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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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19/04/2014 at 12:51
Camlo- I use myfitnesspal app and log every mouthful of food/ drink consumed. This wk I have eaten more than usual as bn at home with kids and in holiday mode. Ate 14,227cals all in which averages as 2032cals per day, which is what I burn on non exercise days. (Wore a hrm for a month just to get idea of my calorie burn) I ran 40 miles, cycled 46.7 Miles and hill walked 6.5 Miles. I count my exercise as 113cals per mile for runs, 25 cals per mile for bike and 80 for hill walking. Which comes to 6208 cals for my wks exercise. Should have lost 1.75 lb on that calorie burn. Never quite works like that though. I have lost 18 lb since Christmas but most of that came off the 1st 2 months and bn a hard slog since. I am now same weight as I was Feb 2012, very disheartening to spend 2 yrs yoyoing and not getting any closer to goal. But heyho just have to keep at it. Will get there eventually.
19/04/2014 at 16:21
Turbo - your house looks amazing, and it must be so exciting to see it go up so fast! When do you think you'll be in it? I imagine the interior stuff must take a bit longer and I know I'd be incredibly impatient after watching the outside built so quickly! I've lost track of when your baby is due too - and whether you know yet whether you're on track for 3 boys!

My littlest 'baby' isn't saying anything yet and I think she's getting quite frustrated by it (we certainly are!). I think she's ok as she's very interactive, can follow commands (when she wants to) and can clearly hear what we're saying, but I'm pretty sure the others were at least saying a few words by this stage - she's 16 months on Monday. Maybe she just doesn't get a chance with so much going on all the time!

Tangy - your running seems to be going well, I'm impressed with your distances! You might see a difference if you gave up all booze until the race? I think it's surprising how many calories it's easy to consume through drink, and then it makes you more likely to snack. Also, maybe just ignore the calories you think you burn through exercise and focus on what you're eating - choose a calorie amount to aim for daily and stick to that, and try not to vary too much from day to day. I don't think the body works by averaging over a week, so if you have a 'bad' day I think you have to ignore it and move on, and focus on the next day getting back to 1800 calories or whatever you're aiming for. What you're doing though is clearly working, and is impressive, but you might see results a bit more quickly if you try things a bit differently?

Lovely weekend here so far, just pottering around and enjoying some time seeing friends and some time at home. I have even run twice!! I think we're going to have way too much chocolate in the house tomorrow - I've bought my husband an egg (don't normally) and I know he's bought me one, and the children have one each too, as well as some small eggs to do a hunt with, and some small hollow bunnies! Luckily the children seem to forget about it once it's out of sight so I'll put it away and we'll quietly eat it in the evenings when they're in bed - to save their teeth...obviously! Oh and I nearly forgot the enormous chocolate fish my brother sent us which some of you might have seen on fb - it's so impressive it will be hard to break into I think!

Caro - your holiday sounds lovely. Will look up your cottage as we like those sorts of breaks.
19/04/2014 at 17:02

It sleeps 7 with 4 bedrooms vixo, had a great toy cupboard and was on gorgeous quiet roads that we could run, walk or cycle on with barely a car in sight.  Cows and horses just across the rd, chickens in the lane.  nice couple of pubs, a play area in the neighbouring village.........can't guarantee the sun we had but we really enjoyed ourselves.  Booked it on cottages4u but if you just google the name you find it on loads of websites.  


19/04/2014 at 18:22
Vixo- that is what I do, aim for 1400-1600 cals per day and don't add extra calories for exercise and I only drink one bottle of wine a wk which is less than 600 cals. Only day I eat more is long run day where I will allow myself about 2000 cals ( but that's normally the day I have bottle of wine). I weigh all my food so am not estimating portion sizes either. It will come off eventually, it's just frustrating when I see other people lose weight so much easier and with way less effort exercise wise.
19/04/2014 at 19:32

Vixo, it is really exciting seeing the house go up so quickly, we've just taken some friends by to show them and it's lovely to be able to share with people. Number 3 due Aug 24 but as Os put in an early appearance I'm sort of assuming any time from Aug 1!  House date much more unknown!  Builder keeps saying early July but I don't believe it for a second. Having a nightmare having to choos EVERYTHING for the house including all taps, bathtub, toilets, all floorings, blah blah blah!  We get brain overload when we go in shops. 

Os sounds similar to your O. He's a couple of months older but also he (and us) frustrated by lack of ability to communicate. 

Our number 3 is still of unknown gender but I'm convinced it's another boy. 

Caro your holiday sounded idyllic, perfect!

OK both boys napping so I have also jumped into bed so better take advantage and snooze!

19/04/2014 at 21:15
Tangy - you'll get there, sounds like you're doing all the right things, and your running is clearly going great guns at the moment. No way I could consider a 30 mule run!

Turbo - aim for August 2nd - it's a great date to be born love the look of the tower - I can't wait to see what it looks like finished, our very own running mums grand designs! There's no way we could ever buil out own house - the decisions just on putting in one new bathroom caused enough anxiety to last a lifetime. I really should learn to just let my husband choose - he's got pretty good taste really and usually makes decent decisions! Hope you got a good sleep.
19/04/2014 at 21:17

Caro, that does sound nice. Good to get away from it all. 

TTid - definitely make the most of the peace House is looking great! 

Camlo - sounds like you're more than entitled to drop a few balls, working those kind of hours! Hopefully a bit more of a restful time coming up? 

Tangy - must be really frustrating to not see the results of your hard work more quickly. (())

operation train for 10k is going well! Five miles yesterday with some threshold intervals of 5 mins, and a 2.5 mile off-road recovery run today. Hopefully will be able to haul my bum out of bed tomorrow for a few steady miles before we head off for a night away Some friends have invited us to the evening party of their wedding and so we thought we'd make a mini break out of it. We're staying in the hotel where it's being held (the only way we could do it with the kids) so I am going to party and Ben is going to sit in the hotel room with beer, lol. 

I seem to have one hungry baby on my hands! Today at lunch she had two cubes of sweet potato and broccoli, mixed with two spoons of baby rice, followed by pear purée. Then at tea she ate a whole banana!!!! Bless. Not sure I am too keen to see the nappy tomorrow though


Camlo    pirate
20/04/2014 at 12:49

tangy - if cals show that you should be loosing then what else can you do?? really unfair that you are putting in so much effort and getting slow results. Can you add some paprika (or something like that, chilli?) which is supposed to increase metabolic rate?? 

Turbo - wow, just wow

Vixo and turbo, if speech is taking a little longer and kids are getting frustrated dont forget that they pick up sign language really quickly. Mine had signs for drink, milk, juice, food, bed, car, etc and using sign does not delay speech (which is something people worry about)

Tatty - loving the 10k plan and sounds like you are mixing it up too. Cant imagine anyone thought G wouldnt have a hearty appetite! 

8 hilly, tussocky miles done - slow but it was lovely and prob have given legs a better workout than a flattish tempo. 

20/04/2014 at 15:18
O signs more, and please, which pretty much serves her purposes it seems!
20/04/2014 at 19:47

Vixo - I remember at Nicky's 2 year review the HV reckoned he was hardly saying anything, but she came when he'd just woken from a nap and was a strange woman so I knew better!  His speech wasn't (and still isn't) as good as Sophie's but they all get there in the end.  

TT - I feel your frustration re weight loss, I am the same, but I know I just eat too much.  I've no idea how many calories I eat but I do know from past experience that I hardly need to eat anything to stay slim really, it's just that I love food and am now around it a lot while I'm at home .  I'm currently just trying to eat my meals and only snack on something like a breadstick and houmous if I'm really hungry, although obviously that's gone out the window today!  I definitely rely on that comfort feeling of being full, so I am also trying to remind myself that I will not die if I don't eat constantly .

My sis and fiancé left today though they'd been staying in an Ibis, but was nice to see them.  They're getting married at the end of August so brought a lovely green bridesmaid dress for me to try on - was worried I'd look a blimp but I just need to flatten my stomach a bit and otherwise it's really floaty and flattering.

Tea nearly ready so better go and sort that out.  Ridiculously grumpy still, I don't seem to be getting a period this month - that should be a blessing with a coil but for me it's a nightmare .

First riding lesson in 4 years yesterday though, was fab  and I even remembered the things I'm supposed to do with my body!  Inner thighs complaining today .

Mother ok so far but she just makes me grumpy the whole time, hey ho. More later possibly.

20/04/2014 at 22:22

Hi all,

just back from quick Easter break down mums in Weymouth. Nice time had - went to beach, nurdled (weird dorset game), managed one run to Portland and back, dinosaur museum (girls loved!) and softplay (due to today's pishing rain). General good humour from all relatives so pretty peaceful! Have eaten so much chocolate today, plus giant meals, that my poor stomach is in pain and I've got a stretch mark already! I really should learn to stop eating when I'm in pain from lack of room! got another 4ish months of baby growth so must learn soon Our chocolate haul is impressive though, I will do as wise Vixo suggests and hide in a (high) cupboard

scan last week, baby all good, measuring big (No surprise there). Didn't find out sex but hubby reckoned girl - as he's such as expert at looking at scans....Ttid - insurance stuff sounds hideous, hope all is sorted. Unbearable to think about the poor girl too. Your house looks amazing, didnt believe it would be finished before baby but now I do! And my girls only finish their icecream when it's a time I haven't ordered desert and was hopeful

dont think should worry about speech for a 16mth old! I have a 2yr 3m who doesn't say much which is comprehensible, seeing HV in 2weeks for review so will see if they have any opinion. Does cause huge tantrums, especially with those who don't know that for example 'dodot' means water?! After this weekend though she can almost say chocolate

lovely runs from Camlo, tangy, tatty and Caro. jealous of caros blissful sounding holiday. I may attempt another run tomorrow morning to stave off the chocolate rot. 

JG, glad you're surviving your mother! Just. I am always worse when my mum is at my house than when I stay with her. Don't know if that means I don't like her in my space so is more my issue.

past my bedtime, and I need to be removed from the chocolate. Sorry to all I've missed, happy Easter! 

20/04/2014 at 22:38

Louise had about 16 words by age 2 andI even contacted hv as I was so worried. Now she never shuts up. Andy and I frequently say things like remember how she didn't speak or dear god is she actually still talking?! 

20/04/2014 at 23:15
Lol that's Camryn, seriously never stops. You tune out for ur own sanity and then realise she's still going and u have no idea what she has bn saying for last 10 mins and God knows what u have agreed to.
Camlo    pirate
21/04/2014 at 19:57

Dont forget ladies - ballot for VLM opens at midnight tonight!!!! Just saying.... 


21/04/2014 at 22:08

I hope you all had a happy easter! I survived my massive work trip last week and then had a relaxing long weekend down at the farm. M was well-behaved and my niece started to show some signs of 2 year old behaviour so it made a mice change to have the pleasant child rather than the brat!


Exciting news from here is that I am pregnant - whoops!! Not sure how that happened (well obviously I do but you know...)

Not sure how many weeks but I'm guessing 6 or 7 so very early days. Hit with morning sickness like a brick wall yesterday though so am feeling very rough - not fun at all!! Seems worse than last time so am not feeling that excited about the next few weeks! I was a bit nervous about how hubby would react but he is thrilled! So looks like all being well there will be a Christmas baby - fingers crossed!

Haven't had time to read back but hope all is well with everyone and Ttid I am v impressed at the speed with which your house is going up!! Must be v exciting!


21/04/2014 at 22:31

That's fab hoggle!! Congratulations! Ooh so many thread babies. I'm almost broody! 

21/04/2014 at 22:41
Oh what brilliant news Hoggle, so happy for u.
21/04/2014 at 23:15

Congratulations Hoggle!!

21/04/2014 at 23:27

Yay Hoggle,congratulations. I was wondering how you were as we had not heard from you for a while. Hope the sickness subsides soon. Does your husband have some work lined up now?

Ooh exciting about VLM, only 35 minutes ladies. I don't even need to stay up late asit's only 6:30 here!  I shall NOT be applying! 

Just over a week until we return to UK.Still so much to do before we come. Slowly ticking things off my list. 

21/04/2014 at 23:47

I won't be applying either Ttid!

I was on an epic road trip for work last week, 9 meetings in 4 days sleeping in 3 different cities! Completely knackering so I'm grateful the sickness held off until after that!!

Hubby is working but not what he wants to be doing, still plugging away and will get there eventually. So definitely not his ideal circumstances of him having completed 3 months probation in a new job before trying to get pregnant but he pointed out that there would never have been a right time (for him anyway) so he's glad the decision kind of got made for us.

Anyone tried acupuncture for morning sickness? Am thinking of giving it a try as I feel horrified at the thought of feeling like this for another couple of months - its only been 2 days!!

You might have seen some wet photos of the Royals on their visit to NZ - the country seems to have gone Royal baby mad and now we are forced to watch horrible reporting where the media seem to be competing with Australian media on who is giving them the best time! There was also a big fuss because they had George forward facing at 9 months in the carseat they had sent over especially - can you imagine parenting with that level of scrutiny?!!


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