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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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03/04/2014 at 19:09

smog is air pollution, TTid. combination of dust from sahara, air pollution from Europe and local pollution. Red sahara sand all over my car today!

mind you, it was 20 degrees when I left Reading earlier. only11 degrees (and raining) when I got home

can't believe your families haven't met Oscar. bit sad really... I know they don't come out to visit.

I am mid panic. I am remortgaging and haven't received March payslip. They want it because they need the whole year's total for tax etc (as I can't wait for my P60 because that won't arrive in time). It definitely hasn't been delivered. Work are saying it was sent... And they can't send me a copy. ARSE!! last year's P60 shows me working 3 days a week so the total doesn't tally up with what I am on now. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO DIFFICULT!? I have a whole year of payslips, with the exception of June 2013. Why don't I have June 2013?? I don't know. But seriously - you would have thought that would be enough. But no - they want March's. WHY!?!?!? and why hasn't it arrived. I have been watching the post like a hawk...

03/04/2014 at 19:27

Boo to rain, Tangy But think how smug you'll feel once it is done. Definite bragging rights run!

CM, hope it turns up soon. So typical, it is always the one piece of paper you need that you don't have (yet!). Surely work could sort out another copy or are they just being awkward as per?!

TTid, how exciting that you're coming over! Bet the families will love meeting Oscar A move to the US may well be on the cards for us in the next few years as Ben's parent company is based in Kansas City. I would be worried about not seeing my parents (they wouldn't travel) but I guess you get used to it? Skype must be a godsend.

03/04/2014 at 19:32

Nasty, hope the smog settles/blows through/whatever it is going to do soon.  That's pretty unusual isn't it?

CM - really??  Work can't resend a copy of your payslip?  That's just stupid.  We would always just reprint one if any of our staff requested a copy.  Hope the March one arrives tomorrow.

It is a little sad about the families and Os (and Max for that matter, especially as he is so interactive now).  We are not really close with either set of families and I am sometimes actually a little relieved that we are not geographically closer as my family have a subtle way of sucking the confidence out of you if you let them.  They make little comments that feel too petty to pick them up on but they are just little confidence-eating digs.  I don't think they mean to do it but it really sucked the confidence out of me.

Just discovered that one of the boys' favourite daycare teachers (she currently takes the class that Os is in and Max is also very fond of her and she babysits for us too) is moving back to Seattle in May to be closer to her family.  I completely understand why she is going but am gutted.  Will definitely need to find another sitter.....

House build is stalled while the builders wait for inspections from the council and then bring in earth to raise the level of the floor.  We have so much stuff to choose for the house, eek!

03/04/2014 at 19:36

Cross post TB, you do get used to not having family around.  Are yours nearby where you are now?  We do feel a bit 'lonely' if you know what I mean.  We have good friends here now and one English couple we have got very close to would always take the boys for us in an emergency (she has already put her work on alert for our due date!) but it's not the same as dropping them off with family for a night away for work or just pleasure.  If you can't do that now then you'll not notice the difference but if you are close then that'll hurt.

Skype is excellent.  We make a point of speaking to both Grannies once a week so they are not complete strangers at least.

03/04/2014 at 19:54

We're about an hour away from Ben's dad and an hour and a half from my parents. tend to see my parents about once a month, Ben's dad probably less so (just because I am more inclined to drive to see Mum and Dad). It's quite nice in a way though, because we're not so close that we are always relying on them for childcare - when they see them, it's a lovely treat for all concerned. My brothers and sister have both relied heavily on Mum and whilst she enjoys seeing the children, I know she would like a rest sometimes! 

03/04/2014 at 20:03

An hour to an hour and a half away sounds perfect to me, just close enough that you can call on them if need be but as you say not so close that it gets too easy!

03/04/2014 at 21:39

Arghhh. Lost massive post yesterday and now forgotten what posted. I have swim mining offer at mo too. £12 for 12 swims but needs to be used in 8 weeks. Currently using that pool once a week as it's near work not home, but still a huge saving as it's £3.80 there.

Running eye totty. Well the chap I was going to Cornwall with in June for the coastal path ultra is quite good looking, much to hubbies annoyance. He calls him my 'toy boy'. He is only 27!!!. I run with the blokes from the club all the time just because I am quick and no other women to run with. I love the banter but they do forget I'm there sometimes !!!

After another week of complete rest apart from 3k swim Monday morning before work. I naughtily ran yesterday though. Physio had told me will be a couple of weeks yet, but I so needed some fresh air so just went. Managed 25 mins with zero pain. Rather chuffed, so rest again today as hubbie away and with swim lessons and long day at work it would gave been 8pm before I got on the bike or xtrainer. Opened some wine instead!!!  Will try another run tom pm when boys at footie training.

So proud of my baby girl tonight. First after school swim lesson tonight after her teacher suggested to move her up from the Friday daytime classes as she can swim. She was amazing. Not 4 until end of May, and she was as good as the others if not better who were pretty much all twice her size and a year older. Evan swam from the deep end for 10m to a woggle held by the teaching assistant. So proud of her


03/04/2014 at 21:48

Wow, MM that's some amazing swimming from the little one, well done S!  There are no indoor pools here so we tend not to swim at all through the winter, have just started getting out again for the season this last couple of weeks.  Max was on a great trajectory in the autumn but has stopped dead and maybe even gone back a little with his swimming.  Should be able to get out now every week which is good.

Have put our flights on hold, flying back on April 29 and staying for 3 weeks.  Need to go through our itinerary to make sure we can do all we want to in that time before confirming them.  Getting quite excited about going back though.  Looking at houses to rent in the Swindon area.  There are some at the Cotswold Water Park that MM I'm sure you know.  Trying to work out what will be OK from all the way over here is not easy though.  Especially as 2 places that look very similar to me are quoted at 3,300 for the 3 weeks or 1,200 for the same time!!  Why?  Unfortunately there are no guest reviews yet for the cheaper one so I can't see what's wrong with it

04/04/2014 at 02:26

I'm terrible about taking M swimming - need to go more regularly. She is very confident and really enjoys it but because we don't do lessons at the moment we never get into the habit of going weekly. Well done Sophie!!!

23 degrees today - its April - this is crazy!!! Taking full advantage but it does feel very weird and I really feel for my parents as the farm is in major drought now!


Exciting re. your trip Ttid!! Who was it who said they might move to the States? TB? I lived away from my family for 8 years but at least one of my siblings lived in London for much of that time. I missed them a lot but was made easier by knowing we'd always move home at some point. Hubby told me yesterday he feels more like a NZ'er than a Brit now which was nice to hear! Means that he feels settled here despite the on-going job stuff!

04/04/2014 at 13:40

Must be hard living so far away from family, although perhaps convenient at times too if they're a bit annoying!

I laughed the other day when the American couple who are learning French with me asked where my mum lived - I said Suffolk and they said "oh not far then"!  I was like, yeah only a 3.5hr drive!  But I had to admit that was closer than America (smiley faces not working!)

Well interview all done, just waiting to hear now if I got it or not... I think I did as well as I could have, whether I'm right for the job remains to be seen.  I blagged some of it, used made-up examples etc but I think I was convincing!

My new perfume has just arrived - Happy belated Mother's Day me

Night out tonight with some mummy friends much-needed after the week I've had, just got to try not to overdo it as really don't want a hangover!  Then friend's boys' party tomorrow and our friends coming to see us tomorrow night, and watching the Sheffield half marathon on Sunday, which hopefully won't be too depressing :/

What a pain re the payslip CM, typical that only that one goes missing

04/04/2014 at 13:56

Yes, it was me Hoggle Probably not for 3-4 years, but looking increasingly likely! 

Good luck JG  

Giovanna slept for 2.5 hours this morning! Didn't quite know what to do with myself but carried on with project playroom (don't ask, it is a bomb site and is going to take more than 2.5 days never mind hours!) and squeezed in a couple of miles on the treadmill

happy Friday everyone

04/04/2014 at 14:33

wow Tatty that would have been nice. Well done G!!

i sat in the toy room yesterday and found all the dolls clothes and dressed them as i got a new DVD through the post so was watching that. It is Runrig. The concert we were at last year for their 40th year anniversary. It was an amzing gig and watching the DVD brought it all back, a lump in my throat often as some of the songs remind me of years ago.

best of luck with the job JG...............if it was meant to be

My parents live 35 min drive from me, see them a few times a month. MIL is 10 mins away, dont see her that often although hubby pops in for his dinner the days i am working after he collects M from nursery! My wee sis is in Brighton so only see her twice a year, other 2 sisters live 45 mins drive but probably only see the a few times a year what with work etc and they have teenage kids so are always busy.

i alway wanted to live in Oz or NZ but would find it hard been on the other side of the world.

CC hope you have a great time in Torridon, gorgeous part of Scotland. I look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks!

Havent done much today- 3 miles on the bike with M in the trailer at school drop of then 100 jumping jacks, 75 squats, 50 half press ups, 40 crunches, 20 lunges and some kettlebell swings.quick bath and then to my SIL's for coffee and so that M could play with her cousin; he is just 10 months youngr than her. THen girls home from school, lunch, tidy up and now i am on here although need to go and do washing, hoovering etc!

Dead excited as hubby and I are also actually getting away fro a night tomorrow. my mum and dad are taking the girls.We are going down to the glenlivet bike trails to spend the afternoon and then staying in Aviemore. Whoop whoop. Will hopefully get a swim in before breakfast and the maybe a cycle around loch morlich before coming back Sunday afternoon. So need to go and get all our gear together and the girls overnight stuff also.....................maybe later!

MM well done on your wee swimmer, fab.

How are you Brookie? ((((()))))

Flip CM your work still being twats then? When do u leave?

Arghhhhhhh canna remember anything else, sorry to those i missed, memory really is like a seive sometimes.

04/04/2014 at 15:51

Random Friday question: Matilda has been riding a bike for over a yr now, no probs, goes down hills, off road etc.  She has an isla bike with no gears that she has admittedly outgrown, but we're not getting her a new one till her b day.  Do you think cycling 9 miles is reasonable?  It is a flat, off road purpose built path next to a steam train line in Norfolk.  My idea is she and I cycle and the boys take the train, then we all take the train back - not a race, just us having a nice mummy/daughter cycle ride.

04/04/2014 at 18:30
RF & CC - hope you both have good trips, I'm jealous!

JG - fingers crossed for your job!

Caro - I would say 9 flat miles on one of those little bikes is probably possible, but is a pretty long way on small wheels. Isabelle did 12 miles a couple of months ago, but it wasn't all in one go, and she's got the bigger geared bike with 20" wheels. 14" wheels will mean an awful lot of turning for M's poor legs! Have you got a trail gator? Might be a worthwhile investment for when E's bigger and is perfect for what you want to do. When E starts riding the bike M's on now, she'll be able to go much further so it will mean you can all ride together without worrying as much about how far E can go. We used ours loads with Isabelle and I'm sure it will be in use again soon for our E.
04/04/2014 at 19:29

Hello all!

Still lurking occasionally. Caro LB did 10 miles on the Camel Trail on one of those bikes when he was 4 so M should be OK as long as there aren't any steep hills.

04/04/2014 at 19:31

Caro- don't think my girls would have managed but maybe if its very flat and you take plenty of breaks she might manage???

Thanks Vixo. Very excited, don't know when we last did any thing together without kids, years probably!

04/04/2014 at 19:36

Does anyone have any sleeping bag advice??? Have decided to buy one for the mountain marathon as I guessed having 3 kids a good sleeping bag would be an investment for cold cub camps etc etc In the future.

Found a good down sleeping bag last night which went to - 5 and had good reviews and also good value but of course not in stock for the foreseeable future. All the other ones that I have looked at, Rab etc are heavier and much more expensive. Arghhhhhhhh. Anyone got any advice on one?? Needs to be light, pack tiny and be warm and not cost a small fortune!! Hahahahaha. Anyway going to go and research more now with a glass of wine!!!! Happy Friday all x

04/04/2014 at 19:55
No idea RF, but a silk liner can add a couple of degrees warmth and packs up tiny, with the added advantage of being easily washable to preserve the inside of your sleeping bag! We took them when we went to Patagonia and they were great.
Camlo    pirate
05/04/2014 at 07:56

Haha RF, didnt do much...then lists a killer squat, lunge etc etc session! 

No idea on bike stamina Caro but most youngsters have oodles so Id go for it!

RB - glad to see you still lurk a bit, how is LB getting on and equally important are you running?  

Boo to job JG

I have family close by, sis is a great help 5 mins away. My mother is useless and is the closest parent of the lot (10 mins. Still not forgiven her for taking my birthday present) my dad and inlaws are 30 mins away and they are all coming over later for another seafood feast.

Stuck with kids all day so swimming lesson and party..... Missing a chance of a sea swim

05/04/2014 at 10:10

I'm not sure I share your sadness at missing a sea swim Camlo!

Parkrun done, first in ages.  According to my garmin I was 20.19 which matches my PB....I am just hoping the parkrun timer says 2018  It was a killer though, was retching at the end which I haven't done for ages, and coughing loads, not a pretty sight to behold!

Thanks for you bike input, nice to see you're still lurking RB.  Can't remember if I have asked what bikes people got for their kiddies when they first moved onto gears.  Vixo/RB?  The Isla ones are so expensive!

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