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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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29/05/2013 at 20:16

lol at grand piss down. The expression not fact that it's raining.  

29/05/2013 at 21:26

heehee brilliant

29/05/2013 at 22:00

oh God, I dread J being let loose in an Apple store - I'd never be able to drag him out again. Went in one briefly when in Aberdeen the other week for my friend to buy something, was full of kids playing on all the IT ... although did get me thinking it's a perfect creche while mummies are shopping!!

Yes, this grandad lived in the bottom half of a rented house all his life (my granny died of breast cancer when I was one) and worked for years ... whereas on the other side of the family my grandpa got late onset diabetes, had heart problems and died in his late 60s with that granny following about 8 years later from stomach cancer ... I'm hoping i got the genes of my dads side of the family!!

Last pilates class taught for the week.  Late evening snack - permanently starving at the moment ... and that's on 'just' 45-50ish mpw, no idea how on earth you run all those miles Lotte and MM, I am shattered - although don't feel shattered when running, just come this point in the evening when trying to finish all my house jobs off etc. Could have had a power nap easily while sitting waiting with S while J had his guitar lesson tonight!!

Anyway, 5 easy miles for me today - easy as in slow, not as in the bloomin great hill I ran up!!

Edited: 29/05/2013 at 22:00
29/05/2013 at 22:00

Haha Camlo. Hope the grand piss down stops soon!

I have been trying to get on here for days but never get a chance. After lunch I thought I had it sussed and settled down in the sun with a cuppa for a quick catch up but then a friend appeared for a cuppa. What a scorcher we have had today. Yesterday was fab too although I was working most of it. School sports day tomorrow though so bound to change for that! We had a long weekend this last one, kids off fri and Monday and there is just constantly so much on. Plus with it being so nice it is impossible to get them in so bed time is getting later and later. Just got the youngest 4 in bed for 9pm tonight but the oldest two are still out sailing, and it is still bright sunshine.

Anyhoo so as you saw I did Edinburgh marathon on Sunday. I flew down on Sat and back on Sun night after the race. Hubby and Sophie were away at the North Districts in Inverness the same weekend so the 5 remaining kids were split between my sis and my friend and all got on brilliantly. The twins were delighted to have had their first ever sleepover! Sophie got on well on the athletics trip and was delighted to PB in her 800m in 2:47 for 5th place in the U14s which I think is good for a titchy 12 year old.

My race... well I had never been that confident about it as it was only 8 weeks since the 100k and I did the 15 mile trail race in the middle of that. So despite training being rather compromised I was happy enough with 3.06.03. The optimist in me had hoped for a small PB just as a stepping stone closer to the sub 3 but well, it was too hot and too be honest I don't really think my head was in the right place. The whole way around I was thinking I really CBA to do this!! So all in all I'm glad I can still run that time. My legs were fine, in fact they felt the best they  have ever done in a marathon, I just struggled to hold the pace. Not sure where to go from here. Torn between a proper autumn marathon attempt at Loch Ness or the 24 hour race in Sept. I am only interested in doing another marathon for a better time and think that needs a proper 16+ week of specific marathon training but not sure I want to limit myself to that as I really enjoy the ultra stuff. Ho hum decisions decisions. Doesn't help that I have been offered a free place in Loch Ness but they need to know asap.

Fed up tonight though. After I dropped Emily at gymnastics I was reversing out of the parking place and a woman came around the corner and I reversed (very slowly) into her. She was totally in a blind spot and I saw nothing until I hit her. Did no damage to my car and only a small scratch on hers. Anyway she has phoned tonight to say I can either pay £150 to cover the cost of having the scratch fixed or we can go through the insurance companies which will probably cost a whole lot more. FFS. Money is so tight at the moment and the thought of losing £150 this month on nothing makes me feel sick.

Better go. Kids are home. Soph has a school dance tomorrow and we are having an ongoing disagreement about whether she needs to shave her legs. Do they have to grow up so quick. Already had to send hubby to the shops for a padded bra for her today, poor guy felt like folk might think he was a perv so phoned me from the s hop and made me speak to the sales assistant to make sure he got the right thing!!

Sorry for the me me me post.

29/05/2013 at 22:07

you never do me me me posts Lotte!  What a miserable cow about the car, some people really need to get real!!! I am chuckling away at hubby going to buy a padded bra though, am not sure my hubby could cope with that!  He can't even face buying condoms!!!

So, yes, that is an impressive race - especially as you had the CBAs!!! Like you say, proves you CAN do it. Difficult choice for you though ... I guess the Glenmore 24 will be there next year as it's a growing race so perhaps this year bite the bullet with the marathon esp as it's a free entry too . I guess it depends how your legs feel - I am not even going to ask what kind of recovery strategy you are currently using

We haven't had scorching weather but has been warm and almost sunny and actually as I speak there is an awesome sunset out there but have no idea where camera is at the moment. I excpect you find the same Lotte - UV is pretty high even if not that warm, I caught sun a bit on Monday while running and it wasnt' any where near as hot as down South.

29/05/2013 at 22:08

I love the Grand Piss Down description ... may have to coin that! 

I think I am more excited about the yurt holiday than the kids Camlo!

29/05/2013 at 23:47

Boo to the scratch on the car Lotte - nothing worse than money spent on nothing especially when its tight!! Well done on the marathon - the thought of getting that time whilst thinking I Cant be arsed is amazing!

We had another mountain adventure last night - managed to get up to the snow! Loads up there as well. Matilda was fascinated but did not want to touch or stand on it at all!! Funny thing! She loves the mountain though - hubby is not so secretly thrilled! Hopefully it bodes well for the future! ANyway it was a lovely anniversary, still managed the yum dinner and bubbles later as well and hubby surprised me with a massage voucher and flowers (he was making a big effort as has been pretty slack on those sorts of things lately - I'm not complaining!!).

Just managed a trip to the shops, hair cut and toy library trip and still at my desk by 10.30 - I seem to have agreed to join the toy library committee. I know one woman on it and feel that I should - since my job involves working with committees to be better at strategic planning, using volunteers better etc I should really get stuck in - I see a lifetime of sports club and school committees ahead of me - luckily I enjoy it mostly! Bonus is I will be saving $100 on membership fees as well and will be able to reserve all the best toys!

I have the terrible CBA's for work this morning now I'm actually here - fancy baking instead - not good!

30/05/2013 at 08:15

wow well done Lotte

et camlo - loving the french. used to have a penpal when i was in my teens and we wrote to each other in a mix of french and german. was very funny. have you been to musee d'orsay? is my fave

have just made a gp appt for this morning. 3 weeks in and i'm still ill. am sure they will say just virus but am not able to travel for work as i'm so wiped out and they are going to get peed off with me now

30/05/2013 at 08:23

meant to ask - has anyone got a kindle fire HD (or non HD - not sure what difference the HD bit makes)? cc- is that what you have? i'm wondering about a kindle for J for his birthday as i literally cannot keep up with his reading, even using the library. he is getting through 2 - 3 books a day at times (and these are proper books too - Beast Quest etc, not tiddly books). I saw the kindle fires and that you can get apps on those too, which he would love (not sure that is a good idea though - too much gaming!). however, i also saw some reviews which said the kindle fires aren't as good for reading on as they are too bright, and i don't want his eyes messed up by overuse of it!

30/05/2013 at 08:48

Kindle fire hd is quite bright but I have set background to sepia which is better. I love it! For me it is a mega cheap I pad As i can do everything I need on it. 

30/05/2013 at 08:51

ah ok EF - sounds ideal then. that was what i was thinking - a cheap version of an iPad. but just not sure i want to go there with J yet, as he will probably use it for gaming and not for reading. although if i don't put any apps on it for now... or only a couple that he doesn't play obsessively...

on another matter, i have just spoken to the kids and T is taking them camping, pony trekking, caving etc up in the brecons. sounds fab. however, he is letting J sleep in a tent on his own. and i'm not sure about that. he's 6. am i being precious? he said the tent will be next to his but even so. tell me i'm just being precious? when they go camping with beavers, i guess they don't have an adult with them in each tent? but equally they aren't on a public campsite either are they?

30/05/2013 at 08:53

what happens if he needs a wee in the night (he did when we camped together). he won't wear anything in bed and i had to persuade him to put a dressing gown on before he streaked across the campsite at 5am for a wee...

30/05/2013 at 14:54

GP thinks i have glandular fever. ehhh? blood tests next week to confirm. could explain why i have had 2 sets of infections only a couple of months apart tho...

30/05/2013 at 16:01

I can well believe you've got glandular fever CM, you seem to have been fighting an awful lot of nasty infections recently.

Not sure about the tent thing really ... ours sleep with us (our main tent has two compartments) but last weekend we were in smaller tent all squashed in together. I'd put S and J in a tent together on their own. I have a friend though who's six-year-old sleeps on her own in a tent no problem.

Does he not just wee round the back of the tent?  Agree he should be wearing something though if out of the tent!!!!

Edited: 30/05/2013 at 16:01
30/05/2013 at 16:14

no - he won't wee round the back of the tent, as he doesn't want people to see his willy. however, he WILL streak across the campsite with his willy swinging around in the breeze to get to the toilets?!

30/05/2013 at 17:11

i sent T a text this afternoon (he refused to discuss on phone this morning) telling him i was fretting about him sleeping on his own overnight in a tent. he texted back (arse-ily) telling me to stop fretting; he is not going to do anything risky. and J won't be sleeping on his own. it's just for playing in. that is DEFINITELY not what he said this morning (he got J to tell me he would be sleeping in a tent by himself when i called) so he obviously did reconsider after i expressed reservations. he said i take more risks by allowing J to go into the wood by himself - J has NEVER been in the wood by himself. i always go with him, but on one occasion he went into the wood with a friend of his while i was in the garden, and i could hear and still see them running around in there as they didn't go far. FFS.

anyway - main thing is he won't be sleeping on his own overnight in a public campsite, which is what i was worrying about. when we camped at the weekend (in 3 man tent) he came off his mat and ended up along the bottom of the tent parallel to the entrance way. i woke up with my feet bent up under my knees as he was taking up all the space along the bottom (we had been sleeping side-by-side). if he did that in a tent on his own, confused in the middle of the night, he'd probably get distressed trying to fathom out how to get back onto his mat again. as it was he woke up whimpering for the toilet at 5am... still, panic over...

30/05/2013 at 18:07

lol to swinging around in the breeze

30/05/2013 at 20:57

Yes rofl to streaker J

have just texted my joiner and signed off as Cx!!!!! I've decided just to ignore it! 

30/05/2013 at 21:07

And I've just won two more girls skirts on eBay! that's 8 now!! ffs! Tho did get Laura Ashley one for 99p and considering it went down to £15 in the sale that's not bad! 

30/05/2013 at 22:56

am chuckling at CMs streaker and EF's skirt collection for Lou!! along with the x

Agree that the guy is bleedin useless but then we all know that anyway!! At least he apparently saw sense in the end.

CM - similarities between our two Js again! Mine is also an avid reader, we now have the problem that his ability to read is advanced but the books that apparently match his reading level in the school system they use (Renaissance accelerated reading scheme) are not subject matter he want to read!!!  When J was your Js age he adored (and still does) Jeremy Strong books (read quickly but chuckles away), and Astrosaurs/Astro Academy.  He's also currently ploughing through various Horrible Science books - which seem to take him a bit longer and I've got him reading the Wolf Brother series by Michelle Paver which is also slowing him down.

That's annoying re the swimming JT, good to hear he's sorted now though and pond dipping sounds fun.

Absolutely stunning day here today - really really summery. Of course, like Lotte said yesterday, can't get kids into bed cos of the daylight.  A very old friend of mine is up with her family holidaying in Findhorn. I haven't seen her for eight years so they all came for tea tonight after we'd got back from ballet. Kids were still out on trampoline in garden at 8.45 - lost total track of time, oh boy S will be horrible tomorrw.

Fun run for me this morning. 15 miles on the fells down the road. Mixture of landrover tracks and pathless boggy moorland, and LOTS of hills so think I'll know about that tomorrow. Even had to use my map a bit. Bizarre to think I ran in same area last week in waterproofs and winter gloves etc and today I caught the sun!

J off to first Cub camp tmrw night and is sooooo excited.

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