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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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11/02/2013 at 21:55
oh forgot to say hi, congrats on baby and happy 40th BogBaby!!! no idea on a good half but anything local would be in my sights.
11/02/2013 at 23:21
Was tempted Camlo, but I already run 5 times a wk + sometimes twice on a Tues, so I try to b strict + keep Mon + Thurs no run days. Esp as previous shin injury is always niggling away in the background + about to kick off marathon training. Aforementioned shin injury put paid to 10wks of marathon training last yr.
12/02/2013 at 07:54
agree with not doing too much TT, very sensible. I am off to South Wales this morning with work so just thrown my kit in the car and if I finish in good time I may try and find a run with some sea air!! Slept like a baby with no kids here.
12/02/2013 at 14:47

hope we've been kind to you in south wales, camlo. chilly day today. just been outside with the coloured ice marbles we made. kids kicked them round, smashed them, and then J made a potion of them with rainwater, mud, moss, leaves, sticks. typical boy!

had the pleasure of bottling up J's poo this morning. omfg, how i boaked. no idea why really as thought i was immune to poo after 2x reusable nappies. suppose it's been a while, and there's something about poking and prodding it to get it into a narrow tube that makes you heave. E was asking me question and I was heaving, and she was saying 'pardon, Mummy. i don't understand what you are saying'.

she woke me up at midnight last night complaining of a sore neck. it's either a sore neck or sore ear every night she stays at mine, so i'm thinking it's her mattress.  she's in a cotbed still and the mattress was q cheap. so today i bit the bullet and we went and chose her a new single bed. yikes! last of the baby things is now going as i have sold all my reusable nappies on gumtree and now her cotbed will be going too... she has chosen a cream, metal framed-bed with swirly bits. really not my cup of tea, but i don't have to sleep in it!

she's off playing with the neighbour's grandkids again, while J and I chill out. we've been out lopping some of the bushes down a bit and now he's reading some of the library books we picked up this morning. his reading has come on a right treat suddenly - he's now reading everything and anything to himself, which is amazing given that at the end of reception, i wasn't even sure he could read anything and thought he was just guessing based on the shape of some of the words and the pictures!

12/02/2013 at 19:55
Hi bogbaby
Hope u got a run in Camlo.
Sensible Tangy, we need our rest days. Good luck with your marathon training. Your starting of on a good base.
Sitting with feet up, am knackered. Was wanting to go on turbo for a wee spin but too tired. Did 10 miles on bike in gym and 3 on treadmill this morning. Don't know why I feel so knackered. Hubby says I do too much exercise but I don't think I do. All I did yesterday exercise wise was yoga at night. Take a multi vitamin & good diet so shouldn't be lacking iron..........hmmmmmm.
It's quiet on here at the mo eh?!
Putting M to MIL in morning & taking 2 bigger girls & their friend to Inverness to a morning showing of 'return of the guardians'. I have never taken them to the cinema so quite excited! It's in 3D and was cheaper than normal as its the school hols. Think we'll go for pizza after. Their friend is the son of my friend that's leaving to go to NZ in 5 weeks still cannot believe they are leaving. He's then having a sleepover tomorrow night. That'll be a first also as the girls have never had anyone stay for a sleepover. They are all very hyper!!! The bag of popcorn, juice and sweets is all ready in the car
Mmmmmm to the poo sample CM, boke indeed. Sounds like he's feeling a bit better does it???
Made pancakes, not as good as my mums yesterday though!!
12/02/2013 at 19:55
South Wales always amazes me with the houses crammed into rows but a blimmin motorway running through them. One minute I am in desolate wilderness then surrounded by industrial plants - I was by port talbot, weird!
Got home and ran around the block to keep warm while the central heating kicked in. Hubby got home, saw me in running gear and asked was I coming or going so I said -going- and went to club!! Hoorah 6 by myself then another 5.5!
now I have to spend a few hours writing up work and hoping it doesn't snow too much overnight as another trek in the morning.
Hope everyone is OK - quiet today?
CM - I hope they gave you a blue pot with a 'scoop'? you only need a wee bit for them to smear on a plate!! Ice marbles look fab!
12/02/2013 at 19:57
cross post RF - good diet helps but even low levels of exercise can bash your iron esp if you are having heavy periods too.
12/02/2013 at 20:12
Don't have heavy periods but may try an iron supplement anyway. Maybe I'm just getting old ;-(
Well done on the runs, good going. Hope u get your work done & it doesn't snow.
Of to eat another pancake. I made them, not the best but hasn't stopped me eating 5! Pig!
12/02/2013 at 21:18
oh no - how could I forget pancake day???????
12/02/2013 at 21:58

oh god now you tell me camlo!! no - i filled the whole bloody thing up. was shoving it down into the tube and it was squirting back up again. hahaha! shall know for next time!

know the bit of the m4 you are talking about and yes - it is motorway through houses. like that in places here too!

12/02/2013 at 22:25
Cm. - I did that with three tubes when I had salmonella as noone told me either! Thought practice nurse was going to vom when she,saw it! Hope J is ok.

RF - I know MM always advocates extra iron when doing higher mileage. Are you getting enough recovery in your training too?

Camlo - it is the most bizarre bit of motorway to be sure! Did you spend the day in Port Toilet?

Have been reading but on phone yet again! Potty training this week, aagghh!

Quick question for those of you with turbo trainers, want a reasonably priced one, or to know which second hand one to look out for. Also something quiet enough to use,inside!

Oh, and the reason for my sudden interest in biking again? I somehow managed to enter the Ride 100 London - Surrey! Thought I was looking for info, evidently I entered the ballot!
13/02/2013 at 06:07

JT - I have a tacx satori. No expert but it seems good to me, I use it in the living room, its not silent but not too bad. Well done on entering the cycle, go girl! Good luck with the potty training.

RF - try an iron supplement. is a interesting article. I really struggle to get on top of my iron (ferratin) level, when I first got it checked it was 5, had got it up to 12 but not been tested for a few months. Think its really low just now as this weekend I have just felt shattered and palpitations are back, even when I have been lying in bed which has never happened before! I have ferrous sulphate tablets from the doc to take 3x a day but it is hit and miss whether I remember. You could try the spatone satchets you get from Boots, kinder on your stomach, you just add to you OJ.

Eww to the poo CM. Hope you get to the 'bottom' of the bug, poor wee J.

Camlo, you make the most of the kiddi free days, try to squeeze in some r&r if you can!

Great to hear from Bog Baby and hope you find a race to suit,

Off for me run, lacking motivation today, blowing a total hoolie out there



Edited: 13/02/2013 at 06:08
13/02/2013 at 08:33
Wedding was fabulous as was week at home!!! Will post a pic or two when I get hold of them. Feeling totally behind with everything now though as have been away for a work trip since Mon. Back today in time for M's first swimming class and book group tonight. Downer is that I have hurt my back - getting progressively worse so off to osteo tomorrow - not helped by constant driving!!!
Swimming was interesting - M clung like a limpet for first half so teacher trying to reassure me that some kids take a long time but will get there - if only she saw her going head first down slide into the water later!!!
No running but hoping back will mend quickly so can get back to it!
13/02/2013 at 10:55

Lotte, you should put a reminder in your phone or something re. taking your tablets.  If your iron is that low it's probably not good to forget to take the tablets.  Have to say my motivation tends to suffer a bit when the wind is howling outside.  Hate, hate, hate wind.  I have been known to shout and swear at it   Doesn't stop it from howling but makes me feel better!

Hoggle, LOL at swimming lesson.  K is like that - full of confidence in the pool in Spain last year, leaping off the side without his armbands on, head constantly underwater ... fast forward to Saturday's swimming lesson, in which he refused to jump in off the side in case water went up his nose!  On holiday he would always hold his nose when jumping in, but they don't let them at swimming.  He won't use the float without a woggle either at the moment.  Hopefully his confidence will return - he has only had 4 lessons so far.

CM, PMSL at your description of trying to fill a tube with poo!  You only need a smear!

Camlo, good for you taking your opportunities like that!  I don't have any offroad shoes so it was far too slushy/icy/mucky to run outside yesterday.  Annoyingly a lot of the route I planned to do was completely clear, it was just the first 2-3 miles closest to our house that were really bad.  The road leading to the next area of any housing is about a mile and not used much for walking, so it always takes forever for the snow to go along there.  It gets kicked up off the road by cars though and sits in piles along the pavement, which when it freezes/starts to melt are pretty difficult to run on.  The last time it snowed a couple of weeks ago I headed out at around the same stage for 7 miles and it was just unproductive and frustrating - had to walk sections, some sections that looked like icy ended up breaking easily and soaked my feet and had to keep crossing and re-crossing roads to find the least treacherous stretches.  Decided yesterday to cut my losses and used the treadmill in a gym up the road, which one of the mums at school had told me about.  You can pay per session rather than having to be a member so ideal for times like this.  10.7 miles on the treadmill was a bit soul-destroying but the time passed quicker than I thought it would and not a wet foot in sight!

JT, you crazy lady!  That's a long way to cycle!  And good luck with the potty training!

Had a pancake-fest last night.  Got all the batter etc. ready before I collected Kit from school, as he's mostly interested in the toppings rather than preparing the mix.  Then cooked some as soon as we got home from school - he had two with banana, squeezy honey, sugar and ice-cream   I had lemon juice and sugar on mine.  Then more for dessert after tea   I think it's fair to say we were pancaked out!  Don't know where K puts it all - he demolished a huge plateful of spaghetti bolognese in between the two sittings of pancakes!  He is such a good eater now, all that time I spent worrying when he was about two and wouldn't eat anything but toast!

13/02/2013 at 23:28
haha port toilet!!! Was in and out within a few hours thank goodness!
minks - no offroaders? how?? keep your eyes peeled for a cheap pair and next time there is snow make your own paths. buy a size bigger and you'd have space for waterproof socks too! fab effort on the treadie though!
Swimming - how annoying when you know they can do it !!! I'd be tempted to sneak up behind and shove them in.....
JT - Woah good for you, get pedalling!!
CM - I got used to seeing jam jars of excrement when I was a proper nurse!
Hoggle - boo to back, try not to lift too much.
Kids back and so tired Tom asked to go to bed at 7pm! have stuffed myself all night and am sat in bed with indigestion... grrrr.
14/02/2013 at 01:20
Bugger - back went completely last night. Had to call hubby back from work this am to rescue me. Massive nerve pain down my leg - so not cool! Osteo happened to be booked first thing and he was awesome. Treated me and sent me home with hubby saying don't worry we'll sort payment next week - he doesn't even have my phone number! Then after drs the pharmacy card machine stopped working so they sent me home without paying too just go back to pay tomorrow. Love little town NZ! Now have taken some pills and been zonked for a couple of hours - at least nerve pain has improved!!
So that's running with my friend from the uk next week out the window - bugger!!
14/02/2013 at 02:07
Sorry totally me me me!!
14/02/2013 at 07:23
Not surprised Hoggle, sounds horrid, but glad you got so much help. Have you been swinging from the parallel bars again?

Minks - furthest I ever managed on treadie was 7 miles and I nearly lost the will to live so hats off to you! That said my 7 is probably the same time as your 10 .

Camlo - I'll blame hubby for that one. Can't really gest though given I live in Newport!

Lotte - hope you succeeded!

Big sister's down today with her three (11, 9 and 5). Five boys in the house :-S could be an interesting few days! Also got physio today so hoping to get signed off for running and now cycling!
14/02/2013 at 09:45

Just popped in to see if any sign of Anj......any news??  Going to York tonight till Sun, so trying to pack, plus meet a friend for coffee, plus parents evening before we go tonight (eek, not looking forward to it!) plus school cake sale at pickup time - etc etc (or in Lotte's case, multiply it by 6!)

Happy baby is back, guess teething has stopped for now.  

Panic this morning as garmin wouldn't turn on!  Seems to be ok now.  TT I am now onsessed woth the tri 2013 thing so have to record every footstep  It's good though - I only had 1/2 hr lunch at work yesterday but I went out and walked a mile, which I wouldn't have done otherwise.




14/02/2013 at 09:48

Hoggle that is totally what Ian has - if it doesn't go away soon then I would push for an MRI.  He is still waiting for his referral to a surgeon, not sure if he'll go down the surgery route but would be nice to talk to someone.  He starts pilates with my teacher in the beginners class next week!

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