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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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22/02/2013 at 08:42

oh no, MM. that doesn't sound good at all.  is it ITB? the one time my knee gave out completely, it was ITB related. but i suppose the worry is that it is cartilage...glad the worms seem to have gone though. that's good news!

we aren't supposed to send anything in for birthdays for the kids. makes sense really - 30 in a class so if everyone sent stuff in it would be weekly pretty much

just been to the GP about my cough - altho it isn't as bad when i'm not exercising. could have hugged her when she prescribed 2 inhalers and a peak flow meter and referred me to the asthma nurse. AT LAST!! it has only taken 2 months to get someone finally to agree with me that it seems like asthma!

i am only going to do consecutive fasting days for the next few weeks. i just want to kick start weight loss and once it's moving, i'll go back to alternate days, and if i need to juggle days around so i can eat with the kids, i'll do consecutive eating rather than consecutive fasting. i know it's not good but i am SO fed up right now. i can't do any exercise at all, not even walking. can't swim as i can't flex my foot and kicking my leg out hurts too much. and i have no idea when i will be able to exercise again- it's not like i can say that in 2 weeks i will be able to swim as i have no idea.


22/02/2013 at 09:38

I agree with Camlo and MM, CM - I don't approve either of two consecutive days of fasting, especially with a compromised immune system and with the weather being so dreadfully cold.  But I'm not going to bang on about it because clearly you have made up your mind that's what you're going to do   You are a fantastic mum - like others I feel you put me to shame sometimes; we are always so busy with work/running/rowing in our house that we seldom make time for 'special' activities for Kit - he invariably just gets dragged around at weekends although I have made a lot of effort recently to organise playdates for him given his solo status.

CC, you are about 2 or 3 inches taller than me I think but now weigh about the same.  I'm 5'1".  I would say you look a lot more lean than me though; I tend to look muscly I think!

And yes, I am rubbish at slow runs - but I don't think the long run should be slower than recovery pace?  By steady I mean steady-state which is slower than tempo but faster than easy.  My other long runs have been slower than last Sunday - I think I just got carried away by the fact that it was actually a nice day and I was enjoying being out in it for once!  It was also a good confidence boost to run 20 reasonably close to marathon pace after a good few weeks' hard training - but I will try to be good this Sunday

MM, don't like the sound of that knee.  Really hope it was nothing and a rest day will put it right.  Your training is going so well you really don't need anything like that right now.

RUBBISH start to the day.  Arrived at station, went to ticket office, remember handing over money (£20 - and getting my £1 change) and putting change in my purse but don't remember receiving ticket.  Got up to platform and suddenly thought that I don't remember putting my ticket in my bag - checked and no ticket anywhere; turfed out entire contents of bag on platform plus checked all pockets etc.  Back to ticket office.  Miserable cow who works there ("works" being a bit of a euphemism) basically wouldn't accept that she may have forgotten to issue me a ticket so (having missed train by now) I then had to fork out another £20 for another ticket.  Train I ended up getting then terminated several stops before mine because of technical problems, and then there were severe delays on the Tube.

Sorry - rant over!

22/02/2013 at 09:45

oh minks - that would have made me cry i reckon. that sounds awful!

i am a bit narked this morning because i had decided to go down the route of getting a referral to a physio from my GP and using my private health insurance through work, only to find we have changed supplier and the new supplier has an excess of £100 on your first claim each year. FFS! i probably won't even need £100 of physio on my calf using my normal physio. she is brilliant and i can't imagine she will need to see me more than 3 times. so i have wasted time getting a GP appt and a referral when i may as well just have gone straight there as i'm going to have to pay for it anyway. typical of my company though - they renegotiate these 'improved' deals with their suppliers and they end up being far worse for the employees. obviously all in the name of cost saving!

22/02/2013 at 10:38

Nightmare Minks. That would drive me mad. I couldn't cope with having to face tubes and trains every morning. Country girl I am!

Grrrr re the health insurance CM. I totally echo what everyone else has said about you. You are a super person, I just wish we could make you believe it. Be careful with your fasting especially with an anorexic past. Mine never leaves me completely and if I started something like that I am sure I would spiral out of control again. I have come to accept that my eating is not ideal or probably not normal. I have safe foods and things I never touch and I hate not being in control of my food. In the last year I think i have got a bit worse again,  but I know where it will lead me so I try really hard and do ok I think. Don't know where I would be without my running as I eat to fuel my running. Ho hum.

I'm just short of 5ft7 and weigh 8.5 stone. I think I get away with it because I am quite big boned and muscley  looks. Hubby sometimes teases me that I wear my skeleton outside my skin but he says I look fine, thin but strong apparently!!

So today we are off school yay! But Dylan is having his late birthday party so 5 x 10/11 year old boys coming over today - cinema, beach, tea and sleepover. eek

Did 13 miles this morning as not sure if I going to find a chance to sneak a second run in today.

Hope the knee is nothing serious MM.

22/02/2013 at 12:00
I agree that history of eating disorder is the main reason u shouldn't do 2 day fast CM, I don't have problem with 2 day fasts in someone who has no history of ED tho. As long as eating healthily the other days.

Lotte u r same height as me + I would b skeletal at 8.5st, don't think I have bn that weight since I was 14 + I was smaller in height + pick thin at 14. Don't think I could go lower than 9.5st. But shows u how different we all are, even when I was pick thin b4 having babies, I had wide hips, I was tall, skinny, gangly thing with a wide bum.
22/02/2013 at 12:33

just awaiting arrival of someone whom I used to manage - he's moved teams now. He's coming to my house for me to do his annual appraisal because he only lives 10 miles away from me, and our local office is 100m away so it doesn't make sense for us to both travel there. My house is a pit because i haven't cleaned it in over a week - was away at weekend and i haven't felt like lugging a hoover round with my dodgy calf.

not only that but i can't access the internal system we have to do the appraisals on - i got into it for about 10 mins earlier and saw that he had scored himself very highly. so he will be disappointed with the rating i'm going to give him. and i can't get back in again now - it's driving me insane! we are a bloody technology company and can't manage to keep our intranet up and running!!!

i take on board all you gals are saying about the fasting. maybe i will do two consecutive days of 500 cals then, rather than complete fasting. it's psychological for me. if i eat on two consecutive days, then the act of going back to fasting again is so hard because i just want the food. one day fasting and one day eating seems to be ok. but because i am fasting today, sunday, tues, i should be fasting on thurs but it's E's birthday and we are going out for tea, so i want to eat on thurs. i am also doing a party tea for her next sun, so i want to eat that day. so i was going to fast tues, weds; eat thurs; then fast fri, sat but maybe i'll do the 500 cal versions for the tues / weds and the fri / sat...

22/02/2013 at 12:35

Agree TT that we are all so different, height and frame and there is no one-size-fits-all.

I was incredibly skinny as a child (well once I got past being a porky toddler!). The pics of me aged 7+ are all skin, bones and knobbly knees. Aged 15 I still only weighed about 5.5 stone, I ate like a horse despite this;but consequently stuff like periods never appeared until then cos I clearly hadnt' developed enough! Eventually I put weight on though.  I have had episodes where I've put on a lot of weight very quickly - these have always been linked to times when my hormones have been all screwed up and I've gone from sitting at 7.5-8 stone to up to almost 9 stone which for me felt dreadful.  I am lean and light at the moment but I think the fact that what I eat makes no difference means my body is happy with what it's at, I think the body, if allowed to, will balance itself to what it should be.  Problem is now that our ideas on how/what to eat are so screwed up the bodies natural program is a bit confused!!!  Anyway, enough of that ramble.

You clearly eat enough to fuel yourself Lotte, only exception being your Iron issues, so clearly something is right!

Enjoy your day off ??  Sounds busy

MM - hope the knee is nothing significant.

Minks - I'd be SO SO SO about that, another £20, outrageous

CM -  for you and the insurance too. Hubbys company did that a few years back so we canx having it as it really wasn't worth it. So glad you've got some progress on the lungs though.

Another stunning day here today. Staggered round a 3.5-miler, can't tell you how tough it was though but only one enormous coughing fit and felt good to do but will be next week I think before I am feeling proper strong again - nasty nasty virus!!!

Hubbys birthday tomorrow, thank god the stuff I ordered arrived and look vaguely OK - have bought him some semi-smart trousers (his jeans all have holes in) and a t-shirt, all a bit boring really!

Right, I really do need to sort out the piles of clean washing lying around the house at the moment ...

22/02/2013 at 13:03

Miserable cow is right Minks!!

I have no idea what I weigh, as we don't have scales.  Now I am working again I keep thinking I should weigh myself at work (dog scales!) but then I forget.  I would like to know - only trouble is if it's more than I feel it should be I won't be a happy bunny!

Soft play hell this morning, now really need to be doing stuff before friends arrive at 3 for pizza plus dvd.

22/02/2013 at 13:53
hope knee is ok MM and boo to miserable cow Minks. Did you leave your number so when she cashes up later and the till is ??19 up you can get it back?! I would phone later or call on your return leg and speak to a supervisor (not cow or she could just rectify it herself).
CM - hope appraisal went ok and he wasn't too upset!
I weigh myself every flipping day and sigh when it says pretty much the same every time..... a smidgen under 9st. I am only 5ft so guess I could do with losing a bit but I certainly don't fret about it. Did 9.5 miles this morning at just under mara pace but it wasn't 'easy' and knees and butt ache so rest tomorrow. Need to get off road more!
22/02/2013 at 13:54

I have no idea weight wise either Caro as we don't own any scales. I'm just guessing as I've been that weight for years, I might be 7.5 stone at the mo but lighter than that and I look ill and get ill too. I am 5"3. I look leaner than this time last year, but don't think have lost any weight.

Hoping knee OK. Rest day today anyway, but 7 miles at MP binned last night, supposed to run twice tom and 24 on Sunday. Hmmmm! Seems fine walking about, fine on stairs, driving the car (using the clutch) and suddenly I get the same pain as last night. Am doing lots of icing, mini squats on it to stretch it and praying. Might have to rest tom then do 24 on Monday or Weds instead and just bin long run this week. I did 14 on weds so not a total disaster. Was going to run a 10k on Sunday at half marathon pace as Chris's Dad is staying and is happy to watch the kids so might as well. Will have been out Sat night at a village progressive supper (we are a host house for starters) though so racing out of the question ...

My boys are incredibly skinny at the mo and eat soooo much. Little power houses they are. Sophie is going to be my build I think, small and light but pretty pwerful too given the way she pushes the bigger boys around and gets stuck in!!

Right jobs to get done before I get invaded by 4 boys for tea!!!

22/02/2013 at 13:56

Oh Minks, that is awful. I would do as Camlo suggests. Stupid cow!!!


22/02/2013 at 14:39

god you lot are so light. i am such a heiffer

anyway, appraisal went ok - when i finally got into the system to view his full self appraisal, he had given himself a '+' for everything. some people are SOOOOO arrogant! he was a bit affronted when i said he was a 3 not a 2, but he has gone home now and i will never see him again as he has moved into a different team completely, so hurrah!

feeling very hungry now. gah. how many hours till i can go to bed?!

22/02/2013 at 15:14
egg white omellete with low cal veggies CM, good hi protein hi nutrient low cal meal.
22/02/2013 at 15:16
Bet ur lighter than me + therefore JG (I think that's right) who is just a bit lighter than me and ur 2 inches taller.
22/02/2013 at 15:19
if I weighed 7-7.5stone at 5ft 7 I would b underweight, u at 5ft 9 wd b seriously underweight.
22/02/2013 at 15:56

TT - don't like eggs much, i'm afraid. i don't know how much i weigh right now as scales don't work and i am not weighing myself anyway, but it will be over 11 stone. my natural weight, that i always end up back at if i don't restrict my food intake, is around 11st 5 or something. it's far too heavy. but i always end up weighing that if i am not actively dieting. it's like that is the weight that my body is happy at, and it is just within a healthy weight on the BMI calculator. but i HATE being that big.

i have just done some calculator things to see how much i need to eat (whilst i'm not exercising) in order to lose 2lb a week, and it's 950 calories a day!!! omg.  and of course, that will go down the more i lose. it is soooooo depressing. if i add exercise in, it takes me up to 1500 cals or so, but obviously at the moment i can't even walk.

22/02/2013 at 16:29
U could swim with a leg float, would get lovely toned arms that way too.
22/02/2013 at 16:43
Maybe 2lb a wk is too much to expect while not being able to exercise CM, I would settle with 1lb a wk until can start exercising again. If u eat under 1200cals daily over period of time ur metabolism will just crash.

Altho if u do 500cal fast day twice per wk then ate 1800cals the other 5days that averages out at 1430cals a day + would give u 1lb weight loss a wk. Or even 500cals x 2 days, 1600cals x 4 days + a 2600cals splurge day.
22/02/2013 at 16:53
To get to Ur goal of 10stone u likely have at most 19lb to lose, so by time u can start exercising again u could have lost half of that + then the next 9lb will b easier as u will b moving again + giving ur metabolism a wee boost
22/02/2013 at 16:55
CM - when I weigh kids I never tell them what is right or wrong. I ask them are they happy with the way the look, have they got lots of energy and do they sleep well? Weight is just one measure of well being and in no way should be taken as the most important. We are all different and thats FINE, if you are hungry you should eat. We should all remember we are comparing ourselves with fellow fit birds on here, compare yourself with my mum (around 19stone) and anyone would feel positively skinny!
Went to get kids from school and had to hobble across the car park, Tom has just stamped his feet on me but def something not right! Have also emailed the school to ask them to review the policy of taking cakes etc in for birthdays as Archie was given another slice complete with sugar flowers today. I know I am a killjoy but it seems ironic that they advertise slimming world on the school gates but give sugary treats so frequently in class!
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