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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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Camlo    pirate
27/05/2014 at 22:27

Oh dear Hoggle, hope it warms up a bit soon. A nap sounds ideal.

Pip - fab race, i think i can do 2k in about an hour but no way could i go 50% faster! My friends thought i was nuts but i really didnt find it cold either, no idea what temp was but my feet didnt go numb and the wettie is VERY snug so didnt get a rush of water into it. Think i did about 400-500 metres in about 15 mins. Do you put vaseline on to help with chaffing? And how the heck do you peel the wettie off? I wanted to see how fast i could escape but it took a good 5-10 mins! 

27/05/2014 at 22:36

I saw from CC's beautiful Skye photos that she went for a dip in one of the lakes - bet that was chilly!


27/05/2014 at 23:31
Brrrrrrr ur all mad. The pool is bad enough. Most I can manage when swimming regularly is 2k in an hr. So 3k is super speedy to me.

Legs r fine now, quads a little bit jelly like but can do everything normally now. Cleaned my Mum's house from top to bottom today and then went for a lovely 6 Mile trail run. Haven't attempted exercise bike though, think I would struggle with it. But then I expected run to hurt a bit at start but it didn't so May b pleasantly surprised. 7 Mile run planned for the morn then will see how legs feel on bike. Taking Cam and L swimming afterschool but I plan to float around in the warm baby pool.
28/05/2014 at 01:36

Caro am I right in thinking tomorrow (Thur) is your surgery? If it is then sending you the hugest hug and I hope it all goes really smoothly. I hope the interminable wait in a chair with everyone else is bearable and you aren't feeling too grotty afterwards. From the photos it looks like you had a great weekend away - definitely worth getting the op done a few days later to have some quality couple time beforehand.

Take care and you will be in my thoughts xx

28/05/2014 at 07:03

No Friday Hoggle.  Thanks though.  Am really struggling to hold it together now BOTH my parents are under my roof, and my mother is nagging me already.  Went to bed a early last night to escape them.

28/05/2014 at 07:08

god someone I know just posted this on FB.  If I had to give up all these things I may as well just give up altogether.

i have also have friends trying to convince me about the benefits of canebis resin, and some strange plant from the Philippines that I can make into tea.........

now where did input my coffee??

28/05/2014 at 09:39

I do hope they were posting it to say it's a pile of shite....

get plenty rest. Maybe both parents being there causing you to retreat to bed early is a good thing! 

Will be thinking  of you lots. 

28/05/2014 at 10:12

Good luck for Friday Caro - we are all thinking of you.  And how nice to go out on a ParkRun high - out temporarily, I should say, because you WILL be back.  And stronger than ever   Hope the parents don't drive you insane!

So is EMF not recommended then?  Had been toying with doing it next year as London ballot had closed before I even had a chance to apply for it and although I'm happy to riase money for charity I do think the £2K+ most golden bond charities ask for is steep.  It's hard enoguh doing the training, let alone that level of fundraising. So thinking Brighton/Edinburgh plus Royal Parks Ultra as my challenges for next year, and hopefully qualification for London 2016.

Going back to this year's challenges of a race a month, did my second half marathon for May on Sunday (doubled up as no suitable races in April) and managed 2nd lady. It's not as impressive as it sounds as the half was part of a local Festival of Sport event which was mostly triathlons and swimming events and the field for the half was very small - however, second lady is second lady even if the competition wasn't fierce. It was an out-and-back route and mostly offroad, with some very muddy sections after much rain on Saturday. Not too hilly but lots of horrible stony pathway which was hard on feet and ankles.  First time they'd run the half as part of this event and it definitely needs improved organisation - massive lack of toilet facilites; no baggage storage (luckily I could leave mine with hubby); only spotted 3 mile markers in the whole race; water in bottles which was nice but no-one handing them out or loosening the lids despite 5-6 volunteers per water station standing around chatting; and hardly any marshalls which given the first and last two miles were on road was appalling.  I had to stop twice at turnings to let cars in which is not on when you're trying to race. Local race though (20 minutes from home) so at least no travelling to speak of.

Vixo, that meal sounds amazing.  Think I will show that post to my hubby

CM, hope you've all recovered now, weekend sounds a nightmare.

Pip, look after that knee and DON'T overdo it!

TT, well done on Edinburgh and hope training for Dirty Thirty continues well.

Long run home along towpath after work tonight with my trainee Ironman ... had to laugh at your post CC about your running buddy and all the associated shenanigans!  Agree with TT - I would have neither the time nor the energy to get myself embroiled in such situations ... although did have a bit of a jealous hubby situation going on. Trainee Ironman running buddy guy is having seriously girlfriend issues - she moved in after only 3 months and it's all going pear-shaped.  He's been chatting/texting me about it as he doesn't seem to have anyone else to talk to.  Anyway, there were a few texts exchanged quite late at night plus after one of our runs we were sitting chatting in his car and hubby got very worked up about it all and pretty much accused me of cheating.  Absolutely nothing going on but from his perspective I can see how it probably looked and if the situation were reversed I'd probably feel the same. Kind of flattered that hubby was jealous but have reassured him there is absolutely no need to be.  This guy is 9 years younger than me and as far as I am aware there is no interest of that sort on either side anyway!  The whole "can men and women ever really be friends?" question doesn't ever really go away, does it?

28/05/2014 at 13:44

Thank you EF!  I wasn't about to change my lifestyle, give up milk, caffeine, meat etc and had just read it with the same pinch of salt that I give all these kinds of things.

felt sad this morning because all Eric did from the moment he got up till the moment he was left at nursery was cry and tantrum.  And now I won't see him all day.  And now I am about to go and see the lady at the childrens centre to see about extra funding so I can give him to someone else to look after for even more hours of the day.  Parental guilt creeping in.  Plus haven't organised anything fun for the kids over half term.

wenr running this morning, my normal 7 mile route but it was rather muddy today.  Cleaned, went to tescos.  It seems I am more and more incapable of sitting down and resting the more stressed I get.  I have got some library books but can't concentrate.  I have hired a cleaner anyway!  Starting next wk.  

my mum is fine, I'm just ignoring the wine intake.  She paid for our tesco shop today and. Has bought yummy food.

im tired.

28/05/2014 at 13:45

Oh and well done minks!  Sounds like a tough course.  And 2nd is 2nd......I except maybe if there were only 2 runners.

28/05/2014 at 14:40

Caro, so sorry E is playing up for you at the moment - not what you need right now at all  Could it be that he senses something is wrong?  Children can be very responsive to mood even if they don't really have an awareness or understanding of the situation.  Have you told M about the operation?  I think you said you'd ordered a book to help explain things to her.  Must be very hard.  I would be the same about sitting down and resting - I'd just want to be doing anything to take my mind off things.

Glad your mum is being OK, and good on her for paying for the food shop and treating you to yummy food.  Have a good binge while you can!  How long will you have to be in hospital for after the surgery?  And how long is your mum staying?

I don't go into work on Mondays or Tuesdays so if you need anything after the op or just some company, and if there's anything at all I can help with please just ask.  I'm really not far away from you at all so it would be no problem to come over.

And yes, there were more than two runners!  

28/05/2014 at 15:07
Hugs Caro. J was hideous at 2. Went through a massive behavioural blip including biting and much antisocial behaviour as many of you may remember. I was newly pregnant with E and very stressed and I blamed myself and work (was working at European Commission in Belgium during the week at the time). May have had something to do with it. Or may just have been him being 2. I suspect the latter. I struggled like hell with him. It made me so sad as he was just so awful to be around and then I felt bad about leaving him. He is fine now. Lovely boy. It will all be ok eventually. Just hang on in there. There will be other half terms. Plenty of them. So don't fret. He is busy being 2 and pushing his boundaries. Hugs xx
28/05/2014 at 16:05

Caro, really??  Both parents under your roof?  Sounds like a total nightmare!  I hope they are both behaving, probably more stress than the two year old!  I think we have all been there with the guilt of packing the little ones off to school/daycare and feeling that the only time we have with them is unhappy.  Daycare will be tiring him out I guess so you will also be having to endure the tiredness of a 2 year old.  Challenging but this will pass and as CM said, there will be plenty more half terms.

And I disagree about 2nd not being a 2nd if there were only 2 runners!  You deserve a prize for being one of the 2 who dragged your arse off the sofa!  But well done Minks, you're running really well at the moment.

Caro, I'm exactly the same about doing stuff when I'm stressed, my house is never cleaner than when I have something really playing on my mind. 

Pip, take it steady, don't risk setting back your return to fitness by overdoing it at this stage.

And Tt!  You're an exercising machine!  Just a couple of weeks to go until your big one, stay fit and don't overdo it either.

My week of mostly resting has been worthwhile, I feel a lot better now.  Had to reschedule my doc appointment for tomorrow after the car let me down yesterday.  Discovered that one of the girls at nursery is due about a week after me, she's quite new so I don't really know her but I just thought she was a bit chunky, oops!

28/05/2014 at 17:02

I once won a rosette in a swimming gala for coming a race of 2 I think I was miles behind as well.

well have filled in yards of paperwork at the childrens centre to get the funding.  If my friend who is a child minder hadn't suggested it I never would have thought that there would be any help available.  I guess I am always of the mindset not on benefits therefore don't qualify.  My childminder is currently not set up to receive the funding so  she is going to be fast tracked which I think she is happy with as she has been trying to get this in place for a while now, so I may actually have done her a favour,

cycled to and from childrens centre and did some gardening.  How in gods name am I going to cope with keeping still and resting??!  

28/05/2014 at 21:11

Hugs Caro and stay away from the internet!  Scary stuff and very unbelievable!  And totally natural to be a guilty parent - it means you are a loving parent and you care.  He will remember that, not the fact that you didn't see him all day.  He has tantrums with you because he knows you love him  - my 2 save their stroppiest and clingiest behaviour for when I pick them up!

Bleurgh I made a chocolate tart the other day and I've just eaten some and feel quite sick !  I'm taking a large chunk to a friend's tomorrow as I just do not need that kind of temptation sitting around the house!

Just taught my French class and only 2 of the 10 students turned up, grr!  I still get paid but it's just rude not to even tell me they can't come, or couldn't come.  Also means I'll have to repeat a lot of things next week which will be boring for the 2 that came.

Sophie went for a half hour ride this morning so me and Nicky had a little wander in the woods a long way behind them, then turned back as we thought they'd gone a different way but turns out they were behind us!  I arranged for my dad to buy Sophie her first jodhpurs for her birthday so she had an early birthday present .  She wants to do an own a pony day in the summer - can't say I'm particularly against it, wouldn't mind tagging along .

This weather is just carp, it's so miserable and gloomy!  I hope it picks up soon.  I can't remember if I said but I did a 6 mile run on Sunday which is my longest in a while, and it took me an hour so fairly quick for me.  However the back of my leg was tight afterwards, but I think it's not as bad as it has been, and it was tight after just a half hour slow run so things must be improving (keeping everything crossed!).

How's your knee Lotte, same?

Just found out my students don't need to do their English speaking exam which is at the end of June.  This is after I've been preparing them for it since January - making this decision a little earlier in the year would have been helpful !

28/05/2014 at 21:51

Good luck tomorrow CM!  

And thanks for the kind offer minks, I'll see how I get on and may be in touch.

Edited: 28/05/2014 at 21:55
28/05/2014 at 22:04

Ohh yes good luck CM!! Hope it all goes well today!

JG that would make me very cross!!!

29/05/2014 at 08:17

Good luck CM! 

29/05/2014 at 08:25

CC there is a charity nr here called the Helen Rollasson charity and theya have several centres where you can go for reflexology, aromatherapy, massage ebook all free, so I have booked an appt for 2 wks time.  

Off for a muddy puddle walk this morning before I go and have my nuclear medicine scan this afternoon.

29/05/2014 at 20:38

Hope it all went ok Caro and E was a bit better today, not that it helps but at the moment B screams bloody blue murder if I leave the room or give anyone else any attention.  

Another pretty wet day here although it brightened up this afternoon so we walked into town, went to the library, bought some chalks and came home and chalked all over the paving.  Kept the kids busy while I tried to plant the pea seedlings my grandpa has donated to our veg garden.  My dad has put in tomatoes, courgettes, butternut squash, sweetcorn ,runner beans, french beans and sweet peas!!!!!!!!  The broad beans were put in last winter by the previous owners and the raspberries and strawberries, gooseberries and currants.  I feel knackered just thinking about it all!!!!!

Gah and the rhubarb and blackberries.  Obviously very lucky but have definitely gone from zero to fruit and veg overdrive!

Hope today was good CM!

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