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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/05/2014 at 10:20

Caro head to old Aberdeen and see the uni buildings. Kings was nice back in 1992 for coffee tho not sure it would be open on a sun.  give it a wave from me and MR! 


The ed park run is pants. It's super competitive. And the route is a horrible out and back at the promenade. The winning times are 17/18 mins or less when the elites are in town!   We do need a south side one but there's nowhere handy cos the meadows is used for so much. 


On the bus for the relay. Declined to get in the first one as it was about to leave and I said i'd rather be on a bus in the warm and dry than get there super early and have over 2h to wait. The rain has gone off but it's freezing! And I'm going down to the coast so about to get even colder. Should have brought a drink. Forgot. Tube. 

25/05/2014 at 10:21

Or go for a walk down at the beach prom.  I used to run along there! 

25/05/2014 at 10:27

Well done on your park run yesterday Caro. Hubby and 26 kids on athletics trip en route to Aberdeen from Inverness just now so avoid them Its not the most of inspiring places even on a nice day. Erm what to do Duthie Park, the maritime museum or codonas for all the fun of the fair! Or failing that a pub or two!

Sophie and Dylan had a good day at the north districts championships yesterday. Both Pb'd in their 100s, Dylan won bronze in the long jump although Sophie didn't manage a Pb jump, and both pb'd in the 800 with Dylan running amazingly well in a tough race of 15, he got a bit boxed in, had to sharpen his elbows and managed to pick up silver in 2.33. Sophie is young for her age group but she ran well and she needed a confidence boost so very pleased for her. The thing that made it for me was Sophie phoning in such excitement and she sounded so proud of her wee brother.

I am having a very sociable weekend with friends. Been out for tea both nights and out for lunch yesterday, and had people over to mine for lunch on Friday. HAd a few drinks on friday night but drove last night so not misbehaving too much while the hubby is away! Long walk with friends planned for today.

I have done no proper exercise for two whole days, no core no cycling no nothing.

25/05/2014 at 20:36

Oh quiet on here today, everyone busy!

Lotte- will do u no harm to have tow whole days of woman!!!! Your social able weekend sounds very nice. Well done to your awesome kiddies also.

Caro- hope u have found something to do in Aberdoom!!!! 

TT & EF well done on the marathon and on the relay today in Edinburgh. 

TT- I thought it was really tough the year I did it, flat and long and Tarmac, not keen. I personally wouldn't do it agin I don't think. Maybe the relay would be ok!?? But we'll done, you did grand. Hope your having a wee glass of vino now.

Oh dear CM- hope u made it home ok. Your night sounded traumatic. Worst nightmare of mine- kid spewing everywhere when somewhere else! Poor you x

have had a fairly lazy day - some exercises this morning, 16 mins of press ups, sit ups, squats and mountain climbers listening to Calvin Harris on radio 1's big weekend very loud! Then this afternoon a wee wet n muddy MB ride, just over an hour. Been horrible weather all day here. Yuk.

Hope everyone else had good weekends x

25/05/2014 at 23:12

Hello everyone, been reading just not posting, brain not really with it - I blame TOTM!

Big boo to spew CM, what a nightmare!

Caro - hope you're enjoying yourself.

Well done TT & EF.  A friend did Edinburgh marathon a few years ago and went off way too fast and totally crashed and burned and hated every second of it!

We've been to the circus this afternoon!  Grandparents' treat, although I got stuck next to MIL who always pushes my buttons this time of the month !  Sophie and Nicky were transfixed by it, I spent half the time watching their faces not the show .

Sophie's slightly getting on my nerves with her "but why do I have to" etc - at the age of nearly 6...!  She is lovely but she doesn't half ignore you when you tell her to do something she doesn't want to do - grr!  We've introduced her to Crash Team Racing on the Playstation and she LOVES it - the girl is so competitive!  Going to have to restrict her on that one methinks...

I dragged my butt out into the rain this morning to a local country park where I did 2 laps = 6 miles in an hour, which I was pretty pleased with although a) I felt like walking halfway round and b) the back of leg has tightened up again since.  Had a few glasses of wine last night which probably didn't help .  Not sure if I overdid it - I had a riding lesson yesterday so my legs are suffering from that a bit today.  Anyway we'll see how things are tomorrow.  Might try and get out for a short jog to loosen things up.

Hubby's taking Sophie to see the Lego Movie tomorrow morning, which he (not so) secretly wants to see too.  So me and Nicky are going to do the Tesco food shopping, woo hoo !  Hubby back to work on Tuesday so not so much a holiday for me, although I have got a couple of visits to friends planned this week.  And I've still got my French classes on Tues and Wed evenings.

Forecast looks pretty carp for this week, wish this rain would do one!

25/05/2014 at 23:18

Humph feeling a bit of a doormat. my friend and her 2 kids were here for tea, well I fed the kids while friend fetched a takeaway for us which was lovely. Then my sister texts to see whats on. Not a lot I say but come over if you like we were having a wee gin. So she appears, eats half our takeaway and then drinks all the wine in the house. Then decided she is goig to the pub to meet her boyfriend, taking my pal with her and leaving me with all the kids. So despite the 2 of mine being away I have still have 7 sleeping over!! Ach I did say I didn;t mind and I don't. The other option was to put up with my drunken sister here into the wee small hours and I amnot in the mood for that tonight!

It is quiet on here today. I think I must have killed the thread.

Sorry you didn't PB today TT but well done anyhoo. I don't think I would run the full at EMF again either. Just make sure you recover well now.

25/05/2014 at 23:29
Ah Lotte! Hope the kids are all in bed now at least!
So my hubby has (annoyingly!) got the running bug and ran into a wild boar and litter of piglets yesterday! He decided scaring the crap out of them was the best choice!! Madness.
It s all bloody hill here, hopefully I will start feeling a bit fitter soon!

CM hope you are home and J is ok now.

TT glad you got round, sounds exhausting!!
26/05/2014 at 00:02

Oh dear Lotte - I guess people must figure well she has so many what's a few more - could get very annoying when you're in the wrong mood!

Well done runners esp for sticking it out and finishing tough races!!! I think that's takes more guts and determination than a PB to be honest!

CM I hope you are all recovering from what sounds like the weekend from hell (

I had a lovely weekend at the farm. My parents are just great and my Dad who was just a busy farmer with not a lot of time and patience for kids when we were small is just awesome with Matilda and she adores him! Although because she's older than my niece he is able to do much more farm stuff with Matilda and consequently spends a lot more time with her which I know annoys my sister a lot. Had a fairly good few days with no vomming but back this morning. Scan on Thur and starting to get paranoid at the number of people who have said ohh maybe its twins! Off to go visit my friend in hospital who had her baby by c-sec on Friday now.

Really really should be doing work but god I'm lacking motivation at the moment!Caro I hope you had a great child-free weekend and Eric cuts you some slack this week. I'm glad you are getting some help with sleep - sleep is essential to getting well! Sounds like you have a really fab GP which will be invaluable in the next wee while!


26/05/2014 at 21:54

Where are you all? I really have killed the thread this time!

EF sounds like your day was pretty crap. I hope the cold eases up soon!!

Heaps of fresh snow on the mountain this morning and it is super cold here!! Lots of work to get done plus many home jobs so no mucking around for me today!


26/05/2014 at 22:12
I'm enjoying the dinner my husband cooked for when I got home from work - table laid, candles lit, monkfish wrapped in bacon with asparagus, and lemon mayonnaise, followed by a really dark chocolate tart. He says he's never used a rolling pin before(!) so he did pretty well with the tart, although confessed that he struggled a bit with the 'baking blind', and put the baking beans directly onto the pastry so had to pick them out individually by hand after they sort of cooked into the pastry! The tart recipe is to serve 10 so I think we've got a good week of puddings sorted (and I dread to think how much he spent on the ingredients!), but it was a lovely gesture and I'm very impressed with his efforts. I was away all weekend at a christening (11.5 hours on various trains in 30 hours!) so he has also had the children from Saturday lunchtime by himself as well!
26/05/2014 at 22:19

That sounds fab Vixo. 

I'm just wallowing in my cold. So fed up and snotty. I haven't dared take any decongestants because i am still feeding in the mornings And I don't know how long it would be in my body but I'm getting to the stage where I may skip a couple of feeds and take a flu plus. Had chicken soup for tea - coulda been anything  and a mint choc dessert and I couldn't taste the mint at all. I cannot blow my nose hard enough!! 

26/05/2014 at 23:09

I'm here 

26/05/2014 at 23:15

Ohhh that sounds lovely Vixo!

EF I am really hoping I don't get a bad cold this winter - had one awful one last time I was pregnant and not being able to take anything that actually works is a total pain!

27/05/2014 at 07:09

Sounds like it might be sinusitis EF - I had antibiotics when I had it to get back to normal xx


27/05/2014 at 14:26

Yuck, only had sinusitis once and it was horrid, hope you get sorted soon EF. Had doc appointment this morning so Mr TT took boys to school and I stayed home until time to go. Stupid car wouldn't start. This is his car that we don't use so much now and it is having battery problems again. Replaced the battery in January last year so something is draining it when it sits for a while unused. Grrr. Have had to reschedule appointment so I hope they don't charge me and am now waiting for my knight in shining armour to come and help. 

Yes Hoggle, I had flu jab when pregnant with Os and dodged sickness when we flew back to UK while Mr TT and Max both came down with it. Mr TT has got his voice back after a weekend of resting it. It makes him soooo grumpy too when he's not feeling good so he's been barking at the boys a bit over the weekend which I hate. 

TT, sorry EMF didn't go as hoped, when is dirty 30?

Wow once again to those of you who raced at the weekend!  So many of you are super speedy and getting prizes (still grr to Camlo's complete lack of recognition a couple of weeks ago!). 

OK, better book car in for service and unpack my laptop and get on with some work while I await rescue!

27/05/2014 at 19:53
Tt- Dirty 30 is 14th June
Camlo    pirate
27/05/2014 at 21:54

I am sure i am missing posts as not seen anything about your relay EF or Tangys race report or CMs voms?? 

Anyhoo from what i have seen on here and fb - yippee to some lovely cooking and breaks from kids, fab grandads and superb performances from the Lotte brood! 

Boo to not seeing progress on house Turbo & then missing Dr appt, kids spewing over you CM and thought of twins hoggle (although it would be nice too? Just a wee bit nice??). 

Glad you are building up JT, you are doing the right thing by doing it now and not rushing at the last minute to step it up. Has made me think about my Sept mara - will have to start increasing long runs from now as not done anything over 10 for yonks although i should have a good base. 

Spent a lovely weekend with friends in weymouth - managed a sneaky run and a sea swim while there but also ate stacks and did a lot of sitting on my fat arris. 

27/05/2014 at 22:17

I think those things might have been posted on FB rather than on here Camlo!

Yes I'm going to get the flu vaccine - must book an appointment today! Scan tomorrow and really nervous!! Much more so than last time - poss because I didn't really know about missed miscarriages etc, any way fingers crossed all is good!!

Freezing here now, I'm desperately trying to heat up my little office and also trying to work out how to figure a nap into my working day before collecting Matilda. 

We are going to Taupo for the weekend with a group of my oldest school friends and families (12 adults, 5 children). Have been friends for 30+ years so will be lovely although slightly chaotic! Can't wait to see my friend esp who lost her baby last year. She is about 25 weeks pregnant now so very exciting and she is sounding a lot more positive at the moment.


27/05/2014 at 22:17


EF - hope you are feeling better and not in need of antibiotics. Sounds rubbish.

Ttid - rubbish about the car and docs appt. Hope it gets sorted.

TT - hope the recovery is OK and stairs/toilets are OK.

Camlo - how was the sea or should I just say how cold?! I did my first race in a year yesterday which was a 3k open water swim. I loved racing again even if I wasnt on form ( I did 1h4 and would expect about 54 when fit). It wasn't cold at 16.5 degrees. I got some good wetsuit chaffing marks on my neck.

27/05/2014 at 22:22

( posted last one as paranoid about losing it). Umm, **cough, cough ** I might have had to go back to get some physio treatment today as previously injured knee was hurting. Umm, might have been building up too quickly. Might have thought I could get away with it but can't!! Might be a bit of a tw*t and not listen to advice even though I know its right.

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