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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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02/05/2014 at 17:21

Dazzle I never ran during pregnancy as it made me feel horrible and dizzy the first time and second time I was injured before I got pregnant so didn't run. Is there anything else you might enjoy and could substitute? I swam, did spinning and body pump lots. Can you go a physio as they will probably give you better advice. As Caro says, I expect a midwife or gp will just tell you to stop as they probably don't know much about it and err on the side of caution.

Caro sorry about the weight loss. I imagine you are probably looking for any signs at the moment. Try and stay positive until you get told the news. Must be really tough though.

First night back at swim club tonight. Isaacs been in the gym creche yesterday and today already. Loving being back at the gym but can't wait to run.

02/05/2014 at 17:23

I just ate 1/2  a large galaxy bar......must have added at least 1kg surely. roll on 7pm.  We are going to friends tomorrow in Hampshire for the night.  They have a large house, 3 daughters and a trampoline.  The kids will be happy

02/05/2014 at 19:58

Caro (()) doubt that'll be a kilo though. I ate a chocolate muffin, most of an Easter egg and several choc chip cookies (along with all the usual meals) and I haven't even put on a kilo Maybe a chilled weekend with friends and happy kids will get the appetite going.

sazzle - sounds exactly like ligament pain. Is it your first? I'm now 23wks with no.3 and had exactly the same quite scary sharp pains around 16wks with all 3. Now suffering badly with pelvic girdle pain and slight spd when try to run. stupidly did a 6ish miler last weekend (with sis so was chatting and had 3 loo stops!), pelvis hurt like hell when I got back. took myself to physio and she is very keen on fitness in pregnancy and has kids etc so I trust her opinion and obviously she said the obvious - that runs have to be very short, ie before pain starts, or stopped. I'm also stubborn but realise after last pregnancy and post birth injuries that I need to be careful and it's only a very short time really that you're "benched". She's advised lots of cycling and cross trainer only if comfortable (as can also cause girdle pain) with more glute exercises for core. I'm a bit of a swim hater, plus the hassle of getting time to go, so my hubby's turbo is going to get used with sky go on the ipad to keep me there for more than 5min! Sorry to waffle on but basically I'm saying please listen to your body as fast recovery after birth is preferable to too much running now. Some girls on here have run whole way through though so you never know!

best go, mil here and I'm hiding in the living room

02/05/2014 at 20:05

Hey Sazzle Would echo all of the sentiments here. Don't feel like you need to stop, but definitely slow down/reduce distance until it doesn't hurt when you run. Listen to your body and it will tell you if you need to stop. I was fortunate enough with my first to be able to run until the bitter end, but with my little one (5 months) I had to stop at 30 weeks due to SI joint pain. Switched to exercise bike until the end. Had a C-section so recovery not as fast as first time round but I am definitely better for having stopped earlier.

Caro, hope you enjoyed the choc

Edited: 02/05/2014 at 20:05
02/05/2014 at 21:40

Hi Sazzle (or Dazzle?!), I think I had a similar pain with my first and ended up stopping running at about your stage.  I used to go and do fast walking on the treadmill so perhaps you could do walking instead of running, but as others have said stop if it hurts.  I didn't race during pregnancy as I knew I would go too fast (plus if I went any slower I'd definitely be last ) but if you're getting pains at 7 miles maybe a half is going to be too much.  It's the main thing I hated about being pregnant, not being able to do my usual exercise!

Caro - does cancer make you lose weight or are you just guessing?  I imagine worrying doesn't help your appetite either so keep treating yourself.  Glad you managed to speak to someone.

02/05/2014 at 22:22

Sending hugs Caro. Cannot believe what happened on weds. Hope you sleep well and have a lovely wkend. 

Yay to all races entered. Lotte - royal parks one. Where does it start? Richmond? If so, we are just over an hour from west London if u need somewhere to stay and assuming it's not same weekend as Abingdon marathon. Even if it is, think we'd still have room for you! You'd be v welcome. And if it's not same wkend as abing don I'll come and cheer you on! 

Hi sazzle - agree with everyone else. But equally, if u love running it's hard to stop so maybe just slow down? I ran throughout with 1st baby but just ran super super slow and shorter distances. 

02/05/2014 at 22:31
Thanks everyone for the great advice!
Sonya- yes its my first. I have been seeing a Physio too as I had an injury before I became pregnant but I need to go back and see her (haven't managed to get round to it yet!) she is a runner so is normally very encouraging.

I didn't actually have any pain whilst running, it was only when I stopped but dis 6 miles on sat and 7 sunday so probably too much. It was a race too which probably didn't help as no matter what i told myself to begin with I still ran faster than I should have. Going to knock races on the head for now and try a gentle jog on Sunday and see how it goes but yes definitely need to realise I am not invincible and need to listen to my body!! I just feel so down when I can't run! I too hate swimming but cycling/ cross training is an acceptable alternative if I really have to!

If I decide to do the half I will slow right down and even run/walk if necessary but won't do it if still feeling pain.

Thanks again for all your help! x
02/05/2014 at 23:51
But it's also a symptom of stress and not sleeping properly. You burn more calories while awake so if not sleeping u will b burning more energy. And u were very slim already so don't have to lose much weight to b underweight.
03/05/2014 at 01:07
Grandmother of Camryn's best friend at school has bn fighting breast cancer for the last yr, I talk to her most mornings at school gate and walk home with her chatting before start my run. She is a lovely women, retired midwife. She said where u r now is the worst bit Caro, on limbo not really knowing what happening. As soon as she had her diagnosis she felt differently. She went into fight mode and had a plan of action to occupy her. She had surgery, radiotherapy and chemo and is waiting for test results now to see where things r. She was only unwell for a day after chemo and bit sore after surgery and radiotherapy. But no one would know she has bn fighting this battle to look at her. She looks fit as a fiddle. Has made a point of getting up and out for walks in fresh air and back to ballet class and Zumba as soon as was able to.
03/05/2014 at 08:15

Thanks again for your continued support  You're right TT - it's the not knowing that I can't bare, and the just having to wait around and be completely dependent on others to tell me whats going on.  Talking of poor sleep - TT why were you awake at 1am??

Ate huge amounts of pasta - but then ran 5 miles before 8am this morning.........lovely and sunny but 3C!

Right, time to eat toast, choc spread and peanut butter.

03/05/2014 at 09:05
Went to Mexican for dinner and stupidly had a diet coke, so was awake later than should have bn. Can't do caffeine.
03/05/2014 at 10:37

*sazzle not dazzle* stupid auto correct!

Swim club last night. Short bike ride this morning  

03/05/2014 at 21:06
03/05/2014 at 23:36

Jane I am not a proper swimmer. There is a club at my gym. Some of the guys are national level though but not me. Am pondering a 5k ow race at the end of this month though. There is also a 3k but the five is only 2pounds more my wetsuit is v old though. Hopefully it won't fall apart.

Cc - grrrr. If its anything like our house, 'we' means 'I am expecting you to sort this out'. Husband was supposed to take the baby whilst I went to the hairdressers today, then got in a bad mood, started some diy and didn't take him. I had a pretty miserable two hours. Great! Anyway I went out to a friends bday tonight so not all bad. Right its almost midnight. Bet the baby wakes early tonight (he did 8-6 last night though. Luxury).

04/05/2014 at 00:08
There is something to b said for women living in communes with their children and men being used as sperm donors. They r bloody useless at taking fair responsibility for their children most of the time. There are exceptions but they are few and far between.
04/05/2014 at 11:32
Haha totally agree TT. Grrr to hubby CC rant necessary I think .
First post ever from phone! Feeling rather delicate this morning, out for lunch with the girls yesterday then on to pubs. Got home at 1 am after 12 hours on the lash Haha it was great fun. Folk festival on so lots of music sessions going on. Poor hubby ended up having to feed 10 kids last night, 5 of ours and 5 others! Sophie was playing in a concert and staying at my parents in town. I think that fiddle of hers is going to lead her astray!
04/05/2014 at 15:39

Loving this weather. Have been sitting out in garden over the weekend here in Cambridge. Lovely. 

Lotte, 12 hours! It's what we have come to expect from you

Pip, loving your new picture!  Yum!

04/05/2014 at 21:08

Haha just reread my post, I need a thesaurus!  Far too many 'lovelies'!!

04/05/2014 at 22:05

Looks like you all had some lovely  weather over there.

Always a sad bank holiday for me (not that it was a bank holiday here) as its the anniversary of my brothers death. Can hardly believe that it has been 7 years now. So long ago yet so vivid in my memory at the same time. It feels so unfair because by dying at only 26 he has missed out on so much.

Cold and fairly crappy here, plodding along counting the days at the moment. Must re-read that poem Caro as am v guilty of wishing days away at the moment.


04/05/2014 at 22:27

Explains the weight loss Caro. Enjoy feeding up a bit. I am the heaviest I've ever been, menopause weight I guess. Not going to worry, still lighter than most people I know and am still a size 6-8. 

good news on the orthotics Lotte. Mine are very custom made too, also with cut outs for my toes!!!

amazing weekend here so far. Harry did his first ever triathlon yesterday. Oh my god I was a mess!! Parents not allowed in transition. Bless him he did so well to set up, but they had to have help to get bikes onto and off the racks. He was 4th out of the water, but lost 4 places as no one helped him in transition. Very annoying, but he will know for next time. Hubbie was yelling from the fence!! Harry had the fastest bike leg and 2nd fastest run, but came in 7th as he lost 30 s in transition. he was amazing and he loved it!!! Josh did the mile run and was 1st in a blistering sprint finish. 

hubbie raced today, even though supposedly retired!! I have run lots of miles off road with new Nathan race vest. 25 miles tom with it fully loaded. Very pleased with, thanks cc.

We negotiate race slots, but then we both race, and yes have to plan training around it. I ran back from triathlon venue yesterday and I ran there today! 

Time for bed as meeting fellow runners at 7am....

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