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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/04/2014 at 22:24

Having a nervous moment. Doing my first court appearance before a judge tomorrow ;as opposed to a sheriff). Judges are seriously intelligent people. Very scared of being found out as an imposter!!  Claim is worth £850k so I cannot afford to f£@* it up!! 

16/04/2014 at 23:12

You will be fine EF!  Deep breaths and remember all your positives .  Good luck!

Caro - your holiday sounds very similar to ours in Norfolk last Easter, wonderful cottage, I could have easily stayed another week.  So peaceful!  Glad you're enjoying it.

CC boo to forgetting to confirm, I am doing things like that all the time at the moment, I don't know what's wrong with me!  just booked Sophie a riding lesson next Tues then realised my mum will be here and probably catching her train home around then!

The cats are looning around the house - good to hear them playing and not having little waving paw fights .

Sophie entered a competition on Kidstart to win 2 Hotel Chocolat eggs - she designed her dream egg along with around...3 other entrants...and 4 won...hmm!  She's delighted, we're just negotiating rewarding her with something else so we can keep the posh choc eggs!  Oh and Nicky got his place at the same school Sophie's at, and he's at nursery at, so that's all good .

Got a grotty cold from somewhere, it's most annoying and I think Nicky has got it and now Sophie.  I just hope it's gone by the time my mum arrives on Friday or we'll never hear the end of it if she gets it!  Still no pox...2 weeks on Friday since Sophie started with it...

Camlo    pirate
16/04/2014 at 23:50

Whoop whoop free eggs JG, thats a result!

yippee to doing exercises, staycations, argueing for loads of money and fabby runs

boo to no bank holidays, forgetting to confirm client and to busy schedules

Think I may have bagged an entry to a standard distance tri which if i have i will need to seriously train for. river swim so guessing some of that will be easy (downstream) and some will be blimmin hard (upstream...)All parts are ok, its just putting them all together. 

Working really long hours while kids are away, midnight finish last 2 nights. YAWN. 

17/04/2014 at 14:22

Boo to long work hours Camlo but exciting about the Tri!  Speaking of Tris and mutual friends, Pip, as I mentioned previously, my cousin and you seem to have some friends in common from Tri stuff.  My cousin does live in Derby BTW.  Small world indeed TTid!

Fab running Tatty - sounds like you'll ace the 10K.  It's so good doing races again post pregnancy.  Hope the nursery stuff works out - have you decided to take a career break for a while with the kids? How come you are working out notice? Soz if I missed something a while back.  I am enjoying being a SAHM but i"m meeting up with my old boss and friend on Saturday this week which I am sure will make me think about going back to work.

EF - good luck for your hearing.  You are super smart too and I'm sure you'll convince the Judge of the strength of your arguments.   You'll be great. But hearing you talk reminds me of how petrified i used to get about hearings - and I only ever did interlocutory stuff - not a full trial or anything very important - passed all that over to Counsel!  I made some absolute howlers in my time though - quite pleased I don't have to fret about my advocacy skills at the moment!

Caro - holiday sounds fab. CM - hope you are OK, MM too actually - both been quiet.  Well done to the marathoners too - Yve and Chynah - great results.  Hope you are basking in your glory all this week.

Well done Sophie on easter egg competition - Hotel Chocolat stuff is soooooo nice - hope she got a big egg!

Welcome SOS as well - I had my second child 6 months ago now - ran after 2 weeks with my first but had a c section too second time so waited for 6 wks then took it VERY slowly.  But ran a half marathon at 18wks so it all comes back to you.  Wasn't the fastest time ever but I finished and had a blast which is what counts!

Er...... what else - oh yeah, went to see lovely GP on Tuesday this week.  She was lovely and gave me anti deps again.  She reckons bit of PND probably mixed in with my underlying depressive issues/anxiety issues.  Anyway, I managed not to sob on her which was a start!  

RIght, kids asleep so must go do some jobs.  Waves to everyone else I"ve not namechekced.  

17/04/2014 at 20:27

That's great news Brookie, yeay to an understanding GP .

Sophie won 2 x splat eggs - worthe £12.50 each, woo hoo! 

My mum's coming to stay tomorrow for 4 nights...wish me luck...

17/04/2014 at 21:17

Haha good luck JG.  Yum yum to the choc, I don't think I've ever tried that type.

Just been on phone to medical insurance company, feel so out of my depth, really don't understand any of it.  Have some quotes for a company policy but so expensive.  The good news is they can't exclude my pregnancy as a pre existing condition as they used to be able to.  In the end I just had to shut down call and say we would read through the paperwork and call back as I could feel myself wanting to cry.  Shit, there are some things about living here that I hate!

Had a huge cry last week after picking boys up from nursery as they told me they were having a 'wear pink' day on Monday 'in memory of Lily'.  I didn't ask as I was feeling a bit fragile already and didn't want to cry but one of the teachers told me it was in honour of a 4 year old who was at one of the Orlando Kindercares (same group the boys go to) who was killed last week when a car rammed another one in through the wall of the daycare centre.  I couldn't imagine just how awful that would be, hugged the boys really tight that night.  Sorry as I'm writing this I'm having a bit of deja vu as if I've already told you, apologies if I have.

Sorry, feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment.....

Brookie, really glad you have seen doctor now, hope the medication helps.

Our house build is exciting at least, something to look forward to, it's going up so fast, can't wait until we can move in.

17/04/2014 at 22:00

Oh TT that's awful. I would be in bits. I've just been reading about the funeral of a 12 year old girl in Edinburgh - a wall collapsed on her in her school as she changed for gym. It's the school that's local to my mum and dad so it's very near and I've been howling. 

17/04/2014 at 22:01

As for the insurance I would loathe it. I still haven't claimed for a dental treatment I had in January. Probably out of time now. I hate insurance stuff. 

17/04/2014 at 22:11

So TT as employers are you now obliged to provide your employees with insurance?  Your house looks cool.

another nice day today, went seal watching this morning out on a boat and saw loads of seals.  Then drove to holkham beach which is stunning.  Was blowing a gale though so as soon as we got there I left the gang in the car eating lunch and went for a speedy 4 miler, put behind the dunes, then over the top and back a,one the beach.  Stunning.  Then we all dug sandcastles before heading home.  Rained a tiny bit on the beach, but its been the first rain all wk and no more is duown ow so can't complain.  gong to cromer tomorrow in the morning then hope to do a longer run in the afternoon.  Might need to take an OS map with me or I'll get lost.

hubby and I went to the pub for dinner tonight whilst my dad babysat

tired now, only 2 more sleeps till back to the real world.

17/04/2014 at 22:45

Glad hol fun caro. 

And brookie your gp sounds helpful which is great. 

Good luck jg with your mum!

i survived today. I was out my comfort zone as it was a commercial court matter and it was one of the hearings which are peculiar to that type of court so I had a panicked moment when the judge asked some stuff I hadn't anticipated. All procedural and not hard but if it's not your normal case type you can't be sure what the normal answers would be! Thankfully very nice chap in a conjoined case came to my rescue and made some suggestions for his case which I gleefully adopted for mine! I know that's gobbledygook probably! 

17/04/2014 at 22:45

Oh. TT, I would be crying too That is so sad, especially to think of it happening in a place you would expect to be safe. Life is cruel sometimes. Agreed on the medical insurance - that is one thing that puts me off about the US.

Brookie - great news on the GP. It makes such a huge difference if you have one who is understanding Yes, I am leaving work for now at least. going to make the most of my time with Giovanna while she is little. I am not ruling out going back at some point, but not to teaching. My hair is dark and I want it to stay that way! Can't be doing with the stress. 

Have had a nice couple of days with Ben off. Went to the zoo yesterday and have been at Mum and Dad's today for Dad's 65th. All the family were there (17 for tea!) so it was a bit crowded but it was lovely to see everyone all together. Ben's dad is here for a bit tomorrow to measure up for some building work we are doing in the garden and he might treat us to lunch as well  

17/04/2014 at 22:46

Save me some Hotel Chocolat, JG! I love it

17/04/2014 at 23:14

Family get together sounds fun TB. I suspect we will have similar numbers gathering when we visit my parent's place next month. I'm sure it will overwhelm the boys though. 

Caro, I have no idea what our obligations are. Should do I know. We are such a small company though, basically just down to 3 employees including me and we are counting it as 2 as I will be a dependent on Mr TT's policy.  Everyone else we use is self employed contractors. 

Well done in court today EF, is your case over or still ongoing?  Is it a win/lose scenario?  Hope you slap them all around!

17/04/2014 at 23:34

No not win lose situation today. Was really a procedural matter. I was standing in for senior counsel who is on his holidays! 

Camlo    pirate
18/04/2014 at 09:10

Well done EF, sounds like loads going on for everyone as usual but fab for those enjoying the hols and zoo trip is making me jealous Tatty. 

Could kick myself as I forgot to order archies night caths. I have 5 left but of course the bloody ordering service is shut until Tuesday so i wont be able to get the script until then and they usually take a few days to come. Have worked 58 hours in the last 4 days though so guess something had to give. 

Obv absolutely no running for me this week but have had an email saying i can have the free entry for chatsworth tri which is amazing. 

18/04/2014 at 18:13
22 Mile run this morning, legs feel absolutely fine, hips knees and all muscles on legs feel good. But my ankles aching and heel killing me. Just desperately want to lose this weight, I am sure it will make huge difference to ankles and feet. But coming off soooooo slow. Lost half a pound this wk, despite nearly 70 miles running/ cycling/walking. Still got 36.5 lb to go. Think I only have about 9 wks til dirty 30. Be lucky to lose another 4 lb at that rate ????
18/04/2014 at 18:34

Boo to forgetting catheters camlo.  I forgot M's swimming lesson last wk- once the school routine goes out the window so does my brain sometimes!

last day in norfolk today.  Went to cromer this morning, in 8c with 20 mph north winds. It was bracing to say the least!  This afternoon I did a 10 mile run mostly off road which was lovely.  I ran to a nearby national trust property then all round the grounds and back again.  Bluebells, daffodils and fields of rape galore!  I took a pic of the OS map on my phone and was v glad I had it as did get a bit muddled at points.  Would never be good at orienteering!

back home in the morning. it really has been a fab week.  If anyone wants a holiday on north norfolk in a stunning location I highly recommend our cottage, the saracens retreat. 

Great run TT



Edited: 18/04/2014 at 21:22
18/04/2014 at 23:19

TB - same decision I made after I had S, life's too short to put up with the stress when you have young children.

Will save you all some choc when it comes - Sophie chose a Lilly Bobtail teddy thing today as a replacement for the eggs, though I have promised her some of mine 

Surviving my mum so far although she's already blamed her sitting backwards on the tram my fault, just the standard belittling I have to put up with constantly 

19/04/2014 at 00:07

Wow, JG. I'm struggling to see how she could spin that, your fault, really?  Hope that's the worst you get and feel free to blow off steam on here. 

Just did a mega American thing and brought the boys out for ice cream after dinner. Max had one spoonful then declared he did not want any more. Is that normal behavior for a 4 year old???!!

Camlo    pirate
19/04/2014 at 07:54

Tangy - could you get someone 'independent' to look at your food diary and see if there is a reason why the weight isnt coming off. It sounds to me that you do stacks of exercise and are careful with meal planning etc so maybe a different approach is called for? I have a friend who eats very few cooked meals and cant loose weight. When we looked at her diet there was loads of cereal (with milk, and sugar content) that she was overlooking as it wasnt a 'proper meal'. Stacks of fruit can be a problem too for some people cant it? fab run though, you are so ready for your race!

Turbo - any behaviour is normal for a 4 yr old, doesnt have to have a reason, can be random and may escalate when tired, hungry or Just because. I find it also relates to the cost of the item or activity concerned, so they will scoff a cheapy ice cream but if you order an expensive one it will 'look funny, taste funny or just be too melty, too cold or have too many bits in'.....  love the house developing so quick, wow! 

JG - ppfft, I would ask her 'just why do you come to stay if you dont like me?' 

Caro - holiday has been a success then!? Sounds like a proper break from work for you all. I hate missing swimming when they are paid in advance. Have just paid for next term and realised we are away both bank holidays and doing a tri on another day so they will miss quite a few. 

Boys and hubby spent last night in in-laws garden - in a tent, in a tent (bit like a bird in a bird).... guess they have been warm enough as no creeping in to the house so far, I was snoring by 10pm! 

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