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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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30/03/2014 at 22:00
Brookie - I'm sure they will find you an anti-depressant to go with breast feeding, and if they say no, ask again, and keep asking until you find someone who helps you. Hope you're feeling better soon and have a god mothers day.

Am v jealous of Tatty's ring (not that I need a ring, but I'd very much like an extremely expensive sewing machine!). I got a new pizza cutter as ours broke a couple of weeks ago. I'm not quite sure how this is a present for me, other than that it's always me that makes the pizza, but it is at least useful I suppose! I did also get a plant and lots of cards Isabelle had made, as well as a special breakfast (which Isabelle hadn't been able to stop herself telling me about in advance!). Husband went to work and I went over to my parents where I went for a lovely run and then had a fab lunch cooked by my mum. We spent all afternoon in the garden so was a pretty good day all in all.

We know a Lachlan whose nickname is said Lockie (have no idea how they spell it!) so it could have been that TT? Depending of course on how the Loki you heard was pronounced! No particularly weird names I've heard round here, but on the doctors site I use there is a priceless thread of 'bling bling children's names' which has been going for several years and always reduces me to tears of laughter.

Must get to bed on time tonight. We've had several nights of disturbed sleep from one child or another, and some early starts, so am feeling a little jaded!
Edited: 30/03/2014 at 22:00
30/03/2014 at 22:52

I'd guess Lauchie or Lachie but these days you never know. 


Had to go and look up tatty on FB to understand your comment but oooh. Been hinting about eternity ring to Andy but he said they're too expensive and I'd kill him if he spent that right now. Actually no I wouldn't tho it's fair to say we probably need a family holiday more. 

I got a box of salted caramels for Mother's Day. They are all gone now and bloody lovely they were too. 

30/03/2014 at 23:09
Was more Lowkey than lock key. Think he is a Greek god in the Thor movies, bit of a baddie I think.

Camlo my Mother's Day a bit p!sh too. I did get cards and flowers yesterday from my lovely stepchildren, made me cry as 1st time they have ever done that,was lovely. Hubby brought me a cup of tea in bed, but it was rotten, had to pour it dwn the sink, he drinks tar yuck. I got some cute rose plants and bottle of wine and cards but got up to all the dirty dishes and all the washing to do. Hubby proceeded to fall asleep on sofa watching footie while I did dishes and washing. He had just come in from work but wouldn't have killed him to wash dishes. Then I took Camryn swimming, could have seen it far enough, her lessons were off this wk tho and she was desperate to go. Then I cooked roast dinner, my Mum was over for dinner tho, so that was lovely. Have never had breakfast in bed in 18 yrs as a Mum, hubby useless at all that. But he didn't exactly have a good teacher in his Dad and I have never made an issue of it. If I had I am sure he would make an effort. Plus Nat is old enough to b getting out her pit and doing something but not much hope of that until she grows up properly like her big bro & sis and then truly appreciates what a Mum/Stepmum does. I'll start dropping heavy hints for next yr and she can train Camryn in proper Mother's Day etiquette lol.
31/03/2014 at 09:59
I know Loki as a marvel superhero

I had fab Mother's Day. Tonnes of cards (most home made) and a box of chocs. I did have to cook, clean, stand on rugby pitch for an hour, do swimming lessons etc. obvious really in my case. At least I had this kids this year. Not like last year

Glad scan went well TTid.
31/03/2014 at 12:01

Thanks CM. So glad to hear you had the kids this year and they spoiled you. Despite your schedule, you really should always get to see them on mothers day.

31/03/2014 at 13:30

Ahhhhhhhhhh huge hugs Brookie, please insist on getting help. At least you realise you are depressed and move forward. Yes please come on here and speak to us (((((()))))).

he he he just watching loose woman, wouldn't normally but just eating lunch and then going to bed as on nights the next two days, yukola!!!!! It's fairly funny but just finishing.

hope Lottee has a fab holiday. And yes 4 am, 20 miler and ONLY on a cup of T?! I would collapse by 10 miles, don't know how you do that. Please rest those poor leggies and enjoy the skiing.

glad sme of you had good mothers days and boo to those inconsiderate hubbies about.

I had a rubbish sleep as hubby was out and when he got home he snored so I got no sleep so in the end got up at 7 am but it normally would have been 6 am. Fuming. Sat and had couple of cups of T watching a programme about an adventure race in Tazmania in peace at least. Then the girls got up and I went out at 9 am to meet my friend to do a hill run. He was still in bed, grrrrrrrrr. I was up at 5.40 am on Sat. also as working so early both days. Anyway I got the morning in the hills with my friend, was good. Did about 4 hrs. Was tired by the end of it and felt like I had no energy. Neede to keep eating also to give me energy.

31/03/2014 at 13:40

Had some  jelly babies, a sandwich, cereal bar, banana and packet of ritz crackers. Yikes all that and still tired!!! Really cannot stop eating at the moment. Need to start being more careful as putting on weight.

oh my to the strange names............. Yes would thing that would be Lachie. Lachlan is a good highland name!!!!

lol to the whispers of you running with a single man CC. I can just imagine what people would be saying, especially seen your hubby works away, hilarious. Something for them to gossip about!

Our school hols don't start till next week, can't wait, the girls are tired. C didn't get up until 7.30 ( she's normally a 6 am one) and had to wake the other two at 8 am today. Them ( & hubby) are not going to enjoy getting up at 6 the next two mornings! I will be at work.

well done on the running to those that can.

ah MM hugs to you, must be so hard but as others have said hopefully you will still be able to enjoy it just for ' me time'. I also say I run because I can and really try and be thankful that I am able to x

sorry to those I have forgotten. Beta get ma sel to bed to read at least and get my feet up.

31/03/2014 at 13:50

Oh forgot to say I did get Mother's Day stuff. The girls all made very cute cards, a plant pot with seeds in it, not sure what ( C did it at cubs!!!), box of chocs ( which I feel sick as just sat and ate half the box!!) and a voucher

31/03/2014 at 13:51

for a manicure & brows, yay! Lucky me.

stupid I pad is only letting me write a few lines sometimes, don't know why??? Must go now...........

31/03/2014 at 16:14
Hope u r sleeping RF. I bought some flapjack bites today and put them all into little bags in the freezer, planning to try them and dates on my next long run. Don't usually eat anything on my long runs and use a no cal electrolyte tab in my water. Although I did take one gel on Friday's 18 miler, which actually said best before 2011 lol, that's how long it had bn in drawer. I felt fine on Friday though, but imagine 30 miles and 7-8 hrs ( I am hoping not much more than that) out in the hills at Lochalsh will b a different matter, so have to get used to eating on run. Got an 18 miler, two 20 milers, a 22 miler and EMF marathon to try it out on though before Lochalsh eek!

Brookie I hope you have made appointment with gp. Echo what everyone else has said though, very positive that u realise what is happening and know to go and get help. Just don't keep putting it off like most of us are prone to doing with gp visits.
31/03/2014 at 19:39

Hey ladies. Tha k you all so much for the support. Really means a lot. Have made GP appt now too. Next week sadly but I wanted to see the nice lady GP I saw when I joined the surgery when we moved here 6months ago rather than a total stranger. Fingers crossed. I was fluoxetine before CM and given it's so common I'm hoping it is a low risk/educated risk to take whilst bf- ing. Anyway, it might make Isaac Super chilled! 

Have a great holiday Lotte. 100mile weeks. Wow. I'm lucky if I do that in a month! Park run PB for me on Saturday. But depressing realising that my park run Pb currently is still slower than my 5k split in my best 10k time!! Hey ho, guess it will take a wee while to get my speed back. Stamina seems to return quicker. Or be lost slower. Who knows. 

I am reading in lieu of lots of running right now. Just finished running wih the Kenyans and now on Scott Jurek. On the subject of the former, what do you guys think about form and running on your forefoot/barefoot running style as discussed in the book. Or do you all run that way already?! I dont, but have been told I have a neutral style and thankfully so far have been injury free. So am a bit like "if it ain't broke...." But then the whole arguments for barefoot running are quite persuasive! 

31/03/2014 at 21:08

Glad you have an appointment sorted Brookie, sounds like its been a tough time ((())). I'm the last person who should give running advice but if you don't get injured currently I'd stick with the ain't broke idea. Esp as it sounds like running will help your frame of mind at the moment and embarking on something that could lead to short term injuries could be counter-productive to your overall well-being. WIll be interested to know some of the more knowledgeable ladies feedback though as I run like you do but get plenty of injuries! 

Caro I love your run pictures and descriptions - made me laugh! Also reminded me how much I miss Ikea!! Nothing like that here.

Lovely weekend at the farm and lots of wonderful time with my family as sis and her kids were staying as well. Back at easter so not too long.


Camlo    pirate
31/03/2014 at 21:13

good luck with the nights RF, i miss watching the sun rise but I certainly dont miss the sick feeling at 4 or 5 am when you just want to collapse with tiredness. 

brookie - i like the thought of forefoot landing but feels like i am tiptoeing when i try and takes a lot of effort so needs careful and gradual introduction. Glad you have an appt, sometimes just recognising it and having someone agree with you is therapy in itself! 

Tangy - good idea to get fuelling sorted, you will need it and you should find your runs get a wee bit easier with petrol in the tank. Flapjack worked for me although it can be a bit dry so i needed a swig of water to get it down. 

Had a childfree hour before work so dashed to the pool, paid up £60 for a 6 month pass (bargain) and then trudged out reps of 20 laps. managed to do 5 so thats a whopping 2000m, took over an hour but who cares! Boys had footie tonight so took the chance to run too (about 5mile) so a double day, yippee! 

31/03/2014 at 22:34
I run mid foot/forefoot landing and have still bn injured several times although that may have bn the running in wrong type of trainer for yrs that caused injuries. Won't actually know until current injury eventually goes and see whether remain injury free after that. No way I could heel strike though with plantar faciitis, would b agony. When foot sore I have to walk on forefoot too.
01/04/2014 at 15:17

I have slightly changed to more midfoot running, possibly a little forefoot since all my injuries and physio. Not too much though as I'm still wearing my clompy brooks adrenalines which do not favour forefoot! I think after this baby I'll get re-tested and see if I can at least go into a more neutral shoe. Not barefoot but I am considering some merrel sandal things for summer walking, as I'll be heavily pregnant and think my good old flipflops might not do me any good...

Brookie (()) glad to hear you're seeing Dr. Have you ever had counselling too? I know CM does but just wondering if any others have had counselling either for depression or eating disorders? I often think it would do me wonders to talk to someone as I don't talk to anyone in the real world about issues. You know how you feel they will always watch you if you tell them certain things, especially hubby. Still struggling a bit with overeating then undereating then thinking about baby and feeling guilty, then eating healthily for a day then the cycle starts again. Keeping some exercise going helps me do more 'healthy' days though. Had another 'you're massive' comment today

Tangy - yum to flapjack, reckon it would work a treat! I was always boring old gel person but never did ultra distance. Your training sounds like its going so well, always mega impressed by your descriptions on FB.

Camlo- that is some speedy swimming! I need to get back in the pool before my pelvis gives up. Its ok to wear a bikini when hugely preggers isn't it?! I hate maternity swimsuits as they always ride up my belly.

Thanks for all positive comments about PT. I will make sure I have a parttime course picked out with an aim to start it when baby about 6 months. I know if I don't plan it life will get in the way and with 3 kids I guess I wont have much time to think?!

Oh yes, had a lovely mothers day! Hubby was great, breakfast in bed, long lie in, then I went shopping, they made me lunch when I got back and for dinner homemade pizzas followed by eton mess (yum! even if I don't approve of out of season strawberries). He did washing etc and I did potter about but mainly sorting my clothes drawers so not real housework. Really must say thankyou again so he knows I appreciate it! Not sure who mentioned their hubbys upbringing to what they did in house but mine definitely doesn't get it from his dad, who wont even get off his arse to make a cup of tea, and wouldn't have a clue even how to turn the dishwasher on! His dad left when he was 3 and his mum had a series of husbands who I doubt did anything around the house either. Tis strange where he gets it from! Not to say he isn't incredibly messy and doesn't drive me insane sometimes but he does do a fair bit and always spoils me when an occasion arises

Gosh, waffling on when there's work to be done...

Sure there was lots I wanted to say from last page but have forgotten it all!


01/04/2014 at 15:56

Sonya, I'm sure you're not huge. I expect that your bump is pronounced as you are so slim. There is no way on this planet that I could get away with pretending not to be pregnant now. Just about 19 weeks now. Just had a doc apptmt, bit of a waste of time really, she listened to the heartbeat, I asked about tubes tying and they have given me paperwork for a couple more blood tests. Sitting in the blood place now but looks as though there is quite a wait, grr. They tested my blood sugars at the same time as I did it, was a bit gutted that their monitor said 76 and mine 97, at least if my monitor is wrong it's reporting high and not low. Need to buy some more test sticks so they will hopefully be better, mine are a month or so out of date. 

01/04/2014 at 17:43

Sonya - I *hated* people commenting on how big I was with Sophie.  One helpful person said I looked as big as her sister did who was expecting twins  although given Sophie's was 10lb 5oz she probably was the same size but you know what I mean .  I think until you've been pregnant you can't understand that you don't feel blooming and wonderful and these not so helpful comments can be really taken to heart !  I bet you look gorgeous anyway, and you know you'll be back to normal in a jiffy once the baby's here.

Had exhausting day after being up till midnight doing stupid official lesson plans, on the off-chance I was observed today, which I wasn't, but might be tomorrow so got the same palava to go through tonight, and I want to go to Body Attack in half an hour.  Plus the LSA (Learning Support Assistant) who works with me was doing my head in all day talking cr*p or asking stupid questions, and constantly suggesting I use the lesson I did this morning again tomorrow to save me planning another one - as if!   A good LSA or TA is worth their weight in gold but a rubbish one really is such a pain!

Better get back to lesson planning before I go out anyway. Interview looming on Friday too...grandparents very excited for some reason, it's not like I've got the job yet!

01/04/2014 at 21:10

Arrrggghhh after 2 weeks of hubby not working, he went back to work yesterday (agency work) and he's hurt his back properly this time. I am really at a loss to know how to handle another setback. He is really low and its just blimmin awful. He now won't be able to do his day at his old job which he usually does on a Friday and we need the money - can't stress to him as there's noting he can do.

On the positive side (I need all the postives I can get) my jog to daycare and back with the buggy was good. Definitely feeling fitness returning.


01/04/2014 at 21:54

Oh Hoggle, that really sucks!  Like CC said, that good luck fairy had better put in an appearance soon.

CC, hope you get some good sleep tonight.

Have just been trying to check flights for our trip back to UK at the end of April, realized why they are sooo expensive in the last week of April - Easter hols, duh!  It's no problem if we shift trip back a wee while so for the huge savings we will make I guess we will do it.

02/04/2014 at 08:24



I have been reading lots but its not always so easy to post as I am usually reading whilst b'feeding. I can't believe Isaac is only 3 weeks old, it feels like he has been here for ages. I recall the first bit goes really slowly and then it starts to fly. Isaacs gym (creche) membership starts in may. Hooray!! Sleep isn't going to badly so far but its early days.

There are too many things to remember/reply to but a few... Hoggle sorry to hear about your husband. It must be stressful and gutting. Hope he gets better soon and can work.

Sonya - what is it with people? Suddenly your body is open for comment from all when pregnant. Ignore it. I am sure you look fab. The eating thing is tough. I overate whilst pregnant with both of mine and then had loads to lose after. I am not good at moderation and my weight has always fluctuated massively all my adult life. 

Cc - hope you get some sleep.


TT - I think I read you had a scan and it was all OK? If so, hooray.

Camlo - 60 for six months swimming. What a bargain. Good work on your swim.

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