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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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23/05/2014 at 09:25

weeks' not week's. cba to edit!

23/05/2014 at 09:50
How are ur iron levels CM?
23/05/2014 at 12:32

they have always been fine in the past.

23/05/2014 at 15:11

Get some floradix, full or iron and vitamins. Expect H&B have a sale on so should be able to get it cheap! So about work though CM! New job will be brill.

Caro, you are most definitely allowed down days, good to keep talking. Cannot begin to understand what you're going through but as someone with the same age toddler I can understand the two yr old tantrums! I am still vaguely hoping she'll be over this phase before baby arrives but think it's wishful thinking! We still have her in a cot, mainly because the sides don't come off and we need to buy a bed, obviously baby will need cot at some point so we will bite the bullet soonish... As girls share a room and Rosie already screams blue murder at bedtime for an hr or so we really don't want her getting out of bed and molesting Maggie or us! 

And not sure if I mentioned here but we went to her 2yr check and HV immediately said she needs a speech referral. Am very pleased as fed up of everyone saying she'll just get it soon enough. As the HV said, she speaks a lot and in sentences just doesn't make sense! We have also finally had her allergy testing started (after referral made in Sept) and appt for the lump she has on her eye to be examined by paed surgeon. Caro, I'm depressed by amount of time I'm spending in hospitals with poor Rose so don't know how it must feel for you. And I'm sure there must be more help in terms of childcare for Eric you can get.

forgetting what everyone has been doing! Ttid, glad you got home mostly in one piece! Do rest up, you sound like you work too hard. Im knackered after my days with the kids but I am really slacking off at work! Really tough to be motivated when you know you're leaving permanently in 2 months (about 20 days left!!). Is the house not as built as it should be then? 

We are in throws of house buying/selling. Never easy! Trying to get application approved before letting HR know I'm pregnant... Also looks like we will need about an extra £1000 a month to pay mortgage as noone will give us interest only anymore. bit of belt tightening just when no 3 turns up! Anyway, it'll all be ok and I'm being quite chilled about it, we have had it easy so I'm sure we can cut back on a lot. Luckily next weeks 2wk all inclusive majorca holiday already paid for! (Pip - was it you off to majorca or similar next week too?)

lotte - sorry to hear things not good. Is it all injury related or other things too? always enjoy your beautiful pictures on fb. Makes me so want to go on holiday up your way, suspect it's cheaper to fly to majorca though?!

cc- enjoying reading your eastender tales. She really is a stupid woman who is obviously feeling guilt. These running clubs are a hot bed aren't they? My mum has been in a running/drinking club for many years (hashing), they do a lot of socialising (running is secondary) and I have many memories from when I was young of bed hopping and broken marriages happening in the group -including my parents who both misbehaved with fellow runners.

Had a lovely birthday weekend away last weekend without children! Just down to new forest but was lush. Ate a load of posh food, used lovely gym and pool (burnt off about one of the puddings I ate), had a pregnancy massage and hired bikes to potter around Brockenhurst area. Sister did a great job with girls and hoping she'll still offer when we have three!

meant to be going camping this weekend but other couple have chickend out due to wet forecast. bit of a shame as doubt I'll want to go later summer due to huge bump. But off to majorca next Friday so feeling in holiday mood  

right I hae waffled for too long, must remove Maggie from cartoons and wake up Rosie. Reckon its a trip to the library due to pouring

23/05/2014 at 20:00

JT you have to be on benefits etc etc to be eligible for the 15 hrs for 2 yr olds - its only for all 3 yr olds here.  But the person I spoke to at the Children's centre sounded positive so hopefully someone will call me back on Tues, otherwise I will be calling them back!

Spoke to my GP and she told me that 'good sleep is the cornerstone of good health' - she said it so many times in the conversation I think it must be her mantra.  So She wrote me a prescription for zopiclone and then physically walked across the road and took it to Boots for me as she knew I wouldn't be able to get down to the surgery before they closed.  That is what you all a good GP.

I am going to be a parkrun tourist in the morning and go to one a few miles away where a friend is marshalling.  I will be quite happy doing a new course and being completely anonymous for a change.  Then I am having my hair cut at 11 and we fly to Aberdeen in the evening for our child free weekend!  

23/05/2014 at 20:13
What a fabulous GP Caro. Don't know how it works in England but in Scotland there is a service provided by local authority for providing childcare through childminders for people in situations like u. I used to look after a twin whose twin had to attend intensive physio for cerebral palsy, so local authority paid for me while Mum went to physio for the day. I think They do it for kids who r not being cared for well too, but also maybe Mum has mental health issues, serious illness, disability and needs a bit of support. So I would imagine it would apply to someone like yourself attending radiotherapy etc. Have u asked ur childminder if she has heard of such a service? She may have contact details.
23/05/2014 at 20:21
Also it would mean E would b able to go to current childminder who he already knows, if she has days she can't do due to child numbers I am sure they would issue her with temporary permission to exceed her numbers due to the circumstances too.
23/05/2014 at 21:05

Don't really know what to say but (((Caro))). your goddaughter is absolutely gorgeous too

CM, don't blame you for wanting a quiet departure. i have been prone to lurgs when increasing training too. One thing that I think has definitely helped is making sure I eat straightaway after a run. Well, tbh it don't usually feel like it right after, so I have a glass of chocolate almond milk as soon as I have downed some water. Haven't been bad for ages since I started doing that

Glad you got home safely T Tid

 Boo to night wakings JT We are just coming out of the other side, thank the Lord! Have had a week of pretty much sleeping through - but I shan't say that too loudly or I'll curse it! i kept telling myself that she did it once and would do it again, which helped when I was well and truly zombified...

have had a seriously pants day. Lots of annoying things all at once. In no particular order - £180 at vet, cat has fleas even though he was only treated 6 weeks ago (will religiously do monthly from now!) hence have treated all three for worms and fleas and fumigated the house/washed everything in sight. On the way back from the vets I completely missed a red light and now worried I will get a fine. Then dropped a freshly laid egg on the floor. Car cut out in Tesco car park. Went the wrong way to school - seriously. And all this while Ben is on the other side of the Atlantic, sigh. Think I may have a explanation though - have been cramping and had slight spotting so AF is probably on her way. Seriously, I think need locking up until then for my own safety!!!! Perhaps an early night might have to do

Sorry if I've missed anyone - hope the BH weekend is a good one

23/05/2014 at 21:50

JT - yay!  Well done

24/05/2014 at 01:31

JT, yay to winning your nursery battle, well done. 

Caro, hope you find some good child care for E and that he moves on quickly from his terrible 2s. 

TB, boo to your bad day. Where is your husband and how long is he going to be away?

Our progress on the house has been very disappointing while we were away. We were told certain jobs would be done by May 12 and they have still not been done. There seems to have been some sort of mess up with the windows so there are a load of windows on site but not installed. Grrr. I know we will not be in by the time the baby comes but really starting to wonder when now. 

Have had another day of trying to take it easy but still feeling very uncomfortable, as though I have been kicked down below and very painful now in both butt cheeks!  I have dug out an elastic belly band which I have worn for most of the day but hasn't really helped much. 

Mr TT has come down with a stinking cold and lost his voice which is making him miserable at the moment. We met 3 people in UK who had recovered from a stinking 2 week flu so we are desperately hoping that's not what he has. 

Lotte, hope things are ok with you. 

Tt, best of luck for Sunday, is this your first time running Edinburgh?

24/05/2014 at 06:29

FFS - i have just spent 40 mins writing 2 posts.  Lost the first one so re-wrote it and then lost that one too.  Arghh.  I cant face doing it again so I will just say hi to everyone.  I have been reading.

24/05/2014 at 07:38

Sonya - just seen your post about speech referral.  Benedict is slower to speak than Martha and Aidan were - he has words now though and is two next month.  I think it will be difficult for play school to understand him though!  His middle of the night phrase is 'et meeee owww' (get me out) of the cot, and 'elp me' covers most other things.

Caro - your gp sounds good, hope the meds help with the sleep and Eric isn't too bad.  Benedict is ill so as his sleep is still rubbish its even worse this week.  Still waiting on his last three back molars too - has Eric got his?  They are causing all sorts of trouble here.  Has his rash gone now too?

Tatty - I have scraped the car when it was totm and did wonder if that was the reason!!

Fair amount of rain here but I suppose I will go for a run.  Its half term already, the kids have had 2 weeks in their new school/playschool and have settled in well.  I am loving having the play school on the same site - makes life so easy!!

24/05/2014 at 07:38

Pip - thats so annoying about the posts - hope you have a good weekend!

24/05/2014 at 10:27
Pip- I do it all the time, lose posts and give up.

TT-thank you, I have run Edinburgh before, it was my 1st marathon 2yrs ago. Altho I spent 1st 10 wks of training laid up with periostitis of shin bone and compartment syndrome, so no running at all, physio and lots of cross training. Then had 10 wks to get up to 16 Mile LSR without triggering injury off again. Thankfully I managed it and fulfilled my aim of running a marathon before I turned 40. Took me 5hrs 8 mins (altho I walked more of last mile than I needed to, knew I was going to miss the 5 hr mark by 2 mins if ran so just took it easy).

My marathon pb is 4hrs 49:35 set at Strathearn last yr, which is a hilly route. So hoping I might b able to beat that without killing myself, since Edinburgh is a fast dwnhill/flat course. But honestly have no idea if I am kidding myself on. My long runs have bn much hillier than previous training yrs so also slower and bn struggling with plantar fasciitis and pain/ stiffness on outside of ankle which has slowed me dwn too. On diclofenac for foot now which has made huge difference and hoping I find latter part of tomorrow's race much easier and faster due to lack of hills and less foot pain.

Little worried that my ankle has bn niggling the last few days, despite the diclofenac. Not sore when running but bn stiff in morning and odd times through day. Have only run 3x3Mile runs this wk and I thought ankle was sore from running awkwardly on foot due to the PF, and doc agreed that seemed likely cause. Ankle felt ok to him and had good range of movement. But PF has bn non existent since started diclofenac and ankle still bothering me. Might try taping arch for tomorrow, see if that helps.

Sorry that was a rambling waffle. Can u tell I am beginning to stress? Lol. Haven't bn bothering at all, haven't carb loaded and haven't sorted my stuff yet or looked up train time. But just hit me today that it's TOMORROW AARRGGHH!
24/05/2014 at 12:20

TT - good luck! Will be thinking of you tomorrow. I am sure that you will smash it - your training has gone so well and all that cycling must surely help too  

Pip, grrrr to lost posts. I do it all the time too. My fingers slip on my iPad and end up clicking on another link and then what I have written isn't there when I go back! Grrr!

TTid, hope Mr T is better soon. Disappointing on the house front, especially if you had expected things to be done Remember that uncomfortable stage all too well - little minx had her head under my ribs right until the end. It will all be over soon Ben is over on your side of the Atlantic at the moment - not Florida unfortunately. He was in Kansas City (where his company HQ is) and now he is in San Diego for a conference. There may well be some sunbathing and beer drinking going on, I fear! One of these days I am going to accompany him on one of his jollies. Yes, it is work, but surely not that hard?! 

Haven't done anything daft yet today but I have stayed in, to be fair Sorting out the last of the washing for decontamination and packing for our little break at Mum's tomorrow We are there until Weds so at least I will get chance to have a bit of a rest, and maybe a run on my own! I love buggy running but it is hard work. And three miles on the treadmill feels like forever! 

24/05/2014 at 14:37

Good Luck TT!

TT annoying re the house, esp as it seemed to be coming up so fast.  When's baby due again?

Woo Hoo JT!  

Eric did apparently appear at about 5.30am but hubby managed to get him back to bed and he stayed there till gone 7.  The sleeping pills were amazing.  I slept for over 8 hrs last night.  I did feel a bit zombiefied when I woke up, GP said they only lasted 6 hrs so you dont wake up feeling sluggish.  Well they definitely lasted longer than that but it was worth it.  I feel slightly human again.

Had a lovely Parkrun this morning.  Borrowed my dad's car and drove to one my friend runs at that I had never been to before.  I just wanted to run and enjoy myself, somewhere nobody knew me (apart from my friend) where there was no pressure on me to run fast.  It was very low key, only 59 runners compared to the 150+ where I normally go.  A few marshalls, no one out on the course, no photographers, children, dogs, people running with buggies.  I came 3rd overall and 1st lady - managed to overtake 2 blokes on the home stretch which was very satisfying!  I had my garmin on but barely looked at it, as I knew it was a hilly course (the one I usually go to is flat) so fully expected to not get anywhere nr a PB.  As it was I equalled my PB for the 3rd or 4th time now!  So still 20.19, but I felt good at the end (lots of downhills to make up for the uphills) as opposed to completely trashed.  And I am now the VW 35-39 record holder apparently!  I never even knew they kept records for age groups.

Flight leaves at 8.25pm to Aberdeen, leaving home around 5.  Still need to pack a bit.

Feeling sad having done my last parkrun for a while, esp as I am faster than I have ever been.  Well hopefully that will mean a quick comeback.

Happy bank holidays everyone

Edited: 24/05/2014 at 15:39
24/05/2014 at 20:11
Good luck for tomorrow TT! Hope weather is kind and the foot holds.

Caro - Edinburgh Parkrun has over 500 folk every week so 59 sounds bliss! I've never done it as (a) too busy; and (b) its on the north side of the city and since I live on the south its at least at 30mins away. EF, time for an Edinburgh South park run don't you think???

No bank holiday here - last Monday was a local Edinburgh holiday, then Thursday off for elections as well. So thats us until we break up for summer hols on 27th June
24/05/2014 at 21:08

TT - massive good luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.

Caro - great news on your equal pb. Hopefully you'll be back soon and getting a 20.18

Sonya - my now 3.5 year old daughter was referred to speech therapy at her two year check. Just make sure you persist as it took me ages to sort it although we had issues as our gp was in a different borough to the one we live in (note to anyone who may have this, check out the implications as neither borough would help us. Good job it wasnt pressing or serious). Oh and yes, off to Turkey on Friday. I am expecting lots of chavs as the place serves a full English for breakfast etc etc but it should be warm and I am looking forward to it.

My knee that was injured in my bike crash last year is a little sore today. I guess I have been overdoing it **I know, I know**. Rest day tomorrow and swim race on Monday so it has a few days rest. 

Right going to post before it wipes again.

24/05/2014 at 21:15

TT- give your best tomoz, you have put n the training so enjoy and good luck. Funny though I am not one bit jealous of you doing it.........I really didn't enjoy it when we did it 2 years ago, think it was the heat though. All the best,Molokai forward to hearing all about it 

Caro- hope your enjoying Aberdeen. Great the zopiclone worked! Kick back and chill out x

Oh and wow to another speedy park run, awesome running girl. 

Watching  radio 1 ' s big weekend having a wee rave to, in my dressing gown as just had a bath!!! Party animal! Calvin Harris- ' eat, sleep, rave, repeat!!!!! Lol

Actually looks good fun if of I would feel ancient. The kids look about 12!!!

CC- hope your enjoying camping. Was quite a nice day.

Pip- yes annoying,  often loose a post then loose the will and give up!!!

No exercise today, not even a burpee!!! Went to a wool craft fair with C and my sister and niece, something a bit different. Enjoyed it. Bought a big massive wooden crochet hook and yarn/ material to try and make a rug. May take me a long time as always start these things but then put them in a cupboard!

Hope y'all have great weekends x

25/05/2014 at 08:50

MR 500 sounds horrible!  I guess I am spoiled as i can pick and choose from so many near me, as long as I have a car.  I guess my rationale is if you have to make too much effort to get to one, it kind of defeats the object of park run. i looked into doing one nr my dad but it was something like 15 miles away, so didn't bother.  I'm surprised that a city as big as Edinburgh only has one, we seem to have new ones cropping up all the time.

aberdeen is grey and wet, no surprises there.  Flight all on Time.  Meeting friends for breakfast then not sure what we're going to do till the wedding at 2.  We don't leave till 5 tomorrow so if anyone has any suggestions for something to do in Aberdeen fire away!

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