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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/02/2013 at 22:20
cc my hubby had the day in bed too so it's nothing to be ashamed of. Hope you feel better soon. Must be awful living so much in a hotel. Cant hubby get a mon-fri deal on a room/ house share/ b&b ?
19/02/2013 at 22:40
Boo to your sis Caro!!! Of course first birthdays are important - big milestone!! Did she do the same with Matilda?
Thankfully finally making some small progress with my back. I can now sit for short periods of time and can walk a bit more. Not staggering but really happy to be moving forward rather than backwards. I have had this once before but not as severe and yes Caro - long recovery time. Can cope with that just want to be able to actively recover. Osteo tomorrow son hopefully I can start some exercises.
Lovely having mum here - doing all my washing, cleaning etc. she's taking M to her swimming lesson later - she's such a star!!!

Has it been a year you have been dealing with all this chest stuff JT - wow!!! And scary re. Car jacking! not sure there's ever been a car jacking in NZ!

As I'm looking on the positive side today I have been enjoying the sunshine from the floor of our lounge! We are having the most incredible summer! M hasn't worn long sleeves once since before Christmas. Ok so my parents have a pretty major drought on the farm but otherwise it's awesome!
20/02/2013 at 07:45

Glad your getting some sunshine Hoggle, certainly helps when the chips are down.x

CC - hope you start to feel better soon, as for spending the day in bed, I'm a firm believer that your body tells you what you need.  unfortunately that frequently is the justification for my chocoholics anonymous subscription

Lotte - forgot to say congrats yesterday, that is an awesome acknowledgement.

Caro  -. Grr.....  That is so frustrating...

Hmm, well met up with some friends yesterday evening who were talking about the car, apparently it's the third one in the last couple of weeks!  The first guy apparently was opening his passenger door when they leapt in and nearly ran him over in the process.  Starting to feel like I live in the Bronx!  Hopefully they'll turn their attentions to another area soon :-S

20/02/2013 at 08:34
Oh no JT, that's so bad. Hope the police are doing something!

Glad it's a little better Hoggle!
20/02/2013 at 11:02

Boo Hoggle to the bad back but good that the sun is at least shining which does help to lift your mood somewhat.  Small improvements are better than no improvement so fingers crossed you're heading in the right direction.

Happy birthday Eric   And yes Caro, not acceptable for your sister to fail to acknowledge his first birthday (or any birthday, for that matter) - it doesn't take much to put a card in the post even if she does live in the US.

JT, OMG re. the car jacking, that is awful.  We regularly put the key in the ignition and get things running while we de-ice the car; wouldn't even cross my mind that someone might take it off the driveway!  Can't believe your breathing problems began a year ago - that is such a long time.

CC, agree with others that your body will tell you when it needs rest and clearly yours does.  I had a horrible fluey bug thing a few weeks ago when the first dollop of snow arrived, and was all set to crawl under the duvet wearing several layers when we got a text from the school saying they were closing at lunchtime and we had to pick up our children.  So no rest for me!  Ended up having about three nights waking soaked in sweat (having to change PJs in the middle of the night) but feeling shivery and cold - oddly felt OKish during the day - and then it seemed to subside.  I blame the constant temperature fluctuations for all these bugs this year, it seems worse than usual.

Have had a lovely couple of days with Kit.  He is such good company and we have had lots of fun doing things together, as well as a couple of play dates with two of his friends from school.  Sad to be at work today.

Last week's snow meant rejuggling the days I ran last week - normally I'd do Monday but it was just too icy everywhere.  So ran Saturday instead, but that's meant by the time I've run tonight I'll have done 6 consecutive days of running which I never usually do.  Saying that I feel OK on it and even managed a reasonably fast-paced run last night but think I need to take it a bit easier tonight.  I seem to have bruised the top of my left foot too, just where the bony bit is - think I may have laced my running shoes a bit too tightly last week when I did the treadmill run; first noticed it during that run but because I was unfamiliar with the treadmill I didn't want to stop it in case I lost all the data!  Shoved a load of arnica cream on it last night and this morning so hopefully that will do the trick!

20/02/2013 at 11:04
I have always bn really paranoid about locking car when in it or when deicing, my Dad drilled it into me after witnessing a handbag being stolen from a woman's passenger seat while stopped at traffic lights. Always lock car with 2nd key when deicing + lock doors as soon as I get in car. Scary stuff! Hard to believe people have the nerve to nick ur car while ur actually standing there, hard to understand how people can b so horrible when ur a decent person.
20/02/2013 at 11:21
Surprisingly my legs feel ok today after doing 2 runs yesterday, did 3mile tempo run in the afternoon + would usually do half hr on exercise bike after but running buddy was coming dwn + we were going to gym for 1st time in ages, so decided to do today's interval run on treadmill last night instead - 5 miles with 7x 400m. Thought I might b dying today but ok, so 3 mile recovery run planned for this aft with 45mins on the bike after.

There r only really 2 places I can do interval runs outside, where I did it last wk is a bit up + dwnhill so not ideal but the better place is directly beside where they r building a new swing park behind my house, I already run along that path up to 3 times on some of my short runs + hate it with all the workmen watching me. So the thought of having to do interval runs where I will b running past them up to 33 times panting + purple is just a brass neck. I know that if I just bloody do it it will b fine, they don't shout or oggle, it is just in my head + the thought of it is probably worse than just doing it.
20/02/2013 at 17:58
Yay to great training, fast races, new babies ( well done Anj, fab name & gorgeous pic on FB), 1st birthdays (Eric), sunshine & blue skies (hoggle & the highlands of scotland!!!). Massive boo to car highjacking, relatives, injuries, illness & weather getting n the way of training.
Can't remember anything else now sorry.
Can't imagine people jumping in the car n nicking it..........I live in the middle of no where so hopefully never have to worry about such things.
Practice nurse interview went ok today but won't hear for 2 wks as they are interviewing next week too & as there are 4 of them interviewing, two of which are GP's so to get them all together can be difficult. Arghhhhhhhhh can't believe I have to wait that long. Normally you hear about a nursing job on the same day. I have another interview in two weeks for surgical high dependency in Inverness.
Mayhem occurring, must dash..........
20/02/2013 at 19:57
Glad interview went well RF but frustrating to wait so long!!
TTwirly can I say that you are doing awesome work with your training at the moment - very impressed!!!
Ef sorry to hear you are still feeling rubbish - seems very unfair!! Your course sounds a nightmare!!
Cm - how are you feeling?

In a bit of a flap as friends from uk were due to arrive on Sat and are now coming today! Had hoped i'd be a bit more mobile but never mind!!! Thankfully my incredible mum is sorting everything out before she goes home today. So far this morning she has done all Matilda's organizing and dropped her at daycare, she's now dropping my car to be serviced, going to the supermarket, then off to toy library while I'm at osteo. She's then planning on baking so that I have something in the tins for guests, as well as all the cleaning etc. she's amazing!!!

Right, best shift this lazy butt!!
20/02/2013 at 20:57
Yah to fabulous Mums
20/02/2013 at 21:03
have to agree Tangy you are flying! Does your schedule give you a predicted time? Not sure if I would do reps past a building site either! I don't do set distances just run for about an hour and tempo a few loops and hills on the way.
RF glad interview went OK, hope it goes your way. Which job would you prefer?
Hoggle - not sure I could tolerate visitors if I was in pain but guess friends should be understanding?? your mum sounds great, can we all have a share of her?? We have sunshine too but it comes with an icy wind so no chance of short sleeves yet!
CM boo to standing on the train for so long. After you posted about chessington I looked it up and was at the point of booking when I thought I'd better check where it actually was.... errrr inside the m25..... 4-5 hrs each way.... errrr no.
Minks - I remember loving days with my eldest and think it was because we were so relaxed whereas the youngest 2 are close in age and bicker and argue so we rarely 'enjoy' anything! Took only Archie to athletics club tonight and he was a delight. Your running sounds awesome but I'm sure you are looking forward to a rest day.
20/02/2013 at 22:10
Friends are over from uk Camlo so really can't say no as I have been looking forward to seeing them for so long!! They will just have to muck in.
Back from osteo - some progress but he's concerned about lack of function in foot (as an I!!!) so off to drs to get referral for MRI. Gah bored of all this!

Healthy dose of perspective though, had a long chat with my friend with the really sick baby and they are now up in Auckland at thechildrens hospital until he gets a transplant. He's very poorly - had first blood transfusion yesterday, fed by a feeding tube etc. hoping so much that one of them is a donor match as wait on list to find right match could be long. Am thinking about different ways I can get some fundraising going as the next year or so will be financially very very tough for them.

Forgot to say in all my self-pitying awesome race Sonya!!! Also hope you feel better soon CC - nothing worse than having a great holiday then coming back feeling like crap!
20/02/2013 at 23:32
Camlo- yes schedule is for sub 4:30 which I was confident of being able to do if had bn doing Edinburgh marathon, not so confident of doing that in Strathearn marathon tho, much hillier. But it's only wk 2 of training + I am managing all the paces so far, so hoping I feel more confident in another 15wks. Altho it will b my 2nd marathon, my 1st was done off of 10wks training, coming back after an injury, with no speedwork or tempo runs + I ran it at LSR pace with no expectations, so really I have no idea what I can manage with the proper training.
20/02/2013 at 23:54
yipppeeee just saw that neighbour was selling her one direction tickets so have snapped them up for Toms birthday Pressie. Now I just have to find a 'cheap' hotel/ b&b for Manchester on 15th march..... hubby has volunteered to take him as I have a race the next day!
TT hillier course will take a bit longer but at least it's not so repetitive on the legs. Wish I had an idea of my ideal pace too, think I am going to do the 20 miler and see how I get on then decide?
Hoggle - we were so worried with Archie's kidney issues that we started a trust fund and have ??3000 in there ready in case he ever needs it. I find fund raising so hard - do you have charity sales in NZ?
21/02/2013 at 08:07

Quickly popping in for some advice from guys who've had it. We've got our first ever bout of worms. Sophie has been waking up screaming at night and has a very sore bottom. Initially thought thrush but last night she was in agony again despite using cream like doc suggsted on the phone. Spotted a wriggler. OMG!!!

Anyway hubbie rushed to the open late chemist in town and we've all been medicated. Am now washing all bedding and am going to clean the house from top to bottom today. Is that all I need to do or do we need to take a 2nd dose and keep cleaning fastigiously. Never had it before, guess we've been lucky? Or maybe just never spotted it before?

21/02/2013 at 08:15
Cut everyone's nails + clean thoroughly under them with a nail brush too.
21/02/2013 at 08:21
welcome to my world MM, we've all had it twice.... eggs have to be ingested to start the cycle again so hygiene is the key and they can live for weeks so hand washing is vital! I think we saw an immediate improvement once meds taken as they work straight away and you will spot lots of white bits in her poo. I'm sure we had them a while but didn't know (until I caught them too and now if I have a hint of a squirmy feeling I am checking!!)
21/02/2013 at 08:38

oh grim, MM. we haven't had them (yet)

hoggle - hope you see some improvement soon

i can now put my heel on the floor but i can't walk on the foot like that, so i'm still limping. london yesterday was a PITA. everyone rushes and there are loads of stairs everywhere and i was in the way. it was a bit better wearing my work boots yesterday - they have a small heel. but i don't have any shoes with a proper heel as i don't wear them.

camlo - chessington is 2.5 hrs from here, so that's not too bad for us

have just booked legoland for easter - going with a friend who has moved to edinburgh. staying in a hotel in bracknell, so the kids will be super excited

have restarted my alternate day fasting and am going to really go for it this time as i am doing no exercise at all, not even any walking as i can't. yesterday i did a complete fast. apart from being totally freezing by the end of the day (2 hours on a cold train), i felt fine. in a way it's easier to diet when you are doing no exercise as you don't get hungry and you can't justify needing to eat to have energy to exercise. am going to go for broke this time and see if i can get down to 10stone. have always wimped out at about 10st 5 before as i can't get lower than that when exercising. i'm 5ft 9 so that should be fine. just worried i'm going to have a turtle neck as i am now a bit scraggy and old!

21/02/2013 at 09:08

What about a 2nd dose of medication is that necessary? She has gone to nursery as they said thats fine and my washing machine is very busy! Are we going to keep getting it now then? So yuck and we're such a clean household, can't quite believe how yuck! Anyway off for a run...

21/02/2013 at 09:29

oh and caro - mean of your sister not to acknowledge Eric's first birthday. i haven't heard from my parents in a year now. it was feb half term that we had the police incident last year, and a year has gone by with no contact...

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