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How do you get going again after pregnancy?

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25/07/2013 at 16:46

Aidan does that Vixo, v frustrating but he normally changes his mind too!

25/07/2013 at 17:42

blimey i must  be a v bad mum. I buy E's shoes from all over the place - including Asda and some terrible place in town that sells them for £4. she changes shoes multiple times a day; and has been known to wear odd shoes (although I do draw the line and make her wear a R shoe on the R foot and a L one on the L foot, even though they are odd). she has a whole box full. she has way more shoes than i do. she does have a pair of clarks shoes which I make her wear if she is going to be in the same pair all day (eg when she goes to nursery all day). otherwise she chooses different pairs each time we go outside.

J on the other hand has a pair of (evil) clarks shoes for school; trainers from sports direct; rugby boots; a pair of crocs and a pair of wellies.

25/07/2013 at 17:51
That would drive me bananas CM, I can't bear even the pairs we have all over the place - and with 3 of them if I startt letting them have multiple pairs now we'd be completely overrun! I try to go with one pair per season and then there is no discussion or argument. At the moment she has a cheapy sainsburys pair as well which were part of a treat but they've worn really badly, and I'm sure aren't any good for her feet so I'm looking forward to getting rid of them soon!
25/07/2013 at 18:08

fortunately her shoes are small, so they are all contained in a pink box under the stairs. she rummages around, pulls out whichever ones she wants and puts them on. i then lob all the rest back in the box. oh yes - some of them have worn badly too, but she doesn't care (and neither do i). and they probably aren't brilliant for her feet but she hardly has any of them on for any length of time and changes them so frequently that i'm hoping it all cancels itself out!

25/07/2013 at 19:26

What size is isabelle?  I bet she's bigger than M.  M had 8.5 school shoes all last yr and they still fit but are trashed.  Cost £45 but they did last all yr so guess I can't complain.  Funnily enough they looked v similar to the ones with the flower on Vixo, so wont get those ones as want a change.  I like the vivo website and all the blurb about kids and barefoot shoes.  We have loads of shoes but only coz they are nearly all hand me downs of one sort or another.  In the summer she tends to live in crocs or barefeet, and she has a pair of converse trainers for winter, and wellies.  Occ she wears 'party shoes' but only if the hand me downs fit!  She has a pair of enourmous ugg boots in her cupboard from a cousin at the moment.  I HATE ugg boots!!

I bought E a pair of sandles on sale at happy little soles and they are good.  He takes them off in the buggy so I only put them on when he needs shoes.

He's better today, but hates the inhaler and screams, cries, and cried for ages afterwards this evening which was sad, but he was tired.  I'll prob do it tomorrow then stop and see how he goes, and stick it in the cupboard till the next bout of wheeziness.


25/07/2013 at 19:50
I can't remember what size they are - the ones that were between 19 -20 cm long! Her feet measured between 18 and 19cm so went with the ones that were slightly longer. I will get her to try them on again properly, but today wasn't the right time - we were both tired! Isabelle had the same school shoes all year, but since half term she's been wearing her sandals - which are bright orange and pink - so they're obviously not too strict at school in the infants! She had a fab pair of livie and luca boots last winter which were her only winter shoes apart from wellies and they were fantastic. I'll buy another pair this year if they have something similar.

We have some handed down shoes too, and Isabelle roots through stuff I've put away and gets out things that are outgrown to play with, which E then totters around in, so I need to have a good sort through our shoe basket again and get rid of all the ones that aren't (or shouldn't be!) being worn.

CM - I long ago realised you have infinitely more patience than me because I just couldn't be doing with multiple clothes or shoe changes in a day. I feel like I spend enough of my life putting away all their stuff without adding in an extra 4 or 5 sets of clothes every day - Isabelle sometimes chances her luck with a couple of changes, but luckily not too often! I have absolutely no doubt that she'd love to live in your crafty, dressing up house, But she's stuck with grumpy old me instead!!
25/07/2013 at 20:09

Vixo - I just give in to her on clothes / shoes as I can't be doing with the battles over everything all the time. I admire your steadfastness and control. I am sure my way of doing things will bite me in the arse soon enough. 

25/07/2013 at 20:34
I should probably pick and choose battles a bit more, and I do let her get away with some stuff, but I just find it all so exhausting - and sometimes when I say no I just need her to comply or I feel like my head will explode!

Isabelle's thing at the moment is writing, drawing and cutting paper - she then sticks it all back together and 'laminates' it with Sellotape. As things go it's not really a terribly expensive pastime, but we do get through rolls and rolls of sellotape, and the kitchen table is permanently covered in scraps of paper and vital bits of writing! My mum has bought her, as a treat, 2 whole rolls which she's taken out to Switzerland so she can stick to her hearts content. I bought her a new notebook yesterday for her school summer project and she's already filled about 20 pages of it with sentences, songs, stories and numbers (her description!).
25/07/2013 at 20:36

Cam changes clothes every 10mins or walks about in 

her pants a lot, she has many many many pairs of shoes. 

Quite a few hand me dwns too, she has ugg boots, clarks goretex 

boots + brown leather Mary janes with a flower on that were 

handed dwn. Plus wellies, converse boots, glittery converse 

style boots, spiderman trainers, walking boots, crocs, watersport 

shoes, pink sandals, flip flops, pink glittery shoes, pink party shoes + silver party shoes,  and that doesn't include the dressing up shoes

25/07/2013 at 20:38

And we had a shoe cull last wk otherwise it would have bn 


25/07/2013 at 20:43

She actually had her 1st ever strop when she was about 

6months old over a pair of shoes. I picked up little baby soft 

sandals in the supermarket + showed them to her, then hung 

them back up, she went ballistic screaming blue murder 

until I got the sandals and gave them to her LOL

25/07/2013 at 20:45

But then I have about 40-80 pairs of shoes

25/07/2013 at 21:12

Eric is funny, he can now say 'shoe' and gets cross if I go out the door with him shoeless in the buggy.  But at that price I'm not rising him taking them off and losing them!

i am like you vixo, and M has learnt.  She knows she can't change clothes unless its absolutely necessary, as I won't be washing many, many outfits that she has worm for 5 minutes.  But she'll love the school shoes, no matter what I buy.  I think it's so rare she actually gets anything brand new that its a real treat!

so is it easy and accurate measuring their feet in cm?  For E's sandles I got him measured at Clarks first!

25/07/2013 at 22:49

Matilda wore bare feet all summer - the only shoes she will wear are her gumboots. They are the only things that she has worn since about December (we have gone up a size twice in that time I think). I had several pairs of shoes for her which she has grown out of without being worn (luckily cheap) so am not buying any more until summer when I might try and get a pair of crocs or similar for daycare.

Boots aren't the best but to be honest she spends most of her time barefoot even in winter so figure its no problem. The gumboots are expensive ones but really good quality so will be handed down through cousins etc. They have now been worn to 2 weddings much to everyone's amusement - see my facebook picture!

Run sounds fun CM even if it will be knackering!


25/07/2013 at 23:00
Mine are the same hoggle, would much rather be barefoot, and take their shoes off as soon as we're in the door. E walks over gravel and all sorts without shoes on, and has usually hidden her shoes somewhere when I go to pick her up at nursery. In fact I think they now take them off when she arrives so they know where they are! She keeps putting her wellies on at the moment too, but I've put them away now - couldn't even bear looking at her wearing them it's been so hot!

I seems I'll have to accept I'm a bit mean when it comes to shoes, but nothing you can say will convince me that a 5 year old needs that many pairs of shoes TT!
25/07/2013 at 23:16

Bear in mind I have bn a childminder for 14yrs so 

really have never had to buy Camryn much in the way 

of toys and both my friends have daughters a yr older 

than Cam so I never have to buy her much clothes wise 

either. So shoes + dressing up stuff is what she loves and that's 

what she likes to spend her birthday/Xmas money on.

I'd much rather that than some of the kids I mind who 

don't have wellies or a kagoule when we go for a day out, but 

they have a bloody Ipad at 8yrs old. Seriously! 

25/07/2013 at 23:16

I suspect I will be mean like you Vixo.

M's funny thing is that if you take her boots off you have to take her socks off too. She simply will not wear socks around the house - even when its freezing! Weird child!!

25/07/2013 at 23:24

Cam is the same, near naked + barefooted about 70% of the time. Altho she changes clothes a lot it tends 

to be dressing up stuff so just gets hung back up when she 

changes 10mins later, so don't have piles of washing. In fact some 

days she doesn't wear proper clothes at all.

26/07/2013 at 08:23

I am a pushover, I reckon. But I know why. I remember not being allowed to wear my own clothes to school on mufti day because it meant that I wouldn't get a week's wear out of my school uniform and my mum wasn't washing casual trousers / skirt that I would have got dirty in the week when I could just have worn uniform (school skirt only got washed rarely). I was the only child in the whole school not in mufti. Likewise HUGE fuss if I got my clothes wet / dirty during the day and it meant she had to wash them rather than me wearing them another day. So I have gone totally the other way and E changes non-stop. My wash basket overflows but it doesn't really take that much effort to wash and sort, and it means she's happy.

Also I remember not being allowed to take a potato to school when we were making potato people as that was a 'waste of good food'. so i was the only child in my class without a potato, which is probably why i go over the top with craft and don't mind how much mess they make or how much stuff they use.

i'm sure they will berate me for other things in future that i did / didn't do that were the 'end of the world for them' but at least i try not to replicate the things that upset me.

oh and my house is also always full of other people's kids because i was never allowed a friend home from school in case they make a mess. and i go overboard with birthday celebrations because i never had a party after my 5th birthday, when my mum got so stressed out that she actually left home for a week, and i remember distinctly my poor dad having to manage 20 odd 5yr old girls for a party by himself. so my kids have 2 weeks of celebrations, including party tea at home and a birthday party, as well as a meal out and usually a trip they want to do because i am over-compensating for my childhood.

ho hum. at least i know i'm doing it!

26/07/2013 at 09:02

Good on u CM. 

I just feel like Camryn is a imaginative, creative little girl 

and I am not going to squash that dwn. She should b encouraged 

to b the wonderful character that She is. 

Childhood is all about going out + getting mucky + I think 

every child should b given the confidence to b themselves 

+ revel in their individuality + uniqueness. They have a lifetime 

ahead of them of wearing school uniform and conforming 

to a dress code for work, let them enjoy it while they can.

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