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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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21/02/2013 at 09:47

On a lighter less yuck note. Some Bramley 20 pics of me. Was a great run (I didn't race it). 10 miles at 7:15s to 7:45s then 10 miles at 6:45-6:50s. It felt great especially when I overtook my speedy clubmate (male) at 18 miles. Super!  Breakfast and gels all worked well, so sorted on that front....

Not sure whats going on with my vest in these pics, didn't notice in the race though! Also having worms obviously didn't bother me either!!

Have recovered fine and did speed session on tuesday pretty fast. Just lack of sleep the last few nights with S thats scuppering me sadly. Hopefully that will be fine now??

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21/02/2013 at 09:49

Such a shame about your parents CM. They are the ones losing out though as kids are very fickle and just forget. My step-dad hasn't seen the boys since they were, so 3 years ago now and has met Sophie once as a baby. How much has he missed out on hey!

21/02/2013 at 10:45

great pics, MM. you look fab!!

21/02/2013 at 10:58

Great pics MM - funny how none of us are ever smiling in these things though, eh??!  Boo to the worms, never had them and hope we never do!

CM, agree it's your parents' loss - although a shame for the children to have to grow up without knowing their grandparents.  But if they are as mean and difficult as they appear to be from what you've told us of them, then you're probably all better off without them in your lives.

Hoggle, yay to fab mums - mine is absolutely wonderful too, just wish we still lived two minutes' walk from her.  She's only 10 minutes away on the train (20 by car) but I can't just pop in these days which I miss.

Glad of a rest day today - legs feel tired.  I've run almost 50 miles in the last 6 days just because of having to schedule my runs this way for the past week in order to fit in all the sessions.  Friday was a tempo run (7:05ish pace), Saturday recovery (8:45s), Sunday long run (avg. 7:50 pace), Monday recovery (8:35), Tuesday steady (8.00) and yesterday also steady although probably should have been easy but just wanted to get home out of the bitter wind!  I'm managing all my sessions well though and feeling pretty strong which I'm pleased about.  Haven't enjoyed having to do all my runs this week in the dark though due to half term - have had to wait for hubby to get home in the evenings before heading out.  Last night I faffed about for ages procrastinating before I left for my run!

TT, you are doing really well so far - really hope sub-4:30 is on the cards for you - don't see why not.  Sometimes it's as much about believing you can do it as getting the training right.

Camlo, do you never run set distances?  My running buddy is like that - he just runs by time.  I am far too anal for that - I like my data!


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21/02/2013 at 11:27
Ur not alone CM, my ilaws haven't seen Nat in over 5yrs + have never met Cam. Plus my Stepmum used to b a big part of their lives, we went there every 2nd Sunday for dinner til she went all menopausal + had a big fight with my Dad, said she didn't want us coming there every 2 wks anymore, it was too much ?!?! Got it into her head that I didn't like her, which was not true. My Dad should have said 'tough, if u don't like them coming every 2nd Sunday then u go out' but he didn't, he now just pops in to visit most Saturdays + the kids go for sleepovers once every few months. Cam is too young to remember any different but Nat is very aware of what has happened + is very hurt by it. Esp as my stepbrothers daughter who is same age as Cam goes there every Fri night for a sleepover. She has bn Nat's Nana since she was born, Nat doesn't care that she's not blood, yet it obviously matters to her, she was a fabulous Nana til her son had kids + then they were the golden children + mine didn't matter any more. I am so angry at her for the hurt she has caused Nat, who is nearly 17, this all happened about 18months ago so Nat was old enough to notice everything, she had already mentioned to me that she thought her Nana treated Cam different from her cousin + she didn't like it. Sad bcos even the fact my stepmum was more in awe of her blood grandchild didn't make me dislike her, I understood it, but the cutting dwn contact with my kids was a kick in the teeth that I can't forgive. She got what she wanted cos now I don't like her.
21/02/2013 at 11:39

TT - i just don't understand how people can be like that with kids. i don't care if my parents hate me - i know my mother has never approved and my dad is too weak to stand up to her. but why can't they just be nice to the kids?! for god's sake, N's parents are nicer to my kids than my parents ever were. far more relaxed and more indulgent! and i have a really good friend whom we visit regularly (she has grandkids of her own now) and she makes every bit as much of a fuss of my kids now as she always has - even though she has her own grandkids now. and we're not related in any way.

J is sort of aware of what has happened. this week, E asked if we could see my parents (almost a year to the day), and J said 'you know what happened last time we saw them, don't you? you wet your pants and Nanny got really angry with you'. so he does remember... i do feel guilty that my parents can't be nice to them - i don't feel like they are missing out because all they are missing out on is abuse to be frank. however, i do feel guilty that i don't have parents who can be nice to them, make them feel loved and treasured. T's mum does that in spades, so at least they do have grandparents who love them. and that's more than some kids have. but i just wish i had parents who could do that for them too.

21/02/2013 at 12:01
Thanks for all the confidence boost re training. Strangely I had bn getting the odd niggle in the shin that scuppered marathon training last yr, not a pain as such just a niggle to remind me it was still there, but haven't had a single niggle for about 3wks now, Woohoo!

Have built my training plan around the 4 months to a 4hr marathon book that Caro recommended a while back. I do a bit more running than it has on that plan cos I run 5days a wk, but am keeping all my extra runs to 3-4 mile recovery runs + using exercise bike 3 times a wk, just for calorie burning really as still got 40lbs to lose + would like to lose at least half of it b4 marathon. Have to work on slowing dwn my LSR + recovery runs tho, still doing them a teeny bit too fast compared to what book recommends. Altho LSR only up to 9miles this coming Sunday, so I am sure it will slow dwn as length increases.

Paces I am aiming for in training r:

LSR 11:50-12:20. (have managed to slow long run pace to 11:45 so that fine)

Tempo 9:55. (don't actually start tempo runs for another 7 wks but my 1st run of the wk always feels comfortable + easy + managing 9:54 over 3mile run, so confident I will b able to do the longer tempo runs when start in 7wks, esp after 9 wks of interval runs)

Interval runs 9:00 for 400m (managing between 8:18 - 8:58 in the 1st 2wks so happy with that, started at 6 ints + builds to 16 the wk b4 start tempo runs.)

Recovery runs I am supposed to b doing at least as slow as LSR but only managing 10:30-11:30, so have to work on slowing them dwn a bit so legs don't get trashed.

Any advice welcome if any of u more experienced peeps can offer some extra help.
21/02/2013 at 12:06

CM, It's sad that you don't have parents who are nice but I definitely don't think anyone is missing out by their absence - it seems to me that things have been way calmer and less stressful during the year they haven't been present. Very sad that J can remember though, although they are very good at presenting stuff in black and white!!  Good that calf is slightly improved. I do really feel for you, definitely in need of some health and wellness fairies in your neck of the wood! 

Mine would LOVE to do Legoland, think will try and sort something for start of our summer hols. Ironic when we used to live so close to it!!

Fab pics MM - ha ha to the vest thing ... you just wanted to show off your speedy running washboard abs and a great run for you too.

Enjoy your rest day Minks - it's hard doing consecutive days I know, is why it's important to get the balance of sessions right and not end up doing two hard sessions back-to-back!

Worms - yep - we've had them a plenty - seems to be S that always brings them home. You may not need a second dose but you won't know really until another week or so - depends if they get back into the system again. Just keep the stuff in the fridge and if you need to use it, you've got it.  I felt really embarassed the first time I went to the chemist, now I don't care!!!  We've had worms and nits - oh joy.

Another stunning day here ... am feeling way better but still coughing a whole lot, so did a power stomp round the woods - about five miles all told. Ankle didn't hurt at all, just waiting to see if the dull ache in outer edge of foot will flare up (was a littled worried about a stress fracture). Boy it was freezing though -2, my toes froze and my hands. So good to be feeling better, just need to get back to running now ... got about 16 weeks until my hilly 27-ish mile race ... thinking I may just bail on the Fling now too, whilst I could probably finish it I'd like to stay in one piece too. Think my ultras may have to wait until latter part of year.

Hoggle - your mum sounds like a superstar. Enjoy your friends visits. 

Can't type any more, hands are frozen rigid!!!

21/02/2013 at 12:06
u shouldn't feel guilty CM, it's not ur fault, it's theirs. But I know what u mean, u feel sad for the kids that they don't have the loving grandparents that they should. But I bet u will b best Grandma in the world to their kids, cos ur parents have shown u everything u don't want to b.
21/02/2013 at 12:08

Sounds good plan TT, am sure that as the mileage/distances ramp up the slower paces will feel better anyway. I guess ice on the  shin as and when to keep that at bay? Fingers crossed you stay fit and strong - will be exciting to see what you can do on a proper training schedule

21/02/2013 at 12:09

Oh and piriton can help with itching apparently - think you can get kiddy stuff for the under-fives. The worms meds kick in pretty quickly though - thank goodness!

21/02/2013 at 12:10

Agree CM will be an awesome grandma - not that i am wishing her life away!!!

21/02/2013 at 12:43

LOL at thought of being a grandma!

CC, glad you're sounding a whole lot better.  Go easy though - don't try to do too much too soon with a weakened immune system or you may end back at square one.  I've had to be very careful this week with alternating hard and easy sessions - my normal weekly schedule isn't that great either as usually I run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday which means Sunday-Wednesday running on consecutive days and Sunday is always my long run day.  But I seem to be working round it OK, as long as Monday's run is short and at recovery pace.  Unfortunately with all our other commitments it's the only way I can fit everything in.

Training plan looking good, TT - have to say my sessions are not nearly as structured!  I try to do a recovery run the day after my long run, then Tuesday is a mid-week longer run (10-12 miles) at a steady pace, Wednesday tends to be steady/easy depending on how fast I ran on Tuesday (!), and I try to make Friday a bit faster, around tempo pace - but as I'm up at 5:40 on a Friday, rush back from work to do school pick-up, rush home to get ready for Kit's karate class (usually about 10 minutes in and out the house!), then tea, bath, bed for Kit before I head out I'm sometimes too weary to manage anything as speedy as I'd like!

Can't believe Kit is 6 next Wednesday - where has that time gone?  CM, E must be coming up for 4?

21/02/2013 at 13:03

I agree Minks why does time fly so fast. My twins will be 5 in a couple of weeks. Can't get my head around that one. Great training from you, enjoy the day off. Any build up races planned?

Yup I would say plan looks good TT, but coach MM will be best to advise.

Well done on the speedy and well planned 20 MM. Great pics. Yuck to the worms but easy to sort. We've had them a couple of times.

Glad you are feeling bit better CC. Bummer about the Fling but no one race is worth getting injured over. There are loads more in the SUMS this year so sure you will find alternatives to keep you busy!

Tired legs this week. 10 miles on Monday, 10 and a 7 on tuesday, 10 and 3 yesterday and 10 and 7 again today. All at, was going to say easy pace but think I will say slow as they haven't felt particularly easy!  We have a long weekend so kids off fri and mon and hubby away sat til monday taking senior section club kids away to compete. I really wanted to do a 30 miler this weekend but looks impossible. If I leave it until next weekend that will only be 4 weeks until the 100k so maybe too close??


21/02/2013 at 13:14

do you know what - i can't WAIT to be a grandma!!

yes, E is 4 a week today. she is with T weds night so for first time i won't wake up with one of my kids on their birthday. . up till now they have both always been with me on their birthdays. i will see her all day tho as have arranged to spend the day (except for the 2.5hrs she is at school) with her - and T. niiice. and i have them back on the friday, and have loads planned for the weekend. taking her to get her nails done in a salon which she will absolutely love. and on the sunday going to a little farm where they can dress up shetland ponies (!?!?!) and do their manes and put glitter on their hooves... and having a party tea for her too.

21/02/2013 at 13:41
Grandma time not that far in the future for me, my stepson is 25 in April, my stepdaughter was 22 yesterday + Nat will b 17 in July. This time next yr my 2 eldest girls will b same age as my Mum (17) + I (23) when we had our 1st child. Hopefully still at least another 10yrs away for them all tho.

Nat got a ticket for T in the Park yesterday, OMG I am so old. Also quite terrified at thought of my baby going camping at a festival. She is very straightlaced sensible girl + so r her friends but scary all the same.
21/02/2013 at 13:48
Don't know how u manage complete fast CM, I have 500cals on my fast days so still have main meals, just have salads about 150cals each for lunch + dinner, which leaves 200cals for either breakfast or supper depending how I feel.

Fast day today so anchovy, garlic olive + chickpea salad for lunch + salad with mixed beans + anchovies for dinner, not decided what to have with my other 200cals yet.

On Monday's fast day I had avocado + chickpea salad for dinner + McDonald's grilled chicken salad for lunch.
21/02/2013 at 13:54
Quite like a skinny latte for breakfast on fast day, if I feel hungry in the morn. Mug of skimmed milk heated in the microwave then add millicano decaff to it. Just over 100cals. Yum
21/02/2013 at 14:09

TT - i find it easier to do a complete fast. if i start eating, then i just want more. i am soooo an all or nothing person. i do have semi milk in tea tho so it's not completely calorie free. yesterday i had 3 cups of ordinary tea, and the rest of the day it was water or herbal teas. psychologically, it's easier for me just not to eat anything than to start obsessing about how many calories i'm having and trying to squeeze meals out of very few calories.

when i did the alternate day fasting when i was exercising, i used to eat about 500cal on a fasting day. would have two slices of bread with a slice of ham and some salad for lunch, and some weetabix with fruit and skimmed milk for tea. and drink milk in tea the rest of the day which took me up to about 500 cal. 

21/02/2013 at 14:25
I had a similar problem on non fast days, was allowing myself 1800cals on non fast days but was ending up just using the extra cals for crisps + chocolate + then craving them all the time, so gone back to having 1500cals On a nonfast day + focussing on having as much nutrient rich foods for those cals as I can. See how it goes! Half way through my 3rd wk of '2days fast 5 days off' + have lost 4.5lb so far so looking promising. And 1st 2 wks I was on the higher cals on days off.

I use fitness pal app on my phone to log cals which is great cos u can save meals or scan barcodes on things + don't have to b weighing + measuring everything all the time. I know what is in my salads so just weigh the higher calorie things like avocado or chickpeas.
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