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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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09/06/2013 at 21:01
Great running ladies!

The micro sprite seems much better value than the maxi micro - ??55 vs ??95 I think, which is why we went for it, and it's a bit more 'grown up' so I don't think she'll want to upgrade which I worried about with the maxi.

I have an actual bona fide running question.... Have any of you tried any barefoot running shoes? I started reading a bit about it after looking at the website I get the children's shoes from which is all about barefoot shoes for kids, and I can sort of see the idea behind it, and I love being barefoot in the summer, but I'm not sure I can imagine running without the running shoes I'm used to. I bought a pair of merrell barefoot casual shoes as I wanted some summer shoes that weren't flip flops, and I have to say that they're really comfortable and I love the flexibility of the sole, so I'm wondering about taking the plunge and buying another pair I could cautiously try running in. I like the casual shoes so much that I think I want a pair of trainer style barefoot shoes to wear with jeans anyway, so I'm not sure whether I'll actually run in them, but wondered if anyone had ever tried it?!
09/06/2013 at 21:09
You're right TT, there are plenty of cheaper options out there. I suppose with 3 children I am happy to spend a bit more on things that I know are going to get used a lot as I want them to last through all of them!
09/06/2013 at 21:12

Vixo - both kids have a pair of minimalist shoes which they wear for everything and I have been gradually reducing the heel/toe difference in my trainers over last year I guess. J has a pair of Merrells and S has a pair of Vivo ones, they both seem to get on fine with them and J even commented on how much easier he finds it to run than when he had his much more cushioned ones. They've run orienteering courses, cross-country laps round the park and both wore them on Old Man of Storr the other weekend without mishaps!!

It's a really emotive subject (as a couple of the forums on this site will show).  The key absolutely is GRADUALLY.  The vivo barefoot website has some really interesting downloads about barefoot running and the other elements involved - how your foot moves plus things like flexibility of calf. Running in a minimalist shoe will encourage you to run more on your forefoot, this in turn puts a lot more strain on your calves (and of course your Achilles) which is where injuries come in for many who don't build up gradually.  I have a pair of New Balance Minimus which I wear with my jeans out and about, but I have also built up to about three miles around the woods. I often take my shoes off on the beach and run stretches barefoot.  My other trail shoes are Inov8 (they have their own system of levels I am working my way through!).  Personally I think they make you much more aware of your running style.  Last summer I actually grabbed my beach shoes (those nylon/rubber things) and donned them to run laps round local park while kids were playing on the swings - gives you a good indicator of how it might feel. are often selling various minimalist models at a song if you fancy it. I got my NB ones for £30 & I have some Inov8 road ones that are a little short on the length but otherwise working well, at £45.

Edited: 09/06/2013 at 21:14
09/06/2013 at 21:30

OK, race report, typing it as I remember it so will probably ramble on I'm afraid!!

Only did a bit of carb-loading on Friday having read Tangys 'marathon' carb-loading programme ... got through plenty of bagels, a nasty milkshake which I will never purchase again (only cos I couldn't get my usual preferred post-run one). Aside from that I had an awful stomach on Friday - no idea why, but not good for retaining food!!  Did an easy run in the morning - 5ish miles which felt good.  Nice protein load in the evening at bbq at friends before departing about 8ish leaving hubby with kids after he got back from his week-long bike trip.

Glorious drive out across to Shiel Bridge, sun setting, mountains over that way are just enormous. Have only seen them snow-covered, somehow they are so much bigger without their winter cloaks.

Arrived at campsite about 10.00pm, still broad daylight. Took midges all of about 5 minutes to detect warm human blood, so donned stupid looking midge net to my head and got tent up. Challenge was to get me and all my kit into tent without midges. Succeeded. Shoved down another bagel and some fig rolls ... stomach finally recovered.  Finally looked at map, plotted route, sorted out kit for morning. Set alarm and wrapped fleece round head to block out the daylight. 11.30pm by now and the blo*dy cuckoo is still singing it's heart out - as it did all night long.  Never got properly dark but I think I dozed.  Awake at 5.30am anyway but nice and cozy in sleeping bag.

6.15am - breakfast - nice cup of tea, big bowl of muesli. Coated legs and arms in suncream and Smidge. Re-donned head net, emerged from tent and got everything packed up PDQ. Shoved it all in car and then met bus at 7.30am ready to take us to start 9 miles down the road at Glenelg.  Nice chatty bunch on bus.

8.00am - arrived at village hall, one hour until start so plenty of time for banana, yogurt and two more mugs of tea, plus lots of chatting.  This event started out as a village fundraiser with some mad souls completing it as a walk. Over the years it's evolved to include a run and a 12 mile distance. But it's so low key - focus is not on competition exactly so I am not expecting a results list any time soon!!  People continue to file into hall, mixture of walkers of ALL ages - some very greying and aged looking!  Some rather serious runner-types too ... they were at front of pack!

9.00am - finally all assembled at front of village hall for race brief. Sun beating down, am already wondering if I REALLY need to carry my waterproof but did see a mention of thundery downpours later in day ... so I keep it. Quick race briefing and then a countdown three, two, one and GO ... off we trot

Five checkpoints - we have a plastic card to get clipped at each one.  First leg is along the road for a few miles, loch side, and the start of endless stunning views. Legs ticking over nicely but slight pull in my Achilles - a new one this, hmmm. Off road onto a gently undulating trail, still along the coast round to first CP at about 6 miles. Feeling fine and running anything except the very steep inclines. Of which there was one straight after this checkpoint. The 30 and 12 mile courses separated here ... us off into the woods for the 'Dirty' section of the route. Oh it was hilarious I thought, others less so.  A wood worthy of The Gruffalo, trail started well but soon descended into chaos. Route was marked with red tape - just as well as you'd never work out a logical route through it all. Squelchy sticky mud - calf-deep in places, fallen down trees, chopped off branches underfoot and then dead-branches sticking out of standing up trees!  Nearly lost my shoe in one mud section but soon we were out and back on the road to CP no. 2. 

09/06/2013 at 21:40

I'll try and be brief I promise!!

Water refill and off again, along the road for a while this time, a bit of a grind but views still fantastic. Ran through Ratagan where the Youth Hostel had left out water on a table, past a lady cleaning her motorbike, radio blaring out rock music and a hose pipe running for anyone who wanted a cold dowsing or more drinking water ... down the road a bit more and to Shiel Bridge campsite - CP 3. Quick stop here to grab some premixed drink I'd left at my car, and to grab some Volerol gel for my Achilles which was still nagging away a bit ... so probably wasted a good 8 minutes here.

Lovely stretch running on the trail along the river but, in the glen and out of the wind the heat was stifling. Up ahead it was hanger right and UP and UP, switchbacks took us steadily up about 600m but we were surrounded by the Kintail mountains on all sides. Plenty of streams to cross to cool the feet and dip my hat in for cooling the head. Up to the top and then off the other side, no chance to relax though - was a proper fell-runners path this one. Had to carefully pick way down it in order to avoid going flying. But finally down onto open trail, undulating through forested areas to CP no 4. Didn't bother with water now, just 10 miles to go .

For most of the way I'd been leapfrogging a guy and another lady, we picked up another lady too so the four of us were together for the next mile or so as we picked our away across some open boggy land before hitting the next trail. I pulled away from them here. So now it was gently undulating trail to the final CP and then hit the road for the final three miles back to the village of Glenelg. By now I was seriously hot and despite drinking plenty had definitely stopped sweating.  Able to knock out some 9ish minute miles on the road and reeled in two more guys  who were despondently walking. One clearly didn't like being 'chicked' and tried to keep up with me but failed.  All went well until I reached the village and realised I couldn't remember where the hall was. There were no signs at all pointing to it. Was on point of having a complete melt-down tantrum in middle of road when a lady I'd spoken to earlier spotted me and pointed me on my way. I so wanted to get under six hours and I was minutes away from missing my target!!!

09/06/2013 at 21:48

ANyway, in I went and got my card clipped for final time with 5:59 - phew and my certificate printed out. Sat down with a cup of tea to clap in the people I'd overtaken on last few miles.  Cheese roll and nice to sit and chat the race through with others before finally getting bus back to camp site.  Showers at camp site were fabulously hot.  Many were staying over at camp site and although I was looking forward to seeing family again, was also quite reluctant to go. Could have happily gone and shared a few beers with fellow runners down the road in the sunshine.  Instead I headed home stopping to brew a cup of tea on route as I was feeling very tired.

So, I drink a lot of tea - yes!  I think my protein fest on Fri eve was spot on.  My hill training has clearly been working as I ran more hills than I usually would, and my quads are not trashed from the descent. I could have run further if I had too. I probably didn't take it as easy as I should of done, but I didn't 'race' it either.  Tomorrow I shall do a very gentle short run and see what state the Achilles is in - after smothering it in Arnica last night it doesn't hurt at all today.  And at least I know the Lairig Ghru has less height gain than this run, and is two miles shorter and I SHOULD be able to get in within the six hour time limit on it.

I'll shut up now ... well almost ... somehow escaped with no sunburn at all, and managed to run on beach this afternoon when took kids down to bay to go kayaking. Admittedly not far but all felt OK.

Hubby gone off in real grump tonight and his flight from Aberdeen has been delayed so his ETA at his hotel in Lincoln is 2.00am ... sigh

09/06/2013 at 21:55

One of my closest friends up here Vixo has three girls (aged almost 3, 5.5 and 7.5), she is definitely getting her moneys worth out of the purchases they've invested in. In the long-run, when it's gone through that many kids she's probably shelled out less per child if you were to apportion it!

09/06/2013 at 22:06

Some things really last too - the wheely bug we were bought for Martha is regularly used as is a ride on sheep.  Wooden blocks are well worth spending a bit on, as is the wooden trainset and duplo!

If you have seen on facebook then Martha has just started riding her bike so that's hopefully going to get a lot of use too.  I have promised to get her a bell for it once she can ride properly so she was a bit obsessed by it today!

TT and CC - well done!  As always I feel exhausted just reading about it (esp the carb loading!!) although I can compete in the tea drinking stakes with CC!

09/06/2013 at 22:20

Unfortunately it's not always a guarantee of longevity 

to spend lots on an item, I have many toys that cost very little 

and have survived 15yrs + being played with by 20-40children, not always easy to tell which toys r value for money. 

Equally have spent a lot on items expecting them to last 

and been disappointed.

09/06/2013 at 22:28

Joshua is still playing with the Duplo we bought for his first birthday, and the kids are playing my MY Playmobile which is ahem years old!

I do agree TT that sometimes the money is definitely not worth splashing, and some expensive items are totally cr*p - esp if the pennies are not available to be spent anyway, but equally, there is no denying that if you have got some pennies spare and are able to invest in particular items it's worth doing it, as there are some items which are known to last well.

J bought a radio controlled car which had rave write-ups with some birthday money - it's cr*p as the battery never holds it's charge and we can't get hold of another one; S got one for half the price which is way better from Argos. Sometimes you can't tell.

Well done to Martha Kinsey - I saw that - there will be no stopping her now!!

I just love tea


Edited: 09/06/2013 at 22:28
09/06/2013 at 22:45

Well done CC, TT and camlo!  You should all be proud of yourselves!

i thnk the mini micro scooter is worth it's weight in gold.  Matilda has done hundreds of miles on it and I love that you can replace parts when needed which I bet you can't on other scooters.  She's on her 3rd brake, 2nd back wheel and 2nd lot of handle bar grips.  The deck is cracked which is fine as when she gets her new one we'll order a boy coloured deck for eric, hide it in the loft and bring it out 'new' in a yrs time.

same goes for the Isla bike which is why it is red and not purple.  

We had a biking incident today.  We were down at my dads biking along the tow path by the huge fleet of locks in Devizes.  She was saying she didn't want ta bike down hill, but it wasnt very steep so I told her not to be silly.  She kept putting her feet down instead of using her brakes, so I tried to get her to use her brakes, and reluctantly she had another go, and built up speed very very fast.  By then she was too fast to put her feet down, she was screaming, Ian was running full pelt after her but not catching up.  She stayed on and was going in a straight line, and there was a wide bit of grass between the towpath and the canal so I wasn't worried about her falling in.  Then a man quite a long was ahead say what away happening, and stood in the middle of the path and as she came past grabbed her off the bike into his arms.  Well I think he saved her from a potentially quite nasty accident so we were very grateful.  I'm not sure she'll be cycling downhill in the near future!

09/06/2013 at 22:46
CC - great race report as always. You make it sound so easy and fun! Thanks for the info on the shoes, and the website. I have had the children in minimilist-ish shoes for a while now (from the happy little soles website) and I think I might get Isabelle vivo shoes for school next year, and some Livie and Luca boots like she's had this year. I don't think I'm going to start running in barefoot shoes at the moment, but I figure walking around in them has to be a good way of getting used to them, and I find my ballerina style ones really comfortable and I think they'll be perfect for work when I'm on my feet all day.

Kinsey - well done to Martha, it's great when they finally get the hang of something.

Definitely agree that spending money doesn't necessarily mean you'll get quality stuff, but I do think there are some products that it's worth it for. We do loads of cycling so getting quality bikes were important for us, and the scooters have also done many miles. I wouldn't be able to comfortably ride a bike that wasn't the right size for me, and so I don't think I can expect my children to ride bikes that don't fit them - and I want them to be able to ride more than a couple of miles without complaining! Some of the things they play with most in the house aren't really toys at all, and definitely weren't all expensive - they play endlessly with some scarves I died different colours, and all the blankets which make various dens, picnic blankets, covers etc.

Right, must go to bed. O has been waking several times a night again and it's taking its toll!
10/06/2013 at 08:55

Toys that have been around for decades are generally 

a good investment, that's why they have endured. 

Duplo, lego, wooden bricks, wooden train sets, little people 

toys, Mr potato head (we have box full of various different ones) 

generally if it was around when u were a child + still 

selling, it's worth buying



Planning on getting Cam the vivo barefoot shoes for school 

she spends the entire summer in barefeet, converse + 

£3 watersport shoes from sports direct, her socks + shoes r 

off at every opportunity 


Legs feeling good this morn, can even walk dwnstairs with 

both legs without holding onto bannister

10/06/2013 at 09:00

Will try + do race report later, will b short + sweet 

tho, I never remember that much detail

10/06/2013 at 09:56

Well done everyone!! 

10/06/2013 at 10:13

Ok, got very little sleep Sat night, usual b4 a race, that 

LSR after being up all night with sick child was good training 

after all. 

Got up at 10 to 6 (doesn't sound as bad as 5:50) 

had my porridge, put moleskin over healed blister + 

taped over it to make sure it stayed on, put on Suncream 

and took antihistamine. 

Lifted Cam out of bed just aft 7, had clothes packed for her to change into 

+ cereal bars, bananas + chocolate milk for both kids 

breakfast (doesn't sound right calling Nat a kid anymore, she's 17 in a few wks + taller than both her dad + me) 

got to cultybraggan just after 8, registered, went to loo 

+ate half my peanut butter + jam sandwich. 

Going to post this b4 lose it

10/06/2013 at 10:23

1st mile was fairly flat + covered comfortably in 9:37 

then the Hard work started, up to 5miles was very hilly 

(12:41, 9:44, 10:40, 11:06) then next 5 mile flat + dwnhill so was able to claw back time 

lost on hills (10:02-9:25) reaching 10mile mark dead on 10:10pace at 1:41:40. 

But then hit more uphills + began to pay for all the faster dwnhill bits 

But reached halfway point at 2:14:52 so was hopeful of getting between 4:30-4:45 at that point

10/06/2013 at 10:25

Need to leave you dangling as have to get ready 

for dentist appointment 

10/06/2013 at 11:16

Haha Tt, I'm on the edge of my seat!  ;-)

Well done to Camlo, CC and Tt. You are all amazing. 

Well done EF and family too for the fun run. I love how so many of your kids are starting to run. Loved the pics of MM's 3 on FB too. S is looking so big and grown up already. Will have to try to find something local that I can take Max along too. 

Mr TT heading off to Philadelphia this morning until Thursday so I will be joining the ranks of the single parents again this week. This is his first trip away since O was born 

10/06/2013 at 11:19

Have to take O for a chest X-ray tomorrow as his cough and wheezing not gone away and after a nebuliser treatment at doc she found some parts of his lung that she thought had not opened up. Not looking forward to wrestling him still enough for an X-ray. He is so strong already. 

Also need to get his jabs this week or they don't let you come to nursery, grrr. Going to be a tough week I reckon. 

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