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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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10/03/2013 at 21:34
Wow. Phenomenal biking and running going on

Yippee to Dylan's footie success Lotte. What a talented bunch of kids you have

I got the kids back tonight and J proudly presented me with a home made (from school) card with beautiful handwriting in. My day is now complete and perfect!! Had a lovely walk with M at castell coch this afternoon including cake and much chatting

And now time for be. It is Mother's Day so traditionally my heating goes off today until Halloween but Blimey it is freezing at the mo. may have to buck the trend!
10/03/2013 at 22:00
The school did a PTA Mother's Day sale, so hubby gave M a couple of quid and she bought me a fairly vile teddy-which somehow has ended up in her bed! She tried to say she was gong to let me have it in April, but I think we have negotiated an alternate day policy. Lovely cards from both and some tulips. Breakfast at the in laws, then went to the museum of childhood this afternoon as cold and blurgh here. Come on spring!

Well done Dylan! What a sporty family. M is starting gymnastics next month, she finally got to the top of the list. It's on a sat morning, which we have kept free till now, but with 2 kids we don't go away as much as we used to so she shouldn't miss too many classes, and it will fill up a bit of time on a Saturday, instead of us being indecisive about what to do.
10/03/2013 at 23:41
Fried the falafel burgers, hubby said they were alright, said they tasted a bit like squishy black pudding as they had allspice in them which is in black pudding too apparently. Had them on a wholemeal bun with salsa + guacamole, Camryn was only one who didn't eat hers.

-3 here so no way the heating is going off
11/03/2013 at 08:36

same thing here TT, was -4 last night and we have a good snow covering today - that heating ain't going off yet.

I usually use the clocks changing as a guide, but then I only have it on a bit in the morning and a couple of hours in the evening anyway.  In the summer I turn the heating off and just use as and when!!

In fact it's gorgeous here this morning. I have to take S to speech therapy 'til 10.15 and the cupboards are bare but I am definitely getting out for a run today whatever ... think it's due to snow later again actually.

Sounds promising on the falafels then - I too found a mix in Tescos the other day and am planning to serve it up this week too.

11/03/2013 at 09:29
I just blitzed up a tin of chickpeas, mixed beans, flour + some herbs + spices in the food processer.

Gorgeous blue sky + sunshine here this morn with the whitest powdery snow, beautiful but freezing.
11/03/2013 at 10:33

OMG. Just had a telephone interview. Feeling rather shaken up now. Science publishing company. No idea tbh how I did. But glad its over?

5 easy miles first thing and 5 easy miles in a best get some housework done now!!

11/03/2013 at 11:04

Feeling calmer now and got some jobs done!!

So out of practice with interviewing, especially over the phone. We shall see but not holding out any hopes. Seems a perfect opportunity, although it is a good 45 mins drive from here, and she didn't seem that open to 'working from home'. Was receptive to part-time though and she even suggested it!!

Feeling a bit coldie with a tickley cough so scoffing the echinecea?? So cold here, the wind is ridiculous. No dea how hubbie going to cycle home tonight in that. It's bitter. No snow here though so should be grateful for small mercies I guess. Heating on now. I have lost some weight I think, maybe not after last night's 2 helpings of sticky toffee pud mind!!!  So heating is ON as I am cold!!!

Feeling a tad disappointed with my intercounties performance looking at the results, but I am no spring chicken racing against plenty of them. I had done zero training in the type of mud we were running though, let along speed running in that terrain. Plus a just under 90 mile week. We are so hard on ourselves aren't we!!  It was slightly quicker than MP over all so can't complain really. Good tempo run!!

Your kids are amazing Lotte. My boys get to play matches next year as U7s. Small squad though so I guess they will be picked quite a lot.

Loved watching Shetland last night. Good to see lots of shots like Lotte's photos and also good to know that I know what Up Helly is. Hubbie had no idea!!

Time for another 5 mile plod then...

11/03/2013 at 11:39

Is it worth watching on the i player then?

Freezing here too......just did a bracing walk in the biting wind and snow.  E's swimming was first thing and I swear it gets colder every week in that place!


11/03/2013 at 13:58

At work, what a skivver, only in one day and I'm on here

Freezing here too but no snow and less wind than yesterday. 7 easy for me today, might do another later or maybe not. Normally don't have time on a monday for a double but hubby is home today so maybe. But then again yes CC it is supposed to be taper time. But I think I will

MM you are too hard on yourself, what a great week of training. Hope the cold comes to nothing and fingers crossed about the job. I would fall to pieces having to do an interview I think!

It was so strange watching the programme last night. Couldn't really enjoy it as I kept wanting to pic apart all the faults ! The thing that really bugged me was the Scottish accents, the only one who spoke with a Shetland twang was the policeman and that is cos he is from up here. The was alot of facts that were wrong but its fiction and thats not reallythe point but it was still hard to watch it. It was mainly set on the island of Bressay but alot of the scenery shots were down near our house so it seemed odd. We watched them filming the scenes where Hattie was sitting at he rocks and the dectevtive went and spoke to her. Dylan and his pal kept cycling past that day and I was half expecting these two wee boys in their hi viz jackets to pop up in the background!

My parents were taking the mickey out of us last night. Dylan got this sheet of standards expected as part of the team and the moto is "while the winners train, the losers complain". So yesterday when Reece moaned about going to his football we quoted this to him. Anyway he came back from football full of beans having had a great time and proceeded to quote this to his grandparents. i think they think we are trying to brainwash the kids or something! I slso had to laugh at Dylan because I said to him on Saturday that I would need to put something on FB about how well he'd done and he turned to me and said, "Mum its not good to brag". Apparently the coach had given the selected team a pep talk about how they must not go back to school/clubs etc and boast about their success!

Anyhoo better crack on.

11/03/2013 at 17:09

oh they are so wise aren't they Lotte!  J frequently takes me aback a bit with things he says, which are absolutely bang-on!!! Tonight he put me in my place - usually it's cubs, and my friend drops him back so I don't have to keep S up and go out again, but she's ill and can't do it - we are never back until gone 8.30pm and S is just so knackered at the moment, so I basically bribed them with the promise we'd all sit and watch the Lorax instead - together. Out and out bribery, and J said, I need some time to think about it mummy first, I'll give you my decision in a little while!!!! I know it's naughty of me but god do I feel relieved he has bought into the bribe!!!

MM - you are definitely way too hard on yourself.  That was a heavy heavy week of training, and the conditions were clearly challenging - plus you are training for distance, and that was a short race ... was the hardest thing I found with the masters XC I did back in January - hadn't done ANY speedwork for months, let alone try and race a 4 mile XC, was relieved to finish without throwing up, let alone just about being placed half way down the field!!! Didn't make me feel great that there were 'veterans' aged 35 competing either!!

Fantastic for surviving the interview too - never easy, but even more so when out of practice too. Hope it proves fruitful, but good experience for sure.

Cold and sunny here today. Had about 4 inches of snow last night which is a lot for Findhorn - usually the coast doesn't get much at all. Warmed up in sunshine but a bitter easterly breeze to keep us on our toes - but then I should be used to that by now!!

Anyway, 14 miles in the forest. First 10 felt fine but last four were VERY hard work although pace was consistentish. Have definitely got a cold though so just glad to get it done - furthest I've run since Jan. Avg 9.3mm, although there was a 11mm one in the middle when I tried to go exploring and ended up in calf-deep snow and moss!!!  Snow made it hard going but better than it will be for rest of week when it all starts freezing . stunning views across to black isle and a very snow covered Ben Wyvis

Great training last night RF - no matter WHAT your hubby says!!

11/03/2013 at 17:46
Cheers for coffee maker info. Ended up with tassimo as sainsburys have it for 59 at the mo!

Post later, waiting on Andy and Lou from after school club. Journey home has been fine. Journey in was a nightmare!!
11/03/2013 at 21:29
Oh let me know what it's like EF, wouldn't mind one as long as can do decaf.
Well done on the phone interview MM.
Didn't watch the Shetland programme.
Good running today CC.
Went to Inverness with M today & met my friend that's leaving for NZ next week for lunch. Got a dress in the monsoon sale. Hubby saw it lying on the bed and commented that it looked like curtains, charming!
Just been to yoga. Did a quick 3 miles on treadmill whilst dinner was in the oven.
There's a dark cloud above so of to bed. Think it's because my friend leaves in 11 days, dreading it so much.
11/03/2013 at 22:01
((())) rf hope you sleep well and new dress is lovely. Off to bed myself now. Am also looking sound of that coffee maker.
12/03/2013 at 08:27
Oh RF totally understand why that would b upsetting. My running buddy + best friend of 30yrs talks about her + hubby retiring to the sun in their 50's all the time + I feel sick everytime she mentions it. Will b a total mess when it actually happens.
12/03/2013 at 09:40

Arrrhhh! Tried to spend my tesco clubcard vouchers last niht to take FIL out to pizza express on Friday for his birthday. Someone has hacked into my account and printed off my vouchers and used them in a store in Glasgow!!!! I had 100s of £ worth as we use them for days out in the summer. Tesco appear to be sorting it, but just done a search and I dont seem to be the only one. So if you have vouchers check your online balance as they might be gone!!!!

Hoping they will sort by friday so we still take FIL out.

Right off to music then friend coming for lunch with her wee boy so best get on...

12/03/2013 at 11:19

the B***ards MM!  Off to check my account now ... we use them a lot too for birthday presents and acommodation etc. Saw your post on FB.

12/03/2013 at 13:36

Ah no MM, hope it gets sorted in time.

woo hoo on the 14 CC. Lol to the bribery!

Chin up RF. Where is your friend going (sorry you have probably already said). My best friend moved to Canada about 12 years ago. I was gutted. Of course we still keep in touch and we see each other about once a year as her parents are still here (she is my hubbys cousin which was how we got together!), we went over when I was preg with the twins but not since as too expensive. When we get together it is like she has never been away and we pick up where we left off but I miss not having her in my daily life. (())

Enjoyed the second part of the programme more last night. Enjoyed spotting people we know in the crowd scenes. The filiming was all done in July but the prog was set in Jan, shows what our summer weather is like

Double done today, 10 and 7 but have a niggly ankle /achilles so sitting with ice on. Heading up to a friends for a cuppa in a bit before kids come home. Pilates later.

2 sleeps til the twins birthday. Can't believe they will be 5! New bikes ordered unfortunately no Islabikes too bloomin expensive for 2. But lightweight raleighs so hoping they will be ok. Why do they make kids bikes so damn heavy, I know cost but still you would think there wouuld be more lightweight options. Wanted to take them to the cinema for the first time on their b'day but no kids films on that day grr. Monsters is on tomorrow night but I will have to forfeit my track session...

12/03/2013 at 14:25
Hugs to RF, I think her friend is off to New Zealand. I wonder if she is going to be anywhere near Hoggle?

MM, that's a nightmare about the Tesco rewards. Hope they sort it in time.

Lotte, I can understand why travelling to Canada with 8 of you might be a bit expensive!! Especially when it costs so much to just get off the island to start with.

Os still has a bit of a cough and is spewing (lots) after some of his meals. Had a wakeful night with him last night so tired today. I think his tum is hurting him as he is arching his back a bit and is quite windy. He has had gummy eyes pretty much since we came out of the hospital, first the left and now the right. I didn't want to give antibiotics but tried the old breastmilk in the eye yesterday and it does seem to have worked!

Back later.
12/03/2013 at 14:43
Are the twins your babies Lotte?
12/03/2013 at 15:28
Yeah it's NZ Turbo. To Picton, north of the South Island.
Oh no MM, what horrible people there are about. I checked mine.
Oh poor Os Turbo. Yeah the breast milk is quite effective in the eyes!
Hope the twins have lovely birthdays Lotte, yay to new bikes. Our girls have ridgeback s from the local bike shop, good wee bikes but not very light.
Just shoved loads of biscuits into my gob with my coffee, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Why do I do that?????
Did 3 mile run with trailer this morning, M fell asleep so left her by the door and did a quick 3 miles on treadmill. Then had to wake her up, put her on couch, turned round to sort lunch and she was asleep on the sitting room rug! Had my soup in peace and then woke her up!
Betta go and get them to do their homework.
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