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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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13/03/2013 at 20:48

Brookie that still sounds grim!  Hope it subsides soon.

MM - think you did a very good race, and as others have said, you are marathon training!

CM - well at least you now know you weren't imagining it!  Hope you're on the mend soon.

Sonya - take it easy!  Better to have a few days off then not get to the start line at all.  Hope you get childcare sorted soon.  Sounds a nightmare.

Hoggle - Oh no!  Hope the specialist can give you something positive to go on.  Hope Fletcher remains stable.

CC - sounds like your pilates is going really well!  Wish you were near here!

Lotte - know exactly what you mean about wanting to press the pause button.  We had the same conversation here the other day.

Well I've been hit by another chest infection.  Aaggghhh!  Spotted the signs so on antibiotics and steroids again.  Just as I was starting to exercise again.  Doh!  Just keeping everything crossed I don't mutate this one!

Had a heavy week in work too which hasn't helped.  Booked a few days in the Lakes next weekend though before we go to Nanna's which will hopefully be a good rest.  Lodges that are by the edge of Windermere with Windermere, Brock Hole etc very near by.  Only one more week to survive at work!  Hurrah!

13/03/2013 at 20:53
Well done on all the good running but boo to the niggles, injuries, sick kids & puking Brookie grim, poor you. I remember eating lots of ice lollies for the nausea.
Bullying- gosh I hope my girls never get bullied or never bully anyone. But I guess it would be a miracle if none of them ever did
Yeah I wish time wouldn't go by so blooming quick. I don't want them to be stroppy horrible teenagers! Toddlers are very hard work but at least u get cute cuddles & silly talk still!!!
Wow Anj- that's good going but be careful now!
Yikes to the juggling and hamster wheels, horrible feeling (((((()))))).
I have lovely runs where I live, hills all around. Single track road for 12 miles so not much traffic. It is lovely.
Did 14.7 mile cycle at 6 pm when hubby got home. Working tomorrow so must go and get sorted.
13/03/2013 at 21:30
Oh no Janie, that's rubbish. Get well soon. Enjoy the lakes, it'll be just what you need.
13/03/2013 at 22:17
Happy birthday for the twins tomorrow Lotte! Isabelle is 5 on Friday - I also can't believe it. I'm sure I don't feel old enough to have 3 children!

I have a feeling EF has scan tomorrow? If so, I really hope it all goes ok for you.

Sorry, have read everything, but typing with one hand on the iPad, so will write more when both hands free!
13/03/2013 at 22:32
Happy birthday L and C!

Watched the Shetland thingy, it certainly was a good yarn. So it was meant to be January? No way did the weather look dark, cold and foul enough for that, and no one was wearing enough clothes! I don't think it rained once in the whole programme actually.

Good luck for scan EF.
13/03/2013 at 22:32

We've hit 2000 pages! How much have we chatted we in the last (almost) six years!

Thanks RF, think I'm in need of some proper fresh air!  Just down the road from Brock Hole (think we can walk there) so hopefully will be good!

Happy Birthday to the twins!

And good luck EF if the scan is tomorrow x

13/03/2013 at 22:43

Hey hey - 2000 pages and 6 years of chat! Wow!

Congrats on new job RF - looking forward to 8pm Sunday night on BBC2

Happy birthday to the twins Lotte! And to Isabelle for Friday Vixo.

Good news on the run Anj, hope Evie settling in to swing of things and hubby's hand on mend.

Bugger on leg CM

Hope physio sorts you Sonya!

What are everyones VLM numbers - was great fun using the tracker last year, I've not got a marathon in me so enjoyed viacriously running it through you lot on here that do have marathons in you)



13/03/2013 at 23:14

hello just been lurking last few days.  yes 20 wk scan tomorrow.  pretty nervous. discovered this am that andy even worse than me so fairly tense! still if it goes ok then it is a big milestone out the way.  thanks for good wishes, will update tomorrow! esp as kindle blooming nightmare to post on.

14/03/2013 at 03:02
EF, thinking of you for tomorrow. Wow, half way already. Really hope all is good news tomorrow. Can well remember the nerves we felt so fully sympathise.

CM and Hoggle, bugger! Both sound nasty, sending healing thoughts your way.

Am gutted to be missing all the TV; MM running for Wiltshire, RF on Adventure Show and the Shetland program.

Am also living vicariously through you marathon runners, you are all awesome! Not started running again yet, no more than a 'jog' to the mailbox, so in awe of Anj running already.

Bedtime for me now, not sure how long I'll get tonight before Os awakes up so best make the most of the time I've got! Night night.
14/03/2013 at 05:38
Hope u get some sleep Turbo.
Good luck EF. Will be a big relief to get it done.
Happy birthday to to the birthday boys and to I for Friday.
I got up at 4.45 instead of 5.54, arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Dunno how I managed that. I luv my sleep as well but only realised when down stairs and dressed. So having a cup of T and on the I pad . Luckily I didn't waken any one else yet!!! Will b knackered after a 12 hr shift but plan to take 2 hrs holiday that I need to take and go to the gym on my way home!
14/03/2013 at 08:38

oh blimey RF - that must have been so gutting!!

hope Os slept last night, TTid

JT - no way, not another one. waaah! hope you have great hols tho

EF - am sending positive vibes. let us know how you get on xx

happy birthday to Cameron and Lewis .

i am off to podiatrist today to see about my orthotics. not that i will be able to run any time soon. but my last runners wore right through to the hard ridged plastic on the inside of both feet very quickly so something obvs not right. best to try and get them sorted and then i can wear them when i go out walking too. that should help a bit.

14/03/2013 at 09:39
RF, doh! My friend once got up and dressed and took her dog out for a walk thinking it was 6:00am but it was actually midnight. Her husband went out after her as he was worried and told her, she still gets stuck for it! Hope the hour of peace was good though.

I think I got about 5 hours before Os woke up. Just fed him and am hoping can get another couple. Gave him a bottle rather than nursed and pumped and just got 4fl oz, woo hoo the most I've ever got!
14/03/2013 at 10:04
Night time is good time for pumping. I used to get 9oz out of each boob in the night!
14/03/2013 at 10:34

Me too. I used to get tonnes out around 10pm, or first thing in the morning feed hubbie used to do for me too. I used to express at 5.45am, leave in the fridge and go for a run!!

Right need to clean the loos then go for an wee trot in the sun, just the 8 miles easy today. Lush!! I love easy weeks.

Freezing here today -5 first thing, ridiculous weather, so waiting until it's warmer so can enjoy the sun more!!

14/03/2013 at 12:26

We have the freezing too MM, like you, am looking forward to Spring proper, although birds are singing their little hearts out and in the sunshine, away from the wind it feels grand!

EF - fingers and toes crossed for you (())

Happy Birthday to your twins Lotte - hope they have a lovely day

Wow 2000 pages, flicked back and was reading some of the opening pages of entries - so funny looking back ... I kept describing Scarlett as a delight, a happy smiley little thing ... hmmm

Wow TTid - 5 hours, that sounds good going to me!

I used to express in evening after the bedtime (7ish) feed, and usually get loads, but then milk production was never a problem for me, just consuming enough calories to cope with it, and the fact it used to just go everywhere at start of feeds!!

Whoops to the early get-up RF ...

JT - nooooooo - the wellness vibes are not getting through are they?!  Hang in until Easter, not long now, sounds like a nice break.

Absolutely full of snot today - so not much sleep last night between not being able to breathe and Scarlett wandering through at random times to (a) have her back scratched and (b) just because she was awake - aaaah! Anyhoo at least cold has broken now and hopefully it will work it's way out!!! 9.5 miles round forest and felt better than I thought I would 9mm avg.

Hope your easy 8 was nice MM, I did the loo cleaning the other day! all the lovely jobs hey!!

14/03/2013 at 13:32

yes, it's very sunny here too. at least it's not windy like it was on mon / tues. it was SOOO cold in the wind that it was taking my breath away

spent over an hour at the podiatrist today. she looked back through the 10 years of notes and injuries and said 'you've never had a period without injury have you?' and she's right. it's one thing after another - always back problems but on top of that tendonitis (tibialis posterior and achilles), knee problems, piriformis, hip problems, hamstrings, and now the calf tear. she actually isn't happy with my shoes but the problem is that i get my orthotics prescribed and then when i go to choose running shoes and run in them, i get told i need motion control shoes as well because i wobble all over the place. she thinks i have too much support now, but who knows!? anyway, she did all the scans and stuff and then said that, other than having a heel raise put in (because i have leg length discrepancy due to my scoliosis), she wants to try me in a totally neutral pair of orthotics. she wants me to wear them all the time in all my shoes (which i must admit i haven't been doing). i then need to go back and as i start running again, we will see how it goes. she said my orthotics had had so many amendments and tweaks made to them that she had no idea whether they were doing what they needed to do (plus they needed replacing anyway), so she wanted to start from scratch again. since i won't be running for ages, i'm cool with that. as i increase my walks and start jogging, we'll soon see what is needed.

14/03/2013 at 13:50

Lush bowl of tomato soup and toast with cottage cheese, marmite and ham. Yum! Feeling better now although still hungry so will have some more food in a bit. Also rather worried a cold has surfaced. Nice easy plod in the sunshine though. Actually wore shorts but did have my calf guards on too. Its March for goodness sake and my legs liked some sun exposure even if it was only 5 degree warmth!

Sounds promising on the orthotics front. Must admit am really happy with my new orthotics. They are made from carbon fibre and are so much lighter than my last pair and durable I reckon too.

Yes happy birthday for the twins Lotte. Happy days. They are all growing up so fast hey!

Got the tesco vouchers sorted. They have emailed me the pizza express vouchers so still on for our cheap meal tom night and have Longleat passes for April too. Hurrah! Then have to wait till May to get the other vouchers again. Just hope they don't get nicked again!

Best crack on before Sophie pick up time. Boys at a film night after school so shall attempt to do some gardening with S, but need to pop to supermarket too.

14/03/2013 at 14:12

i had carbon fibre ones when i first had orthotics and really couldn't get on with them at all.  they caused immense amounts of pain in my toe joints. the ones i have now are made of ... well... foam i guess? but they are pretty rigid. obviously not solid like the carbon fibre ones. but they don't 'give' when you try and squish them. unless they are reaching end of life. they need replacing every year. it's about £80 for an hour's assessment, including all the scans and a new pair of orthotics (altho today i got given 3 pairs?? not sure why!! think she felt sorry for me). then for the next year you go back and get them adjusted as many times as you need and get them maintained. then if you just need a new pair of orthotics the following year, it's £30 or so and again you can get them adjusted / maintained. but if you need a full assessment, then it's another £80. i don't think that's too bad really. not when you think that physio is £35 a pop!!

14/03/2013 at 14:16

Happy Birthday Lewis and Cameron!  And Isabelle too!  The last 5 years have definitely flown.  Benedict managed to push himself up to standing on the bottom of the stairs this week and then let go with both hands - he didn't even realise he did it.  Not really wanting my baby to turn into a toddler quite yet!

EF - good luck for tomorrow!

Hoggle, my friend had a prolapsed disc removed, hope you can get it sorted xx

14/03/2013 at 14:24

Ooh where do you go CM?  I keep thinking I should look into orthotics so that seems like a pretty good deal.  Hope they get you sorted soon.

MM - I was with you till I got to the cottage cheese and marmite!  I think I'll stick with my prawn mayo butty!  Gorgeous day for a run though.  We're off to Longleat this weekend, don't think the weather is supposed to stay! 

EF - hope all is well

TT - that is so funny about your friend! 

RF - rah!  just the type of thing I'd do, but not to the excess of TT's friend!

CC - hope that you're ok, I think the wellness vibes may be returning though, keeping everything crossed that I am getting better and it's not the steroids making me think I am!  Timescales fit with abx etc though.

MR - I'd like to be tracking too, it's was also really great fun to see what everyone was saying about me whilst running after the event 

Feeling a lot better today.  Think antibiotics are working, difference in 12 hours is emmense so hopefully nipped it in the bud.  Peak flow back on the up so everything pointing in right direction.

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