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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/06/2013 at 11:21

We have a great baby monitor for O which you can get an app for your iPhone and watch or lov in via your pc. We got it originally thinking the grandparents would like it but haven't actually told them about it yet. Set it all up yesterday so Mr TT can use on his trip. 

10/06/2013 at 13:23

Congrats to CC, TT and Camio on your races. I am full of admiration for your endurance and stamina - well done ladies!

Vixo - I run in these invo8s they're not the lowest profile shoe they do but they're still significantly lower heeled than most running shoes. As CC said, if you do decide to switch to something more minimalist you have to do it gradually. I started just doing 5 mins at a time in mine and gradually built up to running in them all the time. They're not for everyone and I think we've had the for and against discussion on here before but I love mine and couldn't run in anything else now I've made the change.

Hubby bought all the girls vivo barefoot shoes as he's big into his minimalist shoes and runs a lot in vivos himself. Girls love them and wear them all the time (you can see them wearing them in my FB post of Anna and Issie in the park yesterday), and Lily uses hers in running club and says she finds them much better for running in than her normal trainers.

Caro - Matilda careering down a hill out of control sounds terrifying. Good on that guy for helping out and grabbing her.

TTid - hope everything goes okay with O's xray and the jabs.

Anna had her MMR booster last week and hubby phoned me afterwards so she could tell me all about it, was so sad to hear her saying "I had 2 injections and it really hurted". She's had a bit of a reaction to the rubella part I think as she has bumpy red area around the injection site but she seems okay in herself.

Having a rest day today as have very achey legs - did lots of kicking in karate on Saturday which is clearly using muscles that running doesn't use. It's good fun though, although I'm hardly Bruce Lee ... yet .

10/06/2013 at 13:42

That does sound very scary Caro. I remember a few of those when LB first got the hang of his scooter - except that a couple of them ended up with pile-ups and tears! I did get pushed into the Regents Canal when I was cycling home from work once. I can tell you that it's no fun!

I'm don't exactly use "barefoot" shoes Vixo, but for the past few years I have run exclusively in lightweight racing shoes with no heels. I think it all depends on how you run - if you're light on your feet, flat shoes feel much more natural.

I hope the weekend racers are recovering well. If you can come downs stairs normally Tangy I'd say you didn't run hard enough [dodges slap to the face ]!

10/06/2013 at 13:44

Bl**dy hell, 3rd attempt at posting 2nd half of race report, lost it on phone and then on Nat's netbook.


for most of the 1st 10 miles i could hear another runner right behind me and kept expecting him to pass me but he didn't, then when got to 10mile water station he introduced himself (Robin) and assured me he wasn't stalking me, lol, but i was running at the pace he wanted to run and very consistent so he was sticking to me like glue. He was doing his 1st tarmac marathon having done lots of trail marathons and ultras, including highland fling, devil o highlands and west highland way. So from that point on we ran together and chatted about everything, he was a God send who kept me going in the 2nd half.

Had two fast miles at 13 (9:44) and 14 (9:33) then hit a lot of small undulating hills where miles varied between 10:30 to 13:47 and we were pretty much walking most of the steeper inclines. The last 2 miles were hard although fairly flat it was just sheer willpower and thinking of my Mum that got me through, along with Robin's encouragement. We still managed a bit of a sprint finish with the commentator making out we were trying to beat each other, which was very funny.

The weather was perfect,warm but not too warm and cloudy so no sun beating down on us. Didn't use any of my electrolyte tablets for drinks, had a sports drink on my running belt and 1 at 10mile station and 1 at 18mile station and with the water en route and one gel that was plenty.

Scenery was fabulous, marshals were fantastic, most of the rds were really quiet back country rds and passed some humungous houses. Would definitely do it again, would do more hill training 1st though. I do run lots of hills but usually on my LSR and easy pace runs, think i need to do more hill intervals to build strength on the hills when tired.

10/06/2013 at 13:57

LOL RB, you're probably right but i am happy so who cares


TT that doesn't sound good about xray, hope it goes well and O is ok

Don't know if said already(after losing posts) but planning on getting Cam vivo shoes for school too, she spends all summer in barefeet, little £3 watersports shoes from sports direct and converse.

Since my shin injury I have made a point of running fore/midfoot, I think i kind of did anyway but would become more of a heel striker when tired or going dwnhill. So made a concerted effort to stay light on feet and be leaning forward kicking foot out behind me esp on dwnhill, haven't had any running injuries since. My quad injury was done at military fitness class doing lunges the week after marathon, has never affected my running. I have learned my lesson, strictly 3 wks of short easy runs this time, no lunges of any sort. Would like to gradually progress to lighter, cheaper shoes.


Oh that reminds me, my foot was absolutely fine yesterday, no reoccurence of blister, no rubbing or burning feeling in instep. So snipping a little bit off the instep definitely helped.

10/06/2013 at 14:01

 These are what I run in.

10/06/2013 at 14:02

RB-Not sure i would say i am coming dwnstairs 'normally', although i can do it, it is uncomfortable, but i find the more you make yourself move around normally the more your legs loosen up, so i persevere. I am wearing my marathon t-shirt so people know i haven't pooped my pants i am walking tentatively for soreness reasons LOL

10/06/2013 at 14:04

Those vivo shoes looks good, and the school shoes seems to be £35 instead of £42 at the moment, so think I might just buy some and keep them till Sept.

Nice report TT.

Back feeling better today after being sore all wk end.  It really is so strange.  Stretching helps no end, some days it just feels so tight and others its fine.  

Would like to get M some story cds for her b day, any suggestions?


10/06/2013 at 14:08

Not wearing it to show off honest

10/06/2013 at 14:10

Yeah the cycling thing was one of those slow motion things really, My sister said to me she's going to crash and really hurt herself, and I said something like oh she'll be fine, but really being rather scared inside!  I just couldn't quite believe how fast she was going, and how depsite sprinting my husband couldn't catch up with her!




Edited: 10/06/2013 at 14:11
10/06/2013 at 14:12


10/06/2013 at 14:13

How come your pic works and mine doesn't RB?  

10/06/2013 at 14:15

If you click on that I think you'll see the hill - which actually looks fairly steep from this angle!  Oops.

10/06/2013 at 14:40

Haven't read anything as in phone at work but is it normal that I am now completely unable to sit on a chair in a ladylike fashion. Can't put legs together as stomach so big and so low it's in the way!! 

10/06/2013 at 14:41

Crikey Caro, that looks terrifying - the sort of hill that you just continue to gather speed at!!! I think the lock gates are the thing that shows the steepness in that picture for sure. Definitely a heart-in-mouth moment but thank goodness that man stepped in.

TT - great going on that marathon. I think you'd do well in ultras, you are good at pacing yourself and kept it steady for nearly five hours. Glad to hear the blister didn't reappear too. 

Mine have just got normal school shoes - well Ss are Clarks girls which are as flat as pancakes anyway, and J has some mega-light superfeet (I think) black things that he's virtually trashed!

Like Karen says, it's not for all though but likewise I've spent the last 18 months building up and now whenever I put my old road shoes back on I just can't run in them as they feel really odd - and I have to 'stamp' with my feet to feel the ground through them!! As RB does, running in racing shoes is the same as they are designed to be minimalist really!

Well there were 32 runners on Saturday, I was 11th out of that lot. There were 11 ladies, and I was 3rd. The winner of running did it in 4.15 , next in was 5.22. First three ladies times were 5.22, 5.45 and me at 5.59. So I'm feeling pretty good about that all really

Easy 5 mile round woods this morning and legs feeling OK really. A little tired but calf seems way better after a massive session with my spiky rubber ball on it last night - oh how to party!!

Must be off for school run now.

Is so beautiful here again today. Just my favourite weather.

10/06/2013 at 14:58

Yep - I can imagine if you cycled down that hill without brakes, you'd get up to a reasonable speed! A bit undulating too - just to make it even scarier.

10/06/2013 at 15:24

eek Caro! 

10/06/2013 at 18:10

EF I carried O incredibly low for a lot of my pregnancy. Was really uncomfortable towards the end. Poor thing came out with black and blue face which I can only conclude was from being bashed around from being so low. 

Hello RB. good to see you, even if you are a little cheeky!

10/06/2013 at 18:11

And Caro I know the locks you mean and actually don't think that picture does them justice. I thought they were even steeper than they look in the photo. 

10/06/2013 at 18:26

Yes baby has been low all along but just dropped even more I think. I've always had a very distinct line between boobs and bump. 

just got Lou's class list for next year. I'm not over enamoured! she's still with the one wee girl whom I think is very bitchy and manipulative (and Lou's day tends to depend on whether Ava was nice to her or mean) and she's separated from the other 3 girls she usually hangs out with and who are much nicer. I hardly know the rest of the class except for Hannah whose mum was in our ante natal class and whom I loathed!  And I'm pretty sure Lewis is the year's biggest trouble maker and oh yes he's there too. Argh. 

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