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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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06/06/2013 at 21:05

oh that's such an ar*e TT, not fair!

I am being shuttle-bused to start of my race as parking limited at start, I have been allocated a space on the 7.30am bus from Shiel Bridge ... race starts at 9am. It's just over two hours drive from here so I either get up at 5am and drive across Sat morning - ummmm, not really fancying that, or go tmrw eve and camp for the night which is what I am hoping will kind of work out.

Karen, I loved your description re hubby and the snip, that's pretty much my hubbys attitude, although I did suggest the other week that he might get a bit more fun if he went ahead and did it ... then I wouldn't be so paranoid all the time, plus a bit of spontaneity would be nice occasionally!!

I KNEW you would Camlo , earlier in the week was probably just post-holiday sluggishness.

06/06/2013 at 22:51

About an hr away from me Camlo, 2nd half of journey 

is single track rd for a good part of it.

Just planned my carb loading for tomorrow, OMG. 

Porridge, banana + syrup 

2 crumpets + syrup 

couscous with ham, cucumber + tomato 

apple + pear 

Steak, potatoes + beans 

apple, caramel slice 

2 x sports drinks 

2 crumpets + syrup 

bagel + honey 

2 rice crispie squares 


bowl of cereal 

3050 calories 584g of carbs

06/06/2013 at 23:18

jeeps TT , looks loads written down but actually I probably eat that most days....... may add some extra porridge tomorrow! 

Good luck CC - I wouldn't camp, what if you get cold????????? 

i won't have to leave home until 9am as less than hour drive and 11am start, just hope I can register on the day! 

06/06/2013 at 23:34

But Camlo I love camping - weather up here is perfect at the mo, I've camped in way worse - both times I've done the Highland Fling it's been baltic,  I have a lovely 4 season bag I take for ultra race camping - keeps me well toasty . and if I camp I can just take all my rubbish with me and have a good sort out in the tent without getting distracted by family stuff!

I'm totally cr*p at carb loading tbh - well cr*p at planning it anyway, is often done last minute (as will be this time) but providing I eat well day before and have a decent dose of protein the night before (bangers and mash is perfect) I am *usually* fine - ha ha, we will see.  I'm not sure I could eat that amount of food in one day, but perhaps I do without realising ...

06/06/2013 at 23:38

I seem to remember managing day 1 + 2 last yr but giving up 

by day 3. So this yr I will just do 2 days

06/06/2013 at 23:43

Well actually half heartedly tried today 

from about lunchtime when realised I should b 

but only managed 300g of carbs while consuming 2700cals, which is why I have planned tomorrow's food

07/06/2013 at 08:02

That's does look impressive but I probably eat near that when marathon training without thinking about it! I consume mountains of carbs anyway, I have toast/porridge for breakfast, plus sarnies for lunch and pasta/noodles for dinner most days. I remember my last marathon that all I did was eat one extra bagel and I reckoned I was near the 600g carb mark  

have to admit I am more conscious of what I'm eating right now due to the lack of running - another reason I love running, I never think too much about my diet - and feel I'm getting bit obsessive..... physio needs to fix me soon!! Although we're going on holiday in just over a week, two weeks all inclusive!! I always relax when it's just me and hubby (away from all the mummy's talking about their fat stomachs etc) and eat (and drink!) lots without worrying. Still was hoping I would be doing early morning runs along the beach, just because I love running somewhere different. The hotel gym is not appealing, maybe I need to do early morning dips in the sea?!

CC - your love of camping is great and so useful! Takes pressure off all the crazy races you do! I would be so stressed if stayed at home the night before with the family preventing preparation etc or with the expense of a hotel for one night. We do have a lovely family tent in our attic my mum donated to us which we still haven't used!!

caro - do you have to pay for next years marathon entry? If it wasn't costing I'd enter anyway as you still have a whole 10 months to get sorted! I know I've not been out of action as long as you but im assuming ill be running again before the autum and ready for a spring marathon (thinking brighton if don't get into London) and a couple of halfs. Hopefully not being too optomistic...

camlo- that's an awesome 5k time to just pop out like that! Looking forward to hearing about the man v horse.

karen - I was laughing at your post of no more kids (is three girls really hard, maybe I should reconsider my pangs for the third as obviously can't make sure it's a boy!), especially when you said you might be pregnant as my first thought was - wow she still regularly bumps uglies with her hubby enough to thinks she's pregnant!  

forgothen last page, and ipad annoying me with constant autocorrect and having to cut and paste because it cuts me off so you're all saved from my waffle! rosie finally awake so time to drag mags away from peppa anyway. I've been lone parenting this week and am again in awe of all you who do it regularly, cannot wait to see hubby on Friday, I might actually be nice to him!

07/06/2013 at 08:20

Lol to frequency of ugly bumping, my poor hubby lucky 

if he gets it once a month + I really can't b bothered with even that


Well let the eating commence, supposed to b going to a family night at nursery 

tonight + not sure how going to fit in carb loading around it, 

can't take my toaster + crumpets

07/06/2013 at 12:21

3 times a week,!?! We're not French! 


07/06/2013 at 12:53

Sonya - I think 3 of any variety is hard, girls or boys. Don't get me wrong 3 is great, I've always wanted 3 and I don't regret having any of them but it's so much harder than 2. Everything from the practical side of when you go out as a family that you can't just do one-to-one anymore and one of you always needs to be looking out for at least 2 kids, to the way they compete for your time and attention means that some days it can feel more like you're just controlling the situation rather than enjoying the kids. For me 3 is definitely the tipping point, any more and I just don't think we'd cope (never mind the guilt of not being able to give them each enough attention). Sorry, I'm not really selling the idea of 3 am I. RF / Vixo - help me out here, 3 is good isn't it!

And as for 3 times a week - hubby would think he'd died and gone to heaven! Much less than that in our house. Only reason I was concerned was because my cycle is like clockwork and after having had 3 my body is now a well-oiled reproductive machine  (with Anna I think we succeeded after just the first month of trying). I can usually tell when I'm ovulating too. I actually don't think I was late at all - just completely forgot when last period was and mistook pre-period symptoms with pregnancy. Doh!

TT - just reading you carb loading diet made me feel a bit queasy; syrup on crumpets?? I love crumpets and syrup but not sure about the 2 together ... Good luck with the race though.

So we might be getting a kitten . I wasn't planning on getting another cat again so soon after losing our Mash cat but a friend has a feral cat in her garden that has had kittens in her shed. They're about 8 weeks old now and friend and her kids have been spending time with the kittens to socialise them and get them used to people and she's offered one to us. Haven't told the kids yet but they're going to be so excited - just hope they don't terrify the poor little thing. I've really missed having a cat in the house too - keep walking into rooms expecting to see our cat so will be nice to have another ball of fur miowing around our ankles.

07/06/2013 at 13:45

oh my life 3x per week, well in our household that would be nigh on impossible with hubby home for just two sometimes three nights a week!!  I definitely concede that half the time I can't be bothered but once I overide that feeling, I rarely regret it!!!

I keep losing track of my cycle too - which IS crazy as it's more regular than it's ever been in it's life, just busy life.

Well I am TRYING to eat extra carbs today - have had two bagels (one ham, one peanut butter), big bowl of muesli and a piece of chocolate brownie. More importantly just trying to stay hydrated as that is where I regularly fail!

Right, really need to go and shower before school pick-up and tennis run, friend is having bbq tonight so I've made burgers for that, and once hubby returns from bike holiday with friends husband, I am out of here and on my way to Shiel Bridge.

I won't have wifi connection once I've left so I am wishing you lots and lots of luck Tangy for Sunday, be calm and cool, you've done fantastically with the training. It will be fine.

Camlo have a good Man v horse tomorrow, will be thinking of you as I grind my way round my course, which I am not even sure they mark - we have to carry map and we have written instructions so that'll be me getting lost then!!

07/06/2013 at 13:47

Aw kittens, Karen  - we are planning on getting a second cat (hubby has finally persuaded me) after our holiday in August.  I'm making him wait till then as otherwise he'd go out and get one tomorrow when we're both out 2.5 days a week and will then b*gger off on holiday for a week!  We're going to go down to the local cat shelter when we come back I think - looking for a younger female who likes children and other cats, me thinks there might not be much choice??!  Girlfriend for Ralph anyway .

So the good news is I have a job in September which has been really bugging me recently  The trouble with my job is I'm on a monthly contract via an agency for the College, so there is no guarantee of a job from one month to the next really, though realistically unless you're cr*p then you'll be needed for the whole academic year.  But the start of a new academic year means different numbers of students, timetables plus someone is coming back off maternity leave.  But anyway, my manager says she wants to reward the "people who have done such good work" and not just boot them out because someone has finished their mat leave.  So I'm happy, 2.5 days suits me fine and pays enough too.  Don't know exact hours yet but a job of some sort will do me!

Then today I got a letter confirming Nicky's morning place at nursery for September - another relief!  By the end of next week, I might actually know what I'm doing after August .

Happy carb loading TT - I feel full just reading that!

Nicky's still getting up at the crack of dawn I think, but I don't even hear him - he goes downstairs and by the time I get up at about 7am they are both down here watching tv!  Can't complain really except he is yawning all morning, but seems to be having naps again because of it - swings and roundabouts!

07/06/2013 at 15:40

Nightmare trying to catch up and can't remember everything so apologies in advance for missing loads!

Great news on the job front JG and Nickys nursery place.

Wow, very impressed by TTs race plans and carb loading plan. You are a very organised lady, wish I could be more so. I can't even decide which race to do next month and like CC my carb loading is usually very last minute and ends up being whatever I can happen to find.

Was laughing at Karens snip comments and then CC almost repeated word for word the conversation hubby and I had last night. I am trying to persuade him to go! We have managed to bump uglies twice this week but that is def not the norm!!

Can totally relate to Karens controlling the situation comment and I do worry about not being able to spend individual time with them as often as I'd like but on the positive side, my kids rarely whinge or have tantrums about anything. I am not meaning to sound smug and it is most certainly not due to perfect parenting, more likely neglectful parenting but I think kids in large families tend to be more resourceful and just get on with things. Or maybe they just know Mummy is too busy so its not worth the effort, lol! I guess I am pretty laid back and tend to pick my arguments instead of sweating over the small things. Probably living here helps too, the pace of life is slower and just more laid back in general and logistics easier. Positives and negatives with all scenarios and different strokes for different folks! As long as you don't have regrets, I would hate to look back and wish I done things differently... which I am sure I will do when I have to try and put them all through uni, lol.

Oh yes remembering Scarletts hilarious willy comment. Cameron made me laugh yesterday. I was running late and trying to get them all in the car for swimming run. Cameron just turned to me gave me alook and said "you don't have to yell at us mum". He is always coming out with funny things. I also backed into a kerb yesterday and he sighed said "for christs sake". Oops.

Anyhoo before that waffle and what I really wanted to say was GOOD LUCK to TT, you have prepared well now just go and enjoy the experience. The time is now...

CC and Camlo, enjoy your races and  good luck also. Looking forward to hearing all about them .

I have a new off road route planned for tomorrow which I am looking forward to. Decent mileage this week but legs still heavy after the marathon so all just easy pace. Was seriously tempted by Lairig Ghru CC but think something else may have come up. Just waiting to hear back...

07/06/2013 at 16:18

Yes Good Luck all!  Happy running....

And as for 3 x a wk......I am feeling rather guilty at the moment now.  Muct make more of an effort........

07/06/2013 at 16:24

Lotte - I wish I was more laid back like you. You're totally right about picking your battles with the kids. I often think when I've asked the kids 5 times to brush their teeth and they're still playing that it really isn't worth getting cross about as they'll do it eventually, but I still often end up hollering at them to get in the bathroom and then complain that they don't listen to me. Agree pace of life definitely a factor though. Everything is done at 100 miles an hour down here - but I don't know anything else so not sure I could even do the living in the middle of nowhere thing. As you say, different strokes for different folks - couldn't agree more.

JG - woo hoo to the job and the nursery place. Anna's place was confirmed a couple of weeks ago too - our babies are all grown up!

Good luck to CC and Camio too - hope weather is kind to everyone racing this weekend.

07/06/2013 at 16:33

3 times a week - ha ha maybe when we were students   Hubby keeps a tab on how long it's been unfortunately, which I don't, but really, between periods (though really light), being tired, kids waking up/coming in, going to bed at different times because one of us is knackered or the other's been out doing some evening sporting activity...there really isn't much time !  Oh and add grumpiness and just not feeling like it too  it's a miracle our children were conceived!

07/06/2013 at 17:12

Thank you to everyone for the good luck messages 


CC- yes that sounds like ugly bumping here, 

can't b bothered but always feel better after it, 

should set myself a training plan + treat it like bad 

weather running lol 



07/06/2013 at 17:15

Hope the weather is kind to both CC +Camlo over the weekend 

stats nice for the camping, sunny enough to get a nice tan 

but not too warm with light cooling breeze while running

07/06/2013 at 20:22
Don't think we'll be having any more than 3 children. I like the busy, slightly chaotic, vibe we've got going on now, but there are definitely days when I don't feel I'm on top of things, and I know that when I'm back at work it's going to be harder and we'll have to be pretty organised to make sure everything gets done. The only way we could consider having more would be if I didn't go back to work, but then we couldn't really afford our house, and if we moved somewhere smaller we wouldn't have space for more!

I'm not even joining in the ugly bumping discussion! Well, only to say that we absolutely won't be taking any chances this time round, since O was conceived whilst I was still breastfeeding and hadn't had any periods!

Good luck to everyone running this weekend. I can't believe how much food goes into carb loading though. I can kind of see the point for a waif-like elite athlete, but I'm pretty sure that I've got enough pre-stored to see me through a number of marathons!
07/06/2013 at 20:23
TT - hope it goes really well for you, you've put in so much hard work. What time are you aiming for? I've lost track of who's doing what distance and aiming for what!
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