then food and collapse. Zzzzzzz!!!!

26/03/2014 at 12:15

Sounds scarily like one of my usual days, MM! Zzzzzzz indeed!!

26/03/2014 at 12:49

how is it nearly friday CC? we are only barely over the hump

26/03/2014 at 14:19

Haha CM, I think that's CC exhibiting a 'glass half full' attitude!

Well, we have had our mortgage approved, woo hoo!  We sign it all up on Friday, was such a relief to get the email yesterday afternoon.  Build has started already, we gave the builder the go-ahead in the hopes we might possibly be in before baby born (already creaking at the seams in our 2 bed place!).

Sonya, I can't believe your 10k time!  Well done, not sure I've ever run a 10k race but that sounds super speedy to me even if not pregnant!  I'm not running now, probably could manage a slow plod but not managing to make it out, maybe will try at the weekend.

Well, we launched our new product yesterday on Kickstarter, I think I invited you all on FB to like our page, would be very grateful if any of you know anyone who likes the latest gadgets or are into home design to take a look at our Kickstarter page, it's a really cool product (at least we think so!!) and we are looking to raise enough on Kickstarter to get it into production.

MM, exhausting day indeed, eek!

Got our anatomy scan tomorrow morning, hopefully all will still look good.

26/03/2014 at 14:48
Yippee to mortgage approval, being nearly Friday, getting out for bimbles, fab 10k times and getting through busy days.

9 mile run in quite pleasant weather for me, 4 miles at tempo pace and faster than last wks tempo run @9:44mMs followed by 21 miles on exercise bike. The cycle of shame cos I didn't do my planned 5 mile easy run and 8 miles on bike yesterday, so added the miles onto today's planned 8 miles on bike. Rest day tomorrow and then 18 miler on Friday. Pales into insignificance compared to my neighbours 28 mile run today, a wk and a bit after she ran D33 and she posts on FB that she's feeling refreshed after it, good God she's not human lol.
26/03/2014 at 16:05

Sounds like awesome running to me Tt! Especially adding a wee 21miles of bike to the end! There will always be someone to pale into insignificance next to (lotte ).

TurboT- yippee to the product launch (i'll tell my gadget loving hubby about it) and yippee to the mortgage! Would they really finish it before August?! I cant imagine UK builders managing that Why is it that we all do house moves/renovations when babies are on their way/just arrived. We have decided to try and buy our rented house, he is going to sell so would need to move if not. I know it shouldn't be so stressful as we won't physically move but still got to sell our rented flat in Earlsfield and sort all the other gubbins. And guess what, then do renovations! Will be after baby is born but want to entirely redo the downstairs of the house - I may have to move out - 3 kids with no kitchen/washing machine, in winter....

And turboT, are you finding out the sex?! We're going for another surprise although I will be shocked if its not a girl again!

Sorry about the niggles MM. Hope they can be calmed down enough for marathon and then an enjoyable ultra. Yep, I definitely have more time now I'm pregnant and not marathon training as would've been happening!

Well done on the PB minks! Glad you're enjoying the shorter distances. I think we all know the feeling about not doing either 'job' well! When I read about yours, or CC, MM, lottes juggling I realise I don't have it too bad! The fact mine aren't actually school age yet makes things a lot easier. I'll be finished with job when Maggie starts school, eek!!

I think I'll have a coil fitted after this babs. Would like hubby to get snipped but I'd still like the hormonal coil then would feel happier that even with no periods I'm getting the hormones. Bet he refuses to be snipped if I mention the coil though

And lastly I've been thinking for a while of retraining as a PT when I'm officially unemployed (with not much to do except look after 3 small children...). My hubby is supportive and I was getting into the idea after finding a parttime/weekend course but my sis has put me off saying I'm too old and won't want to do it for more than a few years as I won't want to be a 50yr old pt! And that it is has nothing to do with my degree/phd/years of postdoc - what a waste etc. Need some positive comments please! (Think Karens hubby now pts?).

26/03/2014 at 16:16

We are currently planning to not find out this time but like you I will fall over if it's not another boy.  I expect I'll have so many scans before the end that we won't fail to notice if it has some 'extra' body parts!

I'm thinking of getting permanently fixed during the section this time (eek, as I wrote that down I realized I don't actually know what it entails or the ongoing effects on my body!  I'm so not informed about my body ).  Anyone have experience?  How much extra time does the procedure add to a section?  I'll be 44 by the time this one is born, definitely don't need to be still having babies as I get closer to 50!

No advice for you on PT training but I'd say if you think you'll enjoy it go for it!  I would have no hesitation having a PT in their 50s, I'm sure there would be a lot of people who would prefer it to some 20 year old.

Regarding the time it takes to build a house here compared to UK, the house is actually going to be timber framed (we would have referred brick/block but that would have made it too expensive and it does seem that most houses here are timber).  That seems to go up really quickly, they should be pouring some footings today for the foundations so that should be exciting!  Fingers crossed the builder can meet his schedule but if we have to wait a month or so then it's not the end of the world.


26/03/2014 at 17:11

Definitely need some house building pics on FB TT!

It is so not nearly Friday, nor is it a nice day!  Did 5 miles in the pissing rain, biting cold wind at lunch, my hands went numb.  But I did it

Well my bestest friend had 2 little girls then managed to pop out a boy so it is possibly NOT to have 3 of the same sex, despite this thread making it seem like it isn't.  I have no idea about tube tying TT - I assume that's all they do.  Would you need to have a general anaesthetic to do that on top of the section or would they just do it all under the epidural?

We are planning an extension/new kitchen next yr and I am already dreading the no kitchen, washing machine etc aspect of it.

Minks I will so get you to do a 10k or 5 miler yet!  You know you want to

26/03/2014 at 17:22

I guess I have a load of questions for my doctor when I see him/her next

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