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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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05/04/2014 at 11:09

Caro Nice one on the PR. I was about to say your pb matches mine, then I realized mine is something like 25.19. Defo not the same. I hope PR records a pb for you.

Cm - I can't believe your work won't resend the payslip. We have online payslips (my depts work ) but payroll will reprint and stamp for anyone requesting. Your work sound like a'holes but I think you know that.


Camlo - sea swim sounds good but not in the uk. A friend is off for a lake swim today! Yikes. I did a 5k race last year in may and that was bad enough at 12 degrees. For once, being a lard arse was an advantage!!

My 3 yr old daughter is really playing up and winges constantly. We are being really strict with her but its so draining. I guess its the new baby and possibly her age but I am not enjoying it. She is good as gold at nursery. I guess we just press on with being strict??

05/04/2014 at 12:01

Caro our boys cycled 9-10 miles on their 14 inch bikes When they were 5. Halfords not Isla. They did have brakes though. They biked 15 last year on hols on their 20 inch alu bikes with 7 gears (halfords again, can't afford x2 Isla bikes!!) but with a break at the beach for lunch and swimming.

Has the 14 inch Isla not got brakes? Sophie is now riding properly and we want to get her a lighter bike for her 4th birthday, she struggles with the weight if her steel bike we got from a friend but she is still so small. Her balance bike had a brake so she has got the hang of that and the steel bike has too. Other alloy or aluminium 14 inch bikes all have stabilisers which is a waste of money for her. 

4.7 miles run last night with zero pain. Woohoo!! Too late for mara but pondering if ultra in 9 weeks might be feasible? Last 20 miler was Feb 16th, but have done plenty of endurance type stuff on xtrainer and swimming. Just swam 3k again and am getting quicker finally. 1500 in 27 mins today. Going to try and keep swimming once a week I think, although still don't much like it!! 

Boys lost their match again, but the team is bonding well now. I think they are def playing better. What is noticeable is how fast our boys are, when they run they are 2-3m ahead if everyone very quickly!! Just can't finish very well as so many near misses from them today. 

Time for bacon and eggs to feed the hungry army!!! Wondering whether kids can wait till 1pm as hubbie out on his bike.

Well done on PB Caro, catching me!! Never been great at 5k I am an mileage queen like Lotte.

05/04/2014 at 13:53
MM - all the Isla bikes have brakes, even the balance bikes. I think the huge advantage of them is that they're lightweight so much easier for children to ride. You could look at the cnoc 16 which has 16" wheels so would hopefully last her a bit longer. Good news on the running, hope it continues!

Caro - we've stuck with islabikes on the basis that they'll be able to be handed down to both the others. Isabelle got a Beinn 20 small for her 5th birthday. Depending on how tall M is you might be able to get away with the 20 large which might last a bit longer, but would possibly mean that E wouldn't be big enough for it as quickly as he would if you got the small - does that make any sense?!!
05/04/2014 at 16:41

Thanks Vixo. We think the cnoc 16 will be too big for her. She is 98cm with short legs bless her, takes after me!!! We will re-measure her and work it out. Think we can afford one Isla bike, it was the factor of 2 with the boys and we are pretty pleased with their bikes. They get some pounding as the boys use them all the time. Hubbie very clued up on bikes being a triathlete and now tri coach.

Feeling rather chuffed with ourselves. Allotment just dug over and parsnips sown. We have got a much smaller plot but retained the asparagus bed so very pleased and its much more manageable.

Looking forward to seeing if I can run for an hour tomorrow. Fingers crossed!! 

Off out for dinner tonight as Grandad here. Really looking forward to some time with hubbie, its been too long.

05/04/2014 at 20:16

Sorry MM it def has brakes!  Did I say no brakes?  I meant no gears!!!  M got the cnoc 14 for xmas when she was 3.5 so by the time she gets a new one for her 6th b day it will have done 2.5 yrs.  She is small Vixo, way way smaller than Isabelle so couldn't get away with a large anything!  Eric on the other hand is a big boy so I think he will get less use out of the cnoc 14 when he gets it as he will outgrow it too fast.  

I am planning a buggy run with M on bike on Monday so we'll see how we get on.  

Parkrun wasn't a PB, it was recorded as 20.19!  Annoying but I was beyond any sort of speed by the end. Even if I had known I was close I dont think I could have done anything about it.  

Meeting Minks at 7.30am tomorrow for a 10 miler in her neck of the woods.  The forecast is heavy rain!  Oh well......will be far easier with company

05/04/2014 at 20:41

Boo to not beating your pb Caro. Have fun with Minks tomorrow. I love that some of us meet up sometime. 

Must be the night for nights out, Mr TT and I are out later too. 

05/04/2014 at 21:51

I'm still running Camlo but not enough to tackle a marathon.Combination of illness, dodgy knee and age!

LB is fab. Lovely little boy. He went from 14 inch Isla to 20 inch Isla with 7 gears. Combination of light weight and good gears means that he can cycle up any hill ow. The smaller frame size just overlaps with the 14 inch Isla so would be fine for M if she's outgrown the 14 inch. LB is small and he was OK with the 20 inch (smaller frame) when he was 5.5 years. Although they are more expensive, Islabikes hold their value better than Halfords bikes. I got £150 for his 14 inch when I sold it on ebay after hundreds of miles of use!


05/04/2014 at 21:56

Thanks for the commiserations ladies - didn't get the job disappointed initially but there'll be something better along soon I hope.  Good feedback and tricky questions so hats off to the successful candidate!  "Describe a time when you have stood up for your beliefs and won" ???!

Good running Caro!  Fingers crossed for pain-free running MM.  I'm back at the physio on Friday for a check-up. Not sure if things are improving or not - I did 2 consecutive days last weekend and paid for it with a painful hamstring for a couple of days, but maybe I just overdid it.

Uh oh here's a poxy girl who can't sleep

06/04/2014 at 06:28

Good point about the re sale value RB.  M's will go through 2 kids but prob still wont have done as many miles as RB's did!  A uni friend bought a baby jogger on e bay last wk for £228 so good to know they still go for a decent amount when the time comes to say bye to mine.

Well am up, eating breakfast in prep for my run with Minks......I went to bed super early last night (prob whilst MM was still having her main course!) as I was really tired and knew I'd have to get up early.  Woken at 11.45pm - Mummy I;ve been sick.  It was everywhere!!  Carpet, bed, teddy, etc.  So cleaned it all up - repeat at 2am but mostly in the bathroom this time thank god.  I guess given that this is the first time we've had puking in the night and she's nearly 6 it's not bad going, but did it have to be last night??  I hope I'm not abandoning hubby to a really ill child (plus Eric who wont really do sympathy!) .........

06/04/2014 at 07:03

Caro enjoy your run. Don't feel bad. Sounds like you did the nightshift cleaning up. If anything still smells I believe you can use bicarb of soda although you might want to check that. I am certainly no domestic goddess!

Jg - sorry you didn't get the job.

My husband was doing the nightshift last night so I could get a proper nights sleep. At 3am I heard crying and checked he was OK. Found an almost broken looking man muttering that the baby wouldn't sleep and had been awake for hours and hours. We swapped over so he could get some rest.

I had four bets on the national yesterday. Three fell early on and the other was about sixth. It makes a more exciting race though. We all made it out for the afternoon yesterday. Bit stressful with a winging toddler and crying baby but all four of us made it back in one piece. 

Camlo    pirate
06/04/2014 at 08:43

Yippee to resale value on our gems, nights out, meeting up for runs, veg bed and no pain MM.

Boo to vomming kids (2 spews off Tom yest), Pip's crying baby and lack of sleep, crappy inteview question JG and not backing a winner on the national (we had £15 over 8 horses and only 2 finished!)

Lovely evening with inlaws and my dad last night with another huge paella, looking out  at a very wet, rainy wales this morning so am giving running club a miss! 

Camlo    pirate
06/04/2014 at 09:06

Ggrrrrrrrr Archie's tap wasnt properly closed so have just rescued him from a bed containing at least a litre of wee, poor boy was positively wrinkly! 

06/04/2014 at 09:24

Oh no Caro not what you needed. Yes we did eat late but was a lovely evening. I even had a pre-dinner cocktail!! 

Boo to the no PB Caro. Hubbie out on his bike now and I'm popping out in a bit. Hubbie taking the boys to watch the duathlon at the race circuit this morning and get their hair cut. Then a spot of swimming this afternoon if madam's cough is OK.

Isla bikes do hold their value but at the time of purchasing for the twins we simply could not afford 2x20" bikes at £300 a pop. The boys 20" alu 7 gear bikes were in a sale and were £120 each, and that was a struggle at the time. They too can cycle anywhere and big hills but that might be more their fitness level than the gears. Hubbie just had a bonus so we think we can afford one for Sophie but will be the 14" as she is way too small for the 16" her legs are so short. Just bought new washing machine too as that died and with the vet bill for our poorly cat, big money spends this month. Eeek!

06/04/2014 at 09:25

Oh no Camlo. Yuck. Poor Archie 

Camlo    pirate
06/04/2014 at 10:03

Thanks MM, he is fine after standing under the shower for so long he drained the hot water tank! 

Something attacked our ducks yesterday, only bitten their heads and neck and they were very traumatised. Hubby dispatched one straight away as it was in distress but this morning it has vanished. I am bloody terrified now that we have ?pole cat, mink, fox, wolf, big cat, what???? 

Meant to ask - who is doing London? 

06/04/2014 at 10:11

Is anyone camlo??

lovely run with minks, 11 miles dusted and duster by 9am.  Dry at the start then the rain came and it was very soggy and would have been positively unpleasant had it not been for the lovely route and company.  Pretty much all on paths with no cars, amazing for round here.  Now showered, and scoffing 2 hot cross buns as am starving!

m seems ok, quiet and not eating but no more spew.

boo to the leaky tap.......

glad you had a nice time MM

06/04/2014 at 20:16

Boo to leaky tap Camlo, poor Archie   Scary about the ducks - which is most likely?

Well you've probably seen on my FB and/or the news what a farce the Sheffield Half Marathon was today .  I went down to watch, after deciding a couple of months ago that I was going to have to give it a miss this year because of my hip/glute problem. I was with a couple of friends waiting and wondering why the first runners hadn't come through yet, then a message came through on the grapevine that the start was delayed by half an hour, but still no runners after 15 mins or so.  Then another Chinese whisper that it had been cancelled, then that it had been cancelled but some were running it anyway!  Then lo and behold round the corner came the first runners who were by no means the elite or the fastest (who had obviously decided not to bother running) and had ripped their numbers off.  The rest trickled through but it was only about half the field, we reckoned.  Runners were all mixed up so faster ones were with slower ones and vice versa.

Anyway we then heard the rumour that there was no water on the route, so we went off to buy some and waited till the runners came back down on their way back and gave a few drinks out.  Other supporters went off and bought big boxes of water to hand out, but it all went!  So all in all an odd experience, but all but one of my friends ran it anyway - the one who didn't heard it was cancelled and was cold after waiting at the delayed start for 45 mins so headed straight off to get his bag, not realising people had set off!  I'm very glad I didn't bother this year!  Everyone's suspicious because it's the first year it hasn't started in the infamous Don Valley stadium and clearly something has gone wrong.

Sorry bit of a waffle there!  In other news, Sophie has chicken pox - came out on Fri night and been getting more every day so she's absolutely covered, poor thing.  She's being very good about it though.  No school tomorrow though and probably not Tues/Wed .

Lotte's on her way back from skiing apparently and it looks as though they've had a fantastic time!  Glad you and MInks had a good run, Caro!

Camlo    pirate
06/04/2014 at 20:47

JG, I can imagine there will be some serious explaining to do by the water organiser/ supplier! Surely they could advised people about the water and allowed a staggered start to allow helpers to keep up with the flow via hosepipes and cups if necessary! 

Boo to chicken pox, at least it gets it out the way, I found porridge oats in a sock and run under the tap helped sooth the boys. 

No idea what has taken the ducks but it is going to be caught soon if it comes anywhere near the shed which is now booby trapped so it will catch whatever pops up in there! 

Rained all day here but managed a block of 10m bike, 3m run in prep for my tri next weekend! 

06/04/2014 at 21:51

Apparently the PA system was not set up to inform the runners either, so most of them ran the race without even knowing it was cancelled or that there was potentially no water!

06/04/2014 at 23:46

Ohhh that's terrible JG!! I'd have been gutted if I'd done all that training!

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