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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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16/05/2014 at 21:45

Hello everyone

Caro, blummin ek, it sounds like its been raining and pouring lots at your end.  The doctors advice sounds good.  Defo take whatever help you are offered and dont be British about it (stiff upper lip and all that).  Sorry about your mum.  It sounds like she is an alcoholic?  My husbands family has lots of members who are alcoholic and unfortunately they always seem to put their needs first and are often emotionally detatched.  Very tough.  I hope Eric is ok.  I cant offer much help but work vaguely in the field of HR and have friends who are proper HR people so if you need any work legal advice, please ask and I will do my best to find out.

I am blummin knackered today.  I've had both of them and we didnt even do that much.  I put them in the gym creche for an hour this morning whilst i did my physio exercises and some more strength stuff and then Georgia had a party this afternoon.  I went out last night so i guess that doesnt help.  I didnt drink and was home by 11 though.  I did my 2nd run last night. I ran for about 15 mins.  Loving it.  I am so unfit but loving being able to run.  I will run again tomorrow for 15-20 mins.

Loving the warm sunshine

Camlo    pirate
16/05/2014 at 22:08

caro - sounds like you have got a fab network of friends who will make up for any short-comings in your mother. Work may prefer to know they have 6 months to cover (which is a nice temp contract for someone) than have you off for some and then a bit more. hugs for Eric xxxx

Love the pics on fb of fab runs, wedding pics etc but not the pic of E's spots. 

Glad the open water swims are underway- still hope to get one in soon. 

Good luck camping CM and well done to J for reaching the free reading stage. 

Camlo    pirate
16/05/2014 at 22:12

Pip, crossposts, glad you are building up gently, walking with the pram, stretching while nappy changing or doing lunges/ squats while toothbrushing all counts too! enjoy the sunshine while it lasts- if CM goes camping we are all doomed

16/05/2014 at 23:11
Yep there'll b a freak storm hits the UK over the weekend no doubt lol
17/05/2014 at 09:54

Oh gosh Caro, hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy family time.

off for very long run in Cotswolds, have company for 20 miles then am on my own. Eek!! Catch up later...


17/05/2014 at 10:45

Eek indeed.  have fun MM!

7 miles done, not too sore, and just had my 1st shower since Wednesday!  Wasn't allowed to after biopsy so was feeling hairy and skanky.  Much better now.

17/05/2014 at 20:14

Yay to having a shower Caro !

Don't worry, the thunderstorm will only be over the Gower .  Glorious weather forecast tomorrow, hooray .

This morning I went and helped Sophie's school clear an allotment they've acquired so the kids can start planting things.  Have to say I really enjoyed the hour of digging in the sunshine, even though I was pouring in sweat!  Felt like a worthy workout .  I also did my half hour run yesterday faster than I have before and no major niggles, so will try a longer fast-ish run tomorrow.

Well done Pip, good to get out in this weather too, and well done to getting your exercises done while single-parenting!

18/05/2014 at 09:18

Finally had time to read back properly, busy going by all the posts! Love all the advice and kind words on this forum. 

Not sure if been introduced properly Pip,  I am an old hand on here. I have twin boys aged 7 and a wee girl who is 4 next weekend, where did that time go!!

I am a nutter runner, too much mileage ( although injuries and age now changing this and I am cutting back and cycling and swimming instead of some runs). 

Words still fail me Caro, I hope you are having a nice weekend though and enjoyed your relaxed run.

I had an amazing run yesterday. Started north of Stroud on leg 5 of the Cotswold Way ( we run the pathway as a relay in an event every year at the of June, hence the club are all out doing recces this time of year, perfect for me). Chap I was running with pulled me along a bit too quick though, 12 miles in 1:50, was aiming for 2 hours. Scenery was breathtaking, it was crystal clear and you could see for miles. Then we joined his wife and another friend and we ran leg from Stroud to Dursley. Another stunning run, lots of wood too though which was good as scorching. Unfortunately one of ladies started to really suffer and we had to ring her hubbie to come pick her up. Delayed and slowed us quite a bit, but was so worried as she is having all sorts of tests on her heart. Got back to ours cars at the end of leg 6 quick 'checkpoint' practise then off again on leg 7. My friend stayed with me which was great, started suffering a wee bit but managed to average 10mm again. Ran 3 miles out and back making roughly 26 all off road and very hilly ( walked the hills) although quite possibly more as kept forgetting to restart my watch!! 4hours 40 running, closer to 5 time on legs which is great. Very tired last night and didn't move in bed last night!! Did have a fall at 25 miles on a root in the woods, so have sore arm this morning. 

Hope CM having fab time, great weather. still sunny and hot here!!


18/05/2014 at 19:44

Wow sounds a fab run MM, I could never keep going for that long!

It sounds a bit feeble in comparison but I managed 5 miles today in 54 mins which is near-normal Sunday run timings for me, and no pain !  Still waiting for something to start niggling tomorrow but so far so good...

How are you doing Lotte, any change/improvement?

18/05/2014 at 20:13

yip well done MM, sounds hard going.

yay JG, good going.

Hope everyone has had nice weekends.

Hows Eric Caro and you?

Havent run this week but have cycled, done lots of squats, burpees etc and a wee open water swim Friday night in the loch. Was cold butnot unbearable although did have wetsuit, 2 hats, gloves and socks on!

Got road bike back from the bike shop yesterday so cycled the 18.6 miles home and today did a wee 13 miles on it. Working tomorrow but planning a longer ride on Tues with a friend which iam looking forward to.

Pretty rubbish weather here this weekend but think you all had it nicer down south, hope the camping trip went well CM.

18/05/2014 at 20:53

**waves to mm** hello well done on your running. My attempt was very feable in comparison. I ran for 20-25 mins on sat. Hurt but felt great. I might get my garmin out soon and see how slow I am! 

Went to a baby shower and then out with hubby for my bday yesterday and secumbed to cake and chocolate which I have pretty much stayed away from since Isaac was a week old. Needless to say I am craving it today and my taste buds are screaming for more. Arggh. Cold turkey! **goes away and repeats "must not go to shop, must not"**

18/05/2014 at 21:48

Cc - I know! Good running BTW. I love cycling too but its so time consuming. I used to love Saturday morning club rides but I wouldn't be back til one at least which I can't really do now. I love the fact that your husband is telling you how important core strength is! 

I forgot to add that I managed to find my wetsuit today so have entered a 3k open water swim on bank holiday Monday. I wanted to do 5k but am not fit enough. I will be slow on the 3k but it should be OK. Can't wait. First race in over a year!!!

18/05/2014 at 22:15

Awesome running going on ladies Just a quick one for me today, pushing G in the sunshine for 3.5 slow miles. Did a 3K tempo section in my 10k yesterday so legs needed something steady. 23 miles for the week Have been doing the 30 day plank challenge this month so my abs are starting to look ready for the summer - Caesarean pouch is almost gone now, hooray. 

Hope we've all enjoyed the sunshine

18/05/2014 at 22:17

Good luck Pip! I don't do swimming so I am in awe of anyone who does!

19/05/2014 at 13:56

wow well done MM and cc too! you are champions!

Pip - good luck for the swim. sounds ambitious to me!

we had a fab time camping. the campsite i've stayed in before (fab location but have always had hideous weather there, even when it was forecast nice!) was shut, in spite of website saying it was open on 1 may. woman was really rude to me, but apparently always is rude. i don't remember dealing with her last time, which is maybe why i went back. we found another campsite anyway and the guys there say that this woman at the other site is the best thing that has happened to them because so many people wind up at their campsite once she has peed them off!

did a fabby 10 mile yomp around the lanes, fields, dunes, woods, tracks, beaches etc of the north / west gower too. was so beautiful. stunning weather helped but truly it was amazing. and very few people also which was a bonus!

dentists tonight for kids and me. why do i always feel nervous??

19/05/2014 at 17:15
Intrigued now CC, left us hanging on the duff duff duffs there ????
19/05/2014 at 19:12
Oh she needs to get a grip CC, stupid woman. Have u told hubby about her and this guy? I would just to protect urself from any fall out she may cause in her ridiculous mess.
19/05/2014 at 19:20
On a lighter note we really need to see pic of this guy, just in case any of us happen to go running up near Findhorn. Don't think any married female runners are safe around him lol
19/05/2014 at 19:45

Good god!  Yes pics please

I am on the wine......I so don't need a 2 yr old in my life right now!  Eric has suddenly morphed into the terrible 2s!  and I am not handling it well at the mo.  We took the cot sides down on Sat so tonight is 3rd night, and he is doing the proverbial super nanny thing - in out in out etc.  Tonight it only lasted about 10 mins, he is shattered poor boy!  I am sure he has been shattered all day, and I refused to let him nap because of going to bed tonight (he doesn't nap anymore, but there was a risk of him falling asleep due to tiredness)

Ran 5 miles with him in the buggy this morning, it was HOT!  but fun.  Saw our first cygnets and baby moor hens on the canal.  

Am hopefully interviewing a friend's cleaner tomorrow.  Have thought it would be nice to hve one for ages, and hubby was hoping to get a better paid job so we could justify it, but he didn't get the job and I still want a cleaner!  Otherwise my house will rapidly turn into a tip over the next few months and that will cause me huge amounts of unnecessary stress.

Back to hosp tomorrow for pre op checks, then again on Wed for results of last weeks biopsy, assuming they are back.  

Hubby is currently at his parents as its his mum's 80th, and he is going to tell them about me.  They have enough to deal with at the mo with F in Ls cancer and he hasn't had a chance to tell them without kids around.  He reckons M in L is so stressed and anxious already that nothing could make it worse for her......well we shall see!  Happy Birthday (not)




19/05/2014 at 22:06

Oh Caro, not what you need! I remember tearing my hair out when JP kept getting out of bed, little monkey. Really hope tomorrow goes OK for you xx

CC - blimey, that does sound a bit Eastenders indeed! Sounds like she needs to get a grip Agree we definitely need to see a picture...I don't usually find runners attractive tbh - like my men with a bit of meat on (not that I have more than one, that would be too tiring, lol!) But there is always the exception to the rule!

Finally have heard back from work about my days when I go back. Have got my two full days, but not always the same two - hey, you can't expect miracles! So I am in every Tues and then alternate. Mondays/Thursdays. Going to nursery for a visit tomorrow so should hopefully be able to negotiate that - she is down to do Mon/Tues/Thurs at moment. 

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